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Jesus Christ is Lord! (Matthew 28 v18-20)

Please pray for everyone in this newsletter:

Church News I found happiness No 47 - September 2010

The day they were baptised ...

All aboard as they left Khanewal for their special day. As there weren’t enough seats for everyone, some people ended up sitting on the top of the bus.

Great rejoicing in the canal as each one was baptised and then a photograph was taken to mark the event.

It was a Great Day in Pakistan as 95 believers left Khanewal on Sunday 5 September for their journey to the Nahal Canal. It all started when Pastor Asif ‘found’ Pastor Francis on Skype and asked Pastor Francis to teach them. Pastor Francis agreed and spent 4 weeks sharing why they should be baptised in water by full immersion. They then saw it from the scriptures and agreed. There was great rejoicing as each one was baptised. They praised the Lord on the banks of the canal and shared a meal together afterwards. They have started meeting in homes and others are now waiting to be baptised as well. Please continue to pray for them as they live in a Muslim area and face much opposition. Pastor Asif’s mother faced a death sentence because she had thrown a copy of the Koran into a bin. Her lawyer pleaded ignorance on her behalf as she is illiterate and didn’t know what the book was. Praise God she was let off and was amongst the 95 who were baptised.

Women and children on one side and men on the other side as they ate a meal and fellowshipped together after their baptisms.

Pastor Asif (far right) Pastor Imran (next to him) and other brothers as they read the Word and praised the Lord by the edge of the canal.

This is confirmation of a dream which Pastor Francis had in 1995 where the Lord was showing him that by using the computer, there would be great increase. Praise God!

........and in Mountabaur, Germany

Sister Victoria

Brother Vernasius and Brother Chi

Brother Chi and Sister Victoria were born again and baptised into the kingdom of God on Saturday 11 September. Brother Chi, a medical doctor, is related to Brother Vernasius and Sister Meribel who lives in London. Their families were brought up to be God fearing but were in denominations. As Brother Vernasius shared the gospel and the need for baptism with Brother Chi and Sister Victoria independently, they both realised that they needed to be born again. Sister Victoria and her 5 year old daughter, Joy, attended a church in Germany. She was already baptised with Holy Spirit but had never been baptised in water. It was 8 pm on a Saturday evening when Pastor Francis and Sister Jacqueline arrived at Montabaur Station but by that time every pool in the area had closed so, not wanting to delay these important events unnecessarily, Brother Chi and Sister Victoria were baptised in the bath at Brother Vernasius’s home. Brother Chi was on call the next day and had a 4 hour drive back to his home town. He left Montabaur around 4 am and the journey was difficult because they had only had a few hours sleep, but we thank God that He kept them safe. (Brother Chi’s wife – who was already born again - and son John were also with him) A few days later his wife gave birth to their second child, a little girl. Praise God! The next day, after Sister Victoria had finished working, the church met in Brother Vernasius’s home for the first time and has continued to meet there since then. Not only is Brother Vernasius on fire for the Lord but he also has a wonderful gift of hospitality as with the help of our sister in the Lord, Sister Sophia, Pastor and Jacqueline were made very welcome, very comfortable and well-fed in his home. Please continue to remember them all in your prayers. Pray for increase in the church in Germany

“I only went to town to get my hair done but ended up being born again!” When Sister Alisha heard Pastor Grayson preaching in Broadmead Shopping Centre she went over to get a leaflet from him. She then sat on a bench and read it, with interest. When he had finished preaching Pastor Grayson went over and talked to her. Alisha said she had been attending baptismal classes at a local church but when she was offered the chance of being baptised that day, she jumped at it. She was baptised in a pool on the evening of 16 August. When she got home Pastor Francis prayed for her over the phone and received Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. She has been attending church at Kildare Road and joining Pastor Grayson and Sister Fiona for evangelism in Plymouth. She is a blessing to the church and we thank God she is now feeling much stronger in herself. What a wonderful God we serve! Please continue to pray for Alisha.

The fear of God was instilled in us at an early age

Just a little while ago things were very different.

I was almost sick with worry every day about the wellbeing of my daughter Paula. Every day I was sure the police were going to come to my home any minute to tell me my daughter was dead! Things went from bad to worse. It was then that I went to my local church and asked the Pastor and one or two of the sisters to pray for Paula. I also prayed. I asked God to change her! In the meantime Paula met Brother Ronnie who witnessed to her and encouraged her to get straight with God! When my daughter Paula first told me she was going to Church I didn’t believe her! I thought she was telling me that to stop me from worrying about her. Paula did her best to reassure me that she was serious, even giving me the phone number of one of the sisters to confirm her story. After calling Sister Natalie I still wasn’t convinced until I saw Paula for myself one afternoon in Wood Green with Sister Natalie. She looked so different I was amazed. The way she responded to me on the phone had changed too, her attitude was different! That’s when I started to believe that Paula had really changed. For a long time now I have actually wanted to make a change in my own life. I saw that there was nothing worth running after in the world. So when I was asked if I would like baptism I said Yes! I just figured that I wanted to set a good example for my daughter Paula. both at the catholic school where I went to and at home where my mother led morning prayers. (My father is Catholic and my mother is Presbyterian.) I have always endeavoured to pray daily and maintain the tradition of going to church on Sundays. But I still felt the need to get closer to God. Over the past years, I have had an overwhelming desire to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God and get closer to Him. In 2006, I started a Bible study group and a choir at my local church in the Romford area with the help of the parish priest, but the Bible study group collapsed within a few weeks and the choir collapsed within two years due to lack of interest. My desire to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God continued unabated and last year I formed another Bible study group which met at my house every Sunday. This consisted of 2/3 friends plus my wife, Meribel. I still felt the need to go closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and had an urge to watch Christian channels on the television, read the scripture and testimonies of people who claim to have had encounters with Christ. I became convinced that whatever I do in this life, salvation was ultimately Sister Paula with Mum – Sister Juliette the most important thing and that I must strive towards it. just after her baptism in London It was during this period that I met brother Emmanuel from Bristol almost two years ago and as we got talking, we discovered that we were both seeking the same thing; an understanding of the undiluted Word of God Dates for your Diary and for Prayer: and its practical application in our lives for the purposes of salvation. On 23rd January 2010, brother Emmanuel came to spend the weekend at Week’s holiday in Lagos and Meia Praia, my house and invited me to a church meeting at Comfort Hotel, Finchley, Portugal from 10 – 17 February 2011 where London on 24th January. I was unable to go and he rang me later and said we hope to fellowship with church there, the pastor who had baptised him a few months earlier was prepared to evangelise and have a wonderful holiday. come to my house to witness to me. I welcomed the idea particularly as we Everyone in the church is welcome. EasyJet were having our Bible studies at my house that day for the first time in and Ryan Air flights are reasonable at the several months. Pastor Francis duly came and preached the importance of baptism for moment but will probably increase in price salvation with such biblical accuracy that I knew that this was exactly what I nearer the time. Please let Pastor Francis or had been looking for. My wife and I immediately decided to be baptised. Sister Jacqueline know if you are coming. We went to our local swimming pool but it was closed as it was already late, past midnight, Sunday. So, we came back home and were baptised in Church Weekend in Poole Dorset 6 – 9 our bath. Importantly, since my baptism, I have been following the weekly May. While we were in Poole recently we Skype teaching (Oh! I have missed a few) as a result of which I now have a looked at a very nice caravan site in Sandwell better understanding of the Word of God than I had before. which is between Poole and Weymouth. We The Lord has been gracious to us, and most of my siblings in England, are planning to return again to see if Rockley Germany and Italy have been baptised likewise since my baptism. Also, my Sands is better because of its location. Will wife's uncle in Germany has also been baptised and is now serving the keep you posted and would be grateful for Lord with renewed vigour and also her cousin. your comments. Poole is only about 2 hours Please pray that our faith in the Lord may stand firm and indeed continue from both London and Bristol and we hope the to grow. Brother Edwin, London church in Plymouth won’t mind the longer (Dr Edwin is a senior lecturer in Law at a London University) journey so that we can all fellowship together at this time.

Congratulations to Brother Jonathan and Sister Bernice who were married before the Lord on Saturday 18 September 2010

This letter from Sister Joyce, Kenya, was sent for newsletter. Praise God!!!!!!!! I am Joyce from Kenya. We thank the Lord for bringing us this far. It is because of His mercy that we are life today. Myself and my two children (Elvis and Rebecca) are fine. Since we left England last year, we have gone through difficult things but God Has been on our side. I want to thank the church for your prayers and the surport you have given us. I also want to thank Pastor Francis and Sister Jackie. May the Lord God bless you in a mighty way. My dear sister Annemarie - God bless you so much and may He meet the desires of your heart. All the members of the church God bless each and everyone of you. I have been praying so much for God to open a way for us to come back to England. God has talked to me in dreams and also to my son. He has been seeing visions and having dreams too. I believe that everything that God promises will come to pass. I must say that my Faith has became stronger and stronger since I was baptised last year. I have desired to walk in the way of the Lord. Blessed are all those who wait for Him. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

God blessed us with answered prayers: We had a glorious day of sunshine and fellowship. In amongst the blessings were surprise guests such as Brother Ray from London and Brother Harry who managed to come in his wheelchair. Just want also to thank everyone for helping in one form or another. All the help was a great blessing to us. We would especially like to thank our bridesmaids for looking so beautiful and of course our parents without whose help it would not have been possible. God willing, we would like to share our full testimony in next month’s newsletter. God bless. Thank you very much. Brother Jonathan and Sister Bernice x        

NOTICES Usual meetings in homes in Bristol, London, Plymouth Comfort Hotel, Finchley meetings on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11 am Knowle West Media Centre meeting on last Sunday of month at 11 am Monthly ladies meetings in Bristol and London All night prayer meeting in Bristol on first Friday of Month Fasting and praying on Wednesdays Evangelism in shopping centres in Bristol and Plymouth Lord’s Supper meetings in Bristol on 2nd and 3rd Fridays of month

God bless the church and we miss you so much. May the good Lord bless you all. Sister Joyce, Kenya

Skype! Praise God for the 1 hour Bible Study sessions Pastor Francis is able to do every week. Tuesdays: 3 pm to Pakistan 7.30 Teaching on Family Wednesday: 7.30 General Bible Study Thursday: 7.30 for those going into church leadership but others can join if they want to. If you have a computer all you have to do is download Skype free of charge and then let Pastor know your Skype address so you can join in. It’s a blessing!

We belong to the church which Jesus started over 2000 years ago and are not part of any denomination. For further information contact Pastor Francis on 01179633215 or 07903828150


Please pray for everyone in this newsletter: The day they were baptised ... I found happiness the computer, there would be great increase. P...