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Jesus Christ is Lord! v18-20) “All authority (Matthew has been 28 given to Me in heaven and in earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:v18-20

Church News No 50 Dec 2010/Jan 2011

Body of Christ in Pakistan Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Greetings to you in Jesus’ Holy name and Thank you for your fervent prayers! It is great pleasure for us to share with you our ministry work for the year of 2010 in Jesus. We are very much thankful to you for your regular prayers in Jesus. Thank you for your prayers which you are doing for Body Of Christ in Pakistan. We hope and pray that the Lord is using you all for His kingdom as He is doing here in Pakistan. We know that there are many brothers and sisters, who are continuously praying for our church. We thank you all for this prayers in Jesus.

Meeting in a home

22 June 2010 to November

Holding Urdu Bibles which were a gift from the Body of Christ in Bristol & London

I was healed of asthma

My brothers and sisters - on 22 June God had given us the man of God. (Pastor Francis) We heard his first message on Tuesday 22 June 2010. This was the day when our grandfather (my father's father) slept in God. We continued the work of our Lord Jesus Christ and we did not cancel the first message of Christ and God gave us the verse "Let the dead bury their dead” and we told this to Pastor Francis. “You may carry on in Jesus.” and until now we are taking the weekly message from him by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Short Session Blessing

My brothers and sisters there is great blessing over in Pakistan in the name of Jesus. In a very short time we have reached out to the other cities (Khanewal, Sahiwal, Hyderabad, and Lahore). We baptised them in the name of The Father and of The Son and of Holy Spirit. And our brother, Pastor Francis declared the message to these people by using Skype and now we are very glad that 95 people got new life in Khanewal, 45 people got new life in Hyderabad, 11 people got new life in Lahore, and 9 people got new life in Sahiwal by the grace of Lord Jesus Christ. Total strength of the people is 160 people who got new life in Jesus. We are praying with fasting for all who are left behind and in future, very soon, we will reach out to every city and the towns of Pakistan in the name of Jesus. Now three more cities (Sargoda, Gugrunwala, Bahawalpur) have invited us for true Gospel teaching in Jesus. Kindly pray for us for this purpose in Jesus because we are nothing without prayers.

Sunday Services

Sunday Services were held in different homes of the Body of Christ in Pakistan in Jesus’ name. All our Sunday Prayer meetings are running smoothly by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. People are very keen to learn the Word of God. We are focusing on leadership teaching because we need leaders for the expansion of Lord's work. We are very happy that people are taking part in Sunday prayer meetings as they are singing Psalms and religious songs and bravely coming on stage and saying prayers. This is great change for Pakistani Christians in Jesus. Please continue to pray for us and for our regular prayer meetings in Jesus.

Outreach Gospel Program: My brothers and sisters - we distributed the Bible to those who got the new life in Jesus because after the new life only the Word of God gives life in Jesus. God increases the strength of believers day by day in Jesus. We are praying for more Urdu Bibles. This is our great need for our outreach Gospel programme. Also we are praying for Church transportation as we have no Church conveyance and have to travel on public transportation. This is creating lots of trouble. By having Church transportation we can increase our outreach Gospel program.

Newness In Jesus

My brothers and sisters - We applied every new teaching in Jesus and in the history of Pakistan no one applied it as we applied it in 2010 in the name of Jesus. We started an on-line Pastor Francis teaching in Pakistan via Skype crusade and prayers system in the name of Jesus. We are also recording video messages on CDs and audio cassettes in the name of Jesus and all these messages and the teaching will be available in YouTube in the name of Jesus so that every man and women can see and change his or her life and get the true teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus for the whole world. These are all are new things happening in the history of Pakistan - the on-line messages and making CDs in Jesus.


My brothers and sisters, when you all preach the true message of our Lord Jesus Christ the testimonies must follow in Jesus. People declared lots of testimonies in Jesus. One child was healed of asthma, lots of people got delivered from devil and amulets (that is religious small papers, people used them in their bodies) and they got rid of them in Jesus. man saw that pain was being released from his body in the form of smoke, one old lady got the healing from kidney Many got the rid of jaundice problems, from neck and backache problems in the name of Jesus. All prayers were done over the on-line crusade and messages in Jesus.

Future Blessing:

My brothers and sisters, we are much blessed because we are getting right teaching and preaching of our Lord Jesus Christ’s Gospel. As we serve lots of things in a very short time, we are looking forward with the same grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, to having an orphanage and adult education for Christians, a widows centre and sewing centre, (We want to get rid of working from Muslim houses), secondary high school and college, computer centre for Christians, radio and TV programmes in Jesus Christ. Kindly pray for all these programmes with fasting in the name of Jesus Christ. Our best regards to all in the name of Jesus Christ. Pastor Asif, Khanewal, Pakistan

Church Notices

From Pastor Stefan, Portugal

Healed in the name of Jesus

Please pray for:

John and Allison live in the north of England near the Scottish border and are friends of Pastor Stefan and Sister Andrea who live in Lagos, Portugal. Allison was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. She undertook a certain amount of treatment but experienced a lot of blistering and so she had to stop treatment, trust God and continue on in faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She recently returned to the hospital for a scan and they said “They could find no disease in her body whatsoever.” Praise be to God! She is now going on fine. Everything is well with her. Please pray for John who may need a back operation because of a possible fractured disc in his spine. A big “thank you” to everybody who prayed vigilantly for her healing. God bless you all.

Sister Riley who lives in Hounslow

Brother Harry aged 92 who lives in Bristol

Brother Jurgen and his wife in Germany Changes to the way we meet in Bristol & London New believers in Cameroon, Parma Italy and Bristol. New website to be fully completed and increased media involvement via radio, YouTube etc Joint meeting for churches in London and Bristol some time during the summer months Ladies meetings in London and Bristol Pastors and Elders, brothers and sisters in churches , Montabaur, The Hague, London, Bristol and others already mentioned in newsletter.

Email received from Pastor Asif, Khanewal, Pakistan


Lord be with you all our brothers and sisters! The Body Of Christ Church wants to share the one of our greatest testimony and the wonder of Jesus Christ and we do not know and think what the plan of Jesus in our lives. We can see in this testimony the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Babir phone call to me at 2:40 pm in 11 January 2011. He called me at his home and informed me that one of my relative phone call me and their request is very very urgent and he told there is a baby, his age is just 2 months and he had a fits problem and they sent me a request. And Pastor Babir replied them our Pastor Francis will pray for you and your baby will be healed in the name of Jesus. Than we decided to go there only for the prayer for a child and we informed Pastor Francis about that and Pastor Francis also prayed the same day in Jesus. We decided to go Fasilabad City, that is near about 450 KM away from Khanewal and that city is one of the biggest city of Pakistan. Myself and Pastor Babir went there, we did not take any clothes with us just took the laptop in Jesus. When we reach in Fasilabad and we straight went to hospital and on the laptop and our brother delivered the prayer over that baby his name is John William and He got the healing in the name of Jesus Christ. We inquired the problem from the doctor his name is Muhammad Riaz Malik and he said that the calcium quantity was less that was 3.5 and therefore. Doctor also confessed that when he examined at 8pm I was totally shocked how it was come normal. He also said I know that God has given the life to baby because medicines cannot fulfil the quantity at once. Therefore I was shocked. And then we asked from the parent of a child, are you born again. They asked what is meant by that, then we explained and the reply was No, and then we set the time for Pastor Francis to preach the gospel. And at 6:30 pm in 12 January 2011. He declared the powerful message in Jesus and the whole family was very happy and they confessed and repent and took Baptism in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. They all are very happy and saying bundle of thanks to the Lord Jesus for the new life of baby and the family in Jesus, and thanks to us and Pastor Francis. We did not know that God will use us for the new life through that baby in Jesus. The family got new life in Jesus. The baby got physically new life and family got spiritually new life in Jesus. That is one of our greatest testimonies because the family had lost hope about the child and continuously weeping but God turned their sorrow into joy in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah Your Brothers Your brothers Pastor Imran, Pastor Babir, Pastor Illiyas, Pastor Asif 0092-331-8710645 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, About 3 months ago a stranger from Pakistan called me on Skype. My first reaction was I was about to block his contact but then the Holy Spirit calmed me down. The man presented himself as a pastor from Lahore, Punjab a large, 7-Million city near India. Just a few days later I had a vision of a very high walls surrounding a city. The Lord spoke to my spirit "These are the spiritual strongholds where I am sending you to and I will give you the power to overcome them". I knew already the promise from His Word. The power is hidden in prayer and fasting of His people as they do so in Pakistan today as you read the letter. They want a revival fire from heaven and cry for a change.

Letter from Brother Przemek from Jersey who will be going to Pakistan for a month of ministry.

(Act 16:9) And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A certain man of Macedonia stood, begging him, saying, Come over into Macedonia and help us!

Later I discovered the walls exist in real and it is an old fort. (see above)

Seeing it with the natural eyes it is natural to fear. The Muslims and other non-Christian religions are present in Pakistan with certain dangers. Fear is a natural reaction facing a threat. But we believers are not called to any kind of fear but to supernatural faith, power and love (2 Tim 1:7) Hallelujah ! Our brothers in Pakistan need our support in a great measure, how could I choose my local comfort? What would be here the choice of Moses, Joshua, king David and Lord Jesus and His apostles? We live in the last days, when the Lord opens every last door for the gospel to be preached, even the most distant places will become available. The end is near and our time is limited so we must act and promptly. For the last few months we became friends with pastor Ayoub and his family, as we talk on Skype and they Pastor Ayoub hands over a Bible to a converted Muslim man teach me the Urdu language. There is no greater confirmation that something comes from God than when He prepares everything by Himself. The most recent confirmation came when I got the visa, praise the Lord ! It is a kind of a miracle as the Polish people are usually declined visas by the Polish government and I also disclosed the true purpose of my visit - a Christian mission. In the end my visa was cheaper because I am not British! I thank God for all people who helped me to get the visa, which required two separate visits in London. This is another confirmation. With my part-time work it would not have been possible. The mission is what the Pakistani brothers expect as they prepare both my language and new clothing. I am invited to lead crusades, seminars and different meetings. The schedule is quite busy, all prepared by local pastors, by them and for them and not by me. They are hungry for the move of God. Why me oh Lord, I may ask? Honestly, I have never prayed for that country. A world-wide prophecy says about a new generation is coming which will not be living for its own glory, and I want to be a part of it. No names on posters and thank God my name is also too difficult for them. It is the end times message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that is in the core of this mission. Khuda ka jalal = God's be the glory! I am just a bhai (brother) Przemek

The mission would start soon, in February, this will depend on when resources will be available, and would last for 30 days. My joy will be if you pray with me: - Please pray for the mission purpose: that Jesus would become a famous person in Pakistan - Pray for the safety as I experience increased spiritual tensions and battles - Pray for my needs: the airfares, the stay, my local rent and one missing salary will be met. If you feel the Lord would like to use you in the support, it will be needed during the mission and after it. Feel free to use the details to send your gift to: Przemyslaw Siczek sort 30-94-61 acc 48446160 Thank God for your support.

Pakistan Pakistan is a country of dire needs, even worsened by floodings last summer. Pastor Ayoub Masih (=Messiah - many Christians change their name) Khawar is so poor that he uses borrowed mobile phone. He needs a laptop because the electricity in Pakistan is cut off every day 3-4 times for a few hours and he can not use his desktop computer. It is hard to imagine for us how poorly our brothers live but also it is so easy for us to help. Yet pastor Ayoub still organises help for local widows and orphans. They will be overjoyed to receive such a confirmation of our love for them. The laptop is better to buy in Pakistan because I already have one and can not take two. To see more pictures from the pastor Ayoub's ministry go to It would be just wonderful if you could find your way assist in this mission because it is greater than anything I could expect. May the Lord be glorified through it and for it. Please let me know if you would like to receive mission updates which I plan to send every week from Pakistan. God bless you for all. Yours in Christ Przemek

Schedule for Pakistan Trip by Brother


Lahore time : + 5 hours Bullets are showing the number of days.

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Pakistan 23-2-2011 - Wed Landing in Lahore, Pakistan 24-2-2011 - Thu Introducing places & visit to Church people houses. 25-2-2011 - Fri House meetings with visiting different people in Yohanabad, Lahore 26-2-2011 - Sat Visiting people & evening meeting in Mundri Chonk, Lahore 27-2-2011 - Sun Preaching 10 am Sunday service JVP church & Preaching evening meeting in Mundri Chonk 28-2-2011 - Mon Preaching 11 am Bible class teaching & evening visit to school (education centre for children). 1-3-2011 - Tues Bible class teaching with the distribution of end certificates & evening visit to sewing centre. 2-3-2011 - Wed Pastors seminar & evening healing meeting (Bank Stop town) 3-3-2011 - Thurs Pastors seminar 2nd day & evening healing meeting (Bank Stop town) 4-3-2011 - Fri Morning prayer and study time & evening 3 days crusade in Lahore (arrange busses for people to come from other places in these three days). 5-3-2011 – Sat Morning study time & evening big healing crusade. 6-3-2011 - Sun Sunday service, & evening big healing crusade. 7-3-2011 - Mon Rest 8-3-2011 - Tue Open evangelism meeting in the Khanuharni village 9 - 3- 2011 - Wed Healing and evangelism in Asif Town 10 to 11 Thurs- Fri Farukabad two days evening open healing meetings & as well as people visit and baptisms. 12 - 3- 2011- Sat Crusade in the Chandrawan village near Lahore. 13-3-2011 - Sun Sunday service Lahore JVP then evening in Chichawatni for healing meeting. 14 -3-2011 - Mon - Borewala city, morning visiting church people & evening open healing crusade. 15-3-2011- Tue One day healing meeting in Vehari city. 16-3-2011- 17-3-2011- Wed - Thurs- two days in Perowal city, morning visiting people & evening healing meetings. 18-3-2011 - Fri Sahiwal open healing meeting. 19-3-2011 - Sat Lahore and some visits. 20- 3-2011- Sun - Sunday service & then crusade in Manuwala, Lahore. 21-3-2011- Mon visit Lahore & people & in Chunia city. 22-3-2011 - Tue Return to UK, Visit to London and 23 Jersey

Please keep our brother in your prayers We belong to the church which our Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua haMashiach) started over 2000 years ago and so does everyone who is born again and baptised with Holy Spirit. We meet in homes and in public places and are not part of any denomination. For further information contact Pastor Francis on 07905151936 or 0117 9633215


Sunday Services Short Session Blessing “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and in earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all th...