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10 solutions for small bedrooms

Sometime it is very easy to interior small bedroom by rearranging furniture or changing the color. Here are 10 suggestions to make the best small bedrooms.

1) Arrange furniture around the window

Use window as a center and built furniture around it is an efficient use of space. This is looking appealing because it creates a balanced design. You can also use a trundle bed for seating place as well as sleeping place also. The Classy Home provides trundle beds of Coaster Furniture brand with different design and size. 2) Balanced arrangement

Narrow and longer room is hard to decorate. You can place the bed as their both sides have place for walking and behind that bed you can place storage console.

This type of arrangement allows to create a symmetrical layout so you can access both the sides of the room. Window can be a focal point by wall to wall layers. 3) Use of walls

If there is a no space to put a night lamp beside the bed, then hang it on the wall. You can also make shelf on the wall to keep books and decorative items. 4) Arrange furniture at the edge of the room

Sometime it is beneficial to move furniture to the far edge of the room. That expands the space of the room. The natural contrast color also adds the spacious look. 5) Build the Bunk Bed

When using the Bunk Bed there is a lot of space for storage. Select the right Bunk Bed that fulfills your storage requirement. 6) Corner Arrangement

You can also bed in a corner. Using a corner for bed is very efficient use of place. This is looking very good when arrange two twin beds. 7) Closet solution

If you don’t have space for closet, then select the larger headboard for your bed and install a closet system behind it. 8) Utilization of the space at the footboard of the bed

This is the perfect place for a desk or storage bench as well as an ottoman. That builds the layout and make everything in the room accessible.

9) Mirror or glass

A wall of glass expands the overall visualization of the room. Arrange the mirror on the door make the room seems larger. 10) Flooring

Light color flooring or wall to wall carpet helps to enhance the living space. View More :

10 solution for small bedrooms