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The Clothes Maiden A journal for the creative and fashionable minds

ÂŁ2.00 Edition 4. Dec/Jan 2011

A journal for the fashionable and creative minds.


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Can you believe it’s Christmas already? If anyone wants to let me know where time goes that would be great.

In this edition I had the opportunity to interview fashion illustrator, Emma Leonard. I also interviewed fashion designer Gill Lawrence and the amazing fashion blogger Luanna Perez- Garreaud from le- happy.

This month has been a little crazy for me, I spent 3 weeks in hospital for surgery, I almost didn’t have this done on time. But someone up there must be looking after me, and I’d like to present to you, the fourth edition of The Clothes Maiden. Enjoy!

Clothes Maiden Contents

An interview with Luanna Perez- Garreaud





Emma Leonard



8 Paint it Black

58 Tri&Gull

11 Pretty Things We Like

63 Arts and Crafts Splashed with Fashion

28 Secret Santa with Abilu

68 Sarah Hankinson

34 Pigeonhole

78 Inspiring Place of the Month

44 Shampalove

81 Love Letter

17 An Interview with Luanna Perez- Garreaud

30 Green Bag Lady

66 Ruche

72 Emma Leonard

36 An Interview with Gill Lawrence

80 Playlist

54 Street Style in Newcastle

82 Events

Editor: Stephanie Anderson Contributors: Kellie Griffiths Collette Hagan

Illustrators: Emma Brandrick Joe Baker Photography: Katie Briggs

Paint it Black

5Preview Autumn/Winter 2011-2012

5Preview was born, just by chance in Rome, Italy during 2008 by Swedish designer Emeli Martensson. The brand, known for it’s simple but ‘straight to the point’ theme previously represented the T-shirts market, but has now broken into a whole collection of both clothing and accessories. Paint It Black is a stunning progression for the so called T-shirt brand. Using black as the main focus, the collection features shades of grey on high quality materials to give a fresh but sophisticated look. You will find the likes of cashmere sweaters, organic silk underwear and rough military coats, all combined into interesting fashion pieces. Simple and yet unique, the new collection for this season is a beautiful display of how black can be exciting and liberating to wear.

By Kellie Griffiths




Pretty Things We Like Months have passed and we have been searching again for

things to fit this page. We didn’t just find a few things, we found a lot this time around. Due to it being Christmas soon, we had to give you a couple of gift ideas - we hope to inspire you and also enjoy our finds!


Toblerone Necklace

Bright, kitsch Toblerone charms hang on a 24” chain. This necklace really is adorable! Perfect for any chocoholics out there, right? £9.00,

Wood you love me ring

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! I love Etsy, I love it even more when I come across personalised items like this. £19.13, Cupcake Journal

This leather journal would make the perfect little gift, because who’s doesn’t like writing things down, or making lists? £22,

Hate Tattoo Hair clip

Give one of your friends one of these this Christmas, it’s so cute and an absolute bargain! If you check out the website where this is from, you will come across so many bargains that you will love! £8.50,


Pipe Brooch

You can never have enough brooches, and your friend is the exact same. This website is full of sweet stuff, from jewellery to stationery. £11.00,

Uptown Ring

We are such a huge fan of these rings, basically because of the story behind them, plus all the materials this designer uses are organic! £12.50, www.

Donna Wilson Egg Cup: Beardy Man

This is too cute, right? I don’t quite understand why I love it so much, but it beats those boring metal egg cups any day! £12.50,

Sailor Sam pin

How adorable is this little guy, Sailor Sam? He has been handmade by an independent Etsy store owner, Kittens with Mittens- if you check their online shop out, you will discover a whole collection of cuteness. £16.00, www.


Chevron Fringe Necklace

A one-off statement chevron necklace with leather fringing. Hand cut, drilled, embroidered and assembled. Made from leather backed wood veneer with reclaimed leather detail. £20.00,

SGC X Amy Brown Tote

I wanna jump your bones is absolutely brilliant and this eco bag is sure to fit all your bits and bobs in to it, there has only been 50 made, so grab your hands on one asap! £10.00,

Lovely Kitty pocket Mirror Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator and maker of stuff currently based in the east of England. Her artwork, which usually consists of a cat/pug/silly catchphrase, it has been described as “the perfect combination of ugly and cute”- which she hopes is a compliment. She has exhibited her artwork all around the world, in countries including Belgium, China and Canada. This is perfect for your bag! £4.30,

Plastic pink bird

This is from a lovely online shop called Hannah Makes Things. Everything is made by Hannah Nutall, a British based designer who graduated from Central St Martins, in London. £6.00, www.


Triangle Keyring

Everyone needs a keyring to go on their keys, there’s nothing worse than trying to find that odd key in the bottom of your bag. These are handmade, and are adorable. £5.00,


These cute little badges are made by Jenni Sparks, an illustrator based in Plymouth. Her website has a link to her Etsy store which you have to check out on your lunch break. Her jewellery as well is also incredible, and a bargain! £3.00,

Cheeky Monster House Slippers

These slippers are so cute! I love them! This shop is called The Little Odd Forest, and there are hundreds of items that would make the best gifts ever. £20.16,

Polaroid Camera Key chain / Bottle Opener

This handy little thing is also a bottle opener, bonus when you can’t find one in the kitchen draw- just get your keys out, and there it is! £3.50,


Floral vintage print alice-band

This hair band is from a beautiful online shop called Bow Peep, it’s based in South Africa, and Leila hand makes all her accessories. There are plenty more cute things like this available in her shop, and she also ships to the UK. £2.30,

Good Times Banner

Good times are not only for boozers, users and losers! String this spangly gold banner up anywhere you please to remind yourself that good times should be had by all £6.00,

Juli-ette Lip Moisturiser

We were lucky enough to try this out for this edition, and let me tell you something, say goodbye forever to Vaseline, because this is gorgeous! It’s a delicate red shimmer that can be worn day or night, it also protects the lips keeping them soft and moisturised all throughout these cold months. £7.00,

Laura Olivia - Bird Bath Lavender Bag

This lavender bags is printed with soft suedette fabric and is filled with fragrant lavender and fibre fill for a soft feel. Not only do they leave your room beautifully fragrant, they look great as accessories which can be hung from your door handles, or a set of three can be stacked on a window sill. This is such a great idea! £13.50,



Luanna Perez- Garreaud from le- happy is someone who’s blog has been bookmarked for a long while now and I have always wanted to get to know her a little bit more. When she agreed to have an interview with The Clothes Maiden I couldn’t wait to begin!

Check out her edgy style, and don’t miss those creepers, her style is incredible and her hair is to die for, this photoshoot is one of my favourites of hers yet.

When did you create your fashion blog? What made you think of the idea in the first place?

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Luanna and I’m a 21-year-old girl from Peru but currently living in New York studying Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT. I love creating combinations with different kinds of garments and style it in a way that it makes a statement! I also love literature as well as illustration. When I’m not blogging I am drawing or reading poems trying to get inspired.

I wanted to create a platform where I could share my personal style without being judged by boring fashion mentalities. It was the perfect way to get feedback and do something fun at the same time.


Every outfit you post always looks so perfect, how would you describe your personal style?

What is it like living in New York? How long have you lived there for? I have been living here for two months. Its pretty exhausting but I love this city.

Aww thanks! Actually I don’t know how to describe my style because I think I don’t have a completely elaborated one. I change tastes every day and different things always constantly inspire me. So every time I create an outfit I have a different style intention. I think I absorb almost all of them out there and alter them a little in order to be coherent. I am mostly inclined towards grunge, gothic and subtle punk.

When did you first fall in love with fashion?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get in to blogging?

When I was 15 years I started to really love to dress up, I think I always loved the fact that women can do so many things with their image and make statements with changing how they look. That is what I love most about fashion.

Keep updating your blog, be fresh and innovative and of course enjoy posting entries!


Describe your blog in 3 words?

Who inspires you the most (this can be absolutely anyone in the world!)?

Platform of personal style, like an outfit diary I also like to think it’s innovative.

I usually am inspired by different sources, but at the moment I’ve been really inspired by Abbey Lee Kershaw.







26 27


This month I am loving Secret Santa with Abilu, this lucky dip costs just ÂŁ5- and you receive a beautiful handmade necklace, how exciting?

You will receive a random charm necklace all packaged in a little pouch tied with a ribbon bow all with free postage to keep you on budget for this years Secret Santa, and no need to wrap! This is a real life bargain as well, don’t you agree?


When I came across the Green Bag Lady I knew instantly that she would have to be in the next issue of The Clothes Maiden. Have you ever heard of someone making over 17,000 bags before for complete strangers to use to save our planet? Neither have I.

This interview is about what goes on behind the scenes, and what the Green Bag Lady is all about, she also gave me 10 free bags to hold an exclusive giveaway on my blog! So stay tuned as this is coming up in the next couple of days!


Tell us all about yourself and your project? The Green Bag Lady art project started in January of 2008. My husband came home with fistfuls of plastic bags. I wondered why he didn't use our fabric ones and he said there weren't any in the other car. I started sewing. I made a pattern. I made a how to video. Now, my team of sewers and I make fabric shopping bags from recycled, donated or unwanted fabric and give them to people for FREE if they promise to use them instead of paper or plastic. Each bag has a label sewn into it with the project information as well as a bag number. Each bag name/location/number are recorded on the Green Bag Lady site. To date, we have given away over 17,000 bags in all 50 USA states and over 200 countries. There are also over 40 groups/individuals around the world making the bags from the pattern and giving them away for free too. The project site is here:

Did you realise how big your project would become? I had no idea. When I started I was only going to make 100. Somehow, I just kept going! There is no way it would be as big as it is now without the help of MANY wonderful volunteers.

Was there ever a time you were worried it would not be able to continue?

Yes, many times in the first year of the project, we would be on the verge of running out of fabric. Then, I would come home and find large boxes on my porch that someone dropped off‌just in time! Also, I was beginning to get overwhelmed with all the inputting of data on the blog and the mailing. That is when my father stepped in, he does all of that for the project now. He is a retired engineer and can get bored unless I give him Green Bag Lady projects to do!

Take us though a typical day of yours? Oh wow, really? Ok, up about 6:45am. Make sure my kids are up and getting ready for school. Get everyone out the door about an hour later. Drop them at school and go to the University for my classes and meetings. Get them at school about 3 or so depending if they have after school activities. Sometimes my husband picks them up. Come home and make dinner in the midst of picking up kids or running them to lessons or sports practices. Eat dinner. Do homework with the kids. Baths, brush teeth and bed for all of them (they are 12, 9 and 7). Then, with a little luck I can do posts on my blog and get some sewing in before I hit the pillow about 11pm. The weekends are different of course. I do a lot of my sewing on Saturdays if my kids activities will permit it. That’s about it.


How did you set out promoting your idea? It was word of mouth at first, then the blog got going and more and more people found out about it. After it was on the NBC news here in the states and in Canada in the spring of 2008 and CNN in the fall of 2008 and winter of 2009, it really exploded.

How long does it take you to make a bag? That is a good question. It takes me about 30 seconds to sew the bucket of the bag. I sew many of them quickly, match them with handles and put them in a stack. Then, I meet my volunteer helpers (the “Bagettes�) on Sunday afternoons and those bags get the top turned over, a label ironed on and the position of the handles marked. These prepped bags then go home with the Bagettes to get the handles sewn in place. I would say all in all about 10 minutes per bag.

How did you set out promoting your idea? It was word of mouth at first, then the blog got going and more and more people found out about it. After it was on the NBC news here in the states and in Canada in the spring of 2008 and CNN in the fall of 2008 and winter of 2009, it really exploded.


How long have you been creating/sewing? I have been sewing all my life. My mother taught me when I was very small. I have also been creating things as far back as I can remember. Not a day goes by that I don’t yearn to create at least one thing. That is why I like teaching art at the University. I get to help the students use their creativity too!

How long have you been creating/sewing? I have been sewing all my life. My mother taught me when I was very small. I have also been creating things as far back as I can remember. Not a day goes by that I don’t yearn to create at least one thing. That is why I like teaching art at the University. I get to help the students use their creativity too!

Is there a time you and the volunteers all meet and produce these bags? I guess I already answered this in #7. Yes, we meet nearly every Sunday afternoon for about 2 hours. We have a great time talking, laughing, eating chocolate (dark, of course) and working on the bags. It is a modern day quilting circle!

Your idea seems to be a better incentive than shopping stores, free bag in exchange for a promise not to use plastic bags, it appeals to people with less money also. Is there any other tricks you have up your sleeve? No tricks. Just trying to get people to think about their use of bags and that there is a great alternative to single use paper or plastic‌fabric! We have never charged for the bags and never will.


“Off be beaten


eat design off the n track” By Kellie Griffiths

Pigeonhole, once a petite fashion and gift shop hidden in the depths of Western Australia, is now a company which has expanded into five shops; an online store, a blog, a wholesale office as well as a café and gallery in three locations across the world. Each holds a unique and quirky selection of independent vintage fashion, photography, art and stationary – which you can instantly fall in love with.

The success of Pigeonhole comes from being one whole family. In their Australian community, the workers at Pigeonhole want to be able to motivate young people by making fashion, design and photography accessible to all.

Photography plays a large role in their creative business, as you will see from their website. In their commitment to the arts, Pigeonhole holds an annual event called ‘Lomovember’, where anyone can submit photos and learn about photography to become more inspired by their hobby. In addition to this, they host events and workshops to open up and give people or anyone opportunities that are interested.

The brand new and first autumn/winter 2012 collection features bold and vibrant colours that give complements to the season. The pieces are perfect for the sections of your wardrobe where the gaps need filling in, just to give that finishing touch to an outfit. From ankle grazers, cute shorts and pencil skirts, to pleated dresses, boyfriend blazers and oversized knits, the collection has a vintage yet new mod feel to it. The rust and mustard shades give a delightful autumnal feel to the pieces, but are given added excitement with splashes of turquoise and burgundy. ‘Head To Toe’ is a project featuring a weekday Facebook shopping experience created by Pigeonhole. This fabulous idea involves pictures of new outfits from the Pigeonhole range being posted to the page on a daily basis. Shoppers can then comment on the outfit to buy items or the whole outfit for a quicker and stylish online purchase. The time and effort put into Pigeonhole simply leaves you feeling inspired. I think the only thing left to say is, when are you coming to England?


An interview with fashion designer Gill Lawrence The creator of Toi et Moi and Mad Love



Please tell us a bit about yourself? I'm the mum of three crazy kids, I cook every Sunday, I dance when no one is watching, I listen to 80's music really loud in my car, I ride a motorbike, I read epic novels, I collect shoes, I collect street art, I have lucky turtles in my kitchen, I love designing, I watch lots of French movies, I am inspired by great people from all walks of life, I love my business and my staff and I love being good at what I do. I'm totally left and right brained, all at the same time.

When did you get in to designing, which label came first? After a 2 and a half-year stint at University my ambitions of becoming a doctor rapidly faded. Through a string of fortunate events ended up at 21 years old with the brilliant idea to start an underwear label for surfer girls. It was called Mermaid Sister, the brand quickly grew into clothing, swimwear and accessories. That led me to Milk and Honey that is where I really found my love for designing. 9 years later Toi et Moi was born, an amalgamation of everything I had learnt over the past decade of both design, building brands and running a business. Mad Love is all about the art, and it started just for fun, it is fun and cool, it works because that’s what it stands for.


If you were not a fashion designer, what else would you be doing instead? I’d be a chef and write cookbooks for people like me. If I could sing I’d be a huge pop star, but that is never going to happen.

What are your 3 top tips to become a successful designer? 1. Work for different sorts of companies early in your career - both independent and corporate and learn to think big and small. 2. Learn to accept criticism and develop from it, you will need a thick skin to become a successful designer. 3. Gain experience in the fashion industry but outside of design - learn about sales, finance, managing a brand, marketing and PR. If you want to have your own label it’s better to have a solid understanding of how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.


Where did you get the names from for your labels? Toi et Moi was personal. I had been through a few crazy years and just when I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed my gorgeous French husband came along. He gave me a kick up the bum, told me if anyone can keep going it was me, and he gave me the strength to get my business to where it is today. Toi et Moi, You and Me. It reflected that anything was possible with his support. Mad Love came from things I madly love, and I’m always madly loving something.

How is Toi et Moi and Mad Love different to the rest of the labels that are out there? When you clean out your wardrobe they are the pieces you cant bear to give to charity. It is product that survives beyond this seasons skirt length.

Who are your fashion influences? At the moment, Isabel Marant, Rachel Comey, Holly Fulton and Mark Fast and I’m loving Olivia Wilde.


Describe the female who wears your clothes, do you design clothes with anyone in mind? She’s eternally youthful. She’s cool without being unreachable. She mashes her fashion and pulls it off without a hitch. She doesn’t really accessorise, her clothes do the talking. She still wears bright prints when basics are all the rage. I’m not really sure who this girl is... Maybe Alexa Chung fits in as she is a bit of a fashion chameleon. But really she is no-one, she is just someone like me that stands in front of her wardrobe every day hoping that something will jump out and bring a big smile to her face.


Where do you get your inspiration from, when designing clothes for Mad Love and Toi et Moi? That all depends. It always starts with the artwork and textiles for me, and the shapes just develop from there. I always like my silhouettes to be wearable - just a little left of commercial, so trends are still important. For Mad Love this season we looked to 70’s Rock and Roll - the New York Dolls, Rolling Stones, Van Halen and for Toi et Moi I had a moment of vintage nostalgia (I’ve been watching old movies with my 8 year old daughter), so the storyboards started around some of my favourite vintage prints and shapes, a direction I haven’t touched in a while.

With the things I have read about you online- you sound like such an interesting person, please take us through a typical day of yours?

Shall we start with today? 5.30am up and Adam read the news online, I made breakfast for 5 people, we eat together (I insist on breakfast and dinner together at the table - no TV), get the kids dressed and ready for school/kindy/babyland. Somewhere in be tween I have a 5 minute shower, get dressed in light speed and wa for the Nanny to arrive at 8am. Out the door, get my coffee from th cafe downstairs and in the office by 8.30am. Spend 2 hours answe ing emails ranging from sales and distribution to marketing and b yond, then onto design. Run through colour palettes for next seaso work on textile designs for super cool lace and sequin fabrics, the spent a few hours putting together knitwear shapes for next year Race home, throw together a roast pumpkin salad and some bbq goodness, eat up, call my mum and my best friend, then sit down t answer these questions, and it’s now 16 hours since I woke up!



eait he erbeon, en r. q to



Shampalove was launched by two Italian friends, it all started off as a quirky looking blog then the whole thing quickly turned into an online shop.

The label was inspired by their personal need to find everything “under one roof”, if you take a look at their 2011/12 look book, you will see they really do have it all. From the likes of perfect studded boots to chic vintage leather jackets and gorgeous looking kimono’s. “Every brilliant and talented girl – photographers, models, make-up artists – who worked with us on this project is from our own hometown, are our friends and, most important, are a part of our Shampalove crew and big family. We believe this is the best way to work, ever,” – say Ruby and Flor in their blog. There’s nothing like girl power and this label says it all.


46 44








The Clothes Maiden loves a bit of style, so this edition we visited Newcastle to see what people were wearing in this part of the country, our favourite item of clothing has got to be the bobbly leggings to our right!





Sarah Clayton only started making jewellery this summer, after graduating from 6 years of studying architecture in Edinburgh, she felt the need for a more rewarding creative outlet than architecture: "In which projects are very long term and complicated, whereas with jewellery, you can have an idea and sit down and make it then and there, which is very satisfying!"

Sarah is currently taking some time out before looking for a job in architecture to indulge her passion for making jewellery, and to see where it takes her! She likes to use reclaimed materials where possible, and she likes to mix textures - plywood, perspex, leather and metal are her current favourite materials to experiment with. Since she uses quite a wide range of materials, what ties her jewellery range together is the theme of triangles, hence the name, Tri&Gull. Sarah is based in south-west London, and also at her boyfriend’s house who’s an illustrator in rural Kent, where they have a workshop in a barn that is also an antiques shop. To check out her latest creations visit her online shop at:






Arts and Crafts splashed with Fashion






This is an easy DIY to make a lace detachable collar.

1. You will need: A meter of broad lace, a meter of satin ribbon, scissors, thread, a safety pin, pins and a needle. 2. Spread your lace flat and fold over one side to approx one inch. 3. Pin the fold.

4. Carefully sew the fold leaving enough space for the ribbon to be threaded through.

5. Pin your safety pin to your ribbon, remember to burn the edges of your ribbon to stop it from fraying. 6. Thread your ribbon through your seam.

7 Sew one end of the lace collar to your ribbon leaving the other side over for rouching the lace to your desired size.

8. There you go, a beautiful Peter Pan collar for you to wear with anything you like, handmade by yourself. A special thanks to Karin Kirsten from Wunderlust for this amazing idea.








ai and Josh Olivo started creating Ruche in 2008, taking their own inspiration from selling vintage sandals on eBay. Despite being newly graduated and newly wed, the adorable creators of Ruche were able to turn a dream into a reality, using the knowledge they had between them to create a successful online business. Ruche is a beautiful vintage online boutique and is a stunning example of how hard work can come to life in today’s society. The most recent Ruche collection marvels a picturesque look of autumn; featuring neutrals, lace, yellows, browns and everything you could possibly want for the perfect fall outfit. I must not forget to mention the cute florals, quirky prints and collars which make the look book for autumn and winter 2011 take up a large proportion of my Christmas wish list, this is without the lovely accessories they have too.

By Kellie Griffiths


Their online shop is bursting with winter fashionable goods. The dresses start from around ÂŁ23, which is great value considering the uniqueness of the label. From pleasant presents to cosy essentials, Ruche is perfect no matter what the season. And, this year there is even a Do-It-Yourself Homemade Holiday guide. What more could a girl ask for?


Sarah Hankinson captures the pulse of modern style with her classic illustrations, which pair soft

splashes of colours and meticulous line work to portray surface and depth, control and impulse, form and silhouette. Her work balances light and dark to create elegant and provocative illustrations drawn with a harmonious combination of traditional and mixed media techniques. Sarah graduated from studying Illustration in 2004 and has gone on to have her work appear in publications such as Yen, Cleo, Madison, Girlfriend and Shop Till You Drop magazines. Some of her corporate clients include Portmans, Target, Sportsgirl, Hardie Grant Publishers and Impulse body spray. She has exhibited in solo shows in Melbourne as well as in various group shows across Australia. These illustrations are stunning and they had it to these issue, you have to check out her portfolio, it inspired me so much to whack out some pencils and to start drawing myself.


h a r a S

n o s n i k n a H


70 71


I first came across Emma Leonard’s work back in September and instantly fell in love with every single print I clicked on in her Etsy store. To interview this fashion illustrator was an absolute pleasure, her prints can be bought online, which is fantastic news, now I’m wanting all these girls on my bedroom wall, thanks Santa.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Take us through a typical day of yours?

My name is Emma Leonard and I am an Illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. For some inexplicable reason, I almost always draw girls, especially ones with sad eyes or languid, melancholy poses. I usually like to combine traditional media, such as graphite and watercolour, with digital techniques to create my carefully considered renderings of ethereal beauty.

I like to wake up early, go for a run then start my day. I work from home but I am also a full time illustration student, so I usually have classes during the day, then come home and work in my little studio on freelance projects, homework and very occasionally, I might draw something just for myself!

How long does it take you to complete one of your masterpieces?

What drew you to illustration in the first place? I think I was particularly drawn to illustration, especially more so than fine art, because I thrive on having a designated ‘purpose’ for the work and also dead lines are really important for me. I am not great with them, but I would never finish anything without them.

It can take anything from a couple of hours to several weeks, depending on the size and level of detail in the piece, my line and watercolour illustrations usually come together quite quickly, but my intricate graphite drawings are often very time consuming.


How did you become a fashion illustrator? I suppose I just kind of fell in to fashion illustration, as I am really attracted to portraiture and almost exclusively create female imagery. I do also enjoy other kinds of illustration and I am working on a second style geared more towards children’s book publishing and editorial where I work in either gouache or digitally.

Describe your personal style in 3 words? Feminine, Delicate, Ethereal.


Who are these stunning girls that you draw?

What is it like seeing your work all over the Internet? You have so many fans all over the world!

I find reference anywhere I can, I use a mix of friends, life drawing and images I find in magazines and on the Internet and combine them into something new.

It is really weird but super flattering that my artwork means anything at all to people who don’t even know me! It makes me feel like I am on the right track, and if I keep trying create the kind of work that interests me and that I really enjoy, hopefully others will continue to feel the same way.


What things inspire you to get started on a new illustration? Where possible, I like to try and find some sort of stimulus to help me get started, sometimes a poem or a story, which gives me a direction for the subject and from there I like to experiment with balance, composition and symmetry. For me colour doesn’t usually come into play until about half way through, and I will usually try and look for a reference of colour scheme, so that it is harmonised.

Is Illustrating your full time job or do you do anything else on the side? I am also an actor, but that the work is not always there, so most of the time I am a full-time a freelance illustrator. I really love the freedom of being able to set my own hours and not having to answer to a boss, but the financial irregularity can some times be a bit of a challenge!


Inspiring place of the month... The Leeds Christmas German market, popularly known as Christkindelmarkt is our inspiring place of the month, held in the award winning Millennium Square for a stylish feel. Christmas lights and decorations light up the whole square, whilst the sounds of the attractions and carousel act like surround sound giving the atmosphere an enhanced Christmassy feel. The market has over 40 authentic German traders, each with unique stalls selling a wide variety gifts, handmade toys, speciality foods and wonderful festive decorations. The foods are delicious, ranging from traditional German delicacies to donuts, to beer and mulled wines.


If you’re looking for some shopper’s motivation or some gift ideas it is the place to be. Some of the stalls were particularly enthralling, such as the handmade wooden animals, and when struck with a stick would magically sound like a real life animal! Or the cute handmade vintage toys that take us back to a childhood full of fun and imagination without video games. Another stall has figures made all from tin, and the creator was standing proud behind all his creations. Surprisingly, and fortunately, all the prices are very reasonable and you can find original gifts here that you won’t find in your local superstores. The market is always very busy but luckily there is a cute bar that looks more like a hut, and you can sit down and enjoy a mulled wine or a German beer whilst Christmas carols soothe your winter ears. 79

Playlist Placebo I Do

Broken Family Band It’s All Over

Kitten Those Dancing Days

Polly Scattergood Other Too Late

Poema Have yourself a merry little Christmas

The Civil Wars Poison & Wine

Hannah Peel Blue Monday

Lana Del Rey Born to Die

Amos Lee Sweet Pea


Just a quick note to thank you for reading this edition, if you’re interested in being featured in the next issue, or if you’re wanting to advertise- do get in touch!




The Clothes Maiden: Edition 4  
The Clothes Maiden: Edition 4  

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