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A LASTING LOVE The story of Louise Green

Vintage Diaries Reflections From Yesteryear

Photo by Joy Niehaus

Advice from Louise

Some couples may see retirement, or the later years in their lives, as a chance to slow down and take time for themselves. However, for Louise Green and her husband,

On being single:

Ralf, the later years of life have been as busy, if not busier, than the early ones.

Write down the qualities you would desire in a husband, and then ask the Lord to bring him into your life.

Louise describes herself as a quiet

and numerous places here in the

child. “I was not real outgoing. I love

states. Sometimes I felt like I needed

music and would sing when my sister

to pinch myself to see if it was real,”

On Dating:

played the piano,” she reminisces.

she explains.

Get to know the person you are dating. If there is no hope of marriage, break it off. Remember you are marrying his family.

Her favorite childhood memories

To young mothers: Teach your children to help at home. Have them help pick up toys and make their beds.

include working in the garden with her seven siblings and riding through the snow in a horse drawn sleigh.

with ministry, and after working in a variety of pastorates across the USA, the Greens have settled in Lynchburg,

Over the years their family has

and have thrown themselves into

grown to include two children,

ministering to young married couples

nine grandchildren and 4 great

in their church. They have also been

grandchildren. By the time Louise

involved with hundreds of middle

To older mothers:

and Ralf were married they only had

and high school students and have

They do not always want advice, but they want a listening ear. Be there to help when asked. Have an open door policy.

one living parent between them, so

influenced untold numbers of lives.

To empty nesters:

made a conscious effort to do the

Stay involved with others. Stay sweet. Become a support to younger couples whose families do not live near them.

they looked to older couples around them to fill those roles in the lives of their children. As a result, they have same for young couples.

For a quiet girl from Pikeville, KY, Louise has had a life full of travel, family, and ministry, and if the past is any indicator of the future, she says, “The best is yet to come.”

For Louise, traveling and raising her family have been the highlights of her life. “In our ministry with Word of Life, we have been able to travel to Bermuda, Ukraine, Italy


The Greens have had a life filled

In addition to writing, Joy enjoys crafting (including her handmade Waldorf dolls!) along with being a creative wife to Josh and mom to her two sweet little girls.

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Clutch Spring 2013  

This issue is filled with inspiration including fashion, beauty, family, activities & more!

Clutch Spring 2013  

This issue is filled with inspiration including fashion, beauty, family, activities & more!