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Blossom-Lee Chair

Yoko Moore


Clara G. and George P. Bickford Chair

Peter Otto


Jung-Min Amy Lee


Gretchen D. and Ward Smith Chair

Alexandra Preucil


Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Dr. Glenn R. Brown Chair

Takako Masame Paul and Lucille Jones Chair

Wei-Fang Gu Drs. Paul M. and Renate H. Duchesneau Chair

Kim Gomez Elizabeth and Leslie Kondorossy Chair

Chul-In Park Harriet T. and David L. Simon Chair

Miho Hashizume Theodore Rautenberg Chair

Jeanne Preucil Rose Dr. Larry J.B. and Barbara S. Robinson Chair

Alicia Koelz Oswald and Phyllis Lerner Gilroy Chair

Yu Yuan Patty and John Collinson Chair

Isabel Trautwein Trevor and Jennie Jones Chair

Mark Dumm Gladys B. Goetz Chair

Katherine Bormann

SECOND VIOLINS Stephen Rose * Alfred M. and Clara T. Rankin Chair

Emilio Llinas


James and Donna Reid Chair

Eli Matthews 1 Patricia M. Kozerefski and Richard J. Bogomolny Chair

Elayna Duitman Ioana Missits Carolyn Gadiel Warner Stephen Warner Sae Shiragami Vladimir Deninzon Sonja Braaten Molloy Scott Weber Kathleen Collins Beth Woodside Emma Shook Jeffrey Zehngut Yun-Ting Lee

Louis D. Beaumont Chair

Richard Weiss 1 The GAR Foundation Chair

Charles Bernard 2 Helen Weil Ross Chair

Bryan Dumm Muriel and Noah Butkin Chair

Tanya Ell Thomas J. and Judith Fay Gruber Chair

Chaillé H. and Richard B. Tullis Chair

Lynne Ramsey 1 Charles M. and Janet G. Kimball Chair 2

Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Chair

Saeran St. Christopher Marisela Sager 2 Austin B. and Ellen W. Chinn Chair

Mary Kay Fink PICCOLO Mary Kay Fink Anne M. and M. Roger Clapp Chair

OBOES Frank Rosenwein *

BASSES Maximilian Dimoff *

Robert Walters

Clarence T. Reinberger Chair

Kevin Switalski 2 Scott Haigh 1 Mark Atherton Thomas Sperl Henry Peyrebrune Charles Barr Memorial Chair

Charles Carleton Scott Dixon Derek Zadinsky

Jean Wall Bennett Chair

Arthur Klima Richard Waugh Lisa Boyko Lembi Veskimets Eliesha Nelson Joanna Patterson Zakany Patrick Connolly

FLUTES Joshua Smith *

Ralph Curry Brian Thornton David Alan Harrell Paul Kushious Martha Baldwin

Mary E. and F. Joseph Callahan Chair

VIOLAS Robert Vernon *

Stanley Konopka Mark Jackobs

CELLOS Mark Kosower*

HARP Trina Struble * Alice Chalifoux Chair

Edith S. Taplin Chair

Jeffrey Rathbun 2 Everett D. and Eugenia S. McCurdy Chair

ENGLISH HORN Robert Walters Samuel C. and Bernette K. Jaffe Chair

CLARINETS Franklin Cohen * Robert Marcellus Chair

Robert Woolfrey Daniel McKelway 2 Robert R. and Vilma L. Kohn Chair

Linnea Nereim E-FLAT CLARINET Daniel McKelway Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan Chair

BASS CLARINET Linnea Nereim BASSOONS John Clouser * Louise Harkness Ingalls Chair

Barrick Stees 2 Sandra L. Haslinger Chair

Jonathan Sherwin CONTRABASSOON Jonathan Sherwin

Cleveland Orchestra photography by Roger Mastroianni



HORNS Richard King *

PERCUSSION Marc Damoulakis*

George Szell Memorial Chair

Michael Mayhew § Knight Foundation Chair

Jesse McCormick Robert B. Benyo Chair

Hans Clebsch Alan DeMattia

Margaret Allen Ireland Chair

Donald Miller Tom Freer KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS Joela Jones * Rudolf Serkin Chair

Carolyn Gadiel Warner

TRUMPETS Michael Sachs * Robert and Eunice Podis Weiskopf Chair

Marjory and Marc L. Swartzbaugh Chair


Jack Sutte Lyle Steelman2 James P. and Dolores D. Storer Chair

Joe and Marlene Toot Chair

Donald Miller

Michael Miller ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL Karyn Garvin

CORNETS Michael Sachs * Mary Elizabeth and G. Robert Klein Chair


Christine Honolke

Michael Miller


TROMBONES Massimo La Rosa*


Gilbert W. and Louise I. Humphrey Chair

Richard Stout Alexander and Marianna C. McAfee Chair

Sidney and Doris Dworkin Chair Sunshine Chair

* Principal

Shachar Israel 2

° Acting Principal



EUPHONIUM AND BASS TRUMPET Richard Stout TUBA Yasuhito Sugiyama* Nathalie C. Spence and Nathalie S. Boswell Chair

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Associate Principal First Assistant Principal Assistant Principal


Giancarlo Guerrero


Brett Mitchell


TIMPANI Paul Yancich * Otto G. and Corinne T. Voss Chair

Tom Freer 2

Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather Chair

Robert Porco


Frances P. and Chester C. Bolton Chair


listing as of November 2014

Cleveland has created and sustained a great Orchestra because of people who are passionate about quality — a dedication to excellence that is both inspiring and humbling. With the confidence and support of the community, the members of The Cleveland Orchestra can challenge each other to greater heights with each passing season.  There is no greater joy for me than collaborating with the musicians of The Cleveland Orchestra and serving the great people of Northeast Ohio.  The Cleveland Orchestra’s mission is to provide inspirational experiences by serving the art of music at the highest levels of excellence at every performance — whether we are on stage at Severance Hall or Blossom, or mixing with neighbors and friends during our “At Home” neighborhood residencies, touring Europe’s music capitals, or performing for students in a high school gymnasium. Maintaining and enhancing excellence and being relevant in a changing society requires constant and focused effort by everyone. I am grateful to all those dedicated to this pursuit — my colleagues in the Orchestra and Chorus, our trustees and volunteers, our audiences and supporters, and our management and staff team. This year I also extend a special note of gratitude to Gary Hanson, who has announced his retirement as Executive Director next autumn and with whom I have enjoyed a great working partnership for more than a decade. He has pursued innovation throughout this institution with incredible energy, wisdom, and intelligence, helping this Orchestra prepare for an even greater future. I am deeply committed to the Northeast Ohio community. I feel a special bond with everyone here, whose enthusiasm for this hometown orchestra is matched by an understanding of the work and support required to maintain such an ensemble.  To each and every patron of the Orchestra, I want to convey my heart-felt gratitude for your generous support. It is an honor for me to serve this institution and community.


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

2 01 3 - 2 014 From the President

A S I L O O K B A C K O V E R The Cleveland Orchestra’s past season, I am struck by the enormous transformations this institution has achieved. Some of these changes began almost a decade ago, and continued with new resolve and discipline through economic uncertainty in recent years. Now we are focused on continued progress and innovation as we plan for our Centennial and beyond. I am delighted by the support and enthusiasm our ongoing changes have received from the community at large. Propelled by continued artistic success, The Cleveland Orchestra is now moving forward at full speed. I believe that our hopes and plans for the future are achievable. Together we are creating an even stronger Cleveland Orchestra — one capable of serving Northeast Ohio to the utmost, innovative in extending our global artistic brand through established residency programs in Miami and Europe, flexible enough to adapt to future twists in the road, and renowned as ever for musical excellence, for music education and participation, for young audiences, for community service, and as an enduring symbol of this community’s spirit and pride. Our progress is reflected in the financial achievements of the past year. For the third consecutive year, we have achieved a balanced budget — through increased ticket revenues, increased donations and support, and prudent cost control. For 2013-14, in fact, with the dedicated efforts of everyone involved, we recorded a bottom line surplus of $940,000 beyond our balanced budget goal. This year-over-year budgetary result indicates the Orchestra’s progress toward true financial health. In concert with these annual financial achievements — including a record $10.6 million in Annual Fund support — the Sound for the Centennial Campaign’s endowment component has also moved forward. Campaign efforts have to date achieved $62 million in cash and pledges to the endowment, and $50 million in legacy commitments. The endow-



ment now stands at $173 million — up from a low of $97 million following the financial crisis in 2008. Now we must focus on the Campaign’s successful completion by 2018. Expanding the endowment to provide a greater contribution to our operating budget will provide the financial strength to remain secure during future difficult economic cycles. We can then focus our fundraising efforts on an ever stronger Annual Fund and special fundraising for specific artistic and community initiatives. This financial success is part of a larger, ongoing transformation in spirit. Franz Welser-Möst, now in his thirteenth season as Music Director, has led a comprehensive set of new initiatives for the Orchestra. He is a driver of innovation, both artistic and programmatic. He has spotlighted the Orchestra’s role as a key leader in music education, and led us toward greater community engagement. Above all, he is the standard bearer for the Orchestra’s renowned musical excellence. Franz’s partnership with The Cleveland Orchestra is one of the most sucessful artistic partnerships in the world today. He has led two triumphant tours to Europe in the past year, and conducted inspiring performances in Miami and New York, at Severance Hall and our summer home at Blossom. This fall, we announced the extension of Franz’s tenure to 2022. This ensures our artistic strength through and beyond the Centennial and will drive our forward-looking view for the institution’s second century. The Orchestra’s renewed effort to play more music for more people has now become a way of life for this institution. Our new summer concert series, Summers@Severance, was launched in August 2014 to great success, with nearly half of the audience attending a Cleveland Orchestra concert for the first time. The success of this and other audience development programs echoed the achievements of the Orchestra’s Center for Future Audiences and the many programs it supports, which have attracted well over 100,000 young people to Orchestra concerts at Severance Hall and Blossom in just three short years. Through the newest Center-funded program, The Circle, launched in January 2014, we are developing support from a new generation of Northeast Ohio’s young-professional leaders. Clearly, our goal of building the youngest audience of any orchestra is not just a dream, but in fact is becoming a reality. Today, more than ever, we understand that we must support our schools, embrace our civic leadership role, increase access to orchestral music for all,

and partner with other community and cultural organizations to sustain the city whose name we so proudly carry throughout the world. The Orchestra’s education programs reach over 60,000 students of all ages each year as part of its ongoing goal to serve as an indispensible education and community resource. The Orchestra’s second annual “At Home” neighborhood residency was whole-heartedly embraced by the citizens and students of Lakewood, with over 35 events culminating in a soldout free community concert led by Franz WelserMöst, streamed live on the internet, and recorded for broadcast by our partner WVIZ/ideastream. Transformation is also taking place behind the scenes, in how we do business, and in upgrading our infrastructure and resources. We have established specialized task forces to explore new methods of serving expanded and current audiences in better ways — from improving the experience of attending Cleveland Orchestra concerts, to investigating improvements in communicating with our patrons and the longterm goal of enabling digital access to our rich store of recordings and history. Musicians and community representatives are involved with these task forces and on Board committees to help ensure buy-in across all constituencies. We also are in the final stages of extending our relationship with Live Nation to operate Blossom Music Center, where our summer offerings are an important contributor to financial success and an essential element of our ongoing initiatives to attract growing numbers of young people to Orchestra concerts. Our progress over the past year is the result of focus, enthusiasm, and dedication from the entire Cleveland Orchestra family. I am grateful to all those who have played a role in this integrated, far-reaching effort at transforming what The Cleveland Orchestra means to our region. First and foremost, I extend my thanks to the vibrant community of Northeast Ohio, whose residents fill Severance Hall and Blossom as concertgoers, support our music and our programs, and continue to demand the very best from this Orchestra. To our musicians, for their devotion to musical excellence and to the audiences we serve, and for their enthusiastic and effective partnership with staff and trustees. To our multitude of volunteers, who welcome guests to our concerts, perform in the choruses, raise awareness and monetary support, and serve on committees with interest and purpose. To our dedicated and hard-working staff, who imagine and execute the variety of ways we serve this community. And to our engaged and passionate Board of Trustees, for their tremendous philanthropic leader-


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

ship and personal generosity. Thanks to our work together, The Cleveland Orchestra has evolved the ways in which we serve Northeast Ohio and beyond while sustaining the musical excellence and quality programming that the community expects and demands. One more debt of gratitude: to our executive director Gary Hanson, who has announced his plans to retire in October 2015. His eleven years have been marked by great achievement as part of the Cleveland Orchestra team. He helped lead this institution through challenging circumstances, in part by helping initiate transformation throughout The Cleveland Orchestra while remaining true to the institution’s core principles. Gary has faithfully served this institution across nearly 30 years, and through hard work, tireless devotion, and keen thought has helped guide the organization’s evolution and innovative spirit. To say goodbye to someone of Gary’s caliber is bittersweet. His wisdom and leadership will be missed, but through an orderly transition in leadership he is opening a path to opportunity for new growth and new perspective on this institution’s future. Thank you, Gary. In summary, the past season was a year of programmatic innovation, of financial strength, of increasing community service. A time of transition and continuity. And, as always, of extraordinary artistic excellence. It has been a perfect balance of the traditions that have made us strong for nearly a century and the transformation that will ensure our future success. The people of Northeast Ohio have responded with great confidence in the Orchestra’s pivotal role as cultural centerpiece in our community, supporting this institution with loyal patronage and dedicated giving. We are now poised to make the leap from recent steady growth to longterm financial strength. Doing so will allow us the freedom to innovate and to reach new heights of musical and institutional excellence, all for the benefit of everyone in Northeast Ohio. Now is the time to help propel the Orchestra into a future built on a sound financial foundation, a future of excellence, a future of service to this community. Together, we can ensure that The Cleveland Orchestra remains a pillar of music and art and education and community pride into the decades ahead.

Dennis W. LaBarre President December 2014

2 013 - 2 014


From the Executive Director

T H I S I S my last Annual Report letter before my October 2015 retirement, by which time I will have had the privilege of serving this incredible institution for almost 28 years. I’ve been honored since 2004 to be your Executive Director, and I remain energized by the Orchestra’s accomplishments in a time of great change and challenge. At the same time, I look forward to turning over the reins in the coming year to the next executive leader who can pursue ever-greater institutional achievements. T H E A C H I E V E M E N T S of the past year were considerable. The annual financial results, which are detailed on pages 12-13, reinforce the success of recent years, while artistically the Orchestra reached new heights. Under the direction of Franz Welser-Möst, The Cleveland Orchestra’s musical triumphs included in-depth explorations of symphonies by Beethoven and Shostakovich as part of our “Fate & Freedom” festival last October, and the launching in January 2014 of a comprehensive survey of Brahms orchestral masterpieces in performances which are being broadcast on television and released on DVD. Extensive European tours in November 2013 and in September 2014 featured the music of these three composers to great acclaim. The music of Jörg Widmann also held a place of pride in the Orchestra’s programs and most recent tour, culminating in a courageous and triumphant all-Widmann program at the Berlin Festival in September. The Severance Hall season concluded with a groundbreaking staging of Janáček’s operatic masterpiece The Cunning Little Vixen in four performances this past May. Franz collaborated with director Yuval Sharon to create a stunning marriage between a remarkable score and a striking animated production. Concert attendance by young people surged to



over 41,000 in the past year, with young people now making up over 20% of the audience for classical concerts at Severance Hall. Just over 20,000 tickets were purchased by audience members under the age of 25 to attend Cleveland Orchestra performances, and families took advantage of the “Under 18s Free” program to bring thousands of children and teenagers to our concerts. From coffee shops to cathedrals, over the past year we continued our dedication to community engagement. Our second annual neighborhood residency, entitled “At Home in Lakewood, Ohio,” served to strengthen the bond between The Cleveland Orchestra and our devoted Westside supporters with everything from educational activities to “popup” performances of chamber music, all culminating in a free performance in the Lakewood Civic Auditorium under Franz’s direction. More recently, Franz expanded the annual schedule of community concerts with a presentation of Bach’s Missa Brevis by The Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in downtown Cleveland. M U C H O F W H A T The Cleveland Orchestra does today represents an overall institutional transformation that has connected us more deeply to the community and made us more financially sustainable. In my own efforts to bring about change, nothing is more rewarding than working side-by-side with Franz in a productive partnership where extraordinary music-making is the institution’s highest priority. I believe we have demonstrated that excellence — in programming and performance — forms the bedrock upon which the hard-working members of the Orchestra and staff have been able to pursue and embrace rapid and all-encompassing change. A fitting tribute to our work together is the chronicle below of new programs and initiatives which today occupy secure positions in the Orchestra’s annual schedule:

— In 2007, we established the annual Miami residency, now entering its ninth season with the passionate support of the South Florida community.

— In 2008, we announced the return of staged opera to Severance Hall after an absence of more than 40 years. — In 2009, we augmented the winter season schedule with in-school education concerts, with Fridays@7 concerts, and with our series of “Celebrity” concerts. We also began regular and ongoing collaborations with the Joffrey Ballet. — In 2010, we launched the Orchestra’s Center for Future Audiences, to fund programs with a goal of developing the youngest audience of any orchestra, anywhere. We started regular collaborations with the Cleveland Play House and the Cleveland Museum of Art. — In 2011, we participated in our first biennial residency at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music and performed the first of our Lincoln Center Festival residencies. — In 2012, the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra began a program of international tours with concerts in Europe. We expanded our collaboration with Joffrey Ballet to include The Nutcracker in downtown Cleveland in partnership with PlayhouseSquare. — Spring 2013 saw the Orchestra taking up residence in the Gordon Square/Detroit-Shoreway community of Cleveland, establishing our annual program of “At Home” neighborhood residencies in Northeast Ohio. — In August 2014, we created “Summers@Severance,” our first-ever summertime subscription series in Severance Hall. All of our institutional advancement is made possible by the leadership and extraordinary philanthropy of our Trustees. Members of the Board have personally committed more than $50 million in cash and pledges to the Endowment component of our Sound for the Centennial Campaign. Most importantly, the Board is working to complete the Campaign by 2018 with an endowment fund sufficient to ensure financial strength as we launch our second century. It is an honor for me to serve this dedicated Board and


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

to have worked under three remarkable Presidents, James D. Ireland III, Richard J. Bogomolny, and for the past five years, Dennis W. LaBarre. A S T H E W O R L D A R O U N D U S continues to change, the future of this great institution will likely remain a delicate balance between opportunity and uncertainty. I believe that under the leadership of our passionate Board, and with the committed support of our community, ongoing innovation and continued reinvention will ensure that The Cleveland Orchestra continues to thrive. I close my final Annual Report letter with sincere thanks to you, our generous supporters, because without you, Cleveland would not be home to the world’s greatest orchestra. And I salute the current and past members of the Orchestra and staff who dedicate their lives — many over multiple decades — to the advancement of this institution. There are no words to describe the privilege and the joy of being a member of this unique and outstanding team of consummate professionals. To them and to you I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the achievements of the past year and for the promise of a bright future for The Cleveland Orchestra.

Gary Hanson Executive Director December 2014 P.S. Over the past twenty-seven years, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio have come to feel, unquestionably, as home. Barbara and I look forward to many years ahead here, attending Cleveland Orchestra concerts and supporting not just this great Orchestra, but this great community.

as of November 1, 2014

MUSICAL ART S ASSOCIATION OF F I C E R S A ND E XE CUT I VE C O MMIT T E E Dennis W. LaBarre, President Richard J. Bogomolny, Chairman The Honorable John D. Ong, Vice President Jeanette Grasselli Brown Matthew V. Crawford Alexander M. Cutler David J. Hooker Michael J. Horvitz

Norma Lerner, Honorary Chair Hewitt B. Shaw, Secretary Beth E. Mooney, Treasurer

Douglas A. Kern Virginia M. Lindseth Alex Machaskee Nancy W. McCann John C. Morley

Larry Pollock Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Audrey Gilbert Ratner Barbara S. Robinson Raymond T. Sawyer

R E S I D E NT TR U S TE E S George N. Aronoff Dr. Ronald H. Bell Richard J. Bogomolny Charles P. Bolton Jeanette Grasselli Brown Helen Rankin Butler Scott Chaikin Paul G. Clark Owen M. Colligan Robert D. Conrad Matthew V. Crawford Alexander M. Cutler Hiroyuki Fujita Paul G. Greig Robert K. Gudbranson Iris Harvie Jeffrey A. Healy Stephen H. Hoffman David J. Hooker Michael J. Horvitz Marguerite B. Humphrey David P. Hunt Christopher Hyland James D. Ireland III

Trevor O. Jones Betsy Juliano Jean C. Kalberer Nancy F. Keithley Christopher M. Kelly Douglas A. Kern John D. Koch S. Lee Kohrman Charlotte R. Kramer Dennis W. LaBarre Norma Lerner Virginia M. Lindseth Alex Machaskee Robert P. Madison Milton S. Maltz Nancy W. McCann Thomas F. McKee Beth E. Mooney John C. Morley Donald W. Morrison Meg Fulton Mueller Gary A. Oatey Katherine T. O’Neill The Honorable John D. Ong

Larry Pollock Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Clara T. Rankin Audrey Gilbert Ratner Charles A. Ratner James S. Reid, Jr. Barbara S. Robinson Paul Rose Steven M. Ross Raymond T. Sawyer Luci Schey Hewitt B. Shaw Richard K. Smucker R. Thomas Stanton Daniel P. Walsh Thomas A. Waltermire Geraldine B. Warner Jeffrey M. Weiss Norman E. Wells Paul E. Westlake Jr. David A. Wolfort

N O N- R E S I D E NT TR U S T E E S Virginia Nord Barbato (NY) Wolfgang C. Berndt (Austria) Laurel Blossom (SC)

Richard C. Gridley (SC) Loren W. Hershey (DC) Herbert Kloiber (Germany)

Ludwig Scharinger (Austria)

T R U S TE E S E X- O F F I CI O Faye A. Heston, President, Volunteer Council of The Cleveland Orchestra Shirley B. Dawson, President, Women’s Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra Claire Frattare, President, Blossom Women’s Committee T R US TE E S E M E R I TI Clifford J. Isroff Samuel H. Miller David L. Simon* PA S T PR E S I D E NT S D. Z. Norton 1915-21 John L. Severance 1921-36 Dudley S. Blossom 1936-38 Thomas L. Sidlo 1939-53

AUDIT Michael J. Horvitz, Chair Hewitt B. Shaw, Jr., Vice Chair BLOSSOM OVERSEERS Paul A. Rose, Chair Marguerite Tremelin, Vice Chair COMMUNITY RELATIONS Alex Machaskee, Chair Robert P. Madison, Vice Chair EDUCATION Jeanette Grasselli Brown, Chair Helen Rankin Butler, Vice Chair FACILITIES Matthew V. Crawford, Chair Paul E. Westlake Jr., Vice Chair FINANCE Beth E. Mooney, Chair Hewitt B. Shaw, Jr., Vice Chair FUNDRAISING Richard J. Bogomolny, Chair Nancy W. McCann, Vice Chair FUNDRAISING: LEADERSHIP Barbara S. Robinson, Chair Robert K. Gudbranson, Vice Chair FUNDRAISING: LEGACY GIVING Donald W. Morrison, Chair GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Barbara S. Robinson, Chair Raymond T. Sawyer, Vice Chair INVESTMENT Alfred M. Rankin, Jr., Chair John D. Koch, Vice Chair

Carolyn Dessin, Chair, Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Operating Committee Beverly J. Warren, President, Kent State University Barbara R. Snyder, President, Case Western Reserve University

H O N O RARY T RUS T E E S FOR LIFE Robert W. Gillespie Gay Cull Addicott Dorothy Humel Hovorka Oliver F. Emerson Robert F. Meyerson Allen H. Ford

Percy W. Brown 1953-55 Frank E. Taplin, Jr. 1955-57 Frank E. Joseph 1957-68 Alfred M. Rankin 1968-83


Ward Smith 1983-95 Richard J. Bogomolny 1995-2002, 2008-09 James D. Ireland III 2002-08

MARKETING OVERSIGHT Larry Pollock, Chair Marguerite B. Humphrey, Vice Chair NOMINATING AND GOVERNANCE David J. Hooker, Chair Larry Pollock, Vice Chair PENSION FUND Alfred M. Rankin, Jr., Chair Michael J. Horvitz, Vice Chair PERSONNEL Michael J. Horvitz, Chair David A. Wolfort, Vice Chair

Gary Hanson, Executive Director




OF F I C E R S A ND E XE CUT I VE C O MMIT T E E Sheldon T. Anderson, President Norman Braman, Vice Chair Hector D. Fortun, Vice Chair T R U S TE E S Sheldon T. Anderson Jon Batchelor Brian Bilzin Marsha Bilzin Norman Braman Alicia Celorio Bruce Clinton Martha Clinton Mary Jo Eaton Mike S. Eidson Mary Claire Espenkotter Miguel G. Farra


Jeffrey Feldman Susan Feldman Helen Aquirre Ferre Hector D. Fortun Adam M. Foslid Francisco A. Garcia Pedro Jimenez Michael Joblove Gerald Kelfer Tina Kislak R. Kirk Landon Shirley Lehman


William Lehman Jan R. Lewis Sue Miller Patrick Park Karyn Schwade Mary M. Spencer Howard A. Stark Charles Stuzin Richard P. Tonkinson Gary L. Wasserman E. Richard Yulman

Dr. Herbert Kloiber, Chair Dr. Wolfgang C. Berndt, Vice Chair Dr. Robert Ehrlich Dr. Peter Mitterbauer Elizabeth Muhr

* deceased

2 01 3 - 2 014 Overview Severance Hall and Northeast Ohio

Gala Chair Norma Lerner (left) and Corporate Chair Beth Mooney (right) celebrated with Itzhak Perlman after the violinist’s performance in October.


Franz Welser-Möst and The Cleveland Orchestra began a Brahms recording project in January 2014, with soloist Julia Fischer playing the Violin Concerto; the project continued in London and Vienna in September, for television and DVD release. The Orchestra’s newest series, Summers@Severance, featured a concert followed by sunset cocktail hour on the front terrace of Severance Hall.


From September 2013 to the end of August 2014, the Orchestra performed 101 concerts at Severance Hall. These included 67 regular subscription concerts, plus December holiday concerts, Celebrity Series concerts, Family Concerts, and Education Concerts. These performances drew in 162,500 total admissions. The annual Gala benefit event, which took place on September 28 in Severance Hall, featured Itzhak Perlman and raised funds in support of the Orchestra’s education and community programs. During Franz Welser-Möst’s twelft h season as music director, the Orchestra presented a fall 2013 Fate & Freedom festival, juxtaposing symphonies of Beethoven and Shostakovich, began a new recording project of orchestral works by Brahms, and, in May, presented four performances of Leoš Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen. This made-for-Cleveland opera production was directed by Yuval Sharon and featured an international cast of singers interposed with animation by Walter Robot Studios. In August 2014, a new summer concert series was launched. The inaugural Summers@Severance concerts took place on three Friday evenings in August, joining the vibrant cultural offerings of University Circle by pairing classical music with Friday happy hour. Each hour-long concert was followed by a sunset cocktail hour on the front terrace of Severance Hall. The August 15 concert was an official part of Games Week for the 2014 Gay Games. The August 29 concert saluted United Way and the many donors who support Northeast Ohio through United Way’s work. The Orchestra continued two longstanding regional engagements, with annual performances at Oberlin College and at Akron’s E.J. Thomas Hall. During the summer of 2014, The Cleveland Orchestra partnered with Oberlin for a fourth year in the annual Cooper Competition, performing the concerto final round at Severance Hall.

Community and Education The Orchestra’s ongoing efforts to engage and serve people across Northeast Ohio continued with a variety of free public presentations, including the

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Concert and Open House in January and the Star-Spangled Spectacular on Public Square in July — the Orchestra’s 25th annual free community concert in downtown Cleveland. In May 2014, the Orchestra performed its second annual neighborhood residency, The Cleveland Orchestra “At Home” in Lakewood — featuring free community events (including pop-up performances in local restaurants, bowling alleys, and coffee shops), community events (partnering with LakewoodAlive to repair local porches), more than twenty-five music education presentations in schools, events in libraries, and churches, and three performances of the full Orchestra to students and community members. The residency attracted over 10,000 area residents in person plus thousands more through live-streaming and television broadcast of the culminating free public concert led by Franz Welser-Möst. As part of the Orchestra’s Make Music! initiative to highlight and encourage active music-making by people of all ages, the residency also featured an afternoon with over sixty musical performances by community members on porches throughout Lakewood. The Orchestra’s education programs once again served more than 60,000, including school fieldtrip Education Concerts for over 15,000 students at Severance Hall, two in-school Orchestra performances at Lakewood Civic Auditorium and one at Memorial School in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood, and literally hundreds of presentations linking music and learning in local partner schools. Programs also included ongoing youth ensemble activities and performances, concerts for families, and adult learning opportunities. Side-byside performances with The Cleveland Orchestra took place with the Cleveland Orchetra Youth Orchestra in April and with the Kent/Blossom Music Festival Chamber Orchestra in July, offering each group of young musicians an extraordinary annual learning opportunity.

Audience Development As part of an ongoing initiative to build the youngest audience of any orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra continued inspiring and attracting strong interest among youth across Northeast

Ohio. An array of coordinated, interlocking programs funded through the Orchestra’s Center for Future Audiences make attending concerts affordable and accessible, with subsidized ticketing programs helping attract over 18,500 students to Severance Hall concerts at discounted prices in the past year. The Orchestra’s “Under 18s Free” program enabled some 8,000 ticket buyers to bring 22,000 young people to Blossom and Severance Hall performances. A young professionals membership program, The Circle, was successfully launched in early 2014, to extend interest and activities up from student-age to young adults. Overall, the Orchestra’s audience development efforts reached a milestone, when the 100,000th young person was admitted through Center-funded programs.

Touring and Residencies Each year, the Orchestra allots several weeks of its performance schedule to residencies and touring activities. These enhance both the artistic and financial strength of the organization overall, and extend and enhance the Orchestra’s worldwide reputation for excellence. Franz Welser-Möst led The Cleveland Orchestra on two tours to Europe in 2013 and 2014, their thirteenth and fourteenth international tours together. The November 2013 European Tour and Vienna Residency featured performances in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Paris, Luxembourg, Cologne, Linz, and Vienna. The Vienna Residency encored the Fate & Freedom symphonies of Beethoven and Shostakovich presented at Severance Hall in October 2013. The tour also featured the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus during performances in four cities. In September, the Orchestra’s 2014 European Tour centered on musical works by Johannes Brahms and Jörg Widmann, including an all-Widmann performance as part of the Berlin Festival. Concerts were also presented at the BBC Proms in London, at the Lucerne Festival, and in Linz, Paris, Amsterdam, and Vienna. One concert in London and one in Vienna, featuring symphonies by Brahms, were recorded for future broadcast and DVD release. The tour featured six performances of Widmann’s flute concerto, Flûte en suite, with Cleveland’s principal flute Joshua Smith, who premiered the work in 2011. Also in 2013-14, The Cleveland Orchestra returned to Miami for its eighth season of concerts under the name Cleveland Orchestra Miami. The season presented in partnership with Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County featured four weekends of concerts, drawing over 13,500 in paid admissions. As part of each Cleveland Orchestra Miami season, the residency features a variety of community and education programs, including free Education Concerts for Miami-Dade County public school students, Musical Rainbows for younger children, and various after-school programs, mentoring sessions, and masterclasses for college students. The Cleveland Orchestra’s Under 18s Free program for families was extended to Miami concerts in the 2013-14 season, welcoming a young person for free with each paid adult ticket. Nearly 200 young people and their families took advantage of the program in its first year. The Orchestra’s concert activities away from home also included a performance at New York’s Avery Fisher



Hall at the start of the European Tour in November 2013, a concert in Naples, Florida, and a Midwest Tour with performances in Lawrence, Kansas and Lincoln, Nebraska, plus two performances in Austin, Texas, as part of the 2014 Menuhin Violin Competition.

Severance Hall Rentals Beyond the Orchestra’s own concerts and presentations, there were 124 rental events and performances at Severance Hall in 2013-14, hosting 66,500 attendees.

Blossom 2014 The Orchestra’s 2014 Blossom Music Festival featured 18 concerts across nine weekends in July and August, including 15 by The Cleveland Orchestra. The summer featured five concerts when each evening’s attendance topped 10,000 concertgoers, including a performance with Yo-Yo Ma and a Beatles Tribute concert, which garnered recordbreaking ticket revenue. The “Mozart & Shostakovich” performance on July 20 drew in nearly 11,000 attendees for Cleveland Foundation Day, as part of the Foundation’s year-long centennial anniversary celebration providing free tickets to Northeast Ohio residents. The Festival saw unprecedented per-concert attendance, averaging a recordbreaking statistic of just over 7,000 average admissions for each performance, with total admissions of 126,900. The summer also featured 19 non-Festival concert performances and 6 other events hosted by Live Nation, which operates Blossom Music Center for the Musical Arts Association. Attendance at these concerts and events totaled 315,100, with an average of 15,250 per concert.

Orchestra Personnel During the 2013-14 season, Franz Welser-Möst promoted Marc Damoulakis (percussion) to the position of principal. Additionally, Thomas Mansbacher (cello) retired at the end of the season, after nearly 40 years of service.

2 01 3 - 2 014


As part of “The Cleveland Orchestra At Home in Lakewood” neighborhood residency, musicians performed in coffee shops and other locations such as Black Bird Bakery. And Franz Welser-Möst led the Orchestra in two performances at Lakewood Civic Auditorium, one for Lakewood school students and the free community concert featuring principal trombone Massimo La Rosa as soloist.


The May 2014 production of Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen artfully juxtaposed projected animation with the live singers, bringing varying levels of inner and outer reality to life across this tale of life, love, and loss. Images of the production’s “vixen” drawing were projected along


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

roofline of Severance Hall. At the opening night party, Executive Director Gary Hanson congratulated director Yuval Sharon and Franz Welser-Möst. THIS PAGE, BOTTOM LEFT: Over 15,000 students come to Severance Hall each year to hear weekday Education Concerts designed to introduce them to musical ideas through live performances by The Cleveland Orchestra. THIS PAGE, ABOVE:

Prior to each concert by the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra at Severance Hall, chamber ensembles present prelude concerts, including this chamber chorus from the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus — the full Youth Chorus joins the Youth Orchestra for their winter concert each year to perform classic works from the choral-orchestral literature.

2 01 3 - 2 014 Statements of Financial Position



Cash and Cash Equivalents Investments Accounts and Pledges Receivable Other Assets Land, Buildings and Equipment — net Endowment: Investments Pledges Receivable TOTAL ASSETS

JUNE 30, 2014

JUNE 30, 2013

$ 2,935 12 32,140 4,542 39,629

$ 2,651 12 37,491 3,890 44,044



172,350 10,100 $ 263,856

149,829 11,397 $ 247,836

$ 7,660 28,150 5,376 23,814 65,000

$ 9,525 28,150 5,611 25,413 68,699

(4,356) (17,154) 19,421 31,317 29,228

(5,297) (16,996) 15,722 22,262 15,691

22,529 58 9,109 31,696

28,705 96 7,153 35,954

137,932 198,856 $ 263,856

127,492 179,137 $ 247,836


Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Bonds Payable Deferred Revenue Accrued Pension and Other Retirement Benefits Total Liabilities Net Assets:

Unrestricted: Operating: Accumulated Results Pension Plan Capital Board Designated Endowment Temporarily Restricted: Operating Capital Endowment Permanently Restricted Endowment Total Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

Statements of Operating Activities YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2014 REVENUE

Total Fixed Expenses






$ 31,680 $ (31,600)






193 $ 32,018 $ (31,825)

Contributions from Operations

Activities Using Orchestra Services Media Blossom Special Attractions Non-Orchestra Activities

17,857 326 1,279 977 20,439

12,986 761 — 608 14,355

4,871 (435) 1,279 369 6,084

17,565 174 1,226 1,147 20,112

11,693 557 — 882 13,132

5,872 (383) 1,226 265 6,980

Total Annual Fundraising

10,578 1,942 972 13,492

2,270 — 392 2,662

8,308 1,942 580 10,830

10,111 2,019 1,037 13,167

2,529 — 494 3,023

7,582 2,019 543 10,144

Endowment Draw Subtotal

7,194 41,205

— 48,697

7,194 (7,492)

7,056 40,528

— 48,173

7,056 (7,645)

8,433 $ 49,638

— $ 48,697

8,433 $ 941

7,645 — $ 48,173 $ 48,173

7,645 $ —

Total Operations Annual Fundraising

Annual Fund Government Grants Volunteer Activities

Special Fundraising TOTAL RESULTS



Statements of Endowment Activities YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2014

Pledges and Contributions Investment Income (net of fees) Net Realized and Unrealized Gains Endowment Draw Change in Endowment Net Assets


Net Assets — Beginning of Year Net Assets — End of Year Net Accrued Income and Expense ENDOWMENT INVESTMENTS — End of Year

Notes to Financial Statements NOTE A Summary of Significant Accounting Policies Organization: The core purpose of the Musical Arts Association (the Association) is to provide an inspirational experience by serving the art of music at the highest levels of artistic excellence. The Association operates The Cleveland Orchestra; owns and operates Severance Hall, located in Cleveland, Ohio; and owns Blossom Music Center (BMC), situated on approximately 198 acres of land in Summit County, Ohio. Basis of Accounting: The Association’s accounting records are maintained on the accrual basis of accounting. Basis of Presentation: The Association records all unconditional promises to give (pledges) as receivables and revenue in the period made and classifies such contributions into three net asset classes based upon external (donor) imposed restrictions. A description of the three net asset classes follows: Unrestricted Net Assets — Net assets that are not subject to any donor imposed restrictions. Temporarily Restricted Net Assets — Net assets subject to donor imposed restrictions that will be met by actions of the Association and/or the passage of time. Permanently Restricted Net Assets — Net assets subject to donor imposed restrictions that will neither be met or otherwise removed by actions of the Association nor the passage of time. Land, Buildings, and Equipment: Severance Hall opened in 1931 and is located on land leased from Case Western Reserve University. The Association has a 99-year lease, which expires in 2029 and is renewable for additional 99year periods in perpetuity. The lease (including the option period) provides for a nominal rental charge and requires the Association to pay all taxes and assessments that may be levied on the premises. Blossom Music Center opened in 1968 and is now situated on 198 acres of land in Summit County. The Association owns the land and all buildings thereon. Purchased land, buildings, and equipment are stated at cost. Depreciation is computed on a straight-line basis over the estimated useful lives of the respective assets, averaging 20 years for land improvements, 40 years for buildings, and 5 to 20 years for equipment, using a half-year life convention in the year of acquisition. Routine repairs and maintenance and individual capital expenditures of less than five hundred dollars are expensed as incurred. The Association’s music library and archives and its equity in the Medical Center Company are carried at no value in the financial statements. Collective Bargaining Agreements: The Association’s orchestra musicians, stagehands, ticket sellers, and service employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. The Cleveland Federation of Musicians, Local No. 4 three-year collective bargaining agreement expires on August 30, 2015; the Service Employees International Union Local No. 3, AFL-CIO collective bargaining agreement expires December 31, 2016, with wage reopeners that would be effective January 1, 2015 and January 1, 2016; the Stage Employees Local No. 27 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employee’s collective bargaining agreement expires August 31, 2017, with wage reopeneres that would be effective September 1, 2015 and September 1, 2016; and the Treasurer’s and Ticket Sellers Union No. 756, AFL-CIO collective bargaining agreement expires December 31, 2014.

Because the endowment assets include funds derived originally from permanently restricted contributions, management thereof is subject to Ohio State law. In July 1996, the 121st General Assembly of the State of Ohio passed Substitute House Bill No. 391. Under the provisions of this Bill as interpreted by the Association, the Association is permitted to expend the gains, both realized and unrealized, on its permanently restricted endowment contributions unless specifically restricted by the donor. Effective June 1, 2009, Ohio’s version of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) became law. The Association has interpreted UPMIFA as requiring the preservation of the fair value of the original gift as of the gift date of the donor-restricted endowment funds absent explicit donor stipulations to the contrary. As a result, the Association classifies as permanently restricted net assets (a) the original value of gifts donated to the permanent endowment, (b) the original value of subsquent gifts to the permanent endowment, and (c) accumulations to the permanent endowment made in accordance with the direction of the applicable donor gift instrument at the time the accumulation is added to the fund. The following describes the Association’s classes of endowment net assets: Unrestricted endowment net assets consist of funds which have been designated by the Board of Trustees to function as endowment. The classification includes life income instruments and gains on permanently restricted endowment net assets for which the use of income is not governed by donor imposed restrictions and that have been appropriated by the Board.

6,322 1,740 15,487 (7,187) 16,362 140,545 156,907

(6,008) $ 172,350

(7,078) $ 149,829


Temporarily restricted endowment net assets are subject to donor imposed restrictions that will be met by actions of the Association and/or the passage of time. This classification includes all unspent gains on permanently restricted endowment net assets for which the use of income is governed by donor imposed restrictions. Permanently restricted endowment net assets are subject to donor imposed restrictions that require the assets to be maintained in perpetuity. Certain of these net assets are maintained by the Association and others, charitable perpetual trusts, are in the control of third party trustees or administrators. The Association records its interest in charitable perpetual trusts at its pro-rata share of the fair market value of the assets. The Association’s annual draw is based on a total return philosophy, and is calculated as the prior fiscal year’s draw amount weighted 70%, plus 5% of the prior fiscal year’s average quarterly endowment market value net of investment fees weighted 30%, plus 5% of the current fiscal year’s endowment cash contributions pro-rated based on the fiscal quarter received. Because the amount drawn in a given year is heavily weighted by the market value of the endowment in prior years, the percentage drawn of a given year’s endowment market value often varies from the 5% draw factor used in the calculation. Endowment investments are summarized as follows as of June 30: Large-cap US equity Small-cap US equity International equity Marketable alternatives Cash / fixed income


156,907 178,358



$ 73,426 12,394 27,085 34,220 25,225 $ 172,350

$ 57,294 9,885 25,448 31,774 25,428 $ 149,829

NOTE C Miami Residency Since 2007, for three to four weeks annually, The Cleveland Orchestra has engaged in a Miami residency, which serves adults and young people in Florida (primarily in the Miami-Dade community) through a variety of concerts and community engagement activities including school programs and coaching with university students. During these weeks, the Orchestra performs concerts at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County and partners with numerous community organizations. The Orchestra’s Miami residency is referred to locally in Florida as Cleveland Orchestra Miami. The Miami Musical Association (MMA) is a Florida corporation that was formed in 2005 and is exempt from income tax as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MMA operates under its own separate Board of Trustees. The Association employes some staff that are dedicated to the operations of MMA; other members of the Association's staff devote some (but not all) of their time to the activities of MMA. The Association and MMA entered into a Summary Operating and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that governs the relationship between them.

NOTE D Cuyahoga Falls Concerts, Inc. Agreement

NOTE B Endowment


6,777 1,877 20,107 (7,310) 21,451


Effective November 1, 1999, the Association entered into an amended and restated 15-year agreement with Cuyahoga Falls Concerts, Inc. (CFCI) (the “Agreement”). CFCI will operate Blossom Music Center (BMC) and will book, promote and present special attractions, upon which it will pay the Association annual rentals based upon a percentage of CFCI’s gross receipts from BMC special attractions. Upon signing of the Agreement, CFCI granted the Association $6,000 to fund future Association operations. This grant has been recorded as temporarily restricted revenue and is being amortized into unrestricted revenue on a straight-line basis over the 15-year term of the Agreement beginning in fiscal 2001. The obligations of CFCI under the Agreement are guaranteed by HOB (House of Blues) Entertainment, Inc.

YEARS ENDED JUNE 30, 2014 AND 2013

The following table sets forth the Plan’s funded status, key assumptions, and other activity recognized in the Association’s financial statements: JUNE 30, 2014

JUNE 30, 2013

Projected benefit obligation at year end Fair value of plan assets at year end

$ 66,490 44,133

$ 62,092 37,910

(Under)funded status of the Plan

$ (22,357)

$ (24,182)



4.65 % 8.50 %

5.26 % 8.50 %

Weighted-average assumptions: Discount rate Expected rate of return on plan assets

Net periodic benefit cost Employer contributions Benefits paid



$ 1,479 $ 3,462 $ 3,192

$ 2,206 $ 2,918 $ 3,292

The portion of the defined benefit pension plan covering hall and office employees was frozen effective April 1, 2009. At that date, a new contributory 403(b) plan was established. Association contributions to the 403(b) plan for hall and office employees totaled $319 and $321 for the years ended June 30, 2014 and 2013, respectively. Per the terms of the collective bargaining agreement with the Cleveland Federation of Musicians, Local No. 4 (Union), the portion of the defined benefit pension plan covering these employees was frozen effective August 1, 2009. Effective August 1, 2009, the Association began contributing a percentage of the musician’s minimum weekly salary to the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM&EPF). Per further agreement between the Union and the Association: (a) effective March 30, 2010, the Association withdrew from and ceased participation in the AFM&EPF with respect to all contributions provided under the collective bargaining agreement, and no contributions shall be due to the AFM&EPF under the collective bargaining agreement after that date, and (b) effective April 1, 2010, the Association began contributing a percentage of the musicians’ minimum weekly salary into the 403(b) plan. Association contributions to the 403(b) plan for the musiciains totaled $1,346 and $1,385 for the years ended June 30, 2014 and 2013, respectively. In addition to the defined benefit and 403(b) pension plans, the Association provides executive supplemental retirement benefits, which are included as accrued benefits on the statement of financial position.

NOTE F — Debt On December 1, 2003, the Association issued $28,150 of County of Cuyahoga, Ohio, Economic Development Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2003, due December 1, 2028 (maturity date). No principal payments are required prior to the maturity date. Proceeds from this issue were used to redeem the County of Cuyahoga, Ohio, Economic Development Revenue Bonds, Series 1998, due April 1, 2028. The Series 1998 Bonds, which were issued as part of the overall financing plan for the renovation, restoration, and expansion of Severance Hall, were called and paid in full in February 2004. The Series 2003 Bonds were issued and continue to function in a floating rate mode, with the interest rate re-set on a weekly basis. From July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014, the interest rate for the Series 2003 Bonds ranged between 0.40% and 0.52%. The Series 2003 Bonds are supported by a Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy which expires on December 1, 2028. In connection with the issuance of the bond insurance policy, the Association agreed to certain covenants, including limits on additional indebtedness, ratios of unrestricted cash and investments to outstanding debt, and periodic financial reporting. These covenants were met for the year ended June 30, 2014.

The parties are in the final stages of entering into another amended and restated agreement, with the current agreement extended a short time to facilitate doing so.

The Association maintains agreements with KeyBank and PNC Bank that extend through September 2016 and May 2016, respectively, providing committed unsecured lines of credit aggregating $10,000. There were no outstanding balances or commitment fees under these agreements at June 30, 2014 and 2013.

NOTE E Pension and Other Retirement Benefi ts

NOTE G Cost of Fundraising

The Association has a frozen noncontributory defined benefit pension plan covering substantially all employees. The benefits are based on years of service and the employee’s compensation level. The Association’s funding policy is to contribute annually at least the minimum amount required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

The Association charges to operations on the Statement of Operating Activities expenses related to fundraising for annual fund, government grants, special fundraising and endowment pledges and contributions. In addition, the Association netted the direct costs of its planned giving program, $310 and $228 for the years ended June 30, 2014 and 2013, respectively, against realized planned giving expectancies.

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Campaign Support THE


The generosity of thousands of donors from across Northeast Ohio and beyond is the lifeblood of The Cleveland Orchestra. To ensure that this community continues to enjoy the kind of quality performances, meaningful education programs, innovative programming, and active community engagement the citizens of Northeast Ohio want, The Cleveland Orchestra has undertaken the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. The Sound for the Centennial Campaign seeks to secure the Orchestra’s future success through both increasing annual support and the long-term security of an increased Endowment. — Annual Gifts are a significant and vital source of funding that helps close the gap between ticket revenue and expenses each year. The annual gifts of thousands of individuals and organizations help ensure each season’s artistic achievements and the day-to-day success of ongoing community and education programs. — Special Fundraising helps ensure a steady course of annual programming while the Endowment is being increased for longterm financial stability. — Endowed Funds establish permanent investments and provide an ongoing, longterm source of support for the Orchestra, allowing us to be less vulnerable to economic cycles. — Legacy Giving, including bequests, living trusts, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and life income gifts, can provide a donor with considerable tax savings as well as an income for life, while also providing continual income for the Orchestra.




Sound for the Centennial In anticipation of The Cleveland Orchestra’s 100th anniversary in 2018, we have embarked on the most ambitious fundraising campaign in our history. The Sound for the Centennial Campaign seeks to build the Orchestra’s Endowment through cash gifts and legacy commitments, while also securing broad-based and increasing annual support from across Northeast Ohio. The generous individuals and organizations listed on these pages have made long-term commitments of annual support, endowment funds, and legacy declarations to the Campaign as of November 20, 2014. We gratefully recognize their extraordinary commitment toward the Orchestra’s future success. Your participation can make a crucial difference in helping to ensure that future generations of concertgoers experience, embrace, and enjoy performances, collaborative presentations, and education programs by The Cleveland Orchestra. To join this growing list of visionary contributors, please contact Jon Limbacher, Chief Development Officer, at 216-231-7520. GIFTS OF $5 MILLION AND MORE

The Cleveland Foundation Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Cutler Maltz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner


The Walter and Jean Kalberer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keithley KeyBank Kulas Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre Mrs. Norma Lerner The Lubrizol Corporation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Ms. Beth E. Mooney Sally S.* and John C. Morley John P. Murphy Foundation David and Inez Myers Foundation The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund Ohio Arts Council

The Payne Fund PNC Bank Julia and Larry Pollock Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. James and Donna Reid Barbara S. Robinson The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation The Sage Cleveland Foundation The Ralph and Luci Schey Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation The J. M. Smucker Company Joe and Marlene Toot Anonymous (3)

The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kern James and Gay* Kitson Virginia M. and Jon A. Lindseth Ms. Nancy W. McCann Nordson Corporation Foundation

The Honorable and Mrs. John Doyle Ong Charles and Ilana Horowitz Ratner Sally and Larry Sears Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Smucker Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP Thompson Hine LLP Anonymous (2)


Art of Beauty Company, Inc. BakerHostetler Mr. William P. Blair III Mr. Richard J. Bogomolny and Ms. Patricia M. Kozerefski Mrs. M. Roger Clapp Eaton FirstEnergy Foundation Forest City Enterprises, Inc. The George Gund Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Hyster-Yale Materials Handling NACCO Industries, Inc. Jones Day GIFTS OF $500,000 TO $1 MILLION

Gay Cull Addicott Darby and Jack Ashelman Claudia Bjerre Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Glenn R. Brown Robert and Jean* Conrad GAR Foundation Richard and Ann Gridley GIFTS OF $250,000 TO $500,000

Randall and Virginia Barbato John P. Bergren* and Sarah S. Evans The William Bingham Foundation Mr. and Mrs.* Harvey Buchanan Cliffs Natural Resources The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Crawford William and Anna Jean Cushwa

Nancy and Richard Dotson Patricia Esposito Sidney E. Frank Foundation Albert I. and Norma C. Geller The Gerhard Foundation Mary Jane Hartwell David and Nancy Hooker Mrs. Marguerite B. Humphrey James D. Ireland III Trevor and Jennie Jones

Myra Tuteur Kahn Memorial Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Mr. Clarence E. Klaus, Jr. Giuliana C. and John D. Koch Dr. Vilma L. Kohn Mr. and Mrs. Alex Machaskee Robert M. Maloney and Laura Goyanes Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund Mr. Donald W. Morrison

Margaret Fulton-Mueller National Endowment for the Arts William J. and Katherine T. O’Neill Parker Hannifin Corporation Mr. and Mrs. James A. Saks Hewitt and Paula Shaw The Skirball Foundation R. Thomas and Meg Harris Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Jules Vinney* David A. and Barbara Wolfort

The Giant Eagle Foundation JoAnn and Robert Glick Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Iris and Tom Harvie Jeff and Julia Healy Mr. Daniel R. High Mr. and Mrs.* S. Lee Kohrman Kenneth M. Lapine and Rose E. Mills Dr. David and Janice Leshner Mrs. Emma S. Lincoln Linda and Saul Ludwig Dr. and Mrs. Sanford E. Marovitz Mr. Thomas F. McKee The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation The Nord Family Foundation

Mr. Gary A. Oatey Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. Polsky Fund of Akron Community Foundation Quality Electrodynamics (QED) Helen Rankin Butler and Clara Rankin Williams The Reinberger Foundation Audra and George Rose RPM International Inc. Raymond T. and Katherine S. Sawyer Mrs. David Seidenfeld Andrea E. Senich David Shank Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer

Sandra and Richey Smith Ms. Lorraine S. Szabo Virginia and Bruce Taylor Dorothy Ann Turick Ms. Ginger Warner The Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr. Family Foundation Mr. Max W. Wendel Paul and Suzanne Westlake Marilyn J. White The Edward and Ruth Wilkof Foundation Katie and Donald Woodcock William Wendling and Lynne Woodman Anonymous

GIFTS OF $100,000 TO $250,000

The Abington Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George N. Aronoff Jack L. Barnhart Fred G. and Mary W. Behm Ben and Ingrid Bowman Dr. Christopher P. Brandt and Dr. Beth Sersig Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Mary Kay DeGrandis and Edward J. Donnelly George* and Becky Dunn Mr. Allen H. Ford Dr. and Mrs. Hiroyuki Fujita Dr. Saul Genuth

* deceased


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14


Endowed Chairs

as of November 2014

An endowed chair is a position funded through the revenue generated by an endowed gift. These naming opportunities currently represent new gifts of $500,000 or more. The generous individuals and organizations who have already endowed a Cleveland Orchestra chair include: MUSIC DIRECTOR CHAIR



Kelvin Smith Family

Helen Weil Ross

Knight Foundation



Muriel and Noah Butkin

Robert B. Benyo

given by Kelvin and Eleanor Smith ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR CHAIRS

Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather

given by the estate of Muriel Butkin


given by James D. and Cornelia W. Ireland

Sidney and Doris Dworkin



given by The Reinberger Foundation

Frances P. and Chester C. Bolton given by Kenyon C. and Mary P. Bolton

given by the estate of Dr. Robert B. Benyo

Thomas J. and Judith Fay Gruber Robert and Eunice Podis Weiskopf given by the estates of Robert Weiskopf and Eunice Podis Weiskopf



Mary E. and F. Joseph Callahan

James P. and Dolores D. Storer



Charles Barr Memorial

Mary Elizabeth and G. Robert Klein


Blossom-Lee given by Mary Blossom Lee

given by family and friends ASSOCIATE CONCERTMASTER CHAIR

Gretchen D. and Ward Smith



given by Mrs. Ralph Scribner

Clara G. and George P. Bickford


Gilbert W. and Louise I. Humphrey given by the Gilbert W. and Louise I. Humphrey Foundation



Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Dr. Glenn R. Brown

Sunshine Family

Alexander and Marianna C. McAfee




Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft

Nathalie C. Spence and Nathalie S. Boswell

given by George P. Bickford

Patty and John Collinson Drs. Paul M. and Renate H. Duchesneau Oswald and Phyllis Lerner Gilroy given by the estate of Phyllis Lerner Gilroy

Gladys B. Goetz given by the estate of Gladys B. Goetz

Paul and Lucille Jones Trevor and Jennie Jones Elizabeth and Leslie Kondorossy



Anne M. and M. Roger Clapp

given by Mrs. Mary Rautenberg

Dr. Larry J. B. and Barbara S. Robinson Harriet T. and David L. Simon PRINCIPAL SECOND VIOLIN CHAIR


Patricia M. Kozerefski and Richard J. Bogomolny ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL SECOND VIOLIN CHAIR



Margaret Allen Ireland

given by her family

Everett D. and Eugenia S. McCurdy given by Eugenia S. McCurdy


Louis D. Beaumont given by the Beaumont Foundation FIRST ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL CELLO CHAIR

The GAR Foundation

Samuel C. and Bernette K. Jaffe


Marjory and Marc L. Swartzbaugh PRINCIPAL CLARINET CHAIR

Robert Marcellus given by Frank K. Griesinger and Barbara Ginn Griesinger ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL CLARINET CHAIR

Robert R. and Vilma L. Kohn given by Dr. Vilma L. Kohn E - FLAT CLARINET CHAIR

Louise Harkness Ingalls given by David S. Ingalls, Edith I. and Paul J. Vignos, Louise I. and Willard W. Brown, Anne I. and John T. Lawrence Jr., Jane I. and Endicott P. Davison, and Catherine S. and David S. Ingalls Jr. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL BASSOON CHAIR


George Szell Memorial given anonymously


Rudolf Serkin given by Frank E. and Margaret Eaton Taplin


given by Joseph P. Bennett




Jean Wall Bennett

given by Mr. R. Livingston Ireland, Mrs. Gilbert W. Humphrey, and Miss Kate Ireland


Stanley L. and Eloise M. Morgan


given by Corinne T. Voss

Edith S. Taplin

ChaillĂŠ H. and Richard B. Tullis Charles M. and Janet G. Kimball

Otto G. and Corinne T. Voss


given by Elizabeth Kondorossy

Theodore Rautenberg

given by the Nathalie C. Spence Charitable Trust

Austin B. and Ellen W. Chinn



Joe and Marlene Toot The following donors have endowed a chair in the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra:

Norma Battes Barbara P. and Alan S. Geismer Patience Cameron Hoskins Virginia S. Jones Memorial Anthony F. Knight Memorial Victor C. Laughlin M.D. Memorial Daniel Majeske Memorial In addition, hundreds of generous donors have endowed seats in the Blossom Pavilion and/or at Severance Hall, and hundreds more endowed pipes of the Norton Memorial Organ during its restoration.


Endowed Funds

established as of September 2014

Generous contributions to the endowment have been made to support specific artistic initiatives, ensembles, educational programming and performances, facilities maintenance costs, touring and residencies, and more. These funding opportunities currently represent new gifts of $250,000 or more.

ARTISTIC endowed funds support a variety of programmatic initiatives


ranging from guest artists and radio broadcasts to the all-volunteer Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and the commissioning of new works.

— The Cleveland Orchestra’s Center for Future Audiences, created with a lead gift from the Maltz Family Foundation, was established to develop new generations of audiences for The Cleveland Orchestra.

Artistic Excellence George Gund III Fund

Artistic Collaboration Joseph P. and Nancy F. Keithley

Artist-in-Residence Malcolm E. Kenney

Young Composers Jan R. and Daniel R. Lewis

Friday Morning Concerts Mary E. and F. Joseph Callahan Foundation

Radio Broadcasts Robert and Jean Conrad Dr. Frederick S. and Priscilla Cross

Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Jerome and Shirley Grover Meacham Hitchcock and Family

American Conductors Fund Douglas Peace Handyside Holsey Gates Handyside

Severance Hall Guest Conductors Roger and Anne Clapp James and Donna Reid

Cleveland Orchestra Soloists Julia and Larry Pollock Family

Guest Artists Fund Eleanore T. and Joseph E. Adams Mrs. Warren H. Corning The Gerhard Foundation, Inc. Margaret R. Griffiths Trust Virginia M. and Newman T. Halvorson The Hershey Foundation The Humel Hovorka Fund Kulas Foundation The Payne Fund Elizabeth Dorothy Robson Dr. and Mrs. Sam I. Sato The Julia Severance Millikin Fund The Sherwick Fund Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sherwin Sterling A. and Verdabelle Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. James P. Storer Mrs. Paul D. Wurzburger

Concert Previews Dorothy Humel Hovorka

International Touring Frances Elizabeth Wilkinson

Unrestricted Art of Beauty Company, Inc. William P. Blair III Fund for Orchestral Excellence John P. Bergren and Sarah S. Evans Nancy McCann Margaret Fulton-Mueller Virginia M. and Jon A. Lindseth

Center for Future Audiences Maltz Family Foundation

Student Audiences Alexander and Sarah Cutler

SEVERANCE HALL endowed funds support maintenance of keyboard instruments and the facilities of the Orchestra's concert home, Severance Hall: Keyboard Maintenance William R. Dew The Frederick W. and Janet P. Dorn Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Manuel Vincent K. and Edith H. Smith Memorial Trust

Organ D. Robert and Kathleen L. Barber Arlene and Arthur Holden Kulas Foundation Descendants of D.Z. Norton Oglebay Norton Foundation

Severance Hall Preservation Severance family and friends

EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY endowed funds help support programs that deepen connections to symphonic music at every age and stage of life, including training, performances, and classroom resources for thousands of students and adults each year. Education Programs Anonymous, in memory of Georg Solti Hope and Stanley I. Adelstein Kathleen L. Barber Isabelle and Ronald Brown Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Dr. Glenn R. Brown Alice H. Cull Memorial Frank and Margaret Hyncik Junior Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra Mr. and Mrs. David T. Morgenthaler John and Sally Morley The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund The William N. Skirball Endowment

Education Concerts Week The Max Ratner Education Fund, given by the Ratner, Miller, and Shafran families and by Forest City Enterprises, Inc.


In-School Performances Alfred M. Lerner Fund

Classroom Resources Charles and Marguerite C. Galanie

Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra The George Gund Foundation Christine Gitlin Miles, in honor of Jahja Ling Jules and Ruth Vinney Touring Fund

Musical Rainbows Pysht Fund

Community Programming Alex and Carol Machaskee

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

BLOSSOM MUSIC CENTER and BLOSSOM FESTIVAL endowed funds support the Orchestra’s summer performances and maintenance of Blossom Music Center. Blossom Festival Guest Artist Dr. and Mrs. Murray M. Bett The Hershey Foundation The Payne Fund Mr. and Mrs. William C. Zekan

Blossom Festival Family Concerts David E. and Jane J. Griffiths

Landscaping and Maintenance The Bingham Foundation Emily Blossom family members and friends The GAR Foundation John S. and James L. Knight Foundation


Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors those individuals who are helping to ensure the future of The Cleveland Orchestra with a Legacy gift. Legacy gifts come in many forms, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, and insurance policies. The following listing of members is current as of October 2014. New members joining in the past year are designated with: Lois A. Aaron Leonard Abrams Shuree Abrams* Gay Cull Addicott Stanley and Hope Adelstein Sylvia K. Adler* Gerald O. Allen* Norman and Marjorie* Allison George N. Aronoff Herbert Ascherman, Jr. Jack and Darby Ashelman Mr. and Mrs. William W. Baker Ruth Balombin* Mrs. Louis W. Barany* D. Robert* and Kathleen L. Barber Jack L. Barnhart Margaret B. and Henry T.* Barratt Norma E. Battes* Rev. Thomas T. Baumgardner and Dr. Joan Baumgardner Fred G. and Mary W. Behm Bertram H. Behrens* Dr. Ronald and Diane Bell Bob Bellamy Joseph P. Bennett Marie-Hélène Bernard Ila M. Berry Howard R. and Barbara Kaye Besser Dr.* and Mrs. Murray M. Bett Dr. Marie Bielefeld Raymond J. Billy (Biello) Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Bilsky* Robert E. and Jean Bingham* Claudia Bjerre Mr. William P. Blair III Mrs. Flora Blumenthal Mr. Richard J. Bogomolny and Ms. Patricia M. Kozerefski Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton Kathryn Bondy* Loretta and Jerome* Borstein Mr. and Mrs.* Otis H. Bowden II Ruth Turvy Bowman* Drs. Christopher P. Brandt and Beth Brandt Sersig Mr. D. McGregor Brandt, Jr. David and Denise Brewster Richard F. Brezic* Robert W. Briggs Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Dr. Glenn R. Brown Ronald and Isabelle Brown* Mr. and Mrs. Clark E. Bruner* Mr. and Mrs.* Harvey Buchanan Rita W. Buchanan* Joan and Gene* Buehler Gretchen L. Burmeister Stanley and Honnie* Busch Milan and Jeanne* Busta Mrs. Noah L. Butkin* Mr. and Mrs. William C. Butler Minna S. Buxbaum* Gregory and Karen Cada Roberta R. Calderwood* Jean S. Calhoun* Harry and Marjorie M. Carlson Janice L. Carlson Dr.* and Mrs. Roland D. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. George P. Carmer* Barbara A. Chambers, D. Ed. Arthur L. Charni* Ellen Wade Chinn* NancyBell Coe Kenneth S. and Deborah G. Cohen Ralph M. and Mardy R.* Cohen Victor J. and Ellen E. Cohn Robert and Jean* Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Conway James P. and Catherine E. Conway*


Rudolph R. Cook* The Honorable Colleen Conway Cooney and Mr. John Cooney John D. and Mary D.* Corry Dr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Cross* Martha Wood Cubberley Dr. William S. Cumming* In Memory of Walter C. and Marion J. Curtis William and Anna Jean Cushwa Alexander M. and Sarah S. Cutler Howard Cutson Mr.* and Mrs. Don C. Dangler Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Danzinger Barbara Ann Davis Carol J. Davis Charles and Mary Ann Davis William E. and Gloria P. Dean, Jr. Mary Kay DeGrandis and Edward J. Donnelly Neeltje-Anne DeKoster Carolyn L. Dessin William R. Dew* Mrs. Armand J. DiLellio James A. Dingus, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Distad Maureen A. Doerner and Geoffrey T. White Henry and Mary Doll Gerald and Ruth Dombcik Barbara Sterk Domski Mr.* and Mrs. Roland W. Donnem Nancy E. and Richard M. Dotson Mrs. John Drollinger Drs. Paul M.* and Renate H. Duchesneau George* and Becky Dunn Warren and Zoann Dusenbury* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duvin Paul and Peggy Edenburn Robert and Anne Eiben* Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Eich, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Elias* Roger B. Ellsworth Oliver and Mary Emerson Lois Marsh Epp Patricia Esposito Margaret S. Estill* Dr. Wilma McVey Evans* C. Gordon and Kathleen A.* Ewers Patricia J. Factor Susan L. Faulder* Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Fennell* Mrs. Mildred Fiening Gloria and Irving B. Fine Jules and Lena Flock* Joan Alice Ford Dr. and Mrs. William E. Forsythe* Mr.* and Mrs. Ralph E. Fountain Gil and Elle Frey Arthur and Deanna Friedman Mr.* and Mrs. Edward H. Frost Dawn Full Henry S. Fusner Dr. Stephen and Nancy Gage Charles and Marguerite C. Galanie* Barbara and Peter Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Garfunkel Donald* and Lois Gaynor Barbara P. Geismer* Albert I. and Norma C. Geller Carl E. Gennett* Dr. Saul Genuth John H.* and Ellen P. Gerber Frank and Louise Gerlak Dr. James E. Gibbs In Memory of Roger N. Gifford Dr. Anita P. Gilger* S. Bradley Gillaugh Mr.* and Mrs. Robert M. Ginn


Fred and Holly Glock Ronald* and Carol Godes William H. Goff Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Goodman John and Ann Gosky Mrs. Joseph B. Govan* Harry and Joyce Graham Elaine Harris Green Tom and Gretchen Green Richard and Ann Gridley Nancy Hancock Griffith David E.* and Jane J. Griffiths David G. Griffiths* Ms. Hetty Griffiths Margaret R. Griffiths* Bev and Bob Grimm Judd and Zetta Gross* Candy and Brent Grover Mrs. Jerome E. Grover* Thomas J.* and Judith Fay Gruber Mr. and Mrs. David H. Gunning Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gunton Joseph E. Guttman* Mrs. John A Hadden Jr. Richard* and Mary Louise Hahn James J. Hamilton Kathleen E. Hancock Douglas Peace Handyside* Holsey Gates Handyside Norman C. and Donna L. Harbert Mary Jane Hartwell William L.* and Lucille L. Hassler Peter and Gloria Hastings* Mrs. Henry Hatch (Robin Hitchcock) Virginia and George Havens Gary D. Helgesen Clyde J. Henry, Jr. Ms. M. Diane Henry Wayne and Prudence Heritage Rice Hershey* T. K. and Faye A. Heston Gretchen L. Hickok Mr. and Mrs.* Daniel R. High Edwin R. and Mary C. Hill* Ruth Hirshman-von Baeyer* Mr. and Mrs. D. Craig Hitchcock* Bruce F. Hodgson Goldie Grace Hoffman* Mary V. Hoffman Feite F. Hofman MD* Mrs. Barthold M. Holdstein Leonard* and Lee Ann Holstein David and Nancy Hooker Gertrude S. Hornung* Patience Cameron Hoskins Elizabeth Hosmer Dorothy Humel Hovorka Dr. Christine A. Hudak, Mr. Marc F. Cymes Dr. Randal N. Huff Mrs. Marguerite B. Humphrey Adria D. Humphreys* Ann E. Humphreys and Jayne E. Sisson Karen S. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Hunter Ruth F. Ihde Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Ingersoll Pamela and Scott Isquick Mr. and Mrs.* Clifford J. Isroff Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jack, Jr. Carol S. Jacobs Milton* and Jodith Janes Alyce M. Jarr* Jerry and Martha Jarrett* Merritt Johnquest Allan V. Johnson E. Anne Johnson Nancy Kurfess Johnson, M.D. Paul and Lucille Jones* Mrs. R. Stanley Jones*

William R. Joseph* David and Gloria Kahan Julian and Etole Kahan Drs. Julian* and Aileen Kassen Milton and Donna* Katz Patricia and Walter* Kelley Bruce and Eleanor Kendrick Malcolm E. Kenney Nancy H. Kiefer* Charles M. and Janet G. Kimball* James and Gay* Kitson Mr. Clarence E. Klaus, Jr. Mary Elizabeth and G. Robert Klein* Julian H. and Emily W. Klein* Thea Klestadt* Fred* and Judith Klotzman Paul and Cynthia Klug Martha D. Knight Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koch Dr. Vilma L. Kohn Elizabeth Davis Kondorossy* Mr. Clayton Koppes Mr.* and Mrs. James G. Kotapish, Sr. LaVeda Kovar* Margery A. Kowalski Bruce G. Kriete* Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Kruszka Thomas* and Barbara Kuby Eleanor and Stephen Kushnick Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre James I. Lader Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lambros Dr. Joan P. Lambros* Mrs. Carolyn Lampl Marjorie M. Lamport Louis Lane Kenneth M. Lapine and Rose E. Mills Charles K. László and Maureen O’Neill-László Anthony T. and Patricia Lauria Charles and Josephine Robson Leamy Fund Teela C. Lelyveld Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Lerch Judy D. Levendula Gerda Levine Dr. and Mrs. Howard Levine Bracy E. Lewis Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas A. Liederbach Rollin and Leda Linderman Ruth S. Link Dr. and Mrs. William K. Littman Jeff and Maggie Love Dr. Alan and Mrs. Min Cha Lubin Ann B. and Robert R. Lucas* Linda and Saul Ludwig Kate Lunsford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Lynch* Patricia MacDonald Alex and Carol Machaskee Jerry Maddox Mrs. H. Stephen Madsen Alice D. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malpass, Jr. Lucille Harris Mann Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Manuel Clement P. Marion Mr. Wilbur J. Markstrom* Dr. and Mrs. Sanford E. Marovitz David C.* and Elizabeth F. Marsh Duane and Joan* Marsh Florence Marsh, Ph.D.* Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Martincic Kathryn A. Mates Dr. Lee Maxwell and Michael M. Prunty Alexander and Marianna* McAfee Nancy B. McCormack Mr. William C. McCoy Marguerite H. McGrath*

The Cleveland Orchestra Endowment

Dorothy R. McLean Jim and Alice Mecredy* James and Virginia Meil Mr. and Mrs.* Robert F. Meyerson Brenda Clark Mikota Christine Gitlin Miles Chuck and Chris Miller Edith and Ted* Miller Leo Minter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mitchell Robert L. Moncrief Ms. Beth E. Mooney Beryl and Irv Moore Ann Jones Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Morgan* George and Carole Morris Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Morris Mr. and Mrs.* Donald W. Morrison Joan R. Mortimer, PhD Florence B. Moss Susan B. Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Nash, Jr Deborah L. Neale Mrs. Ruth Neides David and Judith Newell Dr.* and Mrs. S. Thomas Niccolls Steve Norris and Emily Gonzales Russell H. Nyland* Katherine T. O’Neill The Honorable and Mrs. John Doyle Ong Aurel Fowler-Ostendorf* Mr. J. William and Dr. Suzanne Palmer R. Neil Fisher and Ronald J. Parks Nancy* and W. Stuver Parry Mrs. John G. Pegg* Dr.* and Mrs. Donald Pensiero Mary Charlotte Peters Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pfouts* Janet K. Phillips* Florence KZ Pollack Julia and Larry Pollock Victor and Louise Preslan Mrs. Robert E. Price* Lois S. and Stanley M. Proctor* Mr. David C. Prugh* Leonard and Heddy Rabe M. Neal Rains Mr. George B. Ramsayer Joe L. and Alice Randles* Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Sr. Mrs. Theodore H. Rautenberg* James and Donna Reid Mrs. Hyatt Reitman* Mrs. Louise Nash Robbins*

Dr. Larry J.B.* and Barbara S. Robinson Margaret B. Robinson Dwight W. Robinson Margaret B. Babyak* and Phillip J. Roscoe Audra and George Rose Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Jacqueline* Ross Helen Weil Ross* Robert and Margo Roth Marjorie A. Rott Howard and Laurel Rowen Professor Alan Miles Ruben and Judge Betty Willis Ruben Florence Brewster Rutter Mr. James L. Ryhal, Jr. Renee Sabreen Marjorie Bell Sachs Dr. Vernon E. Sackman and Ms. Marguerite Patton Sue Sahli Mr. and Mrs. James A. Saks Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. SanFilipo* Larry J. Santon Stanford and Jean B. Sarlson Sanford Saul Family James Dalton Saunders Patricia J. Sawvel Ray and Kit Sawyer Richard Saxton* Alice R. Sayre In Memory of Hyman and Becky Schandler Robert Scherrer Sandra J. Schlub Ms. Marian Schluembach Robert and Betty Schmiermund Mr.* and Mrs. Richard M. Schneider Lynn A. Schreiber* Jeanette L. Schroeder Frank Schultz Carol* and Albert Schupp Roslyn S. and Ralph M. Seed Nancy F. Seeley Edward Seely Oliver E. and Meredith M. Seikel Russell Seitz* Reverend Sandra Selby Eric Sellen Andrea E. Senich Thomas and Ann SepĂşlveda Elsa Shackleton* B. Kathleen Shamp Jill Semko Shane David Shank Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Shapiro

Helen and Fred D. Shapiro Norine W. Sharp Norma Gudin Shaw Elizabeth Carroll Shearer Dr. and Mrs. William C. Sheldon John F. Shelley and Patricia* Burgess Frank* and Mary Ann Sheranko Kim Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sherwin Reverend and Mrs. Malcolm K. Shields Rosalyn and George Sievila Mr.* and Mrs. David L. Simon Dr.* and Mrs. John A. Sims Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer Lauretta Sinkosky H. Scott Sippel and Clark T. Kurtz Ellen J. Skinner Ralph* and Phyllis Skufca Janet Hickok Slade Alden D. and Ellen D. Smith* Mr.* and Mrs. Ward Smith M. Isabel Smith* Sandra and Richey Smith Nathan Snader* Sterling A. and Verdabelle Spaulding* Barbara J. Stanford and Vincent T. Lombardo Sue Starrett and Jerry Smith Lois and Tom Stauffer Willard D. Steck* Merle Stern Dr. Myron Bud and Helene* Stern Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stickney Nora and Harrison Stine* Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Stone Mr.* and Mrs. James P. Storer Ralph E. and Barbara N. String The Irving Sunshine Family Vernette M. Super* Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Swanson* In Memory of Marjory Swartzbaugh Dr. Elizabeth Swenson Lewis Swingley* Lorraine S. Szabo Norman V. Tagliaferri Susan and Andrew Talton* Frank E. Taplin, Jr.* Charles H. Teare* and Clifford K. Kern* Mr. Ronald E. Teare Pauline Thesmacher* Dr. and Mrs. Friedrich Thiel Mrs. William D. Tibbetts* Mr. and Mrs. William M. Toneff Marlene and Joe Toot

Alleyne C. Toppin Janice and Leonard Tower Dorothy Ann Turick Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Urban* Robert and Marti Vagi Robert A. Valente J. Paxton Van Sweringen Mary Louise and Don VanDyke Elliot Veinerman* Nicholas J. Velloney* Steven Vivarronda Hon. William F.B. Vodrey Pat and Walt* Wahlen Mrs. Clare R. Walker John and Deborah Warner Mr. and Mrs. Russell Warren Joseph F. and Dorothy L. Wasserbauer Charles D. Waters* Reverend Thomas L. Weber Etta Ruth Weigl Lucile Weingartner Eunice Podis Weiskopf* Max W. Wendel William Wendling and Lynne Woodman Marilyn J. White Robert and Marjorie Widmer* Yoash and Sharon Wiener Alan H. and Marilyn M. Wilde Elizabeth L. Wilkinson* Helen Sue* and Meredith Williams Carter and Genevieve* Wilmot Miriam L. and Tyrus W.* Wilson Mr. Milton Wolfson* and Mrs. Miriam Shuler-Wolfson Nancy L. Wolpe Mrs. Alfred C. Woodcock Katie and Donald Woodcock Dr.* and Mrs. Henry F. Woodruff Marilyn L. Wozniak Nancy R. Wurzel Michael and Diane Wyatt Mary Yee Emma Jane Yoho, M.D. Libby M. Yunger Dr. Norman Zaworski* William L. and Joan H. Ziegler* Carmela Catalano Zoltoski* Roy J. Zook* Anonymous (103) (2)

Estate Gifts Donors who have made deferred gifts to The Cleveland Orchestra through their estate and financial plans make lasting gifts to support music at the highest levels of excellence for generations to come. Estate gifts realized during the 2013-2014 year include: Dr. Robert B. Benyo Mrs. Elaine E. Brookes Mr. Richard S. Croy Mr. Don C. Dangler Dr. Robert M. Eiben Mrs. Rebecca H. Elliot Miss Esther H. Gimp


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Loretta Gregoric Jane V. Hitchcock P. Clark Hungerford Miss Nancy H. Kiefer David C. Marsh Alice Mecredy Silvia B. Page

Louise M. Ritchie Alden D. Smith Mr. Randolph Stein Ms. Ruth Toth Iva B. Trogdon William L. and Joan H. Ziegler


Corporate Support

The Cleveland Orchestra gratefully acknowledges and salutes these corporations for their generous annual support through the Orchestra’s Annual Fund, benefit events, tours and residencies, and special fundraising.

Cumulative Giving


$5 MILLION and more


PNC Bank

$1 MILLION TO $5 MILLION BakerHostetler Bank of America Eaton FirstEnergy Foundation Forest City Enterprises, Inc. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Hyster-Yale Materials Handling NACCO Industries, Inc. Jones Day

The Lubrizol Corporation / The Lubrizol Foundation Medical Mutual of Ohio Merrill Lynch Parker Hannifin Corporation The Plain Dealer PolyOne Corporation Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich (Europe) The J. M. Smucker Company

The Severance Society recognizes generous contributors of $1 million or more in cumulative giving to The Cleveland Orchestra. As of September 2014.

Annual Support gifts of $300 or more during the past year, as of September 20, 2014 The Partners in Excellence program salutes companies with annual contributions of $100,000 and more, exemplifying leadership and commitment to musical excellence at the highest level. PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE $300,000 AND MORE

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling NACCO Industries, Inc. KeyBank The Lubrizol Corporation Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich (Europe) The J. M. Smucker Company PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE $200,000 TO $299,999

BakerHostetler Eaton FirstEnergy Foundation Forest City Enterprises, Inc. Jones Day PNC Bank Thompson Hine LLP PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE $100,000 TO $199,999

The Cliffs Foundation Google, Inc. The Lincoln Electric Foundation Medical Mutual of Ohio Nordson Corporation and Foundation Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP $50,000 TO $99,999

Dollar Bank Parker Hannifin Corporation Quality Electrodynamics (QED) voestalpine AG (Europe) Anonymous $25,000 TO $49,999 Charter One Greenberg Traurig (Miami) Huntington National Bank Litigation Management, Inc. Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra, LLC (Miami) Northern Trust Bank of Florida (Miami) Olympic Steel, Inc. Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. The Plain Dealer RPM International Inc.


$2,500 TO $24,999 Akron Tool & Die Company American Fireworks, Inc. American Greetings Corporation Bank of America BDI Brothers Printing Co., Inc. Brouse McDowell Eileen M. Burkhart & Co LLC Buyers Products Company Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP Cleveland Clinic The Cleveland Wire Cloth & Mfg. Co. Cohen & Company, CPAs Consolidated Solutions Dominion Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Evarts Tremaine The Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company Feldman Gale, P.A. (Miami) Ferro Corporation FirstMerit Bank Frantz Ward LLP Gallagher Benefit Services The Giant Eagle Foundation Great Lakes Brewing Company Gross Builders Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Jones Day (Miami) Littler Mendelson, P.C. Live Publishing Company Macy’s Marsh Private Client Services /AIG (Miami) Materion Corporation Miba AG (Europe) MTD Products, Inc. North Coast Container Corp. Northern Haserot Oatey Co. Ohio CAT Ohio Savings Bank, A Division of New York Community Bank Oswald Companies PolyOne Corporation The Prince & Izant Company The Sherwin-Williams Company Stern Advertising Agency Struktol Company of America Swagelok Company Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (Miami) Tucker Ellis UBS University Hospitals Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin, P.A. (Miami) WCLV Foundation Westlake Reed Leskosky Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LPA Anonymous (2)


$1,250 TO $2,499 Applied Industrial Technologies The M. F. Cachat Company Mitchell's Ice Cream The Fedeli Group

$600 TO $1,249 Acro Tool & Die, Inc. Arnstein & Lehr LLP (Miami) The Cedarwood Companies Chelm Properties The Elco Corporation Foote Printing Co. Gould Electronics, Inc. Grover Musical Products, Inc. Heinen's Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. (Miami) The Music and Drama Club OMNOVA Solutions SIFCO Industries, Inc. Voss Industries Inc.

$300 TO $599 Akrochem Corporation Automated Packaging Systems Buckeye Rubber & Packing Company The Chilcote Company Clampco Products, Inc Copy King Inc. Dubick Fixture & Supply Inc. ENPAC, LLC Fay Industries, Inc. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 38 Jensen Travelon KA, Inc., Architecture Kalcor Coatings Company Kaufman Container Company Leff Electric Malco Products, Inc. Mansour, Gavin, Gerlack & Manos Co. McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A. Neundorfer, Inc. Paran Management Company, LTD The Philpott Rubber Co. Precision Environmental Company PVS Chemical Solutions Inc. (Ohio) Schwebel Family Foundation ShurTech Brands LLC TEC Communications, Inc. Vincent Lighting Systems Co.


Foundation & Government Support

The Cleveland Orchestra gratefully acknowledges and salutes these foundations and government agencies for their generous annual support through the Orchestra’s Annual Fund, benefit events, tours and residencies, and special fundraising.

Cumulative Giving


$10 MILLION and more

The Cleveland Foundation Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Kulas Foundation Maltz Family Foundation State of Ohio Ohio Arts Council The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation

The Severance Society recognizes generous contributors of $1 million or more in cumulative giving to The Cleveland Orchestra. As of September 2014.


The George Gund Foundation Knight Foundation (Cleveland, Miami) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation John P. Murphy Foundation $1 MILLION to $5 MILLION

The William Bingham Foundation The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation GAR Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund David and Inez Myers Foundation National Endowment for the Arts The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund The Payne Fund The Reinberger Foundation The Sage Cleveland Foundation

Annual Support gifts of $300 or more during the past year, as of September 20, 2014 $1 MILLION AND MORE

The Cleveland Foundation Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation $500,000 TO $999,999

The George Gund Foundation $250,000 TO $499,999

Knight Foundation (Miami, Cleveland) Kulas Foundation John P. Murphy Foundation The Eric & Jane Nord Family Fund Ohio Arts Council $100,000 TO $249,999

The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation GAR Foundation Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund David and Inez Myers Foundation $50,000 TO $99,999

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Myra Tuteur Kahn Memorial Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Marlboro 2465 Foundation Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs (Miami) The Nord Family Foundation The Payne Fund The Sage Cleveland Foundation Surdna Foundation


$20,000 TO $49,999 Paul M. Angell Family Foundation The Batchelor Foundation, Inc. (Miami) The Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Mary and Dr. George L. Demetros Charitable Trust The Gerhard Foundation, Inc. The Helen Wade Greene Charitable Trust The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation National Endowment for the Arts The Frederick and Julia Nonneman Foundation William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Peacock Foundation, Inc. (Miami) Polsky Fund of Akron Community Foundation The Reinberger Foundation The Sisler McFawn Foundation

$2,000 TO $19,999 The Abington Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation The Ruth and Elmer Babin Foundation Dr. NE & JZ Berman Foundation The Bernheimer Family Fund of the Cleveland Foundation Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation The Conway Family Foundation The Fogelson Foundation The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation Funding Arts Network (Miami) The Hankins Foundation The Muna & Basem Hishmeh Foundation Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation The Laub Foundation Victor C. Laughlin, M.D. Memorial Foundation Trust The G. R. Lincoln Family Foundation The Mandel Foundation The McGregor Foundation Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Foundation The M. G. O’Neil Foundation

A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Paintstone Foundation The Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation SCH Foundation Albert G. & Olive H. Schlink Foundation Jean C. Schroeder Foundation Kenneth W. Scott Foundation The Sherwick Fund Lloyd L. and Louise K. Smith Memorial Foundation The South Waite Foundation The Veale Foundation The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust The S. K. Wellman Foundation The Welty Family Foundation Thomas H. White Foundation, a KeyBank Trust The Edward and Ruth Wilkof Foundation The Wuliger Foundation Anonymous (2)

$1,000 TO $1,999 Glenn R. and Alice V. Boggess Memorial Foundation Fisher-Renkert Foundation Kiwanis Foundation of Cleveland, Inc. The Lehner Family Foundation Sally Love Saunders Poetry and Arts Foundation

$300 TO $999 The Henry V. And Frances W. Christenson Foundation Cleveland Landmarks Laura R. and Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation


Individual Support

The Cleveland Orchestra gratefully recognizes the individuals listed here, who have provided generous gifts of cash or pledges to the Annual Fund, benefit events, tours and residencies, and special annual donations. Legacy gifts from these and others are recognized through The Cleveland Orchestra Heritage Society on pages 18-19.

Lifetime Giving

Leadership Giving Societies


gifts of $2,500 or more in the past year, as of September 20, 2014


In celebration of the critical role individuals play in supporting The Cleveland Orchestra each year, donors of $2,500 and more are recognized as members of a group of special Leadership Giving Societies. These societies are named to honor important and inspirational leaders in the Orchestra’s history.

Jan and Daniel Lewis (Miami, Cleveland) $5 MILLION TO $10 MILLION

Mr. Richard J. Bogomolny and Ms. Patricia M. Kozerefski Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Cutler Mrs. Norma Lerner and The Lerner Foundation Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner $1 MILLION TO $5 MILLION

Irma and Norman Braman (Miami) Mr. Francis J. Callahan* Mrs. M. Roger Clapp Mr. George Gund III* Francie and David Horvitz (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Mr. James D. Ireland III The Walter and Jean Kalberer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keithley Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre Sue Miller (Miami) Sally S.* and John C. Morley The Family of D. Z. Norton The Honorable and Mrs. John Doyle Ong Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Charles and Ilana Horowitz Ratner James and Donna Reid Barbara S. Robinson The Ralph and Luci Schey Foundation Mr.* and Mrs. Ward Smith Anonymous (2)

The John L. Severance Society is named to honor the philanthropist and business leader who dedicated his life and fortune to creating The Cleveland Orchestra’s home concert hall, which stands today as an emblem of unrivalled quality and community pride. Lifetime giving listing above is as of September 2014.

The Adella Prentiss Hughes Society honors the Orchestra’s founder and first manager, who from 1918 envisioned an ensemble dedicated to community service, music education, and performing excellence. The George Szell Society is named after the Orchestra’s fourth music director, who served for twenty-four seasons (194670) while refining the ensemble’s international reputation for clarity of sound and unsurpassed musical excellence. The Elisabeth DeWitt Severance Society honors not only the woman in whose memory Severance Hall was built, but her selfless sharing, including her insistence on nurturing an orchestra not just for the wealthy but for everyone. The Dudley S. Blossom Society honors one of the Orchestra’s early and most generous benefactors, whose dedication and charm rallied thousands to support and nurture a hometown orchestra toward greatness. The Frank H. Ginn Society honors the man whose judicious management of Severance Hall’s finances and construction created a beautiful and welcoming home for Cleveland’s Orchestra. The 1929 Society honors the vibrant community spirit that propelled 3,000 volunteers and donors to raise over $2 million in a nine-day campaign in April 1929 to meet and match John and Elisabeth Severance’s challenge gift toward the building of the Orchestra’s new concert hall.



Adella Prentiss Hughes Society gifts of $100,000 and more INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $500,000 AND MORE

Jan and Daniel Lewis (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $200,000 TO $499,999

Irma and Norman Braman (Miami) The Walter and Jean Kalberer Foundation Mrs. Norma Lerner and The Lerner Foundation Peter B. Lewis* and Janet Rosel Lewis (Miami) Sue Miller (Miami) INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $100,000 TO $199,999

David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation (Miami) James D. Ireland III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keithley Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Kloiber (Europe) Mrs. Emma S. Lincoln Elizabeth F. McBride Ms. Ginger Warner (Cleveland, Miami) Janet* and Richard Yulman (Miami)

George Szell Society gifts of $50,000 and more INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $75,000 TO $99,999

Mr. William P. Blair III Mr. Richard J. Bogomolny and Ms. Patricia M. Kozerefski Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Cutler Dr. Wolfgang Eder Dr. and Mrs. Hiroyuki Fujita Elizabeth B. Juliano (Cleveland, Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kern Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre Ms. Beth E. Mooney The Honorable and Mrs. John Doyle Ong Mr. Patrick Park (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Mary M. Spencer (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Franz Welser-Möst INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $50,000 TO $74,999

Sheldon and Florence Anderson (Miami) Blossom Women’s Committee Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Glenn R. Brown Hector D. Fortun (Miami) Mrs. John A. Hadden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz R. Kirk Landon and Pamela Garrison (Miami) Giuliana C. and John D. Koch Toby Devan Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lozick

Individual Support Robert M. Maloney and Laura Goyanes Milton and Tamar Maltz Ms. Nancy W. McCann Margaret Fulton-Mueller Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Sr. Charles and Ilana Horowitz Ratner James and Donna Reid Barbara S. Robinson Sally and Larry Sears Hewitt and Paula Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Smucker Barbara and David Wolfort Anonymous

Elisabeth DeWitt Severance Society gifts of $25,000 and more INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $30,000 TO $49,999

Daniel and Trish Bell (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Berndt (Europe) Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton The Brown and Kunze Foundation Judith and George W. Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Gund T. K. and Faye A. Heston Trevor and Jennie Jones Milton A. and Charlotte R. Kramer Charitable Foundation Virginia M. and Jon A. Lindseth Sally S.* and John C. Morley Mrs. Jane B. Nord The Claudia and Steven Perles Family Foundation (Miami) Luci and Ralph* Schey Rachel R. Schneider Richard and Nancy Sneed (Cleveland, Miami) R. Thomas and Meg Harris Stanton INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $25,000 TO $29,999

In dedication to Donald Carlin (Miami) Martha and Bruce Clinton (Miami) Robert and Jean* Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Conway Do Unto Others Trust (Miami) George* and Becky Dunn JoAnn and Robert Glick Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jack, Jr. Gary Hanson and Barbara Klante Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Healy Mrs. Marguerite B. Humphrey Junior Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra Dr. David and Janice Leshner William J. and Katherine T. O’Neill Julia and Larry Pollock Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ratner Mr. and Mrs. James A. Saks Paul and Suzanne Westlake Women’s Committee of The Cleveland Orchestra

Dudley S. Blossom Society gifts of $15,000 and more INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $20,000 TO $24,999

Gay Cull Addicott Mr. and Mrs. William W. Baker Randall and Virginia Barbato Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Crawford Jeffrey and Susan Feldman (Miami) Dr. Edward S. Godleski Andrew and Judy Green

Richard and Erica Horvitz (Cleveland, Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelly Jonathan and Tina Kislak (Miami) Joy P. and Thomas G. Murdough, Jr. (Miami) Marc and Rennie Saltzberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stelling (Europe) Mr. Joseph F. Tetlak Tom and Shirley Waltermire Gary L. Wasserman and Charles A. Kashner (Miami) The Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr. Family Foundation Anonymous gift from Switzerland (Europe)

Leadership Council The Leadership Council salutes those extraordinary donors who have pledged to sustain their annual giving at the highest level for three years or more. Leadership Council donors are recognized in these Annual Support listings with the Leadership Council symbol next to their name:

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $15,000 TO $19,999

Art of Beauty Company, Inc. Marsha and Brian Bilzin (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bowen Dr. Christopher P. Brandt and Dr. Beth Sersig Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carpenter Scott Chaikin and Mary Beth Cooper Jill and Paul Clark Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Mr. Peter and Mrs. Julie Cummings (Miami) Colleen and Richard Fain (Miami) Mr. Allen H. Ford Richard and Ann Gridley Jack Harley and Judy Ernest Ms. Dawn M. Full Mary and Jon Heider (Cleveland, Miami) David and Nancy Hooker Allan V. Johnson Andrew and Katherine Kartalis Tati and Ezra Katz (Miami) Mr.* and Mrs. Arch J. McCartney Mr. Thomas F. McKee Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Meisel Lucia S. Nash Mr. Gary A. Oatey (Cleveland, Miami) Steven and Ellen Ross Mr. and Mrs. David A. Ruckman Mrs. David Seidenfeld David* and Harriet Simon Rick, Margarita and Steven Tonkinson (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Weiss Anonymous

Frank H. Ginn Society gifts of $10,000 and more INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $12,500 TO $14,999

Mrs. Barbara Ann Davis Robert K. Gudbranson and Joon-Li Kim Sondra and Steve Hardis Tim and Linda Koelz Mr.* and Mrs. Richard A. Manuel Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Seikel Kim Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Umdasch (Europe)

Francisco A. Garcia and Elizabeth Pearson (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Garrett Albert I. and Norma C. Geller Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillespie Mr. David J. Golden Kathleen E. Hancock Michael L. Hardy Mary Jane Hartwell Iris and Tom Harvie Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam II Mr. and Mrs. James A. Haslam III Joan and Leonard Horvitz Mark and Ruth Houck (Miami) Pamela and Scott Isquick Ruth and Pedro Jimenez (Miami) Cherie and Michael Joblove (Miami) Janet and Gerald Kelfer (Miami) Mrs. Elizabeth R. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Kohl Thomas E. Lauria (Miami) Mr. Jeff Litwiller Mr. and Mrs.* Robert P. Madison Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McGowan Edith and Ted* Miller Mr. Donald W. Morrison Brian and Cindy Murphy Mr. Raymond M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William M. Osborne, Jr. Brian and Patricia Ratner Audra and George Rose Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ross Dr. Isobel Rutherford Mr. Larry J. Santon Raymond T. and Katherine S. Sawyer Carol* and Albert Schupp Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer and the Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Estelle Seltzer Foundation Jim and Myrna Spira Howard Stark M.D. and Rene Rodriguez (Miami) Lois and Tom Stauffer Charles B. and Rosalyn Stuzin (Miami) Mrs. Jean H. Taber Bruce and Virginia Taylor Joe and Marlene Toot Dr. Russell A. Trusso Sandy and Ted Wiese Anonymous (4)*

The 1929 Society

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $10,000 TO $12,499

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Aronoff Jayusia and Alan Bernstein (Miami) Laurel Blossom Mr. D. McGregor Brandt, Jr. Paul and Marilyn* Brentlinger J. C. and Helen Rankin Butler Richard J. and Joanne Clark Mrs. Barbara Cook Nancy and Richard Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Duvin Mary Jo Eaton (Miami) Mike S. and Margaret Eidson (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Ellis Jr. Mr. Brian L. Ewart and Mr. William McHenry Nelly and Mike Farra (Miami) Kira and Neil Flanzraich (Miami) Sheree and Monte Friedkin (Miami)

gifts of $2,500 and more INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $7,500 TO $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Dean Barry Robert and Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs Dr.* and Mrs. Jerald S. Brodkey Dr. Ben H. and Julia Brouhard Ellen E. & Victor J. Cohn Supporting Foundation Henry and Mary Doll Harry and Joyce Graham Mr. Paul Greig Mrs. Sandra L. Haslinger Henry R. Hatch Robin Hitchcock Hatch Amy and Stephen Hoffman Joela Jones and Richard Weiss Individual Annual Support lists continue


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Individual Support Mr. and Mrs.* S. Lee Kohrman Kenneth M. Lapine and Rose E. Mills Judith and Morton Q. Levin Mr. and Mrs. Alex Machaskee Claudia Metz and Thomas Woodworth Mr. J. William and Dr. Suzanne Palmer Pannonius Foundation Nan and Bob Pfeifer Douglas and Noreen Powers Paul A. and Anastacia L. Rose Rosskamm Family Trust Patricia J. Sawvel Drs. Daniel and Ximena Sessler Bill* and Marjorie B. Shorrock Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer Family Fund Mrs. Gretchen D. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Staub Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Strang, Jr. Dr. Gregory Videtic Anonymous

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $5,000 TO $7,499 Mr.* and Mrs. Albert A. Augustus Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Baker Stephen Barrow and Janis Manley (Miami) Fred G. and Mary W. Behm Drs. Nathan A. and Sosamma J. Berger Mr. William Berger Dr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Blackstone Mr. and Mrs. David Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Broadbent Frank and Leslie Buck Mr. and Mrs. William C. Butler Ms. Maria Cashy Drs. Wuu-Shung and Amy Chuang Dr. William and Dottie Clark Kathleen A. Coleman Diane Lynn Collier and Robert J Gura Mr. Owen Colligan Marjorie Dickard Comella Corinne L. Dodero Foundation for the Arts and Sciences Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Daugstrup Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Davis Pete and Margaret Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doman Dr. and Mrs. Robert Elston Mary and Oliver Emerson Barbara and Peter Galvin Joy E. Garapic Brenda and David Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Goodman Patti Gordon (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Gordon Robert N. and Nicki N. Gudbranson David and Robin Gunning Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi Barbara Hawley and David Goodman Janet D. Heil* Anita and William Heller Dr. Fred A. Heupler Thomas and Mary Holmes John and Hollis Hudak (Miami) Bob and Edith Hudson (Miami) Ms. Carole Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Brinton L. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hyland Donna L. and Robert H. Jackson Ms. Elizabeth James Rudolf D. and Joan T. Kamper Milton and Donna* Katz Dr. Richard and Roberta Katzman Dr. and Mrs. William S. Kiser Cynthia Knight (Miami) Mrs. Justin Krent Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lafave, Jr. Mr. Brian J. Lamb David C. Lamb Anthony T. and Patricia A. Lauria Mr. Lawrence B. and Christine H. Levey Dylan Hale Lewis (Miami) Marley Blue Lewis (Miami)


Dr. Alan and Mrs. Joni Lichtin Mr. Jon E. Limbacher and Patricia J. Limbacher Elsie and Byron Lutman Ms. Jennifer R. Malkin Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Mandel Alan Markowitz M.D. and Cathy Pollard Mr. and Mrs. E. Timothy McDonel Ms. Maureen M. McLaughlin (Miami) James and Virginia Meil Drs. Terry E. and Sara S. Miller David and Leslee Miraldi Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mitchell Curt and Sara Moll Ann Jones Morgan Richard and Kathleen Nord Mr. Henry Ott-Hansen Ms. MacGregor W. Peck Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pogue In memory of Henry Pollak Dr. and Mrs. John N. Posch William and Gwen Preucil Lois S. and Stanley M. Proctor* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Quintrell Drs. Raymond R. Rackley and Carmen M. Fonseca Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Rankin Ms. Deborah Read Amy and Ken Rogat Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ruhl Mrs. Florence Brewster Rutter Drs. Michael and Judith Samuels (Miami) Bob and Ellie Scheuer David M. and Betty Schneider Linda B. Schneider Dr. and Mrs. James L. Sechler Lee and Jane Seidman Charles Seitz (Miami) Mr. Eric Sellen and Mr. Ron Seidman Mrs. Frances G. Shoolroy David Kane Smith Dr. Marvin and Mimi Sobel George and Mary Stark Stroud Family Trust Dr. Elizabeth Swenson Ms. Lorraine S. Szabo Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Teel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thornton Mr.* and Mrs. Robert N. Trombly Robert and Marti Vagi Don and Mary Louise Van Dyke Bill Appert and Chris Wallace (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Watkins Robert C. Weppler Tom and Betsy Wheeler Nancy V. and Robert L. Wilcox Sandy Wile and Susan Namen Dr. and Mr. Ann Williams Anonymous (6)

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $3,500 TO $4,999 Dr. Jacqueline Acho and Mr. John LeMay Ms. Nancy A. Adams Dr. and Mrs. D. P. Agamanolis Susan S. Angell Mr. and Mrs. Jules Belkin Dr. Ronald and Diane Bell Howard R. and Barbara Kaye Besser Suzanne and Jim Blaser Lisa and Ron Boyko Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Brownell Ms. Mary R. Bynum and Mr. J. Philip Calabrese Dr. and Mrs. William E. Cappaert Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Carpenter Mr.* and Mrs. Robert A. Clark Thomas and Dianne Coscarelli Ms. Maureen A. Doerner and Mr. Geoffrey T. White Peter and Kathryn Eloff Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fraylick Peggy and David* Fullmer Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gould Nancy and James Grunzweig Mr. Robert D. Hart Hazel Helgesen* and Gary D. Helgesen Mr. Robert T. Hexter


Dr.* and Mrs. George H. Hoke Mr. David and Mrs. Dianne Hunt Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Inkley Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Janus Robert and Linda Jenkins Barbara and Michael J. Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Kaufman James and Gay* Kitson Mrs. Natalie D. Kittredge Dr. Gilles and Mrs. Malvina Klopman Mr. and Ms. James Koenig Mr. James Krohngold Ronald and Barbara Leirvik Mr. and Mrs. Irvin A. Leonard Anne R. and Kenneth E. Love Robert and LaVerne* Lugibihl Joel and Mary Ann Makee Herbert L. and Rhonda Marcus Martin and Lois Marcus William and Eleanor* McCoy Dr. Susan M. Merzweiler Bert and Marjorie Moyar Richard B. and Jane E. Nash Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Osenar Dr. Lewis and Janice B. Patterson Mr. Robert S. Perry Mr. and Mrs. John S. Piety Dr. Robert W. Reynolds Michael Forde Ripich Mrs. Charles Ritchie Carol Rolf and Steven Adler Dr. Lori Rusterholtz Fred Rzepka and Anne Rzepka Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Martin I. Saltzman Mr. Paul H. Scarbrough Ginger and Larry Shane Harry and Ilene Shapiro Mr. Richard Shirey Howard and Beth Simon Mr. and Mrs. William E. Spatz Mr. Taras G. Szmagala, Jr. Mr. Karl and Mrs. Carol Theil Drs. Anna* and Gilbert True Miss Kathleen Turner Mr. and Mrs. Mark Allen Weigand Richard Wiedemer, Jr. Tony and Diane Wynshaw-Boris Marcia and Fred* Zakrajsek

INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $2,500 TO $3,499 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Abookire, Jr. Stanley I. and Hope S. Adelstein Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adler Mr. and Mrs. Monte Ahuja Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Amsdell Dr. Mayda Arias Mr. and Mrs. James B. Aronoff Geraldine and Joseph Babin Ms. Jennifer Barlament Ms. Delphine Barrett Rich Bedell and Elizabeth Grove Mr. Roger G. Berk Kerrin and Peter Bermont (Miami) Barbara and Sheldon Berns Margo and Tom Bertin Carmen Bishopric (Miami) Bill* and Zeda Blau Doug and Barbara Bletcher Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bole John and Anne Bourassa Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Brown Laurie Burman Mr. Adam Carlin (Miami) Leigh Carter Mr. and Mrs. James B. Chaney Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Chapnick Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Maryanne Chengelis Ms. Mary E. Chilcote Mr. and Mrs. Homer D. W. Chisholm Daniel D. Clark and Janet A. Long Kenneth S. and Deborah G. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cohen (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Delos M. Cosgrove III Dr. Dale and Susan Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Manohar Daga Mrs. Frederick F. Dannemiller Charles and Fanny Dascal (Miami) Jeffrey and Eileen Davis Mrs. Lois Joan Davis

Mr. and Mrs. David G. de Roulet Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Distad William Dorsky and Cornelia Hodgson Esther L. and Alfred M. Eich, Jr. Harry and Ann Farmer Ms. Karen Feth Mr. Isaac Fisher Joan Alice Ford Mr. Paul C. Forsgren Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne bon Haes (Miami) Arthur L. Fullmer Mr. Bennett Gaines Mrs. Georgia T. Garner Loren and Michael Garruto Mr. Wilbert C. Geiss, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Gelber (Miami) Anne and Walter Ginn Mr. and Mrs. David A. Goldfinger The Thomas J. and Judith Fay Gruber Charitable Foundation Dr. Phillip M. and Mrs. Mary Hall Mr. and Mrs. David P. Handke, Jr. Norman C. and Donna L. Harbert Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Hastings Dr. Robert T. Heath and Dr. Elizabeth L. Buchanan Sally and Oliver Henkel Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Herschman Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hinnes Dr. Keith A. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hoover Dr. Randal N. Huff and Ms. Paulette Beech Ruth F. Ihde Mrs. Carol Lee and Mr. James Iott Richard and Michelle Jeschelnig Dr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah Joyce Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Joyce Rev. William C. Keene Angela Kelsey and Michael Zealy (Miami) Bruce and Eleanor Kendrick Fred and Judith Klotzman Jacqueline and Irwin Kott (Miami) Dr. Ronald H. Krasney and Vicki Kennedy Marcia Kraus Mr. Donald N. Krosin Eeva and Harri Kulovaara (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. S. Ernest Kulp Mrs. Carolyn Lampl Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lane, Jr. Ivonete Leite (Miami) Michael and Lois A. Lemr Dr. Edith Lerner Dr. Stephen B. and Mrs. Lillian S. Levine Robert G. Levy Mr. Rudolf and Mrs. Eva Linnebach Ms. Mary Beth Loud Michael J. and Kathryn T. Lucak Mr. and Mrs. Raul Marmol (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Sanford E. Marovitz Dr. Ernest and Mrs. Marian Marsolais Ms. Amanda Martinsek Mr. Julien L. McCall Ms. Nancy L. Meacham Mr. James E. Menger Stephen and Barbara Messner Ms. Betteann Meyerson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Michelson (Miami) Ms. Carla Miraldi Susan B. Murphy Dieter and Bonnie Myers Joan Katz Napoli and August Napoli David and Judith Newell Mr. Carlos Noble (Miami) Marshall I. Nurenberg and Joanne Klein Richard and Jolene O’Callaghan Mr. Thury O’Connor Harvey and Robin Oppmann Nedra and Mark Oren (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Paddock Mr. and Mrs. Christopher I. Page Mr. Dale Papajcik Deborah and Zachary Paris Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Tommie Patton Dr. Roland S. Philip and Dr. Linda M. Sandhaus Ms. Maribel Piza (Miami) Dr. Marc and Mrs. Carol Pohl Ms. Carolyn Priemer Mr. Lute and Mrs. Lynn Quintrell Dr. James and Lynne Rambasek Ms. C. A. Reagan Alfonso Conrado Rey (Miami)

David and Gloria Richards Mr. Timothy D. Robson Robert and Margo Roth Dr. Harry S. and Rita K. Rzepka Bunnie Sachs Family Foundation Dr. Vernon E. Sackman and Ms. Marguerite Patton Father Robert J. Sanson Ms. Patricia E. Say Mr. James Schutte Ms. Adrian L. Scott Dr. John Sedor and Ms. Geralyn Presti Ms. Kathryn Seider Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Seitz Donna E. Shalala (Miami) Ms. Marlene Sharak Norine W. Sharp Dr. and Mrs. William C. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Shiverick Laura and Alvin A. Siegal Robert and Barbara Slanina Ms. Donna-Rae Smith Sandra and Richey Smith Mr. and Mrs.* Jeffrey H. Smythe Mrs. Virginia Snapp Ms. Barbara Snyder Lucy and Dan Sondles Michalis and Alejandra Stavrinides (Miami) Mr. Joseph Stroud Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan Ken and Martha Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Timko Steve and Christa Turnbull Mrs. H. Lansing Vail, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Vail Robert A. Valente George and Barbara Von Mehren Brenton Ver Ploeg (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Vinas (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Les C. Vinney Dr. Michael Vogelbaum and Mrs. Judith Rosman Philip and Peggy Wasserstrom Eric* and Margaret Wayne Alice & Leslie T. Webster, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Weinberger Florence and Robert Werner (Miami) Richard and Mary Lynn Wills Michael H. Wolf and Antonia Rivas-Wolf Katie and Donald Woodcock Elizabeth B. Wright Rad and Patty Yates Mrs. Jayne M. Zborowsky Dr. William Zelei Mr. Kal Zucker and Dr. Mary Frances Haerr Anonymous (3) *

Individual Giving Societies gifts of $300 to $2,499 during the past year, as of September 20, 2014


Reverend Thomas and Dr. Joan Baumgardner Dennis and Madeline Block Mrs. Viola Blount Oliver and Ruth Boza J. C. Burkhardt Michael and Lorena Clark (Miami) Mr. Mark Corrado Mr. Gary DeHass Ms. Megan Dortenzo Mr. S. Stuart Eilers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Flocke Marilee Gallagher Mrs. Joan Getz (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Victor M. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Graf Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Grover In memory of Philip J. Hastings Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Holland Roberto and Betty Horwitz (Miami) Mr. Norman E. Jackson Mr. William Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jarrell

Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Sheila Berlin Mr. Donald J. Katt and Mrs. Maribeth Filipic-Katt Richard and Gina Klym Judy and Donald Lefton (Miami) Shirley and William Lehman (Miami) Mr. Alan R. Lepene Matthew and Stacey Litzler Mary Lohman Mrs. Theodore M. Luntz Ms. Janet Mann Mark and Barbara Mazzone Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lynn Miller Jim and Laura Moll Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Nance Robert D. and Janet E. Neary Mr. Robert Pinkert (Miami) Ms. Sylvia Profenna Joan and Rick Rivitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Reid Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rusek Robert Scarr and Margaret Widmar Raquel and Michael Scheck (Miami) Ms. Frances L. Sharp Grover Short Ms. Sharmon Sollitto Mr. Eduardo Stern (Miami) The Morton and Mathile Stone Philanthropic Fund Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sulak Mrs. Norma R. Andrisek Parker D. Thomson Esq. (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. John F. Turben Jeffrey and Stasia Vavruska Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Weil, Jr. Henry F.* and Darlene K. Woodruff Anonymous (3)


Dick and Joan Ainsworth Mr. and Mrs. C. John Amstutz Rev. Dr. Kenneth Anderson Dr. Wieslawa Andros Ms. Lisa Atkinson Steven M. Auvil and Elise Hara Auvil Mr. and Mrs. William Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Beal Don and Jackie Bercu (Miami) Mr. Cipriano S. Beredo John and Laura Bertsch Dr. Thomas Bodnar and Dr. Elizabeth Santo Irving and Joan M. Bolotin (Miami) Ms. Janet S. Boron Ms. Andrea L. Boyd Mr. Richard Brockett Mrs. Nancy E. Brown Drs. Marcia and Daniel Brown Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Susan Bulone Mr.* and Mrs. Hugh Calkins Elizabeth Chapman and Mr. Roy Knipper Dr. John and Mrs. Mary Clough Mr. Charles E. Conner Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cook The Honorable Colleen Conway Cooney Bruce Coppock and Lucia P. May (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Coughlin Douglas S. Cramer / Hubert S. Bush III (Miami) Dr. Michael d’Amico and Dr. Patricia Mullen Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Marcy Schwartz Dr. Eleanor Davidson Mr. William Doll Shahnaz and Ranjan Duara (Miami) Mrs. Susan Dudek John and Gail Dunning Mrs. Mary S. Eaton Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Eckardt Mr. and Mrs. Donald Esarove Mr. William and Dr. Elizabeth Fesler Dr. Robert S. Finkelhor Robert Friedman and Elizabeth MacGowan Judge Stuart Friedman and Arthur Kane Dr. and Mrs. Avrum I. Froimson Mr. and Mrs. D. Bruce Gabriel Ms. Aggie Goss Elaine Harris Green Ms. Anna Z. Greenfield Mr. James J. Gruzosky Mr. and Mrs. John E. Guinness Mr. Nathan Haese Dr. Lawrence Haims and Dr. Barbara Brothers Ms. Sara J. Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Seth B. Harris Thomas and Darlene Hawkins Ms. Lee Heinen Mr. Timothy Higgins and Dr. Laurel Beverley Margaret Hillmer Gail Hoover and Bob Safarz David and Cathy Huffman Carol S. and William G. E. Jacobs Larry Oscar and Jeanne Shatten Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Junglas Mr. David G. Kanzeg Honorable Diane Karpinski Dr. Catherine Keating Mr. Karl W. Keller Mr. James Kish Mr. Thomas J. Kniesner and Mrs. Deborah A. Freund Marion Konstantynovich Drs. Jill Korbin and Lawrence Greksa Dr. James and Mrs. Margaret Kreiner Esq. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lahman Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Landgraf Richard and Barbara Lederman Mr. Stan and Mrs. Joan Levy Rosa and Samuel Lobe Memorial Fund of the Jewish Community Federation Linda and Saul Ludwig Mr. Damond Mace Ms. Linda Macklin Ms. Dorene Marsh Vincent and Kathleen May Mr. Matthew McClain Christopher and Laura McKenna Mr. Trent and Mrs. Irene Meyerhoefer Ms. Beth Mikes Mr. Robert Miller Ms. Barbara Morrison Mr. Ronald Morrow III Mr. and Mrs. William J. Morse Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Hope Murphy Steven and Kimberly Myers Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Myers Ms. Deborah L. Neale William Nemeth Mr. James B. and Mrs. Ilene Nolish Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Omelsky Mr. James Petras Dr. Gosta and Mrs. Nina Pettersson Mr. Henry Peyrebrune and Ms. Tracy Rowell Charlene Phelps Dale and Susan Phillip Diane and Nick Phillips Mr. Carl Podwoski Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Price Dr. Laurine Purola Mr. M. Neal Rains Mr. Cal Ratcliff Walter and Margaret Remen Guillermo and Maggie Retchkiman (Miami) Drs. Jason and Angela Ridgel Ms. Carole Ann Rieck Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Rinker Dr. Assad E. Rizk Mr. D. Keith and Mrs. Margaret Robinson Ms. Linda M. Rocchi Dr. Barrett J. Rollins Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Ryerson Nathan N. and Esther Rzepka Family Philanthropic Fund Mr. Michael J. Salkind and Mrs. Carol Gill Dorthea Sauerman Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Saunders Ken and Meg Schilling Ms. Sandra J. Schlub Mr. Edward Seely Mr. Duane and Mrs. Irene Shuster Lois H. Siegal (Miami) Ms. Grace Sipusic Ms. Ellen J. Skinner Bruce Smith Mr. Omer Franklin Spurlock Mr. Marc Stadiem Robert Sweeney and Diane Scillia Mr. and Mrs. William W. Taft Mr. Robert Taller Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Taurel (Miami) Mr. Charles Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roherty Ms. Alleyne C. Toppin Mr. Livingston Hunter Ulf Mr. and Mrs. Reid Wagstaff Mr. Norman Wain Drs. Samuel and Mary Sprunt Mrs. Carolyn Warner

Stephen D. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Warren Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Warshay Michael and Danielle Weiner Yair and Carol Weinstock Eugene P. Wenninger and Cheryl Casper Mr. Peter White Mr. Yoash and Mrs. Sharon Wiener Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wilhelm Dr. Aric Greenfield and Dr. Nancy Wolf Mr. Robert J. Wollyung Ms. Nancy Wolpe Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Youngstrom Dr. Robert D. Zaas Ms. Henrietta Zabner (Miami) Ken and Paula Zeisler Anonymous (4)


INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $600 TO $1,249 Drs. Tom and Abby Abelson Stuart and Heidi Abrams Mr. Thomas A. Aldrich Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Alexander John and Sarah Anderson (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Angel (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anspach Ms. Pamela A. Anthony Ms. Sara Arbel (Miami) Mr. Brandon T. Asberry Jack and Darby Ashelman Ms. Patricia Ashton Walter and Laura Avdey Dr. Robert and Mrs. Ingrid Bahler Ms. Nilda Baker Martha Baldwin and Micah Leibowitz William and Janet Balena Stacy D. Ballin and Charles T. Bartell Dr. Aaron Ballonoff Mr. and Mrs. Fred Balzarini Robert and Susan Barkett Mr. Bill Barnard Mr. Jack Barnhart Mrs. Audrey Bashian Mr. Peter Baszuk and Dr. Caroline A. Schaerfl Douglas Baxter and Brian Hastings (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Beer Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bell III Ms. Loren Bendall Linda Angell Benjamin and Dr. Rodney Benjamin (Miami) Dr. David and Mrs. Alekie Bennhoff Helene Berger (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Berick Fran and Robert Berrin (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. David Bialosky Mr. Eric Bieber Dr. David E. Biegel Mr. Raymond J. Billy Dr. John and Mrs. Lois Binder Ms. Claudia Bjerre Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell G. Blair Ralph and Judith Bluhm Mrs. Flora Blumenthal Mrs. Marilyn Boebel Mr. Mark I. Bogart Mr. Jeffrey A. Bomberger Drs. Walter and Angela Boron Jerome* and Loretta Borstein Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bower Donna Bowman Ms. Barbara E. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Boyle Ms. Sonja Braaten Molloy Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Brandon Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Breckenridge John Hannibal and Laura Brewster Mr. Frank Brichacek and Mrs. Roseanna Lechner-Brichacek Ms. Elaine A. Bridges Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sharon G. Broniatowski Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brooks Dr. and Mrs. John A. Brown Mr. Felix Brueck and Ms. Ann Kowal Smith Mr. Michael Buffa Mr. Kenneth Bunosky John and Mary Jane Burin Ms. Susan E. Burke Mr. Alexander Burlingame Stanley and Honnie* Busch Mr. Milan G. Busta Dr. María Bustillo (Miami) Peter and Judith Cadou Joanne H. Calkins Mr. Thomas Callahan Mr. Michael Caputo Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cassidy

Individual Annual Support lists continue


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Individual Support Rachel Casteel Mrs. Marlene L. Castilyn Dr. Victor A. Ceicys Ms. Lucy Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Chandler Dr. Melvin and Mrs. Kaye Chavinson Miss Tsulee Chen Prof. Mike Cheung and Mrs. Mary C. Cheung Dr. Robert Chwast Bob and Jane Clark Deonne and Kevin Coghlan Mr. Thomas J. Collin Ms. Kathleen Collins and Mr. Jonathan Fields Ms. Lenora B. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Aims Coney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cook Inez Corrado Mr. Andrew Cox Mr. and Ms. Thomas J. Coyne Ms. Renee Crates Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Crawford Mary Catherine Crowther Doyle Mr. Michael A. Cullers Mrs. Martha S. Curfman Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Curtis William and Anna Jean Cushwa Dr. Lucy Ann Dahlberg Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Daniel Mr. Kamal-Neil Dass and Ms. Teresa Larsen John and Jill Davies Drs. Bryan R. and Maryellen S. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Davis Ms. Nancy J. Davis (Miami) Ms. Veronica Davis Ms. Shirley B. Dawson Mr. Bradford DeBusk Mr. Thomas Dechant Ronald and Barbara Dees Mr. Martin J. Degnan Prof. George and Mrs. Rebecca Dent Mr. Frank R. Desantis Patricia and David Deschler Ms. Jane D. Dessem Roderick and Barbara Dibble Mr. and Mrs. David E. Dix Dr. M. Meredith Dobyns F. Paul and Nora C. Doerder Mrs. Russell L. Domski Edward J. Donnelly and Mary Kay DeGrandis Donnelly Mrs. Nancy D. Dorer Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Draucker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreshfield Mrs. John Drollinger Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dumm Ms. Mary Lynn Durham Mr. Bernard Eckstein (Miami) Andrea and Chuck Edelstein (Miami) Mr. Robert Eidnier Dr. Haysam Eldalati Mr. and Mrs. Steven Elias (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Douglas V. Epp Richard and Jean Erickson Dr. Robert C. Erikson Louis* and Patricia Esposito Mrs. Joan Evans Mr. Andrew L. Fabens III Dr. Vincent and Mrs. Marjorie Fanton Mr. Jim and Mrs. Diane Fedorka Dr. and Mrs. J. Peter Fegen Mr. Thomas L. Feher Dr. Aaron E. Feldman Dr. Marvin A. Feldstein and Ms. Susan Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Andrew Feller Nicholas and Susan Ferencz Francisco J. and Clara B. Fernandez (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fishman Mr. Marcus Flanagan and Mr. William Flanagan (Miami) Miss Elizabeth J. Fleming Joseph Z. and Betty Fleming (Miami) Thomas Fleming Mr. John H. Forsgren Michael Frank & Patricia A. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Larry Frankel Gail and Alan Franklin (Miami) Richard J. Frey Dr. Howard Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Friedman Dr. Jennifer Furin Richard L. Furry Morris and Miriam Futernick (Miami) Daniel and Barrie Galvin Rudolph and Jenifer Garfield Laura Lee Garfinkel Lenore Gaynor (Miami) Ms. Deborah A. Geier Dr. Kevin and Angela Geraci Niety and Gary R. Gerson (Miami)


Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gherlein Mrs. Jean Gianelos Germaine Gibian Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Gilbert Hon. and Mrs. Isaac Gilinski (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ginn Mr. and Mrs. Paolo Giorgi Mr. and Mrs. M. Fred V. Glock, Jr. Lois Glosh Dr. Jerry Bradshaw and Mr. Jerry Golski Ms. Sally A. Good Gabrielle and Arnold Goodman Mr. David R. and Mrs. Pat Gram Roger and Agnes Greathouse Nancy F. Green (Miami) Beth and Jack Greenman (Miami) Mr. James D. Gross Mrs. Angelica B. Guckes Mr. Armin and Mrs. Charlotte Guggenheim Mr. Richard Gurbst Mr. William R. Gustaferro Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo D. Gutierrez (Miami) Mr. Warren Hackett Scott and Margi Haigh Douglas M. and Amy Halsey (Miami) Mr. Bo Hammarling Mr. Christopher Hanke Ms. Pamela Hanover Mr. Donald K. Hansen Mr. Mark H. Hardenbergh Mrs. Helen Harger Mr. David W. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harris Ms. Sue A. Harris Mr. Jeff Hastings Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Claus Haubold (Miami) Ms. Peg Hayes Byron and Elizabeth Hays Mr. Thomas J. Heinen Mr. and Mrs. Wade F. Helms Harold W. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hesser (Miami) Ms. Priscilla Heublein (Miami) Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Suzanne Hicks Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Holler Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Holmes Ms. Sharon J. Hoppens Janice Hornack Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Pat Hosmer Phoebe J. Hostetler Dr. Ferdinand K. Hui Ronald and Joanne Hulec Ms. Gretchen Hyland Mr. Shachar Israel Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Jackson Ms. Nancy Jeffery Ms. Penelope S. Jeffrey Helen and Erik Jensen Mr. Anthony Jess Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Wolpe (Miami) Mrs. Josephine Joelson Eric, Susan, and Sarah Johnson Mr. W. Johnston and Ms. C. Peck Ms. Alison C. Jones David and Montserrat Joy (Miami) Dr. Sheldon and Mrs. Judith Kaffen Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary V. Kahelin Frank and Jane Kaim Dr. Michael and Gail Kaplan (Miami) Steve and Laura Karl Dr. James Kazura and Mrs. Helen Foley Mrs. Joseph H. Keller Ms. Julie Kim William and Sarina Kinney Howard and Mara Kinstlinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Kirtz Dr. and Mrs. L. Stephen Kish Dr. Eric and Dr. Susan Klein Douglas & Gail Klier Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Knoll (Miami) Raymond Kolcaba Mark and Jacqie Kolivosky Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Kimberly Kolz Arthur and Enid Kraus Mr. Michael Kreitzer (Miami) Mr. Michael Kren Ms. Donna Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Kruszka Thomas and Barbara Kuby Mrs. Marie Kushner Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Kushnick Irmalicia P. Laird Alfred and Carol Lambo William and Stacey Lang Dr. and Mrs. Roger H. Langston Mr. Massimo LaRosa Ms. Janet Larson


Ronald and Harriett Lassin (Miami) Dee and R. Gordon* Latimer Dr. William Lavigna Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Leach Mr. Yun-Ting Lee Walter Lehrman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Leibowitz (Miami) Mr. Gary Leidich Barbara C. Levin (Miami) Mr. Justin Lewis Lexington Community Orchestra Mr. and Mrs.* Thomas A. Liederbach Mrs. Isabelle Lobe E. B. and Joan C. Long Ms. Rebecca Long Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Lopez-Cantera (Miami) Martha Klein Lottman Dr. and Mrs. James L. Lowder Mr. Jonathan Lucilio Mark and Barbara MacGregor Ms. Marjorie MacNeal Mr. David Maher Richard Manoloff Dr. Kandice Marchant Mrs. Marjorie I. Roth Ms. Jean A. Markowitz Ms. Sheryl Markowitz Mr. and Mrs. James L. Marsey Sr. Mr. Craig R. Martahus Ralph and Roberta Martin Dr. and Mrs. William A. Mast Charlotte Masterson Ms. Anne L. Matthews Mr. Herb and Mrs. Carol Matthews Dr. Lee Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maynes (Miami) Linda McCorkle Mr. Jesse McCormick Mr. Shannon McCue Patrick and Martha McGraw Ms. Pamela McKelvey Jesse and Kathryn McKendry Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLaughlin Mr. Ted M. McQuade Mr. Douglas McWilliams Mr. Jay Mehta Mr. Michael G. Meissner Ms. Karen D. Melton Dr. Noah Meltzer Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Messinger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borden Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Michel George and Margaret Milbourn Mr. Mark Millar Dr. Leon and Mrs. Holly Miller Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Mills Mr. Matthew Minar MindCrafted Systems Robert and Judith Minium Ioana Missits Ms. Donilea Mohr Mrs. Catherine Montgomery Ms. Jane Moore Mrs. Karen Moore Ms. Yoko H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Morris Ronald and Mary Mortus Dr. Joan T. Muellerleile Bridget Mundy Mr. Paul and Mrs. Colleen Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Bill Neides Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Newman Steven Newman and Debra Shifrin Dr. Peter and Mrs. Linda Nintcheff Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Nock Ms. Liza A. Oaksford Mr. Marc L. Oberdorff Dr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien Robert and Gail O'Brien Mr. Sheldon Ocker Jane M. O'Connor Ms. Mary M. Ogden Mr. Phillip M. Oliss Dr. Guilherme Oliveira Ms. Gladys A. O'Mahen Richard and JoAnne Orr Mr. James P. Ostryniec (Miami) Ms. Judith Palay Mrs. Patricia M. Papper (Miami) Brian Parker Dr. James and Mrs. Marian Patterson Mrs. Thomasina B. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Peck James and Mary Pelich Mr. Michael and Mrs. Paula Penzner Mr. Steven and Mrs. Barbara Percy Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Petrov Mr. Michael Phillips (Miami) Dr. Vincent C. Phillips

Mr. Robert Phillips-Plona William and Meme Pittman Dr. Martin and Mrs. Miriam Plax Mrs. Elinor G. Polster Mrs. Barbara C. Pophal Patrick Holland and Donna L. Pratt Alexandra Preucil Mr. William Proper Pysht Fund Mr. John H and Mrs.* Carol E. Ramey Ms. Diana Ramirez Ms. Lynne Ramsey and Mr. J. Irvine Ms. Laura Klein Judy and Clifford Reeves Dr. Rod Rezaee and Ms. Sara Schiavoni Mr. and Ms. Richard Karges Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gross Mrs. Lois Robinson Beck Mr. Thomas R. Roese Dr. Robert and Mrs. Lauryn Ronis Mrs. Jeanne Preucil Rose Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Martha Rosenfield Mr. Frank Rosenwein Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Jacqueline Ross Joseph and Batia Rozgonyi (Miami) Dr. Edward L. and Mrs. Teresa D. Ruch Mr. and Mrs.* John E. Rupert Sue Sahli Dr. Roger B. Saillant Mr. Peter and Mrs. Sylvia Salaff Mrs. Roger Samstag Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Sanders Charles and Linda Sands (Miami) Kathy Sands Sangree Family Foundation John and Marjorie Sayler David Schaecter and Sydney Carpel (Miami) Mr. Matthew Schenz Mr. Don G. Schmitt Dr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Schnall Mr. Kim Schrock Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Nancy Schubert Elliott and Ethel Shultz Ms. Carol A. Schultz-Raiff Dr. James G. Schwade (Miami) Ms. Cheryl Schweickart Beth and Joel Scott Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Scovil Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Seabright Dr. W. David Sedwick Mr. and Mrs. William R. Seelbach Mr. and Mrs. David Servianksy (Miami) Brenda Shapiro and Javier Bray (Miami) Ms. Andrea Sharb Mr. John F. Shelley and Ms. Patricia* Burgess Terrence and Judith Sheridan Reverend Malcolm and Mrs. Carol Shields Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shonk Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Siarkowski Mr. Robert Sieck Bob and Elaine Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Sihler Jr. Nan Sims Mr. and Mrs. Robert Singer G. Michael and Kathy Mead Skerritt Mrs. Geraldine Skorepa Henry and Stania Smek (Miami) Ms. Anna D. Smith Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Michelle Smith Ms. Janice A. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Smith Sam and Sandy Smith Lloyd Snyder and Margaret Terry Mr. Frank and Mrs. Nancy* Sobol Drs. Thomas and Terry Sosnowski Mrs. Susan Spallino Ms. Bonnie Spangler Mrs. Christine M. Sparano Mr. David M. Spencer Tom and Cindy Sperl Lucie and Jay Spieler (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Sponseller Mr. Michael Sprinker Diane Stack and James Reeves Sue Starrett and Jerry Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stavis (Miami) John and Ann Steinbrunner Mr. and Mrs. William H. Stellhorn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stenson Ellen M. Stepanian William F. Stevens III Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stewart Mrs. Michelle Stoffan Mrs. Edna Strnad Mr. David Stull and Ms. Jessica Downs Martha S. and Robert J. Sullivan Tommy Sullivan Michael and Wendy Summers

Mr. Patrick Sweeney Ken and ChristineTabellion Martin and Lynn Taliak Mr. James J. Tanous Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tate (Miami) Mr. David L. Thomas Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Ellen Thomas Tilles-Weidenthal Foundation Mr. Francis and Mrs. Victoria Titas Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Traurig (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Troner (Miami) Mr. and Mrs.* Robert A. Tschannen Mr. Pang Tsui Linda Whitman William and Julie Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Ungar Marshall Commercial Machine Service James and Debra Vail Mr. Patrick R. Valente Ms. Katherine L. Van Bolt Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sandra Vinicky Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Viviani Ms. Marianne Von Meerwall Marc and Pam Vosen Walt and Karen Walburn Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wald Iva L. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Ware Mr. Jerrold F. Wareham Ms. Mary C. Warren Dr. Norman and Rhonda Warren Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Wasserbauer Mr. Maurice D. Weidenthal Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Weinstein Arnold and Alda Weiss Judge Lesley Wells Mr. Robert B. Weltman Ronald and Marsha Werman Ms. Elizabeth Wheeler Ms. Lynn Wiener (Miami) Maureen Wightman David and Janet Williams Mrs. Germaine A. Williams Joe and Becky Williams Mr. Mark Williams Helen Sue* and Meredith Williams Hope and Robert Wismar Betty and Michael Wohl (Miami) Mr. Jason Wolf Mr. Robert Wolff and Dr. Paula Silverman Mr. Robert Woolfrey Sally T. and Robert E.* Yocum Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zaas Mr. Adam Zangerle Mr. Jeffrey A. Zehngut Loly and Isaac Zelcer (Miami) Ms. Barbara E. Zelley Daniel and Ellen Zelman Mr. Nick M. Zerefos John and Jane Zuzek Anonymous (18) Anonymous (Miami) (1)


INDIVIDUAL GIFTS OF $300 TO $599 James J. and Sharon R. Abel Jeff Abernathy Ms. Linda L. Adamany Nancy L. Adams, Ph.D. Ms. Marjorie H. Adler (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Adler Ugur Aker Ms. Etelka Alapi Mr. Rafael Alcantara-Lansberg (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Allen Ms. Paula Alvarez (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Kip Amazon (Miami) Rep. Ron Amstutz Mr. Richard B. Anderson Richard Anderson and Wanda Andonian Dr. Ruth M. Anderson Ms. Sarah M. Anderson Herb and Sheila Andre de la Porte Mrs. Dalia N. Armonas Dr. Jeanne Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Austin Mr. Edvin Auzenbergs Evelyn Axler (Miami) Mr. Daniel Ayers (Miami) Mr. Charles Bacon John Bacon and Cathleen White Mr. Thomas Baechle Dr. Robert T. Bair, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Baldwin Shelby Ball Montserrat Balseiro (Miami) Mr. Richard H. Bamberger Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laura Barnard

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey K. Barnes Ms. Carol R. Barnett Mr. Paul Barnhart and Mr. James R. Kathary Mr. Warren G. Barr Ms. Natalie Barratt Mrs. Aloise Bates William and Barbara Baus Alisha Bausone Martha Bawn Mrs. Joan Baxt (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beeman Mrs. Joan Belair Ms. Theresa Bell Bob Bellamy Ms. Susan E. Belt Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Bender Mary K. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bendycki Mr. Don Benincasa Mr. and Mrs. Peter Benson Mr. James Brumbaugh and Mrs. Carolyn B. Berg Mr. Martin B. Berkens Ms. Kathryn Berkshire Mrs. Barbara W. Berman Ms. Nancy Bernard Dan and Mary Jo Berry Mr. and Mrs. Henri Bertuch (Miami) Kathleen Betz Ms. Barbara L. Beyer Mr. and Mrs. William H. Beyer Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bingay Mr. and Dr. Richard C. Binzley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bittenbender Mr. L. Gordon Blasius Mr. Jerry Bleick Mr. Marc and Mrs. Barbara Bloch Ms. Victoria Bocchicchio Mr. and Mrs. John N. Bode Ms. Mary Jo Boehnlein Ms. Karen Boggs Mr. and Mrs. Arno O. Bohme, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Bohn Rev. Catherine G. Borchert Mr. Derek Bork Ms. Katherine Bormann David and Chuanpis Borsani Mr. Donald and Mrs. Mary Bossard Samuel and Linda Boswell Mr. Steve Bottorff Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bourne Richard and Sandra Boyatzis Mr. Gary L. Brahler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bravo Mr. Herman Bredenbeck Ms. and Mr. Shirley Bredenbeck Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Brockett Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Jayne Brooks Mr. Leroy Brooks Dale and Wendy Brott Mr. Donald Brown Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brown Mr. and Mrs. Keith I. Brown Mr. Greg Brozeit Frank Brubaker Bruce and Nancy Jackson Dr. William Bruner II Ms. Nataliya Bryksenkova Ms. Cynthia L. Buckosh Mr. John Budnik Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buermann (Miami) Brendan and Lisa Buescher Ms. Mary Ann Bugno Mr. John Burchard Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Burg Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burke Mr. Thomas C. Burke Gretchen L. Burmeister Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Burns Dr. Hugh and Mrs. Marilyn* Burtner Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Butchko Mr. and Mrs. Ed Butler Mr. and Mrs. Steve Byrne Dr. Carolyn Cacho-Bowman Rev. James Caddy Margaret Calkins Mrs. Hugh F. Callaly Mr. Harry R. Calsing Mr. Charles Carleton Ms. Christine Carleton Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Carleton Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carlson, Jr. Professor Bo and Mrs. Glenda Carlsson Mr. William G. Caron Mr. James D. Carpenter (Miami) Ms. Michelle Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Philip Carroll (Miami) Lynda Carter and Mark Niemi Ms. Geralyn Cartor

Ms. Carrie Cartwright Mr. Paul H. Cascio Dr. Helmut and Mrs. Ann Cascorbi Lawrence and Nancy Caughlin Ms. Carol M. Cercek Mr. Zenon Chaikovsky Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Chaloupek Dr. Barbara A. Chambers Mrs. Carmelline E. Charnas Mr. Thomas V. Chema Luke and Anita Cheriyan Dr. Hillel Chiel, PhD and Ms. E. Dreben Mr. John and Mrs. Bonnie Childs Ms. Charlotte Y. Chung Mr. Marco Ciccarelli Mr. and Mrs. Gene Clair Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Clark Ms. Sara Clem Dr. and Mrs. Norman A. Clemens Mr. George and Mrs. Themis Clessuras Saint Barbara Parish in Massillon, Ohio Carl Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Terence Collier Mr. Michael Columbro Jeffrey Compton Hon. C. Ellen Connally Mr. Christopher Connell Ms. Martha Connell Ted and Donna Connolly Deborah Cook Dr. Sebastian and Mrs. Mary Cook Courtney and Michael Novak Mrs. Barbara Coy Marvin and Doris Cramer Mr. William R. Cranshaw (Miami) Mr. Thomas W. Cristal Dr.* and Mrs. Peter T. Cubberley Mr. Curtis & Kikimi Tatsuoka Mr. David Curtis Mrs. Charlotte R. Cushing Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dakin Ms. Kimberly Dalgleish-Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Daniels Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Daroff Estate of Mrs. Alice D. Darr Mr. Douglas Darrah Mr. Lowell B. and Mrs. Carole Davis Mr. Gary Davis Ms. Gloria J. Davis Ms. Rachel De Atley Bryan, Colleen, and Peter de Boer Mrs. Diane de Vries Ashley (Miami) Jeffrey Dean and Barbara and Karen Claas Mr. Charles and Mrs. Fran Debordeau Ken Deken Perry and Margaret DelVecchio Mrs. April C. Deming Fredrich H. and Dr. Polly C. Dengel Carol Dennison and Jacques Girouard Ms. Jacquelyn Deskins Dr. Delia DiGregorio Mr. and Mrs. David C. Dillemuth Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. DiMare Ms. Marlene Dirksen Mr. and Mrs. Cheryl Dixon Mr. Scott Dixon Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary Dolph Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Wilda Donegan Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Donley Mr. George Donner Dr. and Mrs. John Dooner Douglas Hoffman and Ronald Stach Mr. Samuel Douglas Ms. Elizabeth A. Drake Mr. Donald Drescher (Miami) Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Pete Dressen Dr. Patra Duangjak Elayna Duitman and Zeger Verhage L. M. Dunker Patrick Dunster Mr. and Mrs. Joel Dyckes Mr. and Mrs. G. Gifford Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Dziedzicki Elizabeth K. Eastman James D. Edwards Dr. Patricia Edwards and Mr. Jerry Bidwell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Egan Dr. Rachel A. Egler Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ehlers Brenda G. Ellcessor Mr. Daniel R. Elliott, Jr. Aaron and Adriane Emig Ms. Maureen Engeler Mr. and Mrs. Morton G. Epstein Robert Epstein Ms. Margaret Erlenbach Ms. Denise Easterling Dr. Albert S. and Mrs. Rose Marie Evans Ms. Dorothy M. Evans (Miami)

Phyllis H. and William H. Evans Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Exoo Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Fazio Rev. Mark Q. Fedor Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Feiklowicz Mr. and Mrs. Bennett G. Feldman (Miami) Mr. William Felinski Dr. William and Mrs. Elyse Ferber Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Fields Ms. Dorothy J. Fike Corrine D. Finefrock Mr. Ron Finefrock Ms. Margaret Finesilver Malcom and Julie Finney Mrs. Henry B. Fischer Dr. Allison M. Fisher Ms. Charlene A. Fladung Ms. Mary Kay Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Steve Forbes Mrs. Ralph Fountain Mr. and Mrs. Guido Fraiman (Miami) Miss Mary Francis (Miami) Ms. Bente Freiberg Mr. Dempwolf Frey Mr. J. Gilbert and Mrs. Eleanor Frey Mr. and Mrs. Eric Friedman Mr. Steven and Mrs. Harriet Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Frohring Bruce and Judith Frumker Mr. William H. Fulton Ms. Karen Funtek Mr. Joe J. Gaebelein Mrs. Edward Gaffney Mr. Luis and Mrs. Sharon Gaitan Mr. Roger Galbraith Mrs. Sue Gallagher (Miami) Mr. Gabriel B. Galloway Dr. Richard K. Gardner David and Beth Garrett Mr. and Mrs. John D. Garson Carol Garvey Ms. Karyn Garvin Mr. William Gaskill Ms. Erin Gay Dr. Justine Gelinas Mr. Anthony Genovese Dr. Saul M. Genuth Mr. Thomas L. George Mr. Joseph Germana Mr. Mike and Mrs. Barbara Giarrizzo Dr. Thomas Gildea and Reena Mehra Perla Gilinski (Miami) Ms. Amy B. Gill S. Bradley Gillaugh Mr. David Glaser Mr. Richard W. Glove Mrs. Lee B. Glover Mr. Salomon Gold (Miami) Dr. Gerald Goldberg Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lisa Goldberg Mrs. Edith P. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goodman Dr. Mary M. Gorjanc Rafael and Maria Del Mar Gosalbez (Miami) Mr. Herbert Goulder Laurie and Scott Grabowski Mr. G. Garth and Mrs. Colleen S. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Gray Mr. Daniel Greathouse Ms. Barbara R. Green Mr. Jeff Green Wylene Green Harry and Kate Greenfield Mr. Fred Greenman Ms. Jolee Gregory Francis and Maureen Greicius Brian R. Griebel Mr. Brian Grossman Mrs. Jennifer Grossman Ms. Kathy Jo Gutgsell Ms. Susan Guyer Mr. Mark Habat Rabbi David S. Hachen Robert and Mallory Hacking Mr. Jamey Haddad Dr. Erast Haftkowycz Ms. Angela Hall John F. Hamilton (Miami) Mrs. Nena W. Hankins Mr. Robert Hankinson Jon and Roberta Hardacre Mr. and Mrs. Curt Harler Mr. Byron and Mrs. Gloria Harman Mr. Samuel D. Harris Dr. and Mrs. Alan Hart Ms. Mary Hartnett Richard and Linda Hatton Mr. Charles Haughney

Individual Annual Support lists continue


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Individual Support Michael and Barbara Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Haymes Mr. John Hazey Ms. Maria K. Heckaman Ms. Mary J. Hedberg Ms. Vicki N. Heigel Mr. Joe Heinen Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Heller Ms. Phyllis A. Henry Joseph & Eileen Herbert Julie Herman Mr. Clayton Heydorn Ms. Patricia A. Hilfer Ms. Elizabeth Hinchlisf Mr. Gary Hinton Edith Hirsch Ms. Barbara L. Hobbs (Miami) Michael and Kathleen Hoff Miss Mary V. Hoffman Robert Hoffner Mr. Charles Hohmann Joan T. and Donald I. Hoke Patrick and Jean Holden Mr. Tom and Mrs. Lynn Hollstein Mr. Eric Holmes Mr. Paul Holtz Mr. and Mrs. David J. Holz Mrs. Kathryn Holzheimer and Mr. James Baker Mr. Michael Honohan Mrs. Mary Hopwood Drs. Ewald and Glaucia Horwath Ms. Diane Huey Ms. Valerie A. Hughes Mr. Brooks G. Hull and Mr. Terry Gimmellie Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hura Lawrence R. Hyer Fund at The Miami Foundation (Miami) Bernard and Amy Isaacs Mr. Henry Jacobson Mrs. Marc G. Jacobson Dr. and Mrs. Norman Jaffe (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. James W. Nolte Mrs. Frances James Mr. Jeffery N. James Mr. Gary and Dr. Maita Jarkewicz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Javorsky Mr. Robert Jech Dr. Lynn Jedlicka Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. Weaver Mr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia Jeffreys Paul and Mary Jenks Mr. and Mrs. John Chae Mr. Larry Johns Mrs. Gennie S. Johnston Mr. J. Christopher Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Jones Mr. Richard L. Jones Drs. William and Janice Jones Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morford Rob and Margaret Josey Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kaczmar Mrs. Joyce Kaiser (Miami) Nedra Kalish (Miami) Mr. Roger and Mrs. Gail Kallock Mrs. Marcia Kampfe Mr. Jack E. Kapalka Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kappus Peter and Jane Katona Dr. Barbara Kaufman Mrs. Louise J. Keating Mr. John and Mrs. Linda Kelly James W. Kemp Dr. John and Mrs. Margaret Kennell Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kent Mr. Donald R. Kern Ms. Ann Kiggen Dr. Donald J. Killeen Ms. Anne Kim Mr. and Ms. Donald F. Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kindel Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. King Ms. Karen Kircher Dr. Jana D. Kirilcuk Ms. Rosemary H. Klena Victor G. Kmetich Mr. Wesley* and Mrs. Virgina Knight William Knoble Rik and Nancy Kohn Mrs. Patti J. Komperda Mr. Clayton R. Koppes Mrs. Ursula Korneitchouk Mrs. Marilyn Kornowski Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Koskie Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Laura Kovach Ms. Jackie Krabill Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Karen Krauss Mr. Peter J. Krembs Ms. Debra Kremer


Ms. Renee Kress Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kristofco Mrs. Jo Ellen Kroll Mr. William K. Kruse Nicholas Ksenich Mr. Paul Kuczkowski Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit C. Kuechle Drs. Carolyn and Steven Kuerbitz Mr. Tony Kuhel Mrs. Ilse M. Kupczak Mr. Andrew Kurman and Ms. Sharon Shapiro Mr. Steve Kurrent Dr. and Mrs. Fred W. Lafferty Mrs. Ignacio G. Lahorra Ms. Leslie Lahr Dr. Michael E. Lamm Marjorie A. Lamport Mr. William Lane Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lang Lois Langell and Ronald Hendzel* Benjamin L. Langhinrichs Wendy Lapidus (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Dale LaPorte Mr. Michael Lapos Mr. James Lasko Mrs. Sandra S. Laurenson Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lavalette Dr. Pierre and Mrs. Christiane Lavertu David & Wendlene Lavey Mr. Joseph Lawless Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Fishman (Miami) Mr. Jinho Lee Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Virginia Lehman Mr. Frederick Leitert Mr. Robert E. Lemmers Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Lenarz Peter and Dorothy Lepp Dr. Phillip and Mrs.* Ronnie Lerner Steve and Catherin Leuenberger Nancy M. Levy Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Lew Mrs. Dorothy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lewis Mr. Paul and Mrs. Joan Lidrbauch Dr. and Mrs. Isadore Lidsky Mr. Matthew E. Liebson Ms. Kim Lindsey Martha Linke Mr. and Mrs. Morton Litt Sally and Jim Little Mr. Fred and Mrs. Pearl Livingstone Mr. Peter and Mrs. Marie Lograsso Dr. Debbie Lonzer Ms. Jeannine Love Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lowenthal Randall and Saralee Luke Polly J. Lynam-Bloom Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Lynham Ms. Lynn Ahlers Ms. R. M. Lysobey Mr. Michael J. Maczuzak Mr. and Mrs.* Robert H. Madison Mr. Lawrence Madson Dr. Deirdre M. Mageean Rick Mahoney and Alexis Calarco Mr. Bruce M. Mahood Howard and Sue Maier Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Majewski Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malpass, Jr. Mr. Richard and Mrs. Margaret Margolis Mr. John P. Markwood III Ms. Katherine Marsh Sybil and John Marsh Mrs. Angell Martin Ms. Joan Martin Ronald and Susan Martin Mr. Francis and Mrs. Monica Martines Ms. Beatriz Martinez-Fonts (Miami) Mr. Carmen G. Massaro Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Cicero (Miami) Ms. Carolina Mathis Ms. Jane B. Maver Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Mayer Mr. John J. Mayer Michael and Susan Mayer Mrs. Mary E. Mays Mr. Meir Mazala Ms. Karen McCarthy (Miami) Mrs. Nancy B. McCormack Mr. and Mrs. John G. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. David A. McGee Patrick and Mary McGovern Ms. Jo Ann McGreevy Dr. Kay Q. McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McKnight

Ms. Luellen McMahon Mrs. Reathel McWhorter Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Meany Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meckler Mr. Dennis P. and Mrs. Lola Y. Meek Dr. and Mrs. Dale Meers Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard Meinecke James and Frances Meinke Ms. Geri Meister John and Ruth Mercer Mr. and Mrs. David L. Merrill Ms. Lisa Messer Botkin Mr. Dave Metlicka Mr. Glenn Metzdorf Ms. Anna Michalski Mr. Alexander Michlberger Richard and Karen Middaugh Ms. Molly Miketo Mrs. Louise Mikita Allen* and Ruth Miller Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Miller Mr. Richard A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Miller Sylvia Minchew (Miami) Mr. Roy Minoff Mrs. Paulette Mintz (Miami) Mr. John R. Mitchell Michael Mittal Mrs. Phyllis A. Mlady Mr. and Mrs. David Moffatt Ms. Nancy Mohr Greg and Judy Monin Ms. Rebecca Moore Ms. Mary Moran Dr. Isidoro Morjaim (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. George G. Morris Ms. Elizabeth Moss Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Moss Paul and Jane Ann Mougey Mrs. Jane M. Mueller Ms. Wendy N. Munyon Ms. Barbara Murbach Ms. Jacqueline Murphy Stephen and Katherine Murphy Robert and Wilhelmina Myerburg (Miami) Mr. Christopher Myers Ms. Susan D. Myers Mr. David G. Naftzinger Judge and Mrs. Joseph J. Nahra Mr. Benjamin Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Nelson Ms. Eva Nemcik-Jelinek Charlene and Marvin Nevans Mr. Malcolm S. Newson Mr. Paul and Mrs. Janet Nicholas Mr. Lester and Mrs. Joyce Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Nida Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Nieminen Mr. and Mrs. James D. Nixon Mr. Robert Nobel Ms. Faith Noble Mr. Michael Nochomovitz Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shabel (Miami) Mrs. Jenny Northern Dr. Michael A. Novak Dorothy Noyes and Michael Krippendorf Dr. Jules Oaklander (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Ocepek David and Mary Jo Ockenga Ms. Ellen Odoner Mr. W. James Ollinger Mr. Leonard Olsavsky Mr. and Mrs. David Olszewski Robert L. Ontolchik Peter and Marianna Orro Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Orth Ms. Deborah Osborne Mrs. Hannelore I. Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Steven Osgood Thomas and Elizabeth Owen Mr. Kurt R. Packer Dr. and Mrs. Dean Pahr Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine Ms. Laura Palcisko Mrs. Marylyn Park Dr. Richard S. Parks Ms. Ruth Parry (Miami) Nancy* and Stuver Parry Ms. Carolyn M. Paul Ms. Deborah A. Peline Daniel Pendergast Judy Pendergast Mrs. Beatriz Perez (Miami) Dale and Vivian Perry Allan and Barbara Peskin Dr. Peter and Mrs. Emily Geier Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary Pfeiffer


Mr. Marvin Pflaum Ms. Gene Phillips Alexandra Pittaway Ms. Elisabeth Plax Leon* and Gloria Plevin Mrs. Erin Plivelich Dr. Franklin and Mrs. Patricia Plotkin Dr. Brad Pohlman George and Denise Ponchak Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pope Ms. Robin Pospisil Mrs. Lois Post Ms. Darleen M. Price Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Price Ms. Susan Prior Ms. Rose Prisko Mr. and Mrs. Richard Prober Ronald Prosek and Judith Willour Mr. and Mrs. James Prunty Mr. Bruno and Mrs. Miriam Putze Gregory and Debra Radecky Mr. and Mrs. Linn J. Raney Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Helen Rathburn Mr. Fred Rawicz (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. George B. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reilly Mrs. Vicki Ann Resnick Dr. David and Mrs. Hope Reynolds Mrs. Bernice S. Rhode Ms. Erika Richter Ms. Carolyn Ritchie Mr. and Mrs. Bob Page Mr. Jeffrey Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Roberts Bill and Donna Robertson Roger and Janice Robinson Mr. and Mrs. George A. Roby Mr. and Mrs. Jay F. Rockman Mr. Raymond Rodgers Mr. Justin Roebuck Michael and Jodi Rogoff Mr. Andrew Rohlfing (Miami) Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Rohweder Ms. Joy Roller Ms. Sarah Ronis Beverly M. Rose Dr. Merri Rosen Mr. Fredrick A. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Joel Rosenberg Jeremy and Sandra Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rosenwein Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Ross Mr. John and Mrs. Elvira Rosset Elizabeth Rothfield (Miami) Mr. Robert and Mrs. JoAnn Royer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Rubenstein Mr.* and Mrs. Melvin S. Rubin Mr. Steven Rugare Mr. Alan P. Runo E. G. and Anna Ruoff Stephen and Phyllis Ruppert Elisa J. Russo Mr. Lawrence H. Rustin (Miami) Mr. Lawrence G. Ryba Mrs. Lisa A. Ryder Mr. and Mrs. John M. Saada, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sabanos Mr. Otmar H. and Mrs. Rotraud Sackerlotzky Ms. Lisa Sandel (Miami) Ms. Kathleen Sanow Mr. Franz and Mrs. Elizabeth Sauerland Ms. Nancy Scardon Jim and Joan Schaefer Mr. John Schambach Mr. Jerome Schartman Dick and Anita Schindler Mr. Norman Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schoenewald Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Scholnick Mr. Richard Schoonmaker Ronald E. Schrager and Wendy Hart (Miami) Mr. Terry and Mrs. Nancy Schreiner Ms. Jeanette Schroeder Ms. Raquel Schroeder Dawn Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Jack William Scott Mr. Ronald Scott Dr. Jonathan E. Sears Robert and Jean Seaton Ms. Jane E. Seeley Ms. Marlene Selig Mr. Enrique and Mrs. Louise Senra Ms. Cynthia L. Serb Mr. Humberto Sevilla (Miami) Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jill Shafer

Dr. Melvin and Mrs. Maude Shafron Mr. David Shank Dr. James and Mrs. Carolyn Shanklin Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sharp John and Annette Shaughnessy Dr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia A. Sheahan Dr. Donald S. Sheldon Mr. Colin and Mrs. Lisa Anne Sheppard Alice S. Sherman Michael A. and Kay Shore Mr. Sanford M. and Mrs. Estelle Shore Ms. Sonya Shultz Ms. Ana Silva Mr. Edward L. Silver Dr. Doris A. Simonis Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Sitarz Mr. and Mrs. Philip Skerry Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Skwarski Beth and Gary Smith Mr. and Mrs. Duane H. Smith Barbara W. and Howard R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith Ms. Lori Smith Mr. Richard L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Smith Ms. Susan Smoot Mr. and Ms. Smyers Mr. Martin D. Snider Mr. and Dr. John K. Snodgrass Mr. Stanley Socha Mrs. Judith Solonche Ms. Eileen Sotak Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Spencer Robert and Brenda Spicer Mr. Robert Spielman (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Spira Mrs. Jan Spooner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spooner Holly and Eric St. Cyr Drs. Paul and Susan Stagno Mrs. Charlotte E. Staiger Gayle and Joyce Stalheim Mr. Alvin* and Mrs. Joan Stapf Mr. and Mrs. Kent O. Starrett Ms. Judy Startari Mrs. Patricia Stauber (Miami) Mr. Elliott K. Stava Mrs. Jewelann Stefanar Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Stella John Paul Stephens Robert and Marianne Stern Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stickney Roger and Donna Stiller Nancy Krehl Stillwagon Mr. James D. Storry and Mrs. Sidney Storry Rick Stout, Tina Dahl Mrs. Angela Gotthardt Jonathan and Rochelle Straffon Mrs. Rae Strasshofer Ms. Nancy R. Strauch Holly Strawbridge (Miami) Mr. Victor and Mrs. Marjorie Strimbu Ms. MacKenzie Stubbins Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Suing Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Sullivan Reverend John J. Sullivan Ms. Mary Sullivan Mr. and Ms. Ryan Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Jane Sullivan Jack Sutte and Audra Zarlenga Ms. Rosemary Sutter Mr. Michael and Mrs. Melinda Tabor Mr. Gordon Tait Mr. and Mrs. Felix and Los Tampson Ryan Tankersley Mr. Jose R. Tarajano (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Targett Mrs. Eleanor Teutsch Mr. Stuart H. Theis Miss E. Jean Thom Mr. Robert Thompson Mrs. Jean M. Thorrat Mr. Todd and Mrs. Gwen McCuaig Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Tornberg Dr. Takeko M. Toyama (Miami) Isabel Trautwein James and Karen Traxler Mr. and Mrs. Lyman H. Treadway David and Margaret Trimble Dr. James and Mrs. Jean Triner Mr.* and Mrs. Isaac Tripp III Mr. Nicholas M. Trivisonno Ms. Debbie Tuan Mrs. Juliana Turek Dorothy Ann Turick Mr. and Mrs. Victor Turk

2 01 3 - 2 014 Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Turnell Mr. Andrew L. Turscak Jr. Mr. Tom and Mrs. Nancy Tuttle Mrs. Sonja Unger Mr. and Mrs. Wulf H. Utian Mr. Hubert Valdemoro Mr. John Valenti Ms. Betty Vandenbosch Mr. John W. and Mrs. Diane VanDervoort Mrs. D'Oracy Vazquez David and Michelle Vectirelis Dr. and Mrs. John A. Venesile Mr. James Ventresca Mr. Richard Veres Mr. Leo Vigeant Mr. Kenneth Vinciquerra Dr. Boris V. Vinogradsky Ms. Ruth Viny Ms. Karen Violand Robert and Margaret M Wade Elizabeth Wagner Mr. James Wagner Robert Wagner Mr. and Mrs. William E. Walker Dr. Edward Warren Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Sharon Watts Judith A. Stern Waxman Mr. and Mrs. David E. Weaver Robert and Suzanne Weber Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary* Wehrmeister Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Weil Mr. David Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weiner Ms. Eleanor Weisman Gary and Susan Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiss Ms. Connie Weixel Mr. Felipe Wells Ms. and Mr. Jill W. Welsh Mr. Max W. Wendel George and Martha* Wenz Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Wernet Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Weschler Mr. and Mrs. William West Dr. and Mrs. Edward White Adam Whiting Dr. David Whittington Mr. John H. Wilharm, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Wilkin Mr. Daniel E. Willen Mr. and Mrs. William F. Tucholsky Mr. Dean Williams Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Ruth Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams Mr. Nathan Williams Mr. Stephen D. Williger Adrian and Genevieve* Wilmot Mrs. Emily Heath Wilson Dr. Nancy Wingenbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wladyka Gary and Maria Wnek Ronald and Susan Wolford Dr. and Mrs. Jack Wolfsdorf (Miami) Ms. Arlene M. Wollin Ms. Laura A. Woodside (Miami) Dr. George Wynarsky Xavier-Nichols Foundation / Robert and Karen Hostoffer Sora and Cary Yelin (Miami) Mr. Derek Young Vincent and Laurene Young Mr. Laverne Yousey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zarchen (Miami) Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zellner Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Zigmond Wendy and Bob Zimbelman Mr. Richard Zingale Dr. Deborah Zinn Ms. Mary T. Zoeckler Chief Douglas D. Zook, East Cleveland Fire Department Mr. Armando Zubizarreta Anonymous (11)

* deceased

Every gift makes a difference. We are grateful to the thousands of people not listed here who supported the Orchestra’s musicmaking and community programs through contributions up to $299 during the past year.


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14

Summary of Gifts Annual Fund Corporations Foundations Trustees Other Individuals


$ 10,578,000 1,681,000 2,071,000 2,617,000 4,209,000

Special Fundraising Project Underwriting Volunteer Support (net) Government Grants

8,433,000 1,158,000 580,000 1,942,000

Subtotal, annual support

$ 22,691,000

Endowment Gifts



$ 29,946,000

Permanent Tribute Funds Since the last annual report, donations were received toward the following permanent Tribute Funds: In Honor of Ronald Bell In Memory of Joanna Buck In Memory of David E. Klein In Honor of Mark Lauretig In Honor of Norma Lerner In Memory of David C. Marsh In Honor of William and Eudice Morse In Memory of Dr. Richard J. and Irene J. Nowak

In Memory of Mark O'Neill In Memory of Stephen Ockner In Memory of Steven Paliga In Honor of Alfred and Victoria Rankin, Jr. In Honor of Audrey and Albert Ratner In Honor of Stephen and Jeanne Preucil Rose In Memory of Cary F. Yelin

Tribute Gifts In addition to the Tribute Fund donations listed above, contributions were received in memory and/or honor of the following individuals: Sylvia Adler Kingsley Myers Anderson Abigail Aronoff Elizabeth Ban and William Rohring Bonita L. Barr Gene and Helen Beer Elaine Bercu Ronald Bishop Albert Borowitz and Joan Mortimer Anita Botnick Dr. Rose Breckenridge Richard E. Bredeson Dr. Jerald S. Brodkey Irmgard Broniatowski Christopher Brown Paul Burman Maureen J. Carmody Elizabeth Newell Chamberlain Margaret Clarke Horty and Jack Coven Shirley Dawson Guenther Peter Ertel Ronald Fox Bernard Goldschmidt Jerry Golski Elaine Greene Ronald Greenwald Dr. Robert Hermann Carole Hughes P. Clark Hungerford Sharen Hyde Sister M. Joachim Jane Feick Jones Sylvia Kaden

Donna J. Milner Katz Chuck Kilgore Jim and Phyllis Knauf Tirzah Krey Carolyn Lampl Louis Lane Betty Lau Barbara Lederman Dr. Richard Lederman Bertram Lefkowich Carl J. and Winifred J. Lerch Peter B. Lewis Robert Lucas Dorothy MacNab Robert F. Madison Nancy McCann Eleanor McCoy Richard E. McErlean, Sr. Sidney Milder Dr. Joe Miller Mike Miller Bernardo Moreno Ana Papakhian Margaret Perez Jonathan Pittman Frank Plotkin Dorothy Poesse Stanley Proctor Roger and Allison Rankin Audrey Ratner Nancy S. Relyea Michael Shagrin Roger Stanley Shaw Naomi and Edwin Singer

Rebecca C. Smith Donald Smolik Wilton Sogg Verdabelle Spaulding Dr. Anthony Tavill Bruce Taylor Beryl and Gary Tishkoff Phyllis Pearl Tuff yas Ethel Warner Charles G. Weppler Marian and John Williams Darlene Woodruff Rev. Dr. Henry Woodruff David Worhatch Cary Yelin Julius W. Zajac Mary Ziska Tom Zucker

Volunteer Committees

(officers as of November 2014)



Faye A. Heston, President

Carolyn Dessin, Chair, Operating Committee



Shirley B. Dawson, President Dr. Patricia Moore Smith, President Elect Barbara Ann Davis , First Vice President Ellen Thomas , Second Vice President Debbie Neale , Recording Secretary Gloria Goldstein , Corresponding Secretary Jean Sarlson , Treasurer



Claire Frattare, President Lis Hugh, First Vice President Carol Eiber, Recording Secretary Sylvia Armstrong, Corresponding Secretary Nena Hankins, Treasurer Phyllis Knauf, Ex-officio, Past President Emily McCartney, Honorary Chair Sylvia Oliver, Honorary Chair

(as of November 10, 2014)



Jennifer Barlament GENERAL MANAGER

Cherilyn Byers





Building Operations Charles László BUILDING OPERATIONS MANAGER




Carol Lee Iott






Orchestra Personnel Karyn Garvin DIRECTOR




Information Technology David Vivino DIRECTOR




Mailroom Jim Hilton


Artistic Administration Mark Williams DIRECTOR, ARTISTIC PLANNING



Human Resources Michelle Vectirelis DIRECTOR



Gil Gerity Thomas Holden John Riley Don Verba


Education & Community Programs Joan Katz Napoli

Rachel Novak



Steven Washington Pauletta Hughes


Glynis Smith Renee Pettway CLEANING PERSONS





Ross Binnie

Jon Limbacher


Sales & Marketing Julie Stapf DIRECTOR






Ticket Office Timothy Gaines TICKET OFFICE MANAGER




Patrick Colvin Joclyn Madey Cindy Adams Traci Shillace Mary Ellen Snyder CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES





House Management Adam Clemens HOUSE MANAGER














Media & Public Relations Kathy Pahr MEDIA RELATIONS

Facility Sales Bob Bellamy

Michelle Holy

Holly Hudak

Pratima Raju



Sandra Jones



Quinn Chambers

Antonio Adamson Kervin Hinton Dwayne Johnson Jerome Kelley Darrell Simmons Dwayne Taylor


Shelia Baugh George Felder Michelle Williams



Montserrat Balseiro


Barb Bodemer


Lomack Gray

Scott Miller Robert Nock Christopher Downey Michael Evert


Chorus Jill Harbaugh



Christine Honolke Marla Bentley

Heather Walters

Steve Skunta


Archives & Information Deborah Hefling ARCHIVIST


Communications Eric Sellen EDITOR

Institutional Giving —— Corporate, Foundation, and Government Erin Gay DIRECTOR, INSTITUTIONAL GIVING






Jim Reynolds Retail Larry Fox



Patricia Femberg Jennifer Orbash



THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA Severance Hall 11001 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Administrative Offices: 216-231-7300 Ticket Office: 216-231-1111 or 800-686-1141



Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Robert Porco DIRECTOR OF CHORUSES






2014-15 SEASON





Amy Foster Babinski Cathleen R. Bohn Susan Cucuzza Anna K. Dendy Emily Engle Lisa Rubin Falkenberg Sarah Gaither Samantha Garner Rosie Gellott Danielle Greenway Rebecca S. Hall Lisa Hrusovsky Shannon R. Jakubczak Hope Klassen-Kay Kate Macy Angela Mitchell Julie Myers-Pruchenski S. Mikhaila Noble-Pace Jennifer Heinert O’Leary Sarah Henley Osburn Melissa B. Patton Lenore M. Pershing Joy M. Powell Roberta Privette Cassandra E. Rondinella Jennifer R. Sauer Monica Schie Laura Schupbach Jane Timmons-Mitchell Melissa Vandergriff Sharilee Walker Kiko Weinroth Alethea Wilhelm Mary Wilson Constance D. Wolfe Amy Zubieta

Alexandria Albainy Emily Austin Marie Bucoy-Calavan Julie A. Cajigas Lydia Chamberlin Barbara J. Clugh Carolyn Dessin Marilyn Eppich Amanda Evans Kathy Jo Gutgsell Jenna C. Hall Ann Marie Hardulak Betty Huber Karen Hunt Sarah N. Hutchins Lucia Leszczuk Diana Martin Danielle S. McDonald Karla McMullen Mary-Francis Miller Peggy A. Norman Alexandra Palma Marta Perez-Stable Alanna M. Shadrake Shari Singer Ina Stanek-Michaelis Rachel Thibo Martha Cochran Truby Sarah B. Turell Gina Ventre Laure Wasserbauer Meredith Sorenson Whitney Flo Worth Debra Yasinow

Robin Blake Gerry C. Burdick Robert Cannon Brent Chamberlin Daniel M. Katz Peter Kvidera Tod Lawrence Steve Lawson Rohan Mandelia Ryan P. Masterson Daniel May, Jr. James Newby Tremaine B. Oatman Daniel Reiman Matthew Rizer John Sabol Lee Scantlebury Jarod Shamp James Storry Charles Tobias William Venable Michael Ward Steven Weems Jordan Wilhelm

Christopher D. Aldrich Tyler Allen Jack Blazey Nikola Budimir Kevin Calavan Charles Carr Neal Chiprean Peter B. Clausen Nick Connavino Christopher Dewald Jeffrey Duber Matthew Englehart Richard S. Falkenberg Kurtis B. Hoffman Paul Hubbard Thomas Hull Joshua Jones Jason Levy Scott Markov Tyler Mason Roger Mennell Robert Mitchell Stephen Mitchell Tom Moormann Keith Norman Glenn Obergefell John Riehl Steven Ross Adam E. Shimko Steven Skaggs Jayme Stayer Adam Thiel David A. Welshhans

The Cleveland Orchestra is proud of its long-term partnership with Kent State University, made possible in part through generous funding from the State of Ohio. The Cleveland Orchestra is proud to have its home, Severance Hall, located on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, with whom it has a long history of collaboration and partnership. Concerts and activities of The Cleveland Orchestra are supported in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, State of Ohio, Ohio Arts Council, the residents of Cuyahoga County through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, and generous donors.


Cleveland Orchestra concerts are supported by significant sponsorships and underwriting from corporations and foundations, and generous individual contributors. The Cleveland Orchestra extends gracious thanks to all our sponsoring organizations and individuals.

Cleveland Orchestra photography by Roger Mastroianni. Additional photography: Cleveland Orchestra Media Relations, Eric Sellen, and David Szekeres.


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 013 - 14




ABOVE — Photos from “The Cleveland Orchestra At Home in Lakewood” neighborhood residency,

May 2014

FRONT COVER — Franz Welser-Möst leads The Cleveland Orchestra and an international cast of singers in performances of Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen at Severance Hall, May 2014

Profile for The Cleveland Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra — Annual Report 2013-14  

The Cleveland Orchestra — Annual Report 2013-14