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Inside This Issue The City Insight is always excited to provide coverage and visibility to those that positively affect city living! We are still focused on our clients and relationship building for sure! In this phase of growth there are some unique strategies and execution that will occur to benefit everyone involved with The City Insight. In this issue you will find a variation of insight and content dealing with selfimprovement, branding, time-saving tips, and even some words from our health and business experts. Having a happier and healthier lifestyle should be the common factor that we all seek. As we involve more experts, we will present the challenge to keep you abreast of the topics that matters the most. In this issue, you will also find the ads and advertorials of our clients, whom we ask that you follow and support. They all have interesting stories that are impactful for many situations. We hope you enjoy this issue, and stay tuned for the upcoming November/ December issue, which is perfect for closing out 2019 and focusing on 2020. The City Insight truly appreciates your continued support!

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INSIDE WHAT’S INSIDE LD Consulting: Helping to ... 08 Create a Better You! Aspire Me 2.0: Aspiring for ... 10 a Better Tomorrow Branding at the Speed of Business

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All Things Edgy

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Be Smart! Be Sophisticated! ... 22 BePoche! 5 Cool Ideas for SelfImprovement Awareness Month

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RCNC: Shining a Light on ... 26 Recovery Child's World Drop-In Care: Dropping in at the Right Time

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What Are You Thinking?

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Brand Your Service

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LD Consulting: Helping to ... 08 Create a Better You!

Time-Saving Tips

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Aspire Me 2.0: Aspiring for a ... 10 Better Tomorrow

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5 Cool Ideas for Self-Improvement Month

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LD Consulting: Lynn DelGaudio is Helping to Create a Better You! Today’s society seems like it cares about one thing above all else: appearance! You cannot open a magazine or turn on the television without being bombarded by ads for products and services that promise a thinner, prettier, more desirable you. And yet, these fad diets, pills, and machines seem to ignore a major component of leading a healthier lifestyle: mental hygiene. To look better on the outside, you must feel good on the inside. This is one reason why Lynn DelGaudio formed LD Consulting to help people find their healthier self from the inside out. As Lynn points out, we live in very physically focused world: we get sick, we go to the doctor. We go to the gym so that we can be strong. We get a cavity we go to the dentist. We try to eat well. We pay so much attention to our physical form, comfort, performance, and especially appearance, but how often do we think about what we are thinking about? Lynn challenges clients to really examine their thinking, and argues that our mental hygiene is just as, if not more important than our physical. LD Consulting was formed around 2017 when Ms. DelGaudio earned an Integrative Health Coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. As her passion grew, she soon left her full-time banking job in order to pursue a career helping others be their best selves. Having always been interested in health and wellness and the methodology behind reducing stress to increase joy, it was a no-brainer for Ms. DelGaudio to enter the field. In fact, throughout her corporate career, she often facilitated stress-reduction sessions and encouraged better living through teaching breathing classes, kids’ yoga, core strength training, and the like. 8

However, what really kicked off Ms. DelGaudio’s passion for health and wellness was a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury she suffered in 2014. Following the injury, Lynn quickly learned that healing the brain and body would require keen and committed attention to her thinking. In her book Altered on Impact she details her own experiences with toxic, negative, stressful thinking and how shifting those patterns into ones of positivity, appreciation and trust impacted her healing and her overall health and happiness. Throughout the healing process she consistently employed the power of positive, deliberate thought and developed a variety of tools that helped completely redesign her mind, creating a new reality for herself. Her book offers specific exercises and instructions that will help readers enact their own redesign of the mind for self-empowerment and well-being. As an Integrative Health and Mindset Coach, Ms. DelGaudio helps clients initiate a healthier lifestyle by focusing on more than just diet. She believes that being healthy incorporates our relationships, careers, creative outlets, and so on. Working with LD Consulting, you will develop a mindset that not only emphasizes health and nourishment, but also stress reduction and accessing and shifting limiting beliefs that hold us back from being our best selves. Oftentimes, it is our own stress and negative thinking that hinders us from achieving our goals. Once we change this, everything else falls into place. Your experience with LD Consulting begins with a discovery session that assess all aspects of the client’s current state of well-being. Based on that conversation, clients establish goals they wish to achieve during the coaching program. Lynn works with clients to reach those goals through small achievable steps. Three and six-month coaching programs are offered. Meeting twice a month, Lynn helps her clients monitor their progress toward achieving their goals. Adjustments are made as needed. LD Consulting also offers public speaking and workshops on topics including nutrition, mindset and overall health and well-being. Through LD Consulting, Lynn DelGaudio’s goal is to help and inspire others to live up to their highest potential by unlocking beliefs that are sabotaging success, enabling her clients to unleash the power they already hold within. She wants everyone to realize that bliss is not a luxury, but a birthright and achieving it is far easier than we believe. With her help, we can all “Live Deliberately”!

Learn more about LD Consulting and Ms. DelGaudio at

Aspire Me 2.0

Aspiring for a Better Tomorrow Tuning into what is happening in the world can be a bit of a drag lately. With political issues and sheer violence running rampant it’s easy to feel hopeless and lost. However, you are definitely not alone in those sinking feelings, and many people are working to rectify the world in their own way. One such person is Shirley T. Williams and her idea for Aspire Me 2.0! Aspire Me 2.0 is an endeavor taken by Shirley T. Williams that aims to make the world a little better. Inspired by observing the state of the human conditions in world today, particularly as it pertains to women, families and the overall moral and spiritual decline in society, Ms. Williams gained a heart-felt desire to provide solutions to many of these social ills that plague communities all over. She sees this company as a do-over of sorts. It emerges as a consolidation of all the knowledge that Ms. Williams has gained from previous entrepreneurial endeavors, the experiences gleaned from working in education and human services, her own education and personal life experiences. She also imbues her spiritual beliefs into the company, crafting a truly unique experience for her clients. So, what exactly will Aspire Me 2.0 do? Well, as a certified life coach and consultant, Ms. Williams currently facilitates a number of workshops and support groups for people dealing with toxic relationships, and painful memories from childhood relating to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). This interest in ACE’s comes from Ms. Williams work as an author. Her award winning book “Conversations with the Little Girl Within” has inspired her work with people suffering from the painful memories of their traumatic childhood experiences and is a required staple for her support groups. Within the book, Ms. Williams elaborates on how unresolved childhood experiences can adversely impact adulthood and she states that “Every wounded adult who harbors unresolved issues from their childhood may or may not realize that those issues are controlling the ABCs of their life; their Attitude, Belief, and Conduct.” This is definitely a recommended read for all those who have suffered or know someone who is suffering from past childhood trauma. 10

The company, which anticipates being fully operational by August this year, proposes to help women reevaluate, reinvigorate and upgrade their lives. People are looking for an antidote and Ms. Williams will provide one by helping women to facilitate positive changes once they’ve clearly establish their fundamental objective in life. In doing so, they will learn skills to bridge the gap between their challenges and their dreams. In helping women transform their lives and helping overlooked children think beyond their perceived limitations, Aspire Me 2.0 aims to build a future of better communities and a happier world for all human beings to live in. Being fairly new to the Raleigh area, Ms. Williams recently enrolled in and completed the ten-week Citizens Leadership Academy that the City of Raleigh conducts periodically and intends to enroll in the Raleigh Neighborhood College when it resumes this Fall. This is an effort on her part to become more engaged in civic and community activities and to help establish viable and beneficial relationships within the City. It is also a way for Aspire Me 2.0 to partner with other organizations to provide services that benefit the Raleigh community. There are a number of signature workshops and talks that Aspire Me 2.0 will offer. The first is about Unresolved Childhood Issues and pertains to Adverse Childhood Experiences. The second topic is Cutting the Apron Strings, which focuses on toxic relationships with adult children. Lastly, is Stepping Up Your Game, which essentially guides you on how to move your life in the direction of your dreams; taking it to the next level. You can catch Ms. Williams’s upcoming conference on toxic relationships and intimate partner violence, September 21st at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham. You can get more information about the Conference on Toxic Relationships at https://shirleytwilliams. Her new website is currently under construction. Until then, if you are interested in learning more about Shirley T. Williams you can visit, or email

her at

“You Can Change Your Life, If You Change Your Mind” – Shirley T. Williams For exposure:



Open everyday from 10:30am - 12am

919.561.6161 12

4531 New Bern Ave. #100 Raleigh, NC

Branding at the Speed of Business! Achieving Excellence

In partnership with The City Insight

This new series in the City Insight will provide innovative ways business owners can more quickly respond to their customers. Each article will discuss a product or service that will take the business owner at the speed of business to leverage their brand. Each one will also include a business owner as an example of how the tools can be applied. It will conclude with a website to obtain the tool. Digital Brochures Your brand is judged by the way you operate your business. The days of handing out business cards and paper brochures are becoming a thing of the past. We now must move at the speed of business. That means electronic business cards that can be texted or available through a QR code. Business owners must have the technical knowledge and the innovative tools to take advantage of business opportunities the moment they present themselves. Competition and schedules move quickly, and some moments don’t happen twice. How quickly you place materials in your customer’s hands will often determine if you get the sale. You will leverage your brand when you can be responsive to the needs of your customer almost instantly. You can tarnish your brand by being unresponsive. The current economy requires you to digitally engage with your clientele and increase responsiveness to their needs. Customers have many options competing for their dollars so getting their confirmed yes is a must. Let me introduce Frances Jackson the owner of Greek’tique & Legacy in Greensboro, NC. This owner has a niche market specific to the culture of the Divine Nine (historically black fraternities and sororities), Masons and Eastern Stars. Her products are not known by all, but certainly to those that have loyalty to their organization. Frances describes her company as “Modern” and as a “friend of A&T” will support the university during their homecoming as a vendor. This event attracts many that have an emotional attachment to the college and the Divine Nine. Placing her products at the fingertips of her customers will 13

invoke emotional triggers that will almost sell themselves. Companies such as hers that have a niche market need to show the products to engage their audience. Use of a flip book for a digital brochure will allow her to showcase an array of products instantly. Vital to sales is leading the customer to a “yes.� It is hindered when you must convince a customer to take a brochure. However, when they are holding their own phone (familiar pace) and navigating a user-friendly digital brochure (confidence pace), they let their guard down. This makes them more apt to engage and be receptive to the lead of the sales pitch. Digital brochures can be specific to only one product line or it can have a different product line on each page. The pages can also have links to landing pages and/or to emails. This puts the empowering tool in the hands of your customer and provides all the information you desire at their fingertips. Digital brochures will have you branding at the speed of business, moving forward . . . Achieving Excellence!!! Digital brochures available at www. *Make sure to mention you learned about digital brochures through The City Insight.

City Insight Network Member "Don't forget to mention you learned about the digital brochures through The City Insight ......" For exposure:


safe, loving, nurturing, & family friendly Seeking a

day care program?


visit or call 919.255.3434 Mention The City Insight to receive $50.00 off your registration fee Appletree Day Care is ready to help foster the development of your 6 week old to 12 year old child with its educational based programs, which are provided by credentialed and degreed teachers and staff.

Offering "Before" and "After" school care, while promoting a "healthy learning" atmosphere is what Appletree is all about! Give your child the gift of learning in a structured environment while you are away!

Locations on: Old Poole Rd, Clarendon Crescent, New Bern Ave, & Poole Rd For exposure:


All Things Edgy

by Tiara Sanders

Are you looking to add more edge to rejuvenate your look? Look no further! One of Raleigh’s talented ‘fashionista stylists,’ Chalaé Lindsey, is here to provide her service to you. Lindsey started her journey at Miller Motte College to pursue her education in the cosmetology field. She is a professional at doing hair, nails, and makeup. After she earned her cosmetology license, she went on to start her own business, “Chalaé’s Hair By Design” which since has been renovated into “Laid by Lae.” “‘Chalaé’s Hair By Design’ is one of my old names that I came up with after I graduated cosmetology school and started working in a salon. My new name that I have is ‘Laid by Lae’; my fiancé actually came up with that name and it just stuck. I love it because it’s dope, yet short and sweet,” Lindsey said. Braids, twists, crochet braids, and natural hairstyles are Lindsey’s specialties. “If you show me a picture of a style, I can always get a style similar to what you are showing me. I say similar because hair textures and volumes varies; therefore, I always strive to get as close as I can to the picture with my own little spin to the style,” she said. Lindsey’s favorite hairstyles that she loves to do on others are crochet locs, crochet twists, and crochet braids with all textures of hair. “I have been wearing crochet braids for about 2 years straight with all styles, so crochet braids are my thing! I love them because they are so versatile,” she shared. 17

Lindsey prefers to call herself a mobile/freelance stylist being that she is not tied down to a salon. “I have worked in salons before and I did not have the best experiences. So I like to go to my clients houses to do their hair, or they can come to me. My quality services are geared to clients who are looking for a more personable experience along with reasonable prices,” she said. Not only does Lindsey do hair, but she has other businesses that she contributes into the fashion and beauty industry. She shared that she has always wanted to be a fashion designer but decided to do hair along with other small hobbies she turned into businesses she loves. Lindsey stated, “I was scared to take that step to go to a fashion design school because the closest one was in Charlotte and I was not ready to move away. I did not have money saved up or a car, so I knew I was not going anywhere. I thought, ‘how else can I get in the fashion industry?’ My answer to that was ‘why not do hair!?’ There was a cosmetology school 10 minutes from my house.” Lindsey shared that people would always need hair stylists for photo shoots and fashion shows; therefore, contributing her talents was a clever way into the industry. She not only does hair, but she is also a freelance dancer, choreographer, and has her own beauty brand named “Code Edge.” “My performance name is ‘The Edgy Chick.’ I am the makeup FX artist and hairstylist for Eaze Day Entertainment. I do all of my fake bruising, cuts, monster and zombie makeup, body paint, and sometimes hair for short films.” Lindsey’s YouTube Channel is named “TheLaelaeEdge” which she does makeup and hair tutorials, and also showcases her dance choreographies and her “Code Edge” jewelry brand. “Code Edge is my brand where I create edgy style earrings and chains, all handmade and handpicked by me. I absolutely love jewelry and have an online store coming soon. So to answer your questions, I see myself being successful in all of my business endeavors,” she said. 18

Lindsey shared that one of her small goals for all of her businesses would be to manage her time better. “At times, I feel like I focus on one more than the other and I want to have a set schedule on what days and times I work on each specific business,” she said. One of Lindsey’s large goals is to find consistent work for all of her businesses. She shared a large goal for each of her businesses. Lindsey stated, “For Hair, I would love to be on more photo shoots and sets. For makeup, I want to be able to construct silicone masks and prosthetics and possibly even sell them. For YouTube, I definitely want to gain a lot of subscribers. For Dance, I want to choreograph more for artists and maybe even teach workshops. Last but not least, for my baby, my jewelry brand, I would love to get my jewelry in magazines and possibly even on tv. I love the show ‘Grown-ish’ and the first thing I noticed when watching the show was how bomb the earrings were that the actresses were wearing. So I would love to get my earrings on that show.” Currently, Lindsey is collaborating with “Eaze Day Entertainment.” Eaze Day is a local production company who specializes in short films, music videos, photography, editing, costume design, makeup, etc. “Within the Eaze Day team, we have businesses within the business including Stephaun Perry who is the CEO, cinematographer and so many other things. “Knitting’s and Things” is our costume designer, “God Box Productions” is one of our photographers, “Jusjake” is also one of our photographers, Bradley Esthetics is one of our makeup artists, and of course, I am the FX artist and hairstylist,” Lindsey shared. Lindsey is a hard working businesswoman who wants to continue to create and see success in all of her endeavors. All of the businesses mentioned in this article are listed below along with their Instagram handles. Chalaé Lindsey: @theedgychick, @code.edge Stephaun Perry: @stephthedirector Knitting’s and Things: @knittingsandthings God Box Productions: @godboxproductions Jusjake: @jus_jake__ Bradley Esthetics: @bradleyesthetics 19

in that we need to learn to forgive ourselves as well as others. This collection draws on a well of experiences that highlights how our mistakes can shape us and how sometimes we may not see the entire picture, but there is a plan in motion.

Maudine Harrington’s Begin Again is a poignant collection of anecdotes by the author that each culminate in a single lesson: Learn to forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it. That may be a lengthy lesson, but the gist is quite simple


Traversing through her adolescence and into adulthood, Harrington’s story reads like a collection of diary entries with an overarching theme of family, God, and forgiveness. From a time when playing limbo led to a trip to the emergency room to a moving entry on domestic violence, each entry offers spiritual advice on how there is a plan for everything and each setback offers an opportunity to begin again. This book will inspire and offer a great piece of advice for even the darkest of times: Treat every day as an opportunity to learn and forgive yourself for those times you didn’t.

If you are a business owner and want your patrons to receive a copy of The City Insight, please feel free to email

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Rock Quarry Rd. Location: 5416 Rock Quarry Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610 919.329.8125


e B ! t r a m S Be sticated! i h p o S ! e h c BePo

At the young age of ten, an ambitious and imaginative Shari Herring had a dream. She wanted to grow up to be a fashion designer and open her own boutique. She would spend a great portion of her childhood crafting clothes, decorating, and putting beautiful things together to bring joy to others. However, as life tends to go, Shari grew up and pursued a different path, one that led to degrees in public relations and business. She would continue on this path for the next twenty-some years, until a higher power intervened. One day, a friend would share with Shari words that God spoke to her. This friend would tell Shari that God spoke to them and said that Shari would make beauty in the world. At first, Shari was a bit skeptical, but it was when the friend said that God told them, “He has been giving you ideas since you were a little girl” that she knew something great was in the works. This resonated so strongly with Shari as it was not possible that her friend would know about her childhood dream to create beauty through fashion. This spurred her to pick up the passion she had set aside all those years ago and begin another new path, one that led to the creation of BePoche! As Shari took on this endeavor, she began looking for old drawings and ideas for inspiration. She stumbled upon the word “Poche” scribbled amongst her childhood and knew this was the path she was meant to take. “Poche” was a nickname from her childhood and she knew it would be woven throughout her new endeavor. However, as she tried to purchase 22

the domain name for “Poche”, it was already taken. When offered a similar domain of “BePoche”, she initially rebuked the idea, but a little research would change her mind. In looking into what “Poche” actually means, Shari found that it is an architectural term showing the solid black lines on drawings that indicate the underlying structure of a building that aren’t visible but are what makes the building beautiful. It is the foundation. This was all she needed to know to know that BePoche was the only option for her store as she too wants to bring out beauty from the inside out. BePoche aims to offer a unique experience where customers can find gorgeous items for their bodies as well as their homes. This amalgamation of offering both women’s clothing and home décor creates an entire atmosphere of sophistication and elegance that shows the world your inner beauty and style. Each week new styles and decorative pieces are added to the store and they are hard at work on crafting original pieces that will truly make you stand apart from the crowd. As well as clothing and décor, BePoche also takes advantage of its e-commerce platform to offer one-of-a-kind beauty coach services. These sessions can take place virtually from anywhere in the world or on location in Fayetteville, North Carolina. These beauty coach sessions offer a wide array of services including an hour-long personal style consultation where a BePoche beauty coach will provide an individual color analysis, assess your personal style, and consult on the inner beauty and how to release it. Or, you can opt for a more vigorouse three-hour BePoche exclusive full beauty makeover where a BePoche beauty coach will provide an exclusive full beauty makeover styling to include a color analysis, style assessment, closet cleanse/review/refresh, and recommend outfit combinations. All of these services and more are easily booked online through BePoche’s website. For more information and to check out the amazing pieces that BePoche offers, check out their website at

For exposure:




(StatePoint) There’s no good reason to wait until the new year to focus on self-improvement. There’s also no excuse. September is SelfImprovement Month, and a fine time to learn a new skill, take up an old hobby or set a goal Here are five cool ideas to try out over the course of the month: Start coding: Whether you want to switch careers and become a software or web developer or simply take up a new hobby, learning to code can open up a world of possibilities, while keeping your mind active and vital. And these days, free online tutorials available in dozens of programming languages, can help you get started without any tools required but time and dedication. Learn to play piano: Learning a musical instrument can improve focus, enhance memory and reduce stress. For a fast-track to playing songs skillfully, check out the Casio CT-X700, which features a StepUp Lesson system to easily learn songs from the keyboard’s built-in library. The display shows proper fingering and notation, and a sixtrack recorder allows you to quickly capture your inspiration 24

Set a reading goal: You don’t have to be a student to complete a reading challenge. Whether it’s to read 5 non-fiction books over the course of the month or get through that classic tome that’s been sitting on your bookshelf for years, give yourself a reading goal to achieve this month. Get outdoors: Spending time exercising in nature has powerful physical and mental health benefits. Give yourself the motivation needed to get outdoors with a wearable device, such as the WSD-F30 Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch, which includes a built-in compass, altimeter and barometer, as well as a slew of fitness and nature apps designed to promote wellness and help you better appreciate your surroundings. Start saving: If you don’t have a savings account, think about opening one during the month of September. Make it painless by having the fund draw automated monthly payments from your checking account. Then sit back and watch your savings grow. Long before writing up resolutions, celebrate Self-Improvement Month, a perfect mid-year motivation for change and growth.

Having the Conversation About Addiction Recovery, Wellness and Citizenship Through Advocacy, Education and Support? Recover y Communities of North Carolina May Have the Answer! RCNC Vision: • North Carolina promotes a culture that supports addiction recovery for individuals, families and communities • North Carolinians seeking addiction recovery have access to the highest quality care, services, and support

• North Carolinians in addiction recovery are equal and valued members of our State

• North Carolinians in addiction recovery have opportunities to achieve their fullest educational, occupational and civic potential • Recovery from addiction is a celebrated reality

We are here to help, visit us at: 5245 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27616 (919) 231-0248


RCNC: Shining a Light on Recovery by Joshua Henry

Within the United States alone, over 20 million individuals suffer from some form of drug or alcohol addiction. To give that statistic a bit more weight, that is about one out of every twelve of the people you pass on the street or in school or at work. Yet, we, as a society, still deem addiction as a rather taboo subject. We talk about it in hushed whispers or with a hint of judgement or shame in our voice. With so many of us suffering with addiction, we should not be quietly whispering the term in the dark. Instead, we should be shouting about it and making sure that those that suffer, know that there are places to get help. One such place is Recovery Communities of North Carolina. Recovery Communities of North Carolina, or RCNC, is a nonprofit organization that promotes addiction recovery, wellness, and citizenship through advocacy, education, and support for those suffering with (SUD) disorder. This wonderful organization was born from a need to shine a light on addiction and recovery. From that idea, the 1st Annual Capital Area Rally for Recovery was created, and it snowballed from there. After the success of the first rally, a second was planned but there was also the drive to take this further and to offer more. Thus, RCNC was born and soon joined the national recovery advocacy movement by becoming a member of Faces and Voices of Recovery’s Association of Recovery Community Organizations. What RCNC does is promote and create a culture that supports recovery from substance use disorder. Not only do they place a focus on the individual in recovery, but also on the families, friends, and communities that are indirectly impacted. They want to ensure that those looking for help are given access to the highest quality of care, services, and support needed to make recovery as easy as possible. RCNC also works to eliminate the stigma that surrounds addiction and recovery by speaking about it out


loud and not shying away from making sure the community understands it is not something to be ashamed of. To help with recovery, RCNC offers a wide array of programs and services. These help those in need to overcome their addictions and find a new place within the community to feel productive. These programs and services include the NC Access to Recovery program (NCATR) which is a voucher system that extends the current array of services and availability of providers in the state by providing treatment and recovery support services through the use of grant funds, so participants can choose their services and providers freely and independently. There is also the Family and Ally Support Group, a non-clinical, non-12 step, mutual aid group driven and run by local family members impacted by substance use disorder and the Workforce Development and Entrepreneurial Program where participants learn through skill development experiential activities how to prepare for the workforce. All of these programs are wonderful tools and resources in ensuring that addiction doesn’t stop anyone from living the life they were meant to. Unfortunately, not all those individuals that need help are getting it. In fact, only about 10-12% of those suffering from addiction actually get the help they need. Even those that do find help are often rushed through to make room for others, leaving no time to actually tackle the 27

underlying issues of addiction. So please, check out RCNC and help those who need help.

To Learn more about Recovery Communities of North Carolina and the wonderful change they are making in the community, visit them at



t Time

he Bes t t a in g in p p o Dr

by Joshua Henry It can be a tough world out there for parents. With so many things to worry about in sending our kids into the world, it can sometimes feel like every decision is a bad one. It would be a relief to feel like someone out there had your, and your kid’s, back. Like someone out there wanted to make sure things ran smoothly for once. Thankfully, there is someone out there waiting to offer a helping hand when it comes to raising your children: Child’s World Drop-In Care Child’s World Drop-In Care is a childcare center that offers parents and guardians the opportunity to leave their child in safe and responsible hands as they run errands, tend to business, or simply catch a film or enjoy a date night. While in the care of Child’s World Drop-In Care, your child is looked after as if they were their very own children. They aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children develop social and other skills through supervised activities. Not only do they offer a safe environment where parents can handle other matters knowing 30

their child is protected, but it is also an environment where learning and growth are encouraged. The Child’s World Drop-In Care offers quality childcare for children ages 3 months up to 12 years old. They open their doors are 8:30 am Monday through Saturday and close at 10:00 pm Monday through Thursday and at 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. During these hours you can drop your child off to a great learning environment while you handle last-minute errands or relax with a child-free date night.

To get a feel for the level of care that is offered at Child’s World DropIn Care, you can check out their website,, to read testimonials from other parents and guardians who offer a firsthand experience of what the level of care is like. For instance, some of the parents and guardians that have used Child’s World Drop-In Care have boasted about their “five-star service” and how sometimes even the children themselves do not want to leave the great people at Child’s World DropIn Care. Their website also offers more information on the organization including costs and contact information, as well as a place to sign up for newsletters to keep in touch with all of the exciting programs and information about Child’s World Drop-In Care. You can also register through the website which makes drop off run a lot smoother. After the initial registration, you will need to speak with a staff member to go over any and all additional paperwork needed. Then, you can schedule drop-offs through the website, which is extremely handy for parents and guardians that never really know what their day-to-day may look like. For instance, something could come up at work and with no babysitter waiting in the garage on stand-by, it can be a task trying to find someone to watch the kids. With Child’s World Drop-In Care you can schedule an appointment, drop your kid off in a safe environment, and get your matters handled without a lot of hassle. It is like having that babysitter on constant stand-by!

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What Are You Thinking!!??

No, Seriously! What Are You Thinking?

by Lynn DelGaudio

I pose this question quite seriously. You see, we live in a very physically focused world: if we get a cavity, we go to the dentist. If we get injured, we go to the doctor. We brush our teeth and shower each day. We go to the gym to be strong. And we hopefully eat well to stay healthy. We pay so much attention to our physical comfort, physical performance, physical appearance, physical well being etc. But… How often do we think about what we’re thinking about? We typically don’t give our thoughts any thought at all; however, trust me when I say that our mental hygiene is just as, if not more important than our physical. Why is that? Well, for starters, when we have good thoughts/beliefs, we feel good. When they are bad, we feel bad, anxious, stuck, tired, like we’ve lost our mojo. Also, our thoughts and beliefs (repeated thoughts) create the lens through which we experience life. But more importantly, our thoughts can literally make us sick! Here’s how: Every time we have a thought of any kind, there is a chemical, biological reaction in the body. For example, when we have a positive thought, the brain releases chemicals, neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, 32

oxytocin, vasopressin, growth factor, etc. The body in turn experiences a good feeling and corresponding emotion, and then sends a positive signal back to the brain. The brain senses peace in the body and all is well. Easy peasy. However, when we have negative thinking the brain sends very different neurotransmitters, such as the stress hormone cortisol and various others. The body, in this case, experiences a bad feeling and corresponding emotion, which produces a very different – negative – signal back to the brain. The brain says ‘oh no! anxiety!’ and releases even more chemicals into the body and the cycle repeats. So, when we are in negative thinking, there is a far greater, negative, feedback loop, and this can be problematic, damaging. You know the expression ‘the power of positive thinking’, but what

about ‘the power of negative thinking’!? Negative thinking has just as much power! This is important for many reasons: • Neuroscience suggests we have 70,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day and that the VAST majority are negative, limiting in nature, that create a stress response. • Neuroscience also reveals that ~95% of these thoughts are in the subconscious making us mostly unaware of them. • Science shows that 60% to 70% report living in a chronic state of elevated stress. • Elevated stress levels weaken our immune system, lead to inflammation, poor sleep, impaired cognitive function and a host of other ailments and conditions. • Finally, when we are in this chronic state of negative thinking/stress, our brain can downregulate genes that trigger disease. (Spoiler alert: It’s NOT your DNA! The last 40+ years of scientific research proves that disease is far less related to DNA than conventional wisdom has suggested. Rather, it is more about our lifestyle choices, behaviors and our belief systems! But that’s an entirely separate discussion!) Dealing with our limiting beliefs What is a limiting belief anyway? Well, a belief is simply a thought that has been repeated enough that it becomes a belief. Limiting means that it holds us back or constrains us from being all we can be and reaching our full potential. So, a limiting belief is a repeated thought that is holding us back from being our best version. Limiting beliefs are typically a) untrue, b) based in lack or fear and c) are mostly formed before the age of 7 and hardwired into our brain circuitry over time. And they are a plenty! For example, “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not smart enough.” “I’ll never have enough money.” “I’m not worthy.” Etc. We want to shift these from limiting to empowering! But if these thoughts and beliefs reside in the subconscious, how do we get to them? Awareness is key! Ever feel that little gnawing or tension just under your skin that you just can’t put your finger on? Could be a limiting thought or belief running, like an app in the background. What were you just doing or thinking? Or, have you ever noticed that you are having a lot of anxiety and you just don’t know why? Again, limiting thoughts and beliefs that have gained momentum to the For exposure:


point we are experiencing a somatic, bodily reaction. There are many other ways to gain awareness. Our thoughts form beliefs, which shape our attitudes and behaviors and ultimately form our personality. Over time, that personality may not be the same as the true essence of our core, and because of that gap between personality and true essence, many of us feel a separation, feel incomplete, unfulfilled, as if something is missing. When we dig deep and shift our thoughts and beliefs from limiting to empowering, we close that gap and reconnect with our true essence. And when we do this, well, absolute MAGIC happens! For example: • We reconnect with the powerful creator within, that essence of who we came here to be. • We experience a completely different vitality and level of bliss (bliss is our birth right, y’all! It’s time we reclaim it!) • We become self-realized, self-actualized. We fully and unapologetically OWN and express who we are. • We throw limitations out the window and believe (like we did when we were five years old) in the possibilities, and • We take our power back! (Power is NOT a bad word!) Can we change our limiting thoughts in a day? NO! It’s a shift; much like you cannot be driving at 70 miles an hour going east on the freeway and in an instant, change directions and go 70 miles an hour west. It’s a shift. But it is SO well worth shifting! If you feel like you’ve lost some of your mojo and are ready to get it back, I can help. I have a proven process that includes five ‘impact imperatives’ and tools for each. This is really life altering stuff! Trust me. I know. I have lived it! I developed my program after suffering a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in 2014. My program is backed by neuroscience – it’s really all about neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to reorganize itself with new neural connections. And guess what? It’s FUN!!!

If you want to learn more about my program, please call me at 910.409.9553 or visit my web sites: and


Preneur Pro Tips: Brand Your Service by Abonni Anthony Small business owners and entrepreneurs do not have money for national campaigns. They cannot afford to tarnish their brand by leaving the thoughts of their stakeholders to chance. You are known by your brand and you must invest in it. Loyal customers have testimonies of your product quality, your customer service and your professionalism. What about your service? Are you known for only being present when a profit is to be made? What causes are you known for supporting? These questions need to be answered so you will present a clear picture of what your brand is saying. Speak for your brand and make bold statements that are less likely to be misunderstood. Allow us to introduce you to Maudine Harrington. Maudine had a vision beyond creating a mere brand. She branded a life of service. Maudine’s passion to help women and children in need became her steppingstone to leap beyond the loneliness of widowhood into a new life. “We all can begin again,” she declares. Maudine makes the resounding call for others to follow her into greater vision in her book, Begin Again, and through her new entrepreneurial venture Begin Again Enterprises. She is currently investing in her education and skills to assist those needing a grant writer to pursue their dreams of a new beginning. Her brand goes beyond her logo, her professionalism or even her new book. Maudine’s brand is her life and the causes that she has fought for so many years. Her life’s investment has built her brand and reputation of service. She helps those struggling with their past to, “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” The brand you create will solidify your triple bottom line; the corporate social responsibility of people, planet and profit. Your leadership, service and budget are all important if you want to increase the market share you have in the industry you occupy. It would be great for those that have a huge heart for animals to save every one of them. For exposure:


Or how about the organization that sells a great product, but they cannot keep employees because there is no thought given to work/life balance. Now think about companies that have great products, but have a reputation for being inactive in their communities. The company stands on profits alone and there is no passion for anything beyond the dollar. As a business owner and entrepreneur, the stakes are high with every customer or professional partner encounter. The decisions you make today will help or hurt your tomorrow and could hinder future connections. More important than that is the frustration you begin to feel when the job gets hard and there is no love of what you do to keep you going. Your brand is alive, and it grows as you grow. Stay stagnant and it will die. In the next issue of City Insight Maudine’s next steppingstone will be featured. She will build her writing skills as she interns with me in the development of “Preneur Pro Tips.� Once again Maudine will step out of her comfort zone and venture into the world of content writing. Stay tuned, be encouraged and have a front row seat as she continues Moving Forward . . . Achieving Excellence!!!

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Time Saving Tips for Creating Simple Morning Routines (BPT) – Mornings can be a bit chaotic as you fight the clock to get out the door on time. This is especially true if you have a big family. Wouldn’t it be nice if rather than feeling like a stressful race, your morning routine was something you actually looked forward to? Starting your day on a high note is simple when you adopt some tips and tricks for simplifying your morning routine. You’ll save time, be more efficient and really learn to cherish the first part of the day.

Tip 1: Select clothing the evening prior

Check the weather forecast and figure out what the kids should wear the next day. Set out outfits in their room so they are empowered to wake up and get dressed without you even having to ask. What’s more, select your own outfit, too. Review what’s on the schedule for the day and dress up for that meeting or down for that yoga class as necessary. Don’t forget to set out accessories, too! Socks, shoes, jewelry — having everything all ready to go will save you and your family lots of time.

Tip 2: Pack bags early

Whether it’s backpacks, work bags or even lunchboxes — the more you can prep to pack everything you need for the day, the quicker you can head out the door. Consider making backpacks a part of the evening routine so when kids brush their teeth and put on jammies, they also gather up everything for their backpacks to eliminate last-minute runarounds in the morning. Pack lunches the evening before and for your own bags (laptop, purse, workout), make sure to ready those early and set everything at the door for easy grab-and-go. 38

Tip 3: Enjoy quick and convenient coffee

A stellar morning starts with coffee, but let’s face it — twiddling your thumbs while you wait for coffee to brew is not ideal for anyone’s morning routine. Luckily, with the Keurig K-Duo Essentials Coffee Maker exclusively available at Walmart, you can quickly brew a single cup or a carafe depending on how much coffee you want — perfect for any occasion. Need coffee quick? The unique single reservoir is shared between single serve and carafe brewing, making refilling easy and less frequent. Now you can get back to enjoying your morning coffee to kick-start your day without wasting any extra time.

Tip 4: Plan a breakfast bar

Breakfast is the fuel you need to start your day and “break” your evening “fast,” but this doesn’t mean it should be a time-consuming or stressful meal. Save time and make mornings fun by setting out supplies for make-your-own creations, such as a yogurt bar. For example, set out yogurt, granola, dried fruit and the rest of your family’s favorite toppings — this way everyone in the family can quickly grab a bowl and make their custom healthy creations that will fight those morning hunger pangs.

Tip 5: Stay organized with lists

Lists are a great way to remind your family of various things to simplify the morning. For example, create a list of things that should be in your kids’ backpacks so they never forget to pack necessities. This can be helpful for you as well, especially if you need particular things for a big event, like a work presentation. Even a check list is a fun way for kids to remain focused. Create a laminated chart and use dry-erase markers so kids can check items off as they work through brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.

Tip 6: Utilize alarms to stay on task

You likely use an alarm to wake up, but those little beeps can be useful beyond the first moments of the morning. It’s easy for the morning to get away from you, which is why alarms can be helpful reminders for you and your kids to stay on task. Set them to help everyone remain focused on their lists. For example, set one for a time when breakfast should start, another for when kids should be fully dressed, and a final as the five-minute warning before it’s time to hit the road. These six tips and tricks will help streamline your morning routine so every day starts on a high note! 39




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By Pre-arranging, your family is spared from making difficult decisions at a very difficult time. You will also eliminate doubts. Wondering what a loved one would have wanted is an added burden for family members who are already dealing wtih grief from their loss.

Pre-Planning Can Save You Money! You may select products at today’s price and not worry about inflation, because you and your monies are protected against it. It also helps your family to make informed choices ahead of time, instead of hasty and emotional ones that often occur at the time of need

How Do You Know if Pre-Need is for You? Whatever your wishes, they can be acknowledged and fulfilled in a way that will create a memorable service as well as a comfort for all family and friends.


Doctors’ Orders: Kids Need a Dose of Daily Playtime (StatePoint) At your child’s next check-up, don’t be surprised if your pediatrician recommends a healthy dose of play. Beyond the typical preventive care strategies for healthy child development, more pediatricians are recognizing play’s multifaceted benefits. Play is fundamentally important for developing 21st century skills, including social, emotional, language and cognitive skills, according to a recent clinical report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recommends play for children to buffer toxic stress, build parental relationships and improve executive functioning. For these reasons, The Genius of Play is on a mission to enable parents to use the power of play to help raise a happier, healthier, and more productive next generation. To help ensure your kids get their daily dose of play, they are offering these fun ideas you can do together as a family. Take me – “in” – to the ball game: With the long tube from a roll of wrapping paper as a bat and a balloon as a ball, you can safely play “baseball” indoors. Simply designate four pieces of furniture or other markers as bases and you’re ready to go. A great game for kids 4 years and up, it’s also a useful way to build cognitive skills, improve hand-eye coordination and, most importantly, have fun indoors. Is the sun shining? Take the fun to the backyard, with a real T-ball or softball set and use trees, bird houses and other markers as bases. Worlds of imagination: Kids are not yet able to express their emotions as adults would. But when they create imaginary scenarios during play, they can act out their current emotional states, which in turn helps them learn to express and regulate their feelings. Through the use of toys such as dolls, action figures and playsets, children are able to express emotions like fear, frustration, anger or aggression, in situations they control, as well as build empathy and understanding. 41

It’s no cake walk: Get some exercise while building social skills. Show children how to walk like crabs: hands and feet on the floor, stomach facing up. See if they can balance something on their stomachs, such as a bag of beans, while they move. To make it competitive, have everyone race to a marked finish line. Or, organize a relay race to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Puzzle it out: Brain-teasers, puzzles and strategy-based games are not just good old-fashioned fun, they strengthen critical thinking skills by facilitating a child’s ability to strategize and focus. From jigsaw puzzles to fast-paced board games with buzzers and egg timers, such types of play sharpen children’s planning skills and lengthen their attention spans. And, when children are faced with a problem during play, the situation can test their reasoning and judgment — and ability to find a solution. For more play ideas as well as information about the benefits of play, visit Make life more fun by creating time for play every day and encouraging more of it. Your kids will be happier and healthier if they get their daily dose of play alongside other activities!

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