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>> Financial and business services; creative and digital; life sciences; culture and tourism. Sure, there are crossovers and overlap — already, one year one from the publication of Liverpool’s 15-year-plan the boundaries between creative, digital, culture and tourism are blurred. Who’s to say what sectors Liverpool’s businesses slot into? “What is gaming?” asks Martin Kenwright of Starship, notionally a software company that is expanding quickly into e-Health, education and virtual reality. Janet Hemingway, Director of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, emphasises the school’s traditional links with both business — a new model for how academia can work with the private sector and government. Craig G Pennington, editor of Liverpool music magazine, Bido Lito!, describes music as a cultural product, ripe with opportunities for those in creative, digital and business sectors. Liverpool, it’s been said, has always been a melting pot — a confluence of merchants, immigrants, races and creeds from around the globe. It’s good at cross-pollination; synthesising new materials; fusing thoughts, ideas and skills. The City Tribune tells those stories — about how and why Liverpool’s business and culture got to where they are and where they’re going. To look beyond press releases, expos and business breakfasts. We hope that, as a result, you take a little more of Liverpool away with you when you leave.

The City Tribune Edition 01 - Liverpool  

What's it like doing business in the city? — The City Tribune takes an in-depth look at the people making business happen in cities through...

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