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Liverpool, UK

Tidal Power — Your guide to the people and places propelling Liverpool into the heart of international business.

Inside this edition >

Automotive, p.6 — The sector that is driving the region’s economy.

Music, p.12 — How digital is changing the face of the music industry.

Sport, p.21 — The incredible value of Liverpool’s sport market.

Gaming, p.26 — The developers at the vanguard of new tech.

Bio Tech, p.28 — Forging a new model for 21st century universities.

Future, p.30 — Where Liverpool is heading in the next 15 years.

How culture and industry define modern Liverpool. Writer— Andrew Beattie Liverpool is a city that re-invents itself. Since its recovery from the downturns of the 70s and 80s, the city has evolved through redevelopments such as the Albert Dock restoration, development of the iconic waterfront into a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the sprawling Liverpool ONE, which has reconnected the city centre to the Mersey. The city’s new-found status as a cultural destination with global appeal has also impacted on the culture of business in the city. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Liverpool’s mass repurposing of old warehouses to house its creative and digital sectors. The Baltic Triangle is home to much of this community: within two years the area has been turned from a derelict landscape of relics from long-dead seafaring industries into a thriving community. The area motto — Creative, Industrious, Pioneering — is becoming just as relevant citywide. The City Tribune examines the sectors that Liverpool itself has identified as its key sectors over the next generation: a blueprint for expansion and diversification; a strategy to ensure the city survives and thrives in a landscape packed with new technologies, new businesses and new ways of ensuring that a city works as a cohesive entity. >>

Clockwise from top— Liverpool Albert Dock Kixl prototype by Uniform. Land Rover Evoque production. Starship CEO Martin Kenwright Beach Skulls at Kazimier.

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The City Tribune Edition 01 - Liverpool  

What's it like doing business in the city? — The City Tribune takes an in-depth look at the people making business happen in cities through...

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