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Father q = 67 D

Words & Music by Joel Houston Em




| Bm / G / | D / / / | Bm / G / | D / / / | VERSE 1: Bm G D To bring this world to life Bm G D To heal this heart of mine Bm G Your grace enough Bm G Your grace enough

VERSE 3: Adopted as Your own Alive to make You known Now this means love This means love D D

VERSE 2: To mend this world in need To break the chains in me Your grace enough Now this means love PRE CHORUS: Em Bm D A The weight of all our sin upon His shoulders Em Bm That we should all be called D A Your sons and daughters CHORUS : G D Father A Bm Let heaven and earth collide G D In the endless wonder A Of Your love upon the cross G D We will follow A Bm And offer this life forever G D A To see Your love unfold

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INST: | Bm | D | G | D | BRIDGE : Bm D For the lost and for the broken G For the slave and for the orphan D For everyone to realise Your love From the famous to the faceless From the beggar to the king For everyone to realise Your love A Bm You restore the broken hearted G You bring freedom to the captive A For one and all forever this means love All Your children come together All Your sons and all Your daughters Your grace enough Forever this means love Singing TAGS: G D Your grace enough forever this means love A Bm You gave it all for one and all G Your grace enough D Forever this means love

Father - LCC