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August 2012



l sup hild has schoo c r u yo re u s s and 1. Make d label supplie n a l, o o h c s f o the first day and sweaters. ts ke c ja s a h clothing suc into a sleepild h c r u yo n io nsit nough 2. Begin to tra des time for e vi ro p t a th l in le u ing sched ady for schoo re t e g to e m s ti rest and allow the mornings. lk to your child ta u yo s a c ti s ga 3. Be enthusia ent of beginnin m e it xc e e th l, about schoo gs. arning new thin le d n a e d ra g new r d when you (o n a re e h w f o child 4. Inform your ff at school o m e th p ro d ) will another adult l. up from schoo and pick them mplete and time to co e c la p a le u d e 5. Sch day. homework every



1. Allow time to transition you rc ably into the s chool environm hild comfortent. Take time check posting to s of teacher ro sters, usually the office, and n ear inform your ch ild of their tea and room num c her ber. 2. Walk your ch ild to a design ated place on campus where they are to wa it for their tea cher. 3. Say goodbye at an appropri ate time. If yo child becomes ur distressed, it is usually best say goodbye a to nd allow the te acher to comfo your child. rt 4. Make sure yo ur child eats a healthy breakfast and pack a healthy snac k and lunch, if are not eating they a school provi ded meal. 5. Find ways to get involved wit h your child’s education and make a comm itment to sta involved throu y ghout the sch ool year.

Courtesy of Angela Cohen, Whitman Elementary

Events Calendar:

8/4 Pathway Christian Fellowship Flea Market - page 2 8/4 23rd Annual Clairemont Family Day - page 13 8/11 4th Annual Linda Vista Family Reunion - page 3 8/11 Clairemont Architectural Tour - page 7 Early September 9/5 AAA Travel Show - page 16

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Week of June 24th 2012 Vandalism 8100 Aero Dr Fraud 6200 Beadnell Way Theft 3800 Genesee Ave. Fraud 5500 Balboa Ave. Battery 5100 Clairemont Mesa Res Burglary 4800 Arlene St. Vehicle Break-In 5500 Balboa Ave. Vandalism 7000 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Grand Theft 3700 Balboa Terrace Theft 4600 Morena Blvd. Theft 5600 Balboa Ave. Theft 5300 Mt.Alifan Dr. Res Burglary 6600 Beadnell Way Battery 8800 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Commercial Burglary 3500 Ashford St. Commercial Robbery 4200 Clairemont Dr. Commercial Burglary 4600 Convoy St. Street Robbery 4500 Moraga Ave.

Week of July 1, 2012 Grand Theft 4100 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Theft 4400 Genesee Ave. Theft 4200 Genesee Ave. Res Burglary 4000 Taos Dr. Battery 3600 Budd St. Vehicle Theft 4500 Cochise Way Vandalism 5000 Arvinels Ave. Theft 5800 Chandler Dr. Res Burglary 4800 Rushden Ave. Vehicle Break-In 3200 Geddes Dr. Res Burglary 4800 Arlene St. Assault 6500 Beadnell Way Vehicle Break-In 7200 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Battery 3400 Waco St.

Vehicle Break-In 6200 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Commercial Burglary 4200 Genesee Ave. Attempted Murder 7000 Balboa Ave. Vehicle Break-In 6600 Beadnell Way Vandalism 3800 Clairemont Dr. Fraud 5600 Balboa Ave. Vandalism 3700 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Vehicle Theft 3400 Cowley Way Burglary 5500 Balboa Ave. Commercial Robbery 4500 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Week of July 8th 2012 Vehicle Theft 4500 Clairemont Dr. Vehicle Theft 5500 Balboa Arms Dr. Grand Theft 4200 Genesee Ave. Res Burglary 4900 Millwood Rd. Battery 6300 Balboa Ave. Theft 3500 Del Rey St. Fraud 4500 Limerick Way Vehicle Break-In 3200 Ashford St. Assault 6500 Mt.Ackerman Dr. Grand Theft 4200 Gila Ave. Assault 3900 Convoy St. Burglary 4800 Shawline St. Burglary 5500 Balboa Ave. Vehicle Theft 4100 Moraga Ave. Vehicle Theft 7600 Balboa Ave. Vehicle Break-In 6000 Printwood Way Vehicle Theft 3600 Budd St. Battery 6100 Balboa Ave. Commercial Burglary 3900 Mt. Acadia Blvd. Vehicle Break-In 4900 Convoy St. Battery 4900 Mt. Bigelow Dr. Theft 4000 Morena Blvd. Vandalism 5900 Printwood Way Vehicle Theft 3600 Merrimac Ave. Battery 4400 Bannock Ave.

Week of July 15, 2012

Week of July 22, 2012

Battery 4100 Mt.Alifan Place Res Burglary 4700 Clairemont Dr. Grand Theft 5800 Balboa Ave. Battery 4700 Clairemont Dr. Theft 4400 Convoy St. Commercial Burglary 6600 Convoy Ct. Vehicle Theft 5100 Conrad Ave. Vandalism 6600 Convoy Ct. Theft 8100 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Res Burglary 4400 Rolfe Rd. Theft 5000 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Res Burglary 4800 Mt. La Platta Dr. Grand Theft 4200 Jutland Dr.

Vehicle Break-In 8600 Glenhaven St. Theft 3900 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Vehicle Break-In 2600 Ariane Dr. Attempted Murder 5000 Dubois Dr. Res Burglary 5100 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Vehicle Theft 5800 Chateau Dr. Vandalism 4100 Bannock Ave. Commercial Robbery 5500 Balboa Ave. Grand Theft 7700 Convoy Ct. Vehicle Break-In 6100 Balboa Ave. Battery 3500 Idlewild Way Assault 5400 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

“It never hurts to call (619) 531-2000” Those were the words reiterated over and over again by Community Relations officer David Surwillo of the San Diego Police Department Western Division at the Linda Vista Planning Group meeting last month. Officer Surwillo was present for a brief Q&A about different scenarios presented to him by board members and the public in attendance. When asked by a person in attendance how to handle a recurring suspicious vehicle which parks in front of her elderly neighbor’s house. The response was,“call (619) 531-2000 the non-emergency number to the SDPD.”

Some other practical advice, never try and confront a situation “call us that is our job”, always try and provide as many details as possible when calling and lastly request the last 5 numbers of the incident number when you call in. Each call is given an incident number and by having those last 5 numbers it makes it easier to reference in the future should there be a need for return call. The overall theme of Officer Surwillo’s talk,“If you are not sure of a situation or something is out of the ordinary it is easy to call and you can remain anonymous if you wish.”

Want to make some extra $$$? Have stuff you want to sell? Looking for that great deal?

Neighborhood Flea Market Saturday, August 4th • 8am-12noon email for seller guidelines:

FREE TO BUYERS AND SELLERS Tell your friends and neighbors! No pets, please

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To Advertise Your Business or Service Chris O’Connell, Publisher (858) 752-9779 or

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San Diego County Bicycle Coalition Reminds Cyclists, Drivers to Share the Road Nonprofit offers education, safety tips and seeks improved bicycling infrastructure In the midst of summer, more bicyclists are on the road, commuting, exercising and beating traffic to get

around town.With the increase in ridership, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC) reminds cyclists and drivers to share the road and offers safety tips and cycling education to improve safety. SDCBC also advocates for more funding for bicycle infrastructure and improved policies to create safer roads for all users. “We are saddened to have recently lost members of our bicycling community. Our region should respond with greater dedication to continuing our track record as an ideal place for safe

and fun bicycling activities,” said Andy Hanshaw, SDCBC’s executive director. “This should remind all cyclists and motorists of the safety precautions both parties can follow to safely and effectively share the road and serves as an opportunity for decision makers to show leadership by investing in improved roadways for all users.” In light of the recent bicycle tragedies in San Diego, national fatality statistics from numerous agencies reveal that biking is safer than driving.To keep this true in San Diego, SDCBC offers hands-on educational courses and a variety of group rides to increase bicyclists’ confidence on their bikes and knowledge about proper cycling behavior while on roadways. Hanshaw says that more people would bicycle, walk, and take transit more if their streets were improved. This is why, he says, that SDCBC advocates with city planners and decision makers to improve roadways for cyclists. “It is also widely known that a

motorist is less likely to collide with a person walking and bicycling if more people walk or bicycle.As more cyclists are on the road, drivers become more aware,” Hanshaw explains. To aid that awareness, cyclists can: 1. Follow the Rules of the Road. a. Ride with traffic and obey the same laws as motorists. b. Use the rightmost lane that heads in the direction that you are traveling. c. Obey all traffic control devices, such as stop signs, lights, and lane markings. d. Scan back and use hand and arm signals to indicate your intention to stop, merge or turn. 2. Be Visible a. Ride where drivers can see you. b. Wear brightly colored clothing at all times. c. At night, use a white front light and red rear light or reflector.Wear reflective tape or clothing. 3. Be Predictable a. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars. b. Make eye contact with motorists to let them know you are there. c. Avoid riding on the sidewalk whenever possible. 4. Anticipate Conflicts a. Be aware of traffic around you and be prepared to take evasive action. b. Learn braking and turning techniques to avoid crashes. c. Be extra alert at intersections. 5. Wear a Helmet a. Make sure that the helmet fits on top of your head, not tipped back or forward. b. After a crash or any impact that affects your helmet, visible or not, replace it immediately. Drivers are advised to: 1. Constantly look at the sideview and rearview mirrors for bicyclists. 2. Use the blinker when turning. 3. Not drive when intoxicated. 4. Merge into the bicycle lane long before turning. 5. Slow down when passing a bicy-

clist. 6. Allow at least three feet when passing a bicyclists. 7. NEVER text or be on cell phone while driving. “Safety of cyclists doesn’t stop with individuals though. Our elected officials and other decision-makers should understand the need for roadway and access improvements and policies that make cycling safer in San Diego,” Hanshaw added. SDCBC advocates for more funding for bicycle infrastructure in SANDAG’s Regional Transportation Plan and improved policies like State Senate Bill 1462, currently in the Assembly, which requires drivers to give three feet of road to bicyclists. “We want all of San Diego to know that we have educational resources available and we’re out there advocating for the bicycling community to help new and experienced riders commute safely.” For more information about San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, or their classes, events or advocacy, please visit

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Non emerg 619.531.2000 Non emerg 619.533.4300


877.232.7433 619.282.0073 858.637.3000

USEFUL Post Office Sr. Center AARP AAA VA Hospital Social Security Medicaid Alzheimer’s Assoc

858.273.0558 858.483.5100 619.641.7020 800.400.4222 858.552.8585 800.772.1213 800.541.5555 800.272.3900

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• De la Motte Family String Quartet 8/4 10:30am String music as performed by Amber de la Motte and her four children who range in age from 3 to 9! Features Baroque, Classical and Folk music from Germany, Russia, Israel, Ireland & USA • Sing-Along Concert with Hullabaloo 8/6 3:00pm Hear traces of twang, funk, rock, folk and blues in Hullabaloo’s songs, and kids will be inspired to laugh, think, sing, dance, clap & stomp their feet. • Family Yoga 8/8 3:30pm Yoga teaches children patience and self-confidence. Come to a free class and try it out! Best suited for ages 38 with caregiver, but all ages are welcome. • Bargain Book Sale 8/11 9:30am-2:00pm In addition to a Daily Book Sale, find used books, movies, and music for excellent prices. • Ventriloquist Joe & Friends 8/13 3:00pm Be amazed by ventriloquist Joe Gandelman and his talking puppets! Joe’s show features a BIG cast of characters, comedy from beginning to end, interaction, and a message about the joy of reading. • Henna Painting - Teen Event 8/14 3:00pm Learn about henna painting, Henna is a natural, temporary form of body art inspired by the traditions of India, Morocco, North Africa and the Middle East. Presented by Natasha Monahan Papousek, professional henna artist. Geared toward ages 11-18. *Parent permission required to receive body art. • Adult Book Club 8/15 6:30pm Be a part of NCL Book Club! We will be discussing Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow. All adults are welcome to attend and participate. Please read the book beforehand. Copies of the book are available at the front desk. • Irish Dance Performance 8/22 6:30pm Come and watch the spirited dancers from Rose Ritchie Academy of Irish Dance, and prepare yourself for a toe-tapping good time! The show begins by featuring young, beginning dancers and works up to championship level dancers. Dancers will wear elaborate costumes and perform both solo and group work. • Storytime for Toddlers & Preschoolers Thursdays at 10:30am Join us for a fun storytime with Ms. Karina or Ms. Erin! This is an interactive storytime that includes books, songs, rhymes, and movement. • Sign Language Storytime 8/11, 8/18, 8/25 10:30am Storyteller Ms Duncan uses the excitement and fun of signing to enhance the reading of well-loved children’s picture books. Includes sing-alongs and bubble time, ages 0-5 w/caregiver.

Stories with Susan Wednesdays 6:00 pm Every Wednesday Miss Susan reads well-loved children’s stories. Come hear your favorites, or discover something new! • “Wee Reads” Baby & Toddler Storytime Fridays 10:30 am Storytime for our youngest patrons! Plenty of adult/child interaction, songs, stories and fingerplays. • Crafts for Kids Saturday,August 4 & 18 11:30 am Let your creativity run wild with a fun craft activity! Children under 8 welcome with an adult or older sibling. • Stories & Crafts Saturday,August 11 & 25 11:30 am Children enjoy books, songs, rhymes and movement activities while building language and literacy skills. Plus, make and take home a fun craft! • Summer Reading Event: Raggle Taggle’s Buccaneer Pirate Band 8/2 10:00 am Raggle Taggle and the Buccaneer Pirate Band bring you a fun and entertaining musical show. • Literature Comes to Life 8/9 10:00 am Be ready to put on a costume and be part of the show! There’s plenty of audience participation as wellloved children’s stories come to life! • Paws to Read 8/14 6:00 pm Therapy dogs provide a positive and fun environment for children to practice reading.This program is made possible through volunteers from Love on a Leash, San Diego Central chapter. • Summer Reading Finale Party w/Hullabaloo 8/16 10:00 am We’re celebrating the end of another successful Summer Reading Program! Join us for light refreshments and entertainment by Hullabaloo.

CLAIREMONT BRANCH 2920 BURGENER BLVD, 92110 Adult Book Club 8/1 6pm Members will discuss 11/22/63:A Novel, by Stephen King. Please read the book before the meeting. Books are available at the circulation desk. • Creative Movement 8/3 11:30 Class for children ages 18 months to 6 years San Diego Danceworks will provide a fun class with music and props • Bettie Blaydes Pegas 8/7 6:30 She will talk about her book Chasing the Dream in the Galapagos:A Personal Evolution. • Friends of the Library Meeting 8/15 6:30 p.m. We support the library through book sales, volunteering, and planning events. Everyone is welcome. • Homework Help Tuesdays from 6:30 -8pm Tutors are adult volunteers, and no sign-up is required. • Story Times - Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. the library hosts a story and

craft time for all ages, with storyteller and crafter Miss Nancy. - Thursdays 10:30 “BabySign Storytime,” a storytime with sign language for children ages 0-2 and their caregivers, with storyteller and sign language instructor Jennifer Duncan. - Fridays10:30 a.m. the library hosts Preschool Storytime with Miss Fran. - 8/25 10:30 at the Tecolote Nature Center Nature Storytime with Miss Barbara. - 8/18 1pm Ms Frizzle presented by the San Diego Natural History Museum, Ms. Frizzle’s Classroom Adventures: Dinosaur Dining.Appropriate for children and their families.

LINDA VISTA BRANCH 2160 ULRIC ST., 92111 • Evening Storytime Wednesdays 5-6pm Come enjoy an evening of stories and songs with Ms. Kasem. Pajamas welcome. • Homework Help Wednesdays 6-7:30pm Free tutoring for children in all grades. • Chinese Storytime with Ms. Chen Saturdays 10-11am Chinese stories, songs, and dances for kids of all ages. Have fun and practice Chinese! • Storytime and Craft: Kids’ Book Art 8/2, 10-11am Storytime followed by a fun crafts workshop for children and families. Participants will create and decorate their own craft book. Presented by Marta’s Arts & Crafts. • Friends of the LV Branch 8/4, 11am-12:30pm Meet to coordinate activities including our booksale, Homework Help program, and more. Newcomers welcome. • Circus Mimimus: Pig’s Eye Puppets Storytime 8/9, 10-11am In this puppet circus, ten performing marionettes take you to the limits of the marvelous.You are invited to stay after the show for a Q & A with the performer about the puppets. How they are made, how to operate them and how to learn more. • Storytime & Summer Reading Program finale and raffle 8/16, 10-11am Join us for storytime and the finale to our Summer Reading Program.We’ll be awarding raffle prizes and celebrating a terrific Summer. • Ancient Chinese Science & Technology 8/22 2-3pm Join us to discover how ancient Chinese technology changed the world. Examine the scientific principles behind a few Chinese inventions such as paper, gunpowder, the compass, and seismograph and learn how their spread revolutionized the ancient world. Participants will make their own woodblock prints. • Preschool Storytime Thursday,August 23 & Thursday,August 30, 10-11am Children and their families are invited to join us for stories, rhymes, songs and crafts.

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Mid-Century Modern Architectural Tour Update by Alexander D. Bevil

As mentioned in the July issue of The Clairemont Times, on Saturday,

August 11, 2012, the Modernism Committee of the San Diego’s Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), an organization committed to raising public awareness and appreciation of a local community’s architectural heritage to all San Diegans, will be conducting a self-guided automobile tour of Clairemont’s notable Mid-Century Modern landmarks. I will be giving a pre-tour orientation presentation in St. Mark’s United Methodist Church sanctuary, at 3401 Clairemont Drive, from 10 am to 10:45 am. Prior to the lecture, tour participants will be given a guidebook, which includes a map.The self-guided automobile tour will be a combination scavenger hunt and road rally.The goal will be who can find and visit the more than 40 architecturally interest-

ing buildings between 11 am and 3 pm. Now, please, this isn’t a race.The goal is for participants to visit and tour some of Clairemont’s truly unique Mid-Century Modern architectural landmarks. The cost is $15 for SOHO members and $20 for non-members. To pre-register, please call the SOHO office at (619) 2979327; (619) 297-7511; or via e-mail at Your registration receipt and tour booklet will be available at the SOHO Will Call table set up in front of the church. Of course, you can register for the lecture and tour that morning, between 9:30 and 10 am. I hope you all will take advantage of a great opportunity to visit and learn about Clairemont’s early history and architectural legacy. I would also like to thank the various churches and other locations for their enthusiastic response for letting us visit and tour their properties.The remainder of the tour will be conducted along public streets. There will be no home interior tours; please respect your neighbors’ privacy. Note: A member of SOHO’s Modernism Committee, as well as a proud “Clairemontian” since 1981, the author is an award-winning local historian and author of several articles on San Diego’s architectural heritage. His latest essay, Clairemont: “The Village within a City,” along with a self-guided tour booklet and map, will be handed out during the lecture.

Religious Directory Clairemont Lutheran Church 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92117 Sunday Worship Times 8:00, 9:15, 10:15 & 11:30 AM (En Espanol) Clairemont Christian Church 4330 Moraga Ave, San Diego, CA 92117 Phone (858) 273-5066 Dr. Harvey Daniel Moore, Pastor Sunday Worship/Sunday School Time: 10:30 AM Bible Study:Thursdays 7:00-8:30

Clairemont Christian Fellowship 4570 Mt. Herbert Ave San Diego, CA 92117 Phone (858) 278-2433 Sunday Worship Times 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM Sunday Church School 9:00 AM Pathway Christian Fellowship 3811 Mt. Acadia Blvd San Diego, CA 92111 Phone (858) 277-3027 Join us Sundays at 10 AM

Holy Cross Lutheran Church & Preschool 3450 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 Church (858) 273-2886 Preschool (858) 273-7768 Sunday Worship 9:00 AM

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DISTRICT 6 NEWS & EVENTS Want a Pothole Filled? There’s an App for That From The Office of Councilmember Lorie Zapf Recently, Mayor Jerry Sanders announced a contest to create the best smart phone app for the City of San Diego, called the first AT&T San Diego Apps Challenge.The challenge was designed to create an app that could improve city services and the quality of life for San Diego residents, businesses, and visitors. The City partnered with sponsors including AT&T, SDG&E, CleanTECH San Diego, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation to help put on the Apps Challenge. In the end, more than 78 eligible apps competed for a share of $50,000 in prize money donated by the sponsors. In the end, a panel of nine judges selected winners in twelve categories, including two popular choice awards. “San Diego Street Report” won the top award with Best Overall App.This app

gives the user the ability to file a report for a number of problems, including graffiti removal, potholes, broken sidewalks, and more. The user simply takes a picture of the issue, picks the problem category, and the app uses the smart phone’s GPS coordinates to determine the correct location.The app’s creator,Aaron Coleman, worked closely with the City’s Street Division staff to make sure the data seamlessly enters the City system and is routed to the appropriate department. I am very excited about this app, because it gives the public an easy way to report problems in our neighborhoods, and was developed at no cost to the City.The app is available for free through your smart phone’s app store. If you do not have a smart phone, you can still report problems to the City’s Street Division by calling (619) 236-5500.

On July 25th Colorado River Day was celebrated in 5 cities Denver, San Diego, Grand Junction, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Why? to bring awareness about water conservation throughout the Southwest. July 25th 1921 was the day federal legislation passed which renamed the river from the Grand River to the Colorado River. At the Mission Bay event representatives from San Diego Coastkeeper, San Diego County Taxpayers Association, and the Equinox Center spoke about how we all can rethink our everyday practices to conserve water and be more efficient with this precious resource. The event which was sponsored by Save the Colorado ( was designed to bring groups together for solutions on how best to conserve our water supply. The Colorado River and its tributaries supply water for over 36 million

Americans. Whether it is drinking water, crop irrigation or recreational activities the Colorado River is our source. The problem the is simple supply and demand. Demand is up and continuing to rise however supply is down. The Bureau of Reclamation is currently conducting a study on the impacts of water use in order to assess and hopefully provide solutions to solve this very real problem the Southwest faces in the coming years. Some suggestions on ways to conserve water: • Take shorter showers • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth & when doing the dishes • Irrigate yards less • Utilize drip irrigation vs flood • Planting a drought tolerant landscape • Using waterless car wash products

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Mesa College Coach, Alumnus, Fire Season is Upon Us Qualify for London Olympics San Diego Mesa College head throws coach, Jarred Rome, and alumnus, Félix Sánchez, have qualified for the 2012 London Olympics. Rome is the defending U.S. discus champion. He earned his second career Olympic berth on June 28 with a throw of 207-10. He competes on August 6 and 7 in London. “Jarred Rome has already made his mark at Mesa,” noted Athletics Director Dave Evans. “One of his students, Cassandra Kennison, placed first in the State in the women’s shot put this past year.” A native of Seattle,Wash., the

Courtesy Arnie Robinson

the men’s long jump in the 1976 Summer Olympics. He earlier took bronze at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Courtesy Felix Sanchez

two-time Olympian lives and trains at the Chula Vista Training Center. Also competing in this year’s Olympics in the 400-meter hurdles event is Mesa College alumnus and goldmedalist, Dominican Félix Sánchez. An Athens Olympics champion in 2004, Sánchez qualified for London in July by finishing 3rd with 48.56 seconds, his fastest time this season. While a student at Mesa College (1995-97), Sanchez was mentored by now retired track coach and two-time Olympic medalist and 1969 Mesa alum,Arnie Robinson. Robinson won the gold medal for

Courtesy Jarred Rome

San Diego’s fire department is bracing for what could be a long and dangerous fire season. “I know people say they hear this from us every year; that this is going to be the worst fire season in some time,” San Diego FireRescue Chief Javier Mainar said recently. “Either the winter has been too dry and the brush is ready to burn or the winter rains have been normal and there’s a lot of brush that’s drying out in the summer. “But I can tell you that we are seeing conditions right now in the canyons and hillsides that we don’t normally see in San Diego until mid-September or later,” he said. Mainar said the fire department is doing all it can to be prepared and positioned to fight fire before it can get out of hand. But he cautioned “it’ not if, but when, there will be a brush fire.” With more than 900 linear miles of canyons in the city, San Diego is vulnerable to fire.The San Diego FireRescue Department reminds homeowners that it is not only those who

live on canyon rims who should take precautions. Embers can be carried more than a mile by Santa Ana winds. In the Witch Creek-Guejito fires of 2007, several homes were destroyed that were far from the fire front. To guard against embers starting a fire, residents are encouraged to put 1/8 inch metal mesh over their attic vents. This will keep most embers from getting into the attic and igniting the insulation. It’s also important to clean leaves and debris from your roof, rain gutters and under your deck, and to regularly prune your shrubs and bushes. “As prepared as we are, it’s not possible to have a fire engine in the driveway of every house to protect them from fire,” Mainar said.“Homeowners can do a lot to protect their property themselves by being prepared.” The Fire-Rescue Department website has more information and suggestions on home fire protection. ps/wildland.shtml

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“Kids in Action”

Mary Kate and Caroline O’Connell on vacation learning how to paddle board on Sail Bay Submitted by: Briege O’Connell

If you would like your kids profiled in “Kids in Action” submit photos and a brief description

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SCHOOL NEWS San Diego Unified School District 2012-2013 School Year Calendars TRADITIONAL CALENDAR


September 3 - Holiday: Labor Day 4 - First day of school

September 3 - Holiday: Labor Day 4 - First day of school

November 12 - Holiday:Veterans Day 19-23 - Thanksgiving vacation

November 12 - Holiday:Veterans Day 19-23 - Thanksgiving vacation

December 24 - Winter break begins

December 17 - Winter break begins

January 7 - Schools reopen 21 - Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 14 - School returns 21 - Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 15 - Holiday: Lincoln Day 18 - Holiday:Washington Day

February 15 - Holiday: Lincoln Day 18 - Holiday:Washington Day

March 29 - Spring break begins

March 29 - Spring break begins

April 8 - Schools Reopen

April 26 - Schools Reopen

May 27 - Holiday: Memorial Day

May 27 - Holiday: Memorial Day

June 11 - Last day of school

June 14, 17-18 - Schools Closed, Furlough Days July 4 - Holiday: Independence Day 19 - Last day of school

Host an Academy of Business & Technology (AOBT) Student Intern Would your company or organization like free help from a Clairemont High School student intern? AOBT is now taking requests for interns for 2012! The 12th grade students in AOBT are qualified, motivated young people who are required to do field internships from March 1 to May 17 as part of their ROP business class credit.

2012 Summer Lunch Program (92117 & 92111) San Diego’s kids can “Power Up Your Summer” at any one of 69 locations in the city that will be serving free lunch this summer.

tant bridge over the summer for children when school is out and they no longer have access to school meals,” said Gary Petill, San Diego Unified’s

Lunches are being offered at a variety of locations, ranging from city recreation centers, to schools, to military bases beginning June 20. Use the table at the bottom of this story to find a location near you. Special barbecues are held at selected locations. Other activities scheduled at many barbecues include fruit and veggie games, community organizations providing information about low cost utility and healthcare programs, health screenings, immunizations, food assistance, housing, counseling and summer activities, as well as distributing free fruit and vegetables. Children can participate in all the activities at this and other barbecues throughout the summer, earning points toward a super cool Power Up Your Summer patch. Most of the 69 locations will have a similar barbecue during the summer, but daily fare is much more simple. Kids receive a sandwich, fruit and juice for lunch, all in line with federal nutritional guidelines. Breakfast will be served at 35 locations, mostly schools, beginning in late July. “Each parent and guardian can be assured that their child is getting a good breakfast or lunch through this program,” said Petill.

Food Services Director.“Good nutrition is very important to a child’s continued growth during the summer.”

For more information and additional locations visit & click on “Summer Fun Café”.

San Diego Unified’s Food Services Department and the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department are once again joining forces to bring the US Department of Agriculture’s Seamless Summer Feeding Option to kids throughout the region.The theme this year is “Power Up Your Summer.” “This program provides an impor-

Our student interns have taken classes in business, computers, and communications. We are looking to place each student in a meaningful internship at a professional work environment where they can put their skills into practice. Want more info? Visit “For Industry Partners”

Intern for Congresswoman Susan Davis Interested in public service? Have a passion for politics? Internships are available in both my San Diego and the Washington offices. Interns assist with fielding constituent inquires, public events, casework, and other special projects. Internship candidates should be prepared to work on either a full or part-time basis with no monetary compensation. Internship applications are evaluated on a rolling basis for fall, spring and summer sessions. While we encourage

all enthusiastic, hard-working applicants, being a constituent of California’s 53rd District is a plus! If you are interested in interning in the San Diego office, please contact Gavin Deeb at 619-280-5353 or email If you are interested in interning in the Washington office, please contact Mike McLaughlin at 202-225-2040 or email Applicants should send in a cover letter, resume, and three references.

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The Padres Future is so Bright I Have to Wear Shades With half the summer gone so is two-thirds of the baseball season, and the Padres have been in a downward spiral for sometime but there have been some things that I am really excited about. I know some of you hate the term “next year” but we have some things to stand up and cheer about. One present thing we can take solace is that the Padres have a better record than 5 other teams in baseball: Twins,Astros, Rockies, Cubs, and Royals, plus they are only 2 games behind the super expensive, high expectations Philadelphia Phillies. Here are 8 things to look to forward to next season: 1. Extensions Part 1 of 3: OF Carlos Quentin Quentin was signed through the 2015 season and should be fixture in the Padres’ outfield mix until then. He can also play 1st base if need be but with Yonder Alonso and Jesus Guzman splitting time at 1st base I doubt Quentin will be used much there. However it does offer some roster flexibility for our National League team. 2. A healthy starting rotation: You can’t count them on one hand, heck you might even have to pull off a sock and keep counting the way this seasons been going but here is the current list of wounded pitchers; Anthony Bass,Andrew Cashner, Cory Luebke, Dustin Moseley, Micah Owings, Joe Thatcher,Tim Stauffer, Joe Wieland. That’s 8 pitchers, granted you always think about having a deep roster and stockpiling arms for such

events but this is just ridiculous. No team could ever anticipate that many injuries to its pitchers. If we have just a fraction of them healthy at the start of next season we’re looking at a major improvement. 3. Youngsters Part 1 of 4: IF/OF Alexi Amarista I’ll admit that at the time we acquired him from the Dodgers in exchange for RHP Ernesto Frieri I was upset, especially since pitchers were landing on the DL left and right. But Amarista is exactly what a National League team like the Padres needs. He’s only 23 years old and the kid can play all over the infield and the outfield whenever needed. He also hits, gets on base, and can run. 4. Extensions Part 2 of 3: CL Huston Street Street was signed to a one year extension for the 2013 season. I’m not one to get excited over relief pitchers, especially closers because a closer just isn’t worth the money if you can’t get into the 9th inning with a lead, something the Padres haven’t done much of this year. But if the Padres do get their rotation healthy then Street is worth the money and will hopefully see a lot of late inning playing time next season. 5. Youngsters Parts 2 & 3 of 4: 2B Logan Forsythe and SS Everth Cabrera

I know what you’re thinking; these guys haven’t done much of anything this year. Give me a chance to explain, they are young: Forsythe and Cabrera are both 24 and most player’s peak at the age of 26 or 27. Both will be under team control for awhile and form a dynamic duo up the middle. Give them a chance to develop and they should be fun to watch. Having major league experience in a losing season is rare gift that they need to take advantage of. 6. The National League West Division: Everyone complains about the Dodgers and Giants, and you just never know about the Diamondbacks and Rockies. The Dodgers, Giants, and D’backs have some serious things to work out this offseason financially. They have been involved in a bunch of trade talks and right now with the trade deadline looming over us*, it will be interesting to see how these teams work out deals with their free agents especially with the loss of prospects traded for one year rentals. The moves the Padres made are well balanced for next year. *(article printed prior to trade deadline 7/31) 7. Extensions Part 3 of 3: 3B Chase Headley This one has not happened yet and it might never happen but there is a very good chance that the Padres hang on to Headley this season. It would be

nice to have him anchor 3rd base with the already mentioned youngsters Forsythe and Cabrera up the middle. Headley could also play leftfield if prospect 3B Jedd Gyorko makes the jump to the majors next season. Again, having roster flexibility with your position players is a huge plus in the National League. 8. Youngsters Part 4 of 4: C Yasmani Grandal I was sad to see Nick Hundley get sent down but it had to be done. No one ever expected Grandal to come out of the gates the way he did, he is good and fun to watch and, only 23 years old. The Padres have really set up something special with their youngsters and these kids could blossom into a solid core of players that will be under team control for the next 3 to 4 years. The pieces could really come together for the Padres next season and I really hope they do. Don’t forget that the MLB added an extra Wild Card spot this season that will be around next season as well. The Padres definitely have a shot to stick it to the National League West next year! But that doesn’t mean you should stop watching this season, having the opportunity to watch the kids get their playing time at the highest level is something really fun to be a part of and you can say you were there while they become polished major league products. Thanks for reading and Go Padres! Johnny Cantanz Send me your questions, comments, and concerns at:

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New Walk ‘App’ Can Make Communities More Walkable Regional Walk Scorecard To Map Improvements For Future Funding WalkSanDiego is developing a Regional Walk Scorecard to rate walkability in the region’s 18 cities as well as the City of San Diego individual neighborhoods. Field work for the project is the most important component and will require hundreds of volunteers around the region to input data describing what it’s like to walk in their neighborhood. Data collected from the volunteers will create a map of projects for future funding. To take advantage of the best technology, WalkSanDiego has created a smart phone WALK APP for volunteers to use to collect data. Preferred data collection dates are Saturday and Sunday, September 15-16.The actual time required for volunteers can be 30 minutes or several hours as they desire. Manual data entry forms will be available for volunteers who don’t have a smart phone.

Jim Stone, Executive Director of WalkSanDiego, states,“The walk phone app project is a big deal for us and has generated interest among residents, health professionals, and government officials around the region because of the importance of walking to health and neighborhood quality of life.” WalkSanDiego is a regional, grassroots organization formed in 1998 and dedicated to making our neighborhoods more walkable.Through educational events, training, advocacy, and work with local governments, WalkSanDiego is working to reclaim our streets and blocks through improved streetscape designs, accessible walking paths, and traffic calming measures. If you would like more information on this topic or would like to know how to volunteer, please contact Robert Felix ( or Kathleen Ferrier (

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Cayden Trooper

Breed M/Siamese Mix

Breed M/ Australian Cattledog

Breed M/ Lab Mix

DOB 9/21/2011

DOB 10/7/2001

DOB 4/2/2008

Place of Birth Lakeside, CA

Place of Birth Ramona, CA

Place of Birth Orlando, FL

Likes Eating like a pig, chewing on stuff, biting people Dislikes Being cuddled for too long, being kept indoors, being roughhoused by dad

Likes (Loves) any kind of water, especially swimming in the pool, biscuits, greenies, playing fetch & creating his “den” under the bed. Hamming it up for the camera! Dislikes Getting his ears cleaned, the vacuum, the mailman and the neighbor’s dog

Likes Swimming, tearing up toys, cuddling playing with his best friend Ben Dislikes The mailman, waking up early, sharing his food

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COMPUTER SOLUTIONS TOTAL GEEK • Home or Office Tech Support • Network Administration • Audio Video Installation • Computer Repair • Website Set Up • Server & Desktop Support • Linux & Windows


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JASON PETERIE Head Golf Teaching Professional Tecolote Canyon Golf Course • 27 Years in the Golf Industry • Golf Instructor for the last 15 Years

All ages and skill levels welcome Allow me to introduce you to the game or reintroduce you back to this wonderful game My goal is to make it fun while working on your skills Private & Semi-Private lessons available every day except Monday

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A valid AAA card is required for member savings. The Automobile Club of Southern California acts only as agent for Regent Seven Seas. Rates, conditions, availability and itineraries are subject to change without notice. CTR #1016202 80.

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