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SMILE! spring is here

Your smile is your best asset. At Central Virginia Orthodontics, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful smile with the best orthodontic care in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. We provide state-of-the-art technology with the latest techniques to ensure that you receive exceptional care. Your best asset is what we’re all about.

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the girl’s guide to everything essential

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inside this issue 4

Creating Spring Traditions ideas to welcome spring


Amour Bebe


Party Fit for a Tween planning a fun celebration


Places, Please


Mise en Place


DI-Why Not?


Bliss & Makeup

Dear Friend,


Off the Beaten Path

Spring‌ it’s here!


Playful Parenting

After crazy cold winter, I have


Urbane Folklore


Clutch goes Culinary

8 Photo by Visions by Heather Photography

never been more ready for flowers, soft colors and warmth. Whether you are inspired to try something new, explore our region or get a bit more

recipes from a local cookbook


The Embellished Life

organized, I wish you a season worth singing about.

Calendar 15 Snap Happy 32

Happy spring, everyone!



Everyone knows that the winter

or a great big salad filled with fresh

season is rich in traditions, but why


not expand the concept of tradition

Visit the Farmer’s

and ritual into every season?

Market: Spring is one of my favorite

Celebrating each season can add a

times of year at the local produce

certain rhythm to our lives and helps

markets. The farmers are back after

ideas for gatherings with friends In addition to writing, Joy enjoys crafting (including her handmade Waldorf dolls!) along with being a creative wife to Josh and mom to her three sweet little girls.

us establish

the long winter, and it’s so easy to

a sense of

swing by for some fresh veggies, eggs


or baked goods. Gather your friends,

and culture,

your family, or your favorite guy and

even if it’s simply with our closest

head down to the market and see how

family and friends. Here are a

many ingredients you can purchase

few suggestions that you can try

locally for your meals. Then rush

implementing this spring.

home to cook up breakfast or lunch

Have a Spring Meal: For many of

or enjoy a picnic in the fresh air.

us the words “food” and “tradition”

Get Your Hands Dirty: Whether

go hand in hand. Why not create

it’s bulbs in your front yard, a

some spring food traditions to help

vegetable garden in the back, a

celebrate the warmer weather and the

window box full of daisies, or a pot

influx of fresh produce? March 20th

of herbs in your kitchen, there is

is the first day of spring. Celebrate

something beautiful about planting a

by making a special meal or dessert.

seed and watching it grow. Challenge

Even if it’s still chilly outside, you

yourself this spring to plant

can celebrate the promise of what’s

something new!

to come with a favorite berry dessert


Photo by Red Chestnut Photography

May Day: May Day is a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. While dancing around Maypoles may seem a bit outdated, some of the rituals surrounding May 1st can still be appreciated. Fill up some baskets, jars, or vases with flowers and drop them on a friend’s doorstep. Use this idea to show appreciation to family, coworkers, teachers, or use it as an excuse to get to know your neighbors. Get your kids involved by having them draw pictures of flowers to send to out of town family or to take to a nursing home.

is certainly a favorite). Celebrate the

reevaluate. Review your new year’s

Tea Time: Most of us associate

roles you play in each other’s lives.

resolutions and figure out what is

springtime with Mother’s Day, but

Spring Cleaning: Believe it or

working, what is not, and brainstorm

why not use the spring as a chance

not, spring cleaning can be a fun

some new ways you can incorporate

to celebrate ALL the women in your

tradition. Get everyone involved and

your goals into your routine.

life? You may not be able to celebrate

use it as a chance to sweep out the

Our photos are from a recent tea we did

with your mother, but chances are

winter’s dust, put away winter coats,

for lady photographers in our area at

you have at least a few women in your

and pack up heavy blankets and

Terrace View by the James with tea

life who deserve to be celebrated.

sweaters. Open up the windows and

service by Katie O’Byrne’s Irish Teahouse

Invite them over for tea or make

bring some fresh flowers inside.

plans to go out to a local tea room

Reevaluate: I like to take some

(Millstone Tea Room in Big Island

time at the start of a new season to

Photo by Elizabeth Bundrick Photography


Photo by Britix Images


One Working Mother’s Journey It’s been six weeks since I’ve been

or I steal a glance at my son in his

the morning because I had a newborn

back to work after maternity leave,

footy pajamas and bed head. I just

or a toddler (or both!) that would

and I’m still waiting to find my stride

want to scoop him up and cuddle

wake me up each day. I loved those

and feel like I fit. I thought maybe

him and enjoy the lazy mornings we

lazy mornings when I could lie in

it would be easier since I’ve done it

had together on my leave. In those

bed with my daughter curled up on

before, but I’ll admit that it’s been

moments, I just want to be a mom

my chest and just watch her sleep. I

much harder this time to juggle

but I know I can’t. I have to go to

was in awe of her perfect, pouty little

these two worlds: being a mommy

work, too, to help pay the mortgage

lips, her newborn smell, the way her

and being a full time working

and the grocery bill and the summer

teeny-tiny fingers would curl around


vacations. So I force myself to walk

one of mine. I couldn’t believe this

Right now, I’m not one without

out the door without glancing back

beautiful little bundle was mine.

the other. At work, I’m still a mom.

over my shoulder because I know if

Now I’m back at work, trying to

At home, I’m still a professional

I take another look, I really won’t be

navigate this transition and find

who has to leave for the office each

able to leave.

my rhythm again. I’m getting there.

morning. I’m learning how to balance

As I write this, I can picture my son’s

There’s something energizing

both, how to manage all this change

face six weeks ago when I was getting

about being needed in a completely

and the weight of it all. I feel as if

ready to go that morning. I first

different way-–contributing ideas in

I’m one person, split into two, and

walked out the door to go warm up

meetings, making plans and setting

I’m not sure how to fit back together

the car. He started to cry and reached

goals for my team and getting things

to feel completely whole again. I’m a

for me, tears slowly rolling down his

accomplished. I’ll admit, six weeks

walking contradiction because I want

face as he put both hands on the glass

in, there’s something fulfilling about

to have it all, and be it all but I know

of the storm door and watched me.

using my talents in the workplace

that I can’t. Every morning I leave

I took the full 12 weeks for maternity

and contributing to a greater good.

and my heart breaks a little more as

leave, and I loved every minute of it.

I’m learning to balance this sense of

I kiss my little girl and see her smile, 6

I loved not having to set an alarm in

fulfillment from work and the joy

and satisfaction of being a mom.

Get organized Taking time to get

Learn to let go Let go of

Here are some ways that I’m working

organized and plan ahead can make

Superwoman. Let go of comparing

to achieve that balancing act and

a big difference. Make to-do lists.

yourself to what you see on Pinterest.

reach my goals as a working mom.

Keep the calendar updated with work

Let go of having children who are

Since I know I’m not the only woman

demands, appointments and family

impossibly clean, perfectly dressed

to do this, I’m hoping this might

events. Plan your dinner menu for the

and always well-behaved.

help another working mom ease

week. Pick out your work outfits and

Be present When you’re home with

the transition when it’s time to go

your kids’ outfits each evening. Pack

your kids, be there laughing, playing

back to work.

your lunch, pack your bag and get set

and loving them. When you’ve got

Give yourself a break This one

up for the next day in the evening so

time to spend with your husband,

might be easier said than done, but

the following morning isn’t slowed

turn off the email, put down the

it’s essential in maintaining some

down by these tasks.

phone and focus on him. Enjoy the

sanity. Things aren’t always going to

Talk to your boss Sometimes a

moment today because once it’s gone

go as planned. You may not get out

conversation can allow management

you can’t get it back.

of the house as early as you wanted,

to see the value of a working

and you may have to stay late once in

mom. It’ll be helpful to have the

a while to complete a project at work.

understanding and support of your

This doesn’t make you a bad mom or

boss on those days when you may be

a bad employee. You’re doing the best

running late or you have to leave early.

In addition to writing, Kimberly Feldcamp loves spending time with family and friends, laughing, shopping and being outdoors in the sunshine.

you can…and that’s good enough.


A Party

fit for a



My youngest daughter still holds on to little girl ideals by coloring, playing with dolls and enjoying her horse collection; yet, she also shows signs of more womanly things such as caring about her appearance and formulating her own opinion about goings-on in the world. When it comes to party time, planning for this age can put us in a conundrum, but there is a way to satisfy the inbe-tween-ers with a scaled up version of a children’s party (or a scaled down version of an adult party, depending on how you look at it!). Here are some ideas to get you started on planning your own “tween” event.

Pick a theme and either scale

Break out the real stuff.

Add instruction. We can all

it up or down. For our party,

It is not often that you get out the

benefit by learning something new,

we took ballet and made it

fine china or serve beverages in real

and having a party that teaches

more grown up by including a

cut glass, but utilizing décor and place

or introduces a skill is one way to

tea party with fine china and

setting items that are not disposable

offer different experiences. Who

intricate cupcakes. Having

can really impact the party. Our girls

knows? Maybe a party goer will find

those types of details works

loved sipping pink lemonade out of

something that they truly love or can

well for girls who are of the

vintage punch cups.

utilize later on in life.

age to appreciate some of the

Make it special! Treating them to

finer things in life.

something that is normally reserved

Play with color. Children’s

for grown-ups gives the girls a taste

parties tend to be either bold and

of what adulthood can be like while

primary or soft and pastel. For our

making them feel important at the

party, we incorporated the traditional

same time. Having their hair and

ballet pink and accented it with black

makeup done as part of the party was a

for the girls’ attire and green table

big hit for the little ladies.

“You may hear dollar signs ringing at the thought of hiring a professional… but you can incorporate them in simple ways!”

settings with metallic touches.


Tulle definitely has “ballerina”

own invitations. Circle punches and

written all over it! But instead of

simple scrapbook papers were used

donning our ladies in the fabric,

to craft the invitations, nametags

we used it to dress the table as a

and table accents. Hardly any paper,

table skirt. It also became a sheer

ribbon or tulle went to waste when

“placemat” that was positioned


between two plates for a fun, different effect!

In order for a party to be a success, it doesn’t have to be big. Our event was

A favorite twist was keeping the

perfect with just four girls, and it

setting a surprise for the girls. They

made for a more “out to lunch with

were held at bay while they changed

friends” type of feel.

and had their hair and makeup done until the great reveal. The anticipation built as they waited, and the effect of them entering (and seeing the looks on their faces) was definitely worth keeping this secret.

Adding an instructional ballet class was a highlight of the day. Our guests were at all skill levels from beginner to expert, yet the teacher was able to come up with activities for the girls that allowed

Our favors were “cotton candy tulle”

for those different levels. From a

in a personalized tiny bucket. The

simple routine to fun jumps, the

buckets were 4/$1 at the local dollar

ladies all learned new things and had

store, and we used a paint pen for

fun expending energy after those

personalization. Adding the cotton

delicious cupcakes and meringue

candy and a ballerina pick were just


the right accents for this cute take home gift (although the cotton candy itself was consumed right away!).

Explore your options when planning. You may hear dollars ringing away at the thought of hiring a professional

Circles were incorporated in

cake artist or floral designer, but

many aspects… the décor, the

you can incorporate them in simple

circumference of the plates, accents

ways! Our florist was able to create

on the table, the round favors, and

several functional, beautiful pieces

even on the invitations. It was a

for the tables and ballet bar (so

subtle, added theme with high

pretty!), and having a well-tuned


baker create lovely mini-cakes and

Investing in craft punches is definitely the way to go to create your 10

colorful cookies really added some pops of adulthood to our party.

VENDOR LIST Photographer: Liz Cook Sincerely, Liz: Photography Project Manager & Stylist, Invitations, Favors: Jennifer Prince, clutch Birthday Girl: Hadley Cake Artist: Jennifer England, La Bella Torta DĂŠcor Items, Furniture, Plates, Accessories: Estates & Consignments Design Assistants: Katelyn Diehl, Allison Maddox, Aubrey Prince Floral Designer: Elisha Dudley, Petal Flower Company Guests: Anna, Katie & Peyton Hair & Makeup: Allison Maddox & Aubrey Prince Venue & Ballet Instructor: The Red Shoes Dance Studio, Lynchburg


Other party theme ideas: If your son or daughter enjoys a

how to make a simple recipe or two

If your child loves a particular

at home. Believe me, parents will

character or movie, don’t feel like you

thank you for the skills you impart

have to run out and grab every paper

to their child!

product and decoration that has that

particular sport, think about having a local coach or even some high school

Taking care of yourself is important,

players come out and offer a real

and so is relaxation (not that

training session for the kids along

kids really need to know how to

with tips on how to really get the

relax… yet!). A spa party involving

most out of your game. Doing so may

homemade masks and scrubs (be

pique interest in a particular sport,

sure to ask about allergies for your

and at the very least the kids will be

attendees) and/or manicures and

active and have fun.

pedicures is sure to be fun and leave the guests feeling pampered

Does your child enjoy cooking or

and pretty. Having the girls help

helping in the kitchen? Why not host

make homemade scrubs would be

a homemade pizza party complete

fun, and you can send them home

with forming their own dough (you

with the recipes. Another option is

may have to start that a bit ahead

to have a professional show them

of time), picking their toppings and

how to properly take care of their

finally eating their creations. Or have

fingernails or even teach a fun, new

a chef come in and teach the children

nail painting technique.

theme on it. Instead, why not pick one particular part of the movie? Focus on simpler, more general aspects of the setting and time period, or come up with games based on movie events. These are more grown up ways to incorporate the story itself instead of just focusing on licensed items, which can be expensive! Having children dress up as characters from the storyline can be fun, or adding a character-themed photo booth with props is a unique way to integrate the characters themselves.

ANTIQUES & ESTATE ITEMS 434.845.0555 • E������R��������.��� 1228 C������� S�����, D������� L�������� ���� ������ ~ �������� 10��~5�� 12


Photos Provided by Roanoke Children’s Theatre

Places, Please!

Roanoke Children’s Theatre produces theatre year-round just for kids.

Did you know that Roanoke is home

looked at 10-15 different locations.

Following Teen Brain, The True Story

to a professional theatre company

By process of elimination this place

of the 3 Little Pigs will play June 5-15.

that is dedicated to producing shows

was just perfect,” said Wilhelms.

Billed as a “rock hip hop-ity musical

for the whole family? Roanoke

Roanoke Children’s Theatre’s new

that will blow the hair off your chinny

Children’s Theater puts on four

home in the Dumas Center includes

chin chin,” three pigs tells the story

productions and a plethora of

a theatre with 185 permanent seats,

of the three little pigs from the

classes and camps each year to give

studio space, dressing rooms, several

perspective of “A. Wolf.” It will tour

Southwest and Central Virginia

offices and plenty of free parking.

to area libraries and also be performed

families and schools the opportunity to expose children to the arts.

Each season Roanoke Children’s

at the Dumas Center.

Theatre chooses plays based on

Be sure to visit Roanoke Children’s

Now celebrating its sixth season,

literature or issues that children

Theatre to share the magic of

Roanoke Children’s Theatre has

and teens face. It’s next production,

literature and theatre with your

moved to its new home at the Dumas

Teen Brain, will take the stage


Center for Artistic Development.

February 27-March 2. Teen Brain is

To see Hilary’s picks for this

According to Artistic Director Pat

a musical that follows the lives of

spring, visit us online at

Wilhelms the move was necessary:

eight young people as they navigate

“Over the past two years we noticed

the rough waters of high school.

our audiences were growing at a speed

According to Wilhelms, Teen Brain

where we knew we had to find another

teaches audiences how the teen brain

location.” The process of finding a

works while providing tools and

new home was long and involved. “We

techniques that help teenagers think before they act.

14 Hilary Sutton loves red velvet cake, Broadway, and her husband Juan Carlos Lagares (but not necessarily in that order). Connect with her on Twitter @HilarySutton.

February 16


18 Visio






Charlottesville Family Fun Fair 10am-3pm Entertainment and activities for the whole family.

he r






Lynchburg Bridal Expo 12pm-4pm Head to Lynchburg’s Holiday Inn and get a start on your wedding planning.

For more information check out these websites:








Open Jam at Rapunzel’s 6:30pm - 9:30pm Enjoy live music for an evening in Lovingston.

Get Creative! 5:30pm – 8pm Come join in the fun of mosaics in Charlottesville.

Keith Lee Dances 8pm Experience choreographed dances at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg.

Downtown Tour 10am This annual loft tour benefits Lynchburg’s Free Clinic.




16 25




Moon Over Buffalo 8pm See this lively performance by Bedford’s Little Town Players.

16th: 16th: 19th: 20th:

21st: 22nd: 28th:


434.845.6340 | | 1102 Commerce Street Thurs.-Sat. 10-4 or by appointment


MARCH Tuesday











8 Indoor Forest Farmer’s Market 8am-12pm Come to this market in the Forest Rec Center.




Paint and Sip 7pm Relax and learn painting techniques at Lynchburg’s Junior League.

Down2Earth in Concert 7pm Soak in bluegrass music at the Bedford Museum.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival 10am-8pm Enjoy festivities in downtown Roanoke.

ob ot

uss yR

ell D

a rne l l







9 17




St. Patrick’s Day at Peaks of Otter Winery 12pm-5pm Receive a discount for wearing green!




Time for Creativity 5:30pm– 8pm Charlottesville Enjoy an evening of learning how to be creative with your hands by making mosaics.





The Rivals 7:30pm Take in this play at LU’s Tower Theater.

Montpelier 5K 8:30am Home of James Madison - Join this race to get the opportunity to race through a historically significant site.


Farmer’s Markets Visit your local market (Roanoke, Bedford, Lynchburg, Forest) for what is fresh this week.




Cultural Reflections 3pm A free talk at the Bower Center of the Arts in Bedford. 1st: 2nd: 7th: 7th: 8th:


7 First Fridays 6pm-9pm, 5pm-8pm Roanoke and Lynchburg celebrate the arts.

12 Ph

9 Second Sunday Concerts 3pm-4pm Enjoy a harp soloist at Old City Cemetery.


yR usse

2 Little Women 3pm See this book come to life at The Tower Theater.

l l D a r ne l l

Historic Food and Cultural Tour 11am Enjoy Roanoke’s history and flavors on this tour.

9th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 17th:

29 Photo by Russe


r Da



20th: 21st: 22nd: 29th 30th:

29 Nature Walk 10am-11am See early signs of spring at Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg.


iz a





3 Slavery Symposium 7:30pm Hear pertinent issues discussed in this project between Randolph College and Poplar Forest.


1 6





Birding Lecture 3pm-4pm Hear this lecture at Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

13 Celebrate Jefferson’s Birthday 11:30am-2:30pm Have cake and celebrate at Poplar Forest!




Lecture at Avoca 6pm-7:30pm Come to hear a talk on General Dearing at the museum.



Dr eth




12 Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 8am-1pm Race for a worthy cause in Roanoke.








First Fridays 6pm-9pm, 5pm-8pm Roanoke and Lynchburg celebrate the arts.

Charlottesville Races 6:30am Run through a beautiful, historic city and view landmarks.



Mary Poppins 7:30pm-10pm Take in a show at LU’s Tower Theater.

County Health & Wellness Fair Learn about making healthy choices at the Sedalia Center.


19 Culture featuring Kenyatta Hill 8:30pm-10:30pm Hear live music at The Ellington in Lynchburg.

Lynchburg History Lecture 5pm-6:30pm Hear tales about the Sweeny family from Appomattox.

13 Ph o



Natalie Maynor




St. Patrick’s Day at Peaks of Otter Winery 12pm-5pm Receive a discount for wearing green!

29 Pho




Time for Creativity 5:30pm– 8pm Charlottesville Enjoy an evening of learning how to be creative with your hands by making mosaics.

Homeschool Day at D-Day Memorial 9am-12pm Preregister for this event featuring interactive history.

Lynchburg Music Festival 11am-7pm Enjoy live bands, vendors and more at this family event.




Book Publishing Workshop 3pm-4pm Learn about the steps to publishing your own written work.

1st: 3rd: 4th: 4th: 5th: 6th:




Je n n i fe r i n c e Pr Garden Day in Lynchburg 10am-4pm Tour lovely homes, gardens and historic sites.

11th: 12th: 12th: 13th: 16th:


19th: 25th 26th: 27th: 29th:


n Photo by Rya


i er



Mise en Place Gaining control of your vehicle As busy families, we spend much of our time in our vehicles. We run errands, take kids to school, lessons, practice, play dates and parties. All this adds up to a lot of time on the road. In a sense, the family car needs to

5–Minute Speed Clean Time–saving tools for the job:

function as a traveling home. After the bleak days of winter, the family vehicle

•glass cleaner and towel

often needs a little TLC to get it in shape for all the use the warmer weather


brings to it. A little planning and purpose can make our time in the car a little

•trash bag

less hectic and help everyone have a less bumpy ride. Getting organized means starting with a clean slate. Wash the exterior of the car and remove everything from the interior

•lint roller •duster

before thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the surfaces. Create a baseline from which to work. Now keep it neat by putting some organizational

Here is the breakdown to the ultimate

strategies in place.

5–minute tidy. Grab a stop watch and

Here are seven areas to focus on when organizing your vehicle.

here we go! Minute 1: Pick up trash, clean out


Keep the things you use most

for all your important papers

cup holders and return everything

in the most accessible areas.

such as vehicle registration and

to its appropriate place. If it

Keep go–to items such as cell

insurance information.

belongs in the house, take it out.

Designate a place for garbage.

Minute 2: Dust the dashboard and

Hang a small bag in the front of the

air vents.

open compartments or the glove box.

vehicle for trash and be sure to empty

Minute 3: Use the glass cleaner

Hide things like tissues, napkins and

it each time you gas up. If you don’t

to wipe down the windshield

hand sanitizer in the center console.

have a hook in your vehicle, add a

and windows.

Cylinder wipe dispensers are handy

command hook for easy access.

Minute 4: Wipe down the consoles,

phone chargers, pens, lip balm and sunglasses near the driver's seat in

in cup holders for the little messes that arise. Add smaller plastic containers inside consoles to keep things separated and neat.


Utilize visor organizers for CDs and DVDs to conserve space. A zippered pocket that will attach to the passenger visor is perfect




Protect the back of your seats by

handles and cup holders with

using seat back protectors.

a wipe.

DIY by adding some straps to cute

Minute 5: Use the lint roller to

vinyl. You can even add a few pockets

pick up any fuzz or loose dirt

to store books and magazines.

and crumbs from the seats and


Toy storage is a must to keep little

floor. It works wonders between

ones happy and occupied.


Utilize small bins that can hold

and a bottle with formula on hand for those days when you forget the diaper bag. Don't forget to enlist the help of the children in keeping things tidy. Kids definitely take part in creating car messes; helping with clean–up makes them part of the solution. With these plans in place and a commitment to keep it clean, your vehicle can be an organized and happy place that will serve your family well. books, small toys and games. Be sure to find ones that easily stow


Make the most of your trunk space. Trunk trays are wonderful for storing

away under seats when not in use.

things like reusable shopping bags,

Create a snack box.

an umbrella, a first aid kit, flashlight,

Sometimes an afternoon meltdown

jumper cables, bottled water, blankets

can be simply averted by a high

and a towel and plastic bags for those

protein snack. Keep things on hand

unplanned messes that may arise. If

like protein bars, peanut butter

you still have little ones, consider

crackers and almonds.

keeping diapers, a change of clothes


As a busy wife and mom of three, Heather not only finds time to manage her home well, but she also enjoys running, being crafty, and testing out new recipes for her family. Photography by Heather Heppding


DI – Why Not?


Cookie Cutter Cards Spring is in the air!

1 2

Trace the cookie cutter onto a scrap piece of cardboard; Cut out. Using the cardboard template, trace each design onto fabric and

Sending cards to friends and relatives is a tradition that I enjoy, and this spring I thought it would be fun to make my own cards to send. The cards that I designed are easy to make and require materials that you probably already have around your house.

cut out. Be sure to cut inside the pencil line if you are using light colored fabric.

3 4

Cut out felt embellishments to add


character to each design.

Spring themed cookie cutters, fabric, felt, scrap cardboard, pen, pencil, scissors, spray adhesive, craft glue, spring stamp and stamp pad, and cards with envelopes. I’d rather receive a handmade card any day over a store bought one. Wouldn't you?

Spray the back of each fabric piece with spray adhesive. Wait a minute or two until it is tacky before applying to note cards.

5 6

Apply to cards. Press down firmly. Add felt and ribbon embellishments. Let dry.

Paula Skulina is a teacher by day and in free time enjoys biking, decorating and cooking. Visit her blog at

Outline with glitter glue to add a bit of sparkle.


As a finishing touch, stamp a spring message on each card.

Photography by Paula Skulina


Bliss & Makeup There’s something that resonates in all of us about being a warrior princess. Isn’t that kind of what being a wife and mom is? You’re the queen of the castle and also have to fight the bad guys (whether it’s a scraped knee, a layoff, or the common cold). Today we explore that theme with Christy. Like many of us, Christy has more on her to do list than hours in a day. She is a mother of three and runs her own

Crystal George of Crystal George Studios and Emily Garbee Harris of Bodyworks Day Spa & Salon always have something fun in the works as a creative “dynamic duo”. Whether it is a creative, stylized shoot or having fun with weddings, models or mothers-to-be, these two have hearts for awakening the real beauty inside.

cleaning business. To help simplify her routine she has decided to rock dreadlocks.

Christy Christy’s dreads were colored and extensions were added to allow her natural hair to grow into the length it needs to be. We were inspired to go with bright makeup to round out the edgy look. Emily applied liquid liner and eye shadow ranging from electric blue to icy blue to create an elongated cat eye. Christy likes to keep it simple and be exactly who she is in life. She was tired of fighting her natural tangle and decided to work with it by allowing the dreads to form. Working with Emily, she feels like she is reaching exactly the look she wanted to achieve. She and her husband both love it!

Do you want a look that you would love that is individualized to you? Then head to our website ( and click our “Bliss & Makeup” tab… we love making over our local ladies! 21

Off the Beaten Path

Tent Camping Like a Boss


Photo by Sabrena Deal

he first time that my

Travel with someone experienced

spring morning. The camping bags

husband took me camping,

Now you could just go to the nearest

on the market are nothing short

we were newly engaged. I was

super store, pick up a tent and a

of phenomenal. They offer serious

still floating high in the glittery

sleeping bag, and GO. But you are

warmth, they are unbelievably light,

clouds that accompany an

not the self–sabotaging type, so the

and they pack down to the size of


first thing to do is find someone

a small cosmetic bag. You may also

who actually backpacks and tent

want a sleeping pad to place under

I was thrilled to be going on

camps regularly. Not only will this

your sleeping bag. Have you ever

a tent camping excursion

person be an indispensable source

slept on a tree root? Do you enjoy

with him. However, he was an

of information for you, but more

the use of your spinal column in the

experienced outdoorsman and I

importantly they will have good gear.

mornings? You need the sleeping pad.

was completely clueless about the

Seriously, I know a guy that has a

nuances of “roughing it.”

plan your meals beforehand

camp espresso maker that is small enough to fit in the palm of your

A girl's gotta eat, am I right? I suggest that you rely heavily on your camping

If you are anything like I was,

hand. Enough said.

you could use a little how–to

Choose a quality tent

or her own cooking kit will decide

help, when it comes to real

You are going to need a good tent,

much of what you can prepare. For

tent camping. Have no fear

and your outdoorsy pal will most

the sake of this first excursion, pick

grasshopper. I have gleaned

likely have a few. If you are picturing

up a few freeze dried camping meals

much over the years, and I

something in your mind that has

from your local camping store. They

am here to share all the gritty

multiple rooms and a front porch, get

are surprisingly decent. Remember,

details that a girl needs in

that out of your head sister, because

you’ve got to carry this stuff on your

order to know how to be able

you are going to need a tent that can

back, so leave the six pack of Coke

to tent camp like a boss.

handle anything Mother Nature may

at home.

wish to throw at it.

always carry water

Pack a sleeping bag

A water filter is highly recommended.

Now, a word of caution here. Your

And of course, don’t forget the

old, Duran Duran sleeping bag

instant coffee. This small effort will

just isn’t going to cut it on a chilly,

ensure that your camping friend


buddy to plan your meals, as his

Photo by Elvisdog Productions

remains your friend after this trip, and it will make you seem truly legit.

Bring a flashlight You will also need a flashlight. But

don't forget the fire

get yourself a head lamp instead.

You are going to want to make a fire

You will look much cooler in your

at night. Because even in the spring

Facebook pictures, and you will have

and summer it can get chilly up in

two hands free to zip up your tent

the mountains after dark. And it’s

and take your selfies.

true what they say about camp fires.

keep a hat handy

They are all warm and cheery, and everyone actually does think about singing 'Kumbyah.' Don’t do that though. It rarely actually happens, and your friend will make fun of you. So, while you are at the camp store, pick up a fire starter kit and a first aid kit, and learn how to use them. And then after your friend begins collecting the firewood you could casually say something like, “Hey friend, no worries, I brought my fire starter kit, would you like

Bring a trusty ball cap and save yourself from the bed–head–in–the– tent–door–photo, because we are not savages, here, are we?

Don’t forget to dress in layers, wear decent hiking shoes, and take lots of pictures.

Stay clean

*Check out the Mt. Pleasant area for a great first

Now in the interest of full

camping experience.

disclosure, I must be brutally


honest. You are roughing it. There are no facilities. Let me just say quietly that biodegradable wipes are a girl's best friend.

Melissa Williams enjoys hiking, weight training and traveling with her husband and their three mostly–grown children. Visit her site at

to use it?” Rad.


Playful Parenting Photo by Russell Darnell

spring has sprung! Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “When spring came… there were no problems except where to be happiest.” This spring, get outside! Teach your little ones to embrace the warmer weather and recognize the signs of new life emerging all around them. Here are some fun and creative ideas that you can do together in order to ‘be happiest’ with the most beautiful little blessings in your life.

Nature Accessories Adorn your child with newly grown flowers, leaves, and grass (weeds like clover flowers will work perfectly, too). Make a beautiful necklace from those pesky dandelions. Trim your grass and use it to form a crown. Pick some maple leaves, split open the sticky seeds, and place them on your child’s nose to create a horn.

Hatch a Butterfly

Pack a Picnic

This spring, go on a hunt for a

Whether it’s in your backyard, the

caterpillar. Store it in a large, net–

park, or the Peaks of Otter, lunch just

Set out a bird feeder with bird seed,

covered jar and continue to feed it

tastes better when you’re on a picnic.

and observe your visitors. Go to the

pieces of the plant you found it on.

Pack up your basket, blanket, favorite

library and find a simple bird guide

Read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”,

snacks, and sippy cups, of course, and

to help your child identify their new

and watch it transform day by day

enjoy a memorable afternoon with

feathered friends. Give your child

until a butterfly hatches!

your little ones. Don’t forget to lie on

Bird Watching

a camera, and allow them to take pictures of all of the different birds who visit.

Plant Sunflowers Help your child plant sunflowers,

your back and watch the clouds roll by, noticing the shapes they take as the wind blows.

and see how quickly they grow!

“When spring came… there were no problems except where to be happiest.” — (Ernest Hemingway)

Take pictures when you plant the seeds, when they sprout, when they grow taller than your toddler, and when you eat the seeds in late summer. What’s a better lesson than a beautiful flower and a snack?


Katelyn Rigg is a former English teacher turned stay–at–home mom. She loves her husband and two young children, her dear friends, and her life in Lynchburg.

Urbane Folklore FASHION In addition to being versed in all things urban, Deidre Stone enjoys being creative with her line of jewelry and fashion, Storm & Stress. She and her husband, Josh, enjoy their life in the Hill City of Lynchburg.

Shopping small boosts the economy of Central Virginia and supports the thousands of individuals who own and work in local businesses. We have wonderful resources for finding unique clothing in our area. Here are a few of my favorite local shops: Gladiola Girls


Very reminiscent of an Anthropologie

I love visiting Anastacia’s in

store, this boutique offers everything

Boonsboro. The owner, Anastacia,

from footwear and accessories to

is warm, inviting, and has such an

clothing for both casual and formal

eye for the unusual and special. Her

occasions. Owner, Renee, has an eye

shop is full of redesigned furniture,

for what’s in style and what looks

whimsical items, and one of a kind

good on each individual woman’s

vintage. If you’re searching for hand–

personal look and body type. To top

picked vintage, this is the place to go.

it off, this boutique often features the

There’s a little bit of everything for

artwork of local artists along with

everyone, and in the process you’re

fair trade gift items and wearables.

supporting a true local artist.

Bittersweet Clothing Company

310 Rosemont

Located in downtown Lynchburg,

If you’re looking for great clothing

this store provides wonderful quality

for both men and women, look

fashion. I always find something

no further than 310 Rosemont in

here to love. The owner, Shannon,

downtown Roanoke. They carry a

definitely has a knack for picking out

wonderful selection of quality denim

great brands that are represented in

brands and designer clothing

her shop. Some of my favorites finds

such as Marc by Marc Jacobs

are the simple and comfortable basics

and French Connection. I also love

by BBDakota and my weakness, Frye

going to 310 Rosemont as I am always

boots. As a bonus, Bittersweet also

greeted with a wag of a tail by their

has a location in Charlottesville.

furry friend and mascot, Semmi. Photos by Tommie Milacci Photography

Culture Not only is it wonderful to support local businesses, supporting local musicians is a great way to take pride in our area. You can do this by buying CDs, merchandise, or going to concerts. So let’s talk about venues that are nearby: The Jefferson – Charlottesville

Rivermont Pizza – Lynchburg

The National – Richmond

This old style theatre on the

Kill two birds with one stone and

Bigger name bands will come through

Downtown Mall has been

support local music at a local

this venue and will certainly not

transformed into a wonderful music

restaurant. Take time to enjoy dinner,

disappoint. With all that Richmond

venue that brings exceptional talent

drinks, and a show. Delicious pizza,

has to offer, why not make a day trip

to an intimate setting. Go early

local music, and a good time with

out of it and escape from the routine,

and grab dinner at one of the many

friends—what could be better?

even if just for a bit?

restaurants on the Downtown Mall. 25

Music Chuck Johnson Crows in the Basilica

Espers III

Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans

I never wanted this album to end and

This Philadelphia born group became

Thoughtful and evoking lyrics fill

couldn’t wait to listen to it again.

one of my favorite indie folk bands.

this folk album from beginning to

Folky acoustic guitar tunes fill this

Their tunes, somewhat reminiscent of

end. With banjo led songs laced with

album with gorgeous melodies that will

late 60’s folk, take me back to another

beautiful piano strains, “Seven Swans”

relax you and urge you to slow down.

time. Meg Baird’s soothing voice

effortlessly takes you from one alluring

As spring rolls in, find a good book,

and their gorgeously orchestrated

song to the next. My favorite track,

turn on this album, and feel the stress

instrumentals will get you hooked.

“The Transfiguration,” is the perfect

just melt away.

There’s also some 60’s psychedelic flare.

ending to the perfect album.


clutch goes Culinary For those of you who adore cooking, our culinary column is no stranger. Andrea Hubbell, a regular contributor, has had an eventful year. Not only did she become a mother (congratulations, Andrea!), but she also authored a cookbook, Charlottesville COMMONS, along with fellow foodie, Sarah Cramer Shields. These ladies are known for their knack of finding local sources for both ingredients and recipes, and here is a sampling of recipes from their cookbook itself. Enjoy!


With the return of spring, our taste buds yearn for something new. The rich, heavy foods of winter give way to the fresh, bright flavors of spring. As farmers’ markets reopen, we fill our baskets and kitchens with tastes of spring: tender peas, fresh greens, young onions, rich cauliflower, and delicate green beans. Add soft cow’s milk cheese, grass-fed duck, and a flaky cake and you’ve got yourself a springtime feast.

Double H Farm Arugula Dressed ingredients with Herbed Vinaigrette +

1 t dijon mustard 1 T red wine vinegar ½ c olive oil

Caromont Farm

chopped mix herbs, to taste


—such as rosemary, thyme,


sage, parsley, or basil salt and pepper, to taste

method Whisk mustard and vinegar together. Slowly whisk in oil until emulsified. Add salt, pepper, and chopped herbs. Charlottesville COMMONS 2013 is filled with stories, photographs, and recipes from local chefs, farmers, growers, bakers and food enthusiasts. It was created by Andrea and Sarah, photographers and co-creators of Beyond the Flavor, as well as their editor, Jenny Paurys. For more information head to

2013 | Volume 27 1

Roasted Duck Breast, Cauliflower Purée, Spring Vegetable Ragù, and Cherries Duck ingredients 4 duck breasts 1 T vegetable oil, for sautéing salt and pepper, to taste

method Heat pan to low-medium heat and

Califlower Purée

Vegetable Ragù

add oil. Season breasts and place



in pan, skin side down. Cook for 7

1 head cauliflower, chopped

1 c peas, blanched

minutes, then flip over and cook 3

3 c milk

1 c green beans, blanched

salt, to taste

1 T butter

more minutes. Remove from pan and allow to rest 5 minutes.

plate Place cauliflower purée on plate and top with ragù. Slice duck and place on top of ragù. Garnish with cherries and micro greens.


1/4 c water

method Place cauliflower, milk and salt in a


pot. Bring to a boil and reduce to a

Place water and butter in pan and

simmer. Simmer for 15 minutes, or

heat until butter melts. Add peas

until cauliflower is tender. Strain,

and green beans and sauté over

reserving milk. Place cauliflower in

medium heat until liquid is gone. Be

a blender with ½ cup of the cooking

careful not to heat too high too fast

liquid and blend until smooth.

because you will break the sauce.

clutch goes Culinary

Puréed Soup of Summer Onions, Fava Beans and English Peas with Coriander and Buttermilk, Dusted with Sumac Ingredients


1 ½ c shelled English peas

Shell and clean fava beans by ripping open the pods and removing the

1 ½ c shelled/cleaned fava beans

white husks. Either scrape off husk to reveal the light green bean or blanch quickly to help loosen husks before removing.

1 T ground coriander 1 t ground cumin (ideally freshly toasted and ground) 3–4 c water or vegetable stock 1 good handful fresh mint and

In stockpot, sauté the spring onions and white onion in olive oil over medium heat, for 5–7 minutes, until translucent. Add garlic and ginger. Turn up heat to medium-high, add peas and favas, and sauté until heated through.

cilantro, chopped Add ground coriander, ground cumin, and vegetable stock or water salt and pinch of cayenne, to taste 3 T lemon juice ½–1 c buttermilk or yogurt sumac for garnish

(enough liquid to make a moderately loose soup). Bring to a boil and reduce to simmer for just 3–5 minutes. Quick chill (I use a bowl in an ice bath or immersion cooler), add chopped herbs, cayenne, and lemon juice before blending or puréeing in a food processor or blender. Add enough buttermilk to reach desired consistency. Serve in chilled bowl and garnish with sumac. Makes about 2 quarts. Will serve 8–12 as a first course, 25–30 as an hors d’oeuvre.


Photo by KD Burke Photography

The Embellished Life

Tribal, geometric and optical

springing your closet and home

illusion prints were seen on

Ah spring...budding daffodils,

themselves to an almost tropical

crisp bright mornings, and shiny

look. And also, as always, the

warm afternoons. With the birds

romantic and bohemian florals

chirping and the bees buzzing,

have been in the previews.

runways in Paris and beyond. Others included artistry or brushstroke prints that lent

it’s like a symphony for the eyes and ears. (Of course, we will try to

For home décor, pops of

forget the allergens for a minute in

color are still on trend.

this particular scenario!) It’s also a

Reds, oranges, mustards and

refreshing time to enjoy the spring

aquas jump out on fields of gray

trends that 2014 has in store for us!

or chalky white. As for patterns, florals mixed with stripes, soft

According to ‘The Experts,’

geometric patterns, and yes, a bit

the Pantone color of spring

more chevron.

is ‘Dazzling Blue’ or cobalt. I happen to love the color myself!

I like buying new things in the

You purple lovers will enjoy the

spring to freshen up my wardrobe

number two and three color ‘Violet

and home for the year. That can

Tulip’ and ‘Radiant Orchid.’ I’m excited

come with a tinge of guilt after

for those colors, but what does that

the not–too–long–ago holiday

mean for our patterns–to–be? And


what shall we do with them?


Spring pantone colors:







Here are my tips for a little insertion of spring with little exertion on your wallet’s part: Start small! It sounds silly, but seriously — pick one thing in each room that needs to be replaced. Maybe for the bathroom

Base your choices on what you

Buy your basic items first, and then

actually enjoy and feel good wearing.

add your trendy items one at a time.

Consign, give away or repurpose the

Trendy items are often impulsive and

items you can’t use, but attempt these

subjective to our mood at the time we

two things beforehand: 

buy them. Think long and hard about

it’s the shower curtain or even just

each one of those items, especially if

the soap dish. For the kitchen it may

1st: Lay out and snap a photo of

be the cafe curtain. The living room

the clothes that you are getting rid

may need a new floral pillow or one

of. This ensures that when you are

in bold black and white stripes. Carry

shopping you don’t buy that item

Now that you know the colors and

that list with you, and each pay

again. It will also help you remember

patterns and have a game plan to get

period attempt to check one or two

what styles/color/patterns don’t

a bit of a spring in your step,

items off the list. You’ll be surprised

work for you.

get started and have fun!

how much something little, like a soap dish, can refresh a room. Clean out your closet!

2nd: Make a list of the basic items you are missing such as a white tank, black camisole, or denim jacket. Then list some novelty or trendy

Go through your clothes, and don’t

items you would like to add.

the load you just got rid of was full of trendy threads.

When Michelle isn’t planning and creating handbags for her company elle & anne, she enjoys decorating her own home where she spends time with her husband, David, and their three dogs.

keep items just because they fit.





Snap Happy soak up the sun

The weather is heating up! We want to see how you’re enjoying the beautiful days. Instagram photos of your outdoor adventures with #clutchsnaphappy for possible inclusion in our next issue!









Planning for a road trip. Feeling short of breath and more tired than usual. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Implemented lifestyle changes, including cardiac rehabilitation. Began seeing improvements every week. Living with heart disease is doable. Now instead of planning a road trip, the trip is booked. So grateful Carilion is here.



Rema Martin, 62, Wirtz, Va.


When it comes to matters of the heart, we’re here to care for you and your condition. As the region’s leading heart care team, with trained experts to treat and manage congestive heart failure, we’re helping improve the lives of patients. And with clinics in Roanoke, Lexington, Franklin County, and the New River Valley, patients are able to receive treatment close to their homes.


To watch Rema’s story, visit

34 • 800-422-8482

Clutch Spring 2014  

Our spring issue is filled with fun, warm weather (and party!) ideas for ladies to enjoy.

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