THECITY Magazine El Paso • Fall 2013

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Fall, 2013

When it comes to assembling a fabulous table scape for Halloween or any other holiday party, start with the dishes. Once you have chosen those, begin to build around them with the tablecloth, napkins and so forth. While it’s important to pick a theme to anchor your table, don’t be afraid to mix it up with different textures and unexpected accessories.

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by Halloween-specific details. The tiny pumpkins and gourds can also be used for fall and Thanksgiving decorations once the Fright Night comes to an end.

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centerpiece. Once the Halloween decorations are stripped away, it becomes the anchor for a Thanksgiving spread.

year, there is something new that catches our eye and finds its way onto the table. Guests love the unexpected! If you see something you love, best to snap it up right then because it’s likely to be unavailable next year. Case in point: the skeletons that served as the guests of horror, or, honor, for this party. Spotting a great conversation piece, we bought them a few years ago, and now they’re extremely hard to come by. Carpe Diem!