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Jesus Christ is Lord! (Matthew 28 v18-20)

Please pray for everyone in this newsletter:

Church News I found happiness

No 48 - October 2010

They travelled 13 hours by train from Khanewal to Hyderabad. Why? Some people in Hyderabad had heard about the 95 baptisms which had recently happened in Khanewal and they too wanted to be baptised and born again. Pastor Asif had no idea who they were or how they heard until they started sending their ID cards to him as proof of their seriousness. So the pastors knew they had to go. As soon as they arrived after their long journey they went straight to the River Sind to see where they could baptise people. (This river is the biggest in Pakistan. It flows into the sea 80 km away from Hyderabad.) One of the pastors remembered he had a dream that they had gone into the water without praying and two of them were bitten by crocodiles. So they prayed before they went in. After their investigation they had a crusade meeting later that day which led to 45 people being baptised in the river the next day. The men who went into the water said they could feel an electronic shield around them and not even the small fishes came anywhere near any of them. Praise the Lord! Pastor Francis was able to input into their crusade meeting by teaching on baptism via Skype and Pastor Asif was able to translate. He also prayed for the sick and Pastor Imran has since received many testimonies of healings and deliverance. When they were asked how many people believed in Jesus nearly everyone put their hands up but when asked how many were going to be baptised the following day, there were fewer responses. It later came to light that many of the people there have children who attend Roman Catholic schools. The authorities heard that several people wanted to be baptised into Christ Jesus so they were told that if they went ahead their children would be taken out of their schools. We praise God for those who stepped out in faith anyway as we know the Lord will bless them. Afterwards they were prayed for to be baptised with Holy Spirit. Once the work had been completed the pastors headed back on another 13 hour journey to their homes in Khanewal. Please continue to pray for the churches in Pakistan. Photos: Brothers waiting in a boat on River Sind Pastor Asif after arriving at Hyderabad Station Pastor Asif addressing candidates on bank of river

To God be the Glory .... He is the head of my life and my family and I also give thanks to God Almighty who has called me out of the world - the only God of Israel who has brought me out of darkness to light. I also use this privileged to give honour to whom honour is due. Pastor Francis and his wife and some of my brothers in the Lord, among whom are brother Venatius and brother Edwin. I really want to thank God for what he has done in my life after my baptism. I was delivered in the church and after my deliverance the devil came in by using my ex boyfriend to tell me that he wanted to marry me but I kept on praying to God asking, “Is this the man you have for me? If not then let him stop calling me.” I fasted and prayed and I also gave honour to whom honour is due. A pastor joined me in prayer and after that he stopped calling me. I cannot explain all that the Lord has done for me. Here is all I can say for now. I was also having serious stomach problems. My doctor told me that I would need to have an operation. I cried out to God every day - God that answers by fire! I said “Father you know me very well. I don‟t have enough money. Please Father, have mercy on me. Heal and deliver me from the hand of the evil doers.” I also made a vow to God and God healed me. So I went to church to give my testimony and pay my vow. I just want to use this opportunity to Sister Sophia, Montabaur, Germany encourage you my beloved brothers and sisters. If you are in a situation never give up because the devil is working so fast to pull you down and once you hold the garment of Christ, please do not leave it. I tell you today in your most struggling time God will send someone to rescue you as you listen. Remain blessed in Jesus most wonderful name. AMEN! AMEN! Sister Sophia, Montabaur


Sister Lauren (aged 12) London

The Bible says: 1 Cor 13 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs, Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, Love never fails.

Lauren‟s teacher asked

Love is books but you never read them her to read this poem to Love is bondage but also freedom the class because he Love is barrenness but also fertility knew the standard of her Love is protection but also vulnerability work. After she read her Love is wreckage but also repair definitions he said he was Love is hope but utter despair jealous that she knew of a Love is cowering but proudly bold spiritual aspect to love Love is boiling hot but also freezing cold after she gave her Love is solitary but a bustling crowd Love is a whisper but deafeningly loud definition omments and I wrote this poem Love is restored but also a tear her teacher said he was because it portrays Love is a warm embrace but a deadly snare jealous of her faith. some peoples Love is inaudible but a thundering shout approach to love. Love is total certainty but also a doubt Some individuals Love is unclean but also sterilized become overpowered Love is insignificant but a possession well prized by this powerful Love is peaceful but in whom agitation doesn‟t cease emotion so they just Love is a monstrosity but also a masterpiece delve straight into a Love is wireless but possesses a cable relationship without Love is can‟t but very able considering any Love is let go but also clasped consequences or Love is misunderstood but also grasped impacts of this, Love is carelessness but also care therefore sometimes Love is permanent but never there making love a Love is interwoven but also lose traumatic experience. Love is life but a neck in the noose I also wrote this poem Love is perfection but also crude to show that there are Love is polite but also rude always two sides to Love is today but also tomorrow love and it can be Love is happiness but also sorrow whatever you make it. Love is the future but also past tense Love is contradictory but makes perfect sense By me! Lauren 8M/ 8Y1 I think love can be confused with lust. Love is soulish (connected through our emotions) real love gives and sacrifices, expecting nothing back in return. Lust is just desire, liking the exterior of a person and not appreciating their personality or qualities. There is also the scriptural aspect of love. The Bible indicates that love is from God. In fact, the Bible says God is love. Love is one of the primary characteristics of God. Likewise, God has endowed us with the capacity for love. This capacity for love is one of the ways in which we are created in the image of God.


I was brought up in The Lord having attended Sunday school and Fellowship meetings regularly from a very young age with my Grandmother; but as with many young people at that time, as soon as I was of age I began to distance myself from the church and other things began to take priority such as football, work and an ever increasingly demanding social calendar. I was thinking that this was now living, chasing the worlds ideals of life, brushing with the law on occasions, not doing anything too bad I felt but having gained a greater understanding that one step wrong is a step too many. After spending much of my teens and early 20's distant from the word it wasn't until 2001 the year one of my younger cousins was murdered, that on speaking with a brother Marvin Rufus - who played in the same Semi Professional Football team as myself that I noticed Marvin‟s behaviour was very different to other players. He began to encourage me to change certain things about myself and told me that the word had enabled him to change so much about himself. Over the next few years I began to visit different fellowships, mainly at significant/ traditional times of the year. On visiting a church one new year with my mother and Aunt Janet (who had found such strength in The Lord having lost her son a few years before) it was the beauty of the praise and worship that spoke to my heart and re-ignited that spiritual fire. I heard clearly from the Lord that night but I didn't move. The next few years were interesting to say the least. After more than 4 years of no contact whatsoever with a friend of almost 10 years, one chance phone call to an old number put me back in contact with my former friend who later became my wife. In the five years since we were brought back together, before we were married, my wife became born again and then exactly a year later I was born again too. During this time we have been tested in many ways and by the grace of our Lord we have grown so much in Him. We are now walking in the true light of the Lord without non scriptural boundaries of acceptance. Our prayers were answered regarding the Lord finding us a place to praise, worship and fellowship locally. Our home has been utilised by the Lord and in Jesus name we pray that it will continue to do so. It‟s a blessing to have been called out of denominations to walk in truth, having the Word of God as the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path in all things! In Jesus name...Brother Dwayne, London

Church Notices Bristol ALL NIGHT PRAYER MEETING from 10 pm – 6 am at Kildare Road, Knowle. ( It‟s OK if you have to leave early) MEETINGS IN HOMES in Knowle, Hartcliffe, Staple Hill (and St George in the near future as, God willing, Pastor Bruce and Sister Zoe are planning to move to this area) LORD‟S SUPPER at 7.30 pm in Southleigh Road, Clifton on 2nd Friday and Kildare Road, Knowle on 3rd Friday LADIES MEETING at 7 pm on last Friday of each month at Kildare Road, Knowle KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE on last Sunday of each month

London 11 am at COMFORT HOTEL, East Finchley (off A1000) on 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month On other Sundays church MEETINGS IN HOMES in Muswell Hill and Enfield. SUNDAY MEETINGS also at Crownhill, Plymouth, Nootdorp (outside The Hague) Holland and Montabaur, Germany

Skype teachings Khanewal, Pakistan at 3 pm Tuesdays Europe at 7.30 pm on:  Tuesday – Bringing up children  Wednesday – Bible Study  Thursday – Leadership Training

Week in Portugal 10 – 17 February 2011

Weekend on South Coast 6 – 9 May 2011

The church meets in Brother Dwayne and Sister Natalie’s home several times each week: alternate Sundays; Mondays for prayer meetings; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings to listen to Skype Bible teachings. In photo from left to right: Sister Meribel, Brother Edwin, Sister Maxine, Sister Fiona, Brother Dwayne, Sister Natalie, Sister Keira reading the word together

We belong to the church which Jesus Christ started over 2000 years ago. We meet in homes and in public places and live according to the teachings of the New Testament. We do not belong to any denomination. Christ is coming back for one church. Please phone Pastor Francis on 0117 9633215 or 07903828150 for further information. God bless you.

When I first came to the Lord .... I never expected to be married with an apartment and going to University before I was twenty. However, the Lord has other plans for our lives - which endure forever. I was baptised when I was thirteen on the 28 th December 2004 and carried on in what I was taught by reading the Bible and practising what I learnt. When I was fourteen I had a dream, where I saw a blurred image of a man preaching - he had black hair and was average height. God also told me the other personality characteristics of the man and I knew that He was showing me who my husband was. I wrote the dream down and prayed. After that I left the dream with God and carried on learning and walking with Him. During evangelism, when I was fifteen, was the first time I met Jonathan. I was introduced to him by Pastor Grayson. Being in Jonathan‟s presence felt natural to me, it was as if I had known him for years. At the time I did not make the connection between my dream and Jonathan. Over the next two years I just carried on with doing what God says and going to church meetings. It was a huge time of growth for me. When I was at Hengrove School I learnt to depend on God and set an example in an unbelieving environment. At Sixth form (St Mary Redcliffe) I needed also to stay chaste while many other students around me were having relationships and even kissing each other openly in the common room. As I grew in the Lord, I was contented with Him. I was repulsed by young men wanting a relationship or even proposing to me. It was when I was sixteen that I fell to the floor and prayed again, for God‟s will to be done in my life and to stop these suggestive men coming near me. After I prayed God was working behind the scenes a „good work‟ which was prophesied by Pastor Bruce at the time. As this was happening Jonathan was working part time in bowling complex when he had a text from Sister Fiona. It read that „I know who your wife is going to be, but we will tell you when you get back.‟ As soon as Jonathan got the text he called back. Sister Fiona explained the dream she had the night before. It was a dream of a sniffer dog and it was sniffing out a t-shirt and then returned it to the person. The person said “Take it to his wife”, so the dog came over to Sister Bernice and put the t-shirt on the floor. Jonathan was surprised at the time, but carried on working. In January 2008 was when our parents (Sister Shirley, Pastor Grayson and Sister Fiona) and pastors met to discuss us being betrothed. Jonathan and I agreed and so did our parents. So on the 23rd February 2008 Jonathan proposed to me in my mother‟s house. I had reassurance at the time that it was God‟s will for me to be betrothed, but I did not know how long it would be before we would be married or where the future was heading. Jonathan and I were betrothed for two years and eight months before we were married at Avonmouth Community Centre on Saturday 18th September 2010.

King Square studio apartment: Top left- kitchen with breakfast bar Top right- bathroom with double shower Bottom left- study area with flat screen Bottom right- bedroom and living area

Brother Jonathan and Sister Bernice

Over the time we were betrothed there were many fleshly things God had to strip me and Jonathan of. We both prayed regularly for Him to lead us. Pastor Grayson had a dream on Sunday 15th August 2010. He spoke to Jonathan and me and he was shown that we must be married this year. I was so surprised but relieved that God was answering our prayers with the leading. Three days after God provided accommodation for us. We prayed for God to show us where to live, the door closed on council housing but I had a good witness on student accommodation. God reminded me about the website I seen in January of new built student accommodation, something I wished to have if I could. After seeing the show studio we booked the place, finding out after that there were only six studios left. God also led us in organising the wedding and it went so smoothly we were both so blessed. I am now nineteen and studying Education at Bath Spa University and Jonathan is at City of Bristol College in his last year of IT practitioners BTEC course. I just thank God for He knew the timing of everything and leads us. Sister Bernice and Brother Jonathan, Bristol


Some people in Hyderabad had heard about the 95 baptisms which had recently happened in Khanewal and they too wanted to be baptised and born...

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