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Regain your freedom Do you schedule your life around trips to the bathroom? Don’t suffer in silence. Centra physical therapists are trained in pelvic health and specialize in the evaluation and treatment of problems caused by pelvic floor disorders. Therapists provide holistic care, individualized programs and private, one-on-one treatment sessions. Common conditions we treat include:

Call to schedule a confidential consultation 434.200.6623 Centra Specialists:

• Bladder and bowel incontinence • Overactive bladder • Post-partum injury after childbirth • Pelvic organ prolapse With accurate diagnosis and treatment, most can find relief. In many cases, physician referral is not required. Treatment of incontinence and pelvic pain is also available for men. Visit our website for more information.


Pictured left to right: Brandy H. Wilson, PT, DPT Kelsey Wood, PT, DPT


SMILE AS A FAMILY Actual patient, Zaida and her sister

Your smile is your best asset At Central Virginia Orthodontics, we are dedicated to helping people of all ages achieve their perfect smile with the best care in a relaxing atmosphere. State-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques ensure that each member of your family receives exceptional care.

Dr. Eric Baugher | Dr. Jennifer Claiborne

434.385.GRIN (4746) | 7802 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg


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owner and editor, and I started

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clutch in 2012 as a way to inspire

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This issue is all about winter

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homes, entertaining, serving

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the community and even a little

Kitchen Refacing


nudge to make some positive


changes in 2017.

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So as the days get cooler, grab your favorite beverage (tea, maybe?)

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inside this issue COMMUNITY DESIGNING FOR A PURPOSE a home decorated for a cause CLUTCH GOES CULINARY the perfect cup of tea




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GROWING READERS winter projects for kids PET PONDERINGS




MY OMBRE LIFE defining love

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24, 25






letters to write this year

We definitely live in a day and age when


Write a thank you card (for a gift, an act of kindness, an encouraging word.)

communication between friends is often reduced to text messages and social media


Compose a letter to your grandparent, aunt, or old

interactions. Sometimes the small act of mailing

family friend who isn’t on social media. Tell them

a note or card can be a breath of fresh air and a

about your life and ask about theirs.

welcome reprieve from the deluge of bills and


junk mail that fill our mailboxes.

child’s, one from your past, or your neighbor who spends her days teaching at the local school.

If you are looking for a simple, doable resolution that will enrich your life and those around you,


consider committing to writing one letter per month this year. It’s an easy way to encourage others while thinking creatively and creating a

Send a letter to a teacher. It can be one of yours, your

Pen a letter to your childhood friend or college roommate.


Write a letter to someone in your life younger than you. Pass on words of encouragement or wisdom, or

keepsake. Don’t know where to start? Here is a

offer plain old moral support.

list of twelve letters to write this year.


Draft a letter to your niece, nephew or a friend’s child. Kids love mail. You will make their week!

Joy Niehaus is a freelance writer and free time creative. She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and daughters.


Write to someone who just moved away from home (college dorm, young professional). If you want to really make their day, slip in a five dollar bill so they can splurge on ice cream or a cup of coffee.


Mail a birthday card to some one you follow on Facebook.


Send a card congratulating someone. Whether it’s for a new job, new baby, anniversary, or just simply for rocking at life!

10 Compose a letter to your best friend or significant other. Tell them all the reasons you think they are amazing and why are thankful for them.

11 Draft your mom or dad a letter and tell them about your favorite memory with them.

12 Pen a letter to yourself - past or future. These suggestions should get you started in encouraging twelve (or more!) different people during 2017. Feel free to share photos of your letters using #clutchinspires, and we hope you inspire others through sending snailmail this year!

Photo by Kristin Dunker


it’s you. it’s me.

LYNCHBURG: Thomas Jefferson Crossings 434.237.6301 ROANOKE: 419 at Colonial 540.342.2991 • Valley View Mall 540.362.3779 7

DESIGNING FOR A PURPOSE Central Virginia Design House 2016 There are many creative ways to

also are required to give lighting

support organizations and raise funds,

(as in which lights are turned on

and one group is doing just that in our

and off,) maintenance and cleaning

community – inspiring others with

instructions so that their rooms can

lovely decor ideas while also helping

be adequately maintained during the

out a cause, the YWCA of Central

multi-week tour. Once the tour closes,

Virginia. Now in its second year, the

each designer returns the space to a

Central Virginia Design House offers

usable condition, cleaned and free of

many opportunities to get involved,

holes in the walls.

both for patrons to purchase tickets to

Twelve designers are involved this

the home and for designers to donate

year, and we asked a few of them for

their time, talent and services for this

their decorating advice along with

worthy cause.

insider information about their

Although most of the community

favorite upcoming trends. In addition

will only view the finished product,

to being knowledgeable and talented,

the process for designers starts three

this group of professionals is inspired

months before the house opens.

to do good in their community. Their

Local designers are invited to tour

investment is truly a labor of love.

the “as is” house. If they decide to


participate, they fill out an application while sharing their vision for any particular rooms they are interested in decorating. The Design House’s Steering Committee assigns each designer a room (or rooms in some cases,) and then the real work begins.

A beautiful window anchors the upstairs den of the home, which will be curated by Betsy Burton of Burton Designs using a mid-century modern style. Betsy is looking forward to tackling this design as each of her projects poses unique challenges, and

Each designer submits an inspiration

she also enjoys giving back to her

board for his or her room, which is


then approved by the committee. Designers also sign an agreement and adhere to a strict timeline to ensure that all work is completed in time. Details such as a complete inventory of items in the space along with crediting each vendor and source for paint colors, furnishings and accessories are vital. Designers 8

When asked about her design aesthetic, Betsy says, “What I love is taking clients’ favorite pieces and reusing them…adding a few new pieces to make it feel like them.” One of her main jobs is to move people into retirement homes, however she also produces home accessories and decorates individual houses.

2015 Foyer by Mahone’s Decorating Center


2015 Dining Room by Betsy Burton of Burton Designs

MADI GREER AND ASHLEY HILBISH Sister design duo, Madi Greer and Ashley Hilbish of Curtains, Blinds & Bath are responsible for designing the

2015 Front Parlor by Elizabeth Harrington of Studio H Home

office. Although Madi prefers midcentury modern and Ashley’s aesthetic is rustic industrial, this pair will combine forces to create a space that is functional, yet beautiful. “When someone is comfortable, they work better, so tailoring your office to your personality is key,” explains Madi. These ladies chose the office to show that a space can be both beautiful and useful. Madi offers, “Since the office is a room where function is of utmost importance, people often think that means an office has to be filled with oversized, drab, box store furniture, but an office can be functional and still reflect one’s personality beautifully.” Ashley and Madi suggest approaching your office decor with the reason you have an office in the first place - as a workspace. “Find a great desk, and 2015 Front Parlor by Elizabeth Harrington of Studio H Home

organize your room around it, then throw in your personality through the use of artwork, shelving and accessories,” advises Madi. This pair is excited for the return of art-deco and mid-century era trends. They also predict that lucite will continue to be big. Madi says, “From lamps to benches to stools and more, lucite is coming in hot, and we can’t wait!” ELIZABETH HARRINGTON Studio H Home’s owner, Elizabeth Harrington, prefers a classic, understated style of decorating, which includes adding carefully curated accessories and art. She is responsible for the home’s upstairs and downstairs foyers, and Elizabeth knows these spaces needs to be functional. “I would recommend a console, small table or chest for the foyer – preferably with a mirror hung over



VISITING THE DESIGN HOUSE This year’s house is located at 1418 Harrison Street near downtown Lynchburg in the Diamond Hill Historic District. For tickets and more information about the Central Virginia Design House, please head to November 12 - December 4 Thursday | Friday | Saturday- 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday - 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Closed to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays Special Events 11/15 - Paint and Sip 11/20 - Mother-Daughter Tea 11/30 - Fashion Show and Luncheon Admission Price $20 one-time | $35 multi-visit

2015 Breakfast Nook by Kelly Mortemosque


it. It’s the perfect place to drop off

and finish our day, so it’s a special place

mail in a bowl or basket, leave a set of

to unwind and retreat from the rest of

keys, and to check hair and makeup

the house,” she states.

before going out the door,” Elizabeth

The modern bohemian look is one of

suggests. Her favorite 2017 trend?

Kelly’s favorite upcoming trends, and

a team of people to turn it into

Gray hardwood floors, which are

she also appreciates the regal look of

something beautiful. The process

an updated take on the traditional

jewel tones and indigos.

takes time and care, much like the

flooring palette.

purpose of the benefitting charity, the


A design house is about transformation - taking something in the rough that needs work and TLC and employing

YWCA of Central Virginia. The YWCA provides a safe haven for women who are seeking to rebuild their own lives, which also takes time, care and funds. By visiting the Central Virginia Design House, you will be inundated with fresh design ideas and inspiration while also helping our local YWCA transform lives. The YWCA process from start

BRI PRECIOUS Although new to the design house this

Enamored by both the light in the

year, Bri Precious isn’t a newcomer

master bedroom and the lovely

on the design scene with her well

windows, Fresh Interiors designer

known shop, Studio Eleven, LLC. Bri

Kelly Mortemousque chose that room

enjoys using a variety of colors (she

to design. One of her favorite ways to

doesn’t shy away from them!) and her

decorate is to combine older pieces

aesthetic is a mix between Bohemian

with modern touches to create an

and Farmhouse Chic.

interesting look.

Her concept for the back room of

to finish is the perfect parallel for our

Kelly always focuses on a rug or piece

the 2016 Design House is to create

Design House. We hope that you will

of art as her starting point for designing

a potting and craft room. “With the

choose to visit the home, be inspired

a room, and she feels that the bedroom

rest of the house having more formal

and help others this season.

is an important personal space. “We

rooms, this would be a space to relax,

may not spend a lot of time in our day

craft, paint and enjoy potting flowers

there, but bedrooms are where we start

for the beautiful landscape,” Bri


community explains. The room is off the porch, so

sure to have a professional install your

it’s the perfect location for a space that

wallpaper so it is done properly and

blends the outdoors with the indoors.

looks amazing!”

For the future, Bri looks forward to

Christa is drawn to nature, pastel

experimenting with vibrant colors

pops and neutrals in her designs. Her

mixed with natural materials.

favorite design trend is cork, which

Repurposed furniture continues to be

can even be used on your wall. Christa

a hot trend, which she says makes her

says, “When you can take such a

very happy.

beautiful natural element and turn


it into a wallcovering, it brings the

Bathrooms also deserve attention as

entire space to life.”

you will see from the room decorated


by Christa Shive of Mahone’s Decorating Center. “The guest bath is the one place in any home where guests can pause, relax and fully absorb their surroundings,” Christa says. Bathrooms should be simple and

Although known for her fashion sense, Renee Wood of Gladiola Girls recently expanded her store to include a Lifestyle Boutique. Taking trend knowledge from the hanger to the

elegant while having aesthetically

living space just makes sense!

pleasing colors, textures and scents.

Renee enjoys an eclectic decorating

Mahone’s is known for their wallpaper

style, and she is styling the dressing

expertise, and Christa offers, “When

room for this year’s house. She offers,

putting wallpaper in a bathroom,

“Beginning your day with the right

make sure that the bathroom is

apparel makes a world of difference

well ventilated to ensure proper

beyond the front door.”

preservation of the wallpaper. Also be

2016 CENTRAL VIRGINIA 2015 Breakfast Nook by Kelly Mortemosque

DESIGN HOUSE DESIGNERS Betsy Burton Burton Designs LLC 434-316-3690 Troy Deacon High Cotton 434-221-6294 Mady Greer & Ashley Hilbish Curtains, Blinds & Bath Moyanne Harding Interiors by Moyanne Chris Hargis Pinnacle Cabinetry & Design Elizabeth Harrington Studio H Home Scott MacLeod Lynchburg Landscapes Kelly Mortemousque Fresh Interiors 434-258-2553 Bri Precious Studio Eleven LLC Christa Shive Mahone’s Decorating Center Renee Wood Gladiola Lifestyle Boutique

To read more about the YWCA of Central Virginia head to

Photos by Tera Janelle Photography

Jennifer Prince’s 1922 home is decorated in an eclectic style using vintage and thrift shop items. She has enjoyed serving on the Marketing Committee for the 2016 Design House.

Clutch Goes Culinary the perfect cup of tea

Colder weather is here, and what better way to warm up than a cup of tea? Whether you need to enjoy the drink on the go or want to stay home and savor it sip by sip, there is a way to get that perfect cup - and much of it relies on temperature and steeping time. We consulted the ladies of Good Karma Tea Co. to give us the skinny on brewing perfection.

Tea is a natural, healthy way to cure some ailments as it is naturally packed with antioxidants and cancer fighting agents. The lighter the tea (black being the darkest, then green, then white) the more antioxidants it contains.



The perfect cup of tea starts with the water. Start with cold, fresh water using an electric or stove top kettle. Water temperature is important as not all teas steep their best at boiling.

To make your own perfect cup of tea you will need:

While you are waiting on your water to heat, prepare your tea with the ratio of 1 tsp to 8 ounces of water. If you are using a standard 12oz cup, we

• Loose Leaf Tea

recommend using 2 tsp of tea. There are several options for loose leaf tea

• Water

strainers and steepers. The most common is the mesh tea ball, but we prefer a

• Kettle

couple different methods including an in-cup infuser or an infuser pot. Both of these have baskets that allow the leaves of the tea to fully open during

• Tea pot or cup with infuser

steep time. Other options are a French press, an easy steeper, or even a simple

• Teaspoon

reusable cotton steep bag,

• Timer

It’s now time to infuse your water. Pour the water over the loose tea in your cup or pot. When it comes to selecting your cup, we love porcelain. Because porcelain is not porous, your tea will stay hot longer. A close second for us is glass. We love finding vintage cups at the estate and antique stores around town. Steep time is just as important as the water temperature. Timing the tea is important, because the recommended steep time is when the tea is at its peak taste. Over steeping makes for a bitter cup of tea. When your tea is ready, enjoy! Add a spoonful of honey or a slice of lemon (extra vitamin C) with black teas, and try your green tea naked before you add anything to it. Green tea is widely known for its antioxidant benefits, so enjoying every sip without adding a sweetener puts you ahead on health-conscious living. Chai tea is traditionally consumed with milk and honey, and I hear that some of our black tea blends are delicious with a shot of whisky as a nightcap.

There’s more to tea than just tea leaves! Here are a few ingredients commonly added to tea that may help with specific ailments. • Hibiscus Flower - lowers blood pressure • Chamomile - soothes frazzled nerves • Calendula - relieves inflammation (which often happens in the body during times of stress) • Dandelion Root - detoxes



• Green

175 degrees

• Green

3 to 4 minutes

• Oolong

185 degrees

• Oolong

4 minutes

• Black

208 degrees

• Black

5 to 7 minutes

• Herbal

208 degrees

• Herbal

up to 10 minutes

• Rooibos (red tea)

212 degrees

• Rooibos (red tea)

can be left to steep indefinitely in the cup

The ladies of Good Karma Tea Co. blend their own teas. Most of them are herbal, which they blend specifically for health benefits. Here are a few favorites:

Before you add anything to

• Mellow Mood - mellows without sleepiness

your tea, be sure to taste it. A properly prepared cup may

• Fine & Dandy - detoxes the body (also a great coffee substitute!)

persuade you to enjoy your tea

• Tummy Tonic - soothes upset tummies

unadulterated. If you want to

• Dreamcatcher - aids in sleeping

pep it up a bit here are some common things to add:

They also have a few locally inspired blends such as:

• Milk

• 7 Hills Chai

• Honey

• Annie’s Garden - 10% of proceeds goes towards Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum

• Sugar • Agave

• Poplar Grove - 10% of the proceeds go to conservation of Virginia forests

• Lemon or orange slices

• White Hart - inspired by a favorite local coffee shop

Want specially blended tea from the experts? Head over to see Cameo and Lyndsey! Good Karma Tea Co. 901 Jefferson Street, Suite 110, Lynchburg Inside of Riverviews Artspace W-Sa 12pm-6pm, Su 11am-4pm Photos by Melissa Batman Photography

who's on your list? / open daily 4925 Boonsboro Road, Lynchburg / (434) 944-4233 16


WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE my hero, Marion When my daughter was in kindergarten, I started a Girl Scout Daisy troop. After “basic” training, I would attend monthly service unit meetings. There I met other, more experienced leaders, learned about new resources that were available, and Marion, outside of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia, where she volunteers her time

collected suggestions for activities with my troop. That’s where I met Marion Stump.

Photo by Melissa Batman Photography

Marion was older than I, but she always seemed to have two troops of girls who

about what keeps her going. “I just

(elementary in Lynchburg, VA),”

were into everything. They went places,

love the little girls,” Marion said. “I

Marion said. Shortly after, she started

did cool things, and seemed to really

just love to see them bloom and grow.”

a Junior troop. Once her Juniors

enjoy being Girl Scouts.

Marion herself started in Girl Scouts

move to the next level in Girl Scouts

I had some struggles with my troop,

in second grade – her mom was the

(Cadettes), Marion starts another

trying to come up with new ideas for

leader. Marion’s troop was the first

Brownie troop. “I don’t go higher than

crafts, trips, badges, and ways to keep

troop in her town to stay in Girl

Juniors because God didn’t give me

them engaged. My troop ballooned up

Scouts all the way through 12th grade.

the ability to work with teenagers,”

to 25, then shrank back down to eight.

Statistically, most girls drop out of

Marion admitted.

Many times I wanted to quit. Many

scouts in middle school.

Even in her “golden” years, Marion

times my husband talked me out of

When Marion’s older daughter Katie

continues to work with two troops

it. “These girls will remember you,”

was in first grade in 1988, Marion

because she thinks it’s so important.

he said. “Give it one more year,” he

started a troop. Some years she was

“If it can make a difference for just one

repeated year after year.

the leader; some years she was the

kid,” she said, “it’s all worth it. It’s fun.”

And every month, I saw Marion, still

co-leader. When her younger daughter,

One thing Marion loves to do is take

with two troops, leading Super Service

Jennifer, entered school, Marion

her girls to Virginia Beach, which she

Day (a morning filled with service

got her into scouts, too. After Katie

has done several times. The girls go

projects for other organizations,)

dropped out of scouts, Marion moved

to a nearby swamp to look at the flora

showing off her girls’ various projects

up with Jennifer’s troop. “And then I

and fauna, go to the aquarium, and

or trips. Every summer, I saw her

just really enjoyed doing things with

pick up shells along the beach. “One

working with 24 second-graders in the

the older girls,” Marion said. “We went

of my girls said she had never stayed

stifling heat and humidity for a week

on some amazing trips. We went

in a hotel, never been on a boat, and

at Camp Sacajawea.

to Pennsylvania Dutch country and

never been in the ocean,” Marion said.

stayed on a Mennonite farm and I got

When asked when she might retire,

to milk a cow,” she said, “which was a

she responded, “Well, never.”

I figured, if Marion could keep doing it, so could I. Then my daughter and most of “my” girls graduated from

dream of mine.”

high school. So, six years ago, after

When Jennifer’s troop graduated from

serving 13 years as a leader, I stopped.

high school, Marion started a new

Marion didn’t. Both her daughters are

Brownie troop. “I wanted an inner city

grown, but she’s still a leader, still has

troop, so I started one at Dearington

two troops. I talked to her recently

Deirdre Serio has written for newspapers, non-profits, and her present “day job” as a technical writer. She loves the great outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking.

Living Beautifully ENTERTAINING TIPS For me, life is all about choosing to

My guests are served lunch on my

live beautifully in every way possible.

100-year-old china!

I say choose, because it is a choice. In a world filled with demands, it can be a daily struggle to find moments of beauty and serenity.

Sapeaking of guests, entertaining is an integral part of what I consider living beautifully. Invite friends over and chat about art, books you’ve read, movies

I personally made this choice many

you’ve seen, local events or places

years ago while living in DC. After a

you’ve visited. It’s important that we

grueling time at work followed by a

enhance each other’s lives and share

“day off” full of chores, I determined

beauty. We are all special and unique

that I was going to spend my next

with our own set of gifts; start sharing

day off exploring the streets of

them with others and watch your

my beautiful city! I realized I was

world forever open up!

spending all my time working - at work and home. On my next day off, I took myself out to lunch and explored a nearby garden and house museum. It made me feel more alive, and it was at that moment I realized I could help others to feel the same. Finding a hobby you can dive into - whether it’s collecting antiques, teaching yourself to paint or unplugging by visiting a new town - can fill you with joy, reduce stress and help you live a fuller and longer life. In addition to exploring, I enjoy collecting antiques – especially Japanese china after my aunt gave me a few heirloom pieces – and also filling my walls with local art. Surround yourself with things that inspire you every day, and don’t be afraid to use what you have. 18

Jaclyn Meadows is a local writer, artist and traveler with an enthusiasm for living life beautifully! Follow her journeys on Instagram @twiggyjacqua and her blog at

home ENTERTAINING TIPS Holiday entertaining is one of my favorite things...ok, actually any entertaining will do! Although sometimes the task of having friends and family over can seem daunting, there are a few ways to make sure everything goes smoothly. Now is the time to put everything in place to ensure your guests are coming back year after year. 1.

Start with a theme. Gain inspiration for a theme from a floral pattern, a

piece of art or the color palette already present in your home. Be sure to send out invitations - even if it’s just a Facebook event where your guests can easily reference the details. 2.

Establish your place settings. Delightful china can set the tone, and for large

groups, it’s especially helpful if your china is dishwasher safe. Add a festive charger underneath plates and bring out your cloth napkins to create more beauty and add depth to the look. Holiday “crackers” add elements of fun, and opening them can serve as an icebreaker - not to mention that crackers are a nice mini favor. Place two types of glasses at each place setting - a wine glass and a water glass. 3.

Decorate your table. Dress the tabletop with a gorgeous runner, unique salt

and pepper shakers, fresh flowers (or a poinsettia) and candles to add a warm glow. 4.

Add flair to the rest of your space. Look around your house or apartment,

anywhere guests are likely to wander. Add wreaths to interior doors, hang mistletoe in conspicuous spots, and look for opportunities to add cheerful, unexpected elements throughout your home. Your holiday décor should complement the rest of your living space while making things feel festive. 5.

Don’t forget candles! Candles are a wonderful way to create a warm, inviting

space full of scent and ambiance. For safety, keep your candles in hurricanes or lanterns. A quick tip for holders: buy candles that are half the size of the holder you are using, as the flame should dance in the center of the hurricane, not above it. When it comes to scent, choose ones that speak to your personality or event… vanilla is perfect for a party that ends in dessert, while soft pine and peppermint fragrances evoke the scents of the holidays. Unscented candles create warmth if you have guests with sensitive noses. 6.

Create flow in your space. Encourage mingling by placing gathering spaces

throughout your space. Place drinks in one spot and cheese boards in another to get guests mixing and conversing.

MORE FUN TIPS >>> Keep the conversation going by introducing guests to each other. Find a commonality among them and highlight it to get conversations started. As the hostess, be sure to mingle to refresh the mood. Compliment your guests, as it’s also a night for them to shine! >>> Shop for all of your festivities at local art, specialty goods and antique stores. Remember to support your neighborhood businesses all throughout the year. >>> Don’t forget your own party look! Fresh curls, soft makeup, a festive vintage party dress (paired with a cardigan!) and a shiny, antique brooch create a fun look. Add a pair of charismatic heels to look great from head to toe. >>> Need a hostess gift? Everyone always brings wine to parties, but don’t overlook Egg Nog and Irish Cream. These flavors of the season are always welcome.

Photo by Liz Cook Photography



defining your living space In my 23 short years, I have

with Sarah Rash, the lead designer with

who just lost a parent, so you have to

accumulated treasures that define my

Carilion’s Design Group. Professionally,

have some sensitivity to the variety of

living space. From tapestries picked

I was there to learn about how they

environments you’re designing.”

up in Charleston to books and photo

create healing spaces for patients,

Whether a visitor to the hospital

albums that clutter my shelves, the

families and providers. Personally, I

experiences grief or sorrow, though,

staples have stayed with me. Like other

had some ulterior motives. I figured I

an interior space can become a little

weekend warriors, I take ownership in

could pick up some insightful tips on

oasis. Sarah continued, “There are

decorating my home and value having

how to manage my new space from a

universal things that we all relate to.

a space that fits my personality.

professional designer.

Evidence-based design has indicated

Over the past year, however, my family

After talking with Sarah for less than

that the return to nature is what

has grown by three. My fiancé, Jed; my

five minutes, it was evident that her

resonates most with the human spirit.

Australian shepherd, Layla; and my

job designing for Carilion’s one million

One of our priorities is bringing

hedgehog, Harold have all moved in.

plus patients was a loaded one. It was

nature into the hospital through

What used to be a space used by one

clear she had lessons that everyone can

natural lighting, bringing in plants,

became home to many, and it has

apply to their own healing zone.

anything that we can.”

been an adjustment defining where

“I was walking through Carilion

It was interesting that her team

communal areas end and my own

Roanoke Memorial Hospital the

equates calmness and serenity

space begins.

other day,” said Sarah, “and it just

with nature, even in such a clinical

As part of the communications

dawned on me on how it’s full of joy

environment. No matter the

department at Carilion Clinic, I

and sorrow at the same time. There

demographic, natural is the preferred

recently had the opportunity to speak

might be a newborn baby or someone

aesthetic, which led me to think back


home to my home. While natural lighting

and finding them with the help of my

SOLUTION NO. 3: Redefine expectations

is something I already take advantage

fiancé, would be a fun way to bring new

and figure out what ‘comfort’ means to

of, my lack of private yard space and

personality to a shared space.

you. A designer was telling me that just

greenery is a little shameful.

SOLUTION NO. 2: Embrace art, and do

because I am beginning my life with my

SOLUTION NO. 1: Reclaim spaces with

not be afraid to go local! Search a flea

partner does not mean that I need a full

unexpected greenery. For me that

market or antique shop for some wall-

dining room set or a Martha Stewart-

means a cactus in a hedgehog-shaped

worthy art that has its own story.

worthy kitchen. There is no pressure

planter and some small succulents

Sarah went on to talk about a

potted in my entry way and kitchen.

hodgepodge of topics, including wall

to make my home anything more than comfortably functional based on our own terms. That bit of advice is

Sarah talked about the little things

color, accent pieces and furniture, but

that make a space. Small details like a

it boiled down to one tip. “It’s all about

piece of art can transport people away

comfort,” said Sarah. “In my role, it’s

While I was so focused on defining

from the medical setting. At Carilion,

about maximizing comfort for patients,

spaces, Sarah helped me to realize that

designers focus on local art to embrace

visitors and providers. At a personal

I can embrace the chaos of different

level, my philosophy is that you should

styles and needs, allowing my space to

only buy things that you love. Over

evolve, but still reflect my personality.

the years, we’ve gotten much more

I can incorporate my staple treasures,

casual with interiors. The goal is to

but there is no harm in spicing the

make it as comfortable as your favorite

space up with new, shared accents,

sweatshirt, and if you love a piece, it

redefining my home and haven.

history and make a deeper connection with people from the region. “I’ve seen my own family members walk into a corridor, see a piece of local artwork and get lost in it,” explained Sarah. “That simple experience allows them to escape from whatever is going on in their life. That’s what good design can do.” That resonated with me. I view my home as my own haven of sorts.

will help you to achieve that goal.” In other words, comfort is in, and what that means is ultimately up to you.

timeless, no matter what age you are.

Hannah Cline is a public relations specialist with Carilion Clinic. Out of the office, she loves sprucing up antiques with sandpaper, paint and lots of love.

Finding unique pieces that fit my style,

if Pinterest was a place...

2486 Rivermont Ave 434-238-2930 Between Magnolia Foods & The Corner Restaurant

visit for our class schedule





home We are excited to introduce our new, “DI-Why Not” column written by Laura Watts, owner of Rivermont Makery - a place where you can get creative. Be sure to check them out at!

Terrariums are the perfect seasonal décor items to add cheer any home this winter, and they take only minutes to put together. You don’t have to have a green thumb to turn any glass vessel into your very own winter wonderland. Here’s How: 1

Start with choosing any glass

container that fits your desired space, or style. This could be a mason jar, wide mouth vase, apothecary jar or hurricane globe. 2 Choose your terrarium’s foundation. Arrange artificial sheet moss, collected greenery from the outdoors, air plants or faux snow for the base. (I used Epsom salt and painted pinecones!) 3 Next, add your favorite miniature items like bird nests, bottlebrush trees, miniature houses or animal figurines. You add a favorite ornament (such as this deer) for interest. Photos by Watts Creative


Lastly, dust with fake snow for

that fresh, just fallen feel. Making these this season is a great way to use items you may even already have around the house. Have fun and happy hand-making everyone.

Laura Watts splits her time between instructing, pinning on Pinterest, and watching Netflix with her film making husband and their puppy, Ellie.




During November head to The Corner at Rivermont and other local restaurants for a Pawtini fundraiser for the Lynchburg Humane Society, who receives $2 from each Pawtini!


13 Pop-up Art Market 11am-3pm Visit artists at the Roanoke City Market Building.






Election Day No matter who you favor, be sure to get out and vote!

14 Holiday Hoopla 15 Friday, November 11 5-9pm Bring friends, grab the trolley and explore downtown Lynchburg’s shops and restaurants as they offer specials and activities.







Art Talks 5-6pm Hear from artists at the Academy Center of the Arts.


Festival of Trees 9am-5pm Come see trees at the Bedford Welcome Center through 12/31.

From Venice with Love 7:30-10pm Hear Giada Velenti sing at the Jefferson Center.

Young at Art 10:30-11:15am Expose your preschooler to art at the Taubman.


Green Market Wednesday 10am-2pm Explore the Lynchburg Community Market.



Ladies Musky Meet Up This 4 day event focuses on ladies who love fly fishing in Roanoke.


Rigoletto 3pm Head to EC Glass to see this Opera on the James Production.



Harry and Snowman 7:30-9:30pm See this heartwarming story at the Academy Center.

For more information check out these websites: 2nd: 3rd: 4th:



Art by Night & First Friday Head to downtown Lynchburg and Roanoke to local art galleries.


Vintage Lynchburg 10am-5pm Shop curated antiques and handcrafted items downtown.


Veteran’s Day 10am-4pm Point of Honor is free for all visitors today.

Fall Festival at Amazement Square 10am-2pm Celebrate all things Harry Potter with activities and fun.



All My Sons 7:30pm Head to Randolph College for their fall production.

Broadway’s Next Hit Musical 7:30-9pm Go to the Academy Center for musical improv.





Happy Thanksgiving! Head out to Lynchburg’s Turkey Trot or Roanoke’s Drumstick DASH to burn some calories.

Fashions for Evergreens Vote for your favorite tree at the Hotel Roanoke to help raise funds for The United Way. Ends 1/2

Small Business Saturday Remember to shop at locally owned stores this holiday season!


Photo by Lizzy


Elmwood on Ice 11am-10pm Take the family ice skating at Roanoke’s Elmwood Park.

White Christmas 7:30-9:30pm Get in the spirit with this show at Mill Mountain Theatre.



19 Holiday Market 8am-12pm Head to the Forest Recreation Center for the Forest Farmer’s Market.


Photo by Heather Turner Photography

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4 Christmas Open House 12-4pm Point of Honor will be decorated in Federal era styles.





Festival of Lights 5-9pm Head to Lynchburg’s Riverside Park to view lights until 1/1.


Flames of Memory 6-9pm See this luminary display at the D-Day Memorial.

Festival of Trees 9am-5pm Come see trees at the Bedford Welcome Center through 12/31.



14 Elmwood on Ice 4-9pm Surprise the family with an evening of skating.




Merry Christmas! Enjoy time with family and friends.



2 Dedication of Lights For $10 a luminary with your loved one’s name on it will be lit at the Lynchburg Humane Society.


SATURDAY 3 Mistletoe Market 7am-3pm Head to Lynchburg Community Market for festivities


Holiday Candlelight Tours

Dickens of a Christmas

Holiday Market 8am-12pm

5:30pm Tour Poplar Forest after hours.

6-10pm Have holiday fun including a parade at 7 in downtown Roanoke.

Get produce and artisan goods at the Forest Farmer’s Market.


13 Fashions for Evergreens Vote for your favorite tree at the Hotel Roanoke to help raise funds for The United Way.

Seussical the Musical 7pm It’s a holiday musical at Roanoke Children’s Theatre.

Christmas Lights Display 5:30-10pm Take a ride to the Elks Campus in Bedford.


Head to Dinner 15 and a Movie at the Academy on December 3rd at 7pm. Enjoy culinary delights by Scott Cardwell while you watch White Christmas.

Vinton Christmas Parade 6pm Get in the spirit with this festive event.




The Homecoming 8pm See this holiday play at Renaissance Theatre.

It’s a Wonderful Life 7pm Head to Heritage High for a live radio play.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 9:30am and 12pm See this children’s show at the Academy.






Music of the Holidays 7:30-9:30pm Enjoy holiday favorites at Mill Mountain Theatre.

28 Green Market Wednesdays 10am-2pm

31 Ring in 2017 in style! We wish you a Happy New Year.

Enjoy delights at the Lynchburg Community Market. Photo via English Meadows Elks Home Campus

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1418 Harrison Street, Lynchburg A home tour featuring a collaboration of local designers, contractors, artists and vendors showcasing their interior and landscape design talents to benefit the mission and programs of the YWCA of Central Virginia, including the Domestic Violence Prevention Center.

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The Embellished Life

A MID-CENTURY CHRISTMAS A few years ago, mid-century décor was considered to be the passé design style of our grandparents, yet currently it is one of the most sought after aesthetics. Clean lines, natural woods, art and bold colors define the era. Homeowners Damien and Victoria Bartholomew reside in an American Foursquare house in Lynchburg’s Diamond Hill Historic District. Although their 1919 home was constructed long before mid-century times, this couple chose to use their love of art, line and hue to create a home that mimics the style of the 1950s and 60s. If you are not ready to turn your entire home over to the mid-century style, why not test out a bit of Christmas décor this season by incorporating some key pieces of this trend? Whether you simply display a few pieces or build a theme party around your décor, testing out this style is sure to perk up your holidays.


1. BARWARE You watched MadMen, right? Like it or not, barware was an essential part of mid-century times. Both at the office and as the centerpiece for a cocktail party with friends, glasses with intricate gold designs and elegant decanters were the way to go. Whether you choose to serve cocktails or juices in these lovely containers, you will feel like you’ve stepped into the 1950s with each sip.

3. GOLD From rimmed stemware to industrial shapes, no matter what it is, gold is the way to go. Have thrift shop pieces? Spray paint them gold, and they are sure to blend with mid-century décor. Carefully placed surprise touches of gold – such as antlers and chargers – blend perfectly for a cohesive feel. Or if you prefer…


2. GEOMETRICS One thing you will notice about mid-century design is the carefully curated lines, that make every piece a work of art. From bulky, bold stars to delicate diamond shapes, incorporating striking lines and figures creates just the right feel. Color is important, too, which leads us into…

PS. Don’t forget the pets this holiday season!Whether it’s fur babies or human babies, a mantle filled with adorable stockings makes a hearth seem homey.




5401 Fort Avenue

Valley View Mall

Across from Tanglewood

(434) 239-5900

(540) 563-2070

(540) 774-7004

b blog


4. SILVER In the height of the late 50s and early 60s, you were sure to see homes filled with aluminum trees. Whether you score a vintage one (what a find!) or resort to purchasing a reproduction, these trees add visual interest and do not need many ornaments. If you find a miniature one, you get bonus points!

5. GREENERY If you are short on storage space, adding fresh greenery is the way to go. After all, you don’t have to pack it away every year. Scattering greens through curated items creates an upscale feel – mid-century or not. Pulling pieces from an already established collection – such as milk glass, which predates mid-century but is so timeless – allows your décor to do double duty.

Open for Diamond Hill Historic District’s Christmas House Tour, Jennifer Prince enjoyed perusing the Bartholomew’s home.

7. VINTAGE When all else fails, add in pieces straight out of the era, which isn’t a fail at all! A bottlebrush style vintage

Photos by Liz Cook Photography

wreath in excellent condition adds just the right amount of flair over a fireplace. Search Etsy online, or locally we suggest estate stores, yard sales and your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store – you never know what you will find.



Leave the holiday cleaning to us! windows residential commercial new construction

licensed . bonded . insured (434)846-3641

Give the gift of cleaning!


Holiday Gift Guide OUR 2016 PICKS

Want to WIN one of these items? Join us for our online Clutch Holiday Party on

Trying to check items off your gift list? We have great ideas for you! All of them are from locally owned stores, and we encourage you to shop locally this season.

Tuesday, December 6th from 8:00-9:30pm. Head to

Win these items! Check out for information.

for details!

GROW YOUR DRINK KIT Carefully curated, this set from Gladiola Lifestyle


Available at James T Davis, give your avid DIY

Paired with a thoughtful

friend a can of Good Bones

measuring teaspoon, hand

Chalk Paint along with

blended tea from Good

the accessories to get her

Karma Tea Co. is perfect

(or his!) project started

for your friend who loves

with finesse.

to enjoy a healthy, warm beverage. JOY PILLOW Skillfully handmade by Southern Provisions, this pillow is perfect as a holiday party hostess gift.

Boutique has all you need (except alcohol, which you can add!) to grow herbs necessary for a flavorful drink.

HIS AND HER BATH SETS Rivermont Makery boasts all sorts of relaxing gift items. Treat the couple with everything to something that will help them relax and smell oh so good!

On a bed or couch, this will be warmly welcomed in any home!

Photo by Melissa Batman Photography



Photo by Bryan Hedrick

anything but conventional There are certain experiences that we go into knowing they will be lifechanging: getting married, having a baby, moving, starting a new job, etc. Then there are experiences that we enter into with certain expectations only to have those expectations far surpassed or even disproven. Such was the case with my first-ever comic con experience at the Wizard World convention in Richmond this fall. For those of you who aren’t familiar with comic cons, they are small or large-scale gatherings of fans, vendors,

#1 - Diversity is not only accepted, but also appreciated.

and sometimes even celebrities with

When you first arrive at a convention, it may feel like you’ve entered a

the overarching purpose of celebrating

new dimension populated entirely by comic book characters, celebrity

a wide range of comics, books, movies,

look-a-likes, knights, princesses, orcs, unicorns, aliens, and more; I,

TV shows, video games, and more.

myself, encountered a shockingly convincing T-Rex at Wizard World.

When my husband, Bryan, and I

Such is the beauty of cosplay, an extremely popular convention practice

decided to attend this huge event

which involves dressing up - often with acute attention to detail - like a

to celebrate our third anniversary, I

favorite character, creature, or prop from pop culture. Whether adorned

thought it would be a fun spectacle

in these elaborate costumes or not, comic con attendees are people of

where the extent of our involvement

all ages, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, abilities, beliefs, and political views,

would be people-watching and

and these differences fuel a positive atmosphere and sense of unity.

purchasing some merchandise; after

Imagine meeting someone significantly different from you who loves

all, we are both introverts who tend to

Doctor Who or Harry Potter (or whichever fandom you favor) as much

feel a bit overwhelmed by large crowds.

as you do. What if he or she had a new perspective on your fandom that

Needless to say, I couldn’t have been

enriched your appreciation of that fandom and of life in general? What

more wrong. Read on to find out what

if that person turned out to be a lifelong friend due to a foundation of

I learned from my unconventional

shared interests? Such interactions are commonplace at conventions,

experience and why I think life should

and they should be commonplace everywhere.

be more like a comic con!

In a world where difference is too often seen as threatening and divisive, it would serve us well to remember that we are actually quite similar and that our differences give depth and meaning to our similarities. Whether someone’s differences from you are as noticeable as a costume or are completely undetectable at first sight, the potential for connection is always there.



What’s with the #11?

Where did THAT come from? Those two lines. Right between your eyebrows. When did you get an 11? Now it’s all you see when you look in the mirror. You’ve probably tried dozens of skin creams, lotions and potions, but the reality is they’ll never get rid of those pesky lines.

Enter Botox® Explore the possibilities and schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. You will erase that #11 in no time flat!

Call today to schedule your private consultation, 434.200.4246 | 1330 Oak Lane, Suite 100 | Lynchburg


#2 - People give compliments freely. For some disheartening reason, societal conventions

#3 - Everyone is encouraged to participate.

seem to dictate that we should be stingy when it comes to

It didn’t take long for Bryan and me

complimenting each other. Perhaps we too often buy into the

to figure out that conventions are not

myth that applauding someone else’s success, efforts, or skills

spectator events; everyone is invited

diminishes our own position, that building someone else up necessarily entails lowering ourselves in some way. Or perhaps we don’t want to compliment relative strangers for fear of bothering them.

and encouraged to participate! Wizard World offered interactive panels on such topics as storytelling, self-publishing, improv, celebrating women in comics, and combating cosplay bullying. There were

As I walked around Wizard World in my simple, store-bought

also numerous laptops and consoles for

Pikachu costume (if you didn’t watch Pokémon in the 90s, you

gaming, cosplay contests for adults and

may have recently heard of Pikachu thanks to a little app called

children, free-to-play tabletop games,

“Pokémon GO,”) I received more heartfelt compliments than

minifigure painting stations, and much

I can recall from folks on both ends of the cosplay spectrum:

more. The most exciting thing we did was

from people wearing jeans and t-shirts to people who had

try out virtual reality using the HTC Vive;

clearly spent hours researching, designing, and constructing

it was a surreal, amazing experience! All of

intricately-detailed costumes.

these activities were open to anyone who

I, too, dispensed compliments generously to fellow

was interested in participating, regardless

convention-goers and vendors, and in the midst of all this

of skill level or any other criteria. In

appreciation, it occurred to me that nothing builds us up

our often ultra-competitive society,

more than building up those around us. The more we stop

welcoming and nonjudgmental spaces like

comparing ourselves to others and start appreciating that

this are invaluable to one’s self-esteem

we all shine in our own unique ways, the brighter the whole

and sense of belonging.

picture becomes. As long as our compliments are appropriate and sincere, everyone wins.

16955 Forest Road, Suite G in Forest ~ (434) 455-0093 Su 1pm-6pm, M-Th 7am-9pm F 7am-9:30pm, Sa 8am-9:30pm


serving: specialty coffee roasted in house award winning loose leaf teas Chestnut Hill Bakery baked goods specialty drinks

life #4 - Independent writers, makers, and artists are celebrated and supported. We here at clutch are serious about shopping local and supporting small businesses, and I was delighted to be able to interact with and support several independent vendors, many of whom live in and around the Richmond area, at Wizard World. Dozens of unbelievably talented writers, makers, and artists occupied booths at the convention, and we spoke with many of them at length about their work. Their faces lit up as they spoke about their passion for their various crafts, and it struck me that these are the people who truly deserve our business. Of course, it isn’t feasible to always shop small, but knowing that you are directly supporting people who love what they do makes shopping seem more worthwhile.

#5 - Each one of us is inspiring. The three best moments of my day at Wizard World were all very

Emily Hedrick is a youth services librarian and enjoys being with her husband and family, singing, and geeking out as often as possible.

similar. At separate times, three little girls from three different families approached me with huge grins on their faces, excited to see one of their favorite characters brought to life. One of the girls was a bit shy and let her mom do most of the talking, one was very talkative and told me all about herself, and one was so overcome that she threw her arms around me after her dad took my photo with her. I was so moved by these precious moments, and I know that myriad similar moments were taking place both within and outside the walls of the convention. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the many times you have inspired others by something you wore, said, or did. None of us are superheroes or wizards, but we all possess the power to influence and enrich the lives of those around us. Whether you decide to attend a comic con or not, I hope you will try something new and unconventional in 2017. You never know who you will meet, what you will learn, and how your life will change. Cheers, friend!


GROWING READERS let it snow Snow Day Dough Make your own snow dough! This activity smells good, is great for sensory skills, and doesn’t have to be measured perfectly. Basically, a win-win. 1. Snag some flour and baby oil. 2. Mix together about 1/2 cup of baby oil to 4 cups of flour. 3. Feel free to experiment with the proportions to make the consistency you love. 4. Optional: Add glitter. An option I can never say no to. 5. Supervise play and get in there to make your own snowman, snowflake, or snow creations out of the dough! Cookie cutters are always invited.

WINTER BOOK SUGGESTION Snow by Cynthia Rylant Get the hot chocolate ready for this cozy storybook about family time. Celebrate with author Cynthia Rylant as she narrates the journey of a snow day in the book appropriately titled Snow. This beautifully illustrated story is great for a calm and peaceful lap time that you might be craving after a day of sledding. The story describes the different types of snow and the pleasures that it brings along with it – making memories together. Join in the winter wonderland adventure as you reminisce about your childhood snow days and take the time to make new ones with your friends and family.


Photo by Melissa Batman Photography Special thank you to Riverviews Artspace. Katie McQuain Lane is the Children’s Program Manager for the Campbell County Public Library System, and her loves include her husband and her three rescue dogs.


Pet Ponderings

KEEPING FIT AND HEALTHY Now is the time of year when we eat

may be more sedentary and outdoor

lots of treats (yum!) and then we do

pets may roam and supplement their

a little bit of backpedaling once the

diet. Here are a few things to look

New Year hits and we decide to get

out for when thinking about your

in shape. This year, when you are

pet’s weight.

considering your health and well


being, be sure to think about your pet, too! The Association for Pet Obesity

Find out if your pet is overweight. Discuss this with

your veterinarian or do research

Prevention estimates that 58% of

online by searching “pet body

cats and 54% of dogs in the US are

condition score”. Looking at your pet’s

overweight or obese. Yikes!

body when compared to these charts

Just like us, our pets can suffer from

will help you determine how their

medical conditions related to excess

body shape aligns.

weight - think arthritis, joint pain,


diabetes mellitus, heart disease, reduced exercise endurance and

Find out how much food your pet should be eating. Use

the recommendations on the back

stamina, increased anesthetic and

of the food bag for a rough idea. A

surgical risks and decreased life span.

better recommendation is to have

All pets can be at risk, as indoor pets

your veterinarian calculate the actual energy requirements in kilocalories


(Kcal) based on your pet’s needs. These will change based on weight,

Run your dog up and down the stairs.

age, activity level, if they are intact

Play fetch with soft balls or fleece toys.

they may have.

Set up an obstacle course.

much you are feeding and actually

Make your dog work for treats.

measure the food with measuring

treats with fewer calories. Such items

Invite friends with dogs over for playtime (if appropriate).

cups. You may elect to switch to a

can include vegetables (fresh or no

weight management, light or weight

sodium canned), fruits (DO NOT

control food to help obtain your pet’s

FEED GRAPES) and canned pumpkin

ideal weight. These are more filling

instead of peanut butter.

and contain less kilocalories per cup

For cats, you can grow or purchase cat

than regular food. Also ask your vet

grass or use catnip as a treat. Some

for a prescription weight loss food,

pets won’t know the difference if

which may work more efficiently and

you put their regular food into used

have added benefits.

treat containers and give them kibble


Limit treats. Treats can add

treats. You can also bake your own

significant calories to your

treats for a healthier option.

Visit the dog park or walk around the pet store. Teach your dog how to use a treadmill. Sign up for an agility or training class. Some dogs like laser pointers. Get out there in the cold. Some dogs love to play and walk in cold snowy weather.

or breeding and any health problems

One important factor is to know how

pet’s diet. Monitor how many you give daily, and try to use non-commercial


Photo by William Mahone Photography


Do not feed your pet table food. If you are like the


CATS Play with them using feather or wand teaser cat toys. Purchase an exercise wheel. Provide climbing trees or towers. Offer catnip and toys (try different textures, balls, boxes, paper bags, crumbled paper, noise). Play using a laser pointer.

majority of pet owners who feed

food, then try to place a dog gate or

Take them on a harness walk. It is NOT safe to use string or ribbon as these can be swallowed and cause serious health problems.

their pets snacks or leftovers, keep

pen around the chair during meals.

Put treats inside dispensing

in mind these all add up to major


toys or at the top of a tower so they have to work for them, or roll the treats across the floor so they have to expend energy to get them. Meal dispensing toys and interactive/slow feeders can help.

calories and excess weight for your pet. Take responsibility for your pet’s weight and make small steps toward minimizing or stopping table food. If your pets are beggars then let them stay in the other room during meals so you’re not tempted to feed them. Put a bowl with some of the healthier options on the table and treat them from that instead of your plate - they don’t know that’s not what you are eating. If you have babies that drop

Increase exercise! Eat less and move more - we have all heard

the saying, and it applies to our pets as well. Our sidebar offers options that may help get your pet moving. We can work together with our pets to get healthier this new year by minimizing weight gain, maximizing exercise and losing a few extra pounds while having a lot of fun in the process!

Shella Baker is a veterinarian at Lynchburg Humane Society and Peaksview Animal Hospital. She enjoys beekeeping, crafting, gardening and spending time with her family and fur-kids.


Crunchy Living

DEFINING CRUNCHY Are you wondering what “crunchy” means? It’s ok! I’m a crunchy girl, and since I embrace the term, I get asked about it a lot. In short, it is about lifestyle and the way we relate to the planet. It’s also a result of being mindful about living and striving for harmony, both in the effect we have on the planet and the effect it has on us. The term “crunchy” actually comes from a stereotypical dietary staple -- granola. Whether you think of longhaired hippies, makeup-free earth mothers, or people who bike to work... you’re right! Crunchy is a broad term that encompasses many possibilities. This type of lifestyle definitely goes way beyond eating habits, but food is always a critical component.

THE CRUNCHY MAMA Many mothers become crunchy after giving birth. Something about being in charge of the health and wellbeing of a precious tiny human that just sprang from your body can cause women to think more deeply about health and the effects of diet and exercise. Environmental issues also become a greater concern. How will my behavior today affect the world my child inherits? How do I teach my little one how to dwell on and preserve this Earth? Do I need to start sorting the recyclables from the compostables and the general waste? Maybe we could become a “no waste” home. The kids are watching. The kids will have kids. Then those kids will have kids. I don’t want my great grandbabies living in a wasteland. Crunchy mamas strive to be mindful and raise thoughtful, healthy children. A lot of accessories go along with being this type of mom. Crunchy mamas love cloth diapers, organic baby food, making their own baby food, a fancy blender to make their own baby food with, slings for wearing their baby up close, organic cotton baby onesies, and you absolutely can’t forget the very crucial amber teething necklace. There are entire communities devoted to crunchy mamas on the internet. There are crunchy mom conventions. You yourself may be a crunchy mother without even being fully aware of it. Do you breastfeed? Are you considering extended or tandem breastfeeding? Was there a doula or a pool of water involved in the birth of your baby? You may be a crunchy mama!



Crunchy folks choose organic foods.

people so we can talk about how we are

They often grow their own food,

becoming increasingly crunchy over

whether it’s in a community garden,

time. Today we put in our rain barrels.

an urban rooftop garden, or a suburban

I’ve got a finished pile of compost

back yard. Those who don’t grow their

ready for the garden bed. Have you

own food often opt for fresh local fare

tasted my latest batch of kombucha?

from farmer’s markets, co-op grocery

Why don’t we get together and discuss

stores, and health food stores. Many

the meaning of life over some lentils,

crunchy people are vegetarians,

quinoa, and kale? While you may

vegans, or even more restricted raw

occasionally find a Type-A competitive

vegans. Refined sugar, genetically-

crunchy soul, typically, we’re far

modified foods, food coloring,

more concerned about building

preservatives, and bleached flour are

our communities and sharing our

often seen as the enemy.

experiences with other mindful people.

Crunchy people typically strive to be

Does any of this ring a bell? You just

healthy, whether that means walking

might be an under-the-radar crunchy

or cycling to work or simply getting

gal! Maybe you’ve always been that

regular exercise. Yoga is a classic choice

way and you just never knew it.

for fitness, as it combines exercise,

Maybe you think crunchy people are

balance, meditation, and mindfulness,

over-the-top, or maybe you really

all in one practice. Many crunchy

identify with mindful living and are

people are interested in spirituality,

deeply inspired to make some radical

though not always in traditional forms.

changes. As for me, I fly my crunchy

We absolutely love other crunchy

flag high and proud.

Photos by Azalea Smith

Azalea blogs about her crunchy lifestyle at, and she enjoys motherhood, all things natural and bright colors.


My Ombre Life

Photo by Rashael Jones Photography

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS love \’ləV\ : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person The definition of love (according to Merriam-Webster) is pretty simple. Everyone knows the meaning, right? Yet all of us experience love differently, we all feel it differently, and we all see it differently. But can we learn from others’ experiences in love? Whether we define love the same or not, each woman has her own love story. Here are a few of Virginia women in different stages in their lives sharing their strong beliefs and their personal meanings of love. Enna: 17, in a relationship Define love: Love is something you feel. It’s being willing to make sacrifices for each other even if you might not want to. It’s wanting to try new things even if they’re scary. It’s doing what you can for the one you love even if you have to go out of your way. Your favorite thing about your relationship: My favorite thing is how honest we are with each other. We tell each other everything, even the small things like how our day went. He’s my best friend. He’s someone who has my back and supports me. He’s always here for me. I enjoy the times we get to laugh and be silly together. Define happiness: Happiness is seeing the person I love and feeling butterflies all over again. It’s looking at him and knowing this is where I want to be. Being part of his family

Things this relationship has taught

Your favorite thing about your

you: It’s taught me to be myself. He

relationship: Our communication.

doesn’t judge me or laugh at me.

Knowing how to communicate is a

I’ve learned to believe in myself and

key point that should be at the top

be happy. This is my first serious

of the list for most relationships.

relationship and I wouldn’t trade it

Unfortunately, most people don’t do

for anything. We have created many

it well. I love the communication that

memories together and still have

I have built. I can talk about any and

many more to create.

everything with my partner without

Define date night: Date night doesn’t

hesitation. I am able to discuss

have to be dressing up fancy and going

important issues and I can move

out. Sometimes it’s simply making

forward from situations because I no

dinner together and finding a movie

longer have to dwell on the issue.

to watch.

Define happiness: Happiness is

Nakuma: 25, dating

makes me the happiest, because they

Define love: Love is a transfer of

remind me of my family – always

energy. Love is transferring the best

welcoming with open arms.

of you to your partner so that he or


something that we are always reaching for. Happiness is being satisfied with the now. Happiness is being content, but always willing to improve.

she is a better person than they were

Things this relationship has taught


you: The unsaid speaks louder than

life words uttered. Many people cling on

since we were 18. I love that we spent

to words and lose sight of what is

so much time dating, so moving on

unspoken. There are so many things

to getting married feels like the best

Define love: Love is when you are

that can show you how a person truly

thing to do next.

selfless and genuine. Love is when you

feels besides actually telling you. We all

Define happiness: It’s saying that

love and show love differently. You have

you don’t wish you were someone

to be conscious of how your partner

else or had something else. Yes, we

shows you love even if it’s different

will always want for certain things,

than how you like to receive it.

but if you can honestly say that you

Define date night: Can I paint you

appreciate where you are, then you can

a picture? We are walking along the

say that you are happy.

harbor. You hear the clicking of my

Things this relationship has taught

heels. The gold cufflinks on his fitted

you: How to be more confident in my

blazer are glistening. The sound of

own skin. It may be strange to think

laughter echoes along the coast as we

that being vulnerable in a relationship

take in the moment and reflect on the

would build confidence, but when you

progress we’ve made.

have constant support, it truly will.

Marlea; 25, engaged

Define date night: We were long

Ann; 26, newlywed/married since July 2015

understand someone more than they understand themselves. Love is when you never give up on each other. Love is not easy. You have to pay attention to the small things, because that is what truly matters the most. Your favorite thing about your relationship: It’s waking up to him every day knowing I married my best friend. I love our promise to never go to bed mad at each other. I love listening to his highs and lows at the end of every day. I love knowing that I get to grow old with my best friend. Define happiness: Happiness is

Define love: Growing up, my Dad

distance for almost four years, so any

always told me that love is not a feeling,

time that we get to see each other,

it’s an action. I’ve come to believe

we are definitely doing something!

that is mostly true. Of course there

Whether it’s cooking a good meal

is a connection you have to someone

together, catching up on our favorite

when you are in love, but I think just

shows, or getting dressed up and

Things this relationship has taught

as my father said, love truly manifests

going out. Most recently, my favorite

you: It’s taught me to always fight for

in the grand, the small, and the selfless

date he planned: we went “pretend”

what you believe in and never give up

gestures that you are willing to do for

house hunting in a super expensive

on each other. There were (and there

someone because you love them.

neighborhood, went out for an early

will be) times when our relationship

Your favorite thing about your

dinner, and then took a wine and

was challenging, but our love for

relationship: We’ve been together

painting class – it was an amazing date!

each other gave us the courage to

when you are at complete peace with yourself, and you feel blessed and accomplished. Happiness is when you have no regrets.


Photo by Adam Mullins Photography

always forgive, compromise, and be

feeling in my chest whenever I think


of him, and that huge smile I can’t

Define date night: Trying new

hold in when I talk about him.

adventures, whether it’s a new

Your favorite thing about your

cuisine, taking a tour or class... It’s

relationship: All the little things

always fun and memorable when

he does - like delivering me pizza

we get to share these “first time”

instead of flowers, pulling whatever

experiences together. I feel it’s

I’m holding onto in my head out, and

something that separates us from the

making me laugh every day.

world. When we’re on a date, it feels

Define happiness: Happiness is living

like we are the only ones in the room.

in gratitude. It’s not easy, but it’s

Meredith; 29, divorced/in a relationship & giving love a second chance

simple. Being happy is being grateful for all the small things, and small

Define love: Love is courageous. Love

things that aren’t things are huge.

is a choice. Love is that crazy warm

Things this relationship has taught you: This relationship has taught me that just when I think I know what’s best for me, God always does me one better. Define date night: I’m not sure I believe in date night. Having

Tea Hadzic is a social media expert and fashion stylist. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking and keeping up with the latest fashions.

something scheduled takes all the excitement and meaning out of sharing time with the person you love. Melissa; 38, married for 14 years with 3 children Define love: How do you define something so abstract? I’m not sure I know the answer, but I think it is Photo by C York Photography

artisan & decor goods for home, self & gifting

individual. It is dynamic. It evolves.

Tu - Th 11am - 5pm F - Sa 11am - 5:30pm

W - Sa 10am - 5pm, Su 12pm - 5pm ~ (540)344-2324 Salem Ave SE in & across from the Taubman 46


It becomes what we need it to be for

husband has taught me that there are

that time in our lives. When I was

good men who love unconditionally.

twenty-two, love was the man who

Thinking about it, this relationship

swept me off my feet and could rescue

has taught me that even when I am at

me from myself even before I knew I

my worst, I am worth loving.

needed to be rescued. And later love

Define date night: What’s that? We

was that same man having confidence

don’t get so many of those! We do

in me when I didn’t have it in myself.

fun stuff with the kids when we have

And there have been times when it

time off together—play in the yard,

hasn’t been so easy, when we haven’t

go to the zoo.

liked each other so much or there wasn’t enough money or the house

Erin; 54, married 31 years with 5 children and 2 grandchildren

Photo by Allegra’s Studio

was too small - but love is still there.

Define love: Love can be a feeling of

I guess that is what love is for me

deep caring and devotion to another,

relationship with Jesus to guide my

now: the idea that no matter what,

but we consider it a decision to

life. We work together and we work

there will always be someone who

commitment. Viewing it as lifetime

separately, always trying to serve and

chose me. And I chose him. Forever.

commitment gives you the perspective

always moving forward.


that you better make it work because

Define happiness: Contentment.

Your favorite thing about your

there is no way out. You can’t ignore

Things this relationship has taught

relationship: We’ve been together

the issues; you have to work at making

you: It’s for the long haul and two

so long that we have grown together.

it work. Seeing the effort from both

work better than one

Everything is familiar, but we can still

parties helps build the trust and

surprise each other. I love the time

respect needed in a marriage. The

that we do have together—with our

feelings come, but they are a benefit of

kids and alone.

the commitment, they don’t make the

Define happiness: Laughter. Love.


Delight in the simplest of things.

Your favorite thing about your

usually planned. We tend to prefer

Taking the time to be in the moment.

relationship: The freedom to be

getting all the kids together and

Things this relationship has taught

me. The respect from Jamie for my

enjoying family time.

you: I’m still learning every day. My

God-given talents, abilities, needs and

Define date night: We are never good about date nights but we spend most evenings together. Since our last two are older teens we go out to eat a lot when they are busy but it’s not


@amy_j73 believe in themselves

@twiggyjacqua fashion designers

Snap Happy

We love getting out and about in the community! Recently we set up a photo booth and asked ladies to answer a question about inspiration. Here are some of our favorites. Be sure to use #clutchinspires to share what inspires you!

@hellothisismorgan music

@ktjordan07 look after the best interest of children

@claire.harvey78 being myself



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