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The Cap had a lot going on in his head, So he just lay thinking when he went to bed.

“Our planet is warming, and it’s getting worse, there must be a way, for this to reverse.”

So The Cap went out to look for solutions: “I’m sure I’ve seen them, they can’t be illusions?”

The Cap ran and crawled, walked and stumbled, finally he came across a house and mumbled:

"Who lives in this house, and may I enter?" "Well yes" said a voice, "we’re here in the center"

The Cap peeked in and saw a mighty mess, but the folks inside didn't seem to stress

"He started it" one said, and pointed a finger, the other stood still and seemed to linger.


made all this mess and now I'm affected" "Sundays I help", the other corrected.

They talked and discussed for hours and days Time was an issue so they had to find ways.

The Cap was amazed and couldn’t keep his mouth shut, He said: the situation is urgent, we need to hurry up!

Sundays are good but this is more recent, an old agreement cannot make this mess decent

He fixed the problem and they could have fun But his work wasn’t over, he was far from done.

The richest countries have the biggest emissions, Yet poorer countries suffer the worst conditions.

You nations who pollute our atmosphere Give new and additional money here

We all need to know that you’re doing this right So keep your work open and within our site

“Arguing is ruining life for millions, can’t you see? So be quiet for a moment, and listen to me.”


“Long-term commitments are needed now, be accountable and let us know how

Ownership on behalf of developing countries is a must So you have to put focus on creating trust

You nations who pollute our atmosphere Give new and additional money

The Green Climate Fund is already there, all you need to do is to do your share.

You over here put carbon in the air, so I think you should pay, isn’t that fair?

It doesn’t need to be hard, it doesn’t need to take long, if you all contribute, we should all get along.

All sources must be additional and new, Tricking with numbers is not the thing to do.

You governments need to set regulations, we are in a hurry, we need legislation.

Coal is still cheaper than clean energy sources; We need public finance, get up on your horses!

Also put a global tax on shipping and flights, place the money in the fund, and VOILĂ€: no more fights

These guys over here need private investment flows, Let the market for mitigation and adaptation projects grow

Use incentives such as a GCF branding system, that would for sure make private companies listen

Together with taxes on global money transactions, we can fill the fund with more than a fraction

A Robin Hood tax would affect a wide range of asset classes, Including the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, commodities, unit trusts, mutual funds, and derivative masses

It won't affect normal people using the banks It gives a more stable economy, so they will say thanks

Systems for financial transaction taxes are already there, All you need to do is to take a final decision here,

So stop your minds from being narrow, Delegates! Pick up your bow and arrow!

If you have to use multilateral development banks, Remember that loans can be tricky, so they should provide grants

The year is 2012 and we need to act now, it shouldn’t be hard, you all know how

And this system has worked before, I recall the GFATM fund was filled quickly, do you remember at all?


The nations looked at each other and knew for a fact that the Cap was right, ambition they lacked

I know that you actually don’t want to fight, we all want to finally make things right

So now shake hands and rebuild the trust, something deep inside me say that we must

The fund needs filling so they sat down to agree A good decision process the Cap got to see

The Cap turned around and walked out of the door, it seemed like they had come to a conclusion for sure

A couple of months went by and things seemed fine The Cap walked around the world and people were kind

He checked in on the fund and was about to drop, he could hardly believe it, it was filled to the top!

The Climate Hero  

Follow the adventures of the climate hero

The Climate Hero  

Follow the adventures of the climate hero