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There is a Better Way to Say “Thank You for Your Service” To all our Active Duty Military and Veterans by William L. (Bill) Clark, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

As a retired Air Force, Vietnam Veteran I have had many people

you about a much better way to say “Thank You for Your Service” to all veterans. The Disabled American Veteran (DAV) organization has been providing a door to door shuttle service since 1984 for San




Holiday Concert at Mesa College

The Mesa College Music Department presents in concert the World Music Ensemble and the Vocal Ensemble, Saturday, December 9, 2017, 7pm in the Mesa College Library (LR). The 11 member World Ensemble will feature African drumming

music while the 24 voice mixed choir will sing madrigals and holiday songs. The concert is free as is parking in Lot A1, A2, or Lot 8, 9. See campus map at

San Diego Police Department Northern Division RSVP Program

Morning Driver Assignments at the La Jolla CA ,VA Medical Center (Left to right) Richard Randolph – Department Service Office, Frank Manthei - San Diego Driver (in the van), Andrea Butler – Transportation Coordinator, Allen Hartman – Oceanside Driver

tell me “Thank You for Your Service” and believe me, myself and all veterans loved to hear this. However…. I want to tell

Diego veterans that need help to get themselves to their medical SEE DAV Service, page 10

The SDPD is currently recruiting additional volunteers to serve as Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) officers in the Clairemont community as well as: Bay Park, UTC, University City, as well in Pacific & Mission Beach & La Jolla. RSVP duties include patrolling our local neighborhoods, while serving as additional eyes & ears for the police department. We assist uniformed officers with directing traffic at accidents & crime scenes, we support disaster

preparedness & homeland security efforts, additionally, we look for stolen vehicles using our computer driven license plate readers, and ticket vehicles illegally parked in handicap spaces and red zones. In addition, RSVP volunteers visit elderly residents to check on their welfare & safety, and perform home checks for residents on vacation. Volunteers must be at least 50 SEE RSVP, page 5

2018 Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League by Ken Cicalo

The calendar may say it’s football season, and the weather may be getting colder, but it’s almost time to get signed up for the 2018 Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League season.

Clairemont Hilltoppers is the only official Little League in Clairemont, and will be celebrating its 62nd year in 2018, providing a safe, fun, and exciting baseball program for the boys and girls of our community.

Any child who will be 4-years-old by August 31, 2018 (but not yet 17-years-old) and lives or goes to school in Clairemont, is eligible to play at Clairemont Hilltoppers this year. The season runs from early February to early

June, and includes lots of fun activities in addition to games and practices. This is a great social community, where kids and adults make friends that can last a lifetime. SEE Hilltoppers, page 6

2 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

From the Publisher By Chris O’Connell

The Merry month of December, Happy Holidays everyone…… or as I like to say Merry Christmas! I hope, as always, you will find or learn something new in this edition. Given the time of year, I thought I would promote some local causes so that if you were so inclined to give back here’s your chance. There of course countless organizations and ways to either donate goods and services, your time or even dollars. In addition, we have some tech tips as well as travel tips. Speaking of travel myself and my wife were fortunate enough to travel back to the East Coast last month and I am not sure how it worked out, but we both had TSA Pre Check on our direct flights. What a dream cruising right through the security line. The travel tips have some good links at the end to research. Traffic. We all think it is horrible here and last month social media was blasting an LA traffic image around Thanksgiving. I can tell you we are

not alone in Southern California. During our trip East it seemed everywhere in Boston no matter the time of day traffic traffic traffic. So I guess just plan accordingly. Speaking of traffic I included some information on a couple local bridges on the outskirts of the neighborhood. To all the readers, thank you for your support over the years, whether it is words of encouragement or harsh criticism I do appreciate the feedback. Please note this paper would not be possible without the support of local businesses that choose to advertise in this paper, please do your best to tell them you heard about them in the CT! Last but not least this edition is dedicated to my father who passed in the month of December (22nd) back in 1999. I miss the old man, time goes by so quickly, he’s gone but never forgotten. Happy Holidays folks and Merry Christmas!

Chris O’Connell, Publisher

Do You Need A Great Electrician? Expert Troubleshooting Same Day Repair Home Electrical Inspections Senior Citizen Discount

CLD Electric 619.638.0228 20 Years Experience If you are interested in advertising in the

Clairemont Times CALL

Chris O’Connell (858) 752-9779

The Clairemont Times • December 2017 • 3

Clairemont Woman’s Club by Marge Weber

The holiday season is upon us. Our December meeting will be a luncheon for members in Mission Valley. At that time we will bring the fixings for holiday dinners for the Clairemont Christian Community Services to deliver to deserving families. In addition, we like to pass “The Stocking” for donations to The Storefront, a service for homeless kids. We will also have initiations for new members, enjoy a delicious lunch and have some fun activities. In November, for the 12th year, we gathered at a member’s home and made Christmas card trees by recycling old cards. The trees bring holiday cheer to Meals on Wheels trays and we have fun pasting and cutting and sharing stories of our school days. At the November meeting we learned about the history of the San Diego River Park System and how they are trying to keep the river viable so we can all enjoy it. The book club discussed “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of

Harold Frye” Our major fundraiser this year will benefit The Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station here in San Diego; there will be a Fashion Show and Luncheon at the Butcher Shop on April 21. More information to follow so mark this on your new calendar. Start the new year off by visiting us at the Balboa Community Church at 6555 Balboa Ave. on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 to find out what we do for our community and how we have fun. Please park around the corner on Mt. Albertine in the church parking lot. The meeting starts at 1 p. m. and refreshments will be served. The program will be announced in the January issue of the Clairemont Times. As the year draws to a close, we wish all a Happy New Year, not only for ourselves, but for our community, country and world. For more information about CWC, visit our websites at or “like” us on Facebook. You may also call Jackie at (858) 273-7664 or Evelyn at (858) 279-4367.

4 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

Hot News: New Legislation for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) in San Diego More Leniency and Less Expensive Permitting Fees for Granny Flats/Accessory Units Construction What you need to know about San Diego’s New Accessory Dwelling (ADU) Ordinance The state of California has just passed new legislation to make it easier for San Diego homeowners to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), Companion Units, Casitas, Studios or “Granny Flats” on their property. In addition to other reasons, this is a response to the increased housing crisis and is a way to give San Diego homeowners more control over what they do with their property. This legislation took effect this January but finally the new regulations have been rolled out. (Below are the highlights in bullet points). But firstly, an ADU is a small dwelling on the property of a pre-existing residence. This can include a converted garage, a small apartment over the garage, an attached separate unit, or a small detached separate dwelling on the property. FINALLY homeowners can now build these ADUs without the enormous fees that used to be required to get the permits, as long as the ADU meets certain building code guidelines. Top Reasons to Build an ADU on your Clairemont Property: Years ago, multiple generations lived together in the same house. More and more families are beginning to bring this lifestyle to life once again. With the increasing “cost of living” here in San Diego and housing costs soaring (currently at an all-time high), it is difficult these days to get into a “first time home”. In these current situations, extended families may want to help out. Some existing San Diego homeowners may find it difficult to have adult children living at home (or, for that matter, to be an adult child stuck living at home) so in many ways, the ADU is the perfect compromisegiving everyone a little autonomy and independence. The same is true for elderly relatives who may not feel comfortable (or be able to afford) living on their own, but who are not yet ready to move into an assisted living facility. Having an ADU is the perfect balance of keeping an aging relative close without having to be on top of each other all the time. An ADU is also beneficial for those who have out-of-state family or regular houseguests, but want to retain a modicum of privacy. An added benefit to this particular use is that the ADU can serve as an office, playroom or workout room when not being used

by guests. Finally, for many homeowners ADUs are the perfect compromise of having an income property with a much lower commitment requirement than owning a separate property. • Nanny Suite • Housekeeping Suite • Teenagers’ Retreat • In-Law Suite • Grandparents Suite • Art Studio • Man Cave • Newlywed Suite saving for their future • Home office • Game room • Guest House • Rental Income Suite • Vacation Rental Some of the New ADU Regulations: • In the new legislation, if a garage is being converted into an ADU, the only requirement is that the new dwelling passes fire safety standards and show proof of sewer/septic service and water. All provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation must be included on the same parcel. • Detached Companion Units can be built up to 1200 sq. ft. regardless of how big the main house is provided the FAR and Coverage allow it. • ADU’s can be built in rear and side setbacks up to 30’ in width. • Only 1 required parking spot per companion unit for up to 2 bedrooms when the companion unit does not meet any of the exceptions (example: public transportation within a half mile). That parking spot can be within the setbacks. • Companion Units that are less than 500 sq. ft. are not required to have the extra parking. • Companion Units are allowed on multi-zoned lots where 2 dwellings already exist, provided the FAR and Coverage allow it. • Existing garages or non-habitable accessory structures may be allowed to be converted provided the setbacks meet fire code. • Junior Companion Units are attached to the main dwelling, but have a private entrance. • Junior Companion Units can have an efficiency kitchen with a sink with a 1.5” drain line and an electric stove only, below 120V. No gas is allowed. • Junior Companion Units can have their own bathrooms or they can use one in the existing house. • Junior Companion Units are not required to have the extra parking. • The owner must occupy the main dwelling if a Junior Companion Unit is to be built. - 858.248.9711 - Lic #239311 • Habitable Accessory Structures (like Guest Quarters) are still allowed to be built on properties with Companion Units, provided the FAR and coverage allows it. • An ADU cannot be added to a lot that already has an existing guest living quarter or accessory apartment. If you want more information on building an ADU or remodeling an

existing structure on your property according to the new legislation, or if you have questions about the design-building process, please check out our website: Call us for a Free Estimate and free 3D Design Renderings at (858) 248-9711, and let us tell you what can be done at your house/property!

Rock Boulder Stone




Thad Murwin • 619-252-0522 Resident of Clairemont Local References • Fully Insured

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10 oz NY Steak w/Mashed Potatoes, Gravy & Steamed Veggies Well Drink, House Wine or Beer (Bud, Coors or Miller Product) or Soda Limit 1 Coupon Per Person Per Month

3065 Ste A Clairemont Dr. (in the old Keil’s now Sprouts Plaza) • 619-642-0338 @fasttimessd • NFL Package • Live Music • Full Bar/Full Kitchen

The Essential Objectives of Estate Planning by Dick McEntyre, Attorney at Law

The essential objectives of estate planning are: 1. To eliminate or minimize probate fees. “Probate fees” are attorney’s and executor’s fees allowed by law in a court-supervised “administration” of one’s estate. One means of eliminating, or at least reducing probate fees, is by your creating a revocable living trust. 2. To eliminate or minimize federal estate tax (“FET”). If you are married and have a substantial combined net worth, be sure to take advantage of “portability” – the addition of the first spouse to die’s unused lifetime exclusion amount (from federal estate taxes) to the surviving spouse’s lifetime exclusion amount. To obtain this portability present law requires the filing of a federal estate tax return following the death of the first spouse to die. In this connection, to reduce the size of your estate, and without requiring your filing of any gift tax return, and, therefore enabling your estate to pay less FET, consider making annual $14,000 gifts of cash or property value to each donee you wish.

Also, the purchase of life insurance on your life may help to pay any FET owing on your death. 3. To eliminate or minimize potential Medi-Cal costs. To reduce the potential of Medi-Cal costs, consider purchasing long-term health care insurance. 4. To minimize the risk from a damage award against you (for example, from auto accident liability in excess of your coverage). One thing you can do here is purchase an umbrella liability insurance policy through the insurance company providing your auto or home insurance policies. 5. And most importantly, to be certain that your estate will pass to those beneficiaries you desire to have it. The above “Essential Objectives” are generalizations only and are not to be taken as legal advice for the reader’s particular situation. Richard F. McEntyre is a lawyer practicing law in the areas of estate planning and administration, having served the San Diego community as a lawyer for over 40 years. House calls are available. Dick’s office is located at 3156 Sports Arena Boulevard, Suite 102 (Telephone (619) 221-0279),



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years of age & possess a valid California driver’s license. We offer flexible schedules; a minimum of 3 days per month service is required excluding time out for vacations. Don’t wait our next academy

begins in a few months; contact SDPD’s RSVP Northern Division Call for additional information and a ride along at 858-552-1737 or email:

Police 911

Non-Emergency (619) 531-2000

Fire 911

Non-Emergency (619) 533-4300

Mayor Falcouner

(619) 236-6330

District 2 Councilmember Lorie Zapf

(619) 236-6622

District 6 Councilmember Chris Cate

(619) 236-6616

District 7 Councilmember Scott Sherman

(619) 236-6677

City of SD Pothole & Graffiti Hotline

(619) 527-7500

Trash Collection Environmental Services

(858) 694-7000

SD County Animal Services (24 hour hotline)

(619) 236-2341


(800) 411-7343

SD County Water Authority

(858) 522-6600

Metropolitan Transit System

(619) 231-1466

Clairemont Senior Center

(858) 581-9926

Clairemont Times Newspaper

(858) 752-9779

6 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

West Mission Bay Drive Bridge Replacement Project approximately 1.25 miles west of the The West Mission Bay Drive Bridge Interstate 5/Interstate 8 (I-5/I-8) was constructed in the early 1950s to meet the demands and standards of its time. It was constructed with four travel lanes, five-foot-wide sidewalks, concrete pier walls on timber piles and a concrete median barrier. Because the daily traffic volume on the bridge exceeds its current capacity, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) evaluated and classified the bridge as functionally obsolete. The existing bridge will be replaced with two three-lane parallel structures for both northbound and southbound traffic. This project is federally funded through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Highway Bridge Program (HBP). This project is located on West Mission Bay Please note these are only artistic renderings for the project. Drive between Interstate Some details of the finished project may not exactly mirror Courtesy of City of San Diego what is portrayed in these renderings. 8 and Sea World Drive,

Gilman Drive Bridge SANDAG, in partnership with UC San Diego and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are constructing a new overcrossing over Interstate 5 (I-5) at Gilman Drive, just north of the La Jolla

Rendering Courtesy of SANDAG

Village Drive Interchange. The overcrossing and related roadway improvements will connect Gilman Drive to the west and Medical Center Drive to the east. The project will provide a vital link between the west and east campuses of UCSD and add a second on-campus crossing over I-5. The overcrossing will be a three-span,

pre-stressed concrete arch structure. The project started in November of 2016 and the anticipated completion is Spring 2019. During construction there have been and will be closures of I-5 to keep up to date visit or follow on Twitter @ShiftSanDiego The approximate total cost of construction is $20.6 million. The Gilman Drive Bridge project is being funded through a combination of local and private funding sources, including approximately $15.3 million from TransNet, the regional half-cent sales tax for transportation administered by SANDAG.

interchange within the City of San Diego. Once complete, the project will replace the existing four-lane bridge with two separate three-lane structures, providing an improved transportation link across the San Diego River. The improvements include: • Two new parallel bridge structures with three travel lanes in each direction • A class 1 bike path on both bridges • Roadway widening and improvements along Sports Arena Boulevard, West Mission Bay Drive and the westbound I-8 off-ramp • Additional architectural features • Environmental mitigation

Project Schedule & Budget Construction is scheduled to begin early 2018* with completion scheduled for Fall 2021* *The project’s budget and schedule are subject to change. For questions or concerns about the project, call the Public Works Department construction project information line at 619-533-4207, email, Please reference the “West Mission Bay Drive Bridge Replacement Project” in your inquiry. View a video simulation at acement

Honor Flight San Diego Named San Diego County Non-Profit of the Year Honor Flight San Diego was selected as the San Diego County Non-profit of the Year during a luncheon hosted by The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park. The San Diego County Veteran of the Year Program honors veterans, non-profit organizations and businesses who serve our local military. Nominations were collected by The Veterans Museum at Balboa Park and a winner was selected in each of four categories: San Diego County Veteran of the Year, Lifetime Support of Veterans, Veterans Allegiance (non-profit) and Meritorious Support of Veterans (for-profit). Honor Flight San Diego was selected for this award for their nonprofit work to take WWII and terminally ill veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their memorials as a “thank you” for their service to our country. Since 2010, Honor Flight San Diego has flown over 1100 veterans to

Washington, D.C. at no cost to the veteran. “We are so honored to be selected for this award; we know there was worthy competition and we could not be more humbled,” said Julie Brightwell, chairman of Honor Flight San Diego.“We hope that this award will help the community gain awareness for our mission and the need to connect with WWII veterans.” Honor Flight San Diego’s next trip to Washington, D.C. is in May 2018 and they want to take as many Southern California WWII veterans as possible. If the local community knows a WWII veteran who has not flown on Honor Flight, they can go to: to complete an application. Caption: The Veterans Allegiance Award presented to one San Diego County non-profit organization that supports military


this for 350+ kids. Training and other resources are available, so if you have interest, please contact League Information Officer Ken Cicalo at For more information about the league and sign ups, visit:

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In addition to players, they are also looking for volunteers to coach and umpire in the program. Little League is an all-volunteer organization, and it takes a village to run a program like

The Clairemont Times • December 2017 • 7

Religious Directory Clairemont Lutheran Church 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117 Sunday Worship Times 8:30, 10:00 (English) & 11:30 am (Spanish) Sunday School for kids 9:45am

Celebrating our 9th Year Together! • • • •

Haircuts, Colors Hi Lights, Perms Blow Dry Styling Oh Yes, We Do Roller Sets!!

We are a Handicap Friendly Salon

We are a Family friendly salon ... Two years to 102 we don’t care as long you have hair.

If you are in a wheelchair and cannot transfer, no problem, we can do you in your chair, all services.

3650 Clairemont Dr. 1A

Violet’s Hair Design 858-490-0360

Please call for an Appointment

Holy Cross Lutheran Church 3450 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Church (858) 273-2886 Sunday Worship 9:00 am Christian Science Church and Reading Room 3410 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Phone (619) 276-5034 Sunday Worship Service and Sunday School: 10:00am Wednesday Testimony Meetings: Noon

Residential • Commercial

San Diego’s Home Town Painter Call:


Free Estimates No Job Too Small

License 1000450

Potholes in your Neighborhood? Report the Street & Cross Street to City of San Diego Streets & Potholes Division

619 527 7500

St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church 4124 Mt. Abraham Ave., San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 277-3133 Weekend Mass Times Saturday 5:30pm Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:00am, 1pm/Spanish St. David’s Episcopal Church & Preschool 5050 Milton Street, San Diego CA 92110 Sunday Worship Times: 8:00am - Holy Communion Rite I (Traditional) 10:00am - Holy Communion Rite II (Contemporary) Wednesday Short Service w/Communion 6:15pm For information on advertising your place of worship in the Religious Directory please call or email Chris O’Connell, Publisher (858) 752-9779

8 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

Squaremont By Bill Swank

Pictured: Bill Swank outside the Buena Vista Garden Apartments on Cowley Way in 1955, with East Clairemont off in the distance.

Photos by Bill Swank

God Bless Them All, Every One! by Bill Swank

As a kid, I didn’t know I’d end up looking the way I do. Just look at the skinny rustic above in the Squaremont box. When you’re a mature gentleman with a full white beard, rubicon cheeks and ample belly, Santa placement agencies, Santa photographers and “Real Bearded Santa” organizations seek you out. I had no interest in becoming a professional Santa. It seemed unSanta-like to me until something unexpectedly wonderful happened. While loading my plate at the former HomeTown Buffet in Clairemont, I felt something on my leg. I looked down and saw a little Mexican girl with both arms wrapped around my calf. She looked up and said,“I love you, Santa.” I patted her on the head and said,“I love you, too.” A woman standing nearby asked if that happened often. I told her,“The older I get, the more it happens.” My heart melted. If little kids thought I looked like Santa, it must be true. A short time later, my wife and I were at a neighbor’s party when two women approached and said,“We want you to be our Santa.” I wasn’t interested until they explained their

connection to the Community Christmas Center in Balboa Park. They needed a replacement for their volunteer Santa at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion during “Christmas on the Prado.” I am proud to have worn the red suit as San Diego’s Santa in Balboa Park since 2002. Over the years, I’ve been a volunteer Santa for numerous other charitable organizations. Until San Diego Hospice went bankrupt in 2013, my most gratifying role was visiting kids under their care. I didn’t think it was possible to bring joy into the homes of dying children, but it really happened. I’ll never forget a seven-year-old boy who wanted to be Santa when he grew up. I said,“Why wait?” and excited, because she met Santa Claus. Margaret wrote,“I was wondering if you were the ‘Santa’ she saw. I can’t imagine anyone else looking like Santa in ‘street clothes.’” The girl’s mother e-mailed this picture and Margaret sent a further explanation about how Faith became her “adopted grandchild.” “About 20 years ago, my daughter and her family were sailing around the end of Baja and had

This little girl asked,”Are you Santa Claus?”

Seven-year-old hospice patient said, “I want to be Santa Claus when I grow up.”

removed my hat, jacket and belt. Then I asked why he wanted to be Santa and he said,“I want to do nice things for other people.” Think about that ... A little boy dying of cancer wanted to do nice things for others. By the way, his name was Jesus. Some of my favorite encounters happen in the food court at Costco on Morena Boulevard when kids figure out who I am. Last month, a little girl asked if I was Santa. I showed a picture of me with some vampires in Balboa Park and the girl’s mother asked if I would pose for a picture with her daughter. I assumed our paths would never cross again. That afternoon, I received e-mail from Margaret Ryan Smith, a high school classmate. She said her “granddaughter” came home Bill Swank has been Santa Claus at the Spreckels Organ from Costco and was very Pavilion during “December Nights in the Park” since 2002. photo courtesy Balboa Park Conservancy

photo courtesy Bill Swank

photo courtesy Isabel Harford

have an equally bodacious name for its own fine Christmas lights display.” The next year, I visited the Jamar-Lana neighborhood to learn the history of their display. Everyone said that it was Don Park’s idea and inspiration. He turned out to be a very humble, modest, below-the-radar kind of man who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Don was embarrassed by my suggestion that the display should be named “Clairemont Christmas Park” in his honor. His family asked the neighbors what they thought of the idea. Everybody loved it. Don died in 2016, but his spirit lives on in this North Clairemont neighborhood that will celebrate their 40th Annual Clairemont Christmas Park this year. Parents and grandparents take their kids and grandkids to this magical place they visited when they were young. The participating homeowners of Clairemont Christmas Park enjoy making people happy. They continue the spirit of Don Park. Little Jesus and Faith’s family

problems with their boat. They pulled into a fishing village in Baja Sur and a family came to the boat and took her family up to their house, fed them, gave them a place to sleep and did their laundry. They have been friends Happy 40th Anniversary to Clairemont Christmas Park photo courtesy Darrell Park ever since.” My first Squaremont column appeared in understand the true spirit of December 2014. I knew that a North Christmas: giving to others. God bless Clairemont neighborhood near them all, every one! Madison High School was listed as one Merry Christmas from Squaremont of San Diego County’s ten best local Santa Claus. Christmas displays, but it didn’t have a name. I listed the names of the other exhibits and wrote,“Clairemont should

The Clairemont Times • December 2017 • 9

$15.99 LB

$19.99 LB

BABY $89.00 each SMALL $129.00 each LARGE $149.00 each

$8.99 LB

$3.99 LB

$3.99 LB

$8.99 LB

SDFD Entry Level Application Closes December 14th Firefighter Recruit is one of the most popular entry level job classifications in the City of San Diego. When the Basic Fire Academy asks for applications, the number of applicants far exceeds the number who can be accepted. Because of the immense interest in the position, the City of San Diego does not widely advertise Firefighter Recruit openings. Be aware the Firefighter Recruit position opens infrequently and the resulting eligibility list lasts one year. The City Personnel Department maintains an email notification system to let you know when applications are being taken. A Fire Recruit is under constant supervision while attending the Fire Academy. The academy prepares recruits for a fire fighting career and also teaches them to perform related work. Fire Recruit is an entry-level class in the Firefighter series. Upon successful completion of the Fire Academy, recruits are promoted to Firefighter I. Examples of Fire Recruit duties include attending a 16-week paid Fire Academy, which includes course work and practice in fire prevention and

$2.99 LB

suppression, emergency medical training and state and local laws Minimum Qualifications You must meet the following requirements on the date you apply, unless otherwise indicated. AGE: You must be 18 years of age. EDUCATION: Graduation from high school OR passage of the California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) or General Education Development (GED) examination. CITIZENSHIP: You must be a United States citizen or have the current legal right to work in the United States. CERTIFICATE: You must have ALL of the following valid certificates: • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certificate or a Paramedic License issued ONLY by the State of California or by the National Registry (NREMT-Basic) or by an EMT or Paramedic certifying agency approved by the State of California. • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Card (Healthcare Provider/BLS Provider equivalent or higher). • A valid County of San Diego Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Certificate or Paramedic License issued by the State of California and certified by the County of San Diego is required at the time of hire. • A valid Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Card (Healthcare Provider/BLS Provider equivalent or higher) is required at the time of hire. • A Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) or Pediatric Education for

Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate is NOT qualifying. LICENSE: A valid California Class C Driver License is required at the time of hire. For more information, call (619) 533-4300 or email or visit

Morena Blvd Exit to Close for 3 Months by Chris O’Connell

Westbound Morena Exit off I8 closed for 3 consecutive months. Caltrans is planning to widen I8 in A project expected to start as early the area, a project expected to take as January 2018 will see the two years. As part of the widening of the freeway the exit will need to be closed. Throughout the course of the two year project, there will be additional closures of the Morena exit, however much more sporadic and for lesser amounts of time. The detour will be to take I5 North and exit at Tecolote Rd. For more information or to keep up to date, visit Google Earth image of I8 and the Morena Blvd Exit to be closed for 3 consecutive months beginning in 2018

10 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

December Holy Day Services St. David’s Episcopal Church 5050 Milton St, 92110 Advent Taize Service Saturday, 12/2 5pm Children’s Christmas Pageant Sunday, 12/17 10am Holy Communion Sunday Service Advent IV Sunday, 12/24 10:00am Holy Communion Christmas Eve Services Sunday, 12/24 5:30pm Family Service, & Holy Communion Candlelight Service 8:30pm Carols 9pmHoly Communion Clairemont Lutheran Church 4271 Clmnt Mesa Blvd, 92117 12/3 Worship at 10am will be the Children’s Choirs Christmas Musicals Advent Adventure for all ages at 3pm Christmas Musical by our Youth Choir at 4:30pm La Posada at 5:30pm All are welcome & invited to attend!

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appointments at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla, as well as the VA Oceanside and Mission Valley clinics. David Strobehn who is the DAV Transportation Coordinator said, “Volunteer drivers are the backbone of our organization and last year they transported over 12,000 patients. Today I have a pressing need for additional drivers to handle an increasing number of veterans requesting our service”. He also said “The most difficult part of my job is that I have to turn away dozens of patients each month because of a lack of drivers”. Frank Manthei who drives the San Diego van said “During over ten years of driving, I have observed and several of my passengers have told me that the DAV is much more than just a convenience for them, it’s actually the difference from them getting the necessary health care they need to not having access to a doctor’s care”. If you are a veteran who can get in and out of a van unassisted and in need of transportation to your VA medical appointments, call the DAV at 858-552-7470 at least a week in advance of your appointment. We service the greater San Diego area from the South Bay to North County,

including Oceanside and Escondido and as far East as El Centro. Sorry, we cannot transport anyone in a wheel chair or on a gurney. Drivers are urgently needed for all four areas. Drivers normally work one day a week. You don’t have to have a special license to drive the 10 passenger DAV vans. You also do not have to be a veteran to apply although many of our drivers are veterans. You will have to pass a physical exam along with a Background and a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driving records check. We welcome both men and women and age is not a factor, in fact we have several drivers in their 80’s. Our drivers are an eclectic group of individuals and we all look forward to welcoming new members into our group. If you are looking for a wonderful volunteer job that will have a positive effect on your life and will help many veterans and their family’s lives as well. Please contact David Strobehn at the DAV office in La Jolla CA. at 858-552-7470 or email him at today for more information on how to volunteer. Being a DAV Volunteer Driver is the one of the most positive and sincere way to tell all veterans that you are truly “Thankful for Their Service”.

12/17 Traditional worship with Lesson’s & Carols, and a Cantata by our Sanctuary Choir & musicians 12/24 Christmas Eve Worship will be at 4:30pm, 6:30pm & 10pm Holy Cross Lutheran Church 3450 Clairemont Dr, 92117 Advent Services 12/6, 12/13 & 12/20 Soup Supper 6-7pm Advent Service 7pm Christmas Services 12/24 9am Christmas Eve at 7pm 12/25 9am Christmas Day St. Catherine LaBouré Catholic Church 4124 Mt Abraham, 92111 12/24 Christmas Eve 4pm (Children’s Mass) & 7pm 12/25 Christmas Day 9am, 11am & 1pm (Spanish)

See answers in next month issue.

The Clairemont Times • December 2017 • 11

Pure Water Awash In Dirty Ethics North City Project Pure Water San Diego Program Commentary Louis Rodolico

In blatant violation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements Pure Water completed 60% Engineering plans before public comment. The Pure Water Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is proposing pumping raw sewage, in a four foot diameter pipe, under high pressure (260 psi), uphill 400’ from the Morena Pump Station to the Miramar Pure Water Facility 10 ½ miles away through our residential

neighborhoods. They chose the least safe and most disruptive alternative (see red dashed line on the map). I support the Pure Water program, but the forcemain route shown in this EIR needs to be scrapped. The Pure Water 10% Design link is at the end of this article. This document should have been released in March 2016, but was released two weeks ago with very little time for public comment. Go to pdf page 147 to see the SDGE easement yellow

dashed line on the map. The community generally likes this alternate within the existing SDGE power line easement. It would be 8.9 miles long, 50-80 feet deep and would be the least disruptive during construction. This is the only alternate that has both the 48 inch diameter and 30 inch diameter high pressure sewer mains in a 9 foot diameter tunnel so any leaking raw sewage can be collected without contaminating the environment. Pure Water should consider placing the large forcemain pump at the base of the SDGE easement. The Pure Water EIR Proposal is silent on how they chose their red dashed line route on the map, but we can safely conclude the following. The blue dash line on the map was rejected by Caltrans, who is ok with purple pipe irrigation water next to highways but not high pressure raw sewage. The Friends of Rose Canyon (FORC) have half a million in the bank and eager to sue if an attempt is made to bring it up Regents Road or through Rose Canyon. Westfield Mall and Costa Verde Shopping Center have the cash to sue if placed in front of their facilities. This EIR will probably not sustain a lawsuit so those who have the means to sue, by default, force Pure Water to place the forcemain elsewhere. Hopefully the University Community Planning Group (UCPG) and the Clairemont Community Planning Group (CCPG) will coordinate and insist on the SDGE yellow path, the Amtrak or Caltrans paths or better yet the elimination of pumping raw sewage uphill altogether. The battle lines are drawn. Since Pure Water already purchased 60% construction documents, they are motivated to tell us whatever it takes

to complete their selected alternate (red dashed line on the map). If public outrage overturns this solution, then who will pay the engineers for their time? They should have come to the public first and not try to sidestep public safety and community disruption during construction. If Caltrans is ok with irrigation water next to the highways why not partially process water to the irrigation level before pumping it 400 feet uphill? The EIR red dashed line solution will involve reducing Genesee Avenue from four to two lanes and will probably destroy the Torrey Pines north of Governor. Genesee is the only north south UC highway completed, Regents Road Bridge was never built and neither was the Governor to Gillman connector. If the city insists on digging up highways why not bring it up a low volume road like Regents and leave the congested Genesee corridor alone? Answer: Pure Water cannot bring it up Regents Road without being sued by FORC. We get a window into our political reality in a 2008 article written by Attorney Rani Gupta for the Voice of San Diego; “When the environmental group Friends of Rose Canyon (FORC) mulled a lawsuit over the expansion of the Westfield University Towne Center mall a few months ago, labor

leader Lorena Gonzalez knew who to call. Westfield officials asked Gonzalez, who favored the expansion, to arrange face time with the group, which had been represented in past lawsuits by her brother Marco, an environmental lawyer. She called Friends of Rose Canyon President Deborah Knight and phoned her brother, who signed on to represent the environmental group in the Westfield dispute. A series of meetings followed, and the two sides hammered out a settlement, the terms of which remain confidential.” Why would a canyon group like FORC sue a Mall for expanding and what did they get for their threat? The Mall does not share a property line with Rose Canyon. FORC wraps themselves in a mythology of protecting animals; however FORC rejected; removal of the train from Rose Canyon, building the Regents Road Bridge and installing safe pedestrian/bike passages across the train tracks at Regents Road and at Gillman. At a recent UCPG meeting FORC went uncharacteristically public and tried to extort three million dollars from Alexandria. This was halted when FORC and a UCPG member were shouted down with audience cries of extortion. However, SEE Pure Water, page 12

12 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

The Clairemont Times PO Box 17671 San Diego, CA 92177 (858) 752-9779 Founding Publisher: Chris O’Connell Graphic Designer: Elaine Hall Contributors: Brian Gruters Susan Lewitt Dick McEntyre Robby McKittrick Lauren & Josh Rains Dion Rich Brian Riehm Louis Rodolico Robert Ross Bill Swank Barbarah Torres Marge Weber The Clairemont Times is a free publication published each month and circulated throughout the neighborhoods of Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park & Kearny Mesa. Story ideas, advertising & editorial questions can be sent to The Clairemont Times P.O. Box 17671, San Diego, CA 92177 or Copyright ©2011-17 The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing. Reuse of material from this edition or past editions is strictly prohibited without permission from the publisher. The opinions in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of The Clairemont Times/McSierra Publishing but instead, of each individual author/contributor. The Clairemont Times is proud to partner and contribute with:


biting dialogue. What more could you want from a film?

War.”The trailer looks fantastic, so let’s cross our fingers!

This Month:

8) “Paddington 2” (Jan. 12, 2018) We were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful, charming “Paddington” from 2014, and we hope this sequel can repeat the original’s fun feel.

11) “Early Man” (Feb. 16, 2018) Stop-motion animation is the best. Modeled heavily off of movies like “Shawn the Sheep” and “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit,” “Early Man” looks to have a similar, successful spirit.

Upcoming Winter Releases by Lolo & Big J

Another season has come and gone. Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! We wanted to share a list of films we’re looking forward to for the upcoming “winter” quarter, movies that will be released between Dec. 1, 2017 & Feb. 28, 2018. We hope you have enjoyed another year of movie reviews, lists, and commentary! 1) “The Disaster Artist” (Dec. 1, 2017) We’re huge fans of the cult classic “The Room” and have been looking forward to this dramatization of the making of that film ever since it was announced. We have hope that this will be one of the best movies about one of the worst movies ever made. 2) “The Shape of Water” (Dec. 8, 2017) We love Guillermo del Toro and his fantastical, imaginative style as a director. We think this romantic drama will capture the same magic found in his past works like “Pan’s Labyrinth.” 3) “I, Tonya” (Dec. 8, 2017) A movie about one of the biggest figure skating scandals of all time featuring one the most notorious characters in competitive sports? Yes, please! 4) “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (Dec. 15, 2017) Come on, it’s “Star Wars”...who’s not looking forward to it?! 5) “The Post” (release date: Dec. 22, 2017) Two of the finest actors of all time, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, will star in “The Post,” which is all about the importance of a free media and is directed by none other than Steven Spielberg. Count us in. 6) “The Greatest Showman” (Dec. 29, 2017) A massive musical spectacle about nostalgic times long since past, one that boasts a wonderful ensemble cast and looks beautiful to boot. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 7) “Molly’s Game” (Dec. 29, 2017) Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba delivering Aaron Sorkin’s hard-hitting,

9) “God Particle” (Feb. 2, 2018) “10 Cloverfield Lane” truly knocked it out of the park. Despite knowing nothing about this third installment in the “Cloverfield” series, we have high hopes for this J. J. Abrams-produced flick. 10) “Black Panther” (Feb. 16, 2018) We have been chomping at the bit waiting for the “Black Panther” solo movie ever since his character was introduced in “Captain America: Civil

Pure Water

12) “Annihilation” (Feb. 22, 2018) Alex Garland burst on the scene with his directorial debut “Ex Machina,” a favorite of ours from 2014. If his sophomore effort is even half as good, it will still be worth watching. Visit our blog at for more reviews, and follow us @lololovesfilms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for extra content! For inquiries or comments, please email: rth_city_project_pure_water_san_diego_progr am_public_review_draft.compressed.pdf

Continued from page 11

there is nothing stopping FORC from entering into confidential/secret agreements with Alexandria. Eager to sue, but not eager to improve Rose Canyon, how many secret agreements have FORC entered into, and how many of them effect spending of our public dollars? FORC holds no public meetings and their benefactors are not public record. Pure Water has taken a page out of the FORC playbook by concealing information from the public and not releasing the 10% Design solution on March 2016. Why should the community have to bear the expense of a lawsuit to overturn the results of these dirty political ethics? How on earth did we get here? You can E-Mail your comments to Pure Water North City Project at: Louis Rodolico has been a University resident since 2001 Additional documents at: Links: Pure Water EIR Proposal

Pure Water 10% Design, March 2016 At: Go to Additional Positions or: 75221087/nc01-10pct_final.pdf Pure Water 60% Submittal Go to Additional Positions;

Pure Water 60% Submittal Engineering Plan to Right VOSD Article nment/thirty-something-brother-and-sister-an d-atop-san-diego-politics/

If you are interested in advertising in the

Clairemont Times CALL

Chris O’Connell (858) 752-9779

The Clairemont Times • December 2017 • 13

Beers by the Bay 32 North – Journey AND Destination by Brian Riehm

For this month’s review, I journeyed to 32 North Brewing, 8655 Production Ave, in the Miramar area. Owner Steve Peterson has had quite the journey since he opened his doors three years ago, going through changes in head brewers and focus before finding his stride with his current lineup. Peterson told me that he had started out thinking that 32 North would be a head brewer driven brewery, analogous to a “chef-driven

Steve Peterson at 32 North.

restaurant”, with frequent new beer offerings. While still offering one or two new specialty beers per month, Peterson now has a core lineup of accessible beers to draw in the average beer drinker. The specialty line up does not impinge on keeping the core lineup in rotation. The core beers are cleaner styles: pilsner, lager, amber, pale ale, blonde ale, and an IPA in order to maintain broad appeal. I asked Peterson if he had any difficulties brewing a pilsner. He said that it is a challenging style even though we think of it as a mass beer style (Bud and Coors). Brewing pilsner (or any lager style) takes

longer than ale, and the hops are more expensive. Finally, because of its very clean style, imperfections are easier to notice. 32 North has done a good job with their Pilsner the Conqueror flagship beer. In addition the tasting room, 32 North beers are available in restaurants throughout southern California, and is just starting to be available in Arizona. 32 North is also a wedding destination, just not by design. When the brewery operations were getting started, a friend of Peterson’s asked if they could use the facility for their wedding. The open layout of the facility and the rows of wood casks make for a picturesque venue. Pictures of weddings have become a highly ranked item on internet search engines when you enter “32 North.” Peterson’s desire to help keep the cost of weddings reasonable has led to the continued popularity of the brewery as a wedding destination. The tasting room is wide open, with football projected on one wall when I visited. There is a huge polished wooden table that looks perfect for board meetings. A couple of classic pinball machines along with bean bag games and board games are available for additional entertainment. As you enter the brewery, all facets of operations are visible, including gorgeous wood casks holding aging ale. 32 North has a very friendly atmosphere, which allows dogs, and is definitely a comfortable place to hang out. On Fridays and Saturdays, food trucks supplement the snacks offered at the bar. I visited during San Diego Beer Week; Death of a Brewer, a stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels was on tap and in bottles for the occasion. I sampled five of the six core beers. Pilsner the Conqueror is hop forward with a grassy hoppiness and delicious bready malt backing. Peterson said it is the flagship beer, a worthy selection. Pennant Pale Ale is light and refreshing, citrus and tropical hop flavors predominate, but there is enough of malt to balance. Best Coast IPA is interesting, it has both citrus and piney hopping, but the pine lingers, and the malt middle stays subtle. Magnum Hops give Considerate Gentleman Lager more bitter flavor than I expected, with Glacier hops adding a spicy background. I tried a taster from a just tapped keg that was well carbonated. Anchor Down Amber

has an endearing caramel sweetness that made it very easy to drink. The specialty beers were even better, in my opinion. Breakfast Red is rich, smooth, creamy, and a bit sweet, but not so heavy that you couldn’t have two. Another rich and creamy ale was Hello, Darkness Oatmeal Stout, which had great balance with a bit of coffee bite. Death of A Brewer, barrel aged, had bourbon and coffee notes with a little boozy caramel; it was worthy of a Beer Week release. Landfall Berliner Weisse was a solid sour, but I am a terrible judge of this style. Oktoberfest Märzen was well carbonated and malty, just what you want this time of year. Zesty orange citrus lifts the bitter flavor, Orange Is the New Black stout. Finally, S’mores Polar Opposite is a gonzo barrel aged

take on the Polar Opposite Golden Stout. Vanilla, graham crackers, and coffee beans gave this aged ale a lot for my mouth to consider. I sipped it very slowly to fully enjoy its complex character. A beer not on offer, which will be aged in rum barrels for release next year is Julia’s Grand Cru. This beer was first brewed to raise funds for Julia Davidson, a seven year old who has overcome a form of bone cancer. 32 North has both accessible core beers and frequent new additions to appeal to a wide range of beer lovers, worth the trip to Miramar. It’s a great spot for weddings too. Brian Riehm is a long-time Clairemont resident and follower of the local craft beer scene. You can keep up with all his beer reviews by following @BrianRiehm on Twitter and reading his blog (

Chapman Team Chatter by Bobbie Chapman

Whether you are planning to sell your home or buy a new home, somewhere in the transaction your home will have a home inspection. The inspection is usually paid for by the Buyer because the Buyer wants the inspector to work for him/her. The inspection report costs can be negotiable between the Buyer & the Seller. There are several things to consider when hiring a home inspector: 1. How long has he/she been in business? 2. Can he/she give references? 3. How much does the inspection and report cost? 4. How long will the inspection take (3 hours or 8 hours) of your time scheduled? 5. Will he/she go over a summary

with you and point out safety items that may need to be repaired? 6. How will the report be delivered to you (email or hard copy in one day or more)? When reviewing the inspection report keep in mind, the inspector is not a licensed contractor. If there is a problem area, hire a person who is licensed and specializes in that particular area (roofer, plumber, electrician etc.). Interest rates remain low – 3.875% on 30 year conforming fix rate mortgage and 3.125% rate on 15 year fix rate mortgage. Thank you for your continued support. We will continue to provide you with professional service with a personal touch. Diana Chapman (858) 344-3358 & Bobbie Chapman (619) 208-9430

14 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

HEALTH & WELLNESS ADVANCED PODIATRY WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH Walter Jolley, D.P.M 5222 Balboa Avenue, Suite 41 San Diego, CA 92117 858-560-0390 • Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgery • Serving Clairemont for 30 Years • Treating all Painful Foot Conditions • Toenails to Major Deformities

San Diego International Airport Offers Helpful Tips for Navigating the Airport this Holiday Season Plan Ahead Arrive at least 1½ hours before departure for domestic flights and 2 ½ hours for international flights. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website provides helpful tips on how to reduce wait times at security checkpoints during the busy holiday travel season, such as how to pack and what items are permitted and prohibited. For more information, visit Construction Update Construction on the airport’s Terminal 2 Parking Plaza is ongoing. Access to limited Terminal 2 parking is available off McCain Road from Harbor Drive. Travelers can visit for any and all parking needs while the Parking Plaza is under construction, including the ability to find the best parking lot based on the airline they’ll be flying. Parking Reserve Parking Online. Save time and money by reserving a parking spot in advance for Valet or the airport’s Long-Term or Economy lots by visiting Short- and Long-Term Parking. The parking options available at SAN include color-coded short- and long-term lots for ease of use: Green is for the Long-Term Lot, located east of the airport Blue is for the Economy Lot, located north of the airfield Free shuttle buses from these shortand long-term lots to all airport terminals are also color-coded and feature images of popular destinations

from San Diego. Valet Parking. The valet service was created to aid travelers in situations where time, convenience and parking availability are a concern. When coming to the airport, drive into the designated valet areas in front of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. When coming back to San Diego, pick up luggage first on the way to the valet cashier. The drive-up rate is $40 per 24-hour period, or save $5 on the daily rate by reserving online at Take the receipt to curbside valet and your vehicle will be brought to you, or text

(619) 888-6675 with your information once you’ve landed. Cell Phone Lot. Located east of the airport on Harbor Drive, motorists can wait in this parking lot for up to 60 minutes free of charge. Once cell phone contact is made between the driver and incoming passenger, the motorist can drive over to the terminal for quick, convenient traveler pick-up. Disabled Parking. Parking for travelers with disabilities is available at all airport lots. For additional information call (619) 291-2087. Treat Our Troops The Airport Authority and dozens of airport shops and restaurants are partnering with the Neil Ash USO Airport Center to deliver food packages to an estimated 3,000 service members who will travel

Friendly Family Dental • $89 cleaning, exam, x-rays (assumes no periodontal disease). • Free second opinion! • $900 denture special. Full upper or lower denture. •$695 crown special. •$700 off Invisalign. Call for details. • Modern technology & private rooms. Check our reviews on Google! Dr. Henna H. Dattu

General Dentist NYU School of Dentistry

Call, email or book an appointment online!


3774 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 through the airport the week before Christmas. Through December 21, travelers can purchase a $10 “Treat Our Troops” package at participating retail shops and restaurants. Each purchase provides a service member traveling through the airport USO with a small bundle of pre-packaged food, water, and other snack items.

On a normal day, roughly 330 service members and their families pass through the Neil Ash USO Airport Center. That number more than doubles the week before Christmas. Expedite Security TSA Pre ✔ ™ at San Diego International Airport. TSA Pre ✔ ™ offers expedited screening for eligible participants. TSA Pre ✔™ lanes are available for passengers traveling through SAN on the following airlines: Terminal 1 Alaska Airlines, Southwest, Frontier Airlines Terminal 2 – Air Canada, Jet Blue, Hawaiian, American, Delta, United, Virgin America, Sun Country Airlines and US Airways Active duty military are also eligible for TSA Pre ✔ ™

Shops and Restaurants The Airport Authority increased its shopping and dining options from 55 to 84 as part of its Concession Development Program. Offerings include favorite local, national and international concepts such as Phil’s BBQ, Stone Brewing Co., Prado at the Airport, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Jack in the Box and many more. Before arriving at the airport, please take a look at the list of current shopping and dining options by visiting Lactation Rooms Nursing mothers traveling through the airport this holiday season can take advantage of any of San Diego International Airport’s three lactation rooms. The rooms are located post-security – two in Terminal 1 and one in Terminal 2 – and include a hand washing station, electrical outlets, comfortable seating, artwork, a children’s seat and soft lighting. The rooms are an addition to the many customer amenities in place at the airport to make passengers’ experience more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. Useful Websites to Scroll Prior To Arriving at the Airport

The Clairemont Times • December 2017 • 15

This Holiday Season be Good to Each Other by Being Greener by Susan Lewitt

Now for the decorations, inside and out, if you have solar and allowed for extra energy consumption of holiday displays, you are doing well. Whether you have solar or not, you can save

The holidays are a time to reflect on how we can make our world a better world. Having a greener celebration helps. Sustainably made, organic, non-GMO, locally sourced gifts are a good place to start. Homemade gifts from recycled materials such as used paper, broken crayons, leftover candle wax and unusable garments can become new fancy recycled paper, new crayons, new candles and new usable items. To conceal your gifts, use homemade gift wrap from recycled paper, or reusable gift bags tied with ribbons or drawstrings. You will find Reusable tree with homemade ornaments printed double sided on cardstock. holiday fabrics for making bags and other holiday projects at fabric stores. energy with timers and energy Now about the tree those presents efficient lighting. might go under: While living trees are After all that gift getting, wrapping beautiful, it’s sad to chop down a and decorating you’ll be hungry for a 15-year-old tree to display it for less nice holiday meal. There are wonderful than a month and then discard it, things that you can do with less meat, especially when trees can live 100 plus making your meals more sustainable. years. A small potted tree might be Less meat means less deforestation, less planted outdoors eventually, and farmland needed to feed more people, artificial trees can be used many more biodiversity and less methane seasons. emissions. You don’t have to be a ( vegan to use less meat and help ur-christmas-tree/) improve our world. For Chanukah, gifts are usually ( placed near the Chanukkiah or entisfree/2015/nov/28/eating-less-meatChanukah Menorah. Consider making a save-planet-dietary-guidelines} recycled material Chanukkiah, and May you have a greener, sustainable, candles from leftover wax. happy, healthy holiday season.

Tecolote Nature Center

Kim Cares Tech Tips Fun and Useful Stuff by Kim Schultz

In Honor of the Holidays, this month’s column includes gift ideas and helpful websites; either that I personally use or recommend. (free) I found this app to organize my oldest email address that I use solely for “ads”, promotions, and one time buys. What it does: With a simple “Swipe” it allows me to: Unsubscribe, “Safely” Roll-Up into an easy to see, card style, and format. Keep -coming in my inbox as usual, This free site covers healthcare, loans, disability, educational assistance and so much more. A must see website. Start by clicking on the categories tab. Since 1992. This site gives FREE access to over 85,000 records. Find old friends, background checks, etc. The premium service allows you to pay for the individual search (no monthly fee) For instance; a nationwide criminal search is as low as $14.99. Other premium searches

are as low as $5.00. Cell phone Cases and Screen Protectors. Not only did their Kevlar screen protector save my $850 iPhone, they warranted their product twice for me in a 6 month period with no product cost or shipping charge. I just emailed a photo of my receipt and the damage, and/or the reason why. Chromebook -14” screen Google based laptop, lightweight, easy- to use, for email and internet. $200-$250. Easy to update and great product! A Way Stop Losing Things! With this tracking system, you attach small tags to items such as, keys, remotes, wallet, etc... With nearly 120’ range, it can locate 8 items at a time with an iPhone and 4 with an Android phone. Please contact me at 619-261-1585, if you have any questions, or would like assistance before buying your Holiday electronics. Thanks for a Great 2017! Smiles, and Safe Searching, Kim Schultz

5180 Tecolote Road San Diego, CA. 92110 • 858-581-9959 Monday – Closed, Tuesday –Saturday 9:00-4:00, Sunday 9:00-2:00 Saturday, December 2 • 9:30 am Family Nature Walk Decem-birds and Decem-berries! The journey will begin on the main trail, then follow the less beaten path of Battle Trail, looping to the main trail back. During this walk, we’ll listen and look for birds that are here year-round and ones that visit for the season. We’ll also look for Decem-berries while focusing on child-led wonder. Meet at the Tecolote Nature Center * for more details check out of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center Wednesday, December 20 1:30 – 3:00 Art & Activities for Kids- Free Make and take a variety of winter inspired nature crafts. Meet a critter, learn a little and create a lot! Saturday, December 23 • 8:00 Audubon Society Birding Walk All skill levels welcome – Meet at the Tecolote Nature Center The nature center will be closing at 2:00 on Saturday, December 2. Activities are posted at of Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center Like us on Facebook/Friends of Tecolote Canyon

For more news and information visit:

16 • The Clairemont Times • December 2017

DECEMBER LIBRARY EVENTS y/o) 1pm Wednesdays: Baby Story Time (0-2 y/o) 11:30am Wednesdays & Fridays: Kids Craft Studio (3-8 y/o) 4pm Wednesdays: Family Story Time (all ages) 6:30pm Sparkle’s Reading Party 12/9 10:30am Saturdays: Lego Builders’ Club (3-8y/o) 2pm


Gingerbread House Decorating 12/14 4:30pm Join us for the fun when we provide a gingerbread house, icing and candies for your creative building. We will begin handing out numbers to children ages 3-12 who are accompanied by their responsible adult and in the library beginning at 3:30 p.m. - only while they last. Adults must remain with children throughout the program and because of small candies children under the age of three cannot be accommodated. Thank you for your understanding. Death Café 12/13 1:30pm A Death Café is a safe and comfortable place to discuss thoughts and feelings about living, dying and death. There is no agenda, no outcomes, no objectives; just a desire to enhance an appreciation of our finite life. All that is required is an open mind, an open heart, curiosity and a willingness to listen and share. Ages 18 and over only. RSVP to (858) 581-9931. Space is limited and participants must arrive on time. Second Tuesday Concert Series “Adrienne Nims and Spirit Wind” 12/12 6:30pm Book Club “Honolulu” by Alan Brennert 12/19 6:30pm Bargain Book Sale—lots of high quality books at low, low prices! 12/9 9:30-1 Ongoing, Always Free, Programs for Adults Include E-Book Clinic 12/2 & 12/16 10am Social Scrabble and Other Board Games for Grown Ups 12/5 5pm Adult Coloring Club 12/21 1pm Ongoing, Always Free, Children’s Programs Mondays: Sign Language Story Time (rec 0-5 y/o) 10am Mondays: Preschool Story Time (rec 3-5 y/o) 11 am Tuesdays: Story Time (rec 0-5

CLAIREMONT BRANCH 2920 BURGENER BLVD, 92110 (858) 581-9935

Adults Literary Book Club 12/6 6pm The Book Club will be discussing, “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Make Your Own Book 12/9 Noon Now is your chance to learn simple binding techniques and make a book of your own! Make one for yourself or create a unique gift for someone else! Space is limited. Acrylic Painting with the Masters 12/16 1pm Artist and teacher Donna Davis presents this free class on acrylic painting techniques and by the end of the class you will have a painting to take home with you. Space is limited. Music Concert with vocalist Kathleen Murray 12/27 6pm This free concert is sponsored by the Friends of the Clairemont Library. Tech Fridays 3pm Come learn how to get the most from your electronic devices, phones, tablets and laptops. This is an informal event so bring your questions and your devices and we’ll help you answer that question that’s been bothering you. Tweens/Teens Book Club for Kids 12/19 4:30pm A book club especially for kids ages 9 and up! This student-run club is a chance for young people to read and discuss their favorite books. Gingerbread House Making 12/20 5pm An annual tradition! Kids can make their own gingerbread house to decorate and take home! Space is limited so contact the library to reserve your place. Participants are asked to bring a bag of candy to share with the group. Tuesdays: Homework Help 6pm Free help is available for children who are stuck on a particular question or concept or just need assistance with a paper or report. There will be

no program on Dec. 19 and 26. Thursdays: Game Time 3pm Break out the board games for a little tabletop fun! Thursdays: Kids Craft Club 4pm Craft time with volunteer Rod! Something new every time! Saturdays: Button Making 10:30am Express yourself by making your own buttons to decorate your backpack or clothes! Children Sign Language Storytime 12/7 & 12/21 10:30am Children and their caregivers can learn ASL sign language while hearing great stories! Baby & Toddler Storytime with Stay & Play 12/14 & 12/28 10:30am Fun storytime with stories, songs and play! Fridays: Preschool Storytime with Miss Fran! 10:30am Miss Fran as she reads fun picture books and sings songs! All Ages 3D Printer Clairemont Library’s own 3D printer is available for use by interested young people & adults. We have yet to set up regular open times but those interested in printing something can talk to library staff for details. BALBOA BRANCH 4255 MT. ABERNATHY AVE, 92117 (858) 573-1390

The holiday season has finally arrived! The days are a little bit shorter, the lines at the mall are getting longer, and your friendly neighborhood library has tons of programming to keep you and the family engaged! We wish you the happiest of holidays!! Adult Events Chair Yoga for Adults 12/4 & 12/11 11:15-Noon Join us for a relaxing fitness program, come and bring a friend! Stitching Circle 12/5 & 12/12 1:30-3:30 Bring your knitting, crocheting and other stitching projects. Share ideas and helpful hints with fellow adults in a relaxed setting. Tech Training Dec 6, 9, 13, 20, 23 & 27 12:30-1:30 Do you need a little help with your electronic device, setting up your email, or other basic computer questions? Sign up is required ESL Language Coach for Adults

12/6 & 12/13 6:30-7:30 Various ESL needs such as reading, writing and speaking in everyday life. Adult Games in the Afternoon 12/7 & 12/14 12-3pm Who said games are just for kids?! Drop by and hone your skills with an array of board games such as Checkers, Rummikub, Chess, Scrabble, and playing cards. Friends of the Library Booksale 12/9 10-3 Balboa Book Discussion Club 12/19 11:45 “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd Adult Writers Group 12/7 & 12/14 1:45pm All who love to write are welcome! Children’s Events Mondays: Lego Club (k-gr6) 4-5pm Celebrate different winter themes, the return of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and many more ideas Wednesdays:Great Read Aloud Storytime with Miss Terri (k-gr2) 6pm Storytime for our early readers. Saturdays: Kids Krafternoon 1-2pm Come and make a fun craft at your library. Wee Reads 12/1, 8 & 15 (b-5y/o) 10:30am Enjoy a fantastic time at the library with stories, music and rhymes. Homework Help 12/6 (k-gr8) 4:30-6 If you need help with your homework, Miss Heidi is here to help with your questions. Preschool Story Craft with Miss Remi 12/7 & 12/21 (pre-5y/o) 10am Listen to a terrific story and enjoy creating a related craft. Paws to Read 12/12 (k-gr5) 6pm. Therapy dogs provide a positive environment for children to practice reading aloud. Signing Storytime with Miss Jennifer 12/14 (b-5y/o) 10am Miss Jennifer enhances well-loved kid’s stories with signing, followed by singing and bubbles! Children’s Book Discussion “Wonderstruck” by Brian Selznick 12/15 3:45-4:45 Teens DIY 12/20 (gr7-12) 3:30-4:30 Drop by and create Holiday Oragami with Miss Parween! Materials provided. Drop in & Play 12/22 & 12/29 (b-5y/o) 10:30a

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Your Pet Nanny-Annie

New Client Special

Love and care when you can’t be there

1/2 off Exam for New Clients

Annie Ekberg Doggie Day Care • Home Away from Home Boarding Daily Visits for Feeding, Walks and more.

Dr. Michelle Schexneider

10799 Tierrasanta Blvd., San Diego, CA 92124 • 858/292-6116

Cooing & Gooing Free of Charge

Call or Text (619) 871-4422

6th Annual Veterinary Specialty Hospital Holiday Pet Food Drive Kicks-Off

Bonded & Insured Lic# B2013066417

Elvis White Breed: Miniature Pot Belly DOB: 1/22/17 Likes: Loves gardening and playing ball with his dad/best friend Bill White, A giant stuffed teddy bear. Cleaning up food that the kids dropped. Dislikes: Being locked out of the house like some sort of animal and being told “You already ate Elvis.”

Adoptable Pet of the Month

Name: Clark Gable Age: Adult Gender: Male Breed: Rooster ID #: 255926 Adoption Fee: $5

Clark Gable, an adult male rooster, is looking for a loving home! This handsome rooster is one of nearly a dozen roosters and hens currently available for adoption. They are friendly farm animals who get along well with others and would make a great addition to a rooster-savvy family. Our coops are full and we need to find these roosters homes as

quickly as possible!

His adoption fee includes a certificate for a free veterinary exam! Clark Gable is available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3450 E Valley Parkway. To learn more about making him part of your family, please call (760) 888-2275. ADOPTION HOURS: 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

Although it is the season for holiday cheer, many families throughout San Diego have a difficult time feeding their human family members, let alone their furry companions. For the sixth straight year, we are asking San Diego residents to help by donating pet food to our annual Holiday Pet Food Drive. All dog and cat pet food items will be donated to the San Diego Food Bank to be distributed to a dozen local nonprofit partners including local soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, rehabilitation centers, low-income day care centers, and disability programs to benefit San Diego families and their four-legged friends. During these times many will share what little food they have with their pet, and others will be forced to make the decision to surrender their pet. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), approximately 1.5 million animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats) each year. Today, families still find themselves struggling financially and must make the painful decision to give up their beloved pets to shelters because they cannot afford to feed them or to care for them. The ASPCA estimates that 6.5 million companions enter shelters nationwide each year. Of those, approximately 1.6 million are dogs and 1.6 million are cats. Last year we collected 11,293 pounds of pet food. That is over 5 ½

tons of pet food that went to families throughout San Diego County to keep their pets and families together! In addition, we received $5,725 in cash donations for the purchase of additional pet food. This year’s goal is 15,000 pounds and we can do it with your help. By supporting the pet food drive, San Diegans will feel the holiday giving spirit, knowing that they are helping other pet owners who are financially struggling. Donations can be dropped off in the lobby of the North County or San Diego Veterinary Specialty Hospital

locations. Donations will be collected through January 5, 2018. For those who prefer online shopping, or might be too busy to make a trip to one of our locations, please shop online and have food shipped directly to us (most pet food stores will ship for free) or use our easy online tool. Please donate today! Locally donations can also be dropped off at Governor Animal Clinic in University City at 3240 Governor Dr. (at Regents Rd) 92122.

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BA Cleaning Services Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Deep Clean to Start then Routine Cleaning

Call BELEN FOR A FREE ESTIMATE (619) 929-8712 References Available Honest/Trustworthy/Reliable


Cramer Property Management is here to help you with all of your Property Management needs. We strive to provide excellent customer service and a worry free rental process for our clients. You deserve peace of mind.

We are a family owned/operated business. BRE#01393729


Rock Boulder Stone Thad Murwin

619-252-0522 • Resident of Clairemont • Local References • Fully Insured YARD SERVICES



GRAPHIC DESIGN Bringing Your Vision to Light

With over 30 years experience in the graphic design industry, I can help you present your business, service, or organization in the best possible LIGHT!


Greg’s Garden & Tree Service Since 2004


CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED CAREGIVERS WANTED: Home for the elderly is looking for part and full-time workers wiling to care for disabled residents. Starts at 12.00 per hour. Quick advancement. Will train. Must be able to pass fingerprinting. Call Armin at (858)750-0554 SALES PRINT & DIGITAL: The Clairemont Times is currently seeking a print and digital

Advertising Sales Rep(s). The ideal candidate will have prior sales experience, be computer/internet savvy and a desire to learn and grow. In order to be successful in this position an outgoing personality, a small business thinker and time management skills are key. For more information call or email or (858) 752 9779

Your Classified Here: Are you looking to fill a position? Are you having a garage sale? Post a rental? Selling something? Publish it in the CT classifieds! Call for more information (858) 752 9779


Maintenance Clean Ups Landscaping Irrigation Installation/Repair Tree Trimming Stump Removal Hauling Services

Reasonable Rates Free Estimates

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POLICE BLOTTER VEHICLE BREAK IN 4000 Huerfano Ave 3500 Brandywine St 5900 Linda Vista Rd 3900 Paducah Dr 3400 Cowley Way 3000 Clairemont Dr 6700 Osler Dr 5300 Napa St 4000 Avati Dr 2300 Cowley Way 3000 Clairemont Dr VEHICLE THEFT 4300 Genesee Ave 3400 Waco St 2100 Crandall Dr 2100 Balboa Ave 4800 Mt. Elbrus Dr 3800 Camto Aguilar 3100 Clairemont Dr 2100 Crandall Dr

BATTERY 2100 Ulric St 6900 Linda Vista Rd 3000 Clairemont Dr 4000 Taylor St 3600 Mt. Ariane Dr


Your Business Card Here Call (858) 752 9779 to find out how we can promote your business in The Clairemont Times

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 5100 Linda Vista Rd 4600 Santa Fe St 3900 Clairemont Dr 3400 Clairemont Dr 5600 Balboa Ave RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY 6900 Beagle St 4700 Mt. Alifan Dr 4100 Dillon Way FRAUD 3400 Cowley Way VANDALISM 5900 Linda Vista Rd

“If you do not report it or call us, in our mind it did not happen” San Diego Police Officer Call 911 to report an emergency Non Emergency 24 hours (619)-531-2000 Compiled from info at

Enhancing the Golden Years

Danny Shaheen Owner/Broker

With today’s Reverse Mortgage you can: Put your hard-earned equity to work for you in several different ways, including: receiving monthly payments for life, obtain a cash lump sum, buy a more suitable home. You can refinance an existing mortgage or consolidate other bills or pay for medical expenses. All this while eliminating regular monthly mortgage payments. Call me today to get all the details and to find out how a Reverse Mortgage loan could quite possibly change your life.

Reverse Home Finance 1455 Frazee Road, Suite 500 San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 682-4900 office • (619) 665-1721 cell CA Bureau of Real Estate-Real Estate Broker; Loan Correspondent, Cal BRE license # 01260740 • NMLS ID# 1418258

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Dion Rich Crashes the Jockey’s Room at the Del Mar Breeder’s Cup by Dion Rich

Your readers know that I tried to get in the winner’s circle at the Breeder’s Cup, but I made a big mistake. I could’ve borrowed my buddy’s ID, but I didn’t want to get him in trouble, so I had another plan. I was talking with a jockey’s wife who was a “ten.” Everything about her was a ten, even her teeth were tens. She stood about 5-9 in high heels, a real beauty. I wanted to get a picture with her and her husband in the winner’s Dion Rich, “the World’s Greatest Gate-Crasher,” holds a cell phone picture of himself inside the Jockey’s Room at the circle, but when the photo by Bill Swank Breeder’s Cup. race ended, she just disappeared. ticket beside the “No Cell Phone A little later, I was standing outside Usage in the Jockey’s Room” sign. It the jockey’s room and the guy who would have been better if I was guards the gate left the stool he sits on talking on my cell phone, but, rookie for a minute. I just walked in and had mistake, the guy taking the picture my picture taken holding my $1,000 was using the camera in my phone.”

Golden State Ice Sports and International Hockey Events, announced they will host Frozen Fairgrounds (FF) at Del Mar Fairgrounds, a premier outdoor event for the 2017 holiday season. FF will be open to the public from Dec. 15-31 and will feature two (2) ice rinks, including a 7,200-square-foot community ice rink and an NHL-regulation size ice hockey rink, the first ever NHL-sized ice rink to be installed outdoors in San Diego. The event will also feature a hockey Fan Fest, with hockey themed off-ice attractions including a custom made ice hockey rink jump house, a hardest shot and accuracy shooting challenge, a mini-street hockey rink and more. For non-ice hockey attendees and participants, the community rink will be holiday themed with rental ice skates, music, holiday lights and décor, along with a wide selection of food and beverage offerings for all ages. Dec. 15-17 will host the Hero’s Cup, an adult ice hockey tournament honoring the military & First Responders, featuring teams from Southern California and all day holiday

ice skating. From Dec. 17-20, each day will host special events, commencing with a semi-professional ice hockey game on Sunday, Dec. 17. On Dec. 18, the San Diego Gulls will become the first professional ice hockey team to practice outdoors in San Diego as the team will host an outdoor practice beginning at 10am.The Gulls practice will be open to the public and free of charge. On Dec. 20, the Gulls will also host a public skating session under the lights from 6-8pm and the ability to meet and skate with Gulls players, Gulliver and the Gulls Girls. Dec. 18, San Diego State men’s college ice hockey will host Long Beach State at 8:15 p.m. for College Night in a game free to the public. Military & 1st Responders Appreciation Day will take place on Dec. 19, featuring a Wounded Warriors ice hockey game and a holiday costume night. Dec. 21, FF will host both Varsity and Junior Varsity high school hockey tournaments.An additional 50-plus youth ice hockey teams will compete against one another from all over California starting Dec. 26. FF will also host holiday public ice skating sessions each day, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Frozen Fairgrounds will conclude with a New Year’s Eve skate party. Please visit for more info.

Clairemont Times December 2017  

Disabled American Veteran Organization, Mesa College Music Department, San Diego Police Department Northern Division RSVP, 2018 Clairemont H...

Clairemont Times December 2017  

Disabled American Veteran Organization, Mesa College Music Department, San Diego Police Department Northern Division RSVP, 2018 Clairemont H...