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Dear Friend, Feeling a little mystified by your wedding planning? Well, we here at clutch, the bride’s guide to have and to hold, want you to know that you are in good hands... ones that are ready to inspire you through the wedding planning process. I’m Jennifer, the founder of Hill City Bride and also clutch, and it is my desire to bring innovative and exciting tools to brides in Virginia. As you peruse our magazine, I hope that you will find beauty in our “weditorial,” insight in our “quips” and relatability in our “everyday weddings.” I encourage you to grab your favorite drink (and a pen!) and cuddle up with clutch… destined to be a new found friend as you prepare for the time of your wedding and beyond.

Welcome to our debut issue! Much Love,

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You’re Engaged! Now what? pg 4

A Green Wedding

So… you found the perfect guy, and he popped the magical question! Suddenly it is time to plan the big day you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl, but where do you start? From budgeting to finding the perfect venue, having a good grip on where things are headed will get you pointed in the right direction.

The great outdoors isn’t the only place for green these days. Many brides-to-be desire for natural, sustainable living, which has extended to one of the most important days of her life: her wedding day. Whether you consider yourself a full-fledge “greenie” or just have a burning interest, there are many ways you can incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle into your wedding.


pg 19

27 Weditorial

pg 27

Straight out of best loved children’s novels and right into the pages of clutch, journey with Nancy Drew and Frank Hardy as they solve the age-old mystery of love in one of downtown Lynchburg’s historic libraries. Filled with color and intrigue, this feast for the eyes will encourage your own creativity for your special day.

























34 A Warm Welcome

pg 34

We have all been there wishing the guests of honor would make an entrance after over an hour of awkward waiting. “It’s just a part of weddings,” we tell ourselves. The truth is… it does not have to be! There are many ways to craft your wedding so that your guests feel celebrated by just adding a few special touches to your event.



What He Is Thinking pg 42

Express Yourself

As women we all wonder what the men are thinking, especially when it comes to weddings! Well, take a peek into what three grooms had to tell us as they sat down for a very candid interview about what the planning and the wedding day all add up to for a groom.

Journey with a local bride as she plans her wedding day around a city that has the same hearty spirit that she and her husband do. Be inspired by their story as a couple, and be awed by the creativity and thought put into crafting an event that was uniquely theirs.

pg 64


You’re Engaged! Now what? Photo by S. Carter Studios

So... you found the perfect guy, and he popped the magical question! Suddenly, it is time to plan the day you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. How fun it will be to take all of your dreams and ideas and start turning them into reality! But, where do you start? Do you run out and book a venue, hire a photographer and buy a dress; or do you talk to your recently engaged or married friends and see what they did? Your day should be a dream come true just as you always imagined it would be. So, how do you go about doing it? Help is on the way! CONSIDER THOSE THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU: First and foremost, be clear in communicating with your fiancé about his wishes for your wedding. Most guys are pretty laid back and have minimal requests, so why not talk about them before you start? There are also some grooms out there who want to help, so enlisting

your list of bridesmaids figured out,

time you have to work with before

but really think about the ladies that

the big day. By giving yourself as

you want to be surrounded with as

much time as possible, you will have

they will be your “dream team” of

a more relaxed planning process,

supporters and helpers on one of the

yet sometimes weddings happen

Besides honoring your future spouse,

most important days of your life. Ask

quicker than the ideal time line that

take your mom and/or future

them in a unique way to be a part

some schedules allow. With less

mother-in-law to lunch and casually

of your wedding, and then clearly

time, you may have to be flexible

discuss the wedding. You may find

communicate to them as you make

and focus on the key elements that

out a few subtle things that you can

plans along the way.

are important to you, such as in

them in the beginning will offer an opportunity to have his voice woven throughout your wedding so that it will truly represent you as a couple.

incorporate that are special to each family and be able to honor their wishes in some way.

PICK A DATE: Your journey continues by working

season flowers and whether or not your favorite photographer has a particular date available.

around a date or even a season, and


Another set of people that

it is the first key thing you need to

There are many items that revolve

are important to you is your

consider. It is also not just a date,

around the date, including: when

bridesmaids. You may already have

but it also determines how much

to send out your invitations, what


Top: Colling Photography Bottom: Visions by Heather

venues are available, and what vendors

flood your mind. It can be a little

you would like to utilize. If you are

overwhelming. Not to worry! All you

going to get married at a popular time

have to do is take a step back and

of year, it is very important that you

think about a few questions. What

give yourself enough time to book

colors do you want? Are you set on

these things ahead.

a particular theme? Do you want a


certain type of flower or décor? It is time to take all of your ideas and

Whether you cringe at this topic or

combine them into what you envision

dismiss it with a wave, you cannot

for your wedding. This vision should

plan a wedding without knowing

first focus on the general feel of your

your price range. Two of the biggest

event, and then you can start to

things that will determine the cost

concentrate on more specific things.

of your wedding are the number of guests and the style of the wedding.

Ask yourself what you want your

Are you going to invite close family

guests to feel or experience when

and friends for a more intimate affair,

they walk into the room. Do you

or do you want to pull out all of the

want your wedding to be vintage,

stops and invite extended family

traditional, or modern? By deciding

and college friends? Is your wedding

on the feel and style, all the specifics

going to be filled with DIY projects,

will flow. Your overall vision helps

or do you want out-of-season peonies

dictate the other selections you

in December? To get the ball rolling,

will make.

start with a ballpark number, and then sit down with your fiancé and family to decide how much your budget should be. This figure will help you determine the location, dress, cake, flowers and décor.

When planning your wedding, being organized is an essential item. Your dream day should reflect who you are as a couple. Arming yourself with pictures, samples, notes, or ideas is always a good plan. It will enable


you to clearly communicate what

As soon as you hear the word “style”,

you want to others, including your

images and ideas from a thousand

wedding vendors. More than any

movies, magazines and Pinterest

other single aspect of the wedding



(besides maybe the dress itself), this

advice while supplying you with

is the one that means the most to us

valuable information. Also, attending

girls. So, to ensure that your wedding

local bridal shows and events is

looks like your dream come true,

another great way to find a wedding

make sure you have a very clear vision.

planner and even other professionals


that can make your wedding dreams a reality.

You may already have a picture of the type of location you are looking for,

A planner is there to help you

and Central Virginia offers so many

breathe easier and enjoy the process

different options. From sprawling

of putting your dream wedding

estates to downtown ballrooms, a

together. They ensure not only

bride’s taste is clearly reflected in the

that your planning goes smoothly,

place she chooses. Venues are also

but that your dream turns out the

one of the first things that need to

way you want and the whole day

be booked, as their dates fill up fast

flows without any issues. Wedding

for weddings and even corporate

planners have a variety of options

events. Whether your dream wedding

from offering full services (such as

is indoors or out, in a church or a

having their own décor available) to

cathedral, at the beach or a garden,

being able to provide coordination

many of your style specifics will play

for your rehearsal and the day of

off of your location.

your wedding.

Venues will also be able to

Taking all of these essential topics

recommend other vendors to you,

into consideration will more then

and it is important that you look at

get your planning process underway.

the reviews of both your location

By nailing down the date, budget,

and the wedding professionals they

style and location, you will be that

recommend. Also, find out if your

much closer to making your dream

venue offers any other services

day a reality. So, now that you have

besides just a room… many have

the ring on your finger and are

tables, linens, china, and décor that

armed with a few first steps, just

is readily available to their brides,

think… you are now getting closer to

which will end up being easier on the

the day when you will stand facing

budget in the end.

each other, ready to start a new life


together. Congratulations and

A great option that you may want

happy planning!

to consider is a wedding or event planner, and these professionals can work within your budget and connect you to other vendors. An event planner can save you both

Michelle Wood is a Southern girl who loves life, coffee, and chocolate. Living every day by God’s grace, she enjoys blogging on natural beauty tips, and longs for lingering days on the beach.

time and money and can serve as a valuable resource. They can serve as an objective party that can help draw out your ideas and give you helpful 8

Middle: Visions by Heather Top Right: Allegra’s Studio Bottom Right: K. D. Burke Photography


Left: Visions By Heather Middle: Stone Blue Productions Right: Colling Photography

Helpful Hints For Quick! Write down the top 3 adjectives you want said about your wedding! Stylish, upscale and modern? Relaxed, fun and colorful? Ponder the first three that come to your mind, and it just may give you a start into your wedding scheme.

Getting hitched in Virginia? Go to to find out all you need to know about obtaining a marriage license. Just know that the wedding must take place within 60 days of getting the license.









READY TO SET A DATE? It is wise to think about what is most important to you. Is it the date itself so that you are willing to find a venue that has that day open, or is it dependent on the availability of the venue’s schedule? Determine these things first so that you know if you are heading out to have a wedding on a specific date or if you are just looking at a general time frame or season. 10


the Bride-to-be Baffled about what to do when? Do not allow yourself to be frustrated about a hard and fast time line as some brides have two years to plan and others have a mere two months! These are just suggestions, and adjust them to your own time schedule from engagement to wedding day. Be sure to keep a wedding binder to help keep organized!

12 MONTHS set a date work on guest list hire larger vendors (photographer, venue, and caterer)


4 MONTHS work on order of ceremony/reception order favors purchase rings


Be sure to read your vendor contracts and ask them questions. Discussing things up front will keep the communication lines open.

select bridal party

send invitations

purchase a dress

confirm vendors


reserve a block of hotel rooms

work on and send out wedding

Serve as a greeter to welcome guests

for out of town guests

day time line

Sing or read at the ceremony Ensure that guests sign the



Deliver a toast

book honeymoon

purchase attendant gifts

shop for bridesmaids dresses

work on reception seating chart

book other vendors

do a trial hair/makeup run


guest register

Say grace or offer a prayer

Work with your wedding planner to create a time


line for your wedding

send save the dates

pack for honeymoon

day. Having a clear

order wedding invitations

finalize plans with vendors

vision of this before your

register for gifts

delegate wedding day tasks

day will create a more

enjoy your day!

relaxed experience for all. 11


Quips: INSIGHT FROM FORMER BRIDES Don’t be upset if the day doesn’t go the way you pictured it in your head. At the end of the day, you will be married to your love, and that is what matters. — Brittany


Have fun! Don’t stress. When else in your life will you have everyone you love in the same place at the same time celebrating with you? — Rachael Just because everyone else does something in their wedding doesn’t mean you have to. Do what will make the two of you happy. — Jessica

A videographer is totally worth the investment. Having both the video and the photos really seals in the memories beautifully. Also, if you have family or bridesmaids nearby during planning, use them to help you. I am terrible at delegating, so I did everything myself, and I went a little nuts once or twice. — Lucy Don’t skimp on the cake… people really look forward to eating it! — Liz


Even if you account for everything, there are unexpected costs at the end, so budget extra money for that. — Joanna

If you are using candles, check the wicks before the ceremony. We had a unity candle that wouldn’t light. — Traci

You can keep it simple and still have a gorgeous wedding. — Dannette

It’s not really just about the bride and groom. It’s about two families joining. You set the tone for your relationship with extended families at the wedding. — Joy

Spend as much time on pictures as needed, and have a wedding photographer who you feel confident about. Those images are all you really have when the day is over! — Julie

Have someone in charge of all your important items that you want back because when the clean up starts, things will be misplaced in the midst of the madness. — Tiffany I wish I hadn’t stressed so much about the insignificant details the morning of my wedding… being married is way more fun than the wedding anyway! — Sara

Photo by Colling Photography


IS YOUR CAKE CUTTING IT? The newly betrothed couple arrived at their reception to find the bride’s aunts hovering around the cake table speaking in nervous hushed tones. Not only had the baker delivered the wrong cake, but it was also the incorrect design AND a different flavor than requested. All of that would have been bad enough, but, you see, her aunts did not realize any of that. They were busy tending to the cake because it was so unstable. The top tier had already fallen over, and without immediate intervention the other three were soon to follow. The telltale cake cutting pictures clearly show the only solution they were able to come up with… matchbooks. Sadly, this story is not fictional. In fact, this was my wedding and my cake. Long before I became a cake artist, I was a wedding cake customer. My experience has had a profound effect on how I work and what I recommend and offer to those who ask me,

“What should I look for in a wedding cake?”

Photo by Rhiannon England



Type “wedding cake” into an online

a strong foundation in pastry work

and foremost a dessert and should

image search, and you will get over

and sugar art. You should request a

be delicious. Your cake should be

10 million results! From traditional

tasting and ask to see a portfolio of

so scrumptious that you do not

bridal white to multi colored topsy-

their work and reviews from former

mind cutting through the art on the

turvy, the sky is the limit. What

clients. There is nothing worse than

outside to get the chance to eat it.

your cake looks like is as important

having a vision in your head (or in a

Thanks in no small part to the Food

as how it tastes. It should be as

sketch) of what your dream cake will

Network, people’s palates are far more

unique as your wedding.

look like, only to find out too late that

developed than those of your parents’ generation. We have access to better ingredients and a greater diversity of flavors than ever before. Your guests will notice, and appreciate, a really good cake. Even if you put those facts aside, consider this… your wedding cake is probably the most expensive cake you will ever purchase. It should, therefore, also be the highest quality cake you ever buy made with the best ingredients possible. Cakes also tend to be a focal point at the reception, so it is important that it be beautiful. Many cakes are prominently displayed on a stage or center table, so it is likely to be one of the first things your guests will notice when they walk in and await your arrival. Cake styles are as numerous and diverse as cake flavors.

Take elements from cake pictures that you like and techniques that

your cake designer was not able to bring that vision to life.

you find beautiful, and show them

Finally, enjoy this precious time in

to your cake designer. They should

your life. Remember that this day,

be able to take those inspiration

and all of the preparation for it, is

pieces along with color swatches,

about you and your beloved starting

invitations and other items from

the rest of your life together. I have

your planning to create a one of a

been happily married for seventeen

kind masterpiece that will take your

years, and I still get this question

breath away and have your guests

often, “When does the honeymoon

reaching for their cameras.

really end?” My answer… I’ll let you

This brings us to choosing a

know when it does.

wedding cake designer and baker. The recent popularity of reality shows involving wedding and sculpted cakes has raised the expectations of clients and guests alike. Creating these works of art

Jennifer England is a blessed wife and mother whose love of baking began in childhood. She enjoys her small part in the celebrations in people’s lives by bringing smiles to their faces with her sweet treats.

and building them to be stable takes a tremendous amount of skill. Be sure to choose someone with


everyday Wedding


everyday Wedding

Kayla & Troy To say that this wedding is unique is an understatement. The organic feel, the sense of community and the beauty of the surroundings create such a sense of unity and love. Kayla and Troy’s wedding stands out and is a great testament of truly reflecting the interests and personalities of a couple on one of the most important days of their lives. From the handmade wedding garb to the Native American traditions, such as the ceremonial circle and the burning of sage, this couple thought about what was close to their hearts. We wanted a relaxed setting for our wedding, so we had it at a piece of property overlooking the James River. The baskets were very special to both of us. The groom puts things in the bride’s basket that show how he will take care of and love her, and the bride does the same. The blanket was another Native American tradition. Both our mothers wrapped the blanket around us... I loved that part! The pottery held grape wine and bread, which held the communion. We thought it would be fitting to hold a Eucharist service at our wedding since so much about marriage is self sacrificing. ~Kayla

Photography: Jane Bradley Photography

Location: Wilderness Creek overlooking the James River 17

How many other couples will be sending out your exact wedding invitations?




It’s your wedding—let your style become tangible and make a lasting impression with the vintage beauty of completely custom letterpress printed wedding stationery.

bespoke hand-crafted letterpress goods & geekery


Practical Tips to Get the Most Impact by Making the Least

GRAB THAT APP The great outdoors isn’t the only

As someone passionate about healthy

place for green these days. As

and mindful living in my personal

individuals become aware of the

life, I love natural foods, cleaning and

importance of easing our impact

cosmetic products, buying local when

on the environment (and our bodies)

possible, and in general, purpose

through the products we buy and

to avoid unnecessary waste. I also

use, there has been great momentum

enjoy any opportunity to incorporate


toward incorporating green practices

healthy, green elements and practices

Included among its many features are a helpful budget starter and a plethora of tips and ideas for planning your big day.

into our everyday lives. And now,

within our company and the events

for many brides-to-be that desire

we do.


wedding day.

This virtual pinboard is an amazing way to gain inspiration and organize your ideas on color, theme, and accessories.

As a bride, whether you consider

incorporate more friendly elements

yourself a full-fledge “greenie” or

into your wedding day. To make

have just begun to get interested in

things even easier on you as you

learning ways to conserve and choose

begin your green journey to the altar,

more natural products, remember

here are a few tips and ideas that will

that even the smallest eco-friendly

hopefully serve as inspiration -- and

choices can have a lasting impact

perhaps a guide -- to making your

when incorporated into your big day.

wedding day even more meaningful.

Rather than packing on the paper and toting around all of your clippings and notes as you travel from vendor to vendor, organize online by checking out these top rated bridal apps.

ETSY (free) Enjoy shopping “homemade heaven” from your phone, as you browse the many eco-friendly and green items available through its personal, online shops.

for natural, sustainable living has extended out to one of the most important days of her life: her

The great news is that it is easier than ever to do so, and you don’t have to

With the advance of technology and the plethora of fabulous information now available to us, it is now easy, painless and more fun than ever to

Left: Stone Blue Productions Right: Jeffrey C. Gleason Photography

compromise on style or worry about making your guests feel awkward in the process.



While online invitations are still very much a faux pas, sending virtual e-vites are an acceptable and appropriate means to spread news of bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons and details on the rehearsal dinner. Check out these great sites for the best in pretty, fun and functional paperless options:

FLORAL & DECORATIONS There are so many easy ways a bride can incorporate some “green” into her wedding and reception décor, beginning with taking advantage of everything your wedding planner has to offer in the way of in-stock rentals. Most full-service event boutiques offer brides a plethora of beautiful design elements to choose from to incorporate into their wedding décor, including supplies like linens, chair covers, sashes, lighting elements and silk flowers. By picking and choosing from stock they already own, you will not only save some money, but you will enjoy the wonderful satisfaction of reusing some really beautiful items. Another great way is to go natural, and have fun bringing the outdoors in; lovely elements like branches, twigs, tree stumps and foliage from your own backyard can all be incorporated into elegant pieces to grace your ceremony and reception venue. Natural fibers, like rustic burlap, can be re-purposed


into gorgeous table and aisle runners or tied around seat backs to create a

From local vendors to online

stunning sash.

boutiques, there are so many lovely

If real flowers are a part of your wedding dream, choose to go with a local

and environmentally responsible

florist (rather than online), and request flowers and plants that are grown

paper options available today that

locally and that will be in season during your wedding month. This will not

it is nearly a shame not to take

only cut down on costs for you but will also save on the amount of energy

advantage of them when it comes

used to cultivate and ship your flowers.

to your wedding invitation design. In addition to choosing recycled

For those extra-special touches to your event’s look, take time to explore your

paper and asking about plant-based

local antique and thrift stores for the opportunity to breathe new life into

or vegetable ink dyes, a simple way

vintage and antique treasures.

to eliminate waste is to forgo extra inserts and wraps. You can even eliminate the need for an envelope with a postcard-style invitation, and omit a response card by having your guests RSVP online. ( Just be mindful with online responses. Although your close friends will RSVP with ease, your “grandma Sue” may not, and she might necessitate a physical card or personal call to be sure she gets the message.) In addition to being green, these are also easy ways to save money and get more from your budget, and who wouldn’t appreciate that? Top: Allegra’s Studio Bottom: Visions by Heather


GUEST FAVORS So often it seems that time, money,

“thank you” to your special guests

Browse your local boutiques for cute

and precious materials are wasted on

– and you can be sure they won’t

styles and patterns, or check out

unused and forgotten guest favors,

accidentally forget to take them on for a large selection

but that doesn’t have to be the case

their way out the door.

of totes in all shapes, sizes,

for you. There are many wonderful, eco-friendly ways available to say

Get the most from your favor by

and prices.

making a donation in your guests’

“Homemade” and “edible” are two

names to a charity or organization

very magical words when it comes

that is near and dear to your heart.

to creating the perfect gift. Locally

Even the smallest amount can go

made, natural confections (think

a long way, and chances are your

specialty hot chocolate mix in a

guests will more than appreciate

glass jar) jams, soaps, coffee beans

your thoughtfulness in paying a

or gourmet bath goodies are all

blessing forward.

beautiful and loving choices. Search

If you prefer to gift your guests with a tangible item that also conveys your green commitment, why not present them with a practical and charming gift of cloth shopping bags or reusable produce bags — gifts they can reuse for years to come that will allow them to make their own positive impact on the planet. for inspiration and recipes you can make, or shop local for these items and spread the love even more. Check out the 3rd Whale app (free) on your smart phone for a directory of green businesses and shops located near you to make shopping locally a breeze. Left: Photography by Thomasina


weddings we’re here for you... Gift Registry !!Fine Papers !"Catering !!Event Venue Luncheons & Showers !!Rehearsal Dinners !"Weddings !!Receptions

"##$!%&'()*+',!-*&.! !!%/'0)12+(3!45!"67#8 696:7"$:88#;! !!<),=&+>1&?@,<:0*>



Sunday, March 3rd Spend the day learning creative ideas and practical tips from local experts to help you in your wedding planning journey!

1:30-5:30pm, $25 Tresca on 8th 724 Commerce Street Downtown Lynchburg

vendor showcase | educational seminars | door prizes | idea bar | refreshments

Photos: Stone Blue Productions

Register online to ensure participation in the informative workshops and classes being offered by local wedding professionals. Register by: Feb. 22 | |

Polly Wooldridge, REALTOR速 ABR, GRI, CRS, AHS


Top: K.D. Burke Photography Middle: Stone Blue Productions Bottom: Visions By Heather


coffees and teas) that are both fair

Give your reception the same green

trade and organically produced.

touch as the rest of your wedding

Some coffee and tea companies even

by incorporating some of these eco-

donate a portion of their proceeds

friendly ideas into your menu and

to various non-profit ministries

onto your tables:

and organizations, giving you the opportunity to gain even more

Avoid the needless waste that

responsible bang for your buck.

goes along with disposables, and instead use glass or other reusable

If reusable is not an option, and

dinnerware, flatware, and glassware.

you find you do need to go with

If you do not have these items

disposable plates and flatware, head

readily available, they are easily

to for 100%

rented locally.

renewable and reclaimed products. They offer everything from plates and

Incorporate organic, local produce and meats into your menu, and select beverages (such as your

utensils, to cups and napkins -- and in enough shapes and styles to meet the needs of most any event.

THE GREAT DEPARTURE When it comes time for you and your new groom to exit the reception on your way to your happily ever after, leave with gorgeous, romantic style as your guests shower you in an eco-friendly wedding confetti, available in several pretty shades online at Fully biodegradable and water soluble, this pretty confetti is used by Hollywood to recreate softly falling snow.

GIFT REGISTRY When it comes time to register for your life â&#x20AC;&#x153;happily ever afterâ&#x20AC;? as a couple, be sure to consider all kinds of wonderful green gifts and gadgets. From bamboo kitchen goodies to organic cotton towels and bedding, the options are endless for selecting low-impact, high quality products to enjoy for years to come.

could be to skip the more traditional registry, and instead sign-up for a CSA (crop share program with a local area farm) for weekly, fresh fruit and veggies, and allow guests to donate a portion toward your share. This is a great way to support a local farm, enjoy the best in seasonal fruits and veggies, and save on your grocery bill each month. Check out

For those looking for something

to find a crop share program in

completely outside the box, a

your area.

practical (and delicious) option


To hear more “green” ideas from Rachel, visit

Photo by Jeffrey C. Gleason Photography

Hill City and search “green weddings.”

your extras to your wedding planner, who may be very happy to take them off of your hands, or visit or for the opportunity to recoup a little cash by selling your used wedding gear to other brides-to-be. What about that beautiful wedding dress you only wore once? Why not consider giving it away to a low-income, military bride in need, who may not otherwise be able to afford a beautiful gown for her own special day? Visit to learn how you can donate your gently worn gown and wedding accessories to a special woman who understands the cost of sacrifice and will cherish them as much as you have. In addition to using these ideas to create a greener wedding day, many of these tips and suggestions are also perfect to incorporate within


Have leftover food? Find a local food

any number of other special events

You may have already said “I do,”

bank through Feeding America, and

and occasions you may have along

but long after you have departed

share the remains of your beautiful

life’s way. And remember, being

from your reception, you can still

feast with those in need. If that is

green goes deeper than the planet,

be making an environmental and

not an option (or there simply are

it is a way of life that embraces

meaningful impact. Here are a few

not enough leftovers to warrant

healthy, uplifting, and positive

ideas on how to best recycle and give

a donation) consider having your

choices for body, mind, and spirit.

back after your ceremony:

leftovers composted, either by

Each day is a gift to be treasured

yourself or through a local facility.

and should be shared by making

You can check

the world a sweeter, healthier place

to locate a composting facility

for ourselves and the ones we love.

Rather than letting your fresh wedding flowers or potted plants go to waste, arrange to have your bouquets and centerpieces donated

near you.

to a local nursing home or hospital

Rather than storing or dumping

where they can brighten the day

unneeded decorations or items

of residents more than eager to

you may have collected from your

continue enjoying their beauty.

wedding weekend, consider offering


In addition to managing her wedding and event boutique, RS Exclusive, Rachel loves spending time with her husband, Chris. Their latest and greatest venture is the thrilling arrival of baby McLean in the spring of 2012.

Your first step in planning your wedding? Visit Central Virginia's premier wedding blog.

photo: Sincerely Liz Photography

photo: Crystal George Studios

classic. modern. romantic. sophisticated.









THE SECRET OF THE SEVEN HILLS As soon as I was introduced to my first Nancy Drew book

with the memories of staying up late at night to read

as a young girl, I was hooked. As the star of stories filled

the childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mysteries and a love for books, I propose a

with suspense and anticipation, Nancy was level headed,

twist of fate... a secret unlocked within the City of Seven

smart and resourceful, much like her male counterpart,

Hills. Meet our Frank and Nancy, whose life together

Frank Hardy of The Hardy Boys mysteries. Just like a

begins when the books debuted in the 1930s, as they play

thrilling novel, love can hold the same secrets of the

out their story at the Old Jones Memorial Library in the

unknown while causing feelings of intrigue. So, armed

historic city of Lynchburg, Virginia. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jennifer





Search Nancy Drew DIY on for a how to on this table number project!




Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been planning this daY Your whole life.

Protect it. ask about our wedding insurance policy Al Baughman 434-316-0030 18478 Forest Rd, Suite 4 Forest VA 24551 Visions by Heather Photography




Creating an Event With Your Guests in Mind

All Photos by Sincerely, Liz: Photography and S. Carter Studios

We have all been there: hungry, fidgety; poking the last cheese cube with a toothpick, wishing the guests of honor would make an entrance after over an hour of awkward waiting. “It’s just a part of weddings,” we might tell ourselves. The truth is…it does not have to be! There are many ways to craft your event so that your guests feel appreciated, celebrated, and entertained. We would like to suggest a few areas to focus on while planning your event: planning ahead, personalizing your details, and incorporating activities.

PLANNING AHEAD PICK YOUR DATE: Your guests are anticipating your big day as much as you are. They are making special preparations to ensure they can attend. As you select your date, think about how you can make it easier on your attendees. Consider coupling your date with a holiday weekend so that your out of town guests can better take the time necessary to travel. Is your wedding scheduled for the middle of summer? You can plan ahead to have your programs double as fans and provide


beverages for your guests as they wait

Front loading your schedule by

instrumental in calming wedding day

for the event to begin.

incorporating a “first look” is one

nerves. There are many reasons to

of the very best ways to ensure lots

consider a first look, but the biggest

of quality time with your guests in

bonus for your guests is that there is

addition to getting the most out of

little to no wait time to congratulate


your investment in photography. A

you after the ceremony. You can

There are probably only a few lucky

first look allows for a private moment

maximize your time with them by

guests who know both you and your

between the bride and groom before

moving right from the wedding to

future spouse. Creating a wedding

the hectic day begins. It allows the

the reception.

website is a great way to introduce

groom to express to his bride how

your spouse and also the members

beautiful she looks, and it is often

of your wedding party. You can provide images and biographies for your attendants. Wedding websites can also be a great place to list local attractions, favorite restaurants, and directions to the ceremony and reception sites, giving your guests the opportunity to interact with your wedding months in advance!

INFORM YOUR GUESTS: Though you will know your venue like the back of your hand, your guests may not. Providing signage is a great way to indicate important locations to your guests and adds a personal touch to your venue as well. We have also seen personalized maps distributed to guests in the wedding programs, which eliminates guesswork.




Ditch the printed matchbooks, and

A very meaningful way to honor

consider providing a favor that

loved ones, especially those who

your guests will consider a special

are not able to physically be at

treat! Some ideas include designing

the celebration, is to incorporate

favors specific to the type of event

remembrance areas into the décor. Liz

you are having. One couple provided

did this at her wedding by including

handmade luggage tags for guests

tall pillar candles for specific loved

at their destination wedding.

ones on a table at the entrance to

Another presented each guest with

her ceremony site. Family members

a pair of Thai lounge pants since

are still telling her years later how

they were moving to Thailand after

meaningful this was to them. Other

the wedding. Other couples have provided guests with ingredients to make their favorite cookies or a pair of flip flops to change into at the reception.

PROVIDE STORY STARTERS: Decorate the wedding and reception area with things that are meaningful to you as a couple. One couple made small piles of their favorite

ideas we have seen include framed photographs, bouquets of flowers, a single memorial candle and prelude songs with a special meaning indicated in the program.

books upon which to set each table number. Another turned each table number into a marker of their relationship like “5: The number of dates the bride and groom went on before he knew she was the one.” This gets guests talking about memories they have shared with the couples as well.



Your guests are coming to support you, but that does not mean you can’t provide some unique memories for them too.

PICK A VENUE THAT OFFERS ACTIVITIES: At one summer wedding, the bride and groom chose a riverside location and provided complimentary canoe trips down the river for their guests during the reception. Others have offered carriage rides to their guests. A wonderful out-of-the-ordinary experience is a great way to let your guests know how much they mean to you. HAVE A UNIQUE GUEST BOOK: We have yet to meet a bride who keeps her “simple signatures on lines” guest book open in her home to glance at occasionally. Instead we have been impressed with couples who have opened up new possibilities. Some fun guest books we have seen include: Photo Guest Books guests sign on large portions of white around the couple’s engagement photos.

“Leaf a Print”

Polaroid Guest Books

Guest Books: guests ink/paint their

an attendant takes an instant image

finger prints onto a tree and sign

of each guest as they walk in to the

by their print.

reception; guests sign the prints and leave a message for the couple. 36

HAVE FUN WITH FOOD: Have stations where guests can use their hands to join in the fun. The most unique example we have seen is a crab cracking station complete with mallets as favors! Others include “ice cream sundae bars” and “candy bars” … these options bring out the inner child in your guests as they have fun selecting their own tasty treats.

INCORPORATE GAMES: How fun it is to include lawn games like croquet, horse shoes and corn hole at your reception. We have even seen video game stations and chalk for children to use on the sidewalks.




GIVE A TOAST: After your maid of honor and best man have taken time to toast you, stop for a moment and audibly thank your guests for coming to your event. Let them know how much it means to you that they have come!

CREATE A CHILDRENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S AREA: Parents are free to have more fun if they do not have to worry about the attention span of their little ones. Set up a special place for kids to relax during your ceremony and/or reception that includes activities for them like coloring, videos to watch, kid friendly snacks, and room to move around. What a treat it would be, especially to any members of your wedding party, to provide a baby sitter to care for the children for the duration of the event.

Your wedding day is definitely an

you!), taking the time to think about

exciting one, and it is also the day that

them will mean so much. We hope we

brings together so many people that are

have given you some ideas to get you

special to you. While all of those people

started, and we hope that your day is all

are gathered together in one place at

that you ever dreamed it would be.

one time for one purpose (to celebrate

PROVIDE A PHOTO BOOTH: A photo booth is a great way to ensure colorful, creative pictures of all of your guests! It also provides a fun and casual family photo opportunity.


Liz Cook, of Sincerely, Liz: Photography, is a wife, mother and creative spirit. When sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not hanging out with her brides or shooting their weddings, she can be found spending time with her family.

Sabrena Deal is the photographer behind The Virginia Photo Booth Company and S. Carter Studios. Outside of her creative endeavors, she loves to explore new places with her husband and go running with her dog, Charleston.


everyday Wedding


everyday Wedding

Christine & Robierre Christine and Robierre had been friends for quite a while, until one day all it took was a look for them to realize that they were both in love with their best friend. There was a slight chill in the spring air as this couple said their nuptials and capped it off with a reception filled with dancing and singing. They both have a quirky sense of humor, and their Kenyan wedding was funâ&#x20AC;Ś just like them. My husband and I are both Kenyan, and we moved to the US when we were both around 20. His family still lives in Kenya, and mine lives here. It was important for us to incorporate our culture simply because it is who we are. Plus, it is lots of fun! We actually had a mix of cultures since we are both from different ethnic groups and thus slightly different cultures. We also wanted our family in Kenya to feel part of the ceremony and see parts of it (on video) that they recognize. - Christine

Photography: Crystal George Studios

Cake: The Gypsy Baker Dresses: Davidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bridal Venue, Catering and Florals: Glencliff Manor


WHAT THE GROOM IS THINKING WHILE YOU’RE STRESSING We know you wonder what goes through your groom’s mind when you question him about wedding colors, flowers, and flatware. In an effort to answer your questions, we met with three Lynchburg grooms with three very different engagement experiences. James, a native Virginian, was recently married to his wife, Karrie, on his grandfather’s land in Appomattox. He was more than willing to share his honest opinions regarding the wedding planning experience, but convincing him to remove his hat for photos wasn’t quite as easy. Kevin, a new groom from New York, mused about his beautiful bride, Brittany, and offered advice to Gabe, who was recently engaged to his fiancée Erika. These couples come from as far away as New Jersey and Florida, but they currently make their homes in Virginia and were happy to openly discuss questions posed by our editor, Jennifer. The men were greeted with refreshments and the inviting atmosphere of a special room for grooms at The Trivium—a beautiful local venue for weddings and receptions.

J: How much input did you have in the

off of me. It’s her day, so I let her

wedding planning process?

do everything she wanted to do.

Kevin: I was very hands-on in almost all of the planning. The biggest thing for us was the venue. She’s from

was a good balance between us. Gabe: It’s really difficult to find a

so we weren’t sure where we would

balance. This is the day that girls

get married. I had a lot of say, and

dream of. We’re trying to be as

she always asked for my opinion.

creative as possible, but our in-laws…

A lot of times, her ideas trumped

it’s hard. We want to involve our

mine, but she always wanted to hear

ethnic background. Oh, and now

my opinion. I think that knowing I

Pinterest has exploded, so it’s so hard

agreed with her was a comfort to her

to narrow it down. She’s excited, but

throughout the planning process.

her mom is ten times more excited

James: When we began planning, we asked, `What are the necessities?’ She would get involved in the details, but I reminded her to think about the basics. Sometimes people get so involved in the details that they forget to remember what they are ideas because weddings today have


this or do you want this,’ but there

Rhode Island, and I’m from New York,

planning. I often toned down her

Left: Rebecca Burke Right: Visions by Heather

Sometimes I would ask `do you want

than she is. Sometimes, I have to be the voice of reason in all of this, and it’s a lot. You’re never more engaged than you are when you’re planning a wedding. I’m trying not to over-lead in the situation. It’s her day. It’s not my day. I just want it to look nice. She throws it out there, and I try to mold it to the finished product.

strayed away from the traditional

J: Did you have any financial

“at home” feel with close friends

investments to worry about while

and family, but she bounced ideas

planning your wedding?

of the responsibility. We found as

J: Was there anything that was really

many ways as possible to tone things

important to you to include in your

down. My family all helped out where


they could, including catering, but a lot of it fell on us.

Kevin: I wanted a nice day. We were worried about the weather. It was

Gabe: It’s going to be everybody. I

the most humid weekend of the

have a Hispanic family, so they are all

year, and there was a threat of rain.

so excited. Virginia is directly in the

I wanted my two older brothers to

middle of all our families, so it’s the

be my best men. We used to fight as

best we could have done. Financially,

kids, but since we’ve grown up, we’ve

everyone is going to do the best

become so much closer. They were

they can. College is expensive, so

both there, which made it so special.

everything effects the next decision. That’s why the venue is so important.

James: We had to be married at Liberty Baptist church, and she had to take my last name. Gabe: No `cookie cutter’ weddings, and for us to be 100 percent sincere throughout the wedding planning process. Our friend got married recently and his wedding was doused with God… that set a big

Kevin: Her parents were both divorced and remarried, so we had three different sets of parents who equally took care of the finances. James: Our families helped out as much as they could. I was looking at facing a lay-off with the way the economy was going. Her parents are divorced, and her father was getting remarried, so we were left with a lot

example for me. J: What was the biggest argument during your wedding planning process? Kevin: The stress of getting the venue caused any problems we might have had, so she got upset at times, which would cause me to be frustrated.


James: `Oh, lord’… I mean I couldn’t

decision making process, but it

to veto. We’re just now getting over

say that there was any BIG thing.

was probably more 80/20. The

the honeymoon stage of engagement,

You’re trying to keep it logical, and she

only thing I didn’t see or approve

and it can be so exhausting. I would

gets frantic. Women see what other

beforehand was the dress. If she

say I’m involved 100 percent, but she’s

women do and become disappointed or liked it, I told her to do it. hopeful, and it causes so much stress. She would get mad if I wasn’t equally stressed. Once that day finally came, she understood why I was so calm about it. It all was just frivolous in the end. You spend a whole year planning it, and it’s over in an hour. She said, `I don’t know why I was so worried.’ (He then looked at Gabe and said, `you’ll see.’) Gabe: The guest list has been tricky. Who are the most important people in the world that you KNOW you don’t want to have this day without? We know people aren’t going to come because it’s so far. There has been tension with our parents. We’ve had to tag-team against them, which has actually drawn us closer together. It’s a matter of drawing the line and establishing their perimeter. J: How involved were you in the wedding planning process? Kevin: She came to me with absolutely everything. I think she just liked my opinion. I would say it was a 50/50


involved 150 percent

James: She bounced everything

J: What’s one word of advice you can

off of me, but it was primarily her

give to a groom?

decision when it came to picking out colors and everything. She picked out a silver/titanium tux. I had always imagined black, but I wasn’t picky. I would say I was involved 30 percent but she would say I was involved about 5 percent. She thought about it 24/7, and I didn’t focus on it all the time. Gabe: This is going to sound weird at first… kind of like congress and the presidency, I want the power

Kevin: From the beginning, understand who you both are and how you will react in the planning process. Women tend to react based on emotion, so you have to know what to expect and know how to remain calm even when she isn’t. Let her plan everything she wants, but be that rock in the middle of the chaos. James: Stay calm. She’s going to do enough worrying. Make sure that

J: What was one special moment you


remember from your wedding day?

With bridesmaids’ gifts, the choice seems to be easy… get something beautiful, wearable or sentimental, and the girls are thrilled. However, with groomsmen, the results are not quite the same. In a recent Facebook poll, we threw out the age old “what do you get those guys” question, and the results had two threads in

Kevin: We did our own vows. We didn’t know what the other person was going to say. When we were up there saying the vows, we were saying almost the exact same things because we have become almost the exact same person. It was the Lord speaking through our

common: think practical and manly.

hearts, and people couldn’t believe we


had written them.

something super cool and useful to boot

James: Seeing her come through those doors and down the aisle. I told myself I wouldn’t be nervous until she came through those doors. I didn’t see her all day. I didn’t know what she would look if either one of you have different expectations for the future, get it all

like, and then she came out there, and it really sticks out in my mind.

meaningful or funny quotes

3. PILSNER GLASSES personalize these fun keepsakes with their name or initial

4. BACKPACKS - fill them with functional items, and you have two

on the table now. There are so many

J: What is one thing you hope for your

details to hash out, and it’s easy to

wedding day?

gifts in one

5. IPOD SHUFFLE - preload

expect your partner to understand this without talking about it, but you

Gabe: Smoothness. No fires or

want to get everything out in the

explosions. Hopefully we make sure

open. No offense, but it is in women

not to miss anything.

it with music; what a great way to bring back memories for your college buddies


to be a little more emotional about

Whitney Spencer is currently studying English at Liberty University. When she is not writing or editing for her professors or clutch, she loves to spend time rock climbing and running.

things. Be the shoulder to lean on. Be the encouragement during the planning. She will change her mind, but just stay calm and everything will turn out in the end. Gabe: I’m under qualified.

2. DOG TAGS - engrave them with

stock them well for a practical gift

7. CARICATURES - get out those old retro photos of the groom with his groomsman, and have them made into a fun caricature

Left: S. Carter Studios Right: Erick Hodge 707-815-8787 Based in Charlottesville



clutch goes Culinary

All Photos by Andrea Hubbell Photography



clutch goes Culinary


A New Orleans staple. Because the rest of our bridal lunch menu is filled with seafood, we chose a chicken and andouille sausage version as our main course.



2 lbs boneless chicken thighs w/ skin

1. Dry the chicken thighs thoroughly. Rub them down with a generous

1 cup finely chopped onions 1 cup finely chopped red bell peppers 3/4 cup finely chopped celery vegetable oil for frying the chicken

amount of salt, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper on all sides. Let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, in a medium-sized bowl, combine the onions, bell peppers, and celery; set aside.

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

3. In a large heavy skillet heat 1-1/2 inches of oil until very hot (375° to

7 cups of high-quality chicken stock

400°). Fry the chicken thighs, in batches, until golden brown on all sides

1/2 pound raw andouille sausage, casings removed, cut into 1/2-inch bites salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper 1 tsp minced garlic

and meat is cooked, about 5-6 minutes per side; drain on paper towels. 4. Carefully pour the hot oil into a glass bowl, leaving as many of the browned particles in the pan as possible. Scrape the pan bottom with a metal whisk to loosen any stuck particles, then return 1/2 cup of the hot oil to the pan. 5. Place the pan over high heat. Using a long-handled metal whisk, gradually stir in the 1/2 cup of flour. Cook, whisking constantly, until the roux is the color of dark chocolate, about 3-1/2 to 4 minutes, being careful not to let it scorch or splash on your skin. Remove from the heat and immediately add the vegetable mixture, stirring constantly until the roux stops getting darker. Return the pan to low heat and cook until the vegetables are soft, about 5 minutes, stirring constantly and scraping the pan bottom well. 6. Meanwhile, heat the stock over medium heat in a separate saucepan. Add the hot stock to the roux, and bring the mixture to a simmer. Stir in the andouille and minced garlic. Simmer uncovered for about 45 minutes, stirring often. 7. While the gumbo is simmering, cut the cooked chicken into 1/2 inch bites. When the gumbo has simmered for 45 minutes, add the chicken and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. Serve with a scoop of Baked Rice mounded in the middle of the bowl.





Tresca on 8th 434.229.8519 724 Commerce Street Downtown Lynchburg photo: Sam Stroud Photography




clutch goes Culinary Crab and avocado really are a perfect match. You may want to loosen the avocados in their skin for easy eating.

serves 8 as an appetizer

INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup mayonnaise 2 tsp dijon mustard 2 tbsp finely chopped green onions 2 tsp capers, drained and chopped 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 1 pound jumbo lump crab meat salt, freshly-ground black pepper 4 ripe avocados, cut in half

METHOD 1. Whisk the mayonnaise, mustard, green onions, capers, and celery together. Gently fold in the crab, making sure to evenly distribute the mayonnaise mixture. Season with salt and pepper. 2. Fill the avocado halves with crab salad and serve immediately.



Served simply, on the half-shell

makes 6 cups, enough for 2 batches of gumbo

with a squeeze of lemon. Provide crackers and cocktail sauce for


those wary of slurping straight

2 cups uncooked rice (not instant)

from the shell.

2-1/2 cups high-quality chicken stock 1-1/2 tbsp very finely chopped onions 1-1/2 tbsp very finely chopped celery 1-1/2 tbsp very finely chopped red bell peppers 1-1/2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted 1/2 tsp salt 1/8 tsp garlic powder


a pinch of cayenne pepper

Similar in taste to a good, Southern iced tea, these refreshing cocktails are a hit at the lunch hour.


Fill a 12oz cup with ice. Add 2 oz

In a 5x9x2.5 loaf pan, combine all

Pimm’s No. 1, juice from 1 lemon, and

ingredients and mix well. Seal pan

6-8oz of 7Up, to taste. Garnish with

snugly with aluminum foil. Bake at

lemon slices and english cucumbers.

350° until the rice is tender, about 1

Can be made in a pitcher using the

hour 10 minutes. Serve immediately.

same ratio of Pimm’s to lemon juice to 7Up.


Photo by Christi Austin Photography





T U C T T G I Dream of a Wedding, Central Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wedding Giveaway. For more information visit our website at Photo: Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography

52Hair/Makeup by Bodyworks Day Spa & Salon

clutch goes Culinary

The hint of citrus in these crispy, donut-like treats makes them really special. Wait as long as you can to fry the dough, preferably shortly before your guests arrive, and hold off on sprinkling with powdered sugar until you’re ready to serve.

ORANGE-SCENTED BEIGNETS Andrea Hubbell is a photographer with a passion for cooking at home. Andrea is the creator of Bella Eats, a food and recipe blog which shares stories from her kitchen.

makes 32 beignets


from Basic to Brilliant, Y’all: 150 Refined

1. Line a baking sheet with paper towels, and set aside.

Southern Recipes and Ways to Dress Them Up for Company


2. In a medium saucepan, combine the water, butter, 1 tsp sugar, salt, and half the zest. Bring to a rapid boil. Remove the pan from the heat and add the flour,

1 cup water

stirring vigorously. Return to low heat and stir until

1/2 cup unsalted butter

completely combined and the dough pulls away from

1 tsp plus 1 cup granulated sugar

the sides of the pan and forms a ball. Remove from the heat.

1/4 tsp fine sea salt 3. Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each finely grated zest of 2 oranges

addition. Beat until smooth and glossy. Add the

1 cup, plus 2 tbsp all-purpose flour

vanilla extract.

4 large eggs

4. Pour the oil into a heavy-bottomed saucepan or a

1 tsp vanilla extract

deep fryer. Heat to 370°. Using an ice cream scoop or a spoon, drop the dough by teaspoonfuls, working in

vegetable or peanut oil, for frying

batches, into the hot oil. Cook until golden brown,

(you’ll need about 1/2 a gallon if frying in a

turning once, 3 to 5 minutes. Remove with a slotted

pan, less if using a deep fryer)

spoon to the prepared baking sheet.

confectioner’s sugar, for serving

5. Combine the remaining zest and sugar in a bowl. While the beignets are still warm, roll them in the sugar mixture. Just before serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar. 53



matter. After you are married your anniversary will eventually fall on


every day of the week in the years

Before you walk down the aisle, look

Let Pinterest be your best friend!

immediately at your groom. You will

— Liz, Sincerely, Liz: Photography

to follow. — Katie, West Manor Weddings

never forget the expression on his face when he sees you for the first

If you hired wedding professionals,

time. — Leecy, Celebration

relax and trust them.

and Tresca on 8th

— Teresa, Glencliff Manor

When you step back and look at the

The single most important

bigger picture, it really comes down

moment will happen between

to focusing on unconditionally

you and only one other person.

loving each other and the life you

Remembering this will put your

will be building together.

day into perspective and make

— Sandra, RS Exclusive

it that much more enjoyable. — Jeremiah, Stone Blue Productions

It goes by so fast that you need to take a moment now and then during

Amid all the excitement, don’t

the day to just look around and

forget to eat!

take it all in. Try to take a mental

— Linda, Love Is in the Air

image of the excitement, love and celebration being shared for you and

It is not the problems you face, but

your husband.

how you face the problems that

— Kathie, Colling Photography

will make the difference in your marriage. — Larry, The Marriage

It’s not about how much you spend.

Alliance of Central Virginia

Putting some huge amount of money into your wedding won’t

On your wedding day, be a bride,

make your marriage stronger.

a new wife, a lover and a friend…

— Tiffany, Stubborn Press & Co.

not a planner, a florist, a hostess, a stylist or anything else. Just live


If you are worried about what day

in your day, celebrate the love of

of the week to have your wedding,

everyone around you, and shine.

remember this is the only time

— Heather, Visions by

that the actual day will really

Heather Photography


Photo by Allegraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Studio


Have your friends and family stay with us!

Stephanie McGinn, photo

n n n n n n

your cake and cupcakes created by our team of professionals

Spectacular 50-mile view Indoor pool and jacuzzi Honeymoon suite Complimentary 40-item breakfast buffet Lynchburg’s first “green” hotel Banquet space for rehearsal dinners

g 3777 Candlers Mountain Road (434) 845-1700

sweet stella bakery

7106 Timberlake Road Lynchburg, VA 24502 (434) 237-1307

Ivy Point Catering

C a k e s & C at e r i n g f o r a l l o C C a s i o n s !

creative solutions for planning beautiful, affordable & meaningful celebrations of any kind.

James River Conference Center Visions by Heather Photography

400 Court Street, LynChburg Phone: (434) 455-2266 Fax: (434) 316-1189

partners of the Ret a il M e rc h a nt s As so c i at io n 56

Buy LocaL!

w w w. Ly n c h B u r g r m a .c o m

Visions by Heather Photography

(434) 239-3013



A DREAM COME TRUE A dream wedding. It is what every girl envisions. Whether she is a child playing dress up as a bride or an engaged adult poring over bridal magazines, the wedding day is one that is planned for and anticipated. After all, it’s one of the most exciting events in someone’s life. Out of the generosity of their hearts coupled with the desire to give one deserving couple a wedding that they could only dream about, our Central Virginia wedding vendors made those dreams come true for Quinton and Mary Prinsloo. Mary and Quinton’s story was standout from the start... their true need (his family hails from South Africa!) along with their touching love story AND the fact that both of their birthdays are on Valentine’s Day made it seem like a love story come true. From the blue and yellow color palette to the touches of Quinton’s homeland, their wedding was both beautiful and sentimental. A hearty congratulations goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Prinsloo, and we all wish you a happy, long lifetime together.




PARTICIPATING VENDORS Ashley Baber Weddings planning, ceremony coordination At Your Service Events Planner reception coordination Bodyworks Day Spa & Salon bride’s look, bridesmaids’ makeup Celebration maid of honor gown, tuxes Cheryl’s Secret Garden ceremony decor City View by the James reception venue PLEASE VISIT IDREAMOFAWEDDING.COM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR OUR NEXT I DREAM OF A WEDDING DAY.

Elegant Affair invitations La Bella Torta wedding cake Love Is in the Air reception catering

Mitchell’s Salon on 7th bridesmaids’ hair Music, Music and More Music ceremony and reception music Official Entertainment uplighting Petal Flower Company bouquets, boutonnieres Repast Catering kickoff party catering Riverview Manor kickoff party venue RS Exclusive ceremony and reception decor, first dance coordination Shaking Hands Productions cinematography Stone Blue Productions album design The Trivium ceremony venue The Virginia Photo Booth Company photo booth Wingate by Wyndham accommodations PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography Allegra’s Studio Colling Photography Crystal George Studios K.D. Burke Photography Sincerely, Liz: Photography Visions by Heather Photography


TRAVEL LOVERS 19129 Forest Road Lynchburg, VA 24502 434-385-5192


Your Honeymoon Experience Begins With Us

EXPRESSING YOURSELF How I Found my Way to a Mardi Gras Wedding

Shortly after I became engaged I

Naturally when you find your soul

of two hearts, and therefore it is

started to begin the discussion with

mate, you want to help the stars line

important for brides to always

my fiance about our pending nuptials.

up on your wedding day so you have

consider the groom’s opinion so that

“What do you think?” I asked him. He

the perfect ceremony for the union

the day belongs to both of you.

looked directly at me and said “Baby,

between two people that are destined

whatever you do will be beautiful,

to be together. Now I was getting

and I trust you.” This was music to my

my chance! This wedding would

ears. He completely trusted me and

be a burst of color, feathers, and

loved me (including everything that


was a part of me). I was so excited to

So, I went dress shopping with my youngest sister. White dress shopping. In addition to conceding on color (I did go with ivory), I also found a dress that was Vera Wang

It was then that it sunk in that my

and strapless... both a designer and

fiancé had mentioned that although

neckline style that I had sworn off!

You should probably know that I am

I had free reign, he did have two

It is funny how things change once

not a typical personality. While I do

requests... one being that I would

you find that perfect dress. It was

share many traditional values in life,

wear a white dress (I had toyed

soft and romantic with a train, which

I am also a hairstylist and make-up

around with bold colors!) and the

was ideal for our traditional church

artist by profession. Plus, I have a

other being that I would change my

wedding. The train fretted me a

degree in psychology. My sisters often

last name. When the man you love

bit because I wanted to dance the

joke that I work on “all aspects of

makes two simple requests, how can

night away... a hard task for a heavy

the head from the inside out.” This is

you not honor them? To be honest,

strapless gown. My tailor helped

true on many levels, and I would call

it was a lot easier to change my last

me solve the issue, and instead of

myself a creative problem solver with

name than to concede to a white

bustling my dress for the reception,

a flair. I am blessed to have a job that

dress. However, this is an important

he inserted a marine zipper at tea

fits me so perfectly.

aspect to a wedding... it is a merging

length so that I could remove the

just relax and have fun with this!


The Marriage of Confection & Perfection. . .

MAGNOLIA FOODS Lynchburg’s Gourmet Deli Since 1995 2476 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg


photo by Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography· YWCA, 626 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504 Hours: 3-6 Tuesdays-Fridays· 10-4 Saturdays


photo by jane bradley photography

Church Street Bridal

Photo Credit: Crystal George Studios virginia

YWCA, 626 Church Street Lynchburg, VA 24504

Glencliff Manor

Photos: Crystal George Studios

Weddings and Events your dreams, our passion

Rustburg, VA 434.821.0010 | 434.401.4614 Affordable, all inclusive wedding packages available


entire bottom of the dress and dance freely. I also changed my hair from down to up for the reception, exchanged my bird cage veil for a handmade Mardi Gras mask, and added a black belt with a feather attachment. I loved changing things up so that I could further express myself. We also decided on a local, formal affair without any pretentiousness or discomfort. This wedding celebration represented our union as a family, as well as serving as an expression of gratitude for the people who helped us become who we are and who will continue shaping our future. Our “aha” moment came when we decided on a masquerade ball... after all, is there an occasion that is more formal yet serves to be quite festive and down to earth? This allowed for ball gowns accompanied by flip flops and also gave permission for costumes, beads and feathers galore! What a perfect extension of us as a couple since we can relate to New Orleans. The spirit of the city was also a good fit for us as it has survived floods, oil spills, and disasters back-to-back while still celebrating its own culture, flair, and personality. The city didn’t stop and give up. It bounced back again and again only to look forward and “let the good times roll.” We, like the city, have been through a lot, yet we also have survived with flair, culture, and personality. New Orleans has a certain strength that we also feel that we possess as a couple. My closest friend and confidante flew in to marry us, and he added to the energy as he lives in New Orleans and had first introduced myself and my fiance to the city’s unique strength. We had a large wedding party (hey, it takes a village, right?), and we were also on a very tight budget. Many are in these times, but with some 66

The bouquets and boutonnieres

One of the last traditions we added to

were custom made for a fraction

our wedding ceremony was one which

of the price of real flowers. Each

is traditional to New Orleans as well

bouquet contained five removable

as Virginia... jumping the broom. This

hairpieces, necklaces, and brooches

ritual represents moving forward into

as a gift. I really enjoyed thinking

the next phase of life and sweeping

of each girl in my wedding as I

away the past to begin anew.

worked on her mask and shoes. I also included a letter to each girl expressing my gratitude for our relationship.

As we jumped the broom and I was pronounced Mrs. Courtney Harris, I walked forward down the aisle in my ivory, Vera Wang, strapless gown, and

Other New Orleans touches made

tears came to my eyes. Looking back,

an appearance throughout the night

I cannot remember feeling more

such as in the food (we served Cajun

happy, more at peace, or more

shrimp and mini muffalettas), drink

complete, and I dearly wish you the

(beer from New Orleans) and even

same. Have a wonderful wedding day!

creativity, you can really take an idea

our location of the Aviary, which has


and make it shine. I had each of my

a wrought iron second story balcony.

bridesmaids pick her own little black

The inside is very reminiscent of the

dress and also send me an old pair of

lovely Louisiana buildings. Instead

comfortable heels they could dance

of a traditional garter and bouquet

in. I ordered and made Mardi Gras

toss, we threw beads, and we also

masks as the hair accessories for

had a mask projected onto the

my bridesmaids, and I also custom

floor. It was little touches like these

designed and crafted the old shoes

that made our day perfect, without

they sent into beautiful artpieces that

incident, and magical all the while.

fit each girlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s personality perfectly.

Photography: Crystal George Studios Decor: the team at Boudoir Detachable Bouquets: Skull Fly Lighting: Castle Event Lighting Hair/Makeup Bodyworks Day Spa and Salon



DISCOVERING YOUR HONEYMOON PERSONALITY a quick look at choosing a post wedding vacation Photo by Jennifer Prince


but it does not require sacrificing

deserve, it may be time to find a travel

cliff-top sanctuary overlooking the

your desires as a couple. There are a

professional that will work their magic

Caribbean Sea with your own private

number of honeymoon destinations

to find the perfect destination for

pool and butler or experiencing the

that offer both privacy and an

your personality.

height of luxury with the Constantine

original experience, ranging from

Suite at Caesar’s Palace. Or you could

$150-$1500 per night.

book a private jet and jet set to the

So, after you have set which portion of your wedding budget will be used for

Budget aside, a honeymoon is the

the honeymoon, it is good to discuss

most important and memorable

the following questions with your

These are only some of the unique

vacation the two of you will ever

future spouse and also your agent:

ways to make your most romantic

take together. With a plethora of

dreams a reality, but for many of us,

vacation planning websites out there,

these types of vacations are illusive at

many couples may try to plan their

best. When the budget does not allow

honeymoon on their own, especially

for a million dollar villa, there are

when budget is a consideration.

Are you a couple who likes small, inti­m ate

many other ways to create an equally

However, if you want to plan the

hotels where the staff greets you by name

memorable honeymoon experience.

perfect getaway that gives you

after just one day?

Setting a budget is definitely key,

the atmosphere and inclusions you

Hotel De Crillon in Paris.

Would you like a high-energy honeymoon with many choices of activ­i t­ ies, or would you pre­fer a quiet, relax­i ng getaway?



Is it impor­tant to get to your des­ti­na­tion

fun with an inclusive package, which

as quickly as pos­si­ble, mean­ing a short

provides all of your meals, drinks, and

flight and a quick ride from your

entertainment. Unless you want to

air­p ort to the resort?

pick up a souvenir or two, you would

Would you be inter­ested in new cul­t ural expe­ri­ences, or do you pre­fer the com­forts of staying in the USA? For those who prefer to stay stateside, a cozy cabin with a view of the Great Smoky Mountains is a wonderful choice. You can pack leftovers from your reception and a few good DVDs, and have a quiet, relaxing honeymoon for under $200 per night. Most cabins come complete with a gas grill, and some have a private hot tub on an enclosed porch.

only need a supply of small bills for miscellaneous tipping. If you and your fiance are having a hard time narrowing your options down to one specific island in the Caribbean or country in Europe to call your honeymoon destination, why not choose to cruise? Whether your dream honeymoon consists of visiting a tropical or exotic destination, dining casually or in gourmet restaurants, or enjoying activity-filled or relaxing days, you will find a variety of cruise lines

the ship and enjoy treatments at the ship’s spa. Evenings on a cruise can be

Are you looking for an island retreat?

and ships to choose from. When the

Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican

ship pulls into a port of call, you can

Republic are all just a short flight

choose to participate in any type of

away and will offer the best value in

excursion ranging from historical

For the adventure seeking

the islands. For around $3000 total,

tours to adventures such as water

honeymooners, why not consider

you two can enjoy a week of sun and

sports or hiking, or you can stay on

a trip to Costa Rica? Here, you can

as diverse as the day due to a variety of dining and entertainment options.

explore the Arenal Volcano, soak in the Tabacon Hot Springs, deep sea fish for marlin, and hike the nature trails of the Monteverde Cloud Forest. A week of adventure would most likely top out at around $4,000 total, including airfare. No matter what kind of vacation is uniquely “you” as a couple, it is wonderful just to get the time away to relax and relish the fact that you are finally betrothed. You get to spend the rest of your lives together, and creating the perfect honeymoon will be “the icing on the cake” (even without a butler!). Melissa’s true passion is helping couples of all ages find the getaway of their dreams. When she is not planning escapes for others with Travelbugs, she enjoys hanging out with her kids, reading and gardening.

Bottom: Jennifer Prince

Top: S. Carter Studios


everyday Wedding

Anna & Michael With do-it-yourself detailing to its fullest, Anna and Michaelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wedding just exudes a sense of classic timelessness. From the bouquets and boutonnieres to facets such as the flower girl basket and lanterns carried by the bridesmaids, the softness of the color palette blends perfectly with the stunning backdrop of aged brick for this outdoor weddingâ&#x20AC;Ś what a perfect setting for this beautifully told love story. We wanted a small, intimate garden wedding with vintage handmade elements. I started planning my wedding a mere two months before, so I made invitations and programs myself and took it from there. The bouquet and corsages were made from scraps of fabric; it took a lot of time, but the overall cost was less than $30! I found wholesale lanterns online, which went great in the garden in the evening. I did all the planning and execution myself, which was time consuming but really so gratifying. ~Anna

Photography: Sincerely, Liz: Photography

Venue: Edgar Allen Poe Museum 72

everyday Wedding


ENSURING HAPPILY EVER AFTER helpful tips before saying “I do”

Marriage. To put it simply, it is the most important commitment into which most couples will ever enter, and the most fulfilling! While brides-to-be may spend a year or more planning a wedding, couples rarely examine the basics of their day-to-day relationship to increase the likelihood of a long and happy marriage. In acknowledging this reality, it behooves couples to prepare for matrimony in a logical and analytical manner. FINANCES In today’s world, many things are based upon one’s credit score. Couples should seek full financial disclosure from one another as money issues are cited as the number one stress on marriage (and unfortunately a leading cause of dissolved marriages). Be sure to share and discuss financial statements and obligations such as credit card debt, education, car loans and mortgage obligations. It is important to be up front with each other and answer a few key questions. What is each party’s net worth? What philosophy does the couple have with respect to savings and investments? How will monthly expenses be handled? Who will pay the bills? At the time of marriage, a low credit score will have the greatest negative impact upon a couple’s finances. A less than ideal score can lead to higher interest rates on credit cards, loans and mortgages. Insurance rates are also impacted by “insurance credit scores”. If you think violations and accidents increase your rates, wait and see how a low insurance score will impact your premium! Don’t let your marriage become a statistic; resolve credit issues before saying “I do”. INSURANCE Over the last ten years, the Internet has changed the way people shop for Photo by Colling Photography


goods and services, and insurance is


Photo by Jeffrey C. Gleason

is different, and an attorney who specializes in these matters can help you analyze your particular situation and create documents that assure the family wealth will be distributed according to your wishes and estate taxes minimized. Not all brides are in their twenties, and many are getting married for the second or third time. Some couples may find that a pre-nuptial agreement and/ or additional estate tax planning are necessary. With blended families, one may also need to provide for children from previous relationships, disabled siblings, and aging parents. WEDDING INSURANCE With the weather travesties in recent years, many couples have had to switch dates, locations, and venues... all unexpectedly and on short notice, but weather is not the only concern. No matter how carefully you plan, the foundation of a family’s financial

What are the consequences if the

there are many things that can go

future. In my humble opinion, it

judgment against you exceeds your

wrong – things beyond your control.

has not necessarily changed it for

policy limits? Become familiar with

What if the reception venue goes

the better. A number of companies

the claim reporting process and

out of business? Transportation

would have the public believe that

settlement procedures. Whether it

is shut down? Your dress or tux is

important financial decisions can be

is auto, renters, home, life or

lost or damaged? Rings are lost, or

made in less than fifteen minutes by

anything in between, your local

photos or gifts damaged? The bride

going online or having a conversation

agent is available to discuss options

or groom is unexpectedly called to

with a redhead, a lizard, or an

and solutions!

active duty or leave is revoked? Your

elephant! Those characters aren’t so

venue requires liability insurance? Life insurance is truly the best way

All of these scenarios can be covered

to show your spouse that you love

by affordable wedding insurance so

them. Life insurance leaves nothing

that you can rest easy. No matter

to chance as it is for the living. Life

what, you will have the peace of mind

Rarely is anyone eager to talk about

insurance protects your loved ones

that you are investing in an entire

insurance, except when a catastrophe

from loss of income and financial

wedding and not just a particular

strikes. Then everyone is asking

catastrophe, and it can also pay for

date if something unforeseen

“where’s the check” and “how come

final expenses. Although it may not

happens... so that you can indeed get

there isn’t more”? Not everything in

be the most popular topic in the

married and start working on your

life is available on a website’s drop

season of planning a wedding,

“happily ever after”.

down menu. Do your homework

it certainly is one that deserves

and contact the Bureau of Insurance

some thought.

endearing when you find yourself under-insured, and your savings is at risk.

for a free consumer guide. Whether purchasing on or offline, understand the coverage limits you have selected and how the deductible works.

WILLS, POWER OF ATTORNEY, AND ADVANCE MEDICAL DIRECTIVES These three are also keys to a good night’s sleep. Each couple’s situation


Hailing from VA Tech, Al Baughman is the owner of Baughman & Associates, LLC. When he is not helping couples of all ages and stages with insurance needs, he enjoys hunting and serving the community.


455 Lonesome Dove Trail Lexington, VA 24550

77 photo: Stone Blue Productions


As a couple, one of the fun things is setting up house together, but knowing where to begin can be overwhelming, especially when all of the wedding planning takes precedence. We decided to take some pertinent questions to Moyanne Harding, of Interiors by Moyanne on Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg, to take some of the guesswork out


for those establishing or even blending households.


When did you first know you were interested in interior design, and what steps did you take to get where you are today?

Many individuals are established in

should spend a little more on these

their homes and vocations when they get

and buy good quality because they

married. How does a couple go about the

will last for years. When a sofa or

process of blending two styles into one?

chair becomes worn or you want to

I knew as a child that I was interested

Very carefully! Blending styles and

in design and furniture. I’d rather

making design compromises can

dress up a room than a doll. I would

be a daunting and emotional task

rearrange the furniture in my

for newly married couples because

bedroom over and over again, and I

style is a personal expression. Who

never tired of exploring the problem

each is individually and also as part

solving aspect of it all. At Randolph-

of a couple needs to be reflected in

Macon Woman’s College, I considered

the design so that both feel at home

pre-med but kept gravitating to art

in the space. Engaging the help

and design classes. In my studio arts

of a designer can make this a fun

classes, I always chose room scenes

experience for the couple because a

for project assignments or would

designer is a neutral voice and can

sketch a bed or furniture for my still

weave styles together for a pleasing

scene subjects. I knew this is what

design, and no feelings get hurt.

I loved to do… make things better, prettier, more pleasing for people. I


graduated with a major in studio art,

and I was off and running with strong intuition for design and a good

really get your money’s worth. You can have slipcovers made and change them by season to really keep things fresh and fun.


After a long day, where is your “must go to” spot in the house, and what is it about that space that makes it appealing for you when you need to relax? My big chair and ottoman by the fireplace is my spot at home for relaxing and unwinding. I filled this room with pieces that I love, so I can get lost in it after a long day. Seeing

trends that a newlywed couple may want

the things that you love is pleasing

to incorporate into their decor?

to the senses and helps to create

education. I worked hard to educate

and aromatic diffusers throughout

myself in the field as both designer

the home are easy pieces to


you have to do is recover them. You

Can you describe one of your favorite

Fresh cut flowers, fragrant candles,

and business owner.

refresh the style of your room, all

incorporate into the design plan. They really enhance the home


What goals should a couple try to achieve

environment by stimulating the

in their home when they look at the

senses and make it warm and

big picture?

welcoming, not to mention romantic

Comfort coupled with a nice design plan and style that reflects your personalities should be the goal. Your home is your escape from the world. It’s where you retreat, relax


and inviting for a newlywed couple.

melt into. What is one thing that you remember from your wedding day? What I remember most is the excitement of friends and family around me to experience the joyous moment. It was wonderful.

When couples are on a budget, what are the pieces that they should consider spending more on so that they can get the most out of their pieces in years to come?

and recharge and it needs to welcome you each and every day with pleasing

A higher quality sofa and nicely made

design and pieces that you love.

pair of club chairs are great starter pieces for a couple to invest in. You


a home sanctuary that you can

In addition to residences, Moyanne also designs for businesses, including local venue, The Trivium, whose Children’s Room is pictured here.


What are some home essentials that you feel a couple needs when they are first starting out, especially if they do not have the means to fully stock their home? A good mattress, soft sheets, and fluffy down pillows are all essential pieces for a couple... especially one making a home together for the first time. These are things that you should invest a little more in, and perhaps forgo a big TV or other large purchases until you are more established. Also, other things to spend a little more on are a quality sofa, plush bath towels, and nice smelling European soaps... these are all things that help couples relax and indulge in their home oasis together.

Photo by Allegraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Studio


VENDOR GUIDE the bride’s guide to have and to hold PUBLISHER/EDITOR Jennifer L Prince

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