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Creating a Collage of Memories After a season full of events and activities you are sure to have plenty of photos and souvenirs of fun times with family and friends. Why not consider transforming those keepsakes into an art collage? The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge got together

great Ideas of Collages to Create

to create a DIY project just for our readers, so get ready to design your own work of art. • For a 50th anniversary, collect STEP 1 - Select a theme or activity,

the paper. Wet the areas that seem

photos and mementos from their

and make copies of the items you

to have dried again, and repeat the

wedding to display in a collage.

wish to use. Laser copies work best

process. Let the transfer dry. Never

as the toner is not water-soluble, and

pour the paper-soaked water or

always be sure to do a test copy.

rubbings down the drain. Work on

• Beach memories can linger

newspaper, and dispose the refuse STEP 2 -Create the transfer by paper, and be sure to place the printed side of the paper copy to the sticky side of the contact paper. Press very hard using an “edge” of a plastic card to burnish.

and photos of your family at the seashore.

into the trash.

covering the copy with clear contact

year round with sand, shells

STEP 4 -Lay out the colorful

• Love pansies? Collect images of

patterned transfer onto a painted

pansies along with actual flowers

canvas board. Craft paints, stamps,

to preserve in your art collage.

stencils, and colorful papers are

Almost any interest can be turned

just a few of the embellishments

into a piece of art with this

possible. Glue the transfers and other


embellishments using acrylic gel (be

• A 1st birthday can be

sure to look for acrylic gel in a jar, not

commemorated with a napkin

a squeeze bottle). The product should

from the party, a cute cupcake

not be a stiff paste or a watery liquid

topper and images from the party

but somewhere in between. Don’t


hesitate to add items like shells,


buttons or other treasures. The gel

• Take a nature walk scavenger

dries clear and can be also used as a

hunt and collect leaves, small

final coat.

pebbles and flowers, and also include a photo of the person on

STEP 3 -To remove the paper backing

the walk in the collage.

(from the paper copy) rub it with sandpaper, and then soak it in water. It is easy to rub off the image, so be slow and cautious using your

upcoming local art shows to check out

fingertips. Some parts of the photo will become almost clear while others will retain some “fuzz” from



Photos provided by Double Line Painters The Double Line Painters consist of Sue Furrow, Judy Lochbrunner, Linda Schaar, Bonnie Mason, Mary Anne Meador and Midge Ovenshire.

October 2 “Preserving Precious Memories”, 2nd Helpings Gallery, Roanoke, 2ndhelpings.org October 4-20 “Town and Country” art show, Lynchburg Art Club, Lynchburg, lynchburgartclub.org October 7-31 “Double or Nothing” art show, Goose Creek Studio, Bedford, goosecreekstudio.com


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Clutch Fall 2013  

This issue features a home tour, a cancer survivor and many other things to inspire women.

Clutch Fall 2013  

This issue features a home tour, a cancer survivor and many other things to inspire women.