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THE COMMON SENSE Courtesy of Melanie Gilligan and Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf

Moving-image art in dialogue with cinema Programmed by Michèle Smith, co-editor of Drawing Room Confessions.

Outfitumentary USA 2016, Dir: K8 Hardy. 82 min. DCP

“In 2001, I set out on the structuralist journey that has become my first feature film, Outfitumentary. I named the project at the outset, and considered it a document for posterity, an important record of the dress codes of a radical lesbian underground. The formal rules I imposed were simple: to roll my video camera and capture a shot of myself from head to toe with a turn to provide front and back. Ultimately, I played fast and loose with my own rules, but stayed true to my original intentions” (© K8 Hardy, NY, 2016). Programmed by Tobin Gibson K8 Hardy (b. 1977, Fort Worth, Texas) is an artist and filmmaker based in New York. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25 – 7:30 PM

The Common Sense Great Britain 2014-15. Dir: Melanie Gilligan. 60 min. DCP

Filmed in the episodic style of a sci-fi miniseries, The Common Sense revolves around the Patch, a “neurological entertainment device” that allows people to feel one another’s embodied experience, physical sensations, and emotions. When the Patch’s network suddenly breaks down and has to be rebooted, the world is changed, splitting into two parallel realities: one where wide-scale political disruptions have broken out; the other where life continues as it was before. Melanie Gilligan is a Canadian artist based in London and New York who uses speculative and dystopian narratives to explore contemporary issues. We are delighted to premiere this new version of The Common Sense specially made for a cinema audience. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22 – 7:30 PM

OUTFITMENTARY Copyright K8 Hardy; courtesy the artist; Hardy Studio; Picture


Palace Pictures

The Cinematheque JAN + FEB 2017  

Canada's Top Ten Film Festival・Maren Ade・BC Film History・Canada On Screen・Takeshi Kitano・Chan Centre Connects・DOXA and The Cinematheque

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