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Cinema Sunday An Afternoon Film Program for Children and Their Families

$6 Children & Youths (under 18) $9 Adults (Cinematheque membership not required) In celebration of Canada’s big 150 (or sesquicentennial), Cinema Sunday patriotically presents “Made in Canada,” a yearlong engagement with family films hailing from the True North! Each month, we’ll screen an all-ages movie that showcases Canada’s extraordinary, diverse talents – both in front of and behind the camera – as well as the cities, landscapes, and cultures that make this country our home. Films will be introduced by Vancouver film history teacher and critic Michael van den Bos.

Free Screening! Canada On Screen – Feature Films The Dog Who Stopped the War (La guerre des tuques) is presented as part of Canada On Screen, a celebration of Canada’s 150 essential moving-image works. Canada On Screen is a year-long, nation-wide program honouring Canada’s 150th birthday and its rich cinematic heritage. Screenings are free of charge. For more information, see page 9.

The Dog Who Stopped the War (La guerre des tuques)

Canada 1984. Dir: André Mélançon. 92 min. 35mm

The first and arguably best in Montreal producer Rock Demers’s iconic “Tales for All” series, The Dog Who Stopped the War ranks as one of Canada’s most cherished children’s films – on top of being perhaps the perennial holiday movie for Canadian families. It concerns a group of kids on Christmas break who decide to stage a mock war – the “war of the toques” – in the form of an epic, all-consuming snowball fight. The rules are simple: one team defends a snow fort, the other storms it. As the battle escalates and bad-blood between friends develops, a sudden tragedy teaches the children – and those watching – an invaluable lesson about the vanity of war. Directed by the late André Mélançon with restrained sentimentality and palpable care, this canonized classic still resonates today as an affecting anti-war allegory, as well as a celebration of Canada’s wintry wonderments. Dubbed in English. After the movie, join us for a Skype Q&A with Rock Demers, founder of Les Productions La Fête – dubbed the “Disney of the North” – and the “Tales for All” series, which includes, among others, The Dog Who Stopped the War and The Peanut Butter Solution (screening in February). SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 – 1:00 PM

The Peanut Butter Solution Canada 1985. Director: Michael Rubbo. 94 min. 35mm

The hair-raising Canadian comedy that creeped out a generation, The Peanut Butter Solution enjoys almost legendary status among those who saw it growing up – largely owing to its wonderfully nutty story. Eleven-year-old Michael, on a dare, enters a burned-down mansion and sees something that literally scares the hair off his head. Bald, bewildered, and bummed out, he’s visited by a pair of ghosts who offer him a remedy - a magic formula made of peanut butter - and a warning: it musn't be overused. When Michael heedlessly mixes extra PB into the concoction, not only does his hair grow back as promised – it won’t stop! The second film in Rock Demers’s “Tales for All” series (after The Dog Who Stopped the War, screening in January) is the stuff of fond, weird memories for many Gen X-ers across Canada. Taking things familiar and safe – breakfast condiments, teachers, the very hair on our heads – it transforms them into elements ominous and unknown. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 – 1:00 PM


The Cinematheque JAN + FEB 2017  

Canada's Top Ten Film Festival・Maren Ade・BC Film History・Canada On Screen・Takeshi Kitano・Chan Centre Connects・DOXA and The Cinematheque

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