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Paul & Shar A VIEW INTO LYNCHBURG When it comes to planning, some brides have ages to arrange the perfect day, but Paul and Shar had only three-and-a-half months to plan theirs. “I personally loved this, because it forced me to land the plane on decisions and not belabor over menial details that tend to drive the bride crazy (and honestly...details most people don’t even notice or remember),” Shar said of the timeframe for their Lynchburg wedding. The setting was important for the couple. “I was drawn to downtown because it looks very cinematic and rustic,” Shar reminisced, “There’s a certain unfinished charm about it all.” The city itself and some recognizable areas were incorporated into stunning portraits of the newlyweds. The couple took time both before and during the reception to sneak away with their photographer. “Because we were downtown, a lot of things are close together, so it was easy to walk to all of the locations. It also helped that I had on wedges and not stilettos,” recalled Shar. It’s amazing that they were able to hit so many landmarks on their wedding day, which created a lovely glimpse into the Hill City.


Clutch Wedding II 2017  

Four real weddings and an adorable styled shoot are the capstone for this idea filled issue.