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Btwn Wind & Water

Aliya Chowdhury



Pretty Things We Like

Andrea Hrnjak



Interview: Xanthe Hutchinson




Snoozer Loser SS14

Notes La Mode



Shedding Spring

Summer Mixtape



Nicola Brighton design

The Minimalist Flower

With thanks to: Avery Parker, Isabella Stockwell, Georgina Walker, Maddy Lucas, Laura Cockburn, Victoria Art, Lisa Bailey, Aliya Chowdhury



Btwn Wind & Water


twn Wind & Water began from pure passion. The founder, Mariah Rich, truly wanted to create something with her hands and having a background and love for designing leather goods for other brands; she finally wanted to do it for herself.

The meaning behind this unique label Btwn Wind & Water comes from an old nautical term: "to be at the most vulnerable state". Being a maker takes the courage to put yourself out to the world and trust in your passion.

Btwn Wind & Water was born out of the desire to create a functional yet elegant leather bag. The products are those that their customers want to use everyday and only get better with age. The leathers that Mariah chooses are tanned and designed to wear beautifully and be function in a busy lifestyle. You will find that many of their bags are multi-functional; they can be used as iPad and laptop cases and then can be transformed to become a gorgeous clutch to go out with. The products are easy to travel with and are cross generational.

Mariah believes in lifetime use, and the beauty about leather is that it can be just that: “I want to make something that can be handed down from generation to generation.�

Avery Parker

You find out more about Btwn Wind & Water you can view the website at: 8





Clockwise starting left top hand corner) Miss Guided - River Island - River Island - Miss Guided - ASOS - River Island - River Island - ASOS.


An Interview With Xanthe Hutchinson Please tell us a bit about yourself Xanthe? I come from a background in Philosophy, which I read at beautiful Durham Uni-so when I finally plucked up the courage to do my photography degree I found that the fine art images I created were far more interesting with a conceptual framework underpinning them. I have always loved literature and I’m such a visual person so to create a story with a series of images is my ideal. I also love fashion; I'm pretty much obsessed! So my work naturally began to evolve to encompass this and finally I found that I loved shooting editorial fashion best of all-I like to think my work fuses fine art and fashion to create a strong narrative feel.

Describe your work in 3 words? Dreamlike, romantic, compelling

Who inspires you? (This can be anyone/ anything in the world!) Everything inspires me! I'm heavily influenced by cinema, art and literature and I love the classics (my first solo exhibition was entitled Myth) but I also love the work of Tim Walker, Paulo Roversi, Solve Sundsbo and Nick Knight. I actually met up with Nick Knight at SHOWstudio to interview for

an assisting role and was so star struck that I started stuttering!

When did you get into photography?

I've always loved photography and have vivid memories of my mums amazing little black Kodak as a child but I first got into photography in earnest whilst studying A-level art. I shot a series based on some Rosetti images that I loved, using my unwitting friend as a model. Then whilst I was doing my degree, inspired by the colours of an album cover, I shot some images which ended up winning me the university prize at the Nikon Discovery Awards. I won a Nikon D300 and I can remember feeling completely elated that doing something I loved could actually reap financial rewards on top of the intrinsic ones.

What’s been the best advice anyone has ever given you?

I’ve been lucky to have been given lots of great advice over the years by lots of extremely wise people but I think the best advice I’ve ever had is to be thick skinned and above all persistent! This is a tough industry to work in, and it’s definitely over saturated-you need a distinct aesthetic and a firm work ethic to get by.

What are your plans for the future? I’m in the process of gaining representation at the moment and I have some interest from an amazing agency so just waiting to see how that pans out, but my plan is to continue shooting nationally and then hopefully internationally going forward!

When did you first fall in love with photography?

I think I’ve always loved it, when you’re in the dark room watching those images appear before your eyes it’s such a unique feeling-like a little bit of magic! Even with digital images, I just love seeing my ideas made manifest.

If you could photograph anyone in the fashion industry, who would it be and why?

There are lots of models I adore at the moment, from Hollie May Saker to Kolfina. I love anyone unusual looking really! It would also have been incredible to have met Isabella Blow-her style of course was fabulous but she also had such an interesting face. Being distinctive is a definite must in the fashion industry!

Photographer-Xanthe Hutchinson // Stylist-Zoe Hancock // Make-up/Hair-Sabiha's Hair & Beauty, Manchester // Models-Lanie and Kristie @ Boss Manchester






Sonia Tay is owner and creative director of Snoozer Loser (est. 2005). A New York native and Parsons School of Design alumni, Tay often uses witty conversational prints in her line derived from nostalgia and inspirational travels.

"I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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Photography and Set design: Maddy Lucas Stylist: Kara Kartchner Make-up: James Milligan Hair: Ashley Lee Model: Brege Von Bleicken

Jewellery: Ring with gray dress: Alibi NYC Snake bangles with white dress: Circe Sequence Necklace with black dress: Toujours Toi Clothing: White dress, gray dress: vintage Black dress: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Topshop



icola Brighton founded Nicola Brighton Design in July 2013 after graduating from Birmingham City University, studying Printed Textile Design. It’s been almost a year and the label is getting recognised up and down the country – and we are proud to have been hardcore fans ever since.

Nicola Brighton Design is a fun and vibrant digitally printed label, which creates the perfect statement piece to match any outfit you’re about to wear this season. We have spotted out some of our favourite spring/ summer picks that are affordable and very unique, from holographic to aztec prints - you name it, we are in love. Nicola’s on trend prints can be worn in the shape of clutch bags and scarves, adding an eye-catching injection of colour to any wardrobe.

The current collection features an eclectic clash of pattern, from spiritual imagery, tropical florals and exotic kaleidoscopes, creating that digital bohemian vibe.

Nicola Brighton recently told us: “I love designing striking, colourful prints filled with tons and tons of pattern! I want to design accessories that make people stop and say WOW! I hope my brand appeals to anyone with a shared love for pattern and colour, who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.” Nicola Brighton Design is currently being stocked in several online boutiques including The Collective and The Little Deer, as well as lots of blogger collaborations and craft fairs in the near future. You can follow Nicola Brighton Design on twitter @nicolabrighton for updates and info. 28











Photographer/Editing Assistant: Umayr Chowdhury Photographer: khushbu begum Model: Aliya Chowdhury


An Interview with Andrea Hrnjak


Please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Andrea Hrnjak and my background is in fashion design. I worked as a designer, stylist and fashion design lecturer but I've always had a constant desire to draw and tell stories. I don't feel that way about anything else, so I've decided to give it a chance and here I am.

What’s it like being an artist in your town?

Vienna is a good place if you are trying to be an artist because it’s still not so over expensive like other cities that provide metropolitan benefits. However, the market is very small so you have to earn your money somewhere else. I am very much focused on my work here because most of the year it’s really dark and cold so you work on art even more. Bad weather can be very inspiring.

Describe your work space:

A tiny victorian style studio in the middle of the city, With some chinese art on the wall and very few books.

What inspires your next piece of work?

I am not really looking for inspiration; everything should be spontaneous, easy and almost random. I am interested in things that clash and I like contrasts, repetitions and things that not necessarily fit together. I am most interested in constant change in my work but there are some recurring themes that I am attached to: wolves, owls, the moon and the forest. Currently I am into ornate headdresses and icy landscapes and of course music is the huge part of my life - I always listen to music while I work.

Do you have any favourite artists out there?

I listen to a lot of electronic artists such as Steve Moore and Soft the moment I really love Grimes.


What do you do when you’re not using your creative brain? I’ve always been attracted to astronomy but my maths is really bad so I better stay away from it and stick to art.

Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

I am almost an obsessive movie watcher so movie making is also something I dream about. Currently I am trying to learn about animation and I’m working on ideas for a comic book.











Photographer Victoria Art // Make-up/Hair Svetlana Bliznichenko // Style Victoriya Nozhenko // Designer Maria Kushnir, Anna Starushko, VictoriyaNozhenko // Accessory Elena Romanova // Model Vetrova



A Day In The Life Of Georgina Walker


Tell us a tiny bit about yourself Georgina? Hello there, I’m Georgina and I have just turned eighteen years old. I am an enthusiast of fashion and love to share my own lifestyle and anything under the sun that interests me on my blog, noteslamode! I adore vintage clothing and am I sucker for a good hat.

What inspired you to begin your fashion blog?

In middle school I began to discover my love for photography and clothing. My desire to thrift and try a variety of styling led me to bother my peers in my endless chatter on the new tote or trend. As a result I had to channel this passion, which is where my first blog arose. It’s really helped flourish myself as an individual and has led me to an interesting and fun lifestyle.

What do you do when you’re not using writing in your blog?

Currently I am still in sixth form just finishing my A-levels. School is obviously a main priority right now. I’m also working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award,

which consists of mountain climbing, helping with charity work, playing an instrument (guitar) and fitness (gym.) When I first started nobody thought I’d carry it out due to being so challenging, but I have successfully proved him or her wrong!

Do you have any favourite fashion or beauty bloggers out there? I do. One of my favourite fashion bloggers lives in New York, her name is Noelle Downing from Noelle’s Favourite things! This girl knows how to style old vintage clothing. I found her on Instagram through another blogger in which I love, Jag Lever. Both girls are inspirational and it’s always lovely following their adventures and lifestyles.

Who’s your personal style icon and why?

I couldn’t possibly choose one; I have a variety as I do think I don’t normally stick to the same trend or style. I’m always changing and keeping it new. However, Alexa Chung effortless chic is exceptional, or Anna Karina -- or twiggy! It’s the


hair. The great iconic hair!

What is your favourite fashion trend right now? After trying to decide which festival to go too… Bestival or Reading. Reading or Bestival? I have fallen for bohemian, this led me too throwing an 18th ‘boho’ party and recent photo shoots coincidently have channeled this theme too.

Any exciting projects in the pipeline? Now that would be telling. I have delayed quite a few opportunities due to being exam season, and many bloggers my age could definitely emphasise with this! I guess you’ll have to wait till summer.

How do you see yourself in five years time?

FINGERS CROSSED. I shall have a journalism degree. Lived in Melbourne Australia for a year. Travelled… a lot. Hopefully my blog will still be going strong. A dream would be to make this my living, but I do find myself warming up to a job in a lifestyle or high fashion magazine.







Summer Playlist Brother North - Skyward Lights Kicking Monday - I Can’t Let You Go Archy & Mehitabel - Into The Sun Sumie - Never Wanted To Be Yesway - Howlin’ Face

Jess Morgan - Freckles In The Sun Sye Elaine Spence - You AYLA - Wish I Was Mabel Rogers - Little Love Hamsters - The Gods Must Be Lying


Photographer: Laura Cockburn Stylist: Audrey Thomas Make-up: Sheeba Raye Hair: Lisa MacBean Model: Holly @ SUPA












Ferry Inn Studios Unit 39 Mill Mead Road N17 9QU LONDON


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The Clothes Maiden Magazine | Issue 14  

A magazine for the fashion obsessed.

The Clothes Maiden Magazine | Issue 14  

A magazine for the fashion obsessed.