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your guide to an inspired life



Jennifer Prince Academy Center of the Arts Photo by Ashley Powell Photograpy

Dear Friend, Hello! I am so ready for spring to come - to burst with energy and have color blooming all over.



Aesthetics by RidgeView Dermatology At Home with Centra


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GRAPHIC DESIGNER Bowen Jewelry Company

Amber Ingram

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Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center

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PROOF READING Centra Medial Group

Meggan Robinson

Are you?


Central Virginia Orthodontics



I adore our Spring issue and am

Ken Arpino

so glad you have it in your hands!

Shella Baker

From practical tips for ladies

Dr. Eric Baugher

- whether you are a new mom


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Gladiola Girls


Emily Hedrick Katie Lane

or somewhere in between - to

Sandra Lang

Grand Home Furnishings


James T Davis Paint & Design Center


Jaclyn Meadows Kitchen Refacing

Joy Niehaus

on such as Garden Day, Vector

Jennifer Prince

Space and the Hannah Reynolds

Deirdre Serio

Story (I can’t wait to see that!!),

Taylor Thornburg

our goal is to inspire you during


Hannah Cline

or entering the “golden years” introducing you to local goings

Cleaning Connection


Rivermont Makery

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Southern Provisions Company

Laura Watts

The Art Box

your life’s journey.


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Timberlake Christian Schools


So, get out and enjoy the air, try something new, do a craft with the kids...all while being sure to cultivate your life (hint, hint!). I hope you have a wonderful, blossoming spring! Love, photo by Lindsay Hinkley Photography with flowers by Bloom, styling by iheartDesign and rentals from Happily Ever After in partnership with Hill City Bride and Max & Dexter Event Design clutch, your guide to an inspired life is a quarterly publication. To contact us for advertising, comments or questions: please email or call 434-851-2224 Copyright 2017 by 7 Hills Publishing. Contents within are for informational purposes only and may not be copied in any way in whole or part without written consent from clutch. All views expressed are that of the authors and not necessarily that of clutch. Advertisers are not inevitably endorsed by nor can clutch be held responsible for their services. The information contained within is deemed to be reliable at the time of printing. Our pictorial material has been used in good faith with permission from the advertiser, photographer or source, yet clutch cannot be held responsible for infringements arising out of such usage. As much as is humanly possible, wholehearted attempts have been made for our publication to be as accurate as possible, and we hope that those who read it realize the purpose of our publication is to bring about thought and creativity to its readership.







HANNAH REYNOLDS a Civil War story brought to life You probably already know that Virginia is steeped in history, yet there are always new stories to tell and old tales that are finally brought to light. Such is the story of Hannah Reynolds, who is the focus of an upcoming show by Wolfbane Productions. Based out of Appomattox, this theatre company is known to be edgy, entertaining and thought provoking. Recently, we spoke to Ken Arpino the Playwright of ‘The Hannah Reynolds Story’ who also serves as Development Director for Wolfbane, to answer a few questions about their upcoming April production.

for years, and the information he

What have you learned by delving so

shared with me convinced me that

deep into Hannah’s story?

we needed more works honoring this

Samuel Coleman signed Hannah’s

What is the goal of Wolfbane

incredible woman.

death certificate “Former Owner.” This


Can you tell us a little bit about

is incredibly significant, because a.) he

Wolfbane is dedicated to providing

her story?

acknowledged Hannah’s freedom and

the greater Appomattox area with

Hannah Reynolds was the only civilian

b.) death certificates for slaves were

Broadway-caliber performances,

casualty in Appomattox. She was shot

rare, which means he was trying to

engaging entertainment and new

on April 9, 1865 as a slave, before the

cement her place in history.

arts education initiatives. We strive

treaty to end the war was signed, but

Any final thoughts?

to bridge the arts and business

died three days later as a free woman.

Wolfbane is entering year two as a

What thoughts would you like for

nonprofit. We are working hard to get

the audience to leave with after

Appomattox on the map as a hub for

seeing the show?

the arts and culture. We hope that

I want audiences to learn her name.

you visit our website and join us this

Her story is so complex and her legacy

summer for some fun in the woods!

communities of NYC with those here in Central Virginia. Considering Hannah Reynolds - what alerted you to her story, and how did it come to be that you are the one writing this particular play?

should be remembered. Appomattox is

I met with the folks of the American

famous for reuniting a divided country,

Civil War Museum who were looking

but many good people lost their

for additional programming to get

lives in the process. It’s important to

guests, and particularly students,


reinvested in some of the stories from the war. A story that had always interested me was that of Hannah Reynolds, so it seemed like a great opportunity to blend Wolfbane’s love of history, storytelling and education! I first heard about Hannah Reynolds during one of my trips to Appomattox Court House National Historic Park. After speaking with Josie Butler at the museum, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to tell this story. I sat down with Reverend Al Jones, who has been researching Hannah Reynolds 4

Do you have special plans in the works for this particular show? This year is very special, because the

Be sure to check out Wolfbane’s upcoming season! Head to or call (434)578-3542 for more information. The Hannah Reynolds Story (April 7 - 9)

anniversary falls on Palm Sunday, just as it did in 1865. We will be able to tell Hannah’s story at the same time of

Wolfbane’s Romeo and Juliet ( June 1 - July 1)

year that the events were happening,

Evil Dead: the Musical!

but 152 years later! We will perform

( July 20 - August 5)

the show at both the Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox and at the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park.

Feast in the Forest (August 19 and 20) The Rocky Horror Show (September 7 - 30)

inside this issue COMMUNITY HANNAH REYNOLDS a civil war story


LIVING BEAUTIFULLY exploring Garden Day












AMOUR BEBE 22 advice for new moms FLOURISH




LET’S TALK TEETH dental health month



IN SEASON 30 cultivating your life GROWING READERS






Living Beautifully Virginia’s Historic Garden Week Every season holds a special place in my heart, but spring is the time of year when the earth begins to awaken. Days grow longer, nights get shorter, and gardens and landscapes are peppered with color when everything is in bloom. The Garden Club of Virginia has been delighting home and garden enthusiasts since 1929, when they began Historic Garden Week, a statewide event highlighting over 250 private homes, gardens and historic landmarks in multiple cities. Over an eight-day period, events feature more than 2,000 of the Garden Club’s handcrafted floral arrangements. All proceeds fund the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s historic gardens and provide graduate level research fellowships. As a DC native, I didn’t know about this treasure of an event until my husband and I moved to Lynchburg. Once we settled into town, I discovered Historic Garden Week when I picked up my very first clutch while sipping tea at The White Hart Café. As a lover of all things beautiful, it instantly intrigued me! In the past three years we’ve lived here, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of attending three distinctly different and wonderful garden days: Lynchburg, Smith Mountain Lake and Richmond.


LYNCHBURG 5401 Fort Avenue (434) 239-5900





(540) 563-2070

(540) 774-7004

Valley View Mall

Across from Tanglewood


Photos by Liz Cook Photography

A neighbor accompanied me on my first Historic Garden tour in Lynchburg. We explored the charming, wooded area of Boonsboro. Our tour began on Linden Avenue at the home of a local portraitist, a residence filled with the treasures of a life well-traveled. Antique furniture and rugs, sculpture and paintings filled each well-appointed room. The gardens that surrounded the home met visitors with abundant, blooming azaleas, peonies and perfectly manicured boxwoods. The homes and gardens that followed were equally as exquisite, each with their own unique story. Ending the day with tea at Ploughcroft was a delight. The following year took me to nearby Smith Mountain Lake for a solo adventure. I eagerly spent hours visiting homes and gardens as well as the area’s local restaurants and businesses. My favorite home here was a stately white brick house


dressed in black shutters. Inside the walls were decorated in

Local Garden Day Tours in our area by day:

champagne damask upholstery, and the rooms were highlighted with French antique furniture. The view from the back of the home was of lazy, colorful Adirondacks lined up along the shoreline, tempting visitors to stop and watch the blurs of speed boats racing by in the twinkling blue waters of the lake. Last year I took a dear friend of mine with me to Richmond

Saturday April 22nd- Lexington & Orange Sunday April 23rd- Richmond - James River Plantations Monday April 24th- Albemarle County Tuesday April 25th- Fredericksburg & Lynchburg Wednesday April 26th- Harrisonburg - Bridgewater

where we toured the homes and historic landmarks of

Thursday April 27th- Richmond - Windsor Farms

The James River Plantations. We walked through the old

Friday April 28th- Danville - Chatham

farmhouse of The Nordt Family and got a peek into their

Saturday April 29th- Roanoke

successful merino wool business. We

also a frequent guest at Lynchburg’s

also got to visit their barns where

First Fridays to scout for new and

sheep, horses and chickens all lived

inspiring artists who catch my

in perfect harmony, the sounds of

attention. My weakness? A glossy,

neighing and clucking adding serenity

gloppy, captivating oil of a beautiful

to the air. We stopped for a quick and

landscape or a still life capturing the

satisfying lunch at Cul’s Courthouse

beauty of an oriental vase spilling

Grille in nearby Charles City and then

over with colorful flowers. Now my

went on to visit Shirley and Berkeley

walls at home are filled with collages

Plantations as well as several other

of several pieces of art (a few of which

sites. What a beautiful day!

I painted myself ) and everywhere I

Tour tickets vary by location and

Historic Garden Week will inspire

turn, I see something beautiful in my

range in price from $15-$50 per

you at every turn. My first garden day


person. You can buy advance tickets

tour inspired me to begin collecting

I think I will travel to Roanoke this

locally at select participating small

local art. I already had a few pieces

year for their Historic Garden Day,

businesses or online at

from my travels that graced my walls,

and pop into downtown while I’m You may also

but after touring the beautiful homes

there for eats, shopping and a walk

purchase tickets the day of your tour

in Boonsboro, I was encouraged to

through the Taubman Museum

at many of the included tour sites.

look for more. Now I frequent Goose

of Art! Oh, Southwestern Virginia,

Creek Studio in Bedford for local oil

you have my heart! I look forward to

paintings depicting the beautiful

the new inspirations I’ll gain from

Blue Ridge Mountains, and I am

this year’s tour.

Jaclyn Meadows is a local writer, artist and traveler with an enthusiasm for living life beautifully! Follow her journeys on Instagram @twiggyjacqua and her blog at



learn - develop - grow TIMBERLAKE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS 434.237.5943

| |

Pre-K - 12th Grade

community life

Lynchburg’s Art Secret the story of the Maier Tucked behind Randolph College on

Academy Center of the Arts, each

confidential facility for the collection

Quinlan Street sits the unassuming

institution is vastly different in its

at Washington, DC’s National Gallery

Maier Museum of Art. Despite

artistic contribution. The Maier’s rich

of Art. “Project Y” was the title of the

the proximity to busy Rivermont

past and vibrant stories are what give

covert operation and the structure

Avenue, the Maier’s location is easily

it life, shaping its unique identity as

was built within a year. Although

overlooked, though the humble

a museum and cultural center right

the emergency the National Gallery

red brick building actually houses

here in the heart of Virginia.

had feared never actually occurred,

one of the most distinguished art

Simply put, the Maier Museum of

the college benefited from the

collections in Virginia. The museum

Art collects and exhibits primarily

building, which continues to fulfill

has served the Randolph community

19th- through 21st-century American

its purpose of preserving a valuable

for more than a century with its

paintings, prints, and photography.

art collection.

wealth of valuable offerings. Director

This treasure—106 years in the

In addition to its fascinating origin,

at the Maier, Martha Johnson,

making—involved countless

the Maier has much more to offer.

elaborates on the museum’s role in

dedicated people who shared the

For a college with less than seven

the city: “The remarkable collection

same vision for Randolph and the

hundred students, the museum’s

of American art housed at the Maier

arts. In the 1890s Randolph College

collection is truly impressive;

is not only a distinctive primary

opened its doors as an all-women’s

Thomas Cole’s painting hangs in a

resource for Randolph students, but

institution, and landed its first

gallery next to the room with Mary

also enriches the lives of all who live

artwork loan exhibition in 1911.

Cassatt’s sketch, which looks into

in this area.”

Maintaining a healthy, high-quality

another room that holds both an

While Lynchburg’s art scene is

art program was always a priority for

Edward Hopper and a Georgia O’Keefe

thriving and nourished by significant

the small liberal arts school, which

painting. These names are just a few

venues like Riverviews Artspace and

began seriously acquiring art in 1907

of the significant artists represented.

with the major commissioning of a

The collection doesn’t just speak to

painting by nationally-recognized

Lynchburg history with its myriad

portrait artist, William Merrit Chase.

of local and regional artists—it’s a

The commissioned portrait was of

national conversation. The works

the college’s first president, President

of some of the most important

William Waugh Smith. 1911 was a

American artists in history hang on

big year for the college when its first

those walls, while many Virginia

Annual Exhibition occurred, yet no

locals walk past a treasure they know

one could have foreseen what would

nothing about. Laura McManus,

happen four decades later.

Curator of Education at the Maier,

The story of “Project Y” is arguably

believes the museum is a valuable

the most fascinating tidbit of the

tool for learning our country’s

Maier’s history. The early 1950s

history. Visitors can walk through

ushered in deep-rooted Cold War

the history of American art, leading

fears that significantly affected all

up to the present day, when they

aspects of society, including the

travel through the chronologically-

art world. In 1951, Randolph-Macon

organized galleries.

Women’s College was designated to

While the Maier holds a strong

become the protective location and

reverence for art history, it 9

also eagerly participates in the contemporary art world. The story of the museum’s purchase of Georgia O’Keefe’s oil painting, “Yellow Cactus,” reveals the museum’s commitment to support contemporary artists and collect modern works. During the 1940s, Georgia O’Keefe’s husband, art dealer Alfred Stieglitz, built a solid relationship with professors at Randolph, believing in it as an institution of higher education for women. He sold the O’Keefe painting to the college when a Randolph alumna became fascinated with the work and persistently raised

Photos provided by the Maier Museum

funds and negotiated its purchase. O’Keefe was a professional American artist working at this time, and while we are decades removed from the creation of this painting, the work was a contemporary acquisition in 1944. The Maier’s frequently rotating exhibitions provide visibility for current artists. The museum traditionally purchases a work from each of its annual contemporary exhibitions, the most recent being the 105th Annual Contemporary

the local community. Student groups

Identity: Race, Gender, and Sexuality

from city schools regularly tour the

in Contemporary Art,” curated by

galleries, beginning in fifth grade.

art history professor Lesley Shipley.

Within the last year, programs for

Dr. Shipley describes the exhibition

high school students (such as Science

as especially significant in our

and Art Saturdays, held once a month

present age, as art indeed has the

in the fall) and families (especially

capacity to “create space for our most

the Family Workshop Sundays, which

difficult conversations.” A second

are inspired by the museum’s current

exhibition of the museum’s prints

The gallery next to the 105th Annual,

exhibitions and occur every second

from the permanent collection will

features another contemporary artist,

Sunday of the month) have increased.

open simultaneously and run through

one with a more political focus. Hans

Dozens of local artists and art lovers

the summer.

Haacke, a conceptual artist who

dedicate their time to the museum

asks difficult questions and invites

The Maier Museum of Art may be

as well, faithfully volunteering as

the viewer to interact in his art’s

off the beaten path of Lynchburg’s

docents and receptionists throughout

installation space, came to the Maier

main roads. Its building is beautifully

the year.

ordinary and plays a supporting,

Each season typically ushers in a new

crucial role in the artistic life of

exhibition, as the galleries rotate a

Lynchburg. Yet its story makes it

few times a year. The current spring

stand out. Its rich tales of growth and

exhibition is titled “Investigating

historical preservation have made the

Exhibition titled “Threatening Beauty,” which explored the paradox of how something could be both dangerous and beautiful at the same time. Works from that exhibit ranged from stunning stained-glass pieces to Japanese paper creations to a largerthan-life size copper sculpture.

and personally installed some of his own provocative works in the gallery. Both exhibitions ended in December. The Maier is also actively involved in

community UPCOMING EVENTS • Family Workshop Sundays, second Sunday of every month at 2pm, unless otherwise noted (there will not be one in March due to Randolph’s Spring Break) • Spring Exhibition, Investigating Identity: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Art, February 3-April 9 (Prints from the Permanent Collection, February 3-July 23) • Spring Educator Night, February 28, 4-6pm • Senior Capstone Projects, late March-summer Phone: (434) 947-8136 HOURS • Academic Year (August-May): Tuesday through Sunday, 1-5pm

Maier a haven for generations of people

• Summer: Wed. to Sun. 1-4pm

who share a vision for preserving and sharing wonderful art, both old and new.

FREE Admission

Therefore, as Lynchburg-ians, Virginians,


and Americans, go ahead and spend


some time in the Maier Museum of Art at

Address: 1 Quinlan Street, 24503

Randolph College. You won’t regret it.

Beautifully woven. Beautifully woven. Beautifully woven. Wonderfully energy efficient. Wonderfully energy energy effi Wonderfully efficient. cient. Duette® Architella® India Silk fabric is luxuriously woven, featuring a subtle ® Duette Architella IndiaSilk SilkAnd, fabric luxuriously woven, texture slight® ®shimmer. the of Architella is also in aits exclusive, ® and Duette Architella India fabric isis beauty luxuriously woven, featuring featuring asubtle subtle texture andslight slighthoneycomb shimmer.And, And, the beauty beauty of of Architella energy-effi cient design. texture and shimmer. the Architella isisalso alsoininits itsexclusive, exclusive, energy-efficient honeycomb design. energy-effi cient honeycomb design.

Taylor Thornburg is a Lynchburg native with a degree in History. Hobbies include floral arranging, oil painting, soccer, and visiting museums at any possible chance.

James T. Davis James T. Davis James T. Davis "So much more than paint." "So much more than paint." "So much more than paint." 3416 Candlers Mountain Rd 3416 Candlers Mountain 3416 Candlers Mountain Rd Rd Lynchburg, VA Lynchburg, VA Lynchburg, VA M-F: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm M-F: 8:00 amam - 5:30 pm pm M-F: 8:00 - 5:30 434-846-2721 434-846-2721 434-846-2721

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“Our Board of Directors considered a few locations before landing


downtown,” she says. “We looked at a few spaces closer to mid-town, but the downtown community was just so welcoming and excited about the idea. When we found the space for

When I walked into Vector Space for the first time, the first word that came to mind

lease on 5th Street, we were sold. And

was “possibilities.” The vibe upon entering this creative haven nestled in downtown

our landlord is fantastic!”

Lynchburg is relaxed and welcoming, but there is also an undeniable sense of excitement in the air. Each work station, machine, and tool beckons you to tap into your imagination and make whatever creations dwell there, regardless of your skill level. Even if you don’t consider yourself a scientific thinker or a “maker,” Vector Space makes STEAM concepts and projects approachable and enjoyable for all.

For many of us creatives, the inspiration to create tends to strike outside normal business hours. Luckily, Vector Space members get unlimited access to the makerspace’s

Vector Space, which is a nonprofit organization, was founded on March 31,

space, tools, and materials for a

2015 and officially opened on April 16, 2016 by husband and wife Adam and

monthly fee, along with storage

Elise Spontarelli. Elise serves as the makerspace’s Executive Director, Adam

space and discounts on instructor-led

is the Director of Education, and there are currently six additional board

workshops and projects. “Members

members. The Spontarellis, both of whom have careers in STEAM fields

pay monthly, like a gym membership,

(she in web design, he in engineering), saw a need for a collaborative space

and they get a key to access the space

fueled by science-based learning in Lynchburg. “There are makerspaces all

24/7,” Elise notes. “Non-members are

over the world, and we have seen the way they improve communities and

welcome to sign up for workshops

help individuals,” Elise says. “A makerspace is something my husband and I

and attend community events like

wanted to be a part of, and so we started one!” She adds that they didn’t make

First Fridays.” Current workshops

the decision alone: “We started the process of building a makerspace here

include 3D printing, electronics like

by meeting with everyone we could think of and asking, ‘Does Lynchburg

Arduino and Raspberry Pi, screen

need this? Would our community benefit from a space like this?’ We heard a

printing, bookbinding, and sewing,

resounding ‘yes’ from educators, engineers, students, parents, workforce and

and woodworking and leather-

economic developers, and geeks alike.”

working workshops are in the works.

Geeks of all persuasions will appreciate the space at Vector Space because

Read on for more of my interview

it possesses an ideal mix of functional and playful elements. High ceilings,

with Elise about how the makerspace

top-notch machinery, and well-stocked shelves of tools, books, and crafting

has evolved in its first year of

materials comingle perfectly with cozy couches, a TV, a vintage arcade game,

operation and how it is making a

and tiny 3D-printed trinkets. Elise believes that downtown Lynchburg, which

difference in our community one

also has a lot of character, is the best possible home for the organization.

project at a time. Why are STEAM programs like

Photo Provided by Vector Space

those offered at Vector Space important? Some of our favorite projects are those that we do with teens. We offer extensive STEAM projects for middle and high school students that last about 8 weeks (40 hours). Each project has a goal to build something really awesome, like a drone or a rocket or an RC car, or to send a capsule to space attached to a giant weather balloon. These projects are a ton of fun for everyone and there is


community computers) that you are passionate

What role have STEAM programs

and knowledgeable about. If you’re

played in your life and career?

interested in teaching a class we can

What would you say to a woman

help you get set up.

or girl who feels intimidated by

@vectorspacehq on Instagram

How has Vector Space grown and

careers or pursuits in STEAM

and Twitter.

evolved since it opened last April?


With our first anniversary coming

My background is in graphic design

so much learning going on. Science,

up this spring, we’re looking back

and web development. While there

physics, computer programming,

at an amazingly successful first

are plenty of female designers, there

engineering, art, and design are

year. We have 30 active and excited

are fewer who write code themselves.

just a few of the topics covered in

members, we’ve been involved

When women or any minority are

these courses. For a lot of students

in a lot of community projects

absent from a field, there are negative

it is the first time they get to work

and partnerships, and we have

repercussions. Did you know the first

on a project where they really apply

participated in several exciting

air bags in cars were designed for

subjects learned in school in an

events all over the East Coast. We

male bodies and therefore not safe

exciting, physical way. Girls and boys

taught a workshop at World Maker

for women? A gross oversight that

alike do not often have opportunities

Faire in New York, and we launched

could not have happened if a woman

like this to work side-by-side with a

six cameras into space from right

had been included in the design

professional and see what it really

here in Lynchburg (and we even

process. Diversity always brings new

means to work in that field.

recovered 4 of them!). The space has

viewpoints and ideas, which can only

Why is a creative, collaborative

changed physically, too, from an old

benefit the project being worked on.

space like Vector Space important,

empty auto parts storage facility to

Just as the medical field has improved

especially for women?

4,000 square feet of tools, equipment

with the inclusion of more women

and materials. Tools are upgraded

and minorities, other STEAM fields

regularly and the space is constantly

will see important progress when


they become more diverse.

For more information about Vector Space, visit their website (, like them on Facebook, and follow them

Females in particular are typically social creatures, so a space where we can learn and collaborate together is great. First of all it’s fun, and we can

What are your overarching goals

also accomplish more when we share

for your organization?

skills and knowledge while learning

We want anyone in the Lynchburg

making? Well, be sure to come

from and helping each other.

area to have the access and ability to

to Lynchburg’s first Maker Faire

What sorts of projects do you all

make things. Whether it is a hobby

on Sunday, March 26 from 12-5

see going on in your makerspace?

or an invention to improve lives, we

at the campus of Randolph

believe in the value of making. There

College. Try your hand at

is so much empowerment in being

different projects while meeting

able to create something yourself and

some of our area’s makers.

understanding how things work. I

Who knows? You may even pick

want everyone to experience the rush

up a new hobby.

Students are constantly building and launching things, and meanwhile members are working on their own projects. An LED sign programmed to write text and play games, a DIY laser cutter, a 3D printer made from the parts of a 2D printer, and even

Want to try your hand at

of confidence and wonder that comes from making.

For more information, search

a ukulele are a few member projects

What is the most rewarding thing

“Lynchburg Maker Faire” on

that have been built here recently.

about your job?

Facebook. See you there!

If you can dream it, you can build it

As the Executive Director I am the

here at Vector Space.

point person for some wonderfully

For those who may be interested in

fun and amazing opportunities. From

teaching their own class at Vector

meetings at the White House to

Space, what sorts of topics and

conversations with astronauts, this is

skillsets are you seeking?

the best job ever.

Anything hands-on (including

Emily Hedrick is a youth services librarian and enjoys being with her husband and family, singing, and geeking out as often as possible.


Spring Floral Chandelier With spring flowers and Garden Day on the horizon, why not take all of that inspiration and hang lifelike blooms inside of your own home? A floral chandelier may seem like a daunting task, but this high impact, hanging centerpiece is easier than you might think.

Photos by Watts Creative



Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started: 1. Cut your desired number of strands (a minimum of 3) to the desired length you want to hang your chandelier. Tie them onto the wreath so they allow the wreath to hang level. (You can also space them out by measuring between each strand.) 2. Precut your wire so that it is a little easier for you to wrap the greenery and foliage to your wreath base. 3. Work your way around the wreath by wrapping your greenery and foliage alternating colors, styles, etc. Do this until you have the desired fullness that you want. (I worked clockwise - placing everything in the same direction, but you can certainly place them any way you would like, to give you the desired look you’re going for!) 4. Once you have all the greenery in place, position your bigger blooms in and around the wreath. Be sure to fill in all the gaps! (At this point you can let go of using a lot of wire and just find ways to secure the blooms - hot Here is what you’re going to need:

glue works great if needed.)

• Silk Foliage/Greenery (I love using eucalyptus, weeping

5. Tweak, tweak, tweak and voilà!

willow stems, and the leaves that

Your flower chandelier is ready to

come with the flowers.)


• Silk Flowers (Go for an odd number, I used 5-7 large silk roses.) • Wreath or Wire Wreath Base (I

Happy hand-making everyone! Oh, and for a less permanent chandelier for an event, you can use real blooms. Lovely!

used a 15” grapevine wreath.) • Floral Wire, or Jewelry Wire (You can use whatever you have on hand.) • Wire Cutters • Jute String, or Ribbon

Laura Watts splits her time between instructing, pinning on Pinterest, and watching Netflix with her film making husband and their puppy, Ellie.







Green Market Wednesdays 10am-2pm Shop local produce and more at Lynchburg’s market.

5 Super Bowl Sunday! Root for your favorite team (or just watch the commercials).




Naked Monday 11am-2pm Dress up your bare salad at Favored Flavors.






16 Night Howls 5:15-7pm Learn about nocturnal animals at Mill Mountain Zoo.



Sweet Briar Horse Show 8:30am-4pm Head to the campus for this show and contest.



FRIDAY 3 First Friday & Art by Night 5-8pm & 5-9pm Peruse galleries in Lynchburg and Roanoke.

10 Second Friday 5-8pm Experience art and culture in Bedford.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Celebrate the ones you love.


Elmwood on Ice 4-9pm Experience outdoor skating in Roanoke.

Free Yoga 7:30-8:30am Head to Roanoke’s Elmwood Park.


Love at the Maier 2pm View the art of lace making at the museum.


17 Doublewide, Texas 8pm See this comedy at Renaissance Theatre.

SATURDAY 4 Beauty & the Beast 7pm See this Heritage High School production.

11 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 2:30 & 7:30pm Attic Productions in Fincastle presents a classic.

18 Wind Symphony & Orchestra Concert 3pm & 7:30pm Enjoy music at Lynchburg College.




Civil War Conversation 6:30-8pm Hear about Mark Twain at Museum of the Confederacy.

Museum After Dark 6:30-10:30pm Amazement Square hosts an adults only event.

Princess Tea Party 2-3:30pm Have fun at the Aviary at Miller Park.


Music That Rocked the World 4pm

Ph o

Hear 60s music from Jefferson Choral Society.

to pro

vided by the

Photo by Heather Turner Photography

ie Ma




Photo by Lieb Photographic

For more information check out these websites: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: &

4th: 6th: 7th: 10th: 11th: 12th: 16th:

17th: 18th: 19th: 23rd: 24th: 25th: 26th:





5 6


2 Salsa Night 8-11pm Dance with Lynchburg Salsa.

Lynchburg Bridal Expo

12-4pm Head to our area’s finest bridal event at the Holiday Inn.



Ph fe



ob Phot


9 Top Mixologist 6-9pm Bartenders compete in this fundraiser at the Academy.


Pairapalooza 2-5pm Experience a food and wine pairing at the Patrick Henry.




Masterworks: Musical Travelogue 3pm See Roanoke Symphony Orchestra at VA Tech.





o tog

5 Annual Bluegrass Concert 2pm Dailey & Vincent perform in Appomattox.

li ter yS



Joe Goodkin’s Odyssey 7:30pm Experience a musical discussion at Randolph.

22 Green Market Wednesdays 10am-2pm Shop local produce and more at Lynchburg’s market.




Maker Faire 12-4:30 Makers demonstrate on Randolph College’s Campus.


9 2nd: 3rd: & 4th: 5th: 5 th: 9th:


Photo by Gemma Billings 10th: 11th: 12th: 15th: 16th: 17th: 18th:

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 7pm Go to Rustburg High for this Masterworx show.

FRIDAY 3 First Friday & Art by Night 5-8pm & 5-9pm Explore galleries in Lynchburg and Roanoke.

10 Spell It 6pm See Humankind’s Executive Spelling Bee.

17 Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike 8pm Wear green and head to Little Town Players for opening night!

SATURDAY 4 Kids Make Art 1-3pm Enjoy a free event at Hollins University.

11 Antiquing and Lunch (50+) 9:30am-3:30pm Meet at the Miller Center and head out to Amherst.

18 Creekside Trail Dedication 10am-12pm Explore this new section of trail in Lynchburg.




Harlem Globetrotters 7pm Experience these athletes at the Berglund Center.

Shrek the Musical 7:30pm Head to Sweet Briar for this fun musical.

The Butterfly Ball 6-10pm Enjoy an evening at the Science Museum of Western VA.



The Little Mermaid 7pm Watch a musical at EC Glass.

Falstaff 7:30-9:45pm Soak in a comedy at the Academy.


Photo by Peter Miller 19th: 22nd: 23rd: 24th: 25th: 26th: 30th: 31st:








SATURDAY 1 Art Expo 12-5pm Head to the Miller Center for this one day event.




She Stoops to Conquer 3pm LU presents this warm comedy.

Rail Yard Dawgs Game 7:05pm See hockey at the Berglund Center.






Green Market Wednesdays 10am-2pm Shop local produce and more at Lynchburg’s market.


Hannah Reynolds Story 8-9:30pm Wolfbane presents at the Museum at the Confederacy.




Easter Sunday! Enjoy time with friends and family on this day.


Godspell 7:30pm Hollins University presents this show.



Egg Hunt & Easter Bunny 4-6:30 Head to Lynchburg’s Miller Center.

Big Love 7:30pm Enjoy Randolph’s spring production.


30 Paint Out



Human Library 3-5pm Dialogue with

Garden Day 10am-5pm Tour homes

human “books” at Riverviews.

and gardens in Lynchburg.



Photo by Liz Cook Photography

Photo by Loreen Liberty


1st: 2nd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 7th: (434) 847-1751 8th:


21 No Shame Theatre 11pm Novices present at The Cave in Salem.

Enjoy the culmination of this 3 day art event.


7 Cocoa with a Cop 12-2pm Citizens and officers mingle at this free Lynchburg event.

15 James String Quartet Concert 7:30pm Hear music at Lynchburg College.

22 611 in Roanoke 12:30-3pm Observe this historic train roll through Roanoke.




Mary Poppins 7:30pm Head to the Cavalier Theatre for this production.

Buchanan Civil War History Weekend Explore today through the 30th.

Garden Day 10am-5pm Gardens and homes are open in Roanoke.


Photo by Elena Roussakis 9th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 21st: 22nd: 23rd:

8 Black Box Series 8pm Experience a short show at Roanoke Ballet Theatre.

25th: 27th: 28th: 29th: 30th:


10 TIPS FOR SPRING CLEANING Spring is here, and many of our thoughts turn to spring cleaning. Whether the term brings feelings of terror or sheer delight, it’s a job that needs to be done. Of course, you could hire a professional to give you a fresh start! For overall maintenance, we caught up with Cleaning Connection for some of their top tips for keeping your home in tip top shape year ‘round.


Have a smelly garbage disposal? Freeze vinegar and use the cubes to deodorize your disposal.

Just toss in the cubes and grind just as you would with any other item. Then rinse the disposal with water.


Chrome appliances can show fingerprints and more. Use undiluted apple cider or

white vinegar to rub down chrome, and there’s no need to rinse.


For stainless steel appliances mix a solution of warm water with a squirt of dish liquid.

Using a soft cloth, rub in direction of steel grain. Rinse with water and soft cloth, then polish with a dry cloth to avoid spotting.


Have an embarrassing micowave? For easy cleaning, fill a cup of water and heat on

high for a few minutes. The steam from the water will loosen any stuck food for an easy wipe after heating.


Dirtex is a good all purpose cleaner even for windows as it is less soapy than Windex. It is

available at your local paint and hardware stores. If you have aluminum around your windows, Dirtex can also clean the aluminum plus the windows so you can take care of both at the same time.


Don’t do windows? Well, if you have to be sure not to clean windows in direct sunlight.

The cleaner will dry before you can wipe it off, causing streaks.


To get paint, stickers, and glue off of windows, scrape with new razor blades.

Using a putty knife or dull blades can damage the glass. This is a great tip, especially for historic homes with layers of paint.


Be sure to wash those items that we don’t think about often such as screens, shutters,

miniblinds...etc. Wash them periodically to keep dirt subdued.


Have hairspray in your bathroom? To remove caked on hairspray, you can wipe it off with

rubbing alcohol and a cloth or rub with a wet hot cloth followed by a dry cloth.


Last but not least? Remember that dirt loves company. Dirt acts like a magnet

for...more dirt!


What makes your heart sing? Health and happiness are two of the most important facets of your life. Sometimes they are abundant; other times you work to reclaim them. They come in many forms, and at the end of the day, you want to feel like you're living your best life. Knowing yourself and being proactive is always a good thing, especially when it comes to your health. With cardiovascular disease being the number one killer, one way to stay on top of your heart health is with our online cardiovascular risk assessment, HeartAware.

To take the free online HeartAware assessment, visit

Your health and happiness are worth it, take the next step.

434.200.5252 | Bedford | Danville | Farmville | Gretna | Lynchburg | Moneta

Pet Ponderings

Dental Health Does your pet have a bad odor from the mouth, paw at its face, have chronic sneezing or demonstrate a sudden change of behavior? These are some of the signs of dental problems. Just like people, our pets need routine dental care and cleaning to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Dental care is one of the most overlooked and under-treated areas of your pet’s health. By four years of age, 85% of pets are suffering from some stage of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is inflammation that affects the soft and hard structures that support the teeth. Gingivitis is the earliest stage when the gums become swollen and red, which is the body’s natural response to the presence of harmful bacteria. Periodontal disease and gingivitis is most commonly measured with 4 stages. Dental disease can be extremely

Quick Fact

painful, yet our pets rarely tell us

Dogs generally have 42 teeth and cats have 30 teeth.

when they have dental pain. Our pets usually suffer in silence, enduring and compensating for the pain as it’s their nature not to show weakness. They almost never stop eating as it’s crucial for survival and a basic instinct.

Photo by William Mahone

Fortunately with routine dental exams,

Cats also develop feline odontoclastic

problems can be caught early and

resorptive lesions (FORL), which are

treated or be prevented altogether.

extremely painful. These lesions may

Preventive care includes routine

not be easily seen except during a

brushing, dental chews, water

sedated dental exam. Many lesions may

additives, sealants and prescription

be just underneath the gumline, which

diets. Inevitably each pet will

is why dental radiographs are such an

accumulate plaque and tartar on the

important part of preserving the health

teeth. That’s when a good dental

of each tooth.

cleaning and polishing is needed.

Dental health is an important

This outpatient procedure includes a

component of your pet’s quality of life

thorough oral exam under anesthesia,

and overall health. Be proactive and

ultrasonic scaling, polishing, dental

ask your veterinarian about your pet’s

radiographs and periodontal surgery

stage of dental disease and what you

including extractions if necessary.

can do to help.

Consult the following websites for more information:

Shella Baker is a veterinarian at Lynchburg Humane Society and Peaksview Animal Hospital. She enjoys beekeeping, crafting, gardening and spending time with her family and fur-kids.


AMOUR BEBE advice for new moms We know our readers and social media followers can offer a wealth of knowledge, so where did we go to collect tips for new mothers? We asked what advice you wish you’d received as a new mother, and the responses have been fantastic! Here’s a sampling of what our readers wish they’d known.


community life The love you feel is unlike any other

My philosophy has always been: Is it

and even though you love this baby

going to matter in a year? Is it going

Always have a change of clothes for

more than another person on the

to matter in a month? Is it going

BOTH of you! You just never know

planet, every parent needs a break

to matter in a week? Is it going to

when they’re going to “blow”!

and to be away from the baby from

matter tomorrow? Then why does it

time to time. I am not talking long

matter right now? It has helped me so

periods of time but a few hours to go

much in life while raising my kids.

to lunch with a friend or just to take

~ Jessica Evans

but to also get used to budgeting

you are the mom it doesn’t mean you with your spouse and let them take on some of the duties equally. The child will be better for it and so will your spouse. ~ Makena Yarbrough Remember to buy things for months

Buy one box of diapers a month while pregnant - not just to build up stock

a break to be by yourself. Just because have to do it all. Share responsibility

~ Lesley Mink

It’s ok to receive help. Whether it’s a homemade or healthy dish, chores or whatever, have a community of support folks to help you before, during, and after baby arrives.

down the road, not just [for] when

~ Ursula Ball

they are a baby.

for it. Best way: buy them through Amazon and have them autoshipped to your house each month. We never ran out of or ran out for diapers. ~ Kelly Glenn Rest when your infant is resting. Sleep in the first few months is very important for the mother’s health and for your body to rebuild. ~ Sarah Krycinski

~ Jenna Shutters Know that everyone’s recovery is You go from diapers and burping

No matter how you feel and no

different in many ways. There is no

to first day of school really fast!

matter what others may tell you,

right amount of time to deal with

[The] best advice I got explained the

remember you’re doing your best.

all the new changes after birth, both

difference between discipline and

And that’s the best your baby can

with having a new baby and your

punishment. Discipline - show or

hope for. Oh, and there is nothing

own personal state. Reach out for

tell the child and teach them how to

wrong with locking yourself in the

help, whether that’s just a friend, or a

behave. Punishment - comes after

bathroom for 10 minutes of alone

local support group with advice from

the child knows it is wrong and still

time. It may be the only 10 minutes

ranges of people!

a day you get.

~ Chrissy Howell

~ Bri Precious

disobeys. Do it with love, never anger. ~ Ruth DiNardo

Photo by Liz Cook Photography



Photos by Stephanie Yonce Photography

I grew up an athlete. From soccer to softball, I left no stone unturned. As I got older, my attention turned to long distance running. For over a decade I ran an average of 40- to 50mile weeks, ultimately competing as a collegiate cross country runner and track athlete. Graduation day came, however, and gears shifted. I started my first job as a public relations specialist two weeks after leaving the haven of undergrad, and the luxury of 3:30 p.m. long runs was left behind on campus. I was surprised that within the span of no more than a month, my decade-long routine began to dwindle. Honestly, I felt a little guilty too. Nothing like a wedding, however, to motivate someone to get in shape! My fiancé and I set the date (October 21, 2017), selected the venue (a historic hotel in the Shenandoah Valley) and I bought the dress. I am a firm believer in do-it-yourself projects, so I have also been plugging away at several DIY tasks to personalize the wedding (centerpiece ideas, decorating the altar and crafting hundreds of origami flowers to be strung above at the reception.) Thus far, these projects have been occupying most of my time and – aside from a day spent trying on wedding gowns with my mom – have been my favorite part of the planning process. It turns out that when you dedicate hours to simply sit and craft, you are also building in automatic mindfulness time. My mind, however, tends to focus on what still needs to get done. 24

With each flower folded and strung,

As an athlete, I always took pride in

I think about the wedding timeline:

my fitness. I have never been stick-

what projects are coming up and

thin, as I have more of a muscular

what needs to be accomplished next.

and athletic build. I know getting

As we get closer to the six-month

back into that kind of shape would

countdown, the growing concern is

take dedicated time and effort, and

me getting into shape for the big day.

for the first time, I do not have a

To clarify, I am not necessarily

coach or teammates to hold me to my

hoping to lose weight and no, I did

fitness aspirations.

not order my dress one size too

Luckily, I do have a few colleagues who

small to motivate myself to shrink

know a thing or two about fitness.

before the big day. Rather, I want

Patrick Dunham is a clinical training

to feel confident and toned come

manager at Carilion Wellness. His

October 2017.

team works regularly with individuals

life to define workout goals and create

your progress over time,” Dunham

He went on to identify goals and

personalized fitness plans. I felt

explained. “It’s a lot more than just

targets, which for me included

comfortable reaching out because

the scale telling you what you weigh

improving my general muscle tone,

they work with a wide variety of

or measuring your height/weight

increasing my running mileage and

clients – from professionals hitting

ratio. Instead, it provides several

targeting my arms in workouts.

the gym, to folks exercising as part

measurements and the healthy ranges

Dunham also took the time to

of physical rehabilitation, to older

where ideally those measurements

outline some easy routines and tips

adults wanting to simply prioritize

should be.”

for staying on top of my fitness

health and wellness – so I knew

I was anxious to see my results. After

I would not be walking into an

falling off my running bandwagon, I

intimidating environment.

was not looking forward to coming

I met with Dunham at the Carilion

face-to-face with my numbers.

Wellness Roanoke location and filled

It printed out my results and

him in on where I was physically

Dunham walked me through what

and where I want to be. He pointed

I needed to know. The scan broke

me in the direction of their InBody

down my numbers and even showed

Machine to get started.

my weight distribution in different

The InBody is a piece of technology

parts of my body. It gave me a great

that gives you a full snapshot of your

snapshot and starting point for

body’s composition. You enter in your


height, weight, age and gender and

“You can do an InBody scan regularly

stand on what looks a bit like a scale

every four to eight weeks to track your

with handles. In less than 60 seconds,

progress,” said Dunham. “It’s not all

the InBody can tell you your body

about cutting weight, per se. Someone

Hannah Cline is a public

composition, percentage of body fat,

may get frustrated because they’ve

relations specialist with Carilion

muscle distribution and your hydration

hardly lost any weight after completing

levels and body water balance.

a workout regimen, but the reality

“The InBody provides a lot of

is that they have lost fat and gained

information that helps you to

muscle, which is the real win.”

understand your body and track

He was preaching to the choir.

game. He encouraged me to check out for additional inspiration, where he contributes to a regular Workout Wednesday (WOW) series. Dunham made me feel like fitting fitness in was not unreasonable. I left Carilion Wellness with an action plan and was honestly the most excited I have been about working out since college. As we inch closer to October, hopefully I can use this as a stress relief too. Let the countdown commence!

Clinic. Out of the office, she loves sprucing up antiques with sandpaper, paint and lots of love.


Women of a Certain Age

find me in my undies when it’s 68


Last night, one friend chimed in

degrees in our house...and the ceiling fan was running.

with, “and you can’t wear shorts anymore.” Yeah, no one needs to see

Several years ago, I got mad at a former

once sat at a table full of women

high school classmate for saying, “I’m

who shared the same pair of reading

too old for that!” I certainly didn’t feel

glasses. They just kept passing them

old. Fast forward eight years, and yeah,

around the table.

I’m starting to feel it. But with age

“Hey, can I have those back, I need to

comes wisdom, and comfort. You care

you want to keep your cottage-cheese

know what the side dishes are.”

thighs hidden.

“I need those. I didn’t order my

Aside from clothes, there are those

appetizer yet.”

ridiculous high-heeled shoes. Who

And those dreaded hot flashes that

wants to wear them anymore,

cause us to go from six layers down

anyway? Years of wearing them has

to our skivvies in a heartbeat, even in

permanently altered the shape of our

less about trivial things and start to lose that “polite company” filter. In a random sampling of friends, I asked them what limitations have they experienced since they’ve become “women of a certain age.”

those spider veins looking faintly like bruises up and down your legs. Capri pants become your best friend. And if you’ve gained a few pounds, like me,

the dead of winter. I gave up wearing

feet or contributed to arthritis. Now

Among my more active friends, they’ve

pullover sweaters. If it can’t be

I know why my grandma always wore

come to the realization that they can’t

opened . . . and closed . . . and opened

“comfortable” (read: ugly) shoes when I

run anymore. Well, gravity’s done

. . . and closed (you get the drift.)

was a kid. Now me and my buddies go

I have to wear several thin layers

for flat shoes with a nice, comfy sole.

so I can take one or two layers off,

And the body. Ah yes, the body. Some

put them back on, take off four, put

parts fail to work (prunes become

everything back on and add a small

your best friend) while other parts

Another friend mentioned not being

blanket, too, then strip off everything

work too well (don’t cough, sneeze or

able to see things up close, like small

when a humdinger of a hot flash

laugh too hard.)

print on menus and pill bottles. I

hits. My husband has come home to

Remember all that loud music you

enough damage, why add the pounding to your joints and appendages? Wearing two sports bras to hold those puppies up is getting old anyway.


life “When you’re 20, you care what everyone thinks. When you’re 40, you stop caring what everyone thinks. When you’re 60, you realize no one was ever thinking about you in the first place.” - Winston Churchill

Photo by Cheryl Curcio

listened to when you were young?

So aging has become a “been there,

You can thank those habits for the

done that” phase of our lives. Many of

constant ringing in your ears now. I

my friends have embraced aging for

finally found my tone on the piano.

the fun parts – the ability to travel

There’s a constant A playing in my

(without kids,) the opportunity to try

head. I only really notice it when it’s

new things, wear whatever you want,

quiet, which it is most of the time

and the guts to share what you think

now that there are no longer kids in

without worrying about what others

the house.

think of you.

Deirdre Serio has written for newspapers, non-profits, and her present “day job” as a technical writer. She loves the great outdoors, especially hiking and kayaking.

Leave the holiday cleaning to us! windows residential commercial new construction

licensed . bonded . insured (434)846-3641

Give the gift of cleaning! 27

LET’S TALK TEETH interview with an orthodontist

Although it’s imperative that we take care of our teeth daily, the month of

clutch: You also see adult patients. Are

February puts special attention on our pearly whites as it’s Dental Health

they just finally taking the plunge into

Month. We caught up with Dr. Eric Baugher of Central Virginia Orthodontics

straightening their teeth or are there some

to chat about best care practices for our ivories.

cases where teeth shift over time?

clutch: Tell us a little about what led you

clutch: What “hardness” of toothbrush is

into orthodontics.


Dr. Baugher: I’ve always liked working

Dr. Baugher: Always soft, and I think

with my hands, so dentistry appealed

that is all that most stores carry now,

to me once I decided that a career

thankfully. This is for the protection

in research physics was not for me.

of your gum tissue.

During dental school, the treatment planning aspects of orthodontics and the process of creating a new smile for patients led me to pursue this field.

Dr. Baugher: Yes to both. Some are parents who have waited until all the children in the family have finished braces before looking into it for themselves. Others are people who have never liked one aspect of their smile and just delayed doing anything about it. And, some had braces as

clutch: When is a good time for a child to

adolescents and have noticed some

go see an orthodontist?

relapse or shifting over time after

Dr. Baugher: The American

stopping routine retainer wear.

Association of Orthodontists clutch: As a former dentist, can you

recommends that children be seen

clutch: Can you walk through a timeline

give us a few simple tips for taking

by an orthodontist starting at age

of what happens from first consultation

care of our teeth?

7; this is a good age to check for

to finally getting your post brace removal

Dr. Baugher: Spend enough time

any problems with the growth


brushing and flossing daily to keep

and development of the jaws and

your teeth and gums healthy. The

if there are any issues with the

dental hygiene aisles at the grocery

permanent teeth that are starting

and department stores are huge now,

to erupt. For most children, no early

so there is definitely a toothbrush

treatment will be necessary, and the

design and type of floss for everyone!

orthodontist will check the patient

And, see your dentist twice a year.

periodically to monitor any issues and determine if and when any orthodontic treatment is necessary.

Dr. Baugher: The initial consultation includes an exam and discussion of the potential benefits of orthodontic treatment and options available for treatment (traditional braces, Invisalign). We are your partner in the process and are there to answer any questions you have before diving

life into treatment. Once the braces are

clutch: Can you share with our readers

placed, the patient comes about every

one of your favorite success stories

6 weeks for routine appointments

of a patient?

to monitor treatment progress.

Dr. Baugher: We had an adult patient

Treatment times vary by patient, but

with a severe malocclusion [an

usually run from a year and a half to

overbite] that severely impacted

two years, at which point retainers

their confidence. They would not

are made to hold the teeth in their

smile and were self-conscious about

final position. Routine retainer wear

giving presentations at work (even

is required to maintain your results -

though their job required it on a

it may be every night for some people

regular basis). They saw a dramatic

or once a week for others, depending

change in their smile over the course

on your teeth.

of treatment with Invisalign. Coworkers have noticed the newfound confidence, the patient is smiling regularly and told us that they ‘feel

Want to know more? Dr. Baugher’s

like a million bucks’. It was humbling

office is at 7802 Timberlake Road

to be a part of that patient’s

in Lynchburg. Call (434) 385-4746

experience. Everyone’s results are

or visit

not as dramatic, but we love to make more smiles!

Photos by Liz Cook Photography

Say hello to the new you! Look your best, all year round.

No surgery, No needles, No downtime! 300 Enterprise Dr. Suite E, Forest, VA 24551 | (434) 333-7370 | RidgeViewDermatology.com29

In Season

CULTIVATING THE LIFE YOU WANT I’m not a gardener. I have tried multiple times but always to no avail. My attempts end in over-turned seedlings or seeds that refuse to sprout. However, there is something about spring that stirs my soul and calls me to cultivate something beautiful. Maybe you have a green thumb, or maybe you are like me and gardening doesn’t come as naturally; either way, why not take some time this spring to cultivate something in your life?

Prepare the soil. Just like soil needs to be tilled, sometimes our lives need a little mixing up. January isn’t the only time to make resolutions. A change in season can be a great reason to take stock of what’s working and what’s not in your current routines and habits. Figure out what’s already growing in your life that you want to continue cultivating and what weeds need to be pulled. Pick your seeds. Remember that all growth starts small. Pick something to work on and don’t get discouraged if progress is slower than you hoped for. Small seeds can produce a huge harvest. Don’t overcrowd. Plants need space and so do new habits. Don’t try too many things at once. They say it takes 21-30 days for a habit to grow, so pick a few things to focus on each month and don’t add more until you have really given something a try. Add sunshine. Plants need sun, and so do we!! Start your morning with a cup of coffee on your front porch, move your treadmill run outdoors, play with the kids at the park. Adding a little sunshine to your daily routines will improve your 30

Photos by Liz Cook Photography

life mood and your health. Take a walk, get the blood flowing, and find some inspiration out of doors. Don’t forget the water. Most of us don’t drink enough water. Whatever you are hoping to grow in your life this spring, staying hydrated can only help. If you are already ahead of the curve and drink plenty of water, then treat yourself! Splurge on a new water bottle or try a fancy water infusion this weekend. Weed the garden. Sometimes we just

Don’t know what you want to cultivate? Check out our list!

have to let stuff go. Maybe that means cutting out some bad habits or maybe it means admitting now is just not

• Gratitude - Say please and thank you, write thank you notes, keep a gratitude journal.

the right time for a good thing and letting go of goals that are cluttering

• Happiness - Keep a list of things that make you smile or energize you, do more of those things.

up our life. Celebrate growth. Growth happens so

• Your Body - Set a physical goal and work toward it. Train for a marathon, work up to swimming a certain number of laps, hike a trail you have been wanting to visit.

slowly we don’t often notice it. So take time to step back and acknowledge how far you have come. Even small

• Adventure - Plan a road trip, go sky diving, drive the back roads, try a new cuisine.

steps should be celebrated. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

• Your Community - Get to know your neighbors, throw a block party, shop local, support locally owned businesses. (Aren’t the last two the same thing?)

Joy Niehaus is a freelance writer and free time creative. She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and daughters.

• Breathing Room - Clean out your closets, pay off a bill, cut out unnecessary engagements from your schedule. • Your Mind - Visit the local library, do a reading challenge, start a book club, do the weekly crossword puzzle.

• 31

GROWING READERS a magic tree This “hands-on” activity allows us to trace our favorite tiny fingers to create a perfect keepsake - whether for a special event or just because it’s a Monday. Feel free to go rogue and make a whole forest of trees together!

STEP 1 Trace your favorite mini hand onto brown paper and cut it out. Make sure the fingers are spread wide! Tip: Use part of the wrist as a trunk.

STEP 2 Cut out fun shapes! Use hearts, circles, triangles, leaves, flowers, etc. Fold them in half (hello line of symmetry!) to give them a 3-D look and glue them on! Sticky dots also work well for skipping the glue. Tip: Find paper that matches the colors of the book – red for apples, light blue for the bird, etc.

Book: Tap The Magic Tree by Christie Matheson Summary: Make sure you gather

STEP 3 Ball up tiny pieces of tissue paper and attach them to your tree for a pop. Or leave them flat and layer them to make a gorgeous petal/leaf. Feel free to add any items that you find outside (or inside) as well! Tip: Use the tissue paper for the pale pink petals and/or the autumn leaves. Katie McQuain Lane is the Children’s Program Manager for the Campbell County Public Library System, and her loves include her husband and her three rescue dogs.


everyone around because this book easily accommodates a large group! Tap the Magic Tree walks you through all four seasons of a tree’s life - but with a perfect twist. Matheson asks you to “tap,” “knock,” “touch,” or “blow” on the tree to set the stage for the following page. Audiences will be

crew light up as they magically

completely delighted as it appears

make the tree drop its apples, lose

that their actions are in control

its petals, and clap for it to snow!

of the entire book. Watch your

Don’t believe me? Just tap and see!

if Pinterest was a place...

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Clutch Spring 2017  

This issue is filled with lots of community and local inspiration for women.

Clutch Spring 2017  

This issue is filled with lots of community and local inspiration for women.