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Autumn 2016

In Honour of

BLACK HISTORY MONTH The Black Lives Matter Movement: ‘If you’re thinkin’ of being my brother it don’t matter if you’re black or white.’- or does it? Amali De Silva Wijeyeratne In 2013 George Zimmerman was acquitted for round, Martin killing Zimmerman, it seems more the murder of 17 year old black student Trayvon likely that it would have been a very different Martin. result. While some people say that the Back Lives Matter movement is unnecessary as black In 2014 Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, a white people are given the same rights, the same privileges as white people, the truth is they are police officer. not. In 2016 Philando Castile was shot by a As soon as people started saying Black Lives policeman as he was doing his driving test to get his license. Would this have happened if he Matter, another movement sprang up almost immediately which started saying All Lives was white? Matter. While it is true that all lives matter, the Racism still exists and it will continue to exist fact that the movement came up at the same unless something is done about it. time as the Black Lives Matter movement not The Black Lives Matter movement emerged as only trivializes it but makes it seem that the BLM movement are trying to promote black a result of the ongoing discrimination against lives above all others. This could not be further black people in the United States of America. from the truth. Simply because people say Regrettably, in the past few years, in certain areas, there has been an increase in racism, to the extent that a black teenager walking on the street is seen as suspicious and thus the teenager in question is shot on sight for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, several shootings of black people were not by civilians themselves but by law enforcement officers, the very people the country has chosen to protect each and every citizen equally, regardless of race or colour. The Black Lives Matter A Ferguson protester (Source: Salvage) movement aims at increasing awareness about Black Lives Matter does not mean that they are the numerous injustices committed against saying all other lives do not matter, rather they black people. This does not simply involve the crime itself but the justice served after the crime are saying that more attention needs to be given to them because for some reason their has occurred. The murder of Trayvon Martin rights are not being upheld as much as they was a terrible tragedy, not only was it an should be. The point of the Black Lives Matter unnecessary loss of life but it affected those movement is not to say that all black lives are close to him in an unimaginable way. The more important than any other but to instead murder was made worse by the fact that the highlight the fact that Black Lives Matter as murderer was acquitted by a jury. Justice was not enforced this day. This is a classic example much as other lives. If someone starts a campaign saying that breast cancer matters, of white privilege, had it been the other way

The fact that All lives will matter as soon as Black Lives Matter is a paradox those supporting the All Lives Matter campaign do not understand. Once everyone recognizes that Black Lives Matter, it will be a huge step forward towards All Lives Matter. The positive spillover effect of people accepting that Black Lives Matter is that people will be more tolerant towards Asian people, Middle Eastern people and other minorities who make up a large percentage of the British and American populations. It is important to bear in mind that although racism is still prevalent in society today, it has significantly reduced in comparison to the past. The efforts of those who have fought to eradicate racism, and those who treat everyone equally should be applauded and appreciated. Although racism is still present, it is not the case that black people are shot on any street. There are certain areas where racism is more prevalent or where it has resulted in a physical manifestation. In order to truly promote the idea that Black Lives Matter, it is necessary to look at the socio-political factors involved and to change people’s mindsets. The media, especially social media, can often take incidents and exaggerate or publicize them in a manner that is not conducive to the interest of the movement, the individual and family affected, or justice. Therefore, there will need to be considerable thought given to how best to address this issue so that all individuals are treated equally and have full access to their rights. In the meantime, the Black Lives Moment is helping to create awareness of pressing issues. A world with complete equality is achievable. It may even be on the horizon. For changes in laws, changes in perceptions, changes in attitudes the

Springsteen Special

Pippa Balfour celebrates Springsteen’s autobiography with playlists to get you through

Be warned: Bruce Springsteen features heavily. take my advice and give him a cheeky listen—he will get you through end of year exams, GCSEs, A-levels... and through life.

The Classics (the best of): Racing in the Street Thunder Road Jungletown Born to run I'm On Fire Streets of fire Darkness on the edge of town The River (get ready for an emotional rollercoaster) The Ghost of Tom Joad

The Inspirationals: The Promised Land Out in the Street Chain lightning Backstreets

Glory Days Dancing in the Dark She's the One Last to Die Waitin' on a Sunny Day No Surrender High Hopes

Born to Run is published by Simon & Schuster (£20).

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that does not mean they are saying that all other types of cancer do not matter, rather they are simply trying to raise awareness about breast cancer. Similarly, if someone starts up a ‘Homeless Children Matter’ campaign, no one is going to start up another campaign saying ‘All Children Matter’ because it is understood that those supporting the homeless children movement aren’t trying to undermine or say other children aren’t important and don’t deserve the same amount of attention.

Top of the Pops Lauren Sutherland’s been keeping an ear out over the summer

More Bruce: upbeats to give you life:

In Our Bones Against the Current This album is the first record debut of the American pop punk band Against the Current and comes after a succession of Eps. This phenomenal band had a real struggle getting signed but it all seems worth it as you listen to this masterpiece of an album. The title track “in our bones” is a beautiful soft calming ballad about being strong and going against the norm. My favourite track from this album is definitely “ Forget Me Now” as it is fast, energetic and amazingly written. This album is a fantastic showcase of the bands exceptional talent and shows how diverse they are as a band. I would say this album is full of easy yet impressive songs to learn on guitar or piano or to cover if you have a band. This is definitely a great album and I would definitely pop down to a shop and buy this!

The E Street Shuffle (bit jazzy)

Spare Parts The Ballad of Jesse James Fire Adam raised a cane Spirit in the Night Candy's Room Bobby Jean Working on the Highway New York City Serenade Rosalita

(cont.) by Pippa Balfour

Tunes to Help You Chill: Skinny Love Bon Iver Hear That Noise That Moves So Soft and Slow James Vincent McMorrow Heartbeats José Gonzalez Landslide Fleetwood Mac Fall For You Luke Sital-Singh Poison Oak Bright Eyes Pictures Benjamin Francis Leftwich I Need My Girl The National Smother Daughter Wings Birdy

playlist by Anjum Rahman

Brand New Eyes Paramore This is the third of currently four released Paramore albums and is by far the best of the bunch. Paramore are an American punk band front manned by the phenomenally talented Hayley Williams. This is probably my favourite album of all time as it is just completely full of amazing tunes for every occasion. It is such a diverse album full of high energy bangers like Ignorance or Playing God and then softer more emotional acoustic songs like the smash hit The Only Exception and Misguided Ghosts. Unfortunately after this album was realised guitarist and co songwriter Josh Farro decided to leave the band. My favourite song of this fantastic CD is Playing God which is about not letting anyone else control you or tell you what to do. This is such a phenomenal album, Well done Paramore!

I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it The 1975 This is the second album by electro/alternative British band The 1975 and I much prefer it to the first one. This album has many fantastic songs in it however it does have a few too many instrumentals for my liking but I can see why people find those ones amazing. This cd has had many singles out of out ( Love Me, UGH!, The Sound, Somebody Else) which have all placed in the charts. This cracking album has lost of upbeat great to dance song like Ugh and Love me but it also has gentle tear jerkers like Nana. My track of choice from this album is “ She’s American” as its very interestingly written and has some fantastic lyrics.

Get a Head Start on Exams! Revision tips from Deputy Head Girl Ruth Day This is what two years of your schooling, maybe more, has culminated in. An hour or two sat in the hall behind a paper, scratching away frantically with a biro. Combine this result with possibly a few Controlled Assessments and you get a final grade, printed on certificates to hand out to future employers and sent off to universities and colleges. Sound terrifying? GCSEs seem daunting to everyone, even if you are the ultimate genius of geniuses and could get 15 A*s in your sleep. To have your future in some ways determined by a couple of hours at a desk when you are 15 or 16 is a big deal! Everyone gets stressed at some time in this process, just try and have a few ways you can alleviate your stress and relax for a while. One of the best ways is doing exercise because not only does it get you away from slaving over your work and into the fresh air, but it is a great way of getting rid of stress and frustration. If you don’t like exercise then maybe have a small jam session on an instrument or turn up your favourite song and have a crazy dance for a bit! Why revise? The best thing to reduce stress on an exam day is going into that exam confident that you know what you

need to know and are familiar with the paper and style of questions, and it is revision that can give you that confidence. You won’t come out of that exam wishing that you worked harder and will be content that you did your best! One of the key things to avoid when it comes to revision is starting too late! Don’t keep putting off revision, telling yourself that you’ll do it later, because you’ll never get round to doing it. This will only mean that you essentially have to cram two years’ work into a few weeks which will just stress you out. On the flip side, don’t start too early! You’ll just get so bored of reading the same pages and going over the same flashcards that your brain will just give up and you won’t take anything else in. Find the perfect time to start proper revision so you don’t get hopelessly bored but you can fit everything in comfortably. Writing a revision timetable might be a good way to work out what subjects to do when. Make some sort of grid or get a calendar and mark what exams you have when. Then work out what subjects you need to revise and fill in your grid, making sure you fit every subject into every 2 or 3

weeks. Also work out how many subjects you think you could revise in a school night (probably 1) and on weekends. Do not schedule revision every day, at least at the start, because you need at least one day to rest your head and do other, non-exam related things. The best feeling in the world is crossing off days once the exams have started, getting closer to the day of your last exam! Always take regular 5 or 10 minute breaks when revising and do something very removed from the work you’ve been doing, this may be every 20/30 minutes or every hour, whatever works best for you and how long you can concentrate on a piece of paper. Just remember to go back to your work after your break! But how do you actually revise? This really depends on what subject we’re talking about and how you learn best, but definitely have done a few past papers or questions for every subject before the exams. They can all be found online or your teachers may have some copies to hand. For some subjects like maths this is probably the only way you can really revise. For others where you need to know facts, instead of or on top of just reading through a textbook or your notes do something more interesting. This can be making flashcards and getting a group of your friends involved where you all go through them or going on good websites that can test your knowledge such as

Memrise. Maybe watch a Youtube video on the topic or make colourful posters on topics which you can put up, whatever would keep you engaged with the revision. During exam season especially, ensure you eat well and get lots of sleep. On the night before an exam, don’t stay up all night cramming, what you don’t know well enough by then you won’t know. It’s best to be well rested and breakfasted before an exam so you can focus on the paper instead of how hungry or tired you are. Bring a water bottle to every exam, without a label on of course, so you can keep hydrated throughout. This is extremely difficult to do but when you come out of an exam, do your best to forget about it. Of course do the usual ranting about a dodgy question once you get out of the hall, but once you get home put it out of your mind, no matter how badly you thought you did. Don’t start revision for the next exam as soon as you get home, have a few hours to yourself where you can just relax and forget about exams for a little while. Once the exams are over, it is the best summer of your school time! You have around two months of holiday, much longer than any holiday you’ll ever get, which you can do so much in. It’s definitely worth getting through two months of exams! So good luck with your GCSEs and enjoy your long holiday when it’s all over! ●

Following the Reader Two readers from Lower School Book Club tell us about their top picks

Because You’ll Never Meet Me is published by Bloomsbury Children’s

Breathe is published by Bloomsbury Children’s (£6.99).

Anthea Hamilton’s Turner prize installation (Source: Tate)

The Turner Prize 2016

An Exhibition Review by Art Prefect Isobel Stewart

The Turner Prize is an annual award given to a British artist who has presented an outstanding exhibition of their work in the previous year. Past winners have included Richard Deacon, Damien Hurst and most recently a community based group call Assemble. This year’s shortlisted artists are currently on display at the Tate Britain. What is so interactive about this exhibition is that you can make a decision for yourself about who you think should win. The official winner is to be announced on December 2nd. Although not overly impressed with the four shortlists in comparison to previous years, my favourite was Michael Dean. The most poignant part of his work was the £20,463 in pennies spread on the floor. This represents what the government states (as of September 1st 2016) as the minimum amount of money two adults and one child can live off in one year in the UK. Before the beginning of the exhibition he took away one penny, thus meaning the amount of money displayed is below the poverty line. He has taken the issue of poverty and expressed it in a visually challenging way. The exhibition can easily be described as in your face. The four nominees use the space well and present the viewer with a lot to observe. Anthea Hamilton’s bold and outrageous use of print could be considered somewhat overwhelming. Helen Marten considers the finer detail, providing many

smaller objects in her sculptures. As lead curator Linsey Young states, “It is as if Marten asks us to become archaeologist.” She requires us to look deeper into the sculptures, wanting us to consider the items we surround ourselves with. The final artist displayed, Josephine Pryde, uses mixed media to present the different object our hands come into contact with. The Tate Britain is situated just behind the Upper School St Michaels building. Being so close it is a really accessible and convenient exhibition. More than this, being centred in the middle of the capital city, it is important to explore the opportunities living in London provides. I would encourage you to pop in and see what you think about the nominees. Your opinion may not necessarily be positive but it’s really interesting to see what questions the artists prompt. The exhibition is open until 2nd January 2017 at the Tate Britain.

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Kubrick Exhibition is Dreamy Delight

Media Prefect Nicole Deathridge reviews her favourite summer exhibition

During the summer I visited Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick (curated by James Lavelle) at the glorious Somerset House. The exhibition was a collection of art of

Somerset House was also hosting Film4’s Secret Film Season where classic, cult and contemporary films are displayed at one of London’s most iconic open air cinemas. I

Still from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) (Source: Frilmgrab)

which was inspired by the cinematography, use of color and use of image of the world renowned director Stanley Kubrick (19281999). During the exhibition

thought this tied in brilliantly with the exhibition especially as they also offered the public a vote in which they were able to choose a Kubrick film to be shown.



Documentary exploring racial inequality in America today

New York indie looking at parents and their children


Inside the exhibition the floors were covered in the print identical to that of the carpet in Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of Stephan King’s notorious novel The Shining. Each room of the exhibition of the gallery focused on a different film and elements of them. Many rooms displayed videos, paintings and photographs where Kubrick’s use of color greatly influenced them including one large gallery where themes from A Clockwork Orange were explored mainly in paintings. One of my favourite rooms of these was one where clips projected onto four walls, which gave the spectator illusions of being in the corridor with characters, based on those within Kubrick films. The exhibition also contained some more interactive works such as a laser projection and a virtual reality headset with a video of the space station in 2001: Space Odyssey. The most memorable gallery in the exhibition was one by artist who had started their career as an artist but struggled to find a area they enjoyed predominantly, they therefore took break from painting and drawing and

began filmmaking. In discovering Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, the artist began to incorporate the surrealist aspects of this 1964 classic and put them in art. In doing so he created a gallery for the exhibition, which housed various photographs relating to current political affairs amongst recognizable set design from Dr Strangelove. I didn’t think I would enjoy the exhibition as personally I find the narrative of Kubrick films hard to follow and partially slow ,yet I greatly appreciate his cinematography style which the exhibition primarily focused on. Thus I found Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick one of the most enjoyable exhibitions I had visited this year. The exhibition took place from 6th July – 24th August 2016 at Somerset House.



Blockbuster thriller based on the best-selling novel

Action-filled & star-studded remake of the classic 1960 western

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