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Creative Gardening Workshop for kids

By the Clorofilas Creative Lab of Plants

THE CLOROFILAS is a creative laboratory that has recently relocated to Manchester that experiments with plants and vegetation as creative material. I explore the aesthetic potential residing in plants as a primary source for experimentation using the plant as a basis in order to rethink and renegotiate public and domestic spaces, my modus operandi being appropriation and investigation. I work in different production fields ranging from educational projects to interior design and artistic exhibitions.

Creative Gardening Workshop for kids 4 to 10 years This workshop aims to be fun and give children different ways to introduce them into the world of gardening through simple educational tasks. 

 Gardening is a fun, and easy way to learn and a great medium for children, bringing them closer to nature and art. Content: Drawings with leaves and flowers People of Herbs: A creative activity to make faces with herbal hair
 How plants reproduce: different exercises will be performed - germination of edible and ornamental plants. 

Time: 2 hours

creative Gardening for kids  

Creative Gardening workshop for kids