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The Center for Leadership & Service Annual Report 2012-2013

AB OU T US The Center for Leadership & Service The Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) educates students through meaningful experiences designed to prepare socially responsible individuals to create positive sustainable change. The Center fosters lifelong service and civic participation by engaging the University with its greater community in action, change, and learning, We focus on the areas of advocacy, community engagement, mentoring, and student development in order to involve UF students in the betterment of the community. The CLS provides education programs, workshops and conferences, coordinates community service, leadership, social justice and service learning opportunities for students.

florida alternative breaks had


650 in attendance at our days of service

participants totaling




service hours


volunteers in attendance at our Volunteer Organization fairs

trips with 2 international trips

70 volunteer organizations in attendance for fall 2012 and spring 2013 fairs


1500 total hours




increase from last year

increase from last year

600 Individual hours

for the “servant leader of the year”

Davis project for peace 2013 selected one project

“Peace through Partnership” (Haiti)

Presidential Service Award

To receive a $10,000 grant

Com m u n i t y En g aagg em e m eenntt

What does it mean to us? We provide students the opportunity to learn about social issues in the local, national, and global communities. Our community engagement programs prepare students to become active citizens through direct-service, exposure to the non-profit sector, and service-learning opportunities.

MLK day of service

248 Participants totaling

550 service hours

Programs & events

300 breakfast snacks donated by the collier company for the participants

Volunteer Organization Fair

800 students in attendance

70 volunteer organizations and nonprofits in attendance

$2,000 grant from target corp

Gator Plunge

400 Florida Alternative Breaks


Participants totaling

1,143 service hours

participants totaling

9,650 service hours

19 trips with

2 international trips trained and educated

gator global initiative



annual Gator Global Initiative

38 site leaders on working with their specific social issues and in pre and post trip service

Davis Project for Peace

$10,000 grant given to UF students

Gator Plunge Gator Plunge is a single-day service project where hundreds of volunteers will branch out into various areas of Gainesville to participate in exciting service projects. Service projects include working with animals, art and culture, youth development, elder care, environmental issues, homelessness and housing, and much more. Students are able to learn about service opportunities in Gainesville, meet new people and network with campus leaders,and experience their community first-hand.

some Sites Include:

“Because of Gator Plunge 2012, I see the opportunity of making more of a change in the Gainesville community.” - 1st year Business Administration Student

“ FAB has been such an incredible experience. I’ve learned something new on each service trip I’ve been on. I credit FAB for meeting really cool people, doing really incredible service, and motivating me to pursue the prospects of global medicine. FAB has been such a major part of my undergraduate experience, and I cannot wait to see how it impacts me as I graduate and go on to future studies and adventures.” - Rebecca Le (2012-13 Site Leader)

Florida Alternative Breaks Florida Alternative Breaks (FAB) through education, service, and reflection provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a particular social issue. They seek to heighten social awareness through regional and international service trips during academic breaks. With the passion, knowledge, and relationships gained from their experiences, members will become life-long advocates for social justice in their communities.

MLK day of service Join other UF and SFC students and community members in remembering the legacy of Dr. King by giving back to the Gainesville community. Students learn about local service opportunities, meet new people, experience the Gainesville community first hand, and celebrate Dr. King!

“A Day on, not a day off some SITES INCLUDE:

Volunteer Organization Fair Every semester the Center provides a place for students to find information about social issues and service opportunities they are passionate about. The Volunteer Organization Fair provides the UF community with this opportunity to connect with students and community organizations who share similar interest. Service related student and community organizations all join in one location to recruit volunteers, and collaborate with other similar organizations.

CLS Issue Last years issue was: Human Rights

Every year the Center chooses one social issue as its focus for programming for the entire academic year. This is a great opportunity for students to engage with their peers in discussing and experiencing a relevant concern in our world.

This past year the Center hosted a kick off event on the Plaza of the Americas with information on human rights in Gainesville Cherly Duckworth, professor at Nova Southeastern University, came to talk to students about peace building and human rights.

Gator Global Initiative Gator Global Initiative is a social justice conference designed to educate students and student organizations about social issues. Participants have the opportunity to develop goals and projects to create change locally, nationally, and globally and hear from experts in fields like global health, poverty alleviation, education, and energy and climate change/sustainability Dr. Pedro Greer served as the Keynote speaker sharing his time as a Humanitarian Physician founding a clinic for low income residents. Hosted three panels focus on human rights, environmental sustainability, and economic development. Had nine skill sessions on for students to choose from. Some included “Collaborative Team Building,” “Creating a Business Plan,” “Generating Powerful Advocacy,” and “Work with Purpose.”

Projects for Peace

The Davis Projects for Peace initiative offers college students the opportunity to create and implement proposals for building peace in the 21st century. This year 9 student teams applied with a variety of advocacy-based projects and one was selected at the national level to receive a $10,000 grant for their projects. Project for Peace Winner: “Peace through Partnership: Educational Reform in Cap-Haitian Haiti”: Projects for Haiti’s goal was to partner with Haitian teachers in order to strengthen and secure a brighter tomorrow. Education levels in Haiti are strikingly low with the literacy rate at 53% and retention of students past the 6th grade level below 30%. The beautiful country of Haiti faces a great shortage of educational supplies and qualified teachers, and their aim was to support and equip teachers through educational seminars. Through this project they affirm their belief that children are the future of every society but teacher play a critical role in preparing, encouraging and securing their future. In June of 2013, a group of 8 US teachers and 2 helpers hosted Projects for Haiti’s 2nd annual Educators Professional Development

Conference, with 135 Haitian educators in attendance. During this 4-day conference, the US teachers taught the Haitian Educators in best practices in education, math, sciences, reading and writing. One of the greatest accomplishments of the conference was the birth of Teachers Association. Fifteen of the attending educators decided to create an association of teachers that travels around Haiti presenting the material that was taught during the conference. 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 49% Adult Literacy 15% Qualified Teachers


WHY Mentor? As a Center, we believe in the power of positive influences. University of Florida students give back to the community by enriching the lives of elementary, middle, and high school students through our mentoring programs. They inspire, motivate, encourage and empower young lives.

Project M.A.S.C.O.T mentored

76 Elementary school students at Terwilliger elementary giving a total of

1520 Programs & events


After school gators Approximately

Gator Teen Mentors mentored

43 high school students giving a total of

430 hours

127 mentors worked with “at-risk� students at

5 different elementary schools: Willaims, rawlings, lake forest, metcalfe, and idlywild

Motiv8 mentored

after school gators

120 middle school students dedicating over

2880 hours at howard bishop, lincoln and westwood middle school

Williams Elementary Rawlings elementary Lake Forest Elementary Metcalfe Elementary Idylwild elementary

Project Mascot Terwilliger elementary

mentoring programs Motiv8


Howard bishop middle lincoln middle westwood middle

UF students mentored k-12 students in Alachua County public schools dedicating over


gator teen mentors

to mentoring

gainesville high eastside high

Gator Teen mEntors Gator Teens Mentors are committed to providing “atrisk” high school students with the resources and skills to successfully pursue a higher education. This yea Gator Teens successfully completed their third year in partnership with East Side High School.

“It helped me recognize that there is always a need for mentors and volunteers in Alachua County. By working with my student, I have seen the positive impact it has had on his character and grades, but I also see how much more can be accomplished.” -Gator Teen Mentor

After-school Gators Mentors student in various elementary schools during their after school programs, where they help with homework, play kickball, do art and many other fun activities.

“Spending time with these children, who right now have hopes and dreams and aspirations despite the difficult circumstances in which they live, has given me a desire to do my part in improving the outlook of at-risk youth. I’ll be going to medical school in the fall, and my experiences with ASG have made me sure that i want to practice medicine in the most needy and under deserved areas in our country.” -ASG Mentor

project mascot (Mentoring Alliance: Students and Communities Outreaching Together) is a one-year program where college students mentor at a local elementary school that has received C grade or below during the previous year. In order to celebrate the student’s accomplishments; mentors coordinate a trip to an Orlando theme park at the end of year.

“One thing Project Mascot did well as an organization was that they had a dominating presence at the elementary school. The mentors were respected by teacher and every time I went, there were other mentors there at the same time.” - Project Mascot Mentor

Motiv8 Motiv-8 is a mentoring group dedicated to fostering relationships between “at-risk” middle school students and caring University of Florida volunteers.

“ Motiv8 has helped me recognize that there is always a need for mentors and volunteers in Alachua County. By working with my student, I have seen the positive impact it has had on his character and grades, but I also see how much more can be accomplished.” -Motiv8 Mentor

Leadership Development

What is Leadership Development? We strongly believe that all students have the potential to be leaders. Through our programs, conferences, and institutes, we assist student in developing the necessary skills to assume roles of leadership and service in a culturally diverse and increasingly complex society.


47 students attended the Florida leadershape institute 2012 from

Programs & events

Florida State College at Jacksonville Saint Leo University University of Central FLorida University of Florida University of west florida

LIVE CLS topics included:

CLS ambassadors Tabled for the cls at

13 events and hosted

“power up your leadership” workshop series including presentations on the UF leadership model, “Leading with integrity,” the “Collaborating with others”, “Leadership and social responsibility”, and “self awareness”

“Uf leadership model”, “strengths quest”, “social responsibility”, and “human rights” Students also participated in a challenge course at

Camp Mcconnell and a service project at

Food 4 kids backpack program

Center for leadership and service

Ambassadors Center for Leadership and Service Ambassadors are a select group of students who serve as para-professionals to promote the Center and its mission on campus and in the community. They facilitate curricular and co-curricular presentations on leadership and service topics, aid the Center during large events, and assists with other Center programs and services throughout the year.

leadershape Leadershape is an intensive, energizing, six-day educational experience designed to equip young adults to become extraordinary leaders. More than 30,000 participants from over 500 different colleges, universities, corporations, and organizations across America have graduated from the program.

Guest Leader Panelists:

Dr. Nicole Steadman

Facilitators included faculty, staff and students from many different institutions:

Associate Professor of Leadership in University of Florida’s Department of Agricultural Education and Communication

Lead facilitator: Viancca Williams, Assistant Director of Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, University of South Florida

Brian R. Scarborough

Lead Facilitator: Chris Jensen, Assistant Director of Leadership & Service Learning, Oakland University

from Scarborough Insurance

Megan Degance Associate publisher of HOME: Living in the Heart of Florida

Debbie Mason President & CEO of United Way of North Central Florida

Josh Funderburke Executive Director of the UF Center for Leadership and Service serving as moderator

Cluster Facilitator: Dr. Mel Norwood, Campus Achievement Leader, Florida State College at Jacksonville Cluster Facilitator: Dave Sullivan, Assistant Director of Career & Leadership programs, Heavener School of Business, University of Florida Cluster facilitator: Karley Counts, Coordinator of Competitive Sports, University of Florida Cluster Facilitator: Brittney Beck, Doctoral Student, Science Education, University of Florida Cluster facilitator: Jessica Tweed, Fraternity & Sorority Life Coordinator, University of West Florida On site facilitators: Woodjerry Louis, Student University of Florida

“I really enjoyed my time at LeaderShape, I loved that the program was free. most leadership retreats and conferences are really expensive. LeaderShape is a hidden treasure. It was one of the best experiences Ive had. Ive learned about myself, how to become a better leader and the value of being open and vulnerable with others. I met the most amazing individuals and college leaders during these six days. I will always cherish this experience and the people I’ve met.” - LeaderShape participant

LIVE CLS LIVE CLS is a three day interactive experience that provides incoming first-year and transfer students with a proven dedication to community betterment, with the opportunity to explore leadership and responsible citizenship in the Gator Nation. Through participation in community service, workshops, speakers, a challenge course, as well as interaction with campus leaders, LIVE CLS participants begin discovering their own path for creating positive sustainable change while at the University of Florida and beyond. LIVE stands for Lead, Inspire, Volunteer, and Engage.

“I really enjoyed this weekend and feel like it gave me a head start to the semester. Without this program I probably would have delayed getting involved...� - first year UF student

Awards & Recognition

CLS Awards & Recognition Every year we University of Florida students, faculty, and community partners unselfishly dedicate their time to serving the community. Whether they are advocating for a social issue, performing community service, mentoring, developing student leaders, teaching a service-learning class, or planning a service event they are unsung heroes of social change and community improvement

E.T. York Work of Heart Awards Since 1971 the Work of Heart Awards, renamed in 2011 as the “E.T. York Work of Heart Awards” in memory of Dr. E.T. York, has honored the volunteers in the Gainesville/Alachua County community and the impact they make.

2013 Recipient Angela Garcia, Assistant Director of CLS, writes, “...Dan surprises me each day with his level of dedication and commitment to others. He truly is a role model for social responsibility to other college students. He is a humble volunteer that never asks for recognition and I believe he deserves this award for all of his hard work.”

Dan sibol Motiv8 Mentoring Program Director won the E.T. York Work of Heart Awards for Collegiate- University of Florida Category

Other Center programs nominated for the Work of Heart Award were: - After School Gators (mentoring) - Florida Alternative Breaks - Courtney Hassan for her work as the Project Mascot fundraiser

Presidential Service Award This award program, sponsored by the University of Florida Presidents Office, recognizes undergraduates and graduate students who have dedicated their time and efforts while at the University of Florida to promoting social justice, community awareness, and civic engagement on campus and in the community. The Presidential Service Award is a chance to acknowledge those students who have made outstanding efforts towards community service and too often go unrecognized and unrewarded for their selfless labor. this year the University awarded The University also recognizes a student as Servant Leader of the Year at this ceremony. This year’s Student Leader of the Year is Casey Runte, who gave 600 hours to volunteer activities such as Camp Kesem, a national nonprofit organization that hosts one-week summer camps for children of cancer patients; Sidney Lanier Center in Gainesville, a PK-12 school that provides special education needs; and Williams Elementary school, a Gainesville elementary school.

60 students who dedicated more than

100 hours each of direct community service

Total service numbers were:

11,963 hours served

35 community agencies served

43% increase in applicants

Students awarded: Eric Gibbs for

Distinguished mentor

Dana Fletcher for

Extraordinary Student

Victoria Garcia (F.A.B) for

Outstanding Executive Board Member

Linda Leucking (Wilmot Gardens) for Leadership and Service Advocate

Amelia Schlak

(Center for Leadership & Service)

for Emerging leader

Model of Leadership:

The Center for Leadership & service

Impact awards CLS Impact Awards is the culmination of all the efforts, time and commitment to service and leadership of all our students, faculty, friends, and community partners. It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the dedicated efforts of our volunteers and community agencies that have been committed to volunteerism both personally and professionally. There were 12 recipients in the organization, community, and individual categories this year. We have approximately 50 students, faculty and friends who joined us to celebrate the achievements of our office, student organizations, friends and staff.

Dan Sibol, Motiv8 Director Hannah Becker, CLS Ambassador Mari Carmen Gonzalez, FAB

Most Collaborative Community Agency Food for Kids Backpack Program

Most Supportive Business Donor The Collier Companies

Site Leader Pair of the Year Jason Scislaw and Cara Snider, Spring Break 2013 HIV/AIDS trip to Mobile, AL

Staff 2012 - 2013

contact us: Center for Leadership and Service 301 Peabody Hall PO Box 114135 Gainesville, FL 32611 Phone: 352-392-1215 Fax: 352-392-121 Email: UFCLS @leadservegrow UF Center for Leadership and Service #UFgivesback

The Center for Leadership and Service  

Annual Report 2012-2013