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Takeshi Kitano x 2 “The single most arresting filmmaker working in Japan today, Takeshi Kitano is one of the most original and idiosyncratic artists in world cinema.” – Tom Charity, The Rough Guide to Film New Restoration!

Violent Cop


(Sono otoko, kyôbô ni tsuki) Japan 1989: Dir: Takeshi Kitano. 103 min. DCP

The explosive directorial debut of Takeshi Kitano (Sonatine, Fireworks/Hana-bi) came as a surprise: Kitano, under his stage name “Beat” Takeshi, had hitherto been known (and hugely popular) as a motor-mouthed comedian and ubiquitous TV personality in Japan. Kitano’s fast-paced, hard-boiled thriller casts the director himself – or, rather, alter-ego “Beat” Takeshi – as Azuma, a laconic, Dirty Harry-like cop battling yakuza gangsters and corrupt police officials following the suicide of a colleague and the kidnapping of his own sister. Kitano picked up the director’s reins after Kinji Fukasaku (Battle Royale) exited the project; his stylistic touches, including moody long takes and Erik Satie music, elevate the film above typical genre fare and anticipate the internationally-acclaimed auteur to come. “Electrifying entertainment” (Tony Rayns, Time Out). “With deadpan wit, moral ambiguity, and flashes of extreme violence, it signaled the arrival of a major and new talent” (David Wood, BBC). THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 – 6:30 PM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 – 8:25 PM SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25 – 6:30 PM SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26 – 8:25 PM

Boiling Point 3-4X10月 (3-4x Jûgatsu)

Japan 1990: Dir: Takeshi Kitano. 96 min. DCP

Takeshi Kitano is on full boil in his audacious, outrageous second feature; Boiling Point, with its bold blend of shocking violence, deadpan humour, dizzying tonal shifts, and languid, minimalist visuals, sets the template for Kitano triumphs to come. It may also be the only film ever that begins and ends in a Port-A-Potty! Masahiko Ono is hapless, daydreaming Masaki, a gas-station attendant who plays, not very adeptly, amateur baseball. When Masaki’s cluelessness runs him afoul of a gangster, he and a friend hightail it to Okinawa, where they ultimately link up with bad-ass, completely-bonkers Uehara (Kitano himself, as “Beat” Takeshi), a rogue yakuza on a mission of his own. “Kitano’s handling of tones, which range from the grimly depressive to the irreverently hilarious, is amazing. Also amazing is his performance” (Lisa Alspector, Chicago Reader). “The funniest film to date from a key ’90s filmmaker” (Geoff Andrew, Time Out). THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 – 8:30 PM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 – 6:30 PM SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25 – 8:30 PM SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26 – 6:30 PM


The Cinematheque JAN + FEB 2017  

Canada's Top Ten Film Festival・Maren Ade・BC Film History・Canada On Screen・Takeshi Kitano・Chan Centre Connects・DOXA and The Cinematheque

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