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El Paso’s




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May, 2018


May, 2018


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May, 2018

Mismaloya Bay at Puerto Vallarta

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May, 2018

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May, 2018

alamogordo 955 white sands blvd (575) 434.4116

10850 N LOOP DR (915) 860.1315

el paso

10600 MONTANA AVE (915) 591.4655

2112 trawood (915) 595-2788

8889 gateway west (915) 599.8571

2800 n mesa st (915) 533.6883

1831 N LEE TREVINO DR (915) 594.1129

1432 ANTONIO ST (915) 886.2413

2879 MONTANA AVE (915) 566.4464

10090 RUSHING RD (915) 755.9510


5401 MONTANA AVE (915) 779.8825

800 N ZARAGOZA RD (915) 860.1670

1100 GERONIMO DR (915) 778.9301

2950 GEORGE DIETER DR (915) 856.7040

5900 N MESA ST (915) 584.1153

1329 GEORGE DIETER DR (915) 594.3838

302 s oregon st (915) 532.4344

10780 KENWORTHY ST (915) 821.2698

1210 WEDGEWOOD DR (915) 591.9496

1607 N ZARAGOZA RD (915) 856.0071

8050 N MESA ST (915) 585.0491

11685 MONTWOOD DR (915) 855.7704

890 N RESLER DR (915) 584.1359

12201 MONTWOOD DR (915) 856.0278

8045 N LOOP DR (915) 592.5849

12390 EDGEMERE BLVD (915) 849.6849

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9428 DYER ST (915) 751.4415

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May, 2018



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May, 2018

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May, 2018


The Broken Girls By Simone St. James


If you’re a fan of mystery podcasts, then you won’t put down this book. Idlewild Hall in 1950 is a place for girls that no one wants—the illegitimate, the troublemakers, the too smart. Fast-forward to 2014, and journalist Fiona starts writing about the remodel of Idlewild, discovering secrets of her sister’s death and others that were supposed to remain in the past. The Language of Thorns By Leigh Bardugo

“Love speaks in flowers. Truth requires thorns.” Just like the author, the stories created in this book are thrilling and diverse. Dive into Grishaverse, a world of haunted towns, talking beasts and gingerbread golems. Open your mind to some myth, fantasy and folklore with this number one New York Times bestselling author. In the Company of Women By Grace Bonney

Be ready to dog-ear some pages. Since we’re celebrating women this month, this book is only fitting. Gather inspiration and advice from over 100 artists, makers and entrepreneurs. These are the women influencing change in the workplace, the world and their communities.

Elizabeth I By Margaret George

A great historical writer, Margaret George tells the captivating story of history’s most interesting queen, Elizabeth Tudor. This book paints a picture of what she was really like and how she managed her rival with her cousin, Lettice Knolly, while ruling England with both her heart and land in mind. The Chaperone By Laura Moriarty

At 15-years-old, Louise Brooks leaves Kansas to attend a prestigious dance school in New York. She is accompanied by a 36-year-old traditional woman, Cora Carlisle, who has no idea what she’s in for. Set in the 1920s and 30s, prohibition, post-war and women’s suffrage paints the background for the events that will change these women.

Photography By: AUSTIN NORTH


Diamonds hand selected for their beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing, then crafted into a cut of superior artistry.

May, 2018





A val ua bl e pa r t of eve r y i nvaluab le mo me nt .




May, 2018

MAY 2018 VOLUME 71

20 TOP


28 40


















Here and Now







May, 2018


Women detect high frequency sounds better than men.

But they still need to listen to their heart. Women are strong. They always put their families first. But that shouldn’t mean they ignore their own health. At The Hospitals of Providence, we provide the full spectrum of women’s health services. Which means we have you covered — from imaging and robotic surgery to complete OB/GYN services. We even have patient navigators to help you through the entire care process. So when you need care for yourself, turn to the people who


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May, 2018

Michelle Cromer

David Parish

Jenn Mรกrquez

Andy Martinez

Veronica Nevarez

Dav Anmed

Grace The Psychic Lady

Lizzie Martinez

Austin North

May, 2018

Elyse Simons

Lauren MaciasCervantes

Krysta Ayers

Marie Moore

Felipa Solis

Joann Wardy

Zak Hansen

Jannet Bustillos

Denise Nelson-Prieto

John Horta

Taylor Hines

Jesse Maynes


May, 2018

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Here’s to strong woman, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.


rom a very young age, I knew that I wanted to own

In our Women in Business issue,

my own business when I grew up. I’ve always had the

I’m excited to present eight amazing

need to have things done right and with conviction. My family

businesswomen, sisters, who fall

may have called me a little sassy or bossy when I was in any

into the category of Women in the

project. When I played tea-time, I always wanted the teacups placed

Media, those who have climbed (and

perfectly with the handles always on the right side, the tablecloth

sometimes clawed) their way up the

had to be ironed (even at five-years-old), and the dolls, who were my

corporate ladder. You’ll enjoy their

friends, always came to the table in their Sunday-best dresses that I

inspiring stories and get to know a

finished designing and sewing the night before. When I played teacher,

little better the women who rock the world of media in our region.

all the doll-children needed to stand in line and behave like ladies and gentlemen. My mother often said, “If it’s worth doing it’s worth

The woman on the cover needs no introduction, our own President of

doing right.” That saying was embedded in me from an early age. As

UTEP, Dr. Diana Natalicio: education innovator. Dr. Natalicio, as she’s

I transitioned into adulthood it came naturally that my first business-

known, has been on our campus since 1971 making her way to the

vision was as a fashion designer, secondly an interior designer (which is

top, to the Presidential chair where she’s sat, ok rarely sat, for 30 years.

what I ultimately studied) so, as life would have it, I followed the rabbit

The respect and love she has earned from the students, the facility

trail of the fast pace, multiple opportunity workforce in advertising,

she leads and from the community in general shows the strength

marketing, and now publishing. Where I am today was never part of

of a woman assuming the seat often owned by a man, years before

the plan, it just evolved, life is funny like that. Like water flowing down

women in leadership roles were as predominant as they are today. As

a stream taking its slow turns flowing back and forth, following the

I directed the photoshoot of Dr. Natalicio, gracious to have 15 minutes

direction of the current. All I knew for sure is that I was good with

of undivided time with her, it was clear from the beginning who was in

design, good with color. There was a feeling of accomplishment, of

charge. She took her position in front of the camera, she’d done this

contentment and pride when I stood back and looked at a final product,

many times before and though I don’t think it’s a position she assumes

be it fashion I created, a living room that I designed or now, magazines.

naturally (she is clearly not about herself), she realizes the importance

I simply knew that I wanted to end up in the creative world but, beyond

of promoting the university. It was an honor to be in her presence and

that, I didn’t give too much thought to how this was going to happen

I was constantly aware of how fortunate I was to be behind closed

or whether being female would, in any way, make achieving my goals

doors with her. That is why I love what I do, the beautiful strong women

more difficult. I am in the magazine publishing world and to date, I’ve

whose shoulders I get to touch if only for a moment.

never given much credence to being a woman in the working world. This is not to say that I haven’t had my career struggles, heck let’s be

Let’s do business with and pour our money and support into woman-

honest, life struggles, but none of them seemed to have anything to

owned and helmed businesses who will take their part in leadership

do with my gender. I’ve never given acceptance to discrimination in the

and grow our great city.

workplace though I am aware that my female contemporaries in more male-dominated industries have sometimes faced more obstacles.

Join me as we celebrate these amazing women who continue

I am very grateful to all the women who have come before me and

to make great strides, not only in smashing the glass ceiling in

fought the battles that have allowed me—and future generations of

corporate America but in venturing out on their own in the world

women—to do “whatever we set our minds to.”

of entrepreneurship.

I am not a part of the “me too” world, I am more a part of the “not me” world or more importantly the “not me again” world. I’ll stop there, as this conversation could be an entire chapter to a book that will never be finished.

May, 2018


May, 2018

Charity Register MAY Opportunities to Give & Support May the Fourth Be with You The El Paso Zoological Society does it again with this Star Wars themed fundraiser on May 4. Bring the kids and view the exhibits and take advantage of photo opportunities with the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader. For more information go to

March of Dimes On May 5, you can help make a difference when you march for babies during the March of Dimes. This is the biggest annual fundraising event for the organization. The march will start at The Outlet Shoppes of El Paso at 8 a.m. For more information on how to participate go to

12th Annual Braden Aboud Run/Walk Join the crowd on Sunday, May 6 at Zach White Elementary for another great year of the Braden Aboud Run/Walk. There will also be music, local vendors, dog adoptions and more. This is a fun, family event. Find more information at

Hear Me Roar: Pride Night at the Zoo Starting at 6 p.m. the El Paso Zoo will host this annual fundraiser, open to all ages. For $15, enjoy live music and have the kids cool off at the Hunt Family Desert Splash Pad. Enjoy gourmet street food by the Taste of El Paso’s The Beastro Food Truck. More info at

The Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso Tennis Camp Tennis West will be hosting The Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso Tennis Camp June 11-15. BGCEP have partnered with the Sunshine Tennis League and will be adding tennis to their summer camp curriculum. Sunshine League volunteers will teach children 6-18 the fundamentals of tennis. For further information and to donate to the tennis camp, please contact Anthony Tomasheski, 532-7410. 18

May, 2018


Beautiful Historic Patio Live Music Signature Drinks Amazing Culinary Choices Breakfast Monday - Friday

Modern French Salon serving New American Cuisine

(915) 228-9050



204 E. Mills Ave.


May, 2018

Dr. Natalicio on what she likes about El Paso


“I love the desert, the sunshine, the weather, being able to live in two countries at once, and, most of all, I love the people here, starting with our UTEP students whose capacity to overcome any odds continues to be a source of joy to me.�

May, 2018

U T E P P r e s i d e n t D r . D i a n a N ata l i c i o



Education Innovator Champions Access, Excellence | By: LAUREN MACIAS-CERVANTES photography by: JENN MÁRQUEZ and UTEP COMMUNICATIONS | here are millions of books on how to

linguistics and modern languages. She served as

“I feel very happy and totally privileged to have

achieve success in education. The industry

vice president for academic affairs, dean of liberal

had an opportunity over the past 30 years to

is ever-changing and challenging at best,

arts, chair of the modern languages department

work with a highly talented and committed

but the answer is simple for The University

and professor of linguistics before being named

UTEP faculty and staff members committed

of Texas at El Paso President Dr. Diana

president of The University in 1988.

to making a difference in the lives of people in the Paso del Norte region through high-quality

Natalicio: provide access and excellence. Accomplishing the combination is far from

This year marks 30 years as president. She

education, PreK-16,” said Natalicio. “The key

easy, in fact, the recognized global leader has

is the longest-serving president of a public

has been my confidence in my colleagues

often heard having both is not possible.



whose willingness to challenge higher education



office. She is also the all-time longest-serving

policies and practices have transformed UTEP

The visionary first came to UTEP in 1971 as a

female president of a public doctoral/research

into a model national public research university

visiting assistant professor in the departments of

university or four-year public university.

delivering both access and excellence.”


U T E P P r e s i d e n t D r . D i a n a N ata l i c i o

May, 2018

Dr. Natalicio on inspiration

“People come to work at UTEP because they know we have created a climate that will foster their success. They also come here because they believe in UTEP’s access and excellence mission. I have been inspired by many leaders throughout my career, especially those 22 who are totally authentic in their leadership.”

May, 2018

U T E P P r e s i d e n t D r . D i a n a N ata l i c i o

During Dr. Natalicio’s tenure as president,

It is that belief in UTEP’s student body

I have benefitted from amazing mentors

UTEP’s enrollment has grown from 15,000

and the commitment to providing access

and amazing faculty members. That has

to more than 25,000 students and UTEP’s

and excellence that has resulted in an

constantly been one of this institution’s

annual budget has increased from $65 million

environment fertile with opportunities and


to nearly $450 million. That success hasn’t

inspires faculty and staff. The influence came

important it is for the students to have that

come without obstacles.

early for UTEP Vice President for Student

strength at their disposal, and she has made

Affairs, Gary Edens, Ed.D.

that our responsibility. I work harder every





day because of her,” he said.

“The most difficult challenge has been the effort to increase awareness of the enormous

“I met Dr. Natalicio as a student while I

talent of this region’s population and of the

was serving in the student government

Patricia Witherspoon, Ph.D., echoes Edens’

potential that, through education, it offered



sentiments. She worked for Dr. Natalicio for

for enhanced prosperity and quality of life for

supportive while I was a student, and her

17 years before retiring in August of 2017 as

all of us,” shared Dr. Natalicio.

enthusiasm has always been infectious.

dean for the College of Liberal Arts.




Throughout my career here in various roles,


U T E P P r e s i d e n t D r . D i a n a N ata l i c i o

May, 2018

Dr. Natalicio’s advice for women in business

“I think the best advice I can offer is work to know yourself well, be confident and proud of who you are, and live your life as authentically as possible.” “The most memorable, and sustained,

generations of students. It can’t be done

Center on campus and says Dr. Natalicio is a


by three or four people at the top of the

continuous source of support and inspiration


administrative hierarchy. President Natalicio

for students and the region and has made a

educating students in the Paso del Norte

understands that and UTEP’s success is a

huge difference in the way UTEP is able to

region ... thereby giving them national and

reflection of that understanding,” she said.

serve the community.

and their lives,” said Witherspoon. “Staying

A large part of UTEP’s transformation, led

“She recognizes that talent is not restricted

true to that one principle will distinguish

by Dr. Natalicio, is attributed to research.

by geography or economic status and has

her presidency for decades to come. The

Annual research expenditures have grown

devoted much of her career to facilitating

second most important leadership factor

from $6 million to more than $90 million per

opportunities for students to engage and

she embodies is the inclusion of faculty and

year, and doctoral programs from one to 22

excel in their chosen fields of study,” he

staff, at all levels, in all colleges, in UTEP’s

during this same period. UTEP College of

explained. “Her impact has been significant

educational effort. It takes the collaboration

Science Dean Robert Kirken, Ph.D., leads

and far-reaching, and the outcomes of her


The University’s Border Biomedical Research

efforts are likely to be realized for many




President been


Natalicio’s devotion

international opportunities for their careers







May, 2018

U T E P P r e s i d e n t D r . D i a n a N ata l i c i o

years to come. Dr. Natalicio’s belief that a

Innovation Acceleration Park (tRIAC) has

child in America should have equal access

major research university can and should

already attracted top industry business

to higher education. Dr. Natalicio is a bundle

serve a 21st century student demographic

leaders and is affording engineering students

of unstoppable energy, and her vision and

was transformative and serves as a model

invaluable research opportunities.

tireless effort transformed a sleepy little university into a major academic and research

for other institutions in Texas and the nation as our population continues to diversify,”

“Dr. Natalicio is a phenomenal academic

Kirken said.

leader who challenged and rejected the 21st

powerhouse,” said Choudhuri.

century common American academic norm

In 2017, Dr. Natalicio was named one of

There is no question UTEP is a regional

of building excellence without access,”

Fortune magazine’s Top 50 World Leaders.

economic driver and Dr. Natalicio has plans

said Ahsan Choudhuri, Ph.D., director of the

In 2016, she was honored with the Hispanic

outside of the campus’ current footprint.

NASA MIRO Center for Space Exploration

Heritage Award in Science, Technology,

The University recently partnered with the

and Technology Research and tRIAC project


County of El Paso on an aerospace venture at

lead. “She is a frontier visionist who believed

included on the 2016 TIME 100 list of most

the Fabens Airport. The Technology Research

that talents exist in every zip code and every

influential people in the world. In 2015, The







U T E P P r e s i d e n t D r . D i a n a N ata l i c i o

May, 2018

Carnegie Corporation of New York honored Dr. Natalicio with its prestigious Academic Leadership Award. In 2011, the President of Mexico presented her the Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca, the highest recognition bestowed on foreign nationals. The honors have brought UTEP global recognition but haven’t distracted Natalicio. Though speaking requests are abundant and community functions draw lines of people for questions and photos, she remains focused and humble. She is curious by nature and never hesitates to ask students questions and find out about their work and their future plans. “No matter how many national or international boards she serves on, no matter how many 26

May, 2018

recognitions she and The University receive, she never loses focus and her total commitment to the students UTEP serves never wavers,” said Estrella Escobar, assistant to the president. “At the core of every decision she makes is how to make life better for our students. Her vision of access and excellence is genuine, and at the end of the day, the voice in the room that always brings the conversation back to our students is hers,” said Escobar. A graduate of St. Louis University, Dr. Natalicio earned a master’s degree in Portuguese and a doctorate in linguistics from The University of Texas at Austin. She was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame, honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award at The University of Texas at Austin, and awarded honorary doctoral degrees by St. Louis University, Northeastern University, Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia), Georgetown University, Smith College and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico). When asked what else she would be if not university president, the answer goes back to her childhood. “While growing up in St. Louis, I dreamed of being a baseball pitcher for the Cardinals,” said Natalicio. “I’m sure that what I do now is ultimately far more satisfying than playing baseball professionally… especially because in retrospect, I don’t think I had much of a curve ball.”


May, 2018





usinesses and consumers, alike, need to

stay ahead of the curve in our rapidly changing marketplace, and that includes in terms of how products and services are positioned in the public

eye, and generally speaking, how society stays informed. The “media mix” utilized in both aims, whether through print, radio, TV, digital or social media marketing, is important in both how companies stay relevant and how we get our news. The following local women have mastered the business of media on various levels, and have successfully applied their sophisticated expertise over the years to help keep us informed and industries productive. As such, these talented women not only thrive in their own right, they have and continue to lead the way in putting businesses and individuals, and our great city as a whole, on the map. Now, read on and prepare to be inspired …


E l PA S O ’ S TO P WO M E N I N M E D I A

May, 2018


Photo courtesy of KVIA-TV

One of our city’s most prominent and beloved women, Estela Casas, News

News Anchor at KVIA ABC-7

Anchor at KVIA ABC-7, is the embodiment of leading by example. Estela is not only El Paso’s highest-rated and longest running anchor of all time, she’s also a gifted and talented singer. Awarded with a Voice Performance scholarship to Arizona State University, she sung in Mexico on Televisa for “Hoy Mismo” and “México Magia y Encuentro,” along with other popular appearances before shifting her focus to broadcasting. Inducted into the El Paso Women’s Hall of Fame, among other things, Estela has been a powerful force in women and children’s advocacy. In recent years, she’s battled thyroid cancer and more recently, breast cancer, of which has now become

a platform for her to educate and inspire those dealing with the disease on every level. The “Stand for Estela” campaign fund has yielded tens of thousands in donated funds, which in turn benefits local residents battling the disease. Regarding her own cancer journey, although no easy feat, Estela’s candor on the matter with those who’ve come to know her in the 30 plus years she’s been in the spotlight, has proven invaluable. Not only has it helped others cope, it’s helped her cope. Celebrating 25 years in April 2018, the profound inspiration found

in Estela’s love for her community is priceless and for that, we’d also like to thank her for her longstanding and enduring commitment to our city.

E l PA S O ’ S TO P WO M E N I N M E D I A

May, 2018

Photo courtesy of El Paso Inc.


Publisher at El Paso Inc.

Although seemingly far-fetched for the once Silicon Valley public

that she launched their very first “Best Of The Best” in 2004

relations specialist, Secret Wherrett, Publisher at El Paso Inc.,

and ultimately, succeeded her father as Publisher at El Paso Inc.

has proven successful in advancing her family’s publishing operation. Her father, Tom Fenton, launched El Paso Inc. in

Today, Secret oversees both operations, and refers to the opportunity

1995, after serving as Editor and Publisher at the El Paso Times.

to engage and partner with the community as a “privilege.” She

Describing him as a “career journalist,” Secret recalls the idea

also largely credits her mother, Ellie Fenton, Controller, and business

of taking the business over as being the furthest from her mind

partner, Debra Fraire, Advertising Director, for the wisdom they’ve

given the shoes she’d have to fill.

imparted. In our current digital age, Secret points to local media, and not just print, as being the “core” yet often overlooked component


Her background in high-tech PR came full circle when Secret

for how society stays informed. “My vision is making sure that the

and her husband, Carl, relocated to El Paso. It wasn’t long after

community understands the value of that” and graciously thanks her

that she took over as Editor for sister publication, What’s Up,

print readers for being instrumental in that aim.

May, 2018

EORGINA G “GEORGE” RIDDLE Director of Sales at Townsquare Media El Paso

Radio sales guru, Georgina “George”

When asked whom she’d name as her mentor, George

Riddle and current Director of Sales

says meaningfully, “Brad … with an exclamation

at Townsquare Media El Paso, which

point” and adds, “He’s a creative genius.” Among

operates KLAQ 95.5 FM, 93.1 KISS-

other things, she credits her strong writing ability to

FM and 600 ESPN, has been in radio

Brad, vital in producing successful radio spots and

for 26 years. Her start came by way of a mutual friend

event promotions, and points out that as a whole,

and her own introduction to now Market President,

Townsquare is in the business of selling ideas—not just

Brad Dubow, at a local event party. Interestingly,

advertising—and genuinely refers to clients as partners,

George came to her native El Paso after a brief stint

while priding herself on the entire inner workings of the

in securities while in Kentucky and transitioned into

company. In April, Townsquare Media El Paso achieved

sales upon her return. She landed at Townsquare

the top spot as 2017s “Market of The Year” for ratings,

as an Account Executive, quickly climbing the

revenues, digital achievements and as the largest local

management ladder and the rest is history.

event group of the company’s entire 67-market media group. In making her own lasting mark, George has categorically led her team to its own great success!


E l PA S O ’ S TO P WO M E N I N M E D I A

F. ELLEN ORDAZ Founder and Media Strategist at EFO Media

May, 2018

Photo by Christian Brito Rutiaga Getting her start as a part-time receptionist, Ellen F. Ordaz, Founder and Media Strategist at EFO Media, learned the business ground-up beginning at formerly known, KTSM Television and Radio. She worked directly under Richard Pearson, the station’s former General Manger, who she says saw something in her. Ellen began in their TV division and soon after, moved to the radio side of the business, and says, “I was learning the inner

workings of TV and radio stations. It was invaluable.” After many years with KTSM, she began a new venture at Sanders Wingo Galvin and Morton Advertising Inc. as a junior buyer, and worked directly for Bob Wingo, now President and CEO of Sanders Wingo Advertising Inc., while learning the advertising and marketing side of the industry. With 25 plus years in the industry, Ellen now heads her own highly successful media agency. As one of her most influential mentors, Ellen names her mother as having instilled a strong work ethic. She also credits Richard Pearson for his investment in her career, as well as Bob Wingo, who she says has “changed the trajectory of [her] entire career.” With integrity at the core of her services, Ellen continues to offer savvy media strategies to her clients that keep both her agency, and her clients, ahead of the curve.



E l PA S O ’ S TO P WO M E N I N M E D I A

May, 2018

Brand Manager and On Air Personality at 93.1 KISS-FM

With over 16 years in the business, Monika, Brand Manager and On Air Personality at 93.1 KISS-FM, has a unique agenda for “connecting people.” A Hollywood, CA native, Monika moved to the Sun City at age 13, got her start on public radio, and later worked for, formerly known, KTSM Television and Radio. Briefly relocating to Oregon where she worked for the WWF’s “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, she decidedly made her return to El Paso. She was hired at Townsquare Media as a part-timer, until she began, literally, doubling their show ratings. Before long, Monika grew to become a beloved KISSFM on air personality with a flair for music, events, promotions, building relationships with record labels and of course, our community, through her local charity work. More importantly is Monika’s passion for bringing people together for the common good and says, “You know the bottom line is that I have been truly blessed in my career and I can’t thank all the people enough that have helped me throughout my life, but I will continue to do my best work and in turn, help out those that I can, while I can.” On air Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monika’s a radio mogul who lends her celebrity to selflessly promote the greater good of El Paso, commanding both the airwaves and our hearts.

Photo by Linda Flores


E l PA S O ’ S TO P WO M E N I N M E D I A

May, 2018

Working as a weekend intern for a local TV

“home alone” that Shauna, ultimately, landed

station marked only the beginning for Shauna

the role of Weekend Assignments Editor in 2003

P. Zielger, News Director at KFOX14/CBS4, and

at KFOX14. Fifteen years later, Shauna now

what would become a lasting and successful

oversees both stations along with 50 plus hours

news career. Born in Jacksonville, N.C., her

of news per week and provides vital direction

father’s Marine Corps deployments took her

to their 75-person news staff. Having worked a

family all over before

number of roles at the station, everything from



KFOX Morning News Producer to Executive

El Paso at age 12.

Producer, she says of her work, “It’s exciting

Her real start came

every day… you have a front row to history.”

HAUNA P . SZIEGLER News Director at KFOX14/CBS4



during, as she jokingly recalls, the time her

As for her mentors, Shauna names Lauren

entire family went on

Macias-Cervantes, once Executive Producer, for

a California vacation,

teaching her the ropes and prior News Director,



Dave Bennallack, whom she credits for believing

behind to find a job. Not exactly happy

in her. Imparting her vision to continue “making

about their decision, she admits it was

a positive impact on the community,” Shauna

a “blessing in disguise.” It was while

clearly proves that she’s the woman for the job.


Photo by Lencho Guerra


May, 2018

E l PA S O ’ S TO P WO M E N I N M E D I A

ARINA MLEE Senior Account Executive at Townsquare Media El Paso

A dynamic advertising pro, Marina Lee, Senior Account Executive at

In April, Marina was named a Townsquare President’s Club Winner

Townsquare Media El Paso, brings years of solid ad expertise to the

for 2017, an impressive ranking among the “Top 20 Account

table, along with a rich, colorful past that undeniably adds value. Her

Executives” from over 500 account executives in 67 U.S. markets.

father, Andy Cohen, and uncle, Sydney Cohen, were major league

Crediting mentors, Brad Dubow and Georgina “George” Riddle, she

baseball players. Years later and through Marina’s lobbying efforts,

says, “Those two are just terrific people,” and pays homage to her

Cohen Stadium was named in their honor. A music lover and writer

father for instilling respect as a valuable, life-long lesson. “He would

at heart, Marina’s written for the likes of Country Music and Billboard

always say he treated the janitor at the ball park the same way he

magazines, the El Paso Times and even has movie credits to her

treated the guy who owned it.” Today, Marina inspires by blending

name. She started with Townsquare Media in 2009, following a high-

her passions to come out on top.

level advertising position and after operating her own company, The Lee Agency. Combining her love of advertising with her passion for writing and music, the move was a natural progression.



May, 2018

SHEID Account Executive at KFOX14

Twelve years ago, Erica Torres Sheid, Account Executive at KFOX14, got her very first start in media as an Account Executive at Entravision. From there, Erica grew into a successful role at during the auto boom, where she was responsible for roughly 300 independent auto lots. Afterwards, she was recruited by Livingsocial. com, an online marketplace which ironically, led her into a top Senior Account Executive position with their competitor, Following a prosperous venture with the online giant, Erica moved into her current role at KFOX14 in 2014, which is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the 17th largest company in the U.S. Today, Erica enjoys a thriving TV sales career selling commercial spots to businesses in the aim of helping her clients grow their market share. In fact, she came in ninth nationally in 2017 for new business acquisition and was ranked the number one Account Executive in El Paso. Awarded the 2017 Circle of Excellence honor for her top spot locally, and recognized as a 2017 TOP 200 Marketing Consultant for the entire network, is no easy feat. “Diligence is something you need in this business,” she says of her achievements and credits her mother as her biggest mentor. The recognition that’s come from hard work and an unrelenting drive, not only defines Erica, it defines success at its best!


May, 2018


May, 2018

A Guide to

Caring for Your Aging Parents

Social Security


Fifty, Fabulous


Loving Life


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The City After 50 provides content specially catered towards baby boomers in the El Paso and Las Cruces Region. PICK UP YOUR COPY AT YOUR LOCAL WALGREENS!

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May, 2018


May, 2018


May, 2018

Paving S the Road to Leadership

ylvia Acosta took the top position at the Paso Del Norte Region YWCA a little over a year ago. Although she describes her role as her “dream job,” it is obvious when you talk to her the duties of her position go way beyond the scope of a job. This is her calling.

“I can’t imagine being more blessed and being given the opportunity to do something so aligned with my personal values,” she said. “I love my job more and more every day. I feel like this is huge, huge responsibility to make sure this organization is successful and thrives. It’s organizations like this that will help shape future generations of girls and help them see themselves in positions of leadership.” Sylvia left her role as Vice Chancellor at the University of California, Irvine to take on her position at the YWCA. While the challenge of overseeing


380 employees at 67 program sites (making this region’s YWCA the largest in the country) and while managing an annual budget of $30 million is daunting, she jubilantly faces it head on. She brings more than 25 years of nonprofit experience she’s gained from her work at universities and other non-profits to the table. Beyond that she was instilled with some very fundamental core values by parents who embraced hard work, familial support and basic human dignity.


Pav i n g t h e R o a d t o L e a d e r s h i p

May, 2018

The culmination of these qualities produced

Academy, Teen Leadership Guidance and the

a woman determined to steward the

Transitional Living Center amongst others.

organization to the fulfillment of its mission. “The business model and the generation


To that end, Sylvia has spearheaded two

of funds are really there to provide revenue

critical programs. After realizing each of the

for us to continue and expand the services

more than 60 YWCA divisions were doing

to this community,” she said. “We’re

their own grant writing while simultaneously

partnering with companies throughout the

fulfilling their duties, she hired a full-time grant

city to provide affordable childcare, health

writer whose sole duty is to procure funding

and wellness, which in turn are providing

from various entities through grants. She

more funding to support more people who

revealed the grant writer is “busy all the time.”

need assistance.”

Next she looked at transforming the basic

The self-proclaimed “proud (Bel Air High



School) Highlander” holds an impressive

operates. Maintaining that the YWCA is

education pedigree as well. She earned

“absolutely a non-profit,” Sylvia established











communication with an emphasis in national

to capitalize on the organization’s assets

security and a Ph.D. in education leadership

to generate funding in order to maintain

with a concentration in higher education.

support of programs like the Early Learning

She revealed her interest in pursuing education



May, 2018

Pav i n g t h e R o a d t o L e a d e r s h i p in national security came from a secret dream of

“I can’t imagine being more blessed and being given the opportunity to do something so aligned with my personal values.

I love my job

more and more Every day.

becoming a spy. “It’s the funniest story ever,” she laughed. “I wanted to be in the CIA and work in Russia. I had this whole idea of what I was going to do with my life.” National pride and gratitude are the reasons she cites for not only her desire to be the next Jane Bond, but for each of the professional roles she’s taken on. Being a first-generation American, raised by a bracero and equally hard-working mother who never relied on public assistance and were able to send Sylvia and her four older brothers to college, are experiences that have instilled her with integrity and appreciation. Earlier this year she was selected as one of five delegates to represent YWCA—USA at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, further evidence of her commitment to empowering women not only in El Paso, but across the globe.


city m

e agazine



m .co .co the .co the c ot elp city m elp city m lp. h e c i t y elp agazine agazine m agazine m



GAL Fashion 5860 N. Mesa St., Ste. 114 El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 300-0010



Gesuina Legaspy of GAL Fashion Owner and fashionista, Gesuina Arianna Legaspy, got her start

Gesuina asserts, “If you believe in yourself and work hard for it you

in retail at only 19 years of age as an unpaid intern at a local, then

can accomplish anything.” Her keen eye and exceptional market buys

well-known boutique. With no experience and tons of ambition, she

from the most prominent cities, undoubtedly, plays its part. Even

learned the ropes from their store’s top-producer, Monica Armendariz,

the most discriminating fashion sense is sure to embark on a must-

whom she credits for taking her under her wing. Almost immediately,

have piece, or ensemble. As a plus, she offers personalized styling

the tenacious newbie begged to go to market in New York City and

available on her website at GAL Fashion Club with complimentary

says, “It was like utopia.” The rest is history. Immersing herself in

courier delivery to your doorstep. Rest assured, Gesuina’s hard to

everything retail, Gesuina began buying, merchandising, styling and

come by labels in scarce quantities, important in her evening gowns

even launched her own fashion blog, Tres GAL, which developed a

especially, translate to unique styling options unparalleled in our city.

huge following. Outgrowing her role there, the fashion guru decidedly embarked on her own enterprise and what Sun City fashion lovers

Inspiringly, Gesuina is living proof that despite our hurdles in life

have come to know as GAL Fashion, coined from Gesuina’s initials.

(newly single, she herself is going through a divorce), we can use those experiences to come out on top and says of the experience,

Today, GAL Fashion showcases exclusive, high-end designers and some

“That pushed me to go even faster, harder, better.” She enjoys giving

of the most sought-after collections, including top-selling Kendra Scott,

back and founded the Cinderella Foundation, which donates gently

and in-demand designers like Versus, Frame, Mason, Skull Cashmere

worn gowns to young girls in need. Her new GAL Brunch socials

and Equipment. To our delight, Gesuina also just newly expanded into

at Gusto Restaurant are also a hit. Continually re-inventing herself,

shoes and fine jewelry. Her current blog, GAL by Gesuina, enjoys a cult

Gesuina has a knack for keeping her looks relevant and her store

following and her boutique boasts a celebrity clientele like Scheana Marie

at the forefront of El Paso’s fashion scene. If you want to dress to

from Vanderpump Rules, whom attended the store’s recent two-year

impress, get styled at GAL Fashion.

anniversary party, and Meghan King Edmonds from the Real Housewives of Orange County, who shops regularly from her California home.


Laura Salome, CCIM Managing Director of SVN Fortune Real Estate A Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Laura Salome is managing director at SVN Fortune Real Estate, and is one of roughly 20 CCIM’s in El Paso to hold the designation, and one of very few women to specialize in commercial real estate. Laura is also a national and local member of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Empowering Women). As an investment sales consultant, she provides knowledgeable and effective investment strategies to her clients and considers it her passion. Working with her father who has over 45 years of solid commercial real estate expertise, SVN Fortune Real Estate carries a distinctive national flag through SVNIC, a global affiliation with over 300 offices around the world. With over 20 years of medical sales expertise, Laura has an edge in working with physicians and is well versed in medical office leasing and investment sales. Her other specialties include Multifamily Investments, Retail Space and Land. The office also provides Landlord and Tenant representation. SVN Fortune Real Estate was recently awarded the exclusive leasing assignment for the historic Blue Flame building in downtown El Paso. Laura is committed to her field and her community. She says, “We truly strive to provide commercial real estate services that enhance the lives of our clients and customers.” For exceptional commercial real estate consultation and services that are meaningful and effective, SVN Fortune Real Estate proves they can deliver.

Laura Salome, CCIM | Managing Director SVN | Fortune Real Estate 214 W Franklin Ave | El Paso, TX. 79901 (915)474-0306



Pure Medspa and Wellness 1501 N. Mesa El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 478-6922

Pure Medspa and Wellness Paulina Diaz and Sandra Gutierrez are the highly-educated and

own beauty. Helping both men and women, they offer affordable

experienced women behind Pure Medspa and Wellness in El

Botox, Kybella, lip augmentation, cheek lifts, IV therapy, specially-

Paso. Paulina Diaz, R.N. and Sandra Gutierrez, F.N.P have 10 years

made beauty drips and more preventative care options. They specialize

of experience in the ER and are anatomically knowledgeable, an

in Platelet Rich Plasma which they use for Vampire facials, Vampire

important asset they bring to their new business. Paulina is currently

facelifts, hair restoration, and sexual rejuvenation. Their clients are

finishing her F.N.P from UT Arlington as continued education is

also given the option to combine their PRP with stem cells.

imperative for these two women. Their medical training sets them apart from others in their line of work, making them a clear choice for

“We want everyone to deal directly with us,” says Paulina of their

any aesthetic or wellness service available at their Medspa.

service. They are hands-on, building close relationships with their clients. Personable, knowledgeable and always honest, the two

“[We’re] two nurses that got together to help people,” says Sandra.

women are guiding clients to the self-care services they need.

The services they provide were selected for clients to enhance their By: KRYSTA AYERS photographed by: DAVID PARISH


Minerva Al-Tabbaa, Realtor® Minerva Al-Tabbaa, a distinguished Listing Expert and elite member

Minerva is also a New Home Specialist representing BIC Homes, a

of Keller Williams Luxury Homes International, has served El Paso

home-builder in El Paso. Minerva, with her team, delivers exceptional

representing the highest echelons of her industry for over 14 years.

service throughout the greater El Paso area; earning numerous local and

Minerva boasts the superior credentials that come from achieving top

national awards. In 2017 Minerva was the “Double Gold” recipient and

rankings within the high-end residential real estate market. To achieve

was recognized as one of El Paso’s Top 30 Realtors. Minerva was also a

such recognition, Minerva demonstrated a proven track record by

member of the Agent Leadership Council at Keller Williams, where she

raising the bar and delivering unmatched service to her clientele.

mentored other agents and led real estate classes on negotiations. As

Minerva’s top-notch expertise comes from experience, a cutting-edge

a happily-married, proud mother of three, Minerva believes in leading by

in technology and marketing, and integrity through service, qualities

example. Minerva’s favorite quote is “Integrity is choosing your thoughts

that everyone should come to expect from their agent.

and actions based on values rather than personal gain.” Expect nothing but the very best when working with Minerva Al-Tabbaa Real Estate Team!

Minerva Al-Tabbaa Real Estate Team, Realtor® Keller Williams Realty El Paso Cell: (915) 740-3463 Office: (915) 603-5293 Email:


Photographed by: JOHN HORTA

Juanita Garcia There are not many women heading home building companies. That is why Juanita Garcia of Icon Custom Builders is a strong force in El Paso. Starting this business 14 years ago with her husband, she is the face behind the company that all of their clients know. “[I make sure] that the first experience is the best that it can be,” Juanita says. Catering to and personally meeting with 98 percent of the clients, Juanita has developed a family-based, trustworthy and dependable business. She is responsible for growing the company, from selling four homes the first year in business, to selling 96 homes in 2017. “My product speaks for itself,” she says. She is hands-on, creating 100 percent custom homes for people all over El Paso. Part of their success is attributed to building and designing homes that feature details and plans that have not been seen yet in El Paso. A woman with a mission, Juanita is also impacting the community through her business, having given a home to a family in need and helping out the Child Crisis Center. El Paso has been incredibly responsive to her business and giving back is something she’s passionate about.

Juanita Garcia Icon Custom Builders 1150 Burgundy El Paso, TX 79907 (915) 859-3713

By: KRYSTA AYERS photographed by: JOHN HORTA


SukhiDevi (915) 740-5908

SukhiDevi SukhiDevi’s mission in El Paso is simple:

Sukhi’s credentials are impressive. She is the author of two

she is striving to help people be happy. She

books, the only Deepak Chopra Center certified teacher

provides Reiki therapy (energy balancing),

of Primordial Sound Meditation in El Paso, a Buddhist

spiritual guidance, and Reiki and meditation

priest and the Grandmaster of Mahaananda Reiki. She has

classes. Sukhi says of her service, it’s “not

traveled the world for spiritual training and is now able to

religious, it’s just common-sense, everyday

share that wisdom with her El Paso area clients.

spirituality.” Sukhi is a CPA and worked for over 30 years with several high-profile local companies.

As a woman at the forefront of Reiki education and meditation

Her first-hand experience of stress in corporate life

in El Paso, Sukhi offers group or one-on-one class options,

prepared her well to effectively take care of people

and will also teach private classes at your home or

at her studio, Desert Lotus. It is the “premier Reiki

business. Take a class and benefit emotionally, mentally

center serving the people of El Paso.”

and spiritually—find balance in your life.


By: KRYSTA AYERS photographed by: DAVID PARISH

Carla Alexander United Blood Services 424 S. Mesa Hills El Paso, Texas 79912 (915) 544-5422 ext. 164

Carla Alexander Thirty-eight percent of the population is eligible to donate blood; however, only 10 percent of those actually donate. Carla Alexander, Marketing and Communications

people don’t donate are that they aren’t asked and fear of needles. Carla’s remedy is to ask everyone, and to remind people that needles do not seem so big when

Manager at United Blood Services, is working diligently to change

it’s a loved one in need; and it’s always someone’s loved one.

that. She is a strong force behind the Southcentral Division, which

Donating whole blood, platelets and plasma are three ways to

spans from Lubbock to McAllen to all of New Mexico. “I never knew passion in a job until I worked for this non-profit,” says Carla, who has over 15 years of marketing experience. She partners with

help save lives. Carla expresses her heart-felt gratitude to those selfless donors who give. If everyone who could would donate just three times per year, there would never be a

organizations to create events educating

shortage. “If people understood the difference it

the community on the importance of blood

makes in patient’s lives,” Carla stresses, “they

donation. “Because you give, someone

would be running to donate.” Be a hero and

will live,” is not just a tag line, it’s the core

donate today!

reality of blood donation. The prime reasons By: KRYSTA AYERS photographed by: JENN MÁRQUEZ


lupe acosta Edge of Texas Steakhouse & Saloon 8690 Edge of Texas Street El Paso, Texas 79934 915-822-3343

Lupe Acosta, Restaurateur A historic landmark, the delicious Edge of Texas Steakhouse and

to compliment your steak with their savory shrimp or tasty enchiladas,

Saloon continues to make history and our mouths water. Restaurateur,

and of course, delicious appetizers, slaws, homemade bread and

Lupe Acosta, proudly continues the 20 year plus tradition, dating back

much more. They also serve some of the best prime rib around

to the days when cowboys would retire to the old place, tie up their

showcased only on weekends “when the whole family comes out,”

horses and “gather, drink and dance,” according to Lupe. Incredibly,

while boasting an impressive wine list and their signature margaritas.

three authentic stagecoaches remain from those days and along the collection of original furnishings, paintings and heirlooms, together

Today, Lupe successfully and deliciously carries on a lasting tradition

make for a truly remarkable dining experience.

and the perfect getaway from the ordinary. So, treat yourself to an inviting brunch Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., or unique lunch

Enter their mouth-watering dishes, including Lupe’s own homemade

specials daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Established right off the 54

recipes. From delectable hand-carved steaks like their newly featured

Patriot Freeway and Dyer, it’s a simple drive that’ll transport you to

New York strips, to amazingly tender filet mignons, rib eyes, and even

the days of grand ole’ saloons, along with delightful food and flair!

succulent lobster, there’s always something for everyone. You’ll want 54 | SPECIAL ADVERTISING


Cynthia R. Lopez, Attorney at Law Successful immigration attorney, Cynthia R. Lopez, is driven by a passion for both immigration law and the entertainment business. A Sun City native, she graduated cum laude with a B.B.A. in accounting from Loyola University Chicago before receiving her J.D. from DePaul University College of Law in 2010. Eventually, she returned home to establish her own immigration practice in 2011, and specializes in immigration removal defense and family-based petitions. Admitted to the 2010 Supreme Court of Illinois, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Chicago Bar Association, she’s also co-founder and president of El Paso’s LGBT Bar Association. In 2015, Cynthia launched an independent music artist development company named Pele Entertainment. Based in the artist co-op, Power at the Pass, she provides local musicians the industry representation needed within our city’s rapidly evolving music scene. Her latest project is a podcast entitled, “Dream,”

Cynthia R. Lopez, P.C., Attorney at Law Founder of Pele Entertainment and Dream Podcast 615 E. Schuster Ave. #10 El Paso, Texas 79902 (915) 996-9070

which dispels myths about immigration, while educating and providing valuable resources, and is co-hosted by poet and professor, Richie Marrufo. Ever-committed to her community, she’s an agent of change at “Shine on El Paso!,” a newly formed nonprofit whose mission is to mentor the next generation of young entrepreneurs and “re-imagine the image of El Paso to natives and outsiders alike.” As co-founder and board member of the El Paso International Music Foundation, it’s clear that Cynthia powerfully blends her passions to ultimately elevate our city to the next level.



Marisol Gutierrez Over the last decade, Marisol Gutierrez has been an innovative leader for the mission of Southwest University in providing educational opportunities for the community. As school director of Southwest University, she has been an instrumental influence in one of the fastest growing educational institutions in our region. Her academic and professional success is a true inspiration to many women in our community. Her academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at El Paso as well as a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Career College Administration from Keiser University. Her extensive management experience has been a contributing factor to the development of efficient systematic infrastructures for the improvement of the university’s operations. Mrs. Gutierrez is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the students’ educational experience and operational management for the university. She is a passionate individual

Marisol Gutierrez

that strives to help provide the best educational opportunities

Southwest University

for students to have a successful career. Her goal is to ensure

1414 Geronimo Dr.

that Southwest University remains abreast of the technological

El Paso, Texas 79925

advances necessary to maintain its leading-edge status as a

(915) 778-4001

pioneering local based university.


Written and photographed by: OCTOPUS ADVERTISING

Sylena Ortega Whether you’re dressing yourself or dressing your home, fashion is what you wear but style is something you personalize to express your unique individual character,” says Sylena Ortega local home decorator and stager. Sylena Ortega

Staging and decor are two separate services Sylena practices. Staging

Homestyling by Sylena

is the optimization and the marketability of a home by enhancing and

609 Myrtle Ave.

appealing to qualified buyers. Home staging is a powerful sales tool

El Paso, Texas 79901

because it transforms a nice home into a remarkably desirable product.

(915) 490-5718

For the past five years, Sylena has helped realtors, residential owners, as well as professional practitioners, transform their home and spaces by applying her unique blend of style and knowledge. Sylena attributes her talent for design by understanding and observing social and cultural scenes with a historical basis, as well as maintaining a wide eye for current styles and future trends. Her ability to apply her personal and professional creative stylings are some of the reasons why she maintains a satisfied list of clientele. Sylena’s impressive vision for design, coupled with her open-minded nature as well as her integration of cultural and social awareness during her design process is what makes her the sought-after designer and stager that she is.

Photographed by: JENN MÁRQUEZ


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May, 2018

“American Icons” and Innovative Pianist Lara Downes | By: FELIPA SOLIS |


E l Pa s o P r o - M u s i c a

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he was born in the United States, but spent her childhood in Europe. Her Jamaican and Russian roots have helped her delve into amazing worlds of music, that are not necessarily traditional. She is a

Sony Artist, an all-new Yamaha Piano advocate and performs in concerts around the world, from her “One-woman show,” to collaborations with some of the world’s most incredible artists including El Paso’s own Grammy Award-winner and El Paso Pro-Musica Artistic Director, Zuill Bailey. Their chart topping CD, “Some Other Time,” features the works of Great American Composers like Samuel Barber, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and Lukas Foss. Lara, who is no stranger to El Paso audiences, takes the History of American Music to a whole new level with “American Icons,” her newest tribute to the greatest American Music of the 21st century, with a special tribute to Leonard Bernstein and his 100th birthday. The works come from one of her newest CD’s “America Again,” where she tells musical stories of some of her fondest memories of the unforgettable music. El Paso Pro-Musica presents Lara in Concert on Wednesday, May 9 at 7:30 p.m. at UTEP’s Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall, Thursday, May 10 at NMSU’s Atkinson Recital Hall in Las Cruces at 7:30 p.m., Friday, May 11 in Carrizozo, New Mexico, in a special collaboration with Carrizozo Music and will be a special guest at the annual El Paso Pro-Musica Guild Soiree on Saturday, May 12. Lara will also be engaging with students at the all new El Paso Pro-Musica/ El Paso Museum of Art Collaboration, “Bach’s Lunch Jr.” When not on concert stages, Lara Downes is engaging in the future of young musical artists and engaging students with pianos and more. She was awarded the special Laureate Award from the Sphinx Foundation for her dedication to diversity in music and is the Artist in Residence of the Mondavi Center in Northern California, whereby she oversees special concerts and events that engage students and allows them to experience music first hand. Her 88 Key program helped to get pianos in schools. She is dedicated to reaching all students of all walks of life. “Know what your music means to you. Find your voice. Learn what you alone have to give. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Be flexible in your thinking and let your path take you in unexpected directions. The future can surprise you,” Lara says. The concert is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of El Paso and the Marlene and J.O. Stewart Foundation and the Hotel El Encanto

in Las Cruces. For dates and tickets, go to or call 915-747-8163.




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| Written and photography by: TAYLOR HINES |


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icture the downtown of any of your favorite cities. What do you see and feel? Cities to me always go back to the people in them. People are how we connect and relate to our cities, they craft the anecdotes we remember when passing a specific intersection, or when we sit at that one

booth we always choose. One of the people I was fortunate to have a chat with was Paola Herrera, owner of Healthy Bite which is a stone’s throw away from San Jacinto Plaza and has been in this neck of the woods since 2010. Not only does she serve some of the healthiest lunch options around, she’s also got smiles and stories. Taylor: So Paola, what would you say your official title is at Healthy Bite? Paola: *Chuckles and starts counting on her hand* I am the owner, janitor, cashier, laundromat, I deal with PR, with everything! T: So, you take a very hands-on approach to your media, where T: You don’t sound busy at all.

you want to be involved in every aspect, and it sounds like that translates over into how you run the restaurant.

P: Not one-bit, ha ha ha. P: Yes, it’s really hard though sometimes. My mom is amazing at T: You handle your own social media as well then?

being in control of the kitchen; she’s also great at inventory. I’m the other side. I am the creative one and the person behind the counter

P: I do, I don’t know what it is but I like to cater to my clients one-on-

greeting everyone. I like being in that role because I want to get to

one. If I need to address an issue I can do it right away. I don’t have

know my customers.

to rely on an agency or outside person


hidden Gem

May, 2018

National Reputation. Local Expertise.

T: How long have you been in downtown?

T: It seems like you all were able to take that change though and turn it into a positive.

P: Eight years, but we actually started in another location. We originally started where

P: We were, it took a lot of time and effort

Crepe and Co. is which my brother owns.

and help, lots of help—but it turned out for

We were growing so rapidly, and we ended

the best.

up losing customers because we couldn’t handle the volume of people. The idea of moving was scary though.

No coincidence these national retailers SELECTED to enter the El Paso market. 123 W Mills 64 Ave., Suite 420 El Paso, TX 79901 915.587.8310 |

May, 2018

hidden Gem

nominated El Paso’s

top T: What was the initial spark that made you

thought I would have been the person who

want to open a restaurant in the first place?

would have enjoyed that environment, but I decided then and there it was right for me.


P: Well, I was an architecture student and I was one studio away from graduating but

T: So you have some kitchen experience,

my parents cut me off. I was an international

you have some start-up money, how’d

student, so my tuition was nearly double, and

you come to the conclusion of opening a

they just couldn’t afford for me to continue.

healthy restaurant?


So, I came back and lingered. At that time they were trying to sell some property in

P: This *motions all around restaurant*

Chihuahua and this was during the height of

reminded me of something from when I was

the violence.

very little living back in Mexico. [My mother] would take us and get us a juice and they

T: That was right around 2006, 2007, right?

we’ll see you today

would have fruit bowls with granola in it and that’s how I kind of got into it. So, when I had

P: Yea right around there, and they were finally

the idea to open a restaurant I told her, “Let’s

able to sell the property [and] now had a little

do something healthy.” I didn’t want to open

chunk of money. I remember saying, “We

a Mexican food restaurant. It’s everywhere

need to make this money move.” Sometime

and I wanted to do something different.

Daniel vande lune, m.d.

in my college years I dated this guy [who] owned a bunch of Greek restaurants. I was

T: What has been your favorite thing

fortunate enough to step in and help him a lot

about working in downtown?

in the kitchen with the cooks. P: The people and the architecture. We have T: Basically, you jumped straight into the fire.

so many beautiful buildings and we just keep seeing growth down here for everyone. We

P: Exactly! I loved it immediately. They

have the baseball stadium, the soccer team

would throw plates and yell at each other

is coming, I see new restaurants and stores

and it was crazy. I remember telling myself,

opening, it’s just great.

“Restaurants are cool, I like this.” I never

Call (915) 581-0712 East: 1400 GEORGE DIETER STE. 65 100 Central: 1810 Murchison Ste. 140


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l a u t i r i p S ! p i r T s l r i G | By: MICHELLE CROMER |


May, 2018


e all have that one friend who is

either on a trip, planning a trip, thinking about a trip or just getting back from a trip. That friend for me is Laurel Geise.

Laurel and I met in the summer of 2005 while checking emails in the business center at an airport hotel in Bangkok. Laurel, a Florida business executive, was the perfect balance of business meets Zen; she looked as if she would be equally comfortable in a boardroom or on a hike in the Himalayas. But it wasn’t until I heard her infectious laugh that I knew we would be lifelong friends. Her laughter starts from within and then travels to her eyes, which are the color of hot cocoa, sprinkled with tiny flecks of gold like mini marshmallows. Just being around her snickers and giggles is enough to transport me far far away from any worries I might have. Over the years we have made an effort to travel to spiritually based places like Tibet, Peru, Sedona, Kathmandu, and Naples. Every time Laurel calls about our next great adventure, I get that tingly feeling that spreads to my brain right down to my fingers and toes. I need the buzz of the new, the thrill of the unknown, the seeking of new answers that push my limits. Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the mysterious. Every spiritual trip we have taken has become a quest to discover who we truly are, what life is about, and why we are here. But nothing could


Spiritualit y

TRAVEL LIKE AN EXPLORER STAY LIKE A LOCAL Rooftop pool view over the city skyscape Eat at The Downtowner Restaurant HOTEL INDIGO 325 N. Kansas St., El Paso, TX 79901 (915) 532-5200


May, 2018

May, 2018 have prepared me for our recent spiritual quest to Israel. “Je ne l’ai pas vu venir”—I didn’t see it coming. I was a religious study major in college yet I didn’t expect Israel to affect me so completely. So deeply. Even

Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948

though so many have walked all the same steps in this Holy Land we made our own footprints. We entered paths where others have found meaning and even transcended, but in order to answer the question of our own lives, we had to show up and take our

• Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining

own steps. The only genuine safety in the

• Live Music Thur. to Sat.

world comes from risking oneself completely

• We cater large or

in order to become oneself more fully. Laurel and I did this.

small events

I know I won’t ever be the same. This trip has cracked open something in me. I feel the opening up of an entire way of seeing and being present in the world. It’s not everyday I get to slip behind temple doors, peak into ancient scenes, see levels of the world that

Italian.Kitchen. West www.theitaliankitchenelpaso.comm

have timeless meanings and wild intelligence even amidst the modern settings. It’s good to be home, yet there is sadness and a longing I feel, having to wake up from the dream we shared. When I saw my lime green suitcase and Laurel’s black one coming out of the carousel at the end of our trip, I lost it. I sobbed and sobbed. I cried on and off for days after. I know this was a physical release of a soul-filled experience. Each journey we have shared has offered me a nugget of truth. In Israel I discovered that the outward trips we have taken have lead me to an inward journey that has shown me how to bring more presence to my daily life, the ability to be more conscious, and permission to become uniquely and bizarrely myself. I don’t know where our next girls trip will take us but I do know that I will always be ready for the next one with “mi amiga del alma,” friend of my soul. Because in the end life is not about the destination or the journey, like so many have said. It’s about who walks with you and the friends you make along the way.



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May, 2018


ast rolo gy

e have all heard the terms soulmate and twin flame but what is the

difference between the two exactly? It’s very easy for us to confuse

the meanings of soulmates and twin flames but below are some key

differences between the two.

Soulmate Relationships Although the relationships between soulmates are often romantic, they don’t necessarily have to be. Soulmates can be friends, family members, neighbors and even coworkers. The idea that your soulmate is always a romantic partner is a great misconception. A soulmate is someone you feel a strong connection with—there is a simplicity in which they seem to just “get” you. The relationship with a soulmate may teach you life lessons or change the direction of the path of your life. Challenges in this relationship happen as a way to teach you and have you grow as a result. A common obstacle in relationships is oftentimes jealousy or insecurity. It is important to understand these challenges and work to overcome them and learn so as not to cause detriment to your relationship with your soulmate. In learning and growing from these experiences you will be awakened to a higher level of consciousness or spirituality and develop a deeper bond that cannot be easily cut. It is important to know you may encounter several soulmates during your lifetime as each is there to teach you a lesson, either negative or positive.

Twin Flame Relationships Have you ever felt like something was just fate or meant to be? This is exactly how the twin flame relationship can best be described. The twin flame is always a romantic relationship and it is believed that the twin flame is actually the same soul cut into two. There is a connection on all levels including likes and dislikes. You understand each other completely and have a strong sense of knowing each other from another time. The relationship feels strong, stable and unbreakable. When you are apart from one another you feel a strong void in your life, as if your other half is missing, but also have a sense of trust and faith in the relationship. There is no jealousy or insecurity with a twin flame. Your souls sense a love like never before and you only have one twin flame per lifetime. It is a union of working together as one. A feeling of not being able to live without the partner if the relationship ends. Twin flames are commonly referred to as a “match made in heaven.” Commonly, twin flames may live far apart from one another but come together when they are ready. You may only find and connect with a twin flame after learning the lessons from a previous soulmate relationship. Once you come together as twin flames, it is nearly impossible to break this bond, as you are brought together by a divine union. In closing, it is possible for a soulmate relationship to evolve into a twin flame relationship provided both people learn to grow from the partnership of soulmates.


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Shoot Location


he main building was originally

Look found at

a single-family residence built in the early 1900s. It was converted

to a school in 1917 by Professor Esquivel, who ran the school until 1952 when he converted the building to apartments. In 1979 John Karr purchased the apartment building and rented to students and professionals. The property is the first apartment building to be designated under the El Paso Historic Landmark Ordinance. The current owners are Mark and Mike Smith, local El Pasoans.


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140 Montecillo Suite b-1 915.504.9269

81 @nicholasreyeshairsalon_elpaso

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1 t r a P | By: ELYSE SIMONS |


Beaut y

May, 2018

Do you love getting your nails done? Before becoming a makeup artist, I was a licensed nail technician with over 25 years experience and a former salon owner. Let’s talk about nail shapes, nail treatments and what to look for in a nail salon.

The best nail shapes for today’s savvy woman are: Square

Nail Polish

Considered to be stylish and classic

Also known as nail varnish, is a lacquer

and will emphasize the beauty of long,

applied to the fingernails or toenails to

thin fingers.

decorate and protect the nail plates. In the world of non-toxic nail polish,


look for products that do not contain

Shows off our femininity and naturalness

formaldehyde, toluene, dibultyl phthalate

in the hands and is a great shape on

(3 free) camphor, ethyl tosylamide (5 free).

longer fingers that have wide and short nail beds.

Acrylic Nails A combination of liquid monomer


and a powder polymer to create a

Suits everyone with short or long

hard protective layer over your nail. It

fingers and is a square shape with

hardens as it is exposed to the air and

rounded edges.

is easily removed.

Confused about all the different nail

Hard Gel Nails

treatments out there? Let’s make

A viscous material brushed onto the

it easier for you to understand as I

nail, in which a UV or LED light must

discuss some of the most popular

cure every coat. Removal can result in

services offered today.

nail damage.


Gel Polish

Is a treatment of the hands and nails

A hybrid of half nail polish and half gel,

which involves cutting, shaping and

must be cured between every coat in a

painting of the nails, and usually

UV or LED light. Lasts up to 14 days and

includes softening of the skin with a

must be removed with acetone wraps.

hand massage.

French Manicure

Dip Powders Basically explains the process and is

Is designed to resemble natural nails

a pigmented powder that is bonded,

with a painted pink base and a white

using a glue as a base coat and a

band painted on the nail tip.

sealant. Will last up to 14 days and removal process is similar to gel polish, but will take longer.

What to look for in a nail salon? • Make sure your nail technician holds a current state license • Ask how the salon disinfects their tools, do they follow state protocol with liquid disinfection, or do they use an autoclave to sterilize? These are both acceptable and what you should look for in a safe salon. • Is the water being changed between every manicure and pedicure and have the vessels containing the water been sanitized? • If you’ve been accidently cut with a nail file, is that file being thrown away so as not to contaminate another client? • There should never be double dipping with any powders whether it is the same client’s hand or by a different client—this is unsanitary! The powder should be sprinkled over the coated nail and all remaining powder must then be disposed.


May, 2018

Ear-dropping Going for the Gold | By: KRYSTA AYERS |


Fa s h i o n i s ta

May, 2018

Fashion isn’t always about the clothes. I am here for all of the eye candy that the

Here’s the thing—most of us can only add

a little statement piece. Don’t worry about

internet can serve me, but this month’s

trending pieces to our closets every so often.

spending hundreds of dollars on a hand



With jewelry, you’re making an investment.

bag—your statement piece can be bold

minimalist earrings will have you leaving

Or, you can also find something inexpensive

gold earrings. Not only will they elevate

your studs alone for the summer. Make a

at bigger retailers like Zara or Forever 21.

your outfit, but you’ll be able to do so with

statement with simple, geometric jewelry.

Point is, it’s a lot easier to add a little glam

ease and enough left in your wallet to take

to your classic t-shirt and jeans combo with

yourself out later.





Spiraling Out


You will soon see online It girls styling their ears with these

If you can appreciate the arts, then maybe faces carved into gold

spiral gold earrings. Though bold, there are still streamlined

plates will be more up your alley. People will definitely strike up a

enough to make it into your collection and add to whatever

conversation over this ear candy. Downplay everything else in your

outfit you want to wear.

outfit to give these earrings their rightful spotlight.



These are a pretty timeless option. If you find it hard to steer

Will hoops ever be out of style? I’m not talking about the huge,

away from the safety blanket that stud earrings seem to offer,

over-the-top hoops that could easily be a necklace. I’m talking about

then consider these a gateway earring. Still simple and elegant,

delicate hoops that you probably got when you first had your ears

you can wear them daily with any outfit, in office or out.

pierced. Take that up a notch with some triple hoop action and you’re on trend with the current millennium.


May, 2018

The Star of El Paso | By: ZAK HANSEN |

86 Public Library ntain Star – El Paso

Collection, Mou El Paso Vertical File

T h e S ta r o f E l Pa s o

May, 2018


t’s one of the most iconic sights in El Paso—a

The star also stayed lit for 263 days beginning

massive, five-pointed Texas Lone Star, glittering

Christmas 1990 in support of Fort Bliss and other

each evening along the southern side of the

U.S. troops serving in Operation Desert Storm

Franklin Mountains. In its nearly 80-year history,

during the Gulf War. The star remained lit until

the Franklin Mountains Star has shone on

Aug. 21, 1991—the day the last Fort Bliss soldier

through storms, shortages and struggles, growing

returned home from overseas.

right along with the city over which it shines. Those exceptions aside, the Franklin Mountains The star was first lit in 1940 by El Paso Electric

star was lit only during the holidays until 1993,

Company. At just 50 feet wide, the original star

when Jack Maxon, then-president of the El Paso

was only a fraction of its current size, barely visible

Chamber of Commerce, spearheaded an effort to

from past the highway, and flimsy; just weeks

keep the star on year-round. With support from

after its first lighting on Nov. 29,

the city, the business community and, of course,

1940, a storm tore through town and

the citizens of El Paso, Maxon got his wish: The

blew out most of its bulbs.

star was lit during the chamber’s annual banquet on April 21, 1993, and has brightened the night

Undeterred, El Paso Electric rebuilt the star, this

sky every evening since under the auspices of the

time, in true Texas fashion, much larger: 403


feet long, 300 feet wide and using 300 bulbs. A few years later, in 1946, the star’s length was

While its white lights are iconic, the star has twice

increased to 459 feet, its width reduced to 278

changed its hue. In November 2010, the star was

feet wide and its bulb count upped to 459—the

lit orange to kick off the Tim Floyd era of UTEP

dimensions it holds to this day.

Miners basketball and, in April 2012, the star was lit blue in recognition of Autism Awareness

Those interested in a “perfect” view of the star—

Month, part of the nationwide “Light It Up Blue”

though where in El Paso isn’t its twinkling visage


perfect?—can find one at the intersection of Texas and Alameda Avenues.

In 2016, vandals made off with several of the bulbs;

One needn’t go far to find a great view, though, as

not long after, 11 were arrested in connection

the star is visible from 30 or more miles from the

with the vandalism, undone by—what else?—the

ground. Those touching down after dark at El Paso

overconfident Snapchatting of their crime.

International Airport are greeted by the star’s light from more than 100 miles by air—a welcome sight

The star was renovated in 2017, at which time

for many El Pasoans returning home.

new weather-resistant wiring and fixtures and new fluorescent white bulbs were installed, as

Since World War II, the star has brightened

was a radio-frequency remote system that allows

every Christmas season in El Paso, though the

keepers to light the star from a computer or

energy crisis of the 1970s forced a reduction in

smartphone. Prior to that, its lighting each evening

the schedule. Despite the recollection of some,

required a trek up the mountain.

however, the star was never completely dark. Today, the star brightens the horizon each evening While the star was traditionally only lit during

sponsored by a local resident in honor or memory

the holiday season, there were a few historic

of a loved one, through the chamber’s Star Lighters

exceptions. It remained glowing for a full 444

program, its twinkling points a beacon home for El

day—Nov. 4, 1979 to Jan. 20, 1981—during

Pasoans for generations to come.

the Iran hostage crisis, in which 52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days after a group of Iranian students took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.


Artist Spotlight

May, 2018



May, 2018

artist spotlight

Gearing up for their debut release, Pet People sits down to talk about the process, band dynamics and their deliberate critique of the world around them through art.

et People, a band formed in early

specific things can be addressed without

2017, is a project initially started by

appearing too obvious, “sometimes your

Nicole Velarde (vocals, guitar) and Tomas

communication and your meaning don’t

Tinajero (drums). Through their search for

have to be quite so defined and clear,” says

bandmates, Ross Ingram (keyboard) joined

Ingram. Not choosing to define their genre,

and Robie Simsuangco (bass) “appeared out

for the time being, the band decided to adopt

of nowhere from California”

“art pop,” a decision that, for them, often results in blank stares. Regardless of genre,

Songwriting and arrangement, to the band, is

the band has committed to being honest

seen through a perspective where relatively

through performance, “I like performing






and playing music because it’s more of a

need. It’s a precious moment that you feel

cathartic thing and everything comes out all

like you can live in forever.”

at once … every single emotion all at one time,” says Simsuangco.

“Being a Man” was initially presented as a sort of ice-breaker to figure out the dynamics


Miguel A. Gardea 90

Their debut release, a double A-side single

of the group. The song, which was partly

“Being a Man/A Breeze to Guide You

written by Velarde for her solo work was

Forward,” is out on May 11. The sister songs,

the group’s first collaborative effort. “We

a result from experiences faced by Velarde

helped round out the arrangement and

and further refined by the band, contain an

come up with some new parts and basically

overarching theme of criticism “’Being a

finish the song as kind of a nice, gentle

Man’ is being frustrated with the rest of

introduction to working together and seeing

the world and its limitations and ‘A Breeze

how the chemistry was as a band before

to Guide You Forward’ is being frustrated

we got too crazy,” says Ingram. The two

with yourself and your own limitations,”

sonically contrasting tracks are saturated

says Ingram. “Breeze,” which contains the

with otherwise inexpressible feelings, a

lyrics “fleeting moments carry lifetimes of

“requirement” as Velarde says, in order to

grace,” softly and forlornly sung by Velarde,

maintain a level of sanity. The songs contain

recounts of a moment when “the idea that in

feelings that can be interpreted by the listener

an instant, you can be so happy, that’s all you

in whatever way it applies to them and it is

May, 2018 not in the interest of Pet People to define what emotions either one their songs should bring to the surface, “You don’t necessarily want to go out and tell people ‘this is exactly what this song is about’ because if they listen to it and they interpret it in a way that it means something to them, you don’t want to destroy that,” says Ingram. Each band member pulls their musical inspiration from a unique place that is then brought into the band and implemented into the group’s sound, therefore, they are able to channel different emotions relating to certain memories or feelings of inadequacy. “I found out that I was so bad at everything but then I joined orchestra in fourth grade and I was like ‘oh man, this is something I might get’ … I moved on to middle school where I joined choir and I was the one that was good at something,” says Velarde. Pet People’s more prevailing goals are fully dependent on their priorities as a group more inclined to creating art that can produce togetherness and a visceral reaction among people, “After we play and everyone wants to have more fun, it builds a community of friendship where people are more intimate with others. That’s a good feeling. We just want to make people dance,” says Tinajero. Being from El Paso, Pet People are aware and grateful for the growing interest in local talent by local people. No longer are El Pasoans looking for the next big band that decides to stop by. No longer are artists dismissing the possibility of being successful in El Paso. Rather, locals are looking to cultivate and support the talent that already exists in the city. “People in El Paso who aren’t directly involved in music are much more interested in seeing local artists,” says Ingram. Velardez adds, “art is invaluable and I’m glad that people are appreciative of that.” “Being a Man/A Breeze to Guide You Forward” is out on May 11 on vinyl and digital download/streaming (915) 581-7000 935 Sunland Park Drive



May, 2018

DE ES S S A CL u o y d l u o Sh ? e n o take IZ | By: L




May, 2018

Self-Defense Classes


othing feels better than knowing you can take care of

Practicing these moves will also prepare you for what is called the

yourself. For a lot of people, when they think of being self-

“adrenaline dump” that happens when you’re in a situation where you

sufficient they think about their finances, or other issues

might have to fight. Your brain will suddenly shoot a ton of adrenaline

they may face, but what about when it comes to safety? Can

into your body so you have the energy and strength to fight; it’s your

you defend yourself in a scary situation?

body’s way of responding to the fight or flight situation. It only lasts

In a survey by the Self-Defense Instruction Company (Model Mugging),

a few seconds, so you will learn to be conditioned to take advantage of the adrenaline and appropriately deal with the dangerous situation.

they found that out of the 60,000 female students surveyed, after training, 98.3 percent of the students were able to avoid assaults altogether. Those who were assaulted, 97 percent were able to fight off their attacker. 80 percent of them were able to use voice and body language alone and didn’t resort to violence.

Top Reasons to take a self-defense class:

It develops self-discipline In order to really get through a good course of self-defense, you’re going to have to develop self-discipline. You have to have the discipline to practice and to attend the class on a regular basis. In order to be better protected, you have to keep practicing and learning. If you feel like learning how to protect yourself, while getting fit at

It builds confidence These days, with negativity in the news or with personal experiences

the same time, self-defense classes are for you! El Paso offers many classes around town, here are a few:

a lot of people are feeling unconfident with their ability to protect themselves. Self-defense classes will build confidence in yourself. One of the biggest advantages to taking these courses is the confidence boost you feel afterward. The endorphins are rushing and you feel like you can take on the world! You may also lose a few pounds with the training, so that will improve your confidence as well!

It improves your physical conditioning The whole idea behind self-defense classes is to prepare you for any situation that may cause you harm. During this preparation, you will be practicing some physically challenging moves which physical conditioning is so important for. Don’t rely solely on the classes to

Total defense El Paso They offer many different classes and sexual assault prevention classes about four times a year. These classes can be set up for you and a group upon special request. Kids classes available too!

Sun City Athletic Club Saturday Boot Camps for eight weeks with special guest teachers each week. |

bring you that conditioning, you’ll also need to implement cardio and

Briggs MMA

weight training to your regimen to get the best results possible.

Combination of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts and combatives in order to give you a practical and efficient way to defend yourself. Learn firsthand from instructors who have directly taught law enforcement, federal special operations units, U.S. military and more!


May, 2018

Don’t like

your partner’s

friends? Here’s How



May, 2018


love ou meet the perfect person and ev-

the reasons we don’t like them have more to

erything’s rainbows and butterflies.

do with us than with the actually friends.

There’s just one dilemma. You are not

vibing with his or her friend(s). Unfortunately,

It is crucial you understand the importance

this tends to be a common scenario amongst

behind their friendship. There may be a long

couples. If you’re fearing that not liking your

history there. I personally have friendships that

partner’s friends may cause a rift in your re-

I’ve had for 20+ years that would be difficult to

lationship, then learning how to manage the

part from. Take into consideration how much

awkward situation is ideal. I have put together

that friendship means to your partner.

some strategies that may help you deal with the friend issue once and for all.

Consider this, you may not understand your partner’s friends just yet. Go in with an open

For starters, make sure you pin point what

mind and an open heart, and try not to get

is bothering you. What is the reason behind

in the middle of them. Be patient and give it

you disliking your partner’s friends? Was it

some time.

something they did or said? Or are they simply

taking away time from you and your partner?

Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your

While there can be very valid reasons for

partner know how you feel. The key to this

disliking their friends, there are other times

conversation is making sure you approach it



May, 2018

the right way. This can be a touchy subject, in which one of you can get defensive very quickly. So try not to make it feel like an indictment against the friend, but instead let your S.O. know what it is that is concerning you. Keep in mind that communication is key, even when the conversation is awkward. You should not be afraid to tell your partner why you’re concerned. Having your partner drop their friends can cause resentment and anger, and you don’t necessarily want to give your partner an ultimatum either. That can definitely hurt your relationship. You should instead try setting some boundaries. You can start by asking them to choose one night in which they can have a bonding sesh with friends, but only if they spent the rest of the week

professional makeup artistry bridal • print • video • special events

610.360.0501 w w w. e l y s e s i m o n s . c o m 96


May, 2018

with you. By giving them the green light to hang out with friends at least one night a week, you are showing your S.O that you are


We would like to welcome you to the Edge of Texas Steakhouse and Saloon, founded in 1997. We look forward to meeting and continuing to serve our loyal guests and making new friends.

COME MEET THE FAMILY! 8690 Edge of Texas St. El Paso, TX 79934 | 915.822.3343

Sunday Brunch 11:00am - 2:00pm 8690 Edge of Texas St. ElM-F Paso, Happy TX 79934Hour | 915.822.3343 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm | Sunday 11am-8pm | Closed on Thanksgiving

taking their feelings into consideration. It’s reverse psychology. This can be a way out from you having to hang out with the friends. It’s a win win for both. Suggest that your partner break the ice. If there are certain friends that you just don’t feel comfortable around or don’t think they like you, simply have your partner help bridge the gap. Having your partner incorporate you into the friend circle, shows his or her friends that they are serious about the relationship. Maybe this will help them change their perspective about you. Ultimately, it’s all about keeping things civil. This of course may be easier said than done, but many times, being diplomatic and dealing with the friend(s) as well as you can may be your best bet. If the reason you don’t like the friend is more about you, rather than the way they are with your partner, then you

PersOnalized iv nutrition targeting your health REPLENISH RESTORE RESET

don’t want to start any unnecessary drama. Remember that there are reasons your partner is friends with this person or persons.


97 6955 N. MESA ST., SUITE 112 • EL PASO, TX 79912

May, 2018


TCM Pet of the Month highlights our readers’ best friends!



Owner: Nikki Ann We raised Brownie from a baby chick. She is the sweetest chicken who ever lived. She greets us in her coop like a

doggie and expects to get pets. Brownie gives us an egg and smiles everyday.

Is your pet TCM’s next Pet of the Month? Send a photo and short story with why you think your pet belongs in this page to


May, 2018

Curb Appeal.

Curves have an apex predator. Rally-bred and born to run, the WRX STI is the pure distillation of performance engineering and motorsports heritage. Subaru WRX STI. Built to thrill.


1414 Airway Blvd, El Paso, TX 79925 915-778-1444


My name is Crystal Morton and this is my weight loss story: Riding my Harley had been my lifelong passion. I’d ride it everywhere. Each summer, I’d make the 2,500+ mile round trip journey to Sturgis for the world’s largest motorcycle rally. It was the highlight of the summer for me. Unfortunately, as the years went by, my weight increased. I began to experience pain during my rides. The longer the ride, the greater the pain. I had to stop more often to rest my back. It really took away from the joy of riding. I started taking narcotic painkillers to ease the pain, which further impacted my motorcycle riding!

I realized my weight was interfering with my passion. I tried various diets and treatments, but nothing seemed to work. One day, I saw a commercial for weight loss surgery. I talked with my doctor and we both agreed it was a perfect option for me.

May, 2018

I had my surgery performed at The Hospitals of Providence. It changed my life! I lost 108 pounds! Now I ride all year long again. I made the trip to Sturgis again too…it was amazing! I will forever be grateful to The Hospitals of Providence A New Me Bariatric Center for giving me my life back!”


Crystal Morton lost

108 lbs

The Hospitals of Providence SURGICAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM

For more information call 577-7930 Weight loss surgery is generally designed for those with a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 40, or equal to or greater than 35 with serious co-morbidities. Weight loss surgery is considered safe, but like many types of surgery, it does have risks. Consult with your physician about the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery.


May, 2018


Rites of Passage and Wishes Come Together R



ites of passage are extremely common in various cultures and communities across the world. They normally include

when someone leaves a “group” and enters another “group,” many times leaving their childhood and entering adulthood. The Jewish community holds Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for young men and women. The Amish allow unsupervised trips away from family on weekends at age 16. The Chinese and Japanese culture celebrate rites of passage at age 20 while donning their finest traditional attire. Boys in Kenya and Tanzania, between ages 10-20, sleep outside in the forest before a morning of songs and dancing. And then, there is the Hispanic coming of age at 15, known as the quinceañera. A quinceañera involves a young woman’s renewal of baptism vows in the Catholic church, solidifying her commitment to her faith and family. After the traditional church celebration, an even larger celebration is planned with family and friends, and holy smokes is this a fiesta for the ages! In the fall of 2017, Make-A-Wish in El Paso met 14-year-old Jazmine who had been referred to the organization. After Jazmine’s critical illness was approved to have her wish granted, two volunteer wish granters met with Jazmine and she decided that her wish was to have a Paris-themed quinceañera. The challenge for the organization was that Jazmine’s 15th birthday would take place the last week of January 2018, leaving the organization less than 90 days to plan and execute this special event. In true Make-A-Wish spirit, Jennifer Maturino, Program Director for Make-A-Wish, went to work to solicit help from the El Paso 101


EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE 102 5380 N MESA ST STE 110 • (915) 500-4357

community to make this happen. The help

After a 60-day planning session, 90 percent

from the El Paso community and vendors

of the expenses from Jazmine’s wish were

was overwhelmingly wonderful.

donated. It started with the hall, the foundation for any big party of this magnitude. The owner of

May, 2018 Hawkins Ballroom in Horizon graciously opened their doors to host the event for the family that resides in far East El Paso. The location of the hall is stunning and was perfect for Jazmine’s big bash. The second biggest thing—or even possibly tied for first—was the dress that Jazmine wanted, a powder pink princess style dress. Yurami Boutique came to the rescue and donated the custom-made dress and did her hair and make-up. Other items that were donated included the professional photography from Elizabeth Cohen Photography, the Eiffel Tower center pieces and shoes from the Executive Women’s Lions Club, the limousine from City Lights Limousine, the cake, the candy bar, the video and so much more! As they saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We believe the photos that come with


This is the way catering is done (915) 747-7455 (915) 747-7460 online menu available /utepfoodservices

this story show how happy Jazmine was the day her wish was granted. We had never seen her smile so big. Thank you El Paso for being part of the magic in making this wish come to life. Find out how you can help make local wishes come true by calling 915-855-8700.



HEALTH & WELLNESS PROGRAMS • Youth Fitness Days • Water & Land Fitness • Swim Lessons • Zumba® • Indoor Heated Pools • Float Fit & Specialty Classes • Personal Training • Something for the whole family • Cardio & Weight Rooms NO ENROLLMENT FEES! ASK ABOUT PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS!

SUMMER CAMPS • Ages 0-12 • STEAM activities • Physical activities

WWW.YWCAELPASO.ORG | 915.519.0000 |

• FUN activities • Keep your children active, engaged and learning all summer HELP PREVENT “SUMMER SLIDE”






May, 2018


Frames of a Butterfly Move over, circle frames. The new shades in town are making their way to the scene. Butterfly frames are a bold accessory on a sunny day and they’re the choice you should be reaching for. With Neon Desert coming up, these will be a great statement piece for your festival wear.

The Bob Now welcoming to the front of the lines: the chin-length bob. The celebrity A-listers are chopping off their locks for this blunt, edgy look and I’m loving it. Now that Hollywood’s got the ball rolling on this trend, let’s follow suit and get in contact with some scissors. It’ll be perfect for the hot summer and lowmaintenance styling.

Fly Away Though not a fashion in and out, spontaneous travel is always in (and so are the comfy plane clothes). Use different flight searches like Google, SkyScanner or Allegiant to find a cheap flight and head out to a new destination. If you stop those Starbucks runs (an “out” from last month) you can start traveling the world and exploring more.


May, 2018





Off the Boat Boat shoes only have two places in this world—on a boat or in the trash. Men, there’s a lot more stylish (and comfy!) options for your feet this spring, so don’t even think about bringing out the boat shoes. Try some penny loafers or some crisp white tennis instead. They provide a breathable option and are an effortless addition to your outfit.

Jogging Around Ladies and gents, springtime in El Paso really just means it’s summer already. Put your joggers away, it’s way too hot. Go for some cotton fabrics or any other light-weight fabric if you’re running errands or going out. The joggers are over and it’s time to let that sink in.

Inactivity I’m not here to advocate for a complete summer body prep, but I do think that everyone should make an effort to be active. Leave the couch potato stuff for the colder months. Go out and take a dance class, go swimming, go for a hike—just get out and do something. If you are prepping for your summer bod, you won’t get it by binge watching Queer Eye, that’s for sure.






May, 2018


he overarching purpose of skincare and grooming is not to

achieve the look of perfection, but rather to look and feel the

best that you can in any situation. Realistic expectations and

attainable goals should be at the forefront of any man’s regimen.

Over time, the focus has shifted from “anti-aging” to “graceful

aging” because what’s a life lived without any marks to show for

it? However, to the cliché saying “feeling good is the new looking

good,” I respond, why not both?


May, 2018

H I s P r e r o g at i v e

1234 1 Plant Apothecary Wake Up Body Wash

3 Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Eye

For a morning boost, this all-natural body wash with lemongrass

The skin around the eyes is some of the most fragile and sensitive in

and rosemary essential oils works to get your senses in order

the entire body. Because of this, it is also the most obvious giveaway

while washing away the previous day’s worries. The formula gently

of premature aging and exhaustion. In order to maintain the elasticity

cleanses while releasing aromas that have traditionally been used to,

and texture of this delicate area, this morning-and-night formula

as the name suggests, wake you up.

replenishes and protects to maintain a healthy appearance.

______________________________________________________ $20 |

2 Scotch Porter Moisturizing Beard Wash

______________________________________________________ $110 |

4 Living Proof Texture Mist

There’s no excuse for allowing an otherwise healthy and soft beard

For those with fine and flat hair that find it difficult to give it any type

to go dull and frizzy with sulfates commonly found in shampoos and

of volume and body without having it look stiff and over-styled, this

harsh facial cleansers. Retain the moisture and healthiness of your

texture mist strikes the perfect balance. In order to achieve a tousled

beard (at any length) while also keeping it clean with this beard wash,

and casual look, spray on damp hair and blow-dry while scrunching

you’ll be better for it.

towards your scalp.

______________________________________________________ $20 |

______________________________________________________ $26 | 107

May, 2018



t r av e l

May, 2018


estled on the northwest shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about half way between Marseilles and Montpellier, Saintes-Maries-de-laMer is the capital of the Camargue

region in Southern France. It is neither a city nor a town, preferring the designation of “Commune� which is aptly suited to its unique community and culture. Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer sits at the mouth of the mighty Rhone River, at the edge of flat marshland that sings with the songs of ground nesting birds. Almost completely surrounded by water, it is historically a fishing village with a population of about 3,000. During heavy tourist seasons, this count can actually grow to 500,000, which explains the row upon row of cafe-lined, colorful streets adorned in flower pots, brightly colored menu stands and smiling hosts.



May, 2018



12770 Edgemere Blvd Bldg F El Paso, TX 79938 (915) 249-4000


Captured in oils by Vincent Van Gogh, the area

Romanesque church that honors the three

is also home to Les Cheval de Camargue; a

holy “Mary’s” after which the commune is

short and stocky breed of grayish white horses

named. Basked in candlelight and adorned

that star in July’s three-day festival which

with hand-tied bouquets of flowers, the

showcases their distinctive breed as well as

chapel displays story boards that speak

infamous long-horn Camargue bulls (widely

of local legends. Pursued for questioning

used for bullfighting), music and lights. Born

in ancient Palestine, it is said that Mary

in the wild and left to roam the countryside

Jacobe and Mary Salome—who knew both

until they are briefly corralled and branded at

Jesus and his mother well—fled hostility in

age one. At age three, the stallions are often

a vessel that was hurriedly abandoned and

corralled and neck rein trained to accommodate

replaced by a tiny boat. Without sails or oars,

horseback tours offered to equestrian lovers.

they were supposedly guided by Providence, to the Provencal shores of France. Along

But one cannot write about Saintes Maries

with Saint Sara, who was inspired by divine


intervention to watch, wait and welcome the





May, 2018

Mary’s, all three were canonized by the Pope in the 1400s. Celebrating their patron saints, The Gypsy Pilgrimage is a gathering of free-spirited souls


from all across Europe. Festivals in May and October feature processions of antique wooden statues removed from the church and carried to the Mediterranean shore as well as candlelit services and the reunion of old friends, all over town.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation TODAY!

Over 30 years of experience Residential and commercial CONSTRUCTION And ManagemenT Family owned and operated

4222 Pershing Dr. | 915.260.5450 |


May, 2018

2018 Where in d? the Worl

Unique e Guys Lik o! To ts if G



Guys L Gifts Toike o!

Treats, Eats, Drinks

Thinking of going

Thinkingg of goin



2018 weddings

UniqWuheerHeoinnthe World? eymoon s

Shou Bridesmld Have a Voaids ice?

oons Honeym





wedding s 2018 PRI CE $4.95

5 PRICE $4.9


The City Magazine brings you

El Paso’s

Only Bridal Magazine of its kind!

The City Weddings is El Paso’s premiere local wedding guide. Find everything you need for your big day and see some of El Paso’s best weddings.

One Bridal Magazine, Two Beautiful Covers! Pick up your “2018 Bridal Guide” at your local Walgreens! For more information contact us at 112





May, 2018


C o olk ’s

May, 2018



BLOCK co oks ne e d in s pirat ion to o


May, 2018

Scallops M charred endive

ay is for the mommas, for the strong women who guided us, took care of us and loved us. Moms come in many forms and it’s our turn to give back, so no excuses. Make a good meal for her and


show her how much she means to you with this simple yet


by scallops but don’t be, they’re quite easy to cook. It’s

anchovy gremolata

elegant dish. I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re intimidated honestly just a quick sear on both sides and you’re good to go. I try to amp up a simple dish by adding some sort of topping, a sauce, or a special garnish, it’s all about the subtle flavors


Chef’s tip

that really bring an entire dish together. Here I want to use an anchovy gremolata. Don’t let the word, “anchovy” scare you off either, in case you were wondering…anchovy is one of the main ingredients in Caesar dressing … so there ya go. Nothing to be scared of, it’s a basic flavor component that’s

1 pound scallops 4 heads endive

A hot pan and dry scallops are the trick to a perfect sear

going to make the difference here in this dish. Endive might be a lettuce you’ve never cooked with, this is why I’m excited for you to try it! It cooks like cabbage or bok choy in a stir fry. Although it does come with a bitter taste, it can be easily paired with some fresh lemon juice to balance that out. Get in that kitchen, make her some food, give her flowers, tell her she’s beautiful and thank her for all she’s done. Mommas deserve more, but like most situations, dinner is always a good start.

5 anchovy filets, minced 1 clove garlic, minced


walnuts, lemon zest, olive oil, and half of lemon juice.

1 bunch parsley, fine chopped 1 lemon, zest and juice separated

Salt and pepper to taste, cover and let sit in fridge. 2.

warm until the butter becomes bubbly. While butter oil mixture heats, cut ends off endive (1/2 inch) and slice lengthwise in half. Do this slowly and keep the lettuce

2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

together, as it will fall apart easily if not done with care. 3.

Place endive cut-side down and allow to caramelize, roughly 2-3 minutes. Use a spatula and tongs to carefully turn over, making sure not to let the lettuce separate

1/2 cup walnuts, finely chopped Salt/pepper

In a medium sauté pan, heat 2 tablespoons butter with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil on medium high heat. Let

4 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

In a mixing bowl, stir together anchovy, garlic, parsley,

from itself. Brown other side for roughly 2 minutes. Once finished cooking, remove from pan and set aside. 4.

Wipe sauté pan clean with a paper towel and add the rest of the butter and vegetable oil. Let it come up to heat so butter is bubbly. While oil butter mixture heats, season scallops with salt and pepper. Place scallops one at a time, do not over crowd the pan. Let scallops cook on both side for 2-3 minutes.


Serve side by side and top with anchovy gremolata. Use the remaining lemon juice as a finishing touch for each plate.

CHop it like it’s hot

watch us cook this recipe on our YouTube!



Mothers | By: JOANN WARDY |

Having recently lost my mother, I consider myself fortunate to have been by her side everyday the last year of her life. It will forever be my greatest treasure. May is a perfect time to show our love and appreciation for those who do not share that close bond, this is the perfect time to take the first step toward making that relationship whatever it is we want. It’s important. Often times, whatever the relationship is, carries over to other relationships. Tell your mother you love her … hug her often. These are memories that will last a lifetime. Take time to sit down, turn off the outside world and bond with your mother.

Joann Wardy owns and directs “The School of Etiquette and Enrichment” and was certified at “The Protocol School of Washington.”

When all is said and done, the only thing of value in our lives is who and how we loved … and who loved us.


For children, adult and corporate programs call 915-355-0992.

May, 2018

Thank you for voting us best law firm For Three years in a row!






to tough, aggressive representation that protects our clients’ rights and interests.





705 Texas Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901




Juanes: Amarte Tour ::: May 9

Downtown Artists and Farmers Market ::: Every Saturday

9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Union Plaza Support local and get handmade goodies and freshly farmed produce. Admission: Free

7:30 p.m. El Paso County Coliseum Juanes is back in town with another great tour with Mon Laferte opening up. Admission: $39+ Info:

7:30 p.m. McKelligon Canyon Be prepared for a wonderful evening under the stars to enjoy some Mozart. Admission: $15+ Info:

Fleet Foxes ::: May 10

8:00 p.m. Abraham Chavez Theatre Come enjoy the live music of Fleet Foxes, a lively indiefolk rock band. Admission: $25 - $39 Info:

Thunder from Down Under ::: May 15

8:00 p.m. The Plaza Theatre It’s a girl’s night for this Desert Dreams world tour. Admission: $19 - $40 Info:



Beach House ::: May 8

8:00 p.m. Tricky Falls Experience the electric rock music of Beach House and dance all night. Info:


6:00 p.m. The Plaza Theatre A live murder mystery will be played on at The Plaza Theatre, where eight women are the suspects. Admission: $48 Info:



El Paso Opera’s Mozart by Moonlight ::: May 5

Las Arpias ::: May 13


::: May 10

8:00 p.m. The Plaza Theatre Known as The Sold-Out Queens, you’ll want to act fast to see this Latin sister-duo perform. Admission: $49+ Info:

Natalia Lafourcade ::: May 17

8:00 p.m. The Plaza Theatre Nine-time Latin Grammy Award winner, Natalia Lafourcade is back in El Paso. Don’t miss this performance. Admission: $35 - $45 Info:



Art Talk: Kress Collection of European Art ::: May 19

2:00 p.m. El Paso Museum of Art Experience EPMA’s Kress collection of European art like ever before. Dr. Elizabeth Dwyer will be leading a walk-through. Admission: Free Info:


DeadBeach Brewery ::: May 26

9:00 p.m. DeadBeach Brewery Come check out the new patio and dance along to El Paso’s favorite, Sorry About Your Sister. Admission: Free Info:


Neighborhood Kids Student Art Exhibition ::: May 24

5:30 p.m. El Paso Museum of Art Celebrating a year in the making, this student exhibition features the works of fourth grade students from El Paso elementary schools. Admission: Free Info:


Disney’s The Lion King ::: May 30 - June 3

7:30 p.m. The Plaza Theatre You don’t want to miss the special live performance of Disney’s The Lion King. Admission: $60+ Info:


Neon Desert Music Festival ::: May 26 - 29

Downtown Now in its eighth year, join all music and art downtown for NDMF. Listen to chart-topping artists as well as local talent. Admission: $60 - $550 Info:

Baikas! A Guided Bike Tour of Murals ::: May 31

12:00 p.m. El Paso Museum of Art Get some wheels and join a guided tour of Chicano murals with artist/muralist, Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado. Admission: Free Info:



125 Thunderbird Suite G El Paso, TX 79912

915 • 243 • 3139

sugurskull sugarskull_boutique



Our April Unveiling Party

was held on April 5, 2018 at Park Tavern in downtown El Paso. We had a fun night celebrating the top 30 Under 30 in our city and highlighting our Real Estate professionals.

| Photos by: JENN MÁRQUEZ |


•Located in Montecillo• @noshep


Cold-Pressed Juice Raw • Local • Fresh

Juice Cleanses Six Packs Catering

El Paso, TX 915.317.6791 123 @purcoldpressed


Ben Bridge Jeweler-El Paso celebrated their 5th Anniversary on March 24, 2018 with wine, entertainment and a ceremonial ribbon cutting by the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. | Photos by: JOHN HORTA |



GAL Fashion celebrated their

2-year anniversary on April 11, 2018. It was an exciting evening with a fashion show, live music and special guest, reality TV star, Scheana Marie of “Vanderpump Rules.” | Photos by: JENN MÁRQUEZ |


April, 2018



Anson 11 $$-$$$

Park Tavern

303 N. Oregon St. Ste. 110 | (915) 504-6400

204 E. Mills Ave. | (915) 228-9050

Anson 11 is two exceptional dining experiences dedicated to the

From the same people that brought you 150 Sunset, Park Tavern is a

military man, the gentleman and the food connoisseur that was

new lunch and dining experience in downtown. With many options

Anson Mills. For a downtown dining experience like no other, Anson

available, from creamy chicken pasta to buttery fried fish, this new

11 is the restaurant to go to. PR, H

addition to the block is a welcoming place to satisfy your cravings.



The Downtowner $$ 325 N. Kansas St. | (915) 532-5200 Eat like a downtowner. Found on the ground floor of the Hotel Indigo, The Downtowner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner - the only breakfast spot available in downtown El Paso. The restaurant delivers great American taste with a twist of our Southwest flair. Savor the amazing dishes offered on the menu and enjoy a cold and carefully crafted cocktail while enjoying the gorgeous views of downtown.


Prices: $ - Low Priced Patio/Outdoor Seating - O

$$ - Medium Range Dog Friendly- DF

Edge of Texas


8690 Edge of Texas St. | (915) 822-3343 Located in the far east, this is definitely worth the drive! Eat the best steak you’ve ever had and enjoy the saloon.

$$$ - High Priced $$$$ - Exquisite Dining Party/Private Room - PR Happy Hour - H

To highlight your local restaurant in The City Local Eats email:

WESTSIDE April, 2018

Mi Piaci





5411 N. Mesa, Suite 1 | (915) 875-0034

6232 N. Mesa St. | (915) 584-3621

Join Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano for lunch or dinner with Chef/Owner

Winning Best Taco for Best of The City 2015 and Best Chips

Cosimo Baltaglia, who hails from Calabria, Italy, for the freshest

and Salsa in 2014, Avila’s has a savory Mexican menu that will

seafood, gourmet hand-cut Angus reserve steaks aged 21 days,

satisfy your cravings. We’re open for weekend breakfast, have

and gently homemade pasta from Italy. O

lunch specials available daily and a convenient pick-up window is accessible for family dinners on the go. PR

Jerusalem Grill $$

Westside’s 3rd Hole

5380 N. Mesa St. | (915) 500-4357

1035 Belvidere Suite 168 | (915) 584-5577

Jerusalem is a low-key eatery where you can find authentic gyros,

There’s no better place to relax and grab a bite to eat than W3H. Nominated

baba ghanoush, shish kababs and more. Their appetizer combo is

as El Paso’s best tacos, stop by today and see why we’re becoming El

complete with hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves, spanakopita

Paso’s go-to spot for catching a game and eating some good food. “We

and falafel. Your tastebuds will enjoy this retreat to an amazing

saved you a seat.” Now with NFL Sunday Ticket on all screens. O, H


array of dishes. Serving El Paso Authentic Italian Cuisine since 1948 • Private Party Room • Beer & Wine • Outside Dining • Live Music Thur. to Sat. • We cater large or small events

The State Line


1222 Sunland Park Dr. I (915) 581-3371 Enjoying delicious authentic BBQ from The State Line. Based on four principles: offer the highest quality smoked BBQ, provide generous portions at affordable prices, offer friendly table and bar services and celebrate the heritage of Texas. Come on by to enjoy!

Italian Kitchen West


450 Thorn Ave. | (915) 842-0775 Enjoy boundless savory Italian classics either at their outdoor Italian.Kitchen. Westpatio

or intimate and comfortable atmosphere Italian Kitchen West m is doling out classic pizzas, mouth-watering pastas with great wine pairs and Italian meat entrees. Stay local, but enjoy the cuisine from 127 an ocean away. O, PR



The Kitchen

April, 2018

Mesa Street Grill $$$


150 Sunset | (915) 585-0801

3800 N Mesa St., Ste D1 | (915) 532-1881

Whether you’re looking for brunch, a quick lunch or a nice sit-down dinner

Mesa Street Grill introduces their newest dessert creation – the Pineapple

with views of El Paso’s sunsets, you will find all that you need at The

Crostata. This refreshing blend of pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg is

Kitchen at 150 Sunset. Be sure to also check out our special wine dinners,

crowned with a cashew crumble and handmade sugar garnish. Taste this

with a specially curated menu and wine pairing. Come and treat yourself.

dessert once and it’s sure to become a summertime favorite. O, H, PR, H

P, H, DF, PR






150 W. Castellano Drive Ste. D | (915) 229-6674

5860 N. Mesa St. Suite 130 | (915) 307-3346

Nosh creates delicious, freshly made, craft salads & prepared food items. A

Gusto is El Paso’s newest and most unique restaurant on the west

sustainable, fresh and fun concept, NOSH focuses on providing El Paso with

side. It features international cuisine that blends European with Latin-

healthy and delicious meals. Whether you’re on a specific diet or not, Nosh has

American flavors. Gusto will transport you to a different place with

something wholesome for you - including vegan, vegetarian, keto and paleo

a totally new taste experience. Enjoy lunch, dinner and drinks in a

options. P

modern environment. PR


Cattleman’s Steakhouse


King Crab $$$

3450 S. Fabens Carlsbad Rd. Fabens, TX 79838 | (915) 544-3200

1700 N. Zaragoza Suite 154 | (915) 849-8697

This is a family-style restaurant located on a 46 square mile working

You can’t get seafood like this anywhere else in El Paso. With Chef Pierre

ranch. Come savor our famous juicy steaks and mesquite-smoked BBQ while enjoying miles of desert scenery and spectacular sunsets! PR, O 128

bringing his Cajun home-style cooking from New Orleans, the seafood boils and dishes will leave your mouth watering for more. Fresh seafood is brought in twice a week. Come in and try for yourself. PR, H

April, 2018

El Paso’s New Premier Event Venue Now Booking Holiday Parties

Host your party in the Sun Kings Saloon, City Hall Grill, or the WestStar Bank Club.

On-site catering provided by Spectra Food & Hospitality. They can structure a menu tailored to your needs! 915.242.2018 1 Ballpark Plaza | El Paso, TX | 79901



April, 2018

Acura RDX

Starting at $36,000 acura OF EL PASO 7230 viscount Blvd. (915) 778-0044

Acura RLX


Starting at $54,900 acura OF EL PASO 7230 viscount Blvd. (915) 778-0044



April, 2018

MAY Advertiser INDEX Ben Bridge Jeweler...................................................... Pg. 11

Ortho El Paso.............................................................. Pg. 110

Bio Drip......................................................................... Pg. 97

Park Tavern................................................................... Pg. 19

BioMetrix...................................................................... Pg. 91

Polo Real....................................................................... Pg. 39

Casa Buenavista........................................................Pgs. 4, 5

PUR............................................................................ Pg. 123

Copenhagen................................................Inside back cover

Pure MedSpa.............................................................. Pg. 132

CT Construction.......................................................... Pg. 111

RJL Real Estate............................................................ Pg. 64

Edge of Texas............................................................... Pg. 97

Sin Vodka.............................................................. Back Cover

El Paso Rhinos.............................................................. Pg. 27

Smallcakes.................................................................... Pg. 98

Elyse Simons Beauty.................................................... Pg. 96

Southwest Plastic Surgery........................................... Pg. 17

Farmers Insurance........................................................ Pg. 18

Southwest University at El Paso................................. Pg. 2,3

Flavours Catering........................................................ Pg. 103

Southwest University Park......................................... Pg. 129

Fox Auto Group........................................ Pg. 130, Front Fold

Spectrum Technologies................................................ Pg. 67

Gardea Construction..................................................... Pg. 90

Subaru El Paso.............................................................. Pg. 99

GECU....................................................................Inside Front

Sugar Skull Fashion Boutique..................................... Pg. 121

Grace the Psychic Lady................................................ Pg. 71

Sun City Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery Specialists....... Pg. 65

Hotel Indigo.................................................................. Pg. 70

Sun City Pride Fest....................................................... Pg. 59

Indicium Display Network....................................Pgs. 42, 119

Table Occasions.......................................................... Pg. 116

Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino................ Pg. 9

The Hospitals of Providence................................Pgs. 13, 100

Intraceuticals.............................................................. Pg. 120

The Italian Kitchen West............................................... Pg. 71

Jerusalem Grill............................................................ Pg. 102

The State Line............................................................ Pg. 111

Las Cruces Wine Festival............................................. Pg. 37

Tropical Smoothie Café................................................... Pg. 8

Mesa Street Grill........................................................... Pg. 44

Vanities Jewelry & Gifts, Inc........................................... Pg. 1

Mr. Photobooth........................................................... Pg. 113

Walgreens.................................................................Pgs. 6, 7

Nicholas Reyes Hair Salon............................................ Pg. 81

Wyatt Underwood Trial Lawyers................................ Pg. 117

NOSH......................................................................... Pg. 122

YWCA......................................................................... Pg. 103


April, 2018

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Botox IV Drips Fillers Vampire Facials

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