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Corktown Common is Toronto’s newest park

Wilfred Robinson from Mooredale Lightning is in a race for the ball with Ajax FC goaltender Kevon Grant during action last Saturday from the under-13 division of the Robbie International Soccer Tournament at Highview Park in Scarborough. Mooredale went on to win the game 2-0.

Waterfront Toronto’s newest public park opened up just in time for the Canada Day weekend. Corktown Common, at the foot of Bayview Avenue in the West Don Lands, opened its gates Friday and while the weather on opening day was uncooperative, the weekend itself provided park-goers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the large green space. With rolling hills and walkways leading to a rest area, splash pad and playground, the park offers an oasis in the rapidly developing Canary District area. “We’ve opened what we call the dry side of the park and the wet side is still under construction,” said James Roche, Waterfront Toronto director of parks, design and construction. “The dry side’s been done for the past year or so but it’s just been growing since then and

the wet side should be done by the end of the year.” Though the dry side – so named as the remainder of the park will serve as storm water drainage and will feature running water – is open, there are a few elements that have yet to be implemented. When completed, the park will include a kitchenette and barbecue table as well as an external fireplace for winter programming. ‘Positive feedback’ “Right now, with what we have there, we’ve gotten positive feedback and we think that will grow once the whole park is up and running,” Roche said. Having a wet side and a dry side fits well with the existing use of land on the site. Corktown Common was built atop a flood protection landform that protects the area east of the park from flooding during major storms. The park offers grassy hills, >>>green, page 5

Mad Pride Week expands for its 20th anniversary ERIN HATFIELD Historically, Mad Pride Toronto festival has been closely associated with the west end of the downtown and Parkdale in particular, but this year

it’s hard to miss that the listing of Mad Pride events has migrated, largely, to the east end of Toronto’s downtown. Jeremiah Bach, with the Mad Pride Toronto Organizing Committee, said the shift is simply a case of spreading the

annual event out across the city and not an exodus from the west end. “There have always been psychiatric survivors all over the City of Toronto whether it is Regent Park, St. James Town or any place between and we

are looking to recognize that,” Bach said. “There are many communities of psychiatric survivors and mad people across the city so we wanted to give them a voice and a chance to participate.” Mad Pride, A Celebration

of Madness, is an annual weeklong festival that is about remembering and participating in mad history, challenging discrimination, advocating for rights, affirming mad identities, developing and empowering >>>MAD, page 10

CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |



DIME. Taxpayer funded Not taxpayer funded

$57M tax revenue annually.


In 1999, the Toronto Port Authority, owner and operator of Billy Bishop Airport, was formed with the mandate to operate as a self-sufficient business. By law, we are self-financing and do not receive any money from the government. In fact, we contribute millions of dollars to city, provincial and federal coffers every year.


billy bishop toronto City airport (YtZ) economic impact study, interVistas Consulting inc., october 25, 2012


Fringe theatre festival celebrating 25 years Money given back to artists could top $6-million mark this year JUSTIN SKINNER The Toronto Fringe Festival has come a long way from its inception as a grassroots event started by the Toronto theatre community 25 years ago to its current status as one of the world’s biggest and most renowned independent theatre festivals. The Fringe began as a means of giving stage time to individuals and ensembles that had a hard time making a go of it in the city back in the late 1980s. “What people found was that venues were too expensive (to rent) and it was difficult to get marketing,” said Toronto Fringe Festival founding producer and longtime Annex resident Gregory Nixon. “I was part of a small, but extremely talented group of theatre professionals in the city including Don McKellar, Daniel Brooks and Tracy Wright and we thought ‘maybe Toronto needs a Fringe festival.’” He noted Toronto’s theatre community was typically limited to larger-scale productions and the kind of play Fringe-goers have come to know and love over the ensuing

25 years was not given the light of day. “There was a real sense that there wasn’t enough dramaturgy; that you can’t put (a play) on until it’s absolutely ready,” Nixon said. “People thought it was dangerous to have shows go up without being worked on a lot.” The festival got its start in part due to the generosity of the Poor Alex Theatre, which opened its doors to Fringe performers without knowing whether such a festival would bring in the crowds. The partnership worked out well for both the theatre and the performers. “When you rent a theatre for a production, it usually stays dark 80 per cent of the time,” Nixon said. “When you rent a theatre for a festival like the Fringe, you can keep it open, so it tends to be a very efficient way to do theatre.” It also benefited by featuring popular clown duo Mump and Smoot, which gave the festival instant cachet. The first Fringe was run on a shoestring budget of $25,000, virtually inconceivable considering the number of productions staged.


Renowned comedian Sandra Shamas and Fringe founding producer (and Annex resident) Gregory Nixon.

While the first year in particular had its challenges in ensuring everything went off without a hitch, Nixon noted the rewards were well worth the effort. “When I look back now, I only remember the fun stuff; I don’t remember the hunger and the frustration,” he said. As was the case in those early days, today’s Fringe follows two strict rules. The lineup is not curated, with all performers and troupes who apply given an equal chance at a slot in the festival, and the box office take goes entirely to the performers.

“The name’s now trademarked, so anyone can start up a Fringe festival, but they have to follow those two rules if they want to use the Fringe name,” Nixon said. These days, the Toronto Fringe Festival has become a huge phenomenon, bringing performers from around the world to showcase their talents – a far cry from the days when the festival’s schedule was printed on a one-page foldout. Nixon, who moved downtown after living in the Annex area for years, said his former community is an ideal home for the Fringe. “It started there because we got the Poor Alex for free, but it’s the perfect neighbourhood for the Fringe to be in,” he said. “There’s a really good vibe in the neighbourhood, and it seems like (the festival’s) natural home.” This year’s Fringe – the 25th in Toronto’s history – promises to be the biggest yet, with 148 shows spread across 35 venues. Current Managing Director Kathryn Westoll said it has expanded beyond its previous boundaries in honour of its anniversary. “This year, our furthest site-specific (production) is on Yonge Street, where we usually stop at University Avenue, and west we’re going past Christie Street,” she said. Westoll noted the Fringe Club, a pop-up space behind Honest Ed’s,

will also offer an unprecedented array of events, from concerts to discussions to plays. “We’ll have a concert each weekend day and we’ll also have our tent talks, which bring out people in the industry and audience members to discuss issues to do with theatre, from ‘please don’t start a theatre company’ to ‘thinking outside the black box’ to how theatre is transforming health care and the business of being artists,” she said. There will also be a Fringe party at the Tranzac Club on Thursday, July 11 geared to alumni, but open to everyone, and an underground dance party in the Honest Ed’s parking lot on Saturday. Westoll said this year should see the Toronto Fringe hit an impressive milestone. “We average around 58,000 tickets sold each year now and this year, we’re hoping to return $450,000 to the (theatre) companies,” said the Christie Pits area resident. “That means that after this Fringe, we’ll have returned more than $6 million to artists.” The Toronto Fringe Festival started yesterday and runs through to Sunday at various venues in and around the Annex.


For details or a full schedule of productions, visit www.fringe

Hip hop band releases second full-length album JUSTIN SKINNER Toronto rap group Notes to Self may not have been on the scene for long, but the foursome has already managed to make waves. Consisting of Wychwood Barns area resident Roshin (Patrick Crosby), Bathurst Street and St. Clair Avenue West area resident Bronze One (Matthew Bronson) along with Swamp Donkey (Matt Crosby) and DJ Dopey (Jon Santiago), Notes to Self released their second album, Target Market [Recoil] in June. The album marks the second full-length release for the group, coming on the tails of 2009’s A Shot in the Dark. “Your first record always seems like it takes your entire life to put out – you have 20 years to make that album,” Bronze One said. “This one sat around for a while and we sort of thought of it as a free tape for fans, but when we decided to

Matthew Bronson, above, and Patrick Crosby (photo by Loni Schik) are half of the hip hop band Notes to Self.

really record and release it, it came together in a short time.” Notes to Self have been working together in some form or other for years, starting out as a three-piece before DJ Dopey joined up a few years into their run. “I’m the younger brother of Swamp Donkey and he started rapping when he was 15 and I was 13,” Roshin said.

“It was one of those things where you just copy your big brother. We were working with Bronze One who was a producer and a rapper and things took off from there.” While Roshin is the youngest of the group – “there’s still a bit of a little brother vibe with me and the other guys,” he said – he is hardly an add-on to the group. “It was originally myself and

Swamp who met through mutual friends and started making music, but we never took it seriously until Roshin started to get serious about it. He was such a young talent, he made Swamp and I want to take it more seriously.” While the group’s sound is its own, the songs offer hints at its influ-

ences, from De La Soul to Dilated Peoples. The rappers’ versatility and lyricism have earned them rave reviews from critics and fans alike, with Target Market [Recoil] premiering at No. 5 on EARSHOT!s national hip hop/rap charts and the video for the album’s first single, Recoil [Crimson] premiered on the MTV Canada website last month. The band had success early on, being featured in Toronto rapper Abdominal’s T-Ode, a song that finished second in a competition to come up with a Toronto anthem for the city’s 175th anniversary. “That was pretty surreal for us just coming up to get to work with Abdominal,” Roshin said. “We entered and figured even coming in the Top 10 would be amazing but to make it to No. 2 and be rap, we didn’t expect that.”


More on the band at

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |



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Real action needed on transportation


ata released last week from Statistics Canada confirmed what most commuters in the Greater Toronto Area already know – we have the longest commute times in the country. Our average travel time of 32.8 minutes to work (one way) is the longest in Canada’s urban regions, according to the data. That makes us more than seven minutes longer than the national average. Something else to think about while sitting on the bus, train or in your cars: our commuting time is now among the longest in North America – topped only by New York City with 34.7 minutes and Washington D.C. with 33.8 minutes, according to Statistics Canada. The data came from the National Household Survey conducted in 2011 by StatsCan. The reality, though, is that the commute is much longer for many Greater Toronto Area residents. This is not something we should be proud of. It’s a conour view demnation of past governments and their poor planning. We can’t StatsCan wait much longer for better road numbers paint systems, better development and improved public transit systems. sombre picture The StatsCan numbers are consistent with the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s stats on Toronto’s average two-way commute time of 66 minutes. The cost of the time we’re spending travelling is not only impacting businesses and their productivity; it’s taking a huge toll on the commuters themselves. According to the TRBOT’s A Green Light To Moving the Toronto Region: Paying for Public Transportation Expansion, congestion is costing the Toronto region $6 billion in lost productivity annually. “No surprise then, that irrespective of who’s measuring, or how, the results are consistent: the Toronto Region’s problems of gridlock are amongst the worst of any major urban centre in the world and getting worse by the day; a fact the region’s weary commuters know all too well as they try to navigate through our congested roads and packed transit systems,” said TRBOT President and CEO Carol Wilding in the Green Light report. It can’t go on. Hopefully, these latest numbers from StatsCan can be used to make politicians at the federal, provincial and municipal levels understand that transportation investment is critical to the economic and social success of Canada’s largest city. Those very politicians can expect it to be a key election issue, and one on which local voters will be looking for real answers and action.

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Interesting possibilities in municipal election Mayor Rob Ford isn’t the only one thinking about the next municipal election in 2014. Radio host John Tory’s thinking about it, word is that TTC Chair Karen Stintz is building a team and New Democrat MP and former councillor Olivia Chow is aimed that way, too. It’s all an invitation to start up a game of fantasy politics post-haste, scour the polls and start picking winners and losers. That’s all good fun. But it puts aside a more vital question: just exactly what the next Mayor of Toronto will be left to work with once the ballots are cast and the winner’s chosen, and what that individual will be able to do with it? Ford has repeatedly maintained it’s been his job to reduce the size and cost of government. He claims that he has so far saved taxpayers a billion dollars. The claim’s not entirely accurate – he’s included both the removal of the vehicle registration tax and the increase of user fees, but it is wrong to say the

david nickle the city mayor hasn’t done taxpayers a good turn, contracting out garbage collection and taming unions and cutting councillors’ budgets. If he’s not re-elected for all that, however, he will also have done his successor a good turn. For two years running now, the Ford administration has operated under a strict policy of sliding three-quarters of prior year surpluses into the city’s capital budget and holding back the rest for unanticipated liabilities. This year, that surplus amounts in total to $248 million. So $186 million will be going to pay cash for the sorts of projects that in the past the city has funded through debt. Last year, the surplus was higher: $292 million. This 75-25 policy is a child of the Ford administration but happily midwived by the city’s finance staff. Keeping debt levels low makes for

far more manageable books and more predictable revenue streams. It also limits city council’s ability to make in-year operating changes, and allows Ford to continue the business of shrinking government in terms of the services it provides. What it does for a future mayor is another thing entirely. By sending surpluses to reduce debt, what the Ford administration has done is create borrowing room for an ambitious mayor to embark on a much more ambitious capital program going forward. Shelley Carroll, the former budget chief under former mayor David Miller and a sometime-mayoral-hopeful herself, wonders what might be done with the Gardiner Expressway going forward. Many things become possible for a city-building mayor riding in on the heels of a mayor whose major ambition was to put a hold on ambitious projects.


David Nickle is The Mirror’s city hall reporter. His column runs every Thursday.

Bring back five cent bag charge I was dismayed to read about Mayor Rob Ford’s rant against the five cent charge for plastic bags, which wind up in the ocean and killing creatures such as whales. Such short sightedness by our leaders is inexcusable. These bags are but a small part of the problem, but one of the easiest to solve. Try to get rid of what else we find in our grocery stores; bread, milk, fruits, all enclosed in plastic. Not only should the five cent charge be obligatory, the complete banning of them, as was done earlier, should be reinstituted. A public campaign to encourage ‘bring your own bag’ would also be money well spent. Stella Kryzanowski

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Firefighters getting fit for charity JUSTIN SKINNER Residents in Regent Park and the surrounding area can rest a little easier knowing members of their local fire department will be in great shape to help out should disaster strike. A group of firefighters at Fire Hall 325, near Dundas Street East and Parliament Street, are taking part in a grueling summer-long workout routine as part of fundraising efforts for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The team is using the Beachbody Insanity workout and joining in the Firefighter Challenge, which pits different fire halls across Toronto against one another. “It was offered to all the fire halls and I volunteered a bunch of guys,” said Jason Emond, Fire Hall 325 team captain. The workout uses max interval training, which Emond said suits firefighters perfectly. “You go from zero (activity)


Firefighter Jason Emond works out.

to a maximum workout and then back to zero,” he said. “That’s basically our job here. You’re waiting for a call, then you get one and you have to be fully ready as soon as you get that call.” The workout focuses on the legs and core, which also works well for firefighters.

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“Sometimes, you have to go up 10 flights of stairs carrying all your gear and by the time you get there, you can be exhausted,” Emond said. “The problem is, once you climb those 10 flights of stairs, that’s when the job really starts.” While schedules and duties often prevent Fire Hall 325’s Beachbody participants from working out together, they are able to do the workout on their own time. Because the 60-day program does not require specialized equipment, Emond said he often works out at home along with his wife. Being able to do the workout at home has also helped in that Emond and the other participants are able to work their way through it without being interrupted. “It can be hard because you can be halfway through a workout and then get sucked out on a call,” he said. Even early on in the twomonth program, Emond said he has noticed a marked improvement to his stamina

• 2001 Audio • Best Buy • Canadian Tire • Curves Complete • Food Basics • Goodlife Magazine Outsert • Home Depot • Home Hardware • Humber River Shakespeare • Lastmans Bad Boy • Leon’s Furniture Ltd • Loblaws • Michaels • No Frills

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and fitness level. Fire Hall 325 is competing with a few other Toronto fire halls both in terms of getting as fit as they can and in terms of how much they can raise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The charity was selected as heart disease is the leading cause of death among firefighters. Each of the participating fire halls will raise a minimum of $500 in pledges for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, with the Toronto Professional Firefighters Association kicking in an additional $1,000. Beachbody will match the donations raised by the fire halls in hopes of raising $10,000 for Heart and Stroke through the Firefighter Challenge, with the funds going toward placing two Automated External Defibrillators in a community centre or hockey arena.


To donate to Fire Hall 325, visit Firehall325D

The rest area at newly opened Corktown Commons. Staff photo/ JUSTIN SKINNER

Green space welcomed >>>from page 1 paths leading over and around a naturalized marsh area and a wide selection of native plants. It boasts more than 700 trees and thousands of shrubs, ensuring it is secluded from the busy downtown core and appealing to both wildlife and wildlife lovers. It will encompass River Square across the street, which will serve as prime event space for public gatherings, farmer’s markets and the like. “This area was a commercial, industrial area but as part of the Waterfront Toronto redevelopment, we’re dedicated to making about 20 per cent of the land green space and this park is an anchor for that,” Roche said.

The need for green space in the area was certainly not lost on residents who dropped by the park on Canada Day. Alex Devine brought his bike down to Corktown Common and said he was impressed with the 7.3-hectare space. “I live pretty close by and there’s just nothing like this down in this part of the city,” he said. “You kind of feel like you’re outside the city in parts of this park.” Fellow park visitor Liz Gaskin said it’s a quiet place to sit and read a book or you can walk around. Corktown Common will remain open until September when it will be closed to finish the wet portion of the park.


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It’s happening

and very cool Kensington market area with its many interesting photographic opportunities.

w Thursday, July 4

w Sunday, July 7

416 Community Support for Women Silent Auction Fundraiser WHEN: 6 p.m. WHERE: Shamba Foundation, 48 Yonge St., Suite 1200 CONTACT: Michelle Johnson, 647-296-8430, COST: $30 416 Community Support for Women is a daytime drop-in program for women looking to gain or give support while coping with isolation, addiction and/or mental health issues and other difficulties. There will be a silent auction, raffle, 50/50 draw, fun photo booth, music and entertainment, food and drink.

Piano Fantasia WHEN: 1:30 to 3 p.m. WHERE: St George the Martyr, 197 John St N. CONTACT: Diane Huybers, 416-902-6789, COST: $10 advance and $15 at the door Dutch-born “Shock-Pianist” Thomas Alexander will have you rethink (piano) music for a long time to come! While working his way from Bach to Rock, Mozart to Motown, Alexander leaves

you spellbound from A to Z.

looking ahead

w Sunday, July 7

KidClicks Photo Walk for Kids WHEN: 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. WHERE: Evergreen Brick Works, 550 Bayview Ave. CONTACT:, Join KidClicks for a child-friendly photography venture around the city. A photo walk is a fun, novel way to explore the city with your little ones while learning how to take better photos of all the interesting things that cross your path.

w Monday, July 8

Complimentary chair exercise class WHEN: 10 a.m. WHERE: St. Leonard’s Anglican Church, 25 Wanless Ave. CON-

w Tuesday, July 16

Picture Change WHEN: 11 a.m. WHERE: Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay St. CONTACT: Brynn Campbell, 905-282-9074, PhotoSensitive is producing a major new exhibition that will explore the ways in which photography has the power to bring about a change or make an impact.

Check out our complete online community calendar by visiting Read weeks of listings from your neighbourhood as well as events from across Toronto. TACT: 416-450-0892 Class focuses on balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and posture.

w Friday, July 5

Ritmo y Color WHEN: July 5 to 7 WHERE: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W. CONTACT: A Linton, 416-973-4000 Now in its ninth edition, Ritmo y Color showcases the cultural tapestry and vibrancy of today’s diverse Latin American communities.

The story of four people writing their own endings.

w Saturday, July 6

city centre in brief

Toronto Women’s Camera Club July meeting WHEN: 4 to 6 p.m. WHERE: Blue Banana Market, 250 Augusta Ave. CONTACT: http://bit. ly/107D82F, COST: Free Learn from an experienced photography coach who will give a brief talk on the photography ‘focus’ for the day, and later explore the multicultural

showcase set for saturday wYouth Youth from UforChange will showcase the skills they learned while working with the downtown arts organization at the annual UforChange Vivacity show. The pay-what-you-can event will feature a display of film, fashion and theatre from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, with Sunday also featuring live DJs from noon to 2 p.m. and an art gallery

Mad Pride Toronto 2013 WHEN: noon WHERE: Regent Park - Dundas Sackville Apartments, 246 Sackville St. CONTACT: COST: Free Mad Pride is an arts, culture and heritage festival created by psychiatric survivors. All events are free and include an art exhibition, music, theatre, poetry, comedy, educational talks/workshops, food, barbecue, historical wall tour and more.

w Thursday, July 11


200 Winchester Street, Toronto, Ontario M4X 1B7 I Tel 416-923-7911

opening from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on the Sunday. All events will take place at Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St. E., and proceeds will support UforChange’s fall cycle. Christie Pits film festival has music theme Christie Pits Park will once again be home to outdoor screenings as the Christie Pits Film Festival returns for its third year. Organized by resident Emily Reid, this year’s festival will have a music theme, starting with That Thing You Do! Sunday. The following Sunday, Gimme Shelter will be


shown, followed by Buena Vista Social Club July 21 and The Last Waltz July 28. Screenings are free and will begin at 9 p.m. Visit www. BIA photo contest wWaterfront

The Waterfront BIA is inviting Torontonians to send in their snapshots in hopes of winning a dinner cruise around Lake Ontario. Amateur photographers can submit photographs

operated by Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

happening in

city centre

CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |


of their favourite waterfront experiences, with entries eligible to be exhibited in the My Waterfront Photo Exhibit this fall. The contest runs July 1 to 28. For more information, visit asp?opt=photo Queen Street road closure wTwo-week

Queen Street from University Avenue to just east of York Street in downtown Toronto will be closed to eastbound traffic until Tuesday, July 16 at 6 p.m. for streetcar track reconstruction and road work. Westbound traffic will be

Young working professionals with MS self-help group WHEN: 7 to 8:30 p.m. WHERE: Lawrence/Yonge area CONTACT: Lynn Laccohee, 416-967-3032 COST: Free Young working professionals (20 to 40 years-old) with multiple sclerosis get together for information sharing. Meeting location will be provided after registration. Faith, Fools and Fellowship WHEN: 4 to 6 p.m. WHERE: 246 Sackville St. CONTACT: Alisa, outreach@ COST: Free A panel of peers making short presentations followed by open discussion.

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reduced to a single lane for the duration of the project. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times. In addition, York Street will be closed in both directions from Richmond Street to Queen Street during the same two-week period. Alternative eastbound routes for motorists include Adelaide Street, King Street and Dundas Street. Alternative northbound routes that could be considered are Bay Street and University Avenue. A complete list of road work is available

Strength through association for Fort York area residents


ERIN HATFIELD Whether the issue is small, like the addition of a postal box or more garbage cans, or large, like improved transit and pedestrian access, neighbours in Toronto’s vertical community of Fort York are banding together to add weight to their voice. “One person saying it doesn’t carry much weight,” said Vicki Trottier, president of the new group. “But now we have a body to bring those concerns forward.” That group is the Fort York Neighbourhood Association (FYNA), which came together late last year. It is a community association open to all area residents, regardless of whether they own or rent, who want to connect with their neighbours, discuss issues and plan social events. “We aren’t just a bunch of buildings, we want to say hello to people when we are out on the street,” Trottier said. “We want a neighbourhood.” The borders of the association are basically a triangle roughly formed by Bathurst Street, Fort York Boulevard and Fleet Street. About 15,000 people already live in the area, which is relatively new with more than a dozen buildings, including those under construction. Trottier and her husband moved to the Fort York area three years ago, after living for more than 20 years just north of North Bay. They moved there because of its proximity to the downtown, and how close it is to the water and the area parks. “It is the best of everything if you ask me,” Trottier said.


Vicki Trottier, president of the new Fort York Neighbourhood Association, stands in a park near the building where she has lived for the past three years. This new association aims to pull together residents from these buildings.

“We can walk for miles in parks, we ride our bikes for miles, but we also walk to theatres and restaurants.” They don’t have a large yard to care for and when they want to get out of town they can just leave and feel safe their condo will be OK. T h e re a re d ow n f a l l s though, Trottier explained. The proximity to neighbours can be a challenge. “Probably the biggest downfall is a dog in the condo because you can’t just open the back door and let them go,” Trottier said. “You have to take them out.” There can be some noise issues for the residents of Fort York, with Echo Beach and the Molson Amphitheatre as well as events like the Honda Indy and the air show during the Canadian National Exhibition. Perhaps the biggest issue facing the area, Trottier said, is there is no retail. There isn’t a coffee shop or a place to see neighbours, but that’s where the FYNA comes in, she said. The residents association

will help build that sense of community by planning social events as well as town hall and monthly executive meetings to discuss issues. A couple of those issues include a crosswalk on Fort York Boulevard and better and faster crossing on Lake Shore Boulevard. Trottier doesn’t take credit for the creation of the residents association. Instead, she said it was inspired by Dean Maher from the CityPlace Residents’ Association, who sent letters to the different condo boards encouraging them to start a residents association. “Maybe it is because I am from a small town, I’ve been involved in not-for-profits forever and I have this strange tendency to get involved,” she said. “I plan to live here for a long time,” she said. “I want a sense of community and neighbourhood and likeminded people.


There is no membership fee. The next meeting is Sept. 19. Visit

Thirty-minute service for Lakeshore rail corridor RAHUL GUPTA As of last weekend, GO Transit is now running trains every 30 minutes during off-peak periods along the Lakeshore rail corridor. The service increase was first announced in April and is expected to eventually increase the amount of rider-

ship during non-peak hours by 50 per cent, or around 400 more passengers per train trip along Lakeshore, said GO president Gary McNeil. “It will build over time as people become more familiar with the service,” said McNeil following Metrolinx’s board meeting last Thursday. The largest single service increase in GO’s 46-year his-

tory, the expanded service will reduce by 30 minutes the average wait time for trains running east and west along the Lakeshore corridor outside of rush hour, adding around 263 more trains per week according to figures provided by Metrolinx.


For more information and route times, visit


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7 | CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |


Frank Leo


Incredible Royal York/Edenbridge 5bdrm 2 storey at beautifully landscaped 100’ x 210’ ravine lot. Resort-like terraced back garden, waterfall pond, gazebo and in-ground pool. Gorgeous 2 storey foyer, fabulous gourmet kitchen, main floor billiard room w/English style bar, Stunning 2 storey family rm with huge custom library wall and ladder rail. Spacious large lower level rec. rm with w/o absolutely a must see $2,599,900!!


Situated on a premium lot and quiet child safe court! Custom built 4 bedroom gorgeous 2 storey with centre hall plan, magnificent large kitchen, granite countertop, formal dining rm, main flr family rm, professionally finished basement, with wet bar, top quality materials thru-out, prof landscaped lot with water fall and much more must be seen for $1,200,000!!

BROKER Sponsor of

Children’s Miracle Network & Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


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BRAND NEW CUSTOM BUILT!! Gorgeous detached 2 storey luxury Ashbury Victoria homes, in the high demand Long Branch area. Master craftsmanship and quality finishes thru- out truly must be seen, located close to all amenities, just minutes to down town Toronto for only $808,000!!

WEST REALTY INC., Brokerage Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated



Custom built Classic Victorian inspired all brick 4 bdrm homes in south Etobicoke. Incredible imported high end finishes thru-out, state of the art automation system. Definitely a must see located just minutes to the airport or downtown Toronto!! Sold For Top $$$!!


Beautiful renovated kitchen, gorgeous oak staircase with open landing overlooking the family room, crown moulding and rich hardwood floors thru-out, large master bedroom with 4pc ensuite, combined living and dining room, main floor laundry, finished basement, fully landscaped grounds with flagstone walk, fabulous interlock patio and in-ground pool plus much more for only $959,900!!

Huge Oakdale Village home, across from park & play ground, approx. 4530 sq ft, high ceilings, large fenced pie shaped lot, gleaming ceramic & hardwood flrs, family size kitchen, granite countertops, Spacious open concept living & dining rm, fabulous family rm w/fireplace, 5wshrms, double garage & drive plus many extras for $798,800!!

ISLINGTON/ LANGSTAFF 276’ FRONTAGE!! Detached bungalow on approx. 1 acre lot, backing onto the Humber River, fabulous opportunity, Unique property, great location, close to all conveniences, super value for only $699,900!!

Fabulous Mattamy Built home, thousands spent on upgrades, exotic walnut hardwood, renovated kitchen, granite countertop, French doors to large open concept living and dining room, main floor family room, finished basement pot lights, Jacuzzi tub, professionally landscaped lot and many extras, in Mavis & Britania area for only $699,900!


Situated on a premium pie shaped lot on a quiet court! 4+1 bedroom with circular oak staircase, magnificent master bedroom, spacious principal rooms, walkout to terrace, walkout basement ideal for entertaining or possible in-law suite, double garage, interlock drive, plus much more.

#1 in West and Central Toronto combined by units of listings sold for all Companies of all Brokers & Sales Representatives 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 according to a study of MLS data prepared by an independent auditor of real estate statistics.


Premium 83’ x 150’ lot, high demand Bayview and 16th Ave location. Meticulously well maintained, updated kitchen, large combined living & dining rm, gleaming hardwood floors thru-out, main flr Den, separate entrance to huge finished basement. Fantastic opportunity to buy in one of Richmond Hill’s most prestigious area!! Sold in 1Wk for 115% of Asking!!



Double door entry to large foyer with circular staircase! 4+1 bedroom, magnificent master, open concept living and dining rooms, huge family room. Granite counter top in family size kitchen with breakfast bar and walkout to patio and professionally landscaped lot. Professionally finished basement ideal for entertaining or In-law suite. Close to amenities, must be seen asking only $599,900!

50’ X 150’ LOT!!


Detached renovated 3+1 bedroom bungalow, stucco exterior, open concept layout, modern kitchen with bkfst bar, separate entrance to finished bsmnt, renovated bathroom, Jacuzzi tub with ambient light, huge back yard, steps to transit, fabulous Jane and Wilson near new Hospital and all conveniences for only $549,900!!

LUXURY 5 LEVEL!! Situated on a premium 52’ lot, double door entry, hardwood floor, 2 skylights, w/o to deck & patio, separate side entrance to finished basement ideal for entertaining or in-law suite, renovated gorgeous bathrooms, Jacuzzi soaker tub, separate shower, double garage & drive, walk to William Osler Hospital & Humber College only $519,900!!

ALDERWOOD 2 STOREY!! Immaculate 3+1 bedroom 2 storey in high demand neighbourhood, thousands spent on upgrades, shows great, separate side entrance to finished basement, detached garage, long private drive, just move in and enjoy for only $499,900!!

Great Hwy7 & Pine Valley location close to all conveniences. Impressive executive 3bdrm, well maintained, gleaming hardwood floors on main flr, modern kitchen, s s appliances, granite countertops, 3 washrooms, combined living rm & dining rm, large family rm, gas fireplace, large custom deck and many extras for only $499,900!!


Amazing 4bdrm Aurora beauty! Highly desirable area, thousands spent on upgrades, beautifully finished thru-out to showroom condition. Large principal rooms, fully landscaped with interlock walkway and patio, professionally finished basement plus many extras.

Sold in 1Wk for 106% of Asking!!!


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Spectacular opportunity, totally renovated detached bungalow with family room addition in high demand neighbourhood. Gorgeous modern décor, open concept layout, stainless steel appliances, professionally finished basement gorgeous kitchen ideal for in-law suite, private drive, garage/ workshop studio, located close to French Imersion school, steps to subway & all amenities for only $549,900!!

Detached 3 bedroom with large addition in the heart of Lakeshore Village, open concept living & Dining rooms, main floor family room. Finished basement thousands spent on upgrades, garage, concrete drive, 2 storey work shop/ studio at back, close to water front trails, park, school and much more. Sold in 1 WK for 119% of Asking!!

BLOOR/DUFFERIN!! Amazing opportunity, detached 3+1 bedroom 2 storey in high demand neighbourhood, large veranda, open concept living & dining room, family size kitchen walk out to patio & large backyard, and separate entrance to basement only $449,900!!

PRIME JUNCTION LOCATION!! Spacious 3+1 bedroom 2 storey, 2 Kitchens, 2 bathrooms, updated main floor kitchen, updated breaker panel, & hvac. Separate entrance to upper and main floor apartments, ideal starter or investment property. Great location close to all conveniences for only $399,900!!


Conveniently located across from Sherway Gardens, 2bdrm, 2full washrooms, gorgeous corner suite, fabulous views, gleaming hardwood floors, open concept living and dining rm, W/O to Balcony, resort style amenities, 24hr concierge, and many extras just minutes to downtown Toronto and Airport for only $329,900!!





Award winning Iconic building in the heart of Mississauga, spectacular 2bdrm suite, bright and spacious open concept layout, floor to ceiling windows, combined living & dining rm, W/O to large wrap around open balcony, gleaming engineered hardwood, granite counter top, S.S. appl., ensuite laundry, Incredible building facilities and much more for $299,900!!




High demand neighborhood, spacious 3 bedroom brick 2 storey, combined living and dining rm, renovated modern kitchen, granite countertop, enclosed sunroom with walkout separate side entrance to finished basement, oversized garage, large patio, large veranda, amazing opportunity.

Large 4+1bdrm 2 storey in Sandlewood / Richvale area! Family size kitchen, marble floors & counter tops, centre island, combined living and dining room, family room with fireplace, laminate floors, large master bedroom, 4 pc ensuite & w/o closet, finished basement rec. room, located close to all conveniences for $469,000!!

Impressive Toronto 3+1 bedroom, great curb appeal, updated family size kitchen, updated bath, gleaming hardwood floors, finished basement with 2nd kitchen, interlock patio, close to all amenities and much more. Sold Fast for Top $$$!!


ONLY $349,900!! Fabulous opportunity to own, spacious Brampton 3bedroom 2 storey, large modern family size kitchen, open concept living and dining room, walkout to deck & back yard, master bedroom with full ensuite bath, garage, long drive, amazing opportunity high demand location must be seen!!

Luxurious waterfront condo, built by Monarch, beautifully upgraded suite, open concept layout, 9’ ceilings, hardwood flrs, granite countertop, s. s. apl., den or guess rm, oversized balcony overlooking landscaped courtyard with tranquil waterfall, amenities include: indoor pool, spa, gum, theatre, bistro with patio, waterfront trails,and much more just minutes to downtown Toronto and the airport for only $339,900!!

Sold For Top $$$!!

Fantastic Toronto opportunity, 3+1bdrm 2 Storey, well maintained, modern kitchen, granite countertop, granite floor in foyer, oak stairs, 9’ ceilings on main floor, crown moulding, custom backsplash, formal living and dining areas, finished basement w/ sept. entr. to in-law suite, large garage and much more only $399,900!!




ONLY $299,900!

Gorgeous Maple Condo completely upgraded through out, fabulous gourmet kitchen with granite countertop, top of the line s. s. appliances, spacious living and dining rm, gleaming hardwood floors, large master bedroom with ensuite and W/I closet, ensuite laundry, great amenities and many extras included, located close to all conveniences for only $299,900!!

Amazing opportunity, 2 bedroom suite split bedroom plan, 10’ ceilings, huge balcony 2 w/o, fabulous amenities include concierge, gym, aerobics, squash, sauna and outdoor pool, steps to lake, waterfront trails, and all conveniences, just minutes to downtown Toronto. Live the life for only $299,900!!

Raised detached bungalow with private drive and garage, large veranda, open concept living and dining rm, crown moulding, updated bathroom, Jacuzzi tub spacious kitchen, finished basement, backyard patio and shed, located close thetransit and all amenities, amazing opportunity, must be seen !!


BLOOR & DIXIE CONDO!! Wonderful 2bdrm unit, spacious combined living and dining rm, w/o to enclosed balcony, fabulous south view, 2 washrooms, large master bedroom, with ensuite, parking spot, ensuite locker, and many extras for only $169,900!!

Fantastic Royal York & Eglinton location, spacious open concept living and dining rm, eat-in kitchen, w/o to balcony, hardwood floors thru-out, large master bedroom, plenty of storage space, incredibly low maintenance fees, and many extras for only 169,900!!


STEPS TO YORK UNIVERSITY!! Fabulous 2+1bedroom 3 storey townhome, with walk out to balcony, open concept living and dining room, master bedroom with ensuite, high demand York University Village. New subway line to be built, great investment. Sold fast for 100% of Asking!!


Fabulous 2storey condo townhouse, 3+1bdrm, 3wshrms, very well maintained and updated property, great location close to all conveniences, parking spot, and many extras included, terrace/patio, large master bdrm with ensuite, and much more!!

Sold Fast for Top $$$!!



Spacious corner unit, fabulous view of the Humber river and wild life conservation area. Family size kitchen, fully renovated bathroom, large combined living and dining room, floor to ceiling windows, master bedroom with ensuite, granite counter top with undermount sink, great building close to all conveniences, Hwy 427, Airport, Hospital, Humber College, Woodbine Mall, Woodbine race track and more for only $169,900!!








SEE MORE PHOTOS : w w w. G e t L e o . c o m Not intended to solicit persons under contract. *Certain Conditions May Apply. ReMax West Realty Inc. does not guarantee the sale of your home. Exclusively offered by Frank Leo.

Copyright© 2009 Frank Leo

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013




Mad Pride organized by a diverse group

CELEBRATION: There was plenty of Canada Day action Monday, including this one at Queen’s Park. Above, Mr. Canada, Toros Djerdjeian, left, and Captain Canada Michael Litvack with his son Tol. At right, Samantha Mangano and her son Sebastian dance to the music.

Oh Canada!

CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |


Photos/Peter McCusker

>>>from page 1 mad communities and having fun. Held from July 8 to 14, Mad Pride features a robust program of talks, book launches, parties, the everpopular Mad Pride Bed Push, which is a parade symbolizing mad people pushing out into the community. Mad Pride is organized by a diverse group of about 20 people from across the city who identify as mad or psychiatric survivors, individuals who either currently access mental health services or who consider themselves survivors of interventions by psychiatry, or who identify themselves as ex-patients. Last year, organizers started to plan events across the city and Bach said they had the highest attendance in the history of the event. This year, events are largely being held at Ryerson University, the Dundas/ Sackville Apartments, at 246 Sackville St., with a few of the flagship events staying in the west end, including the Mad Hatter Tea Party at

The whole recovery movement is burgeoning ... – Ruth Ruth Stackhouse

the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Mad Pride Culture Night at the May Robinson Auditorium at West Lodge. With Mad Pride celebrating its 20th anniversary, the decision was made to alter the route of the Mad Pride Bed Push as homage to the first Mad Pride event. This year the parade will begin at the Parkdale Library, at 1303 Queen St. W., at 12:30 p.m. and it will make its way to Trinity Bellwoods Park where there will be a barbecue and party from 3 to 7 p.m. The roots of Mad Pride were planted in 1993 by West End Survivors under to moniker Psychiatric Survivor Pride Day. In 2003, Parkdale-based Friendly Spike Theatre Band took on a leadership role in planning the event and from 2003 to 2010 the

organizing was led by Ruth Ruth Stackhouse of Friendly Spike and Peggy-Gail DehalRamson from Parkdale Community Legal Services. “We had been doing it for a number of years and struggling. We didn’t have an operating funding or anything like that. We were just a real grassroots community effort,” Stackhouse said. “It was building and starting to include a lot of the community agencies and they needed to step up start organizing themselves.” Stackhouse and DehalRamson decided in 2011 to step away and encouraged various community organizations to take on the organizing. “The whole recovery movement is burgeoning, too, which insists you get involved in the community around you and so Mad Pride was an opportunity for them to get involved,” Stackhouse said.


For full event details and a schedule of events, visit

Find great coupons at (While quantities last)

is a division of

11 | CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some things are just better together. #itsbettertogether @flyerland

CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |



With pride















































SHOWING THEIR COLOURS: Pride Toronto wrapped up another week of festivities. Top, marchers wave the rainbow flag during Sunday’s Pride Parade, while below left, Dianna Allison shows her colours along the route as do members of the midtown-based Muddy York rugby club, below right, and a colourful performer, bottom.


The Great Camp Adventure is an up to 20 kilometre challenge-by-choice adventure walk that will take place on September 28 through the streets of downtown Toronto (starting and ending at Fort York) to benefit SickKids. Designed with the whole family in mind, babies in strollers, toddlers and tots, teenagers, moms, dad, grandparents and other family members will participate in ultimate camp adventures along the way making lasting memories of shared family fun. Register today at or call 416-4-4KEEPS.


Pinball players will come together in Toronto for two full days of gaming fun. The annual event will feature a variety of pinball machines as well as classic pins from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Participants of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to play. To register, visit


A night of entertainment, food and games at the Royal Canadian Legion in Scarborough. Tickets are $10 and proceeds from the event will support the Cancer Centre Fund at SickKids. The event opens at 5 p.m. and features a buffet dinner, live band, DJ, karaoke, door prizes and a silent auction. For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact


The 19th annual Heatwave Toronto Volleyball and Tournament is serving up great times and competitive matches in support of cancer research at SickKids and the new Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning. The two-day tournament at Ashbridge’s Bay features co-ed beach volleyball (competitive and recreational) and great food, drinks, and prizes. For more information or to register, visit


June Rowlands Park in Toronto will be a hub of entertainment on Tuesday, July 16 as local musicians, including SickKids patient Carley Allison, take the stage at the Apple Tree Market at Mt. Pleasant and Davisville to support SickKids. The event will take place from 3 to 7 p.m. Admission is free.


A night where local Toronto artists unite as one and show the city their talents. The event happens at the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District and features food, drinks and live music. Tickets are $25 online and $30 at the door, and all funds support SickKids. For more information and tickets please visit For a complete list of all events and to register your own event, visit @sickkids




Maddox gets a hit at a Family Pride event Sunday at Church Street Junior Public School.

i NADbank, ComBase: Adults 18+, print and online

See our complete gallery of Pride Week photos at http://


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Don’t miss these, and other great deals!

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◗ See answers to this week’s puzzles in next Thursday’s edition

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, July 4, 2013 |


$1000 Up for Grabs






Terms and Conditions apply. Competition ends 31st July 2013. You have to be 18 or older to enter.

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