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The Clothes Maiden A journal for the creative and fashionable minds

Edition 5. Feb/Mar 2012

A journal for the fashionable and creative minds.

Can you believe we are at the fifth edition already?

Want to share your label with me? I’d love to hear from you. Twitter: Clothes_Maiden Email: Website: Don’t be shy. xx

Oh my goodness, where do I start with this one? My good friend who’s an incredible illustrator, Stephanie Morris got involved to help create this issue, along with Fiona Biddington who I can’t thank enough.

Everyday I write a list, containing fashion labels, links, designers and blogs that I find floating about the Internet. I get to the end of that month and this is how I start The Clothes Maiden magazine. I’m so proud of this edition. I feel like bursting in to a million different pieces. It’s lovely to welcome new people to our team, such as Karin Kirsten, I’m such a huge fan of her work.

I want to thank Sini Moilanen from the independent fashion label, Tramp In Disguise for the interview. I’m also excited to show you Lauren Louw’s label, Joey & Julia. Let’s get cracking! Grab a packet of Thorntons Mini Chocolate Fudge Brownies, make a cup of tea and enjoy every page.

Clothes Maiden Contents

8 Madame Lolina

18 Golden Ponies

14 Pretty Things We Like

50 Adelina Mictlan


56 The Cake League

18 Golden Ponies




52 Rouge Pony

24 Tramp in Disguise

58 Oh Deer Dry Goods

34 Shelter

62 Fashion Splashed With Arts and Crafts

42 Death Traitors

69 Katherine Tromans

28 Blackchapel

38 Kan Dee Shop


46 Ryan Roche

60 Joey & Julia

65 Slanelle Style

44 Tiny Crystals

74 Playlist

Editor: Stephanie Anderson

Kan Dee Shop


Contributors: Kellie Griffiths Karin Kirsten

Illustrators: Fiona Biddington Stephanie Morris

Please tell us a bit about yourself? I'm an illustrator currently living in Seoul, South Korea, I majored in fashion design but chose to be a freelance illustrator because I feel that drawing is far more attractive to me. 
It makes it possible to express myself and make me feel special; by creating my own world, my illustrations is the most entrancing experience in my whole life.

Madame Lolina is a super talented illustrator who is based in Seoul, South Korea. When we discovered her pretty artwork, we wanted to know more about the artist behind such delicate illustrations. An interview with Madame Lolina.


Do you have a particular favourite illustration that you have drawn? My personal favourites are the older ones- “We feel the same” series. I drew them when I felt really depressed and I was totally consoled after finishing. I also like “Fanning Sisters” because I love them so much!

What inspires you to get started on a new illustration? Recently I’ve been inspired by vintage girls from 1960-1970s. Those images make my heart pound, they make me imagine their secret lives totally different from ours. 
I especially love the retro patterns and clothes they wore, such as ribbons, Mary Janes, lace and old style dresses. Also, the movies directed by Tarsem Singh, Joe Wright and Sofia Coppola are magnificent inspirations. I watched Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and The Virgin Suicides more than 10 times. 
I'm still in love with the beautiful scenes in those movies.


What’s been the best thing that’s happened to you so far in your artistic career? I recently illustrated an ‘Alice Music’ concert poster, it was fantastic because I’m a big fan of the musicians of Alice Music; Lee Jang Hyuk & Nabi. I illustrated each one of them in my style, so I felt like I was inviting them to my world. They are having a cup of tea and below are some crows in depressing weather. They liked it so much and I realised that I feel really happy when someone I really look up to says my work is great.

Do you work or is illustrating your main job? I used to work as a photographer at an online apparel company but I am turning into a freelance illustrator. It’s been only four months since I buckled down to drawing. I’m planning to work with clients and have my own label that produces notes, stickers, cards and other things with my illustrations.

Do you have any favourite artists who you look up to? There are so many artists who I admire, but my favourite three are; Raphaël (My Dead Pony) Denise Nestor (Trees For The Woods) Coco (Coco Pit) They have both the perfect technique and creativity which I ultimately aim for.



Are you just as passionate about anything else?

Who are these girls who you tend to draw? More and more people are discovering you on the Internet, how do you feel to see so many people admiring your artwork?

These girls are the ones I really want to be who are very confident and feminine. Drawing is the process that satisfies my desire that opens up a whole new world.

How long have you been drawing for? 
I attended an art institute for a college entrance examination when I was 17 years old and 
after becoming a university student, I started to draw freely in my spare time.
 It was just scribbles at first but I became more and more exquisite as I came up with more ideas. 
I think I should spend a lot more time drawing because it’s not enough compared to other illustrators, I hesitated for so long.


I really appreciate it because I get favourable responses from many other countries even though I only upload my work to Tumblr & Flickr. It’s an amazing experience and it encourages me so much. Sometimes, just like other aspiring artists, I feel as though my career isn’t going anywhere and I can’t find any hope- as some may already know, it’s quite tough to earn a living as an artist, (especially in my country), but the responses I get awaken my mind and it really cheers me up. 
Also, I’m happy to know many magnificent people like you, get inspired by me.


Taking photographs is my second-favourite thing. 
I use ‘Minolta X-300’, film camera my father passed on to me. 
I’m fond of the sunlight at 4pm-5pm in the afternoon.
 The film camera catches it beautifully and I’m addicted to it.

Leopard Betty

Pretty Things We Like

This is rainwear for happy heads! The Leopard Betty from Bubble Betty is simply amazing and they come in fancy little tins so you can pop it in your bag wherever you go. When it rains, just stick it on your head and you’re good to go! There are other designs to choose from as well! £6,

Dala Horse Necklace

If you haven’t already heard of Rosie Wonders by reading the blog post I published last month, you missed out- big time! This beautiful little horse necklace is one of out the many pieces available from Rosie’s collection. £24,

Leather & Suede Keyring

I love leather and I love suede so this keyring comes in really handy because no one likes a single key by itself. Fun Makes Good combines detailed embroidery techniques with bold patterns and creative colour combinations to produce a striking range of interior products, visit their website now.

This edition we have rummaged across

as many quirky online shops as much as we could to find you the best bargains around.

This month is Valentine’s Day, it might also be your best friends birthday- you could come across that perfect gift you’ll need in a couple of months time, so grab a pen and your notepad and jot these websites down.

You never know what you’ll stumble upon as you turn these pages.


A Beautiful Life, I Heart Unicorns Perfume How magical does this perfume look? Just by looking at the bottle you’d think a beautiful wizard made it by scratch to create a superb love potion. It’s not even that pricey- hello possible Valentine’s Day gift? £34.00,



Juan the Bambi ring

Pantry design mug in blue

Remember the movie Bambi? Of course you do- you’re never too old to stick that DVD on, so when we saw thing ring- so many memories came back. £8.95,

I love quirky little cups like this, tea tastes so much nicer when you’re drinking it out of something so pretty! Maybe it’s just my imagination, who cares because this is a total bargain! £3.95,

Vintage ticket travel card wallet

Ice Cream Lip Balm in Mint Choc Chip

Who doesn’t love this flavour of ice cream? I’m yet to come across someone who dislikes it. So now it comes in a lip balm, this is definitely the future!

This vintage ticket card holder isn’t just handy to keep your cards in, but it’s also something different. It beats those blue holders that you probably have right now any day.


Assorted 150 coloured plastic buttons in a metal case

Were you as weird as me as a child? I used to collect buttons. Going through my Nan’s sowing tin when I was younger was like all my Christmas’s had rolled in to one. When I stumbled upon this cute as hell tin my heart skipped a beat. £3.99,


Pocket Mirror - Flamingo Love I discovered this handy piece of art on Etsy, it’s made by a young illustrator named Madi, who’s based in Dorset. Not only am I loving the Flamingo pocket sized mirror, her artwork is also incredible. £4.00,

Lambs wool comb

Wish Upon A Star Brooch by Stars & Scars

These Wish Upon a Star brooches are so cute, even better they come in three different pastel colours. My favourite is the baby blue brooch, I’d love to pin this to one of my nerdy looking jumpers! £8.00,


Take care of your woolly blankets and cushions with the lambs wool comb, this handy little comb defuzzes the bobbly bits by combing lightly over with the wire mesh comb! How COOL is this? £5.00,


Golden Ponies is a small independent label that design the most magical shoes on this planet.

They are handcrafted by the very talented Erandi Gutiérrez in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Each design is inspired by the 60s and by the classic jazz and ballet shoe.

Golden Ponies was born in 2009 after Erandi saw many girls wearing shoes like this in numerous fashion blogs across the internet all over the world.

Golden Ponies went from making perfect brogues to super ideal accessories, from leather satchels to backpacks.

These shoes are distinctive in several different ways, one being the fact that they don’t cost the Earth to buy. This is what I love most about Golden Ponies, they start from just £25. Erandi wanted to make shoes affordable and accessible for girls just like her to be able to buy and wear them with pleasure.





LUXLA By Kellie Griffiths

LUXLA is a gorgeous Californian combination of one blonde and one brunette and together they have created beautiful minimalist bracelets. The company is based around sheer beauty that is taken from their surroundings and put together to make something new. The pair both studied at the University of Oregon and this is where the magic began. Amanda McCombs, a Product Design major, is the business side of the team. She steps up to the marketing, blogging and photography side of things. Lina Bardovi, an Interior Design major, constructs the design of each piece and ensures detail to the slightest touch. They created, established and still run the whole company by themselves and take pride in every little thing they do to ensure the best out of everything they create, guaranteeing their pieces to be simple yet stunning.

The two find inspiration everywhere, whether it is from vintage classics to unusual music, or spending summers in Los Angeles and of course, from loving a good music festival. Fabricating every piece by hand and producing their own photo shoots, this unique duo do not let anything get in the way of their jewellery dream, this really reflects in the bracelets. Their work has been noticed by Teen Vogue and Marie Claire amongst a stash of other fashion magazines and blogs. These girls have taken one big step into the fashion world and no doubt that is where they will be staying for a long time to come.



Tramp In Disguise

Please tell us a bit about yourself and where you thought of the name Tramp In Disguise? I’m a Finnish fashion ad textile designer and I have lived in the UK for 12 years. Originally I came to study here, but I’m still living here in London after my studies. As a fashion designer London is a good place to be. I got the Tramp In Disguise name from my friend in our student years. He once called me that name and I thought it was pretty funny and I’ve always had it in the back of my mind for years for my future fashion label.

An interview with Sini Moilanen

How would you describe your personal style? My style depends completely on my mood in the morning or what I’ll be doing that day, sometimes it can be smart, sometimes it is pretty crazy. I do wear a lot of colours and I like to stand out from the crowd.



How did your career as a fashion designer begin? When I was in primary school in Finland we had to do textiles as part of the curriculum, sew cushion covers and aprons etc. At that point I didn’t like it, I would have preferred to do woodwork instead. But I had always had a fascination in art and going to jumble sales, secondhand shops and creating outfits for myself. When I was in secondary school I started to make clothes for myself and knit jumpers. I studied my BA in University of Brighton in Fashion textile design and continued to do an MA at the Royal College of Art in Fashion womenswear in Knitwear design.

Who and what mainly inspires you? I get inspired by different things in the world. Quite often my inspiration has been from nature, but I like to look at art and culture too.

What item must every girl have in her wardrobe? Motmot dress from my Spring/ Summer 2012 collection

What would you consider the biggest fashion faux pas? White sports socks in sandals

The fashion industry is notoriously tough, what is the best advice you’ve ever had?

What does it take to start your own label and make it as an independent designer? A lot of courage, belief in yourself, talent, uniqueness and a bit of money saved up or an investor.

Get everything in writing.

If you had to choose a favourite fashion designer, who would it be and why? Manish Arora, because of his creativity and use of colour



Born into a family of aesthetes with a painter as a father, Anne-

Clotilde Obéniche headed naturally towards fashion and studied in Paris. After graduating at a fashion school in the romantic capital, Blackchapel was born in 2010. Anne-Clotilde is now just 29 years old and presents her second collection of high-end ready-to-wear for summer 2012 lookbook, entitled ‘Direction to the Holy Dream’.

Her mysterious and magical world between Christian values and subversion gets its inspiration from the religious imagery, surrealism, flemish painting and also from 19th century erotic illustrations of Marquis Von byros. For her second collection, Obéniche was influenced by the PreRaphaelite painters such as John William Waterhouse and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

The unique inspiration behind each of the pieces is what makes Blackchapel so interesting. You can’t help but love the beauty that flows from every item Obéniche has designed. Blackchapel is a style and an attitude that plays contrasts with subtlety for a sensual and dark look. Her advice is not to follow trends.

“Fashion is ephemera. Just create your style in mixing stuff. The most important is not what you wear but how you wear it.” You will certainly make a statement by wearing a Blackchapel piece.

By Kellie Griffiths







SHELTER is an independent label created by environmental enthusiasts, Karie Reinertson and Robert Maddox.

The label focuses on delivering beautiful designs using sustainable materials that are locally sourced. These materials include leather and hardware so there is something for everyone. Their main aim is for their products to last which is perfect for girls (like me) who are border-line obsessed with handbags but cannot afford to keep buying them when they fall apart a month later.

SHELTER is made up of; design, crafts, painting, sewing, home building, woodworking, drawing, walks in beautiful settings, jumping in pristine rivers, alchemy, the art of listening, and much more. Karie and Robert do focus on local and sustainably produced materials whenever possible and many of the materials they use, including hardware and leather, are made in the USA.

The loving story of how SHELTER was born is definitely a tale to tell all your friends, it started out in the green mountains of Vermont in the Spring of 2010 from a love of wild foraging and the need for a backpack to collect all of their goodies in. With bags starting from just ÂŁ31, SHELTER makes it that much easier for you to be able to afford one of these handmade leather satchels, you can put whatever you want in them and it will last you for years.

What has started off as two people coming together to share their passion has now escalated into a successful label with international stockists, and fortunately even a stockist in the UK, as well as their admirable shop on Etsy.





Sandra Forsman aka Kan Dee is only 24 years old and has already productively set up her own online shop where she sells her own signature style paintings and modern self designed clothing line.

Her blog that is her personal journal allows us to peek into her life and read how she made it into the industry, unlike so many other blogs, it is raw honesty that appeals to us in her journey to success. Kan Dee recalls from a small child that she has always been passionate about drawing and primarily focused on portraits until she nurtured her desire to create something more innovative, as she describes

“I started drawing imaginary human-like figures, with huge heads, eyes and lips and minimal Kingdom noses, chins and bodies.� The introduction into the art and design industry began for Kan Dee four years ago when she won the Lindex competition, that required the candidates to design a motif for a T-shirt in aid of Breast Cancer research and Pink Ribbon.

After her T-shirt sold out in several stores this inspired Kan Dee to go even further with her talent, moving her to produce clothing with her artwork on it. Cleverly, Kan Dee conducted market research in which she received positive feedback, resulting in selling her clothing designs via her blog.

As demand grew Kan Dee was motivated to open a custom shop and she did so in September 2009 with great accomplishment as the orders flew in. The online Kan Dee shop is versatile with products, selling self-designed T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts to canvas bags and unique art prints, making it difficult not to spend any money. The lookbook is so crazy hot and has that fanatical affect that makes you want to forget your bank balance and buy everything no matter what the consequences are.





Death/ Traitors Death/Traitors is your new favourite label, based in Brooklyn, New York.

You won’t find anything as cool right now. You know what’s even better? You can order their latest collection from the online store and they ship to the UK.

Meet the brains behind Death/Traitors, Alex Heir who started to experiment with screen-printing on to Tshirts whilst he was still in high school. He captured ideas from old punk rock designs and horror comic art because he didn’t like any of the clothes that were available in the shops.

In 2002, Alex moved to Brooklyn to attend The Pratt Institute, it was here that really kick started his passion as he invested in and taught himself how to use a four colour silkscreen press which culminated in him being able to print shirts commercially. After graduating in 2006, Alex was a freelance screen printer for roughly about a year until deciding to take his work further, this was when Death/Traitors was born. Even though Alex had little knowledge of the fashion industry he still designed T-shirts for every season and eventually gained attention and a loyal customer base.

Ultimately, the dream for Death/Traitors is to turn it into a full-scale fashion line but for now the label is doing well and gathers most inspiration from occult and religious imagery, Japanese wood cuts and punk rock. We can’t wait for Death/Traitors to hit us with more T-shirts as well as other items to damage our bank balance with.

Death Lives Dress: £22 Headstone T- shirt dress: £22

Face The Reaper Dress: £22 Empire Varsity Jacket: £106



Shen Plum is an illustrator who’s based in Toronto, Canada, she loves horror films, funny animals and mysterious things.

She also hand makes jewellery. Just by looking at these necklaces for a second you know it is the kind of jewellery that you see around someones neck and your only reaction is to casually squeak “aww” in to their chest for two whole minutes.

The Talented Shen is also a creator of hairy mugs, if you’re just as curious as we were when we heard about them you can visit her lovely website. These necklaces start from as little as £9, it’s safe to say that we will be buying every single one from her collection.



Ryan Roche By Kellie Griffiths

Ryan’s first-born inspired the opening of the highly popular children’s store Mor Mor Rita in Brooklyn, New York. Her innovations behind the children’s collection led to designing the much-anticipated women’s collection.

After just two seasons of completing the collection in this much desired area of the fashion industry, the pieces can already be found in America’s best selling boutiques. The spring 2012 lookbook show us exactly why. The collection is simple and feminine; there are delicate nude maxis and peach coloured shirts, each of which has a gentle and ballet-esque nature about them.

The autumn 2012 collection features cashmere knits which are made by a women’s collective in Nepal, as well as collaboration work with textile designer Olya Thompson showing how much care and attention is put into each individual item.

Ryan Roche’s lookbook categorically stands out, pieces range from £155, slightly on the expensive side. However, you only have to think about the quality and how much care has gone in to making each item and deep down you know it’s worth it.

Ryan Roche studied Fashion Design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, then, in the year 2000 she moved to the Big Apple. Roche is now married, living in an old stone house in upstate New York, with her husband and three children. Ryan’s designs have earned the devotion of many fashion fans including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk. The designs have also attracted feature attention in Milk, Cookie, Papier Mache and The New York Times Style Section and just this November, Vogue.

46 44




latest collection is the ‘Ready To Ship Triangle Shaped Necklace’, £53.

A few artist’s have inspired her over the years, here’s to name a few:

“I like my work to have a crude look. I don’t make anything high polished or perfect. I feel like it adds a darker charm, because you can see the artist’s mental anguish in each mark in the metal.”

Camille Rose Garcia, Pushead, Kris Kuksi, Elizabeth McGrath, Bloodmilk, Uncle Allan, Paul Romano and Jeanne D’Angelo.

Adelina Mictlan is a Philadelphia based independent jewellery label.

The jewellery starts from £46, our favourite piece from her

We’ve always been huge fans of the darkness that’s behind it.

The designer, Amanda Moore is largely inspired by the occult and all things doom and gloom.

“I took a few jewellery making classes in college, but never thought I’d be making jewellery when I finished school because I wanted to make large steel sculptures.”




irst of all: Have you ever seen anything quite so dreamy in your life?

Not only do I love everything - and I mean absolutely everything that Karin Kirsten designs and makes all by hand, but we also had the pleasure of her contributing to this edition of the magazine. ‘Rouge Pony: the dreamer’s way. Welcome to wonderland.’ This short sweet sentence sums her label up in half a second.

For you guys who have only just this minute discovered her, I can only describe her as a genius. A professional at making anything out of nothing, from oversized headdresses to pretty Peter Pan collars, pieces start at a reasonable price of just £20. She describes herself as a full time day- dreamer, Rouge Pony’s current lookbook has whimsy written all over it. The lookbook contains props such as doll houses, teacups and pink pastel coloured balloons to emphasise this. I’m absolutely amazed by her work. Rouge Pony is the sort of label you used to dream about when you were a little girl; photo shoots go on to feature her pieces set in dreamy woodland locations, surrounded by the idyllic countryside with a beautiful horse along with decorative chic thrones.





Almost one year ago in little windy Port Elizabeth, South Africa, two designers, a brother and sister (undergrad and postgrad design students), Nicholas and Grace Galuszynski joined forces and created The Cake League.

It all began when they were strapped for cash and needed to fund their ‘creative interests’, it also acted as an escape to prevent an impending death of sheer boredom.

“We had an idea to unite our drawings with laser beams and chains to create the magical spice that everyone needs around their neck space. With a maximum of three of each design being produced because, obviously, individual is of utmost importance to us.” Then came their third collection: ‘Sielsgesiggies’, since this collection, the two talented designers have fully funded their initial ‘creative interests’ and now use all of the profits to develop their skill sets as alchemists of creative expression.

Having completely hit it off in the world of jewellery design, producing quirky one- off pieces, Silver Spoon Clothing decided to stock their collection. This online boutique is only based in South Africa, if you’re wanting to buy a necklace from The Cake League you can go directly to them by visiting their Facebook page. While you’re at it, enquire about prices, they provide an email address under the info tab. Don’t be shy, they’re lovely people, discovering this label has brightened up my days.



Oh Deer Dry Goods is a limitless, creative fashion label based in New York founded by designer, Jessica Straw. The company focus on delivering a wide variety of clothing; from hand- drawn illustrations silk screened on to tote bags, to original pieces, vintage and imaginative recycled clothing.

The website dazzles with inspiration, it’s like stumbling upon a wonderful miniature lookbook but with added joyful snippets of information that are thrown in there for fine measure. A particular favourite of ours is the Lost and Found collection, which appears in a quirky short video on the website.

This collection could be described as the after-life of clothing it is that good, the team take unwanted clothing and add their own uniqueness to it, by reconstructing one- off pieces such as ‘The Dirty Rose Pyramid Silk Dress’ and the stunning ‘Navy and Gold Shooting Arrow Kimono Top’. If it’s not clothing you’re after but in need of a new bag then the tote bags should definitely be worthy of a look. With bizarre but eccentric messages on them, they are incredibly endearing and make people look twice, the Motorcycle Tote is provocative with what seems to be an email printed on to the front of the bag, who would have thought it? It is definitely an expressive piece that works, at a bargain price of £15.

Most of the items can be bought on Etsy, there are four distinctive categories to choose from, whether you want clothing from the Lost and Found collection or the Virgin Threads. The extra bonus is that these are affordable and worth investing your money in as they have been created with such talent and can be worn throughout any season.



Lauren Lowu is the owner of the positively characteristic label, Joey and Julia; which is named after her father’s mother and her own mother.

Joey and Julia sell imported vintage clothing from England and jewellery sourced from all around the globe. Since Lauren was little she knew her career would be creatively driven and it all came from the love of one piece of clothing. This piece of clothing was a red, blue and yellow checkered dress with a gold coin trimming. She was aged four and now being 24, Lauren still remembers exactly how that dress made her feel. This dress is the inspiration behind Joey and Julia. Each item sold aims to make the customer feel exactly how Lauren felt on the day she first saw that dress. After studying fashion design at Tshwane University of Technology, Lauren started the website selecting items that she loved and hoped others would fall in love with too. She hopes in the future to design and sell clothing and jewellery she has produced herself.

For now, we are in love with the jewellery Lauren discovers, which takes our breath away with pastel shades of blue, rose, lilac and white. You can find yourself the perfect vintage piece to complete any spring outfit. Retro and floral design brooches to simple pretty clip on earrings, the jewellery will compliment all the current high street trends. Joey and Julia will also be launching an online magazine this year, so keep your eyes peeled for a delightful new read, we will definitely adding this publication to our list.




irls, it’s almost that time of the year to start getting your naked, bare legs out, I know, I dread it too but we might as well just get over our fear and put our legs in these beautiful lace denim cut off’s.

I often think on so many occasions, that I only live once. So, who cares if you whip your legs out, at least do it in style by making a pair of these. I’ve also been thinking that these would make brilliant gifts, you can customise them how you want. You could also start your own Etsy empire. It won’t take you long, if I can do it, anyone of you can do it. This can be your weekend challenge. Enjoy!




2 By now you should be aware of my slight obsession I have with Paris based, french

fashion blogger, Slanelle. A friend of mine who has been a follower of hers for years and who is also french, introduced me to her blog. I instantly fell in love with her sophisticated fresh style and approach to fashion. In the next pages you will see a few of my favourite outfits, I think she could even get away with the black bin bag look.

Slanelle is talented in numerous ways, not only can she pull a million different looks off every week but she also sings and plays the guitar. She has the kind of singing voice that can soothe any soul; then uploads the videos to YouTube. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw one of her covers; she sings a beautiful version of one of my favourite songs, by The Do.


You will need: 


This is an easy DIY to make lace denim cutoffs

A pair of scissors Pins A needle and thread Lace Old pair of jeans.

Along with covering various songs, Slanelle produces beauty tutorials for all her fans so they can take inspiration from her. She also has her own online shop, selling her ex clothes at a very reasonable price; the link is on her blog.

You’ll probably find me watching her beauty tutorials on YouTube for the next three weeks, not understanding a single word, as they are all in French. I’m a fast learner though and I’m going to Paris on the 3rd February, so imagine how lucky one would be bumping into her by accident. I hope you enjoy her style just as much as I do, she’s a true inspiration.

1) First, cut the legs off an old pair of jeans to a desired length, cut them as short as you want, but remember it’s you who’s going to be wearing them. 2) Then slightly unravel the new seams.

3) Measure your lace around each leg and cut. Pin your lace around the leg starting with the inside and sew your lace on. 4) The end result is cute cut off's just in time for spring. 64 65



Katherine Tromans



Illustrator, Katherine Tromans grew up in Stourbridge, West Midlands and was one of the fortunate ones in the sense that ever since she was at a young age she knew what she wanted to be, and that was to become a successful artist.

Her fascination with art began with her drawing fairies and other fantasy expressions. Another inspiration to her is artist, Cicely Mary Barker, she loved how detailed her paintings always were. Katherine’s mother, an art teacher always encouraged her to be creative, this helped her make the decision to follow her passion and get involved in the art industry.

Katherine had her first commission whilst she was studying an art foundation course, where she discovered illustration was something she would focus on and pursue a career in. Having always been determined and dedicated, after college she moved away to the south to study by the sea and have new adventures. She graduated earlier this year with a BA (Hons) in Illustration and has been keeping herself busy with commissions and exhibitions. Her ultimate goal is to be a full-time freelance Illustrator; and to see her illustrations in major fashion magazines. Katherine has been quoted as having quite an intricate and delicate style that is organic and fluid. Her drawings are detailed and tend to have the same colour palette; she would like to think there is a consistency between all of her illustrations.

Katherine’s fashion illustrations have been featured in; Amelia’s Magazine, Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, Asibelua, The Cherry Closet Boutique, Mia Jafari London, Fuss Magazine, Twofold Magazine, Cico Books and she recently made the finals of Company Magazine’s SS12 Competition to illustrate High Street Edit.





This is our new exciting mixtape we’ve put together, just for you, our lovely readers. The following music lifted us up and aissisted us in creating and editing this edition.

We hope these songs inspire you too, and motivate you through creative projects or even that mandatory essay you have due in. Enjoy!

1. First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar 2. Kyla La Grange – Heavy Stone 3. Skylar Grey - Invisible 4. Kathleen Edwards - Empty threat 5. Hospitality - Eighth Avenue 6. Porcelain Raft – Talk To Me 7. Good Shoes – Never Meant To Hurt You 8. Andrew Bird - Eyeoneye 9. Anneke Van Giersbergen - Circles 10. Chairlift - Bruises 11. Daughter – Landfill 12. Thao & Mirah – Little Cup 13. Cotton Jones – Gotta Cheer Up 14. CocoRosie - RIP Burn Face 15. Wye Oak – Holy Holy 16. Lissie – Bully



The Clothes Maiden: Edition 5  

The 5th edition has an indepth interview with Sini Moilanen from Tramp In Disguise and many features including; Rouge Pony, Katherine Troman...

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