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September 2013

Sn Saf ip ety pe ts A month ahead of changes to first aid regulations, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published guidance to help businesses put in place appropriate arrangements for the provision of first aid. From 1 October 2013, the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 will be amended, to remove the requirement for HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications. The changes are part of HSE’s work to make it easier for businesses and other users to understand how to comply with health and safety law, whilst maintaining standards. They apply to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. Andy McGrory, HSE’s policy lead for First Aid, said: “From October, HSE will no longer approve first-aid training and qualifications. The guidance documents clarify what the law requires and provide practical help to businesses in assessing and understanding their first aid needs. Where a first aider is required, the guidance documents make it clear that the employer is free to select a training provider who is best suited to those needs. “We have taken onboard comments and suggestions that we have received through our public consultations on the changes and from extended stakeholder discussions and business input to ensure the guidance provides everything an employer will need to manage their first aid requirements.” Advance copies of ‘The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981’, ‘Regulations and Guidance (L74)’ and ‘Selecting a first-aid training provider (GEIS3)’ are now available on the HSE website. L74 is aimed at all industries and takes account of the amendment to regulation 3(2), which removes the requirement for HSE to approve the training and qualifications of appointed first-aid personnel, and incorporates some additional amendments brought about by other previous legislative changes. The legal requirement for employers to ensure they make adequate provision for first aid, in accordance with their first aid needs assessment, will remain unchanged. Comply at Work will continue to provide approved training at a high standard. Our next one day Emergency First aid course runs on Friday 1st November 2013 and Friday 29 November 2013. The full 3 day First aid qualification runs on 13, 14 and 15 January 2014.

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Comply at Work

One day emergency first aid course Accredited to level 2 Friday 1 November & Friday 29th November 2013 Call us now for details! Tel 01204 772977 or 07792 400 503 Free manual and id card Hse approved and certificated Competitive price just ÂŁ85 +vat

Please let us know if you have any dietary, access or learning requirements


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Sn Saf ip ety pe ts

The nights are drawing in. Do you know someone who has just started High School or University? Help them learn more about personal safety: We also deliver Personal Safety training to businesses. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Are personal headphones banned? Q. You’ve heard that the HSE has recently banned the use of personal music players with headphones in the workplace. Is this true? A. There are no specific health and safety regulations or HSE guidance that ban the use of headphones in the workplace. Whether they can be worn or not should be identified by risk assessment. In environments such as a warehouse, where staff need to be aware of vehicle movements etc., prohibiting their use is a good idea. In low-risk workplaces, such as an office, there are no real safety grounds to ban them.

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Comply at Work

Off the hook for safety? The Forum of Private Business

According to the Forum of Private Business, from October “sweeping changes” to safety laws will significantly reduce the burden on employers. Is this really going to happen? Interesting findings. The Forum of Private Business (FPB) is a national business support group for small and medium-sized businesses. It recently carried out research amongst 4,000 of its members. One of the findings was that health and safety is the third biggest source of compliance expenditure for small firms. It also identified that spending on external consultants is up by 19%. This has led the FPB to conclude that the government’s promise to cut red tape isn’t happening. Conclusions. However, according to the FPB, the situation is about to change. In its summary of findings the FPB states, “Changes to the law in October should really see health and safety costs come down as the onus shifts to employees having to take more of a responsibility for their own safety in the workplace, and the end of strict liability for employers will mean firms can’t be held responsible for accidents beyond their control”. Is this really the case?

True? The government has yet to confirm whether the legal position on strict liability will change. Even if it does, employers are certainly not going to be let off the hook to the extent suggested. As we stated previously, if the changes are made, the significant impact will be on civil not criminal cases. If, for example, an individual is seriously injured at work, either the HSE or the local authority will investigate. Inspectors will check that the business has robust health and safety systems in place. Ignore any organisation that gives the impression that this isn’t going to happen. So, Employers aren’t going to be let off the hook from October. Planned changes to strict liability law will impact civil not criminal cases. Ignore any reports which imply that you can drop your guard.

Tip Now isn’t the time to drop your guard. Having documentation in place will help you to fend off both enforcement action and civil claims.


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Comply at Work

FREE Personal Resilience Training Taster!! To celebrate the opening of our new training facility we are offering a FREE taster session on this fun and interactive yet valuable session Personal Resilience. Places are limited and on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us as soon as possible to register your interest and further details will be issued nearer the time

Beating stress before it beats you! Research has shown that the number one reason for staff absenteeism is due to stress. If you’ve not been affected yourself, you’ll know someone who has!

Our Resilience Training is proactive, preventative & designed to build your ability to manage in difficult situations. We use evidence-based positive psychology and emotional intelligence techniques to dramatically increase your resilience factors with strategies, skills and proven techniques to prepare you for challenging times. We will be offering FREE taster sessions lasting around 2 hours from the Autumn. These can either be at our new training centre in Bolton or on your site. Demand is likely to be high, so please contact us soon to register your interest!


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Comply at Work

New RIDDOR Regulations published On 1 October the updated Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) come into force. What’s new?

After a great deal of talk about simpler regulations etc., the HSE has started to deliver - starting with RIDDOR 2013. These have been tackled first because the current regulations are so complicated that many people have failed to understand them properly. This has frequently led to incidents being reported to the HSE incorrectly, or not reported at all. By updating the legislation and making it much easier to understand, and comply with, the HSE hopes that reporting standards will improve. Tip. Don’t forget that the HSE bases much of its enforcement officers’ activities on the information it receives from those complying with the Regulations and that will continue to be the case. So, when reporting an incident avoid making statements which might suggest that further investigation is required.

What’s changed? The structure has been revamped. This includes simplifying the reporting categories. Now there’s a shorter list of “major injuries” (broken bones etc.); fewer types of reportable dangerous occurrence; and the schedule of 47 types of industrial disease has been replaced with eight categories of reportable work-related illness. What’s the same? Reporting mechanisms and timescales have remained untouched. This includes the reporting requirements for fatal accidents, those involving nonworkers (including members of the public), and those which incapacitate workers for more than seven days. Tip. We’ve produced a quick guide to RIDDOR 2013, which includes full details of the changes. You should keep this with your accident book to help you to identify what needs to be reported, how, when and by whom. To summarise: The whole structure of RIDDOR has been revamped and simplified. Fewer major illnesses, dangerous occurrences and ill health/disease conditions will need to be reported. If in any doubt, please contact us for advice.


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How to set goals you’ll actually achieve 1. Find a Real Challenge

4. Share

Make your goal compelling and achievable–yet challenging. Brilliant minds need a challenge; otherwise boredom will set in and your plan will fall to the wayside. State your goal in writing.

Bring others into your vision by sharing your vision with employees and others who are critical to achieving company goals. Help them to connect to it as well. Ask them what these goals mean to them and what exciting outcome they can attach to the vision. Share this exercise with them and encourage them to create a vision board too!

2. Stick to Positive Emotional Connectors Make a list of the positive things that will result from achieving this goal. Stay away from subtly negative statements like “I will worry less.” Dig for things that excite you. Your outcome must be something that you look forward to with great anticipation and enthusiasm. 3. Create a Vision Board Find compelling images that represent your outcome. If an increase in revenue means that you can take a family holiday, find images of where you would like to go. If it means that you will have the budget to work with a distributor who has connections to your ideal clients, find images of your prospect’s logos or storefront. Cut your images out and glue them onto a poster or piece of paper. Congratulations! You have just created a vision board!

5. Have Patience Now it’s time to allow the process to do its magic. Make time to contemplate your vision board and feel the rewards associated with achievement. Do this daily. The more passionate you feel about your outcome the more driven you will become. Make sure to recognise every small step that takes you closer to your desired outcome. Entrepreneurs often dismiss these achievements. Celebrate them! Recall the passion that brought you to this business–and reconnect with it often.


Source: Business Matters

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a d v e rt ise wit h u s f or u n d er ÂŁ10 p e r m on t h

At Finchey Ltd, we aim to be your dedicated supplier. We promise to offer 100% Customer dedication followed up by our Customer Service delivery. Our Team is focused on providing Quality Products at Great Prices, we have a National Business Development Manager who has experience of working with a leading manufacturer in the industry and we believe we can carry that expertise forward to offer you the best service at the best prices. Finchey Ltd was formed as we felt that there was a gap in the market for excellent customer service and leading-edge industry advice coupled with quality products that cater for all budgets and business sizes. We fully understand your business needs & requirements for your PPE supplies, therefore we aim to give the most competitive quote in the market place for with right products that do the job. For your FREE, no obligation quote please contact our Team on 01204 417151

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