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Protect what you love With the environmental crisis looming before us, what can we do? Get out of bed and do something about it. We all know that the planet is in dire trouble. An

That’s why grassroots activism at the local level

extinction crisis, climate change and the general

is critical and why Patagonia supports many knowl-

breakdown of ecological systems is occurring on a

edgeable, impassioned local citizens in groups that

global scale. You don’t have to be a scientist to recog-

work to protect land and water systems. Many have

nize record-breaking heat, hundred-year fl oods two

fewer than five full-time employees and severely limited

years in a row, severe drought or degraded soils.

resources, but they are effective precisely because they

We know intellectually how bad things are, but

are so rooted in the community. This is the time to

the truth is most of us are not affected directly by

engage and work elbow to elbow with our neighbors, to

these events in our daily lives, and so the crisis can

protect the quality of all life in the place we call home.

feel far away. Not true for the ice-core paleoclimatol-

We’ve learned from the grassroots groups we

ogist crunching numbers, the commercial fi sherman

support all over the world that when people see harm

who knows the cod have crashed or the farmers who

done in their home territory, they act. And the more

don’t recognize weather patterns for their crops

each of us acts, the more we see just how much dif-

anymore. It’s real to the climber on Kilimanjaro

ference one action makes when followed by another.

who sees just how far the glacier has retreated, or

That is a seed that takes root but also carries on

to parents who live near a fracking site and read in a lab report what chemicals are now in the blood of their kids. The crisis is in our backyard and each of us has to get out of bed and do something about it.

the wind. We can all name places we feel most ourselves. A backyard. A favorite surf spot. A sandstone tower. But no matter where we may call home, that home is in trouble and it’s up to every one of us to act. Jenny Abegg on Sister Superior. Castle Valley, Utah. Forest Woodward

The instinct to protect beloved places has no ecological boundaries. Across North America wild lands—desert, rainforest, mountains—are under threat from privitization, development, extractive industries and overuse. Many areas, even those already designated as national monuments, face uncertain futures, yet across the continent the people who love these places are finding ways to respond. Clockwise from left: The Free the Snake flotilla at Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River, Washington (Ben Moon); Basin and Range National Monument, Nevada (Tyler Roemer); Quinault Gorge, Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Thomas O’Keefe); the Susitna River, Alaska (Travis Rummel); Bears Ears National Monument, Utah (Isaiah Branch-Boyle); Amboy Crater, Mojave Trails National Monument, California (Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management). At right: Loose, scary and beautiful: Peter Vintoniv and Karl Freytag set off on the north face of Tides of Mind. Valley of the Gods, Bears Ears National Monument, Utah. Andrew Burr





We tried everything and came up with nothing.

The Micro Puff ™ Hoody Our lightest, most packable insulated jacket ever It took us nearly a decade to reimagine insulation, but we’re pretty happy with the result—a jacket as impressively warm, light and packable as down, but that stays warm even when wet. Through a unique combination of PlumaFill synthetic insulation and a patent-pending construction technique that prevents shifting, clumping and cold spots, we’ve combined the efficiencies of down with the versatility of synthetic to develop an insulation piece with the best warmth for its weight of anything we’ve ever created.

Key details — Unmatched warmth for its weight — Unique construction prevents shifting, clumping and cold spots — Feels like down — Stays warm and lofted when wet — Exceptional compressibility

Previous: Troy Swanson, Andrew Findlay and Graeme Marshall carry on to the Northeast Ridge, even though they no longer see the point. Bugaboo Spire, British Columbia, Canada. Steve Ogle Right: Colin Haley layers up for a cold ascent in the central Alaska Range. Mikey Schaefer



NEW Micro Puff ™ Hoody The Micro Puff ™ Hoody was made for days when you need one jacket to do it all—for start-stop activities in cold climates, when space in your pack is crucial and temperature changes inevitable. Using strands of heat-trapping, ultrafine synthetic filaments, along with an innovative construction technique, we’ve combined the best qualities of down and synthetic insulation. You’ll never again have to ask the question: Which jacket should I pack? Imported.

Women’s Micro Puff ™ Hoody $299.00 I 84040 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 226 g (8 oz)

Men’s Micro Puff ™ Hoody $299.00 I 84030 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 263 g (9.3 oz)




NEW Pluma Jacket Protective construction in a lightweight, durable, packable GORE-TEX® Pro™ hard shell As reliable as a good climbing partner, this apex alpine shell was engineered to move and handles even the most unsavory conditions— think screaming barfies, spindrift and disorienting storms—pitch after pitch. The face fabric is 100% recycled, making it one of the first technical pieces in our line with this feature. Imported.

Key details — Durable, waterproof/ breathable, 3-layer 100% recycled nylon GORE-TEX® Pro face fabric — Adjustable helmetcompatible hood — Minimal seams, reinforced with seam tape, reduce bulk — Handwarmer pockets positioned above the harness line

Previous: Colin Haley packs up base camp after a groundbreaking solo of Begguya, the third highest peak in the Alaska Range. Mikey Schaefer

Men’s Pluma Jacket

Women’s Pluma Jacket

$549.00 I 83755 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 413 g (14.6 oz)

$549.00 I 83775 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 365 g (12.9 oz)

Left: Anne Gilbert Chase mixes business with pleasure on Super Domo. El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina. Jason Thompson



Waterproof Alpine Shells Bomber outer layers for the biggest objectives When handling variable conditions in the mountains, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether you brought the right jacket. Our line of alpine shells elegantly handles the move-and-stop cycle of alpine climbing, while keeping weight to a minimum and protection to a maximum. Imported.

Men’s Galvanized Jacket $379.00 I 83145 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 584 g (20.6 oz)

women’s available online

Men’s Stretch Nano Storm® Jacket $449.00 I 84330 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 581 g (20.5 oz)

women’s available online

Women’s Refugitive Jacket $499.00 I 83620 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 374 g (13.2 oz)

men’s available online

Women’s Triolet Jacket $399.00 I 83406 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 518 g (18.3 oz)

men’s available online

Next page: Caroline Gleich sporting an epic grin (trust us) on an epic day. Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Mike Schirf


Galvanized Jacket

Stretch Nano Storm

A breathable, durable, lightweight combination of unrestricted movement and protection for the worst conditions

A belay parka plus waterproof storm shell to buffer blowing, wet and cold conditions

Refugitive Jacket

Triolet Jacket

A fully featured packable hard shell, with lightweight and stretchy 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric

A one-jacket quiver with a waterproof/breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric to keep you protected on exposed belay ledges and mixed wind and snow conditions





Extended Play Forty-fi ve years of trying to lessen our environmental footprint has taught us that sometimes the simplest solution has the biggest impact. On average, people keep a piece of clothing for just three years, yet the materials and processes of making any new garment are hugely costly to the planet. The most effective way to reduce the environmental footprint of your clothes is to keep them in use longer (by you or someone else). In fact, wearing your gear out and fi xing it is one of the most radical things you can do. We make clothes that last. But if your Patagonia garment finally gives out, send it back to us. We’ll fix it at our repair facility (the largest of its kind in North America), or we’ll teach you how to fix it so that it stays in play for a long, long time.

Now lighter and more packable than ever, the PowSlayer Jacket is our pinnacle backcountry piece, providing the highest level of longwearing stormproof performance available. This season, it features a GORE-TEX® Pro™ fabric package with a 100% recycled nylon face, with zero loss in performance. Imported.

Women’s PowSlayer Jacket $699.00 I 30313 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 521 g (18.4 oz)

Men’s PowSlayer Jacket $699.00 I 30305 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 547 g (19.3 oz)


Helmet-compatible, 2-way-adjustable hood has a laminated visor for optimal visibility; discreet, easyto-operate Cohaesive® embedded cord locks in the hood and hem eliminate loose ends.

A re-engineered pattern minimizes bulk, for a perfectly articulated fi t.

The right pockets in the right places: two zippered chest (one has secure media pocket with cable routing); two handwarmers; one arm pocket for a pass or small items; two internal drop-in and one internal stash.

Lightweight, packable GORE-TEX® Pro fabric delivers the best available waterproof/ breathable and windproof storm protection— now with a 100% recycled nylon face fabric. A DWR (durable water repellent) finish beefs up durability and helps prevent wet-out.

Low-profile, fully adjustable powder skirt has a webbing loop to connect to any Patagonia Snow pants and holds tight for deep sessions.








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Stay Out Longer Your kit is your protection from the elements, your temperature regulation system and your best ally for staying out longer. Layer up for a custom snow system that works as hard as you do. Imported.


Nano-Air ® Hoody $299.00 I 84365 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 396 g (14 oz)


Snowshot Pants $199.00 I 30689 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 677 g (23.9 oz)


Powder Town Beanie $39.00 I 29187 I One size I 172 g (6.1 oz)


SnowDrifter 20L $129.00 I 48190 I 952 g (2 lbs 1.6 oz)


Capilene® Midweight Zip-Neck $69.00 I 44446 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 212 g (7.5 oz)


Hestra® Wakayama Gloves $140.00 I 30720 I 8-11 I 198 g (7 oz)


Snowshot Jacket $299.00 I 30942 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 830 g (29.3 oz)




3 1






Glade Beanie $29.00 I 28886 I One size I 82 g (2.9 oz)



Powder Bowl Jacket $399.00 I 31407 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 785 g (27.7 oz)


Centered Bra $49.00 I 32065 I XS-XL I Formfit ting I 69 g (2.5 oz) Crosstrek™ Bottoms $99.00 I 23865 I XS-XL I Formfit ting I 209 g (7.4 oz)


Down Sweater $229.00 I 84683 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 345 g (12.2 oz)


Powder Bowl Pants $299.00 I 31432 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 640 g (22.6 oz)


Capilene® Midweight Crew $59.00 I 44436 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 161 g (5.7 oz) 23


Traceable Down Insulation

Down Sweater Goldilocks warmth and compressibility for just about anything

Women’s Down Sweater $229.00

Women’s Down Sweater Vest $179.00

Men’s Down Sweater Vest $179.00

84683 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 345 g (12.2 oz)

84628 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 221 g (7.8 oz)

84622 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 277 g (9.8 oz)


Lightweight, compressible, resilient warmth for cold, dry conditions As of 2017 our entire line of down products contains either recycled or

are not force-fed or live-plucked. Our Traceable Down Standard

traceable plumes. Our virgin down (used in all styles shown here) is traced

is the highest animal welfare assurance in the apparel industry. Imported.

from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure the birds that supply it

Hi-Loft Down

Ultralight Down

Fitz Roy Down

Warmer than the Down Sweater and ideal for transitions from cool to cold

Lightweight and toasty when weight, packability and warmth matter most

For cold bivies and uncompromisingly frigid conditions

Women’s Hi-Loft Down Sweater Hoody $279.00

Men’s Ultralight Down Jacket $299.00

Men’s Fitz Roy Down Jacket $349.00

84907 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 464 g (16.4 oz)

84757 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 269 g (9.5 oz)

84586 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 487 g (17.2 oz)





Crosstrek Collection Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece for the in-between moments The best technical midlayers do it all. Our new Crosstrek collection was styled to be more casual-looking than the Regulator ® series, but supports a full range of activities, from breezy to burly. Imported.

Anne Gilbert Chase gets pampered at the local salon. Garhwal Himalayas, India.

Men’s Crosstrek™ 1/4-Zip

Women’s Crosstrek™ Hoody

$119.00 I 23830 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 337 g (11.9 oz)

$169.00 I 23795 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 394 g (13.9 oz)

women’s available online

men’s available online

Jason Thompson





Out of Breath From the runners to the volunteers serving blueberry pancakes and bacon at 4 a.m., everyone wanted to be involved for reasons so much bigger than just racing another race. In the past few years, Utah has logged

in the country, 100 or so runners gath-

a few dollars to a cause in your own

some of the worst air-quality days in

ered at the Church Fork trailhead for the

backyard can make a big difference on a

the country. But a group of local run-

fi rst offi cially organized event that now

larger scale.

ners aim to change that. The air in Salt

consists of 6-,12- and 24-hour variations

Wel l over 4 0 0 laps were r u n on

Lake City is getting hard to bre athe. On

of quad-busting, lung-bursting ascent,

the peak, adding up to nearly 1.2 mil-

certain days, the brown, acrid-smelling

all in the name of better air. I jumped

lion vertical feet of ascent. The money

haze that hangs over the Wasatch Front

into the 6-hour version and completed

raised— close to $8,000 —is currently

is so bad that residents are told to stay

five laps before changing into warm

being used to lobby Utah lawmakers to

inside and exercising is an antithetical

clothes and sticking around to volunteer,

clean up the air.

health hazard.

which was extraordinarily motivating on

But people still fi nd ways to do it.

its own.

My good friend and local ultrarun-

From the runners to the volunteers

ner is one of them. A few years ago Jared

serving blueberry pancakes and bacon at

was spending so much time trying to get

4 a.m., everyone wanted to be a part of

in long runs above the inversions in the

Running Up For Air for reasons so much

valley that he partnered with Breathe

bigger than just racing another race. At

Utah, a nonprofi t working on air quality

one point, photographer Andrew Burr

issues, in order to do something about

even traded his camera for a bib and

he balances his many roles as physician

it. He pledged to spend a day running

headed out into the night.

assistant, Patagonia trail running ambas-

3 , 0 0 0 fe e t up a nd t hen back dow n

U n l i ke a ny t h i n g I ’ve e ve r b e e n

Grandeur Peak, and to donate money for

a par t of, Running Up For A ir is all

each lap. He recruited a group of friends

ab o u t t h e s m a l l s t e p s t h at l e a d t o

to join him, and though informal at fi rst,

change. Summiting the peak is as sim-

Running Up For Air was born.

ple as putting one foot in front of the

On Februar y 11, 2017, just days

other, but those small steps accomplish

after Utah recorded the worst air quality

a much larger objective. Just as pledging

Luke Nelson spent his childhood wandering the mountains, but it wasn’t until he agreed to a really bad bet, which involved a marathon, that he found running. He relies on long mountain runs for his everyday connection to the natural world as

sador, race director, husband and father (not necessarily in that order).

Well above Salt Lake City’s inversion layer, Luke Nelson burns off a few blueberry pancakes and raises a few dollars for clean air. Grandeur Peak, Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Andrew Burr





NEW Slope Runner Shirt Seamless movement for the long haul When it comes to adding more miles to your legs, the last thing you want is more stuff to deal with. Maximal minimalism is key. The Slope Runner Shirt is light, supple and seamless. And because men and women sweat differently, we’ve vented the gender-specific styles for maximum cooling. Imported.

Key details — Gender-specific body-mapped engineering for higher breathability — 77% recycled polyester fabric provides next-to-skin comfort and improved moisture wicking — Polygiene® permanent odor control — Slim-fi tting and stretchy highperformance mobility

Women’s Long-Sleeved Slope Runner Shirt $69.00 I 23965 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 116 g (4.1 oz)

men’s available on next page

Jenn Shelton threads through sun and shadow in the 13-miles of Buckskin Gulch, the longest slot canyon in the world. Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Utah and Arizona. Ken Etzel








5 6

Only a Little Bit Lost One of the best things about trail running is leaving room for interpretation. That boulder-scrambly ridge traverse in the distance? Probably worth a detour. An invitation for a 20-miler shortly after ski season? Probably worth doing. This applies to your gear as well. Our trail running collection offers the full spectrum so you can prepare for the intentionally unexpected. Imported.


Airshed Pullover $119.00 I 24190 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 104 g (3.7 oz)


Nine Trails Shorts $65.00 I 57600 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 218 g (7.7 oz)


Duckbill Trucker Hat $35.00 I 28755 I One size I Adjustable fit I 82 g (2.9 oz)


Strider Shorts - 7" $55.00 I 24648 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 99 g (3.5 oz)


Long-Sleeved Slope Runner Shirt $69.00 I 23960 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 153 g (5.4 oz)


Houdini® Jacket $99.00 I 24141 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 102 g (3.6 oz)


Capilene® Lightweight T-Shirt $39.00 I 45651 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 76 g (2.7 oz)




1 4






Long-Sleeved Slope Runner Shirt $69.00 I 23965 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 116 g (4.1 oz)


Borderless Tights $99.00 I 24000 I XS-XL I Formfitting I 195 g (6.9 oz)


Duckbill Cap $29.00 I 28816 I One size I Adjustable fit I 62 g (2.2 oz)


Active Compression Bra $55.00 I 32070 I XS-XL I Formfitting I 82 g (2.9 oz)


R1® Pullover $129.00 I 40118 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 279 g (9.9 oz)


Strider Pro Shorts - 2½" $65.00 I 24656 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 93 g (3.3 oz)


Houdini® Jacket $99.00 I 24146 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 93 g (3.3 oz) 33






Capilene® Lightweight For the gnarliest temperature transitions This versatile baselayer collection does double duty under ski gear while touring, but plays just as well as a nimble trail-running top. Made from our lightest-weight, fastest-drying polyester, Capilene Lightweight layers breathe easily, wick moisture and control odor, wear after wear. Imported.

Key details — Smooth face for easy layering — Polygiene® permanent odor control — Offset shoulder seams to prevent chafing under pack straps — Underarm gussets to allow for range of motion while poling or running

Previous: Madaleine Sorkin faces Excommunication. Castle Valley, Utah. Jeremiah Watt

Women’s Capilene® Lightweight Crew

Men’s Capilene® Lightweight Zip-Neck

$49.00 I 45646 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 82 g (2.9 oz)

$59.00 I 45570 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 113 g (4 oz)

men’s available online

women’s available online

Left: Dylan Johnson, cornered. Romantic Warrior, The Needles, California. Bernd Zeugswetter










Sending Temps Autumn is the season for projects, redpoints and sticky slopers. Our climbing collection was designed to keep you out until you’re working moves by headlamp. Imported.


Crosstrek™ Jacket $149.00 I 23810 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 402 g (14.2 oz)



Fitz Roy Hex Trucker Hat $29.00 I 38185 I One size I Mid crown I 90 g (3.2 oz)



Short-Sleeved Nine Trails Shirt $45.00 I 23470 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 133 g (4.7 oz)


Capilene® Daily Graphic T-Shirt


UPF $39.00 I 45286 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 121 g (4.3 oz)

Cragsmith Pack 35L $129.00 I 48055 I S/M, L/XL I 1,048 g (2 lbs 5 oz) Venga Rock Pants $79.00 I 83080 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 Regular fit I 354 g (12.5 oz)


Baggies™ Longs - 7" $49.00 I 58033 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 209 g (7.4 oz)




1 4






R3® Hoody $199.00 I 25708 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 428 g (15.1 oz)


Airshed Pullover $119.00 I 24195 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 93 g (3.3 oz)


Femme Fitz Roy Interstate Hat $29.00 I 38145 I One size I Mid crown I 87 g (3.1 oz)


Lightweight Black Hole™ Cinch Pack 20L $79.00 I 49040 I 479 g (1 lb 0.9 oz)


Fleur Tank $49.00 I 54932 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 110 g (3.9 oz)


Baggies™ Shorts - 5" $49.00 I 57057 I XXS-XL I Relaxed fit I 147 g (5.2 oz)


Latticeback Tank $59.00 I 54770 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 158 g (5.6 oz)


RPS Rock Pants $89.00 I 83075 I 0-14/even I Regular fit I 274 g (9.7 oz) 39


Short Guy Chooses Night Skiing Over Cyanide Pill A crisp snap echoes in the night as I lock into my bindings. Somehow, that tiny motion, that tiny sound, reminds me that joy and concern are not mutually exclusive. Off go the interwebs. Radio, too. The Kelly is cooked. Media headlines, rants and imaginary arguments spin through my mind. The ever-falling sky clouded/consumed/swallowed/devoured

Liberal Snowfl ake Deigns Self to Humor in Troubled Times. I giggle and park at the trailhead, then step out and stare into the darkness.

round a bend and between the trees I see a fl ash. Then another. Headlamps. They’re several hundred feet above me on a long, steep slope. I ski closer and yahoo. The headlamps turn. They yell

my day in doom and gloom. Now I’m grumpy,

God how I love the stars, the sound of silence

damn it, and, like boxers, rappers and bad poli-

and the illusion of universal stillness in the night

ticians, I’m referring to myself in the third person.

sky. I am so small. The world is so old. Sometimes

“No,” I yell, “I’m trying to get some mileage

I rise and mumble something that rhymes with

involuntary laughter escapes from me, simple

in, gonna continue to blahblahblah and back. You

amusement at the complexity and improbability of

guys wanna join me for some flat, boring skinning?”

“duck lit.” As I grab my skis, my incessantly nattering

human consciousness.

back. Friends. Warmth rises in my chest. They ask if I’m coming up. I pause.

Brief pause. I picture their faces. In the quiet

narrator taunts me: How dare you fiddle while

A crisp snap echoes in the night as I lock into

beneath the stars I wonder if they’re frightened,

Rome burns? The Kelly fi res back: Shut your

my bindings. Somehow, that tiny motion, that

intimidated, don’t want to be shown up. Is it The

cake hole.

tiny sound, reminds me that joy and concern are

Kelly’s extreme skiing moves? “No!”

I pause in the doorway. The day’s last light

not mutually exclusive. But sometimes I wonder:

fl ickers along the skyline of Rocky Mountain

The voting, marching, the countless letters to

Real Skiers Opt Out of Plodding with Short Guy.

National Park. Maybe I should make a marg.

my representatives, the money I’ve donated, is it

An hour later, I’ve returned for another lap.

Save gas. Global warming, you ruinous rube.

enough? The Kelly slips back in: not even close. I

I round another bend and see another fl ash, this

But it’s cold, and if I stay I’ll keep the heat on.

parry: OK, I’ll start a Kickstarter for my climbing

time far in the distance and far below. I watch as

More fossil fuels. You are part of the problem.

expedition to Asia to raise awareness for the kids.

headlights bob and weave in rhythm, like fi refl ies

Double damn it.

Chuckle. Yesss. #bestideaever.

dancing in the dark. They’re too far to hear, but

I dance a jitterbug half-step on the porch. Park, booze, park, booze? Out of cyanide pills, the park it is.

I put in earphones to override my internal chatter. Lately I’ve been listening to Leonard

I know they’re laughing and smiling. It makes me smile, too.

Cohen’s last album, practically on loop. I fi rst

My mushy gray matter molds alternative head-

heard it two weeks before his death, in early

lines, fi rst shaped by my snarky side: Secret Tapes

November of last year, and I haven’t stopped since.

While Kelly Cordes is determined to be less grumpy

Show Satan Saving Puppy Dog. Conscientious

I begin to move, gliding across a long, easy

and (maybe) less of a hermit, he claims he can’t do

Earth Goddess Revealed as Pro Wrestling Fan. I

trail of snow. Cohen’s aging, tired, raspy voice

laugh for the fi rst time all day.

delivers another beautiful, dark, haunting verse

Random clips continue on the drive: God Busted for Littering His Cheeseburger Wrapper. That’s blasphemous. Jesus Shaves. David Sedaris rip-off.

anything about his stature or his skiing.

from one of his poems. A couple of hours in, fi nally I’m traveling light, and I turn off the music and listen to the silence. I

As Kelly Cordes demonstrates, sometimes the best place for a snack is wherever you happen to be hungriest. Kt Miller


Nano Puff ® Insulation Compressible, water-resistant, at-rest warmth Autumn is a practice in temperature regulation. Beanies and

Key details

shorts. Insulation and flip-flops. T-shirts in the sunshine and puffies in the shade. That’s where Nano Puff insulation excels.

— PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Eco is 55% recycled

Whether it’s a micro belay parka or a vest to stave off the

— 100% recycled face and liner fabric

post-long-run chills, the highly compressible PrimaLoft ® Gold Insulation Eco with 55% recycled content and 100% recycled polyester shell and liner does it all. Imported.


— 62% recycled polyester zippers — Label made from 85% recycled content

Women’s Nano Puff® Vest

Men’s Nano Puff® Bivy Pullover

$149.00 I 84247 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 206 g (7.3 oz)

$219.00 I 84186 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 354 g (12.5 oz)

Women’s Nano Puff® Jacket

Men’s Nano Puff® Jacket

$199.00 I 84217 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 283 g (10 oz)

$199.00 I 84212 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 337 g (11.9 oz)

Women’s Nano Puff® Bivy Pullover

Men’s Nano Puff® Hoody

$219.00 I 84196 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 311 g (11 oz)

$249.00 I 84222 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 362 g (12.8 oz)



Nano-Air ® Insulation


Nano-Air Light

Warm, stretchy and breathable for high-output, hurry-up-andwait activities in cold weather

75% more breathable, 33% less insulative than the Nano-Air for cool conditions and continuous activity

Women’s Nano-Air® Hoody

Men’s Nano-Air® Jacket

Women’s Nano-Air® Light Hoody

$299.00 I 84266 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 328 g (11.6 oz)

$249.00 I 84251 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 351 g (12.4 oz)

$249.00 I 84290 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 260 g (9.2 oz)


Dynamic, breathable warmth for start-stop activity Put it on, leave it on. That’s what active insulation should allow you to do,

to fast descents, swapping leads and winter runs, this insulation is the

so you can focus on the activity and not your layering. The Nano-Air family

weather-shedding, breathable midlayer you’ll never take off. Imported.

was built to withstand the spectrum of output and rest. From uphill touring

Nano-Air Light Hybrid Similar to the Nano-Air, but built with an airy, wicking knit back for greater breathability for high-exertion activities

Men’s Nano-Air® Light Hoody

Women’s Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Vest

Men’s Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket

$249.00 I 84280 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 309 g (10.9 oz)

$149.00 I 84360 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 158 g (5.6 oz)

$199.00 I 84345 I XS-XXL I Slim fit I 286 g (10.1 oz)



Tucker Tech verifies that these are indeed not tulips. Joshua Tree National Park, California. Greg Epperson


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From Long Miles to Late Night Burning daylight, miles from the trailhead and late for


dinner with out-of-town friends? It’s OK, you planned


for this. With our versatile trail collection, you’ll be able to go straight to the cold ones without anyone knowing you didn’t have time to change. Imported.


Reversible Crankset Vest


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Long-Sleeved Gallegos Shirt


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Up & Out Roger That Hat $29.00 I 38205 I One size I Mid crown


Short-Sleeved Nine Trails Shirt


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Brodeo Beanie


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Performance Better Sweater® 1/4-Zip $119.00 I 25980 I XXS-XXL I Slim fit

Performance Gi IV Pants $89.00 I 55316 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

Lightweight Merino Hiking Crew Socks $22.00 I 50055 I S-XL I Formfitting


Long-Sleeved El Ray Shirt $89.00 I 52320 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

10 Granite Park Pants $119.00 I 56375 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit short and long inseams available online



Torrentshell and Rainshadow Jackets The protection you need for every pursuit We build rain jackets on the premise that weather shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why we use waterproof but breathable fabric and incorporate features like a dropped tail and cuffed arms that keep you dry when you bend and reach. The Torrentshell Jacket is lightweight and pared down so you never have to ponder whether to pack it. The Stretch Rainshadow Jacket features waterproof stretch fabric for agile movement, plus an alpine-compatible hood and an additional chest pocket. Imported.

Women’s Torrentshell Jacket $129.00 I 83807 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 300 g (10.6 oz)

Men’s Torrentshell Jacket $129.00 I 83802 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 343 g (12.1 oz)

Women’s Stretch Rainshadow Jacket $199.00 I 84810 I XXS-XL I Regular fit I 260 g (9.2 oz)

Men’s Stretch Rainshadow Jacket $199.00 I 84800 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 294 g (10.4 oz)

Torrentshell Jacket Packable, Waterproof Shell Our do-anything-in-the-rain option. Supple, 2.5-layer 100% recycled nylon ripstop shell with a waterproof/breathable barrier and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.


Stretch Rainshadow Jacket Protection + Stretch Performance Designed for a full range of motion in challenging environs. Waterproof/ breathable, 2.5-layer stretch nylon H2NoÂŽ Performance Standard shell with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.




Damn Lucky If simply believing in basic human rights made me an activist, or even a radical, then so be it. The chains on my orange handcuffs rattled as

outside Walhalla, North Dakota. Performed in

If simply believing in basic human rights made

my hands shook. I was holding a piece of paper

solidarity with the largely indigenous protes-

me an activist, or even a radical, then so be it.

that said, “Felony, 20 years, Felony, 20 years,

tors known as the Water Protectors at Standing

I make fi lms to help advocate for human

Misdemeanor, 5 years.” I mumbled through my

Rock Indian Reservation, this consisted of the

rights and environmental and social justice. I’d

tears and snot, “This is insane. This is insane,”

closing off of all tar sands oil coming in from

rather live in a society where those things are a

over and over to everyone I walked past on my

Canada by five activists across four states who

given, and I could just tell stories. In that regard,

shuffl e to the courthouse, trying to make eye

manually turned the emergency shut-off valves

I kind of resent the fact that I am an activist

contact with other humans for the fi rst time in

on the pipelines. The net result was stopping the

and not just a storyteller. I see storytelling as

48 hours. Incidentally, 48 hours without eye con-

equivalent of 15 percent of U.S. oil consumption

having the ability to enrich human life through

tact is much longer than 48 hours with it.

for that day, a whole lot of arrests and felony

teaching, entertaining, holding up a mirror and

It’s not that I don’t want to be an activ-

charges for activists and fi lmmakers alike, and

recognizing the human condition smattered all

ist—I respect the hell out of activists—but I

several opportunities to use the necessity defense

over the place. When stories can’t simply exist to

don’t think of myself as one for reasons I con-

in court—essentially arguing that an illegal

enrich, but rather must work toward rectifying

sider character fl aws: I’m too timid to be a good

action (say, trespassing) is warranted if it’s done

social and ethical injustice, we’re all missing out.

organizer, too measured to let my convictions

in an effort to stop a greater harm (trespassing to

So we have a choice. We can be engaged

escape my mouth in unqualifi ed declarations

pull someone out of a burning building). In this

with the world or just ride the planet around

that will inspire others. But, like activists, I

case, the burning building was climate change.

the sun a bunch of times. We’re here, and we’re

am compelled to work toward social, political

The results of many of these trials are yet

damn special as sentient life, and we’re damn

and environmental change in ways that will

to be determined, but in my case, I had my gear

lucky. If any of us were born into a time and

benefi t the majority of people. In a circuitous

and footage confi scated and spent a few days in

place and a circumstance that has us looking at

fashion that involved several peripherally related

jail before being charged and released on bail.

any Patagonia catalog at any point, I believe we

careers, I became a fi lmmaker in my late 20s. If

It was terrifying not simply because it was my

have a responsibility to do some work that we

I wasn’t going to do the things, I could at least

fi rst time in jail and I was alone in a cell block

wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Call it activ-

fi lm others doing the things and share their con-

(crappy), but because of the greater implications.

ism. Call it altruism. Call it selflessness. Call it

victions and actions with a broader audience to

I knew I didn’t break any laws. I did my due dili-

selfishness. But we can’t let that responsibility—

make more people ask, “Why am I not doing

gence going into this shoot—I didn’t assist in any

that chance—go to waste.

something about that, too?”

way, I fi lmed from public property, I identified

On October 11, 2016, I was informed,

myself as media—and yet there I was facing 25

rather startlingly on the side of a gravel county

years in prison (two of the 20-year charges were

road, that North Dakota law enforcement

alternate charges). What were the implications of

doesn’t necessarily make a distinction between

that? For freedom of the press, for transparency

activist and fi lmmaker when said fi lmmaker is

of information, for the First Amendment, for our

documenting said activist interfering with the

democracy? And keep in mind, the wee hours

fossil-fuel-based status quo. On that bitter-cold

of November 9 had yet to come. Something

high plains morning, I had fi lmed the Shut It

clicked for me (and I suspect for a lot of other

Down action on the Keystone XL pipeline just

people) late in the night of November 8 though:

If we can make the world a better place for everyone, why wouldn’t we? Documentary filmmaker Deia Schlosberg currently lives (in a state of mountain withdrawal but quite happy) in Harlem, New York, with her fiancé, Conrad, the best jail-support person a girl could ask for. Sunset at Standing Rock, site of one of the country’s most dedicated stands for indigenous rights and environmental justice. North Dakota. Colin McCarthy



Pile and Synchilla® Fleece The birth of an outdoor staple In the early ‘70s, when mountaineers still relied on traditional

the only available colors and the pile-side-in/glue-side-out

moisture-loving layers of cotton, wool and down, we set out

construction looked rough, but they sold faster than we could

to find something better. We liked the lightweight, packable

make them. We pressed the fabric mill to work closely with us to

pile jackets being sewn for North Atlantic fishermen but the

improve that original fleece for the specific demands of alpinism,

acrylic fabric held water like a sponge. As climbers, we needed

and eventually Synchilla® fleece was born: a soft double-faced

a garment that would still keep you warm when it got wet, but

fabric that didn’t pill and lasted for years. Our modern pile and

would dry out fast via your own body heat. Using a stiff polyester

Synchilla® fleece styles are refined riffs on the original: some are

pile fabric intended for toilet seat covers, we sewed ourselves

made with up to 85% recycled polyester, many are Fair Trade

up a prototype so warm and quick-to-dry it astonished even

Certified™ sewn, and all are easy to wear but near-impossible

us. Our first jackets weren’t pretty—powder blue and tan were

to wear out. Imported.

Retro Pile Hoody

Re-Tool Snap-T® Pullover

$149.00 I 22805 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 561 g (19.8 oz)

$119.00 I 25442 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 456 g (16.1 oz)

Diamond Capra Jacket

Classic Retro-X® Vest

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Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover

Mixed Snap-T® Pullover

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$179.00 I 50395 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 337 g (11.9 oz)









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Hooded Waffle Tunic $79.00 I 53560 I XS-XL I Slim fit


Cable Beanie $39.00 I 28995 I One size


Fitz Roy Bear Layback Trucker Hat $29.00 I 38209 I One size I Low crown


Aspen Forest Tunic $89.00 I 53235 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Retro Pile Vest $119.00 I 22825 I XXS-XL I Slim fit


Off Country Turtleneck $99.00 I 50570 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Pinyon Pines Pants $89.00 I 55460 I 0-14/even I Slim fit


Headway Tote 20L $119.00 I 48775


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13 9


all styles imported


Slim Jeans $99.00 I 55120 I 24-32/even + 25, 27, 29, 31 I Slim fit

12 Brodeo Beanie $35.00 I 29206 I One size

10 Insulated Prairie Dawn Parka $249.00 I 28290 I XS-XL I Regular fit

13 Diamond Capra Hoody $159.00 I 25105 I XS-XL I Regular fit

11 Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt $89.00 I 53915 I 0-14/even I Regular fit

14 Corduroy Pants $89.00 I 55061 I 24-32/even + 25, 27, 29, 31 I Regular fit






Traveling Therapy Climbers and skiers usually discover the benefits of yoga after a ligament snaps or muscles become hypertonic from overuse. Yoga is a restorative counterbalance to your passion of choice. We suggest packing a few key pieces that move with you and mixing in layers for outside salutations. Imported.


2 6 4


Lisa Bedient finds the perfect rock for a downward dog in Yosemite Valley. Drew Smith


Centered Bra $49.00 I 32065 I XS-XL I Formfitting


Lightweight Black Hole™ Duffel 30L $79.00 I 49070


Long-Sleeved Blythewood Top $45.00 I 53530 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Centered Crops - 20½" $69.00 I 21915 I XS-XL I Formfitting


Cotton Quilt Hoody $179.00 I 25315 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Light & Lined Studio Pants $99.00 I 21190 I XS-XL I Regular fit 57





Fair Trade Fleece Supporting the people behind the product In fall 2014, we introduced 10 Fair Trade Certified™ products. This season we have grown our Fair Trade collection to 480 products, which includes all of our Better Sweater ® styles. Every time you make a Fair Trade purchase, it sends more money back to factory workers who earn premiums that can be allocated as cash, used for a collective social investment or both. Since 2014, your purchases have added up to $900,000 in premiums. Next month (October) is Fair Trade month, and we’ll be launching a campaign to push premium payments over the million-dollar mark, and then some. Easy-wearing and bulk-free, all our Better Sweater ® styles thrive as urban outerwear or layered under a shell on the trail. They’re made of soft, knitted, heathered polyester fleece dyed with a low-impact process that reduces the use of dyestuffs, energy and water compared to conventional dyeing methods. Fabric is certified as bluesign® approved. Imported.

Previous: When it comes to bumps (or humps) in the road, size and species may vary. Kate Rutherford and Brittany Griffi th make their way to Mt. Ololokwe, Kenya. Eric Bissell

Left: The plot thickens. Jacq Smith checks her bearings in Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland. Tyler Roemer

Performance Better Sweater® Jacket $149.00 I 25970 I XS-XL I Slim fit

Better Sweater® Vest $99.00 I 25886 I XXS-XL I Slim fit

Lightweight Better Sweater® Marsupial Pullover $119.00 I 26010 I XS-XL I Regular fit

Better Sweater® Jacket $139.00 I 25542 I XXS-XL I Slim fit 61


The Lowdown on Down For years, and for various reasons, we didn’t have down insulation in our line. It took a sustained effort to get it right, but it was well worth the effort. Today, we’re still looking for ways to let down’s naturally insulating abilities shine—from field-testing baffling construction to lab-testing shells and liner fabrics that are suitably downproof. We’re also increasing our use of 100% Recycled and Traceable Down, so we can continue to use this natural resource in a respectful way. Imported.

Jenny Abegg works the Tofino tree-verse. Tofino, British Columbia. Forest Woodward

Bivy Hooded Vest

Prow Bomber Jacket

Down With It Vest

$179.00 I 27746 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 669 g (23.6 oz)

$199.00 I 28105 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 473 g (16.7 oz)

$179.00 I 28045 I XS-XL I Slim fit I 544 g (19.2 oz)

Insulated with 100% Recycled Down (duck and goose down reclaimed from down products)

100% recycled nylon shell; 600-fill-power Traceable Down insulation (duck down traced from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure the birds that supply it are not force-fed or live-plucked)

100% recycled polyester shell; 600-fill-power Traceable Down insulation (duck down traced from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure the birds that supply it are not force-fed or live-plucked)



Pass It On The jacket was probably red once but it’s now more

Less consumptive and more communal? That your

of a muddy pink with an overlay of permanent scuff

“new” jacket is not actually new, it’s just new to you.

and smudge. The zipper, replaced four years ago,

Could kids be OK with that? Could they embrace the

stands out a little brighter. The interior sports a size

idea that a patch or a stitch might have more cachet

tag (Kids XXS) but has no hand-me-down label—it

and certainly more stories to tell than a jacket with

predates that Patagonia tradition. Around 13 years

a tag that says “new”?

ago, it made its debut on Kyle Anderson’s 4-year-old

Not ma ny ga r ment s c a n ma ke it 13 yea rs

brother, Huck. Kyle, who was about 20 at the time,

through a string of hard-charging mountain kids.

remembers teaching Huck to snowboard, leading

The Andersons’ red puffy lives on, with a little love

the then-red jacket around Crested Butte’s ski area.

and a bright new zipper from our Reno repair center.

Today, the same puffy jacket is as much a part

The sleeves are still long on Mac and the hood slips

of the extended Anderson family as whichever kid is

over his eyes every so often, but both jacket and kid

wearing it. Now serving its fifth confirmed owner,

are unfazed.

it was probably worn by a cousin or two as well. Cormac “Mac” Anderson, Kyle’s youngest child,

“Mac, what happens when you grow out of this jacket?”

is the one presently putting the thing through its

“Then I will give it to someone else.”

paces. He follows his dad (a former semipro snow-

“Who will that be?”

boarder) around the mountain and regularly into

“My dad.”

the backcountry.

“Don’t you think it’ll be a little small for him?”

Kyle figures Mac got 40-plus days of snowboarding in this winter. At age 3. What dedicated kids and parents pull off makes us here at Patagonia wonder what else is possible. If we can hand down to our kids a mind-set that makes

“Then I’ll give it to a tree.” “Do you think the tree will need it?” “No ... a tree won’t need it. I’ll give it to a baby cousin. But it’ll probably be too big.” True. But not for long.

no assumptions about what they can or can’t do on a snowboard at age 3, think of what else we could pass on. Can we help our kids imagine that their relationship to clothes—or any other material thing for that matter—could be less wasteful and more thoughtful?

How many days can a small kid shred if a small kid could shred pow? Mac Anderson finds out. Crested Butte, Colorado. Jeff Cricco



Snowbelle Jacket and Pants If only she had the same enthusiasm for making her bed as she does for getting first tracks. Outfit her gusto in the Girls’ Snowbelle Jacket and Pants. Together they’re a fully-featured kit for girls who charge hard all winter long. Imported.

Key jacket details — H2No® Performance Standard 100% polyester (45% recycled) shell with a waterproof/ breathable barrier, a DWR (durable water repellent) finish and fully taped seams — Thermogreen® 100% polyester (92% recycled) insulation stays warm even when wet — Insulated, removable hood — Articulated, tapered sleeves have grow-fi t feature for an extra season of wear — Internal microfleece cuffs with thumb holes

Key pants details — Adjustable waistband is lined with microfleece so it’s super comfy — Articulated knees for full range of shred — Internal gaiter fi ts over boot to keep cold out — Grow-fi t feature increases length by 2” so the kit will fi t next season, too

We didn’t forget the boys: check out the Snowshot Jacket and Pants at Girls’ Snowbelle Jacket

Girls’ Snowbelle Pants

$199.00 I 68485 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 708 g (25 oz)

$139.00 I 68495 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 498 g (17.6 oz)

Start ‘em young. Roan Harvey learns why going up is just as fun as coming down. Kennan Harvey



Snow Smarts

Aspen Grove

Fresh Tracks

Jack-Frost-of-all-trades outerwear for kids: The insulated Aspen Grove Jacket can be worn for everyday warmth and as a ski/snowboarding jacket. Its lightweight, windproof shell fabric has high tearstrength and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

Versatile, lighter-weight ski/snowboarding jacket that’s fully featured, insulated and has a fi t that allows for layering; this H2No® Performance Standard shell has a waterproof/ breathable barrier and a DWR finish.

Girls’ Aspen Grove Jacket

Boys’ Aspen Grove Jacket

Girls’ Fresh Tracks Jacket

$159.00 I 68590 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 589 g (20.8 oz)

$159.00 I 68585 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 564 g (19.9 oz)

$179.00 I 68555 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 564 g (19.9 oz)


Built tough for unstoppable kids Our kids’ snow styles share elements we find essential. For an extra season of wear,

throughout—even in the hood. Powder skirts make the jackets slope-worthy, and

our grow-fit feature adds two inches in length to sleeves and pant legs. Warm kids

reflectivity and media-compatible pockets mean that kids are visible and wired

are happy kids, so there’s Thermogreen® 100% polyester (92% recycled) insulation

for sound. Plus, it’s all backed up by our Ironclad Guarantee. Imported.

Snowbelle & Snowshot Our premium ski/snowboarding jackets for kids are insulated, have sophisticated style lines and feature an H2No® Performance Standard 2-layer polyester shell with a waterproof/breathable barrier and a DWR finish.

Boys’ Fresh Tracks Jacket

Girls’ Snowbelle Jacket

Boys’ Snowshot Jacket

$179.00 I 68550 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 564 g (19.9 oz)

$199.00 I 68485 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 708 g (25 oz)

$199.00 I 68480 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 734 g (25.9 oz)



Fleece Friends for the Fast-Growing The paradox of parenting First steps. First solo bike ride. First school bus

believed encouragement and hide our tears when

pickup. It’s our kid’s job to leave the feel-good

they disappear around a corner. These soft fleece

safety of our embrace and take those first small

talismans are designed to protect adventurous

steps out into the world on their own. It’s our job

spirits while they explore the unknown. Imported.

to dress them warmly, whisper words of half-

Not only do our built-in ID labels help keep track of their favorite fleece, but there are also extra lines for lucky hand-me-down owners to fill in.

Guaranteed for Life Patagonia clothing is built to last a lifetime, including our kids’ gear, which makes these perfect for hand-medowns, donations or building a wardrobe for future siblings.


Baby Synchilla® Cardigan

Baby Fuzzy Lop Hoody

$59.00 I 60092 I 6M-5T I Regular fit I 184 g (6.5 oz)

$59.00 I 61170 I 6M-5T I Regular fit I 223 g (7.9 oz)

Baby Retro-X® Vest

Baby Synchilla® Vest

$69.00 I 61035 I 6M-5T I Regular fit I 181 g (6.4 oz)

$55.00 I 61006 I 6M-5T I Regular fit I 104 g (3.7 oz)

Baby Micro D® Snap-T® Jacket

Baby Furry Friends Hoody

$49.00 I 60155 I 6M-5T I Regular fit I 130 g (4.6 oz)

$55.00 I 61155 I 6M-5T I Regular fit I 206 g (7.3 oz)





Great Again With a kid of my own on the way, I wanted to find a place that could be a source of optimism for the future. Only two years had passed since the Glines

The bustle and noise of the dam removal

here to see something that wasn’t there, yet

Canyon Dam came down, and the unbound

work is hard to imagine as we walk upstream

I’d found a powerful presence in the dam’s

Elwha was still fi nding its way. While full with

along the empty road, and with beams of

absence. The beautiful Elwha ran as free as it

rain after a winter storm, the newly freed river

autumn sun angling through moss-laden

once did—a testament to nature’s ability to

had washed out a small bridge and two camp-

t re e s , I ’m a l re ady fe el i ng g ratef u l a nd

heal and the capacity of humans to amend the

grounds built on the floodplain; turning off

inspired. Carrying on, we watch a few big

mistakes of our past.

the highway, we fi nd that the road to the for-

coho salmon fi nning in the river shallows in

As my friend Mark puts his camera down

mer dam site is still closed for repair.

the last days of their life, spawning in gravel

and dives into the cold river, I can’t help

beds that had been cut off from the ocean

thinking back to the blustering words that

when the Elwha dam was built.

brought a backward-looking administration

We park at the locked gate and shoulder our packs under a bright October sky. The afternoon before, we’d pulled on wetsuits to

After a few miles, we reach the Glines

to power: “Make America Great Again.” But

swim a lower section of the Elwha, sharing the

Canyon Dam site and walk out onto the old

this tranquil valley—with the reborn river

water with salmon smolts and alder leaves as

spillway on the edge of the canyon cliff. Far

running to the Pacifi c, and these miraculous

the current whisked us along inches above the

below, a tongue of whitewater marks the

fi sh swimming up the rapids to spawn—is

cobblestones. Now, we’re hiking higher into

entrance to the gorge where the dam had

where the true promise lies. This is where

the valley to see how the river is slowly coming

stood; a huge driftwood log now spans the

great begins.

back to life.

river like a prehistoric footbridge. To the

In the company of a few friends, I’d come

south, the Elwha traces a glittering path along

Malcolm Johnson grew up on southern

to the Elwha to report on the dam removals

the bottom of what was once Lake Mills, the

Vancouver Island, just across the strait from

and restoration efforts of recent years. There

reservoir that formed behind the dam; in the

the Elwha rivermouth. An editor at Patagonia,

was another side to it, too: I grew up just

distance, forested mountains march off toward

he is a committed surfer and a poor but

a few dozen miles away, and watching the

the river’s protected headwaters.

passionate fisherman.

salmon return to the rivers every fall was one

Wanting a closer view, we leave the spill-

of my favorite things as a kid. With a kid of

way and scramble a few hundred feet down

my own on the way, I wanted to fi nd a place

to the old lake bed, its banks now covered

that could be a source of optimism for the

by head-high trees. We follow elk and deer

future. From clear-cut forests to disappear-

tracks on the sandbars, watch ravens soaring

ing fi sh stocks, I knew the story of the land

overhead, witness a few more coho making a

I loved was one of human-caused depletion

place for their young in their age-old home.

and decline. I was hoping to see something

Crossing the river, I take off my shoes

that could turn that story around, something

and wade to the canyon entrance, looking up

to assure me that the next generation would

to the old spillway and down to the emerald

have a chance to know their world as a wild

water that pours seaward past my feet. It’s an

and magical place—that for them, the Great

impressive and affecting sight, and I feel my

Northwest could still be true to its name.

heart lifting. It strikes me that I’d traveled

The Elwha River dams are gone, but there’s still work to be done. Through our Environmental Grants Program, we’ve supported the Coastal Watershed Institute—based in Port Angeles, Washington. Its projects include documenting and promoting the restoration of the Elwha’s nearshore environment. Learn more at Washington’s Elwha River flows free through the former Glines Canyon Dam site. The removal of the Elwha Dam, seven miles downstream, was completed in 2012; the 210-foot-tall Glines Canyon Dam followed in 2014. After the two obsolete dams were hauled down, wild salmon were able to reach their traditional habitat in the upper Elwha watershed for the first time in over a hundred years. Mark McInnis


Wilder Waters A tribute to river restoration and the free-flowing waters that give us life



Different visions of the restored and thriving Elwha River. Photos by Mark McInnis except left column, middle by Matt Stoecker and center column, bottom by Juan Luis De Heeckeren .

Pairing art with activism, our Wilder Waters collection pays tribute to the

We haven’t always treated our rivers with the reverence they deserve. But by

important work of river restoration. Inspired by the revival of Washington’s

taking down dams and rewilding watersheds, we can help our lands, seas

Elwha River after the removal of two obsolete dams, the collection includes six

and rivers come back to life. The story continues: Let’s set the rivers free!

original T-shirt graphics that celebrate clean water and healthy river systems.


Pods On It Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

River Rewilding Cotton T-Shirt

Keystone Species Cotton T-Shirt

$29.00 I 39104 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$35.00 I 39097 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

$35.00 I 39098 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

Wild Rapid Band Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

Rainforest Fed Cotton/Poly Responsibili-Tee®

Back For Good Cotton/Poly Responsibili-Tee®

$29.00 I 39105 I XS-XXL I Slim fit

$35.00 I 39111 I XS-XXL I Regular fit

$35.00 I 39110 I XS-XXL I Regular fit



The Strong but Silent Type At the core of our design approach is the intent to strip away features until only the essential remains. That ethos is evident in the versatile new Ukiah Jacket. Built for motion, warmth and packability, it serves unobtrusively as outdoor guide, versatile travel companion and everyday journeyman. Imported.

Zipper-garage chin guard prevents chafing

Left-chest zippered security pocket is headphonecompatible

Made of 100% polyester (50% recycled) with a smooth mesh face and heat-trapping fleece back

Pouring rain—perfect weather for music and mate. Mendoza, Argentina. Diego Sáez B.

Ukiah Jacket $149.00 I 26030 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 453 g (16 oz)

hoody available online 76



5, 6



8 4



Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover $139.00 I 25450 I XXS-XXL I Relaxed fit


Retro Pile Jacket $139.00 I 22800 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit


Brodeo Beanie $35.00 I 29206 I One size


Long-Sleeved Pima Cotton Shirt $79.00 I 53837 I XS-XXL I Relaxed fit


Performance Twill Jeans $99.00 I 56490 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Slim fit


Fitz Roy Crest LoPro Trucker Hat $29.00 I 38055 I One size I Low crown


P-6 Label Midweight Crew Sweatshirt $59.00 I 39486 I XS-XXL I Regular fit


Performance Straight Fit Jeans $119.00 I 56025 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Slim fit


7 11






Reversible Bivy Down Vest $189.00 I 27587 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit


Toromiro Pack 22L $79.00 I 48015


Straight Fit Cords $89.00 I 55930 I 28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I Slim fit


Long-Sleeved Lightweight Fjord Flannel Shirt $79.00 I 54020 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit


Cotton Quilt Snap-TÂŽ Pullover $149.00 I 25371 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit

all styles imported



Who Needs Pants?

UPF $79.00 I 55181

Straight Fit Cords $89.00 I 55930

Performance Twill Jeans $99.00 I 56490

Quandary Pants

28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I 453 g (16 oz)

28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I 283 g (10 oz)

28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I 518 g (18.3 oz)

Slim fi t; cut straight from knee to ankle; with stretch performance

Slim fi t; fast-drying; 50+ UPF sun protection

Slim fi t; cut straight from knee to ankle; soft-wearing and durable


While not mandatory, they do come in handy … … like when you’re squirming your way up a Vedauwoo skin scraper or figuring

Pants—because we match the fabric and fit to the intended purpose. Here’s

out how to get into (and out of) Frog pose. No two styles are exactly alike—

a breakdown of how this quiver of six fits into your plans, based on fit and

from our big-sky-loving Quandary Pants to our sofa-surfing Mahnya Fleece

performance features. Imported.

UPF $69.00 I 55210

Performance Regular Fit Jeans $119.00 I 56200

Mahnya Fleece Pants $79.00 I 56665

Baggies™ Pants

28-40/even + 31, 33, 35 I 595 g (21 oz)

XXS-XXL I 413 g (14.6 oz)

XXS-XXL I 292 g (10.3 oz)

Regular fi t for extra room in the hips, seat and thighs; with built-in mobility and moisture management

Power loungers; with extra room in the hips, seat and thighs; cut straight down to the ankle

Slim fi t; straight cut with tapered leg openings; quick-drying nylon with 50+ UPF sun protection 81




True Grit Sometimes you don’t need a jacket to get you up a mountain on a bluebird day, you need one to pry your body out of a sleeping bag after waking up to the season’s first overnight frost. These jackets are built for everyday use but still comply with the same design thinking, materials sourcing, fabriclab-testing gauntlet and ambassador prototype-use as our more technical jackets. Imported.

Stout splitters demand stout chai. Derek Craig serves it up in Indian Creek, Utah. Austin Siadak

Insulated Fjord Flannel Jacket

Maple Grove Canvas Jacket

Diamond Quilt Bomber Hoody

$169.00 I 27640 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 703 g (24.8 oz)

$199.00 I 26995 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 1,153 g (40.7 oz)

$169.00 I 27610 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit I 493 g (17.4 oz)



Fair Trade Fleece 94 great reasons to buy Fair Trade This season we’ve increased our Fair Trade Certified™ fleece styles to 94 products, which is 56 percent of our total fleece offering. Simply put, there’s a direct correlation between the number of Fair Trade Certified products sold and the amount of money that goes back to factory workers. We think that makes the legendary softness and durability of our Synchilla®, Better Sweater ® and Retro Pile styles that much better. Imported.


Better Sweater® Vest

Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover

Performance Better Sweater® Hoody

$99.00 I 25881 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 388 g (13.7 oz)

$119.00 I 25580 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit I 405 g (14.3 oz)

$159.00 I 25960 I XXS-XXL I Slim fit I 473 g (16.7 oz)

Everyday champion of core warmth— from boardrooms to tents

Cousin to the original Synchilla® Snap-T®, in a slightly lighter weight

For approach trails or sidewalks; moisturewicking fleece interior; sweater-knit face

Retro Pile Jacket

Lightweight Better Sweater® Marsupial Pullover

Classic Synchilla® Jacket

$139.00 I 22800 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit I 649 g (22.9 oz)

$119.00 I 26000 I XS-3XL I Regular fit I 453 g (16 oz)

$99.00 I 22990 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 453 g (16 oz)

Our thickest pile: made from polyester double-sided solid shearling

Lightweight, packable and versatile; sweater-knit face

Full-zip outer jacket or layering piece for cooler weather








Our new and redesigned daypacks are built to handle the rough realities and constant transitions of the daily drill

Day: Packed

Patagonia Daypacks are born organizers—tough, direct

across the board, plus three new styles made specifically

and comfortable under pressure. Now built with even

for women, our durable daypack line deftly handles an

more recycled materials, fit and comfort improvements

action-packed life, year after year. Imported.

Regular Fit

Women’s-Specific Fit

Fits 17" to 21" torso

Fits 14" to 18" torso

Curved, wider straps

Shorter, narrower straps with a straighter cut and more tapered fi t

28L capacity

26L capacity

Our designers started from scratch and questioned the accepted thinking behind what makes a pack fi t better for men and women. For example, most women’s backpacks have a sharper radius curve in the shoulder straps, which is the exact opposite of what makes a pack rest more comfortably across a woman’s sternum. And the torso length for men’s packs is traditionally taller—which never made much sense to shorter men and taller women. Gender-neutral features include durable construction and smart organization without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Refugio Pack 28L

Women’s Refugio Pack 26L

$89.00 I 47912 I 666 g (1 lb 7.5 oz)

$89.00 I 48080 I 601 g (1 lb 5.2 oz)

Left: A very especial summit. Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Austin Siadak

Previous: Patagonia, where the wind will blow your mind. Chile. James Q Martin 89


Road Worthy

TSA-approved zippered fold-out sleeve holds a 15" laptop

Top pocket protects sunglasses, phone or tunes

Dedicated 15" laptop pocket and padded internal tablet sleeve

Stretch-woven front pocket for quick-grab items

Women’s Paxat Pack 30L

Paxat Pack 32L

Women’s Chacabuco Pack 28L

$119.00 I 48090 I 768 g (1 lb 11.1 oz)

$119.00 I 48046 I 861 g (1 lb 14.4 oz)

$99.00 I 48085 I 612 g (1 lb 5.6 oz)


Made for commuting and travel, these daypacks aren’t your run-

packs. This season we’ve further reduced our environmental

of-the-mill book bags. They’re made from 630-denier nylon, the

impact by employing 50% recycled face fabric and 100%

same durable and field-tested fabrics we use in our technical

recycled liner fabric. Imported.

Internal sleeve holds a 15" laptop

Stretch cord for jacket or bike helmet

Front organization compartment for cords and accessories

Front stash pocket for tickets and cell phone

Chacabuco Pack 30L

Women’s Refugio Pack 26L

Refugio Pack 28L

$99.00 I 47927 I 674 g (1 lb 7.8 oz)

$89.00 I 48080 I 601 g (1 lb 5.2 oz)

$89.00 I 47912 I 666 g (1 lb 7.5 oz)




Packed with Options We’ve all been there: standing on a dirt tarmac or straddling our bike wondering and wishing how

Key details

we could grow another arm. Our Black Hole™ MLC®, Headway MLC® and Tres Pack were created to carry three ways—as a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack—depending on how many hands you

— Briefcase handle

have available at the time. Imported.

— Backpack straps — Messenger bag straps

Tres Pack 25L

Headway MLC® 45L

Black Hole™ MLC® 45L

$129.00 I 48295 I 873 g (1 lb 14.8 oz)

$189.00 I 48765 I 1,425 g (3 lbs 2.3 oz)

$199.00 I 49305 I 1,505 g (3 lbs 5.1 oz)

For Monday to Friday commuting/school/work and weekend warrior projects. Large main compartment; front organization for cords and accessories. Highly breathable mesh on back panel and shoulder harness for all-day carrying comfort.

Versatile travel bag in a maximum legal carryon size. Internal, padded sleeve holds up to a 17" laptop; main compartment plus multiple organizational pockets separate the essentials: shoes, clothes, electronics, contraband.

Highly weatherproof carry-on endures floatplanes and skiffs. Main zippered compartment opens like a book; with two separate compartments for easy packing, access and organization. Rear sleeve slips over rolling luggage handles.

Escaping the heat, Cheryl Albrecht-Harvey explores a stone tower on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Arizona. Kennan Harvey



In Hot Water Global climate change is happening, and whether you believe it’s human-caused or a natural occurrence makes a big difference. I’m not a scientist. But I am a fisherman of more

and trout. Montana’s government website issued

longer make shells and skeletons because there’s

than 70 years, and I’ve seen firsthand that of the

a report stating the “magnitude of the kill is

not enough mineral content. Warm-water ocean

myriad threats facing cold-water fish all over the

unlike anything our fish health specialists have

fish like mackerel can now travel further north

world, global warming is the most dire.

seen.” The parasite, combined with historically

where they prey on salmon smalls.

Water all over the planet is heating up in

low stream flows and 70-degree waters, created

Winters start later and end sooner. The

response to climate change, and our cold-water

a devastating scenario for fish populations, not

pocket glaciers and permanent snowfields in the

fish are in serious trouble.

to mention the local businesses that rely on the

Coast Range of British Columbia serve as an

fishing economy.

essential source of cold water all summer long

The temperature of the earth 50 feet down hovers around 56 degrees Fahrenheit. (That’s

In my home state of California, no Southern

for cold-water fi sh there. In my lifetime, I’ve

also the temperature of freshwater springs and

California steelhead has been able to spawn for

personally seen those glaciers shrink by 30 per-

the perfect temperature for your wine cellar,

the last five years because drought conditions

cent. In these shortened winters, precipitation

by the way). Cold-water fish need cold water.

had creeks so low they never broke through

often comes as rain rather than snow and runoff

Trout and salmon thrive in water somewhere

the sandbars. Hot conditions in Northern

can happen at anytime, resulting in catastrophic

around 56 degrees. In water warmer than 68

California have caused many lakes to be closed

flood events that can alter the course of rivers

degrees, all salmonids experience signs of stress,

to all users because of lethal blue-green algae

and destroy redds (the nests where spawning

and warmer than 75 degrees is lethal.

blooms. By lethal I mean, if your dog drank the

fish lay their eggs).

In 2007, Yellowstone National Park experi-


lake water, it could die.

Global climate change is happening, and

enced a huge fish kill when water temperatures

The freshwater algae Didymosphenia gemi-

whether you believe it’s human-caused or a nat-

in the Yellowstone River and many of its trib-

nata, also known as Didymo or “rock snot,” can

ural occurrence makes a big difference. If it’s a

utaries reached into the 80s. The same year

take over rivers when the water warms. We used

natural cycle, then sit back and relax because

in June, I was salmon fishing in Arctic Russia

to think it was spread by anglers transporting

there’s nothing we can do about it. But if we

when air temperatures hit the 90s for several

it from one body of water to another. Now sci-

are the cause of any of it, we’re also the solu-

days. The rivers there are short and come out of

entists believe that hotter temperatures trigger

tion. I’ve found that the cure for depression is

shallow lakes, and after a few days the Rynda

its growth and spread. I’ve experienced it on

action. What can we do? Protect what you love.

River heated up to the low 70s in the afternoon.

the normally crystal clear Bonaventure River

Get involved with local organizations that take

I hooked and released a 12-pound salmon, but

in Quebec—it was so thick in places you could

care of your stream. Don’t vote for dumbass

it stayed alongside my leg gasping for air for

hardly wade through it. Didymo also encour-

climate-change-denying politicians. Go fishing,

half an hour before it slowly swam away. A few

ages the spread of the tubificid worm that’s a

and take a kid with you.

years later in 2015, the mortality rate for sock-

host for whirling disease, which causes skeletal

eye salmon in the warmed-up Columbia River

deformation and neurological damage in salmon

in the Pacific Northwest was between 80 and

and trout.

90 percent: 250,000 salmon died before they

Rising temperatures also influence our

could spawn. In August 2016, 350 miles of the

oceans, of course. The oceans capture so much

Yellowstone River and its tributaries were closed

human-produced carbon dioxide that they’re

to boating, fishing and swimming because of a

acidifying, and many of the microorganisms that

parasite that caused kidney disease in whitefish

form the basis of the whole food chain can no

Yvon Chouinard is the founder of Patagonia.

After a steep upstream migration (rising 1200m), a bull trout swims near its redd in the Darkwoods Conservation Area. Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia. Bruce Kirkby





NEW Tough Puff Collection Stretchy and durable 100% polyester shell has a moistureshedding DWR (durable water repellent) finish

Autumn’s iffy conditions can lead to equally iffy decisions about what to wear. Designed specifically for cold-weather fishing, our new Tough Puff insulation styles make the conundrum simpler by covering all the essential bases: stretch for movement, abrasion resistance for durability, and warmth even when wet. Durable enough to wear when you’re pushing through cover on the way to the water, their ultralight, highly breathable FullRange® stretch insulation lets you swing flies all day in increased comfort—no matter what kind of weather blows in. Imported.

60-g FullRange stretch insulation combines light weight with excellent warmth, breathability and freedom of motion

Chest pockets hold large fly boxes

100% recycled polyester Capilene® lining in body wicks moisture for increased comfort

Generous fi t gives you room to move but still layers easily under a wading jacket

Elastic cuff on hoody can easily slide up for releasing fish; arms are lined with shell fabric for less water uptake if you go deep

Men’s Tough Puff Shirt

Women’s Tough Puff Hoody

$199.00 I 52730 I XS-XXL I Relaxed fit I 527 g (18.6 oz)

$299.00 I 81765 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 515 g (18.2 oz)

Walk softly and carry a little stick. Steve Olsen puts his tenkara rod to use in Oregon’s Oneonta Gorge. Jay Beyer men’s available online


W O M E N ’ S F LY F I S H I N G

3 1




Form Follows Fishing In freezing downpours or mind-melting sun, the best gear can help keep a grin on your face. It might be easy to miss while squinting through sweat, spray or sleet, but there it is nonetheless: a toothy, spontaneous recognition of the whole angling experience, of the opportunity to be out there, anywhere, in every condition—so long as the chance of fish is included. Imported.


Spring River Waders $399.00 I 82081 I XS-MS I Regular fit I 1,197 g (42.2 oz)


Stealth Atom Sling $119.00 I 48326 I 623 g (1 lb 6 oz)


River Salt Jacket $349.00 I 81887 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 530 g (18.7 oz)


Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky $189.00 I 79290 I 6-10 I 1,020 g (36 oz)


Capilene® Midweight Crew $59.00 I 44436 I XXS-XL I Slim fit I 161 g (5.7 oz)

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) Patagonia clothes with rated UPF protection are tested to meet Australia/New Zealand or AATCC protocols. A rating of 25-39 earns a product a rating of “very good”; a rating of 40-50+ earns a product a rating of “excellent.” These products have been tested in accordance with Australian/New Zealand test methods AS/NZS 4399 or AATCC 183 or EN 13758. Only covered areas are protected. The protection offered by these items may be reduced with use or if stretched or wet.

M E N ’ S F LY F I S H I N G


2 3






Long-Sleeved Sun Stretch Shirt

UPF $99.00 I 52197 I XS-3XL

Relaxed fit I 198 g (7 oz)

UPF $69.00 I 52647 I XS-3XL I Relaxed fit I 178 g (6.3 oz)


Sunshade Crew


Fitz Roy Tarpon LoPro Trucker Hat $29.00 I 38007 I One size I 85 g (3 oz)

UPF $79.00 I 82101 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 286 g (10.1 oz)


Guidewater II Pants


Technical Stretch Shorts $79.00 I 82050 I XS-XXL I Regular fit I 170 g (6 oz)


Technical Sun Gloves


Ultralight Wading Boots - Sticky $189.00 I 79297 I 5-14 I 1,077 g (38 oz)

UPF $45.00 I 81730 I XS-XL I Regular fit I 39 g (1.4 oz)



A Wave Is Forever “I remember waking up in Punta de Lobos every day as a kid and

Born and raised in a small fi shing town on the Chilean coast, Ramón

seeing perfect waves rolling onto the point. It was the place where I

Navarro has become one of the world’s most respected big wave riders.

learned to surf and where my father taught me to fi sh. Now, when

A prominent public figure in his home country, he’s spoken out against

I see the changes that are happening, it gives me more motivation

coastal pollution and unchecked development, and is now one of the

than ever to protect it.

leaders of the ongoing campaign to protect Punta de Lobos.

Getting discouraged or giving up can be easy, especially when it’s an uphill battle and there are people who are trying to stop you

We’re proud to be supporting the locally based Fundación Punta de Lobos

from succeeding. It’s true that there are lots of hard days, but the

in its work to preserve the marine and terrestrial environment surrounding

most important thing is what this place will be for future genera-

this iconic Chilean break. We’ve matched $100,000 in donations raised

tions. I want my son to be able to enjoy this place as I did, and I’ve

by Save The Waves for the Lobos Por Siempre campaign, and all licensing

been learning that anything is possible when communities come

fees we receive from industry use of our patented PSI (Personal Surf

together to fi nd common ground.

Inflation) Vest technology are now going to support work of the Fundación.

For me, this work is really about leaving a legacy, and the only way

Learn more at

to accomplish that is by being an example and protecting the places that gave me the memories I cherish. As a surfer, contests and trophies are good for your ego and that’s about it. But saving a wave is forever.”


Ramón Navarro very much at home. Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, Chile. Juan Luis De Heeckeren








The Swellest Season


Around our stomping grounds in Southern California, the first few months of fall are pretty hard to beat. The water’s still warm, the hurricanes off Mexico are spinning out swell, and there’s always the chance that a forerunner west will have you screwing fins into your favorite step-up as the points come back to life. And if it still looks like the summer doldrums on your morning surf check, there’s always the solution that California surfers have turned to for decades—pack some boards and a week’s worth of clothes, gas up the truck and bust it down to Baja Sur. Imported.


Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover $119.00 I 25580 I XXS-XXL I Regular fit


Flying Fish Cotton/Poly T-Shirt $29.00 I 38908 I XS-XXL I Slim fit


P-6 Label Midweight Crew Sweatshirt $59.00 I 39486 I XS-XXL I Regular fit


Stretch Planing Board Shorts - 20"

UPF $79.00 I 86611

28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit


Stretch Wavefarer® Board Shorts - 21" 28-40/even + 29, 31, 33, 35 I Regular fit


UPF $69.00 I 86543


2, 3 1


6 4

All the styles pictured here, along with all of our board shorts and bikinis , and many of our other surf styles, are Fair Trade Certified™ . By bolstering the wages of workers and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, Fair Trade allows surfers to directly support the people who make their clothes.


UPF $85.00 I 71871 I XS-XL I Formfit ting


Micro Swell Rashguard


Reversible Telu Bottoms $59.00 I 72180 I XXS-XL I Formfit ting


Board Short Label Lightweight Full-Zip Hoody $89.00 I 39505 I XS-XL I Slim fit


Ahnya Pants $79.00 I 21970 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Pastel P-6 Logo Cotton Crew $35.00 I 39079 I XS-XL I Regular fit


Wavefarer® Board Shorts - 5" $55.00 I 76597 I 0-14/even I Regular fit


Reversible Mamala Top $65.00 I 77220 I XS-XL I Formfit ting 105


Our Common Ground Most of us can readily name a piece of ground sacred to us as individuals that belongs to every soul in the country. As Americans, regardless of our descent, we share as our greatest

for the maximum possible return to the shareholder. Just when

inheritance, both material and spiritual, the gift of our federal

we need to learn how to restore natural capacity, not just in the

public lands. Most of us can readily name a piece of ground sacred

West but the East, North and South, we see instead an attack

to us as individuals that belongs to every soul in the country:

on the existing protection for federal lands and hear a call for

Yosemite, the Everglades, Acadia, Hot Springs, Shenandoah,

the sell-off of the land itself to individual states for eventual sale

Yellowstone, the Smokies.

to private owners.

Most federal lands, while held in public trust, are only

Not one of those who call for auctioning off our collective

loosely protected. They can be used for private profit—for min-

inheritance has in mind the purpose of conservation, regenerative

ing, drilling, logging, ranching and recreation, depending on the

grazing, organic agriculture or even the creation of more oppor-

landlord, whether it be the BLM, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish

tunities for nonmotorized recreation, which now generates more

and Wildlife Service or National Park Service. Only designated

jobs and income than do traditional extractive industries. The

wilderness areas are conserved to be the place where, in Margaret

fog machine, purporting to represent the rights of the individual

Murie’s words, “the hand of man does not linger.” These con-

versus the overly powerful state, conceals that the benefits will

stitute less than 5 percent of the landmass of the United States.

accrue to only a few, very few, individuals at the expense of us

The biologist E.O. Wilson has argued that—on a planet

all and our future.

fighting for its life, with species going extinct at 100 to 1,000

This is the time to safeguard our material and spiritual inher-

times their natural rate, the lungs of the planet seared by global

itance. We need not sell off what we have, but rather preserve

warming, the seas, the rivers and the soil losing their capacity to

more of nature in more parts of our country so that we may also

regenerate—we now should be devoting half the surface of the

restore and revive the health of our human communities and the

earth to nature so that we may save the lives of as many species

planet as a whole.

of plants and animals as possible, including our own. To make life possible beyond the end of this century we need to slow the rate of global warming; reverse the advance of desertification; and restore the conditions in which life, and individual lives, can persist and thrive. Mr. Wilson’s proposal has not been mentioned during public debate among policymakers in the United States. Instead, a great

Vincent Stanley, coauthor with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company, has been with Patagonia on and off since its beginning in 1973, for many of those years in key executive roles as head of sales or marketing. He currently serves as the company’s director of philosophy and is a visiting fellow at the Yale School of Management.

fog machine has been set to work in the West, where the federal share of land ownership is close to 50 percent and vested interests itch to develop federal land at the lowest possible cost


Wild places make us feel small—and sometimes we are. Indian Creek, Utah. Andrew Burr


Source Code

Below: Luke Nelson crosses the Valley of the Gods in Bears Ears National Monument. For our ambassadors as much as for our employees, the love of wild places motivates us to fight to protect them. Nate Ptacek Unwanted Mailings If you are moving, send us your old and new addresses. If you’ve received this catalog in error, received a duplicate or want to remove your name from our mailing list, please call us at 800-638-6464. 100% Recycled Paper This catalog is made with FSC®-certified 100% postconsumer recycled paper. Not a single tree was cut to produce it. If you can’t hug a tree right now, you could just hug this catalog.

100% PCW

the only place to find everything we make

Customer Number

Cover: Matt Steele enjoys some Grade V leaf peeping. Prodigal Sun, Zion National Park, Utah. Drew Smith

Prsrt. Std. U.S. Postage PAID Patagonia, Inc.

on orders over $75*

8550 White Fir Street Reno, NV 89523-8939

F REE Shipping

patagonia, inc.

we guarantee everything we make

Visit to learn more and join the fight to protect our public lands.


“In a remote corner of Bears Ears, far from any cell tower, I left the manmade world and ran. The hard miles stripped away layers of anxiety and distraction, leaving me exposed and connected to this wilderness, now threatened. In ultrarunning there comes a moment when you must decide to put your head down and embrace the pain and difficulty, or quit. We are now at that moment in the political long run. Wild lands have a place in the future, and I can no longer stand idly by and hope that everything will turn out alright.” - Luke Nelson

Ironclad Guarantee

This catalog refers to the following trademarks as used, applied for or registered in the U.S.: 1% for the Planet®, a registered trademark of 1% for the Planet, Inc.; Cohaesive®, a registered trademark of Cohaesive Garment Technology Inc.; Fair Trade Certified™, a trademark of TransFair USA DBA Fair Trade USA; Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC® and the FSC Logo®, registered trademarks of the Forest Stewardship Council, A.C.; GORE-TEX®, a registered trademark of W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.; Hestra®, a registered trademark of Hestra-Handsken AB; Polartec® Power Stretch®, registered trademarks of MMI-IPCO, LLC; Polygiene®, a registered trademark of Polygiene AB; PrimaLoft®, a registered trademark of PrimaLoft, Inc.; and Yulex®, a registered trademark of Yulex Corporation. Patagonia® and the Patagonia and Fitz Roy Skyline® are registered trademarks of Patagonia, Inc. Other Patagonia trademarks include, but are not limited to, the following: Baggies™, Better Sweater®, Black Hole™, Capilene®, Crosstrek™, FullRange®, H2No®, Houdini®, Micro Puff ™, MLC®, Nano-Air®, Nano Puff®, Nano Storm®, Pataloha®, R1®, R2®, R3®, Regulator®, Responsibili-Tee®, Retro-X®, Snap-T®, Synchilla®, Thermogreen® and Wavefarer®. Prices are valid through December 31, 2017.

*not valid in Patagonia® retail stores or with the Patagonia Pro Program

© 2017 Patagonia, Inc.


Yulex® Natural Rubber Wetsuits Calling a product “natural” doesn’t always mean it’s better. It can be like snapping a lineup shot just as the one good set of the day rolls in—an intentional half-truth that makes something seem better than it actually is. That’s why we steered clear of natural hevea rubber for our wetsuits until last fall. Renewable rubber tapped from hevea trees performs just as well as conventional, nonrenewable neoprene, but the rubber industry is a major driver of deforestation in tropical countries around the world. Without knowing where the rubber was coming from, we weren’t willing to use it. But when we found a source that was Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified by the Rainforest Alliance, it changed our thinking. We had a material that reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 80 percent compared to conventional neoprene, and it was audited by a third party to ensure that it came from a plantation that preserved biodiversity. Put simply, we knew it didn’t come from newly clear-cut rainforest. We’re now fully committed to using FSC-certified natural rubber, providing the highest performance while minimizing environmental harm. Along with our Yulex full and spring suits, we’re using it in our gloves and booties as well— giving us the world’s first head-to-toe, neoprene-free wetsuit line. Imported.

Key details — The face fabric is a stretchy and abrasion-resistant 85% recycled polyester/15% spandex blend — Torso and thighs are 3.5mm, lined with warm and fast-drying 95% polyester (51% recycled)/5% spandex microgrid — Arms and legs are 3mm, lined with high-stretch 100% recycled polyester jersey — 85% Yulex natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content; the synthetic rubber is chlorine-free and adds UV and ozone resistance for greater durability — Natural rubber is from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance

Men’s R2® Yulex® Front-Zip Full Suit $449.00 I 88438 I XS-XL I Formfitting I 1,247 g (44 oz)

Surf gear has evolved by leaps and bounds, but surfers themselves are still a bunch of knuckle draggers. Dan Ross stalls through an icy barrel in the depths of the North Atlantic winter. Al Mackinnon


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