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Edition 12. May/ June 2013

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ward-winning clothes designer Belinda Crossley is launching her A/W’13 collection, which is so irresistible we almost wish it were autumn right now. Inspired by the gardens of Melbourne’s streets and the beauty of botany, Belinda’s brand, Brkich debut A/W collection is called Opercula, which is named after the covering of a seed vessel. “Opercula is less about the outback and more about the Eucalyptus along the nature strip and the Grevillea peeking over your back fence”, explains Belinda, whose love for nature is apparent through her wild plant motifs and floral prints. Treating flowers in a more rough and ready way than typical floral outfits, Belinda manages to mix illustrated plant patterns with polka dots to create a modern and creative appeal. Using hand screen-printed textiles, she begins the organic process by focusing on the more wild side of nature. Employing a mixture of fine wale corduroy, wool flannels and brightly coloured drills, the natural inspirations carry on to the fundamental materials of the creations. With an array of eye-catching oversized artist style blouses, corduroy skirts and dipped shirts, Brkich is perfect for days where you want to look stylish, but maintain a sense of comfort too. By Isabella Stockwell






Pretty things we like.


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1. Floral ring from Blue Finch Boutique, £7 ( 2. Pastel collar by Polina Shirobokova, £26.27 ( 3. Summer purse by 144 Collection, £8.70 ( 4. Prism iPhone case from Zero Gravity, £15.95 ( 5. Heart pendant from Shake The Dust, £19 ( 6. High Styler from Mustard, £7 (


6 5



An interview with... With Chandler Corallo Please tell us a bit about yourself, Chandler?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

To start off with the basics - I am a 21-year old student living in Portland, Oregon (most of the time at least). I’m a psychology major with a penchant for reading books of essays and mentally constructing outfits in the time between closing my eyes and falling asleep. I’ve been drawn to the more playful elements of my personal style for as long as I can remember. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by notions of transformation and communication when I dress.

What do you do when you're not blogging?

That is a tough question! So far, I’ve spent my life living on the west coast (of the United States) and I can’t help but feel like this is where I want to stay whether it’s Portland, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

What's a typical day like for you?

When I’m not blogging, I’m likely chipping away at schoolwork or splitting my time between movies and trashy reality television. I also spend a lot of time thinking about how I’m going to make flavoured waters or paint without ever actually getting around to doing any of those things.

Who's your biggest style inspiration?

My style inspiration is always changing! My most consistent style inspiration is probably the character, Enid Coleslaw, from both Daniel Clowe’s Ghost World and Terry Zwigoff’s film adaptation. In fact, a lot of my style inspiration comes from fictional people more than anything. Some examples that come to mind include: Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene, the FemBots in Austin Powers, and most of the characters from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

Any day for me has to start with coffee. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with my Chemex when I want to treat myself to a really great cup of coffee. I never really feel like my day has started unless I take a shower so that comes next. If it’s a weekday, I’m likely attending classes.

Where did you get your blog title (Honeymoon on Ice) from?

I chose my blog title more than three years ago and I remember wanting something that both sounded and felt good to me – not something necessarily descriptive. I was scrolling through my music library and stumbled upon a track title from Jon Brion’s score for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The music in itself is heartbreakingly beautiful, but the title ended up sticking with me and became the name of my blog! You can see more at Chandler’s blog by visiting:






Nishe Photography


t has and always will be a pleasure to view people’s stories through their photographs and Magdalena Lutek is no exception. She is the wonder behind Nishe Photography capturing the sharpest of emotions.

In her work she portrays the feelings of melancholia, anxiety, loneliness and longing for what’s lost, this is represented skilfully through the use of black and white films, landscapes and nature, just browsing the photographs can evoke a strong sense of sentiment. Nishe stands out from the crowd with these raw collections of photographs, in particular by choosing to capture a person’s emotions and attempt to creep into the soul without exposing that person’s face. A truly talented photographer indeed whom we are sure inspires many.

By Collette Hagan












An interview with NataliA SanAbrIa It was just your average, typical rainy, miserable day in England, rain bounced off the windows, but the day suddenly got better as we spotted Natalia Sanabria’s illustrations. We couldn’t wait to get up, close and personal with this artist.

Natalia, please tell us a bit about yourself…

I live in Costa Rica. I studied graphic design and painting, and I consider myself more a painter than a designer. I believe these two majors go along very well and they helped me build my illustration style. I´m obsessed with fashion magazines, love to collect Barbie dolls and Iittle toys that I consider unique treasures.

What does “being creative”, mean to you?

Being somehow eccentric, have a different approach to everyday situations and being capable of visualising things in a different way. I´m also constantly looking for images that inspire me, I try to keep mental references from things I see in my life to use them whenever I illustrate or paint.

What inspires you to work?

What’s a typical day like for you?

Since I can remember I loved fashion, fabrics, dresses, extravagant makeups that usually can change a model into a different character. I’m inspired by less known designers, unusual faces, crazy coloured hair and interesting patterns.

Can you describe the time when you first realised that art was something you absolutely had to do?

I work as a graphic designer and a freelance illustrator. I live in a cosy, quiet, small town. I wake up very early and sometimes go out for a run, I also like to take sometime to check my favourite design websites and take my time to check on Tumblr for new images to inspire and draw. When I come back at night I take some time to draw and then go to sleep.

From a very early age I liked drawing, as I went to college I began in a more professional way. I learned about anatomy, colours, techniques, there was never a doubt in my mind about the path that I was following: painting. The power of creating something with

a brush or a pencil is magical.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently planning a trip to Paris, I’m looking to fulfil a long time dream, I hope to make a lot of contacts and I am sure the city will help me get inspiration. When I return I will work on some personal illustration projects in which I will try to explore the collage techniques.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had?

The best I can think is: never compromise what you are or what you like just to match with someone else. I say this because I remember back in college, my painting techniques were never considered good enough according to academic standards, but I never doubted on following my instinct.


You can view more of Natalia’s illustrations at:




Muireann Jewellery


ometimes a piece of jewellery is something you wear because it looks great with your outfit and other times it’s more than that. Collections of jewellery can hold a sentimental value or meaning much greater than simply the appearance. This is most certainly the case for multiple-award winning jewellery designer Muireann Walshem, who creates pieces that encapture the historical body of her Irish culture. Muireann does this with style. Inspired by Harajuku girls, Memphis Design and The National Museum of Ireland- it’s fair to say that she has a very diverse array of stimuli.

Using her love of street style mixed with her historical edge, Muireann’s current collection is based around the reproduction of the iconic Irish symbol, The Tara Brooch. This was the most impressive of about 50 Celtic brooches found around 700AD, and holds great status in Ireland as a symbol of heritage and beauty. However, Muireann’s reproductions utilise bold and eclectic colours choices to create a modern twist. “I have achieved my desired aesthetic with the use of anodised aluminium, and combining this with the iconic silhouette of The Tara Brooch, I have brought my version of the Tara Brooch into the 21st Century”, explains the designer, who won an award for her take on the brooch. Specialising in the use of aluminium, the designer plays around with different materials to create the luminosity that makes her jewellery so enticing. Like a magpie, we can’t help but be attracted to the lure of Muireann Jewellery’s designs. By Isabella Stockwell










Dorothée Ossart N

othing screams summer time more than flowers, bright colours and mini-dresses so imagine the excitement of discovering Dorothée Ossart. A brand that combines all of these factors to make clothes that are simply there just to make you happy.

The ethos of the brand is to create clothes that are free from trends and allows women just to have a bit of fun with their dress sense. With a pop-art aesthetic and a bold colour palette, Dorothée Ossart aims to use her fun geometric shapes and playful florals as “a radical remedy against the greyness of the everyday life.” Her playful S/S’13 collection, named Floroscopy, utilises chrome yellows, fuschias, postbox reds and vibrant blues, often against a black backdrop, to create an intense-yet-fun aesthetic. Inspired by her childhood love for dressing Barbie in extravagant clothing and her soft spot for cartoons, the designer believes that you should be “right in your head, and free in your clothes”.

The outfits themselves are reminiscent of a 1960s Twiggy; short skirts, paired with cartoonish makeup and a love for leg-baring. Perfect for BBQs in the sun or evenings at the beach, Dorothée’s dresses are the ultimate cure to any gloomy day. To make it even better, the designs are limited edition, making you feel even more special- and happy while wearing them.

By Isabella Stockwell

















Surface Too Deep I

f you’re dreaming of sipping a martini while the waves lap your feet on the sand, then you will most likely also be daydreaming of wearing SURFACE too DEEP swimwear while you do so. ‘The Amazing Adventures of Bonnie & Belle’, the designing duo Sarah-Jane Abraham and Esther Miro’s Summer 2013/14 collection, evokes the notion of two friends, having grown up together, who are nostalgically looking back at past adventures. Frolicking on the beach, splashing in the sea and running along the sand are images that are bound to come into your head as you view the collection; a series of swimwear that had a vintage edge. Appearing at the Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week show, SURFACE too DEEP opened the show with model EmilyJean, who was greeted by a full crowd and front rowers including celebrities, bloggers, editors and international buyers. Accessorising against the swimwear with sleek, wet-look, beach-inspired buns with bold lips and sky blue eye shadows by Redken and Maybelline, the models strutted down the catwalk in sandals by Escapade. Covering both the likes of dainty and vintage girls with pastels and florals, and glamour pusses with film star inspired black bikinis such as the ‘Almost Famous’ design, SURFACE too DEEP create outstandingly feminine silhouettes, which are bound to get you all the right attention on that much-needed summer day trip. By Isabella Stockwell












verybody loves a good story and what better way to express a personal story than on your own individual printed scarf. Amelie Charroin and Marie Colin-Madan are the masterminds behind this idea and label Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre, both talented French designers and friends. Each seasons collections of printed scarves have different stories, and Amelie and Marie favour working by hand, painting and drawing for the majority of the process with other mixed techniques so they do not follow a guide, rather they are unique with their combination of digital and manual processes. Millenufcentquatrevingquatre has had many success stories themselves with collaborations with fashion designers, magazines and publishers. It really comes as no surprise, particularly looking at their latest collection – the Hortus collection – a wonderful ode to details; unusually plants are the main inspiration and topic. This works amazingly well as they pay plenty of attention to the plants, the arrangement and even the balance. The colours are beautiful to reflect this nature inspiration, resulting in printed scarves that you would not dare to take off because you would be forever heartbroken if you were parted from it. A lot of love has gone into every process of creating these scarves making these not just desirable fashion pieces but also little treasures. By Collette Hagan







brave mondays 76


rave Monday Designs originates from the living room of an apartment in Melbourne, Australia. Leah started with an idea, stirred it up with lots of dreaming, inspiration and pent up creativity and the result was this unique jewellery label. The name itself suggests daring creations, shifting people from their usual high street buys to the unusual and exceptional pieces. The truth is in the title; bold, colourful and contemporary designs of necklaces, wearable whenever and wherever you feel like it. What’s more, fans can keep up to date with Brave Monday Designs inspiration by following their blog that highlights some of their favourite things, including pointing people in the direction of amazing talented and crafty people. These virtual travels are always a treat, particularly on a Friday afternoon when you feel like that last hour of work is dragging. So go ahead and treat yourself with a geometric sharp and bold style necklace, and keep yours eyes peeled for the introduction of brooches and earrings. We imagine these are just as striking as the rest of the designs. By Collette Hagan






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The Clothes Maiden: Issue 12  

An online journal for the fashionable and creative minds, where ideas can unfold.

The Clothes Maiden: Issue 12  

An online journal for the fashionable and creative minds, where ideas can unfold.

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