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Hungry for Happy? Take a bite of the sweet life as a Curator.

Don’t quit your daydream… When you’re sitting at your desk or kitchen table with that first cup of coffee in the morning, what do you daydream about? Escaping the rigid 9-to-5 grind? Pursuing a passion project? Spending more time with those you love? Paying off debts? Buying a house? Simply having more fun? This brochure, and the person who shared it with you, will show how you can turn those daydreams into sweet reality by embracing a flexible new way to work.


…pursue your passion with THE COCOA EXCHANGE THE COCOA EXCHANGE is a unique gourmet food company that creates surprising chocolate and cocoa-infused products that are your secret ingredient in the kitchen…and in life. Whether you need to own the bake sale, relax with a little wine and chocolate, impress on Instagram, win the dinner game, or earn some extra cash, we’ve got you covered. Mars Wrigley Confectionery is the world’s largest chocolate company, and you’ve most likely loved their products for years (M&M’s®, SNICKERS®, DOVE® and more). Mars realized that some new products are so innovative and on-trend that they need to be demonstrated and experienced rather than just sit on store shelves. So, they launched THE COCOA EXCHANGE as a boutique brand and innovation partner. THE COCOA EXCHANGE is on a passionate mission to inspire and empower every person to create their own unique recipe for success. Join our Curator community and get started creating yours. Because life’s just sweeter with friends and chocolate!


Our passion is helping you fund your passion What’s your passion? Whatever it is that makes you happy and enriches your life, the income you make as a Curator can help you pay for it. Our products are marketed exclusively by independent Curators and the United States market is wide open. Customize your own business, working when and how you want.

6 Ways to Earn 1


Commission Earn 25-40% commission on everything you sell.


QuickStart Sales Earn free products based on your sales during your first 90 days.


QuickStart Sponsoring Earn $50 cash each time you sponsor a qualified new Curator during QuickStart.


QuickStart Matching Earn $50 Cocoa Cash when your downline Curators sponsor qualified Curators during their QuickStart.


Team Building Earn overrides on the sales of your team.


Advancement Earn bonuses when you achieve the Manager title or above in our Career Plan.

Create your own recipe for success You have a variety of options available to help you meet prospective customers, Hosts and Curators to grow your income. Choose the approaches that work best for you because you’re the boss. Sweet!

Themed Tasting Parties

Community Events

Personal Gifting

24/7 E-Commerce Website

Vendor Events


Online Social Media Events

Personal Consulting

Cooking Classes

Pop-Up Partnerships

Business Gifting

Autoship Program

Tap into a Big Market Everyone eats! And everyone buys their favorites repeatedly. Americans eat, on average, 12 pounds of chocolate each year. Packaged food is a $378 billion market in the US and we are the transformative force in the industry, making it easier, more personal and much more fun to shop and work. 5

Your Perks & Support Sweet Rewards Escalating Commissions: Earn 25-40% commission on retail sales – the more you sell, the higher your profits. Discount Shopping: Earn product discount coupons up to 50% off based on your monthly sales. QuickStart Program: New Curators can earn free products and cash during your first 90 days. Extra Perks: We keep things exciting with Sweet Escape trips, free products, prizes and more. Advancement Opportunity: You choose how far and how fast you’d like to go to increase your income. You are in charge and can expand your business across the country.

Superior Support Mars Wrigley Confectionery: The world’s largest chocolate company provides financial backing, cocoa expertise, training, and sales and marketing support. Excellent Customer Service: Our in-house customer service center means that when you call or e-mail, you’ll reach a friendly person in our New Jersey Home Office. Love It! Guarantee: Our products are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and are available only through Curators. We stand behind our products 100%. If you don’t love it, we’ll replace it. Training: From the moment you start you’ll receive tons of training, coaching and kudos from the Home Office, your Sponsor and fellow Curators. 6

Tools for Success Host & Guest Treats: Our company-funded rewards program for Hosts and monthly special Guest offers ensure people will want to do business with your business.

Come for the food, stay for the income potential.

Tech Tools: You’ll be tech-savvy with your own personal website, companyfunded email marketing program, online party invites and mobile app.

Most Curators join us because they love our products and they have a specific short-term goal or passion that we can help them achieve – clear a debt, pay for a child’s activities, fund a much-needed vacation. That may be you! But you may also fall in love with the fun and flexibility of being your own boss and want to share it with others by building a team and reaching our highest income levels. Ask your Curator for a copy of our Career Plan if you want to learn more. Being a leader with THE COCOA EXCHANGE is the most fun you can have making serious money.

Flat-Rate Shipping: To ensure the highest quality, products are shipped directly to those who order for just a $5.50 flat rate – that means no inventory to carry. Business-in-a-Box Starter Kit: For just $129 plus tax and shipping, your business is open with all the products and tools you need to get started – just add passion!


The gourmet store comes to your door


We believe life tastes better with cocoa. It’s a unique and nutritious superfruit that we lovingly transform into imaginative products that create simple moments of joy in a day: Blackberry Chipotle Sauce (yes, with cocoa!). Bourbon Caramel Bars. Sweet & Spicy Cocoa Rub. Chocolate Coffee. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Rounds. Our award-winning, classically trained chefs create innovative flavor combinations using our X-factor ingredient cocoa in trend-setting products that can’t be found anywhere else but THE COCOA EXCHANGE. (And it’s all wrapped in gorgeous, sustainable and giftable packaging!) Cocoa adds flavor to food which lessens the need for added salt, fat and sugar. Our curated gourmet collections include the silky smoothness of DOVE® Signature, the authentic adventure of PURE DARK™, the total body wellness of VITALIZE® and the culinary creativity of POD & BEAN®.

It’s love at first bite.


Savor the flavor of feel-good food We CARE®. Equal to our love for cocoa is our commitment to making a difference. Every purchase of our Chocolate Martini Mix supports a female entrepreneur halfway around the world in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, one of our biggest cocoa-growing countries, in addition to supporting your Curator’s local business. We’re working with CARE® communities, providing training, small loans and access to education for women because we know that when women thrive, their families and communities do, too. Enjoy a treat that tastes good and does good.

Now is not the same as before. Before, my husband was the sole provider and I had to rely on him. Since I started with CARE®, I can handle things myself. It has helped me cover costs for my children and now I have my own power, my own money.

Elodie Demain

” 9

THE COCOA EXCHANGE Starter Kit Just $129!

Kit Contents Catalogs Order forms Opportunity brochures Party cards

Training materials Branded tote Branded apron Sample-size items

Square credit card reader Product for 4-6 tastings

NOTE: Kit contents may vary from that shown. Tax additional.

Getting started is a piece of cake! 1 2

Complete your Curator Agreement. This Agreement opens your Curator account, allowing you to sell products and participate in exciting promotional programs and awards. Purchase your Starter Kit. Our business-in-a-box has everything you need to begin – products, collateral, an online storefront, digital marketing suite and logo’d items – for just $129. Conduct one average Tasting Party and you’re profitable! Additional kits and discounted products are available, and you’ll receive a coupon for 50% off up to $100 in supplies just for signing up.


Set the date for your Launch. This is where you’ll introduce everyone you know to THE COCOA EXCHANGE.


Get off to a QuickStart. Qualify for more than $300 in products and $150+ in sponsoring cash in addition to your commission during your first 90 days with our generous QuickStart program.

Success has never been tastier. Take a bite!


Create your own unique recipe for success! CONTACT YOUR CURATOR:

(866) 922-3683 | 400 Valley Road, Suite 200, Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856 ©2019 THE COCOA EXCHANGE® All rights reserved


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Hungry for Happy? Opportunity Brochure  

Business Opportunity Overview with THE COCOA EXCHANGE

Hungry for Happy? Opportunity Brochure  

Business Opportunity Overview with THE COCOA EXCHANGE