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Fall, 2013


A World Inspired-

An El Paso Eclectic Retreat

By: Maggie Asfahani Hajj

Photography By: Rudy Torres

Interior Design By: Laura Carrillo


aura Carrillo may be well known for

“When we bought it, it was horrible. You

creating lavish weddings and events,

can imagine,” she said. Her husband tried to

but her attention to detail is not reserved

convince her that there was potential in the

for her lucky customers. Carrillo, owner of

dirty, run-down space.“He said, ‘I’m pretty sure

an eponymous boutique in the Westside’s

you’re going to be able to do something about

Peppertree Square, has imbued her lovely tri-

it’, because he liked the place,” Carrillo said.

level home with her inimitable style, mixing modern art and desert plants with vintage

“So I spent almost a year, and I took

pieces procured from all corners of the world

everything. I just left the shell of the house,

to create an eclectic and culturally informed

the doors and the shutters. The carpet was


fuchsia, and they never cleaned it. It was in very bad condition. I smoothed all the walls

“I like desert style, that’s why I have my cactus,

as well.”

which I love,” she said. “I can’t imagine my house with tropical plants, because we live in

Saltillo floors and an abundance of cacti

the desert. I love art. I mostly support art from

give the space the feel of a desert oasis,

Mexico, which is where I come from.”

and textiles, both new and old, help soften the hard edges of some of the larger pieces

Carrillo did not originally plan to live in the

that anchor the rooms. On a recent trip to

home herself. “This is a house we bought for

Bali, Carrillo bought 50 pieces of ikat fabric,

my daughter, because we were on the other

traditionally used to make skirts, which she

side of the border,” she said. “We wanted

then used as rugs and to cover pillows.

her to be safe here, in an enclosed part of the city, but we wanted the trees, the pines, and

The design of the space flowed organically,

over here it feels like you’re in Ruidoso.”







being true to what appealed to her on a Although the home is now a secluded

fundamental level.

sanctuary in a fairly well-populated gated community, it was not always such a

“I didn’t have any certain plan,” she said. “I

showpiece, according to Carrillo.

like very eclectic. I just came back from China and Bali, I spent a month and I love all kinds


THECITY Magazine El Paso • Fall 2013  
THECITY Magazine El Paso • Fall 2013