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thurs jan 24, 2013

Cycle on the Coldest Day of the Year While winter weather may make many Toronto cyclists think about tossing their bikes in storage and hanging up their helmets for the season, Cycle Toronto is inviting everyone to take part in the Coldest Day of the Year Ride. The annual ride urges Torontonians to take to the streets on their bikes to celebrate and encourage winter cycling. While the weather may not always co-operate, typical Toronto winter days are marked more by cold temperatures than by inclement snow or icy conditions. Cycle Toronto (formerly the Toronto Cyclists Union) has included a set of winter riding and gear tips on its website,, and is inviting cyclists to support the organization by buying a pair of Cycle Toronto socks. The organization is also encouraging those who do not own a bicycle to take a BIXI bike out for a free spin for the ride. The Coldest Day of the Year Ride will depart from the corner of Armoury and Chestnut streets, right behind city hall at noon Wednesday, Jan. 30. Anyone looking to reserve a BIXI bike is asked to make a reservation by emailing by Friday, Jan. 25.

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Students from Oasis Alternative Secondary School’s Arts and Social Change program and Grade 6 students from Ogden Junior Public School stand outside the school Tuesday with the new school sign they created.

Graduating students leave their mark JUSTIN SKINNER In an example of what can happen when schools work together, Ogden Junior Public School has unveiled a new school sign that allowed some of its graduating students to leave their mark. The sign, which the downtown school’s Grade 6 students created with help from high school stu-

dents at nearby Oasis Alternative Secondary School, spells out “Ogden” in blue and yellow letters formed out of the shapes of the students’ bodies. “It’s based on Keith Haring’s style of art and the students also created a documentary of the process,” said Ogden Junior Public School teacher Richard Ng. “It’s a legacy they’ll be leaving behind as they move on to middle school.”

The new sign allows Ogden to spruce up its plain red brick exterior and brings a little life to an area in dire need of a splash of colour. “This was a way for the students to take action themselves,” Ng said. “We don’t even have a safe, functioning playground at the school and there’s no green space whatsoever around here so this was a way to put our school on the map.” The project came about through

a partnership with Oasis Alternative, a downtown high school that helps at-risk teens who have left the traditional school system reintegrate and complete their education. Oasis offers a Triangle Program for LGBT youth, the social entrepreneurship-based Oasis Skateboard Factory and the Arts and Social Change Program. The Ogden sign came about with >>>oasis, page 6

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After Premier Dalton McGuinty resigned his post Oct. 15, the Ontario Liberal Party announced a leadership convention, taking place this weekend, Jan. 25-27, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Of the six remaining candidates - Toronto Centre MPP, Glen Murray, recently bowed out of the race - three are from Toronto. The Mirror posed questions to each of the city’s candidates.


Questions the Toronto Candidates


What would your priority be for Toronto?

would you approach the kind of Premier would 2) How 3) What current situation with Bill you be?

4) Tell us a bit about yourself.


n We need to expand our transit system and invest in infrastructure to make that a reality. In my Prescription for a Healthy Economy, I call for a strengthened regional transit authority. This new regional authority will have dedicated revenue streams that will be a mix of public and private funding, and will allow municipal transit systems like the TTC to focus on operations and improving customer service.

n I made it clear earlier on in the campaign that I believed a negotiated agreement was possible. But going forward, I believe that the new Premier must make it a top priority to rebuild our education alliance. That means sitting down with teachers’ representatives as soon as possible, and turning our energy in partnership with them to improving the process by which we get to agreements – because it’s become clear over the past few months that the current process is not working.

n My values as Premier will be the same values that have motivated me throughout my career. First, that Ontarians deserve access to opportunity and prosperity. Second, that we have to work together to achieve that goal. And third, that no one gets left behind. To deliver on these values will take leadership – and throughout my career I have shown that I am good at building consensus, collaborating with my colleagues to get results, and that I am a good listener. These are qualities our next Premier must have.

n I have experience both inside and outside of politics – experience that has helped me bring new ideas and fresh leadership to this race. I am the MPP for St. Paul’s, and I’ve served as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration as well as Minister of Children and Youth Services. Outside of politics, I am a medical doctor and a public health specialist. I spent more than a decade working as a humanitarian in some of the world’s most difficult conflict zones providing medical care to children and their families, which led me to co-found War Child Canada with my wife, Dr. Samantha Nutt.

n Bringing back the Legislature as soon as possible so we can focus on moving forward with a plan for prosperity – and Toronto is at the heart of that plan. We need it to be globally competitive, providing cutting-edge workplace environments that are fully accessible through modern transit and infrastructure systems to attract the best industries. Global leadership means dealing with some of Ontario’s chronic infrastructure and transportation problems. • Resolving gridlock and alleviating commutes of up to 90 minutes – the longest commutes in North America • Dedicated revenue for congestion alleviation • Resolution on how decisions are made for long-term transportation planning purposes

n In my Peace Plan I have pledged not to use the powers in Bill 115 and to restore bargaining rights, negotiate agreements and, if necessary, renegotiate where needed to ensure fair outcomes. I believe that teachers and education workers well understand the fiscal constraint we are under and the government has previously always gone the extra mile to find ways to protect students and secure the best results for them. It is time for some enlightened flexibility from everyone to set the stage for future success.

n We need to transform government and bring business and labour to the table to work together on solving our biggest challenges. And if the Liberal Party is going to win back the confidence of Ontarians, we can’t just put a new face on the poster. The only way we will regain first the full confidence and enthusiasm of our members, and then that of the public at large, is to restore the balance of power between our leadership, our members and our elected representatives. I’ve put forward my plan for change and made a very public commitment as leader to be more accountable, more accessible. These changes will put us on the road to becoming the most democratic and responsive political party in North America.

n When I was 26 years old, I was involved in the start-up, management and growth of one of Canada’s largest non-for-profit organizations. Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank collected and distributed about $35 million worth of food every year. I enlisted public support, created understanding and awareness of the forces of poverty and motivated up to 20 per cent of the GTA households participating in our major food drives at any one given time. I’m someone who will roll up my sleeves and work with people to solve problems, and I won’t stop unless it’s done.

n The GTA needs smart, efficient transportation and infrastructure that works. I will build on record McGuinty Liberal investments in infrastructure and transportation. I will champion the prosperity of the GTA by supporting increased investment in our regional transportation network, while ensuring we have a plan to pay for it. I will also champion a fairer, more inclusive society. The moral argument for poverty reduction is clear, but the economic imperative is equally compelling. That’s why I’ll move forward with the next poverty reduction strategy and implement the social assistance review recommendations, over time.

n Just as I did as education minister, I will sit down with our education partners to strengthen the bargaining process at both the provincial and, importantly, the local levels. We need a sustainable model for wage negotiations, a structured dialogue with our partners in the broader public sector to create innovative models for engagement and negotiation. Continued improvements in our education system are only possible if we repair the relationship with our teachers and support staff. I’m glad Bill 115 will be repealed so we can focus on developing a sustainable process within the fiscal reality.

n I’m running because I believe so deeply in bringing people together, finding common ground to achieve real results. Whatever happens in this race, on Jan. 28 we’re going to find ourselves continuing to govern in a minority parliament. We need a leader with the skills and experience to unite Ontario Liberals and then find common ground with the Opposition. In this minority parliament, we all have a responsibility to work together to get things done. I’ll reach out to the PCs and NDP and work to create jobs, grow the economy and invest in public services.

n I’m a mother of three children, Chris, Jessie and Maggie, and two granddaughters, Olivia and Claire. I grew up in Richmond Hill and have lived in north Toronto with my partner Jane for more than 25 years. I’m also a runner and I love to read! As a conflict mediation practitioner, I ran a small business for 10 years and taught mediation in schools across Ontario. I hold master’s degrees in linguistics and in adult education. I am a committed community volunteer, having taught English as a second language, and provided mediation services to several community organizations.

Eric Hoskins MPP, St. Paul’s

Gerard Kennedy Former MPP & MP Parkdale-High Park

Kathleen Wynne MPP, Don Valley West

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Ontario Liberal Leadership


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013 |


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Political office needs to be shared, reader writes in response to letter

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Taking care in the cold weather


s Toronto grapples with its first significant cold snap of the season, we all must take the proper precautions to stay warm but be ready to lend a hand to those who may need it. It’s during these cold stretches where strong community bonds are most valuable – making people aware of what services are available, protecting against safety risks and providing that sense of belonging to those at risk of feeling isolated. There’s a lot we can be doing. The city issued its first Extreme Cold Weather Alert of 2013 Monday. These alerts are called when Environment Canada predicts a coming overnight temperature of -15 C or lower without wind chill. The alert also triggers additional homeless services in the city. Getting people someplace our view warm is crucial. If you wish to help, there are opportunities to Help each volunteer your time and donate goods which can be put to good other during use. Visit www.volunteertoronto. ca to review what opportunities this cold snap are out there. Call 311 if you see someone you think needs street outreach assistance. While the issue of homelessness may not be readily apparent in your own neighbourood, there are community-building tasks you can undertake during these times that have a significant impact. Cold weather means less outdoor interaction with our neighbours – especially those with mobility challenges. There’s nothing stopping you from paying a visit to a neighbour to check in on them and have a chat. It may be snow shovelling that’s needed or keeping walkways and stairs salted to prevent ice build-up. Interaction is an important building block of a community. Community-building exercises don’t need to take huge numbers of people and hours of planning to be successful. There’s always something we can do. Even a short conversation can help you to get getting to know your neighbours a little better and forge a stronger community bond. While some temperature relief is expected early next week and this cold snap will relent, these are prudent steps to follow. Winter is far from over, but even when the season changes getting to know the people we share a common bond with can lead to a healthier and happier community. Ultimately, at a time when interaction with our neighbours is limited by the cold temperatures, now is when we need to ensure we’re looking out for each other. newsroom

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Re: ‘Time to cap the number of terms a politician is in office: reader writes,’ Jan. 17. I agree with W.D. Adamson’s call for a time cap on a politician’s terms of office, but for a different reason. Basic to a healthy democracy is an informed and experienced citizenry. Since holding political office is an integral part of educating members of a democracy, political office should be shared as much as is reasonably possible. Given that politicians are prone to develop a sense of entitlement to their public office, they clearly need legislative help to make them see when it is time to give someone else a chance to serve and learn. Albert Pietersma

Del Grande’s decision a bitter cap to budget process Mike Del Grande’s abbreviated tenure as Mayor Rob Ford’s first budget chief will almost certainly not be remembered the way the councillor would wish it. Del Grande quit the job last week, providing a bitter cap to council’s chaotic debate of the 2013 operating and capital budget. He went in with a chip on his shoulder, warning councillors he would likely quit the job if they made even a change to the budget he and Ford’s executive committee presented. That in itself was an unreasonable ultimatum; to ask Toronto’s divided council to leave his budget alone. If that were the only provocation, his resignation could reasonably be dismissed as a childish snit. But Del Grande’s pride sustained deeper wounds, when Ford tore a hole in


david nickle

his budget, first voting for a motion by Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti to eliminate the budget’s two per cent property tax and, when that failed, voting to add $3.1 million to the firefighters’ budget. Del Grande had spent the past few months standing firm against firefighters’ demands. He had every reason to believe the mayor had his back. Who could blame him for resigning, when that turned out not to be the case, and in fact he had always been on his own? The reality, of course, is that Del Grande

was always on his own as budget chief – often by his own design. Where past budget chiefs had divided work on the budget among their committee members, Del Grande took on much of it himself. He was often sharp with deputants, who came to complain about the cuts his budgets would impose on various programs. Earlier on, he would dig in his heels on these matters and leave it to council to sort it out. Toward the end, it was clear he took the job of balancing the city’s financial needs against its social and infrastructure needs seriously. In 2012, when the public came to depute, Del Grande grilled each one about what they wanted, and how much it would cost. The list he kept posted during the meeting seemed at first like the

kind of object lesson you’d use to teach a spendthrift teenager about household budgeting. When it came time to wrap up the budget, Del Grande emerged with a proposal to raise property taxes a hair and restore funding to various areas of need, raised convincingly enough by deputants. It was a significant gesture, but not significant enough for the needs of council or the political needs of the mayor. In the end, it is not likely enough to solidify the story of Del Grande’s time chairing the budget committee as one of a balanced, thoughtful financial architect committed to rational budgeting for the good of all, as he might have wished. To do that would have taken the one thing he determined last week he didn’t have: time.

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It’s Happening Human Library Day in Toronto WHEN: 9:30 a.m. WHERE: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St. Torontonians are invited to engage with human “books” from various backgrounds and occupations. Visit http:// The East End Writers’ Group WHEN: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. WHERE: World’s Biggest Bookstore, 20 Edward St. CONTACT: COST: $44 in advance or $48 This workshop will introduce you to telling true stories and will show you how to use the techniques of the novel to recount actual events.

Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Conductors’ Symposium Concert WHEN: 3 to 5 p.m. WHERE: Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, 1585 Yonge St. CONTACT: Kimber Jonah, www.tmchoir. org/media/release_01082013.cfm A free Toronto Mendelssohn Choir concert.

n Monday, Jan. 28

Scaredy Squirrel Fun Night WHEN: 6:45 to 7:45 p.m. WHERE: Yorkville Library, 22 Yorkville Ave. Scaredy Squirrel is afraid to leave his tree and has the wildest emergency kit imaginable. Join the library as staff reads and acts out this nutty story of leaving the nest with props and puppets

during the celebration of Family Literacy Day. Register in branch or call 416-3937660.

n Tuesday, Jan. 29

Mix It Up WHEN: 7 to 10 p.m. WHERE: One King West Hotel & Residence, 1 King St. W. CONTACT: COST: $45 advance, $50 door One Family Fund hosts its second annual Mix It Up event, which includes a silent auction that benefits the victims of terror in Israel.

n Wednesday, Jan. 30

Coldest Day Bike Ride WHEN: noon WHERE: behind city hall

at Armoury and Chestnut streets The event is supported by the City of Toronto and BIXI Toronto. Visit event/2013/01/03/coldest-day-year-ride Eat Well, Age Better health seminar WHEN: 6:30 to 8 p.m. WHERE: Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St. CONTACT: Answerline, 416-393-7131 Learn how to improve your health using diet, vitamins and nutritional supplements to protect your eyes, heart, brain and bones.

n Friday, Feb. 1

The Art of Julia Hacker WHEN: 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Wychwood Barns Gallery, 76 Wychwood

Ave. CONTACT: Julia Hacker, 647-9995130, A new collection of vibrant and whimsical paintings by Russian born, contemporary mixed media artist Julia Hacker who explores several directions.

n Saturday, Feb. 2

Auditions for the VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto WHEN: 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. WHERE: Trinity St. Paul’s Centre, 427 Bloor St. W. CONTACT: Susan Suchard, 416788-8482, COST: $25 Choral organization offers a musical experience to all ages from four to young adults.

Lawrence Park Neighbourhood Investigation of Basement Flooding (Area 20) & Road Improvement Study Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Notice of Study Commencement conditions, traffic, pedestrian safety, drainage problems and basement flooding in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood. Measures that improve storm water quality and reduce storm runoff will also be incorporated. The map in this Notice shows the Lawrence Park Neighbourhood Study Area and the Basement Flooding Area 20 boundaries. The Process The study is being planned under the requirements set out in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) document dated October 2000, amended in 2011.The MCEA process provides members of the public and interest groups with opportunities to provide input at key stages of the study.The study will define the problem, consider and evaluate alternative solutions, assess impacts of the preferred solutions, and identify measures to lessen any adverse impacts.

Background Like many established neighbourhoods inToronto, the infrastructure – roads, storm and sanitary sewers – in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood needs improvement.Traffic and pedestrian safety issues exist and road drainage systems are unable to convey stormwater effectively. Historically, part of the Lawrence Park neighbourhood has also experienced issues with basement flooding during heavy rainfalls. Basement Flooding Area 20, within the Lawrence Park neighbourhood is one of 34 areas inToronto included in the “Basement Flooding Work Plan”, approved by City Council to address basement flooding across the City. The Study The City ofToronto has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to address issues relating to deteriorating road

Public Consultation You are encouraged to complete and return the enclosed questionnaire in order to provide us with background information on the study area and help us further understand your key concerns. The results of this questionnaire will be presented at the first Public Information Centre (PIC) which is tentatively scheduled for late Spring 2013. Notification of all PICs will be advertised in the local community newspaper and notices mailed to all interested stakeholders. We would like to hear from you Public consultation is an important part of this study. If you have any questions or comments or would like to be placed on the study mailing list, please contact: Kate Kusiak Tel: 416-392-2962 Senior Public Consultation Fax: 416-392-2974 Coordinator TTY: 416-338-0889 Public Consultation Unit E-mail: Visit: City of Toronto Metro Hall, 19th Fl. Issue Date: January 17, 2013 55 John St. Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

Information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013

n Saturday, Jan. 26



CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013 |


Oasis students made a impact on Ogden students >>>from page 1 help from the latter and additional support from Right to Play. “We do a lot of projectbased learning here and what we do in the Arts and Social Change Program goes out into the public, which makes a big difference in keeping our students engaged,” said Oasis Alternative art teacher Lauren Hortie. “For a lot of

Not all Snow Birds Head South!

FANNIE SUNSHINE With a focus on moving forward, the new chair of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) vowed to work at restoring public confidence in a system left shaken after her predecessor’s resignation as a result of a plagiarism incident. Donna Quan, who has

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the past two and a half years, began her education career in 1983 with teaching roles in a number of elementary schools, including French immersion. Quan has held various positions within the board, including principal and families of schools superintendent. Visit for more on this story.

Do you have a project that you think should be showcased?


Barberry Pl.

m o re t h a n 3 0 ye a r s o f education experience, was chosen as interim director Jan. 16. Quan accepted the position after former TDSB director Chris Spence resigned Jan. 10, after admitting to plagiarizing parts of an op-ed piece he wrote for a newspaper Jan. 5. Quan, who served as the board’s deputy director for


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Bayview Ave.

was like working with someone from outer space,” she said. Ng said the project, which ran off and on for roughly two weeks, also helped the younger students learn to work with older kids. Ogden held a special ceremony on Tuesday to celebrate the installation of the new sign, complete with an airing of the documentary.

Quan’s focus is moving TDSB forward

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Amica at Bayview Gardens A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence 19 Rean Drive North York, ON M2K 0A4 647.286.7935

our students, seeing their work out there keeps them more interested.” She said Oasis students – many of whom have images that live up to their school’s alternative style – made a real impact on the younger students from Ogden. “We have students with coloured hair and Mohawks, so for some of the 11-yearolds working on the project, it


Dervock Cres.

HWY 401

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Councillor Matlow wants report on Belt Line Trail road crossings than forcing drivers to stop at a crossing only to have to stop at an intersection a short while later. While the city has placed a priority on improving the Belt Line Trail, looking at crossings has only been one element staffers have looked at. Much of the focus has been on improving the trail itself, with the public weighing in on ways to protect the surrounding area from harm from trail users, installing lighting in certain areas and other elements. “I wanted to make (crossings) more of a priority so I decided to bring a motion to council to get it done,” Matlow said. Matlow’s request for a report from transportation staff on the matter was adopted at Tuesday’s Toronto and East York Community Council meeting. Staff have been asked to submit the report in time for the March meeting of Toronto and East York Community Council.


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With the City of Toronto looking to upgrade the Belt Line Trail, St. Paul’s Councillor Josh Matlow is looking to ensure road crossings along busy roads are made safer. Matlow has requested a report from Toronto’s transportation staff examining the impacts of installing traffic signals where the trail meets arterial roads in certain locations. The councillor wants the crossings to be synchronized with existing traffic lights near major intersections. “This is the outcome of conversations with residents around Oriole Park, Avenue Road and Bathurst Street, and they all have similar situations,” he said. “The Belt Line stops at one side of the street and continues on the other side, but the crossing is several metres away from the (existing) stop light.” While trail users would

ideally take a slight detour to walk to the existing traffic light, Matlow noted many do not do so. Many will jaywalk, putting themselves at greater risk of being hit by a moving vehicle. “It’s a safety concern for me and it’s one that I think would be diminished if the Belt Line was genuinely contiguous,” he said. In a request for a report submitted to the city, Matlow noted he and fellow Councillor Joe Mihevc would like to see synchronized crossing near where Chaplin Crescent meets Oriole Parkway, Chaplin Crescent meets Avenue Road and Roselawn Avenue meets Bathurst Street. “I’ve been hearing (concerns from residents) since I came into office, mostly from bicyclists and young moms and dads,” Matlow said. He is asking for any crossings that are installed to be synchronized with existing traffic signals to ensure traffic continues to flow rather




| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013




4w w 1w . 6s c a-r b7o r 5o u 1g h -n i s3s a5n . 1c o 1m TOLLFREE:1-888-711-9239










CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013 |


PROVEN RESULTS!!! Frank Leo Custom built Classic Victorian inspired all brick 4 bdrm homes in south Etobicoke. Incredible imported high end finishes thru-out, state of the art automation system. Definitely a must see located just minutes to the airport or downtown Toronto from $868,000 to $888,000!!





Prestigious executive 5+2 bdrm 2 storey, gorgeous stone & brick exterior, professionally landscaped lot, backing onto Conservation lands, absolutely a must see, beautifully finished thru-out, Jatoba hardwood & granite flrs, custom kitchen inground pool, & much more for $1,990,000 Call to view!!

Gorgeous Property 90’ x 143’ lot backing onto the Humber River & situated on quiet dead end street. Custom built 2 storey with addition & walkout bsmnt. Fabulous layout, granite countertop & floors, 5+1 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, finished basement with second kitchen ideal for entertaining or nanny suite, w/o to professionally landscaped lot with inground salt water pool, patio, deck, & spectacular ravine views. Meticulously well maintained property offered at only $1,699,900!!

Fabulous design, great curb appeal, Large 4 bdrm with 4 washrooms, finished basement. Stunning classic combination of hardwood, marble & ceramic floors, high ceilings, skylight, Oak stairs, family size kitchen with breakfast area, granite countertop, centre island, stainless steel appliances & many extras for $888,800!!

Gorgeous Aspen Ridge Baltic Model. 4 bdrm Brick & Stone exterior interlock driveway, thousands spent on upgrades, cathedral ceiling, gleaming hardwood flrs, gas fireplace, main floor den, wrought iron railing, upgraded s/s appliances, master bdrm retreat, 5 pce ensuite, professionally landscaped, inground sprinklers, fabulous curb appeal only $827,900


BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE!!! Large detached 4 bdrm 2 storey, finished basement, huge 50’ x 199’ lot! Located close to all conveniences, quick access to Hwys, many upgrades thru-out, Well maintained home Must be seen for $799,900!!

Stunning Heathwood built 4 bdrm 2 storey, huge principal rooms, Impressive family size kitchen, granite countertops, under cabinet lighting, s.s appl. double oven, main flrs. den, family room, & laundry rm, spacious Living & diningroom master suite with 2 large w/i closets, 5 pc. ensuite, garage access door, this list goes on and on for this Milton Beauty! Only $799,900!!

KEELE & 401!! Fabulous detached 4+1 bdrm 2 storey, double garage, interlock, large verandah, double door entry, centre hall plan, 4 washrooms, combined living and dining rm, cathedral ceiling, gas fireplace, gleaming hardwood floors in family rm, wonderful family size kitchen, w/o to large deck & heated inground pool, gorgeous prof. landscaped lot, finished bsmnt and many extras for only $799,000!!

Gorgeous 4+2 bdrm 2 storey, beautiful custom kitchen, granite countertops, s.s appliances, gleaming hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings, crown moulding, California shutters, gas fireplace, main flr. laundry, huge master with 5 pc ensuite and professionally finished basement, ideal for In-law suite, + much more for $785,900!!

Sponsor of

Children's Miracle Network & Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation GORGEOUS MILLWOOD MODEL!!

#1 in West and Central Toronto combined by units of listings sold for all Companies of all Brokers & Sales Representatives 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 according to a study of MLS data prepared by an independent auditor of real estate statistics. CLIENT’S CORNER! Dear Frank, It was indeed a real pleasure having you as our agent. We would like to thank you for your expert advice and your undauntedness in obtaining the home of our dream for us that, frankly, we never thought would even be considered. You assisted us in all phases of negotiations, went out of your way to provide us with the answers to all our questions, and stayed with us until the last inspection. We really felt pampered and cared for; it’s a good feeling when one is making such an important sell & purchase. Because of your knowledge of how a building should be built, your professional intervention provided us with peace and security. Your pleasant personality, unbelieveable patience, negotiation capabilities, attention to detail, dependability and drive would definately rate you as a 10+ and we would be honoured to recommend you as an agent to friends and family should the opportunity present itself. In your dealings with us you have demonstrated that such is the case; we never felt rushed or bullied, your patient explanations were repeated as often as required. To put it briefly, it was pleasant! On behalf of our whole family, we would like to congratulate you and your staff for a job well done. We are now enjoying the serenity and beauty of our new home. Indeed, you are heaven-sent for making our house-hunting successful in just a short span of time. From the beginning to end, you have been there for us, ready to share what you know and what we should know with regards to purchasing real estate. For that reason alone (not to mention many other reasons), we believe you deserve an applause from the whole family. Thank you again for a job well done. Sincerely, Krenar, Marinela The Shehu family



Rare 5 bdrm 2 storey on a beautiful lot. Just steps to Gametwood Park along the Etobicoke boarder. Gorgeous family rm with w/o to private fenced lot 20’x40’, inground pool. Huge bedrooms and principal rooms, renovated baths, fabulous country kitchen with s.s appliances and breakfast area, large finished basement 2nd kitchen & 2 bedrooms, gleaming hardwood flrs. and much more. $739,000


Detached 3 bedroom bungalow with gorgeous brick & stone exterior, on a huge premium lot in Royal York/Dixon area, long private double driveway with garage. Large open concept living and dining room, 2 renovated bathrooms, walk-out to spacious serene back yard, huge workshop, fabulous opportunity.



Gorgeous totally renovated 4+1 bedroom 2 storey, new kitchen, dark stained cabinets, s/s. appl., new bathrooms, new windows, roof, furnace, central air, and many upgrades. Shows spotless!! Finished basement, large yard, detached double garage, plenty of parking, located close to all conveniences, just minutes to downtown Toronto for only $639,900


Incredible luxury condo, great location close to Vaughan Mills shopping centre, Canada’s Wonderland, restaurants, and all conveniences. Fabulous gated community, 24hr concierge, Fantastic facilities, spacious 2 bdrm condo, stainless steel appl. Granite countertop, gleaming ceramic & hardwood flrs thru-out. A must see for $619,900!!

FREE Confidential Home Evaluations WEST REALTY INC., Brokerage

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Beyond The Sea Star Tower! Brand new stunning Horizon Model, 2+1bdrm, approx. 1000 sq ft plus balcony, & terrace 395 sq ft. Fabulous open concept design, gleaming hardwood flrs, bright floor to ceiling windows, amazing views, Incredible price for only $499,900!!


Executive 4+2 bedroom detached 2 storey with walkout basement. Backs onto greenbelt and is situated on a premium lot. 9ft ceilings,fabulous open concept layout, gas fireplace, fabulous family sized kitchen, s/s appliances, w/o deck. Separate entrance to finished basement ideal for in-law suite. Mavis & Steeles location only $599,900. Must be Seen!!

In the heart of Woodbridge quiet enclave, steps to Market Lane. Totally renovated open concept living room, gleaming hardwood flr, walkout to patio, formal dining, amazing custom kitchen granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, California shutters, potlights, finished basement, truly a masterpiece, must be seen only $499,900!!

Rare huge 1,590 sq. ft. 2 + 1 bdrm corner unit in the exclusive Manhattan Place. Spacious open concept layout, gleaming parquet floors, Large master bedroom with gorgeous 5 piece ensuite & walk- in closet, modern family size kitchen, unobstructed South West view, voted North York Condo of the Year in 2009, a must see for $499,000!!


PRIME DEVELOPMENT LAND!! Surrounded by Thistletown Plaza, 3+1 bedroom Semi-detached bungalow on a 35’x183’ lot (3 adjacent lots also) providing over 20,000 sq ft for all kinds of development potential, $449,900!!

Spacious 3+1bdrm bungalow, large open concept combined living and dining room, hardwood floors, modern family size kitchen, separate side entrance to finished basement with kitchen and washroom, ideal for in-law suite. Immaculately well maintained home, long private drive, and many extras for only $384,900!!

Rare Investment opportunity, at affordable price. Store with a 2 bdrm apt, above. Previously a convenience store, 4 car parking & lrg basement, high traffic area, great central location, close to all conveniences & transportation for $349,000!!

Spacious 3 bdrm townhouse, 4 bathrooms, large combined living and dining room, bright family size kitchen, finished basement w/ kitchenette & bath, w/o to backyard, garage access door, and many extras, located close to all conveniences for $329,900!!


FANTASTIC BUSINESS $249,000!! Large restaurant with drive thru on a ¾ acres lot, in the heart of Bolton, zoned for fast food national chain, completely renovated (09) seats 75, 35 parking spaces, currently very successful business!!

Rare opportunity! 2 bdrm, 2 full washrooms, main floor unit, located close to Humber College, Woodbine Centre, & Etobicoke General Hospital. Well maintained & managed building, ensuite laundry, 2 parking spots, Concierge and many amenities for only $243,900!!

Prime Kingsway/Edenbridge neighbourhood. Fabulous layout, 2+1 bedroom suite, open concept living and dining rm, w/o to private balcony/terrace, thousands spent on upgrades, granite countertop, breakfast bar, high ceilings, steps to transit, Humbertown Plaza, & amenities only $469,900


Beautiful bright, spacious, high demand, corner suite, w/o to balcony, south west exposure, large open concept split bedroom design, 2 large bdrms, 2 full washrooms, master with ensuite, immaculately well maintained, 2 parking spots, locker, ensuite laundry, and amenities for only $310,900!!

NUVO 2!! Luxurious Tridel built, immaculate 1 bedroom plus den, bright open concept layout, French doors, laminate floors, W/O to balcony, modern kitchen granite countertop, breakfast bar, 24 hr concierge, world class amenities, steps to Subway and Go Train, only $289,900!!


Spacious 2 bdrm + den & solarium, located close to transit, Arts Centre & Square One Mall!! Impressive split layout, large rooms & unobstructed Lakeview. Eatin kitchen, s.s appl., upgraded laminate flrs, Master bdrm with W/I closet & 5 pcs. ensuite, 24 hr. security, concierge and great amenities for $284,900!!





Fabulous 2 bedroom suite over 1000 sq. ft, open concept living & dining room, walkout to large balcony. Updated kitchen ceramic floor, renovated bathroom, spacious bedrooms, includes parking & locker only $165,000!!



2790 sq ft classic custom built 2 storey all brick semi detached luxury homes. Located in the Long Branch area, Newly built, select your luxurious finishes PreConstruction price $698,000 Detached Luxury homes Pre Contruction prices $798,000


Prime South Etobicoke location, just minutes to downtown Toronto, close to Go Train, hwys, & all conveniences. Impressive 3bdrm 3stry, high ceilings, 3 wshrms, large principal rms, modern family size kitchen, w/o to deck, 5pc ensuite in mstr bdrm, and many extras for $2350/mth.


(L (L



Amazing Value & opportunity. Fully detached brick & Stone 4 bdrm, 2 storey across from park, in new develpment Hwy 50 & Rutherford. 9 ft ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors, 60K spent on upgrades, gourmet kitchen, top of the line Stainless Steel appliances, master bdrm retreat with w/i closet, 5 piece ensuite, sunken tub, glass shower, laundry on 2nd flr, garage access door plus much more only $489,900


FREE PROFESSIONAL BUYER SERVICE: • Find out about the newest homes on the market that meet your needs • Get more informed about the specific areas and how to get the best price • Find out how to get the best mortgage rates and saving programs, plus much more - Call today!!

N N) )

5 4 6 6

SEE MORE PHOTOS : Not intended to solicit persons under contract. *Certain Conditions May Apply. ReMax West Realty Inc. does not guarantee the sale of your home. Exclusively offered by Frank Leo.

Copyright© 2009 Frank Leo

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CUSTOM DRAPERY Consult Measure Choose Install

spike Busy hands: Marshall McLuhan Catholic S e c o n d a r y S c h o o l ’s Sanziana Andreica, right, spikes the ball past a Loretto College School blocker during Toronto District Catholic Athletic Association senior girls’ volleyball action at Loretto o n M o n d a y. L o r e t t o College went on to win the match in straight sets, 25-9, 25-17. Staff photo/NICK PERRY

“ One Stop Shopping for Designers ” Since 1983 MANUFACTURERS OF INNOVATIVE WINDOW COVERINGS

ROMAN SHADES Energy Efficient Reduce heat & Glare 4 fold style options Look of drapery functionality of blinds

HUNTER DOUGLAS Pirouette Shading Control View & Light

CUSTOM VALENCES Rods Tracking Systems

53 Woodstream Blvd. Unit # 5 - Woodbridge, ON L4L 7Y8 T: 905.605.2230 - Email: -

Why Purchase Pet Food From Your Veterinarian? FINALLY, NISSAN FACTORY SERVICE HAS RETURNED TO DOWNTOWN TORONTO! Introducing the NEW Nissan Downtown Service Centre, conveniently located in the heart of the city at 265 Front Street East. This world class facility makes it easy for Nissan owners in the downtown community to have their Nissans affordably serviced by factory trained technicians.



The NEW Service Centre features: • Heated, covered vehicle drop-off • 12 service bays • Beautiful customer lounge featuring high-end amenities • Express Lube Service • Upscale vehicle spa/detailing • Enhanced Shuttle offering 2 shuttles at peak times

COMPLIMENTARY OIL CHANGE & FILTER PLUS A FREE CAR WASH!* BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. PLEASE CALL 416 964 2582 Coupon must be presented at Nissan Downtown at time of service.

*Does not include other scheduled maintenance. One coupon per vehicle VIN number per offer. Regular oil (not synthetic). Coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon offer. Offer expires March 31, 2013.


Scan code to find your next Nissan

Pet owners turn to their veterinary team for advice on virtually every aspect of their pet’s health and well-being. Why wouldn’t veterinary teams be the best source of information for your pet’s nutritional needs? The veterinary team not only knows dogs and cats -but more importantly they know your dog or cat. Knowledge of breed, gender, life style and age as well the medical history of your pet allows the veterinary professional to prescribe the diet best suited to your dog or cat’s individual needs. When you purchase pet food commercially you may see offerings based on breed, size, age, weight and life stage. These options are formulated to meet the general requirements of the dog pictured on the bag. Your dog’s requirements may well be very different. The veterinary team has an understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition from their training. They keep current with conferences, journals and scientific publications. They attend symposia on nutrition sponsored by industry and by veterinary professional organizations. They have access to specialists in the field of nutrition who can offer recommendations based on the total picture of the health status of your pet. Veterinary exclusive diets are designed to nourish dogs so that they may achieve optimal health. The science of veterinary nutrition is advancing like every other discipline of medicine and veterinary diets have evolved to incorporate the latest that the world of science has to offer. The diets are built from the nutrient level up and each nutrient is provided for specific purposes ensuring the health of your dog or cat. Why wouldn’t you look to your veterinary team for dietary recommendations that will optimize the health and well-being of your beloved pet?

Passion. Style. Excellence.

Sales: 508 King Street East • Service: 265 Front Street East

416 964 2582


416-966-5122 597 Church St. Toronto

11 | CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013


CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013 |


Arts & Entertainment

GEORGETOWN SOUTH PROJECT NOISE WALL COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE BACKGROUND The Georgetown South (GTS) Project rail expansion will help transform regional transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). As a key element of Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan, The Big Move, it will help to reach the following goals: double public transit users, triple length of rapid transit, put transit within two kilometres of 75 per cent of population and reduce commuting times and greenhouse gas emissions. The infrastructure being constructed for the GTS Project will enable GO Transit to expand its rail service on the Kitchener, Milton and Barrie corridors and will accommodate the new Union Pearson Express service that will begin operating in 2015. As part of the project requirements, we have evaluated the noise impacts of future train operations and have identified locations where noise barriers will be needed to mitigate any increased sound levels. WHAT IS A NOISE BARRIER? Noise barriers are walls that are specifically designed to reduce the sound levels, in this case of trains operating in the Kitchener rail corridor. A full explanation of why we need this mitigation and where they will be located can be found in our Operational Noise and Vibration Mitigation Report, under the Environmental Monitoring section on our website at The report, which we released last fall, provides recommendations to address operational noise and vibration impacts from the GTS Project. We subsequently held six public meetings to present our recommendations. NOISE WALL COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITTEES We are looking for community members who are interested in participating in one of the following nine community advisory committees that will help guide the design of the noise barriers in your neighbourhood. Each committee will function independently to provide input to the designers who will develop a form, shape and texture that will suitably reflect the different neighbourhoods. t t t t t


t t t t


HAVE YOUR SAY +PJOBDPNNJUUFFBOEIBWFZPVSTBZJOTIBQJOHIPXUIFOPJTFXBMMCBSSJFSJOZPVSOFJHICPVSIPPEHFUT integrated into the surrounding community. Members must work or reside within 200 metres of the rail corridor. For more information or to join a committee, call 416-581-1300 or e-mail The deadline to express your interest in being a part of the committee is February 18, 2013. Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez composer le (416) 869-3200 ou le 1 888 GET ON GO (438-6646).

Regent Park dance company offers free lessons to area youth JUSTIN SKINNER With after-school programming in downtown Toronto at a premium, Regent Park-based Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie is offering youngsters a chance to learn the nuances of dance. The downtown dance company is offering free classes three afternoons a week with a focus on contemporary dance Mondays, ballet Wednesdays and hip hop Fridays. The classes, each of which can accommodate up to 30 students, run from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. The courses are open to youngsters 10 to 14, though Lemieux said the company would welcome older high school students as well. “Personally, I’m really excited about this because there’s a real desire from kids to come and learn to dance,” said Laurence Lemieux, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie co-artistic director. “Our business is dance and we do that well. We know what a positive impact it can have on youth.” While the city has its share of dance classes, being able to afford a proper dance education can be difficult for many families. Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie’s location in the former Salvation Army Citadel building at 304 Parliament St. also makes it easily accessible for families in the downtown core. “I’m a working mom and I know when kids are little, you wonder what you can do with them from when school gets out until six,” Lemieux said. “I was lucky that my kids’ school had an after-school program, but I know not every school has that.” The company has held similar free dance classes in the past,

February is

Kindergarten Registration Month Start your children in Kindergarten at your local public school and watch them achieve great things!

Visit your local public school or

with varying results. Lemieux said that while some classes were wellattended, others had few youngsters show up. “We’d like to have a solid number of kids for each class, but we have lots of room in the studio, so we’re able to accommodate up to 30,” she said. By offering classes in three different dance styles, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie gives youngsters a choice and a chance to find their favourite. In the past, Lemieux noted, kids in the Regent Park community tended to gravitate toward the hip hop classes, which were run by instructors from local dance company Gadfly. “Hip hop worked really well because I think it was less intimidating for the kids,” she said. “They could come in their normal clothes and dance to music they know.” While Lemieux is excited about the dance classes, she is also eager to begin a run as the lead dancer in her company’s remount of James Kudelka’s From the House of Mirth. The production, based on Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth, follows the story of a young woman who has financial problems, but refuses to marry simply for the sake of financial security. From the House of Mirth blends music and dance, with four female dancers accompanied by four male opera singers and a five-piece orchestra. Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie’s free dance classes begin Monday, Jan. 28. Those interested in signing up are asked to register by calling 416-364-8011 by Friday, Jan. 25. From the House of Mirth will run Feb. 14 to 24 at the Citadel. For tickets or details, call the company or visit








• Shuttle Service • Wi-Fi • Express Lube (No appointment necessary) • Waiting area with refreshments

The information meeting will be held starting at 7:00 pm with an opportunity to view displays and speak one-on-one with staff, followed by a presentation and question and answer at 8:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Date: Time: Location:



ve Ea


St De

Ontario Science Centre



a Blvd


Thursday, January 31, 2013 7:00 p.m.– 9:00 p.m. Ontario Science Centre, Telus Conference Room 770 Don Mills Road

E-mail: Tel: 416-782-8118 TTY: 1-800-387-3652 Web:



ton A

Visit the Crosstown Community Office at 1848 Eglinton Avenue West (at Dufferin).


HWY 401


For more Crosstown information:

Was $109.99


W ynf o r

West Community Office | Please Contact Us | 1848 Eglinton Avenue West 416-782-8118 | |




Public Open House Location

Valley Pkw y Don

or call 416-391-6800 Sales 416-391-6770

Metrolinx invites you to attend a follow-up meeting on the east tunnel extension to just east of Don Mills Station. A public meeting was held in December to provide a project update, to present proposed changes to the tunnel alignment, and to receive input from the public on those changes. Now, Metrolinx wants to share the input received and discuss next steps.

s Rd

To book your service appointment email us:

Rapid and reliable transit is coming to the centre of Toronto. The Crosstown will move Torontonians to work, school and play faster than ever before – reducing travel times and enhancing our economy and our environment. The Crosstown will run along Eglinton Avenue and transit travel will be up to 60% faster than today.



Environmental Assessment Update: East Tunnel Alignment


The TTC will consider the feasibility of limiting the number of baby strollers allowed on its vehicles in the future. But chair Karen Stintz told reporters the transit commission has no intention of reducing the number of strollers allowed, for which there is currently no limit, nor would it consider charging extra for their use. “We’ll take it back (to staff ) and see if there’s anything we can do,” said Stintz at city hall Monday afternoon. At the monthly meeting, Stintz and the rest of the TTC’s board of commissioners (minus Glenn De Baeremaeker who was absent) voted to receive feedback from staff regarding the use of strollers on all vehicles, which can be a source of dissatisfaction among some commuters for their size and tendency to block seats and exits. Stintz, who said she has taken baby strollers on board TTC vehicles in the past with no argument from other riders, was surprised the issue came up during the two-hour board meeting. “I don’t have a resolution because quite frankly up until today I never considered the use of strollers to be a problem,” she said. In a five-minute deputation to the board, resident Elsa La Rosa said baby strollers are often the source of disputes between commuters. She called the presence of up to six strollers on one TTC bus a “comedy

act” for riders attempting to make their way through. La Rosa, 61, called on the TTC to start charging riders with strollers extra fares or limiting their use at peak times. TTC CEO Andy Byford admitted the feedback he has received from riders and bus operators indicates baby strollers blocking seats and bus exits are becoming a growing concern. But adopting measures like those in London, UK, for example which limits strollers to two per bus, can create resentment among riders who would perceive operators as acting like “jobsworths” a British term for difficult or unhelpful employees, said Byford. “It’s a tricky subject,” he said during a post-meeting scrum with reporters. “We’re trying to strike the right balance between offering excellent customer service for everyone, but equally making sure the buses remain safe and easily accessible.” TTC commissioner Peter Milczyn said he didn’t support charging riders extra for having a baby stroller. “It’s not the kind of fully accessible system Torontonians expect if we start charging extra for strollers,” said Milczyn. “Why not buggies or big backpacks? the list could go on.” Byford said staff would not issue a formal report on the matter, but would provide feedback to be shared with the board in the next couple of months possibly in his monthly CEO’s report which tracks service quality.





• Complete meticulous hand washing and drying of the vehicle exterior including door and trunk openings • Detailed interior cleaning including vacuuming of seats, carpets and floor mats, plus cleaning of glass and instrument panel • Deodorizing of the passenger compartment • Detailed inspection report of the vehicle interior and exterior • Power washing of wheels, inner fender and undercarriage • Vacuuming of trunk • Shampooing of floor mats and spot shampooing of stains • Two-step paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections and restore factory paint finish lustre. Includes machine polishing and Toyota paint finish sealant • Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim • Lubrication of locks and hinges

20% OFF

PASSENGER CARS $99.95 $79.96 TRUCKS/VANS/SUVS $119.95 $95.96

Includes all premium items plus: • Shampooing and degreasing of engine compartment and lower body • Three-step paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections and restore factory paint finish lustre. Includes environmental residue removal • Complete interior shampooing of fabric seats, carpets, floor mats and door panels • Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner on interior fabric or leather surfaces





Coming February 2013 The All New Redesigned


PASSENGER CARS $209.95 $167.96 TRUCKS/VANS/SUVS $249.95 $199.96


VALID FROM JAN. 24 to FEB. 28, 2013

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.

| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013

TTC staff to provide feedback on strollers

call: 416

798 7284

fax: 905

853 1765

175 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, ON M2H 0A2

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Cash & Interac Transactions: 9 am - 5 pm | Circulation: 416 493 4400

Adjustments: Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of your ad. Please check your ad on the first insertion. For multiple insertions of the same ad, credit will be made only for the first insertion. Credit given for errors in connection with production on ads is limited to the printed space involved. Cancellations must be made by 2 p.m. one business day prior to publication date. Cancellations must be made by telephone. Do not fax or e-mail cancellations.

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development



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& Collectibles Wanted Cash for Older: Coins, Jewelry, Military, Watches, Toys, Barbies, Silver, Gold & old advertising etc. 25 years experience. Richard & Janet 416-431-7180 416-566-7373 Home Renovations CEILINGS repaired. Spray textures, plaster designs, stucco, drywall, paint. We fix them all! 416-242-8863


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Clogged drain, camera inspection Leaky pipes Reasonable price, 25 years experience Licensed/ Insured credit card accepted

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647-519-9506 Moving & Storage APPLE MOVING and Storage. Residential/ office moving. Packing services. In business 30 years. Reliable & courteous. Insured & licensed. 416-533-4162

Flooring & Carpeting


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Burton Electric Inc. 416 419-1772

Knob and tube replacement LED Lighting Aluminum wire reconditioning Permits and inspections

Pot lights Service upgrades Breakers/Panels FREE ESTIMATES

Master Electrician * License # 7001220 * Insured



· 24 Hour Emergency Service · Plugged Drain Repair •Backflow Prevention · Service Specialist · Flat Rates · Fully Insured · No Extra Charge for Evening & Weekends

Master Lic.# 20557 SASHA 416-371-7137 ALI 416-828-6611

NESO FLOORING Carpet installation starting from $1.29/ sq.ft. Hardwood, laminate at low prices. 26 yrs experience. Free Estimates. Best Price! 647-400-8198

Adult Personals LOCAL HOOKUPS BROWSE4FREE 1-888-628-6790 or #7878 Mobile HOT LOCAL CHAT 1-877-290-0553 Mobile: #5015 Find Your Favourite CALL NOW 1-866-732-0070 1-888-544-0199 18+

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Mattress Clearance! SAVE $720

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Exclusive to The Brick!

Yorkshire Eurotop Queen Mattress Set

Paris Eurotop Queen Mattress Set Reg. $1399.97

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Aqua Gel Memory Foam



Plus Do Not Pay For 15 Months*


Reg. $2099.97




Aqua Gel Memory Foam

King $1129.97 SAVE $1170

Foam Encased Pocket Coil

Foam Encased Pocket Coil

Reg. $2299.97 YKSHIREKP

Queen Mattress Sets STARTING AS LOW AS $399 n ersto Palm

2 Blocks West of Bathurst



e d Av



531 College Street


Toronto Bathurst

ge St. Colle


*DO NOT PAY - O.A.C. All credit offers available upon approval of credit only on your Brick Card Platinum, minimum purchase of $250. Any Brick delivery charges, GST (5%), PST or HST (if applicable), and administration fee ($99.95) are required to be paid at time of purchase. In Quebec, administration fees do not apply but there may be an annual membership fee ($35). Interest may accrue for the final 25 days prior to the promotion’s payment due date at an annual rate of 29.9%, but will be waived if the payment of the balance is made in full by the due date. CREDIT DETAILS on Sample Purchase; Brick Card Platinum credit termsfor DO NOT PAY FOR 15 MONTHS. Sample purchase price: $2000.00, administration fee $99.95 (4.11 %), and interest charges $0.00. Total interest charges & administration charges: $99.95. Total Cost $2099.95. Balance due April 2014, or at such time, you may elect to make minimum monthly payments of 3.5% of your outstanding balance. A conversion fee of $42.50 (not applicable in Quebec) and a service interest charge (29.9%) applies when you decide to make minimum monthly payments. ‡Product may vary by location and may not be exactly as illustrated. We reserve the right to limit quantities by store and per purchase. To receive bonus offer or discount, complete package must be purchased and kept. +This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or free gift purchase, sale, or other promotion, unless otherwise specified. ∆ Excludes discounted, clearance, promoted offers and Tempur-pedic. Minimum mattress set purchase $799.97. See in store for complete details. Offer effective January 24-27, 2013, unless otherwise indicated.

WIN UP TO $300 IN GIFT CARDS!!! 2013 Readers’ Choice

Your opinion counts! This is your chance to nominate the best local businesses in your community for the City Centre Mirror’s annual Readers’ Choice for your chance to be entered into our random draw to win:

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a gift card to Yonge Eglinton Centre



Visit and click on CONTESTS under Local Interest to nominate your local businesses and be entered into our draw.

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HURRY Nominat end at midnightions on February 24 th!!

Tell us who your favourites are: Best Automotive Auto Detailing Auto Glass Auto Parts Auto Service Body Shop Domestic Car Dealership Import Car Dealership Muffler Shop New Car Dealership Oil Change and Lube Overall Car Dealership Radiators Tire Shop Transmission Used Car Dealership Best Business and Service Acupuncture Bank Trust Company

Banquet Facilities Bingo Hall Car Wash Caterer Cellular Phone Chiropractor College or University Daycare Centre or Agency Dental Clinic Driving School Duct Cleaning Employment Agency Florist Foot Doctor Funeral Home Hair Salon Hearing Centre Home Builder Hospital In Home Senior Care Independent School

Insurance Company Investment Company IT School Law Firm Learning Centre Montessori School Moving Company Naturopathy Optical Store Picture Framing Store Print Shop Private School Rental Equipment Store Retirement Residence Shoe Repair Skin Care Tax Preparation Travel Agency Tree Service Veterinarian Clinic Weight Loss Clinic

Best Entertainment Best For The Home and Leisure Appliances Bathroom Renovations Bowling Blinds and Curtains Camping Equipment Children’s Entertainment Building Materials Carpet Dance School Decking Fitness Club Doors and Windows Golf Course Fireplaces & Equipment Gymnastic School Floor and Tile Store Live Theatre Furniture Store General Contractor Make Your Own Wine Heating and Air and Beer Conditioning Martial Arts Club Hot Tub Musical Instruction Interior Design Party Supplies Kitchen Renovations Skating School Landscape Spa Lawn Service Tanning Salon Lighting Centre Video Store Maid Services Paint and Wallpaper

Patio Furniture Paving Contractor Pest Control Plumbing Contractor Pool Company Roofing Contractor Security Systems Vacuum Cleaner Store Best Place For Food and Drink All-Around Restaurant Bagels Bakery Breakfast Buffet Butcher Shop Chicken Restaurant Chinese Restaurant Chocolate Store Coffee Shop Deli

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| CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013



CITY CENTRE MIRROR | Thursday, January 24, 2013 |




STK# N9595A - “OWNERS DEMO” Leather, navigation, ”S” package, Sirius satellite radio, only 5,000 kms





STK# N9810A - Altitude package, hemi, leather, navigation, panoramic sunroof, rear camera, lots of warranty remains, only 439 kms, priced to sell





STK# N9812A - Canada value package, #1 crossover in Canada, awesome 4cyl engine, full power GR group, only one at this special price. 323 kms WOW!


N9546A - Super track package, rear camera, navigation, rear camera, sunroof HEMI POWER! low kms, black on black, a beauty!





2011 JEEP PATRIOT SPORT Nicely equipped with a 2.4L 4 cyl engine, autostick, 17 inch tires, tilt steering, only 2000kms









2012 CHRYSLER 300

STK# P3157 - Sahara package, leather seats, 4 door, trailer tow package full power group, only 42,000 kms

STK# P3266 - SXT model, power sunroof, u‐connect with bluetooth, 18 inch rims, Sirius satellite radio, full factory warranty, only 3,000 kms

STK# P3255 - Touring model, navigation, dual DVDs, power sliding doors and tailgate power sunroof, nicely equipped, only 19,000 kms and

STK# P3234 - Limited, a true sports sedan, rear camera, panoramic sunroof, leather seats, chrome rims, only 19,000kms WOW!!!














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