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10 The Compass and the Light Mark Hurst

4 From the Editor – Soaking it in R.D. Bassett

12 Cody and Cody, A Younger Breed of Outdoors Television Producers Richard Jordan 14 Annual Shot Show Exceeds all Expectations Doug Gilmer 15 The Best of the Shot Show —Gear Reviews Doug Gilmer 18 Lessons for Living from Flyfishing: Achieving Power, Precision and Grace Rod Johnson 22 A Great Time with God’s Animal Kingdom—Texas Statewide Special Youth Challenge Brandon Rys 26 Fit for the Hunt Doug Gilmer

6 From the Publisher — Conditioned for the Long Haul Richard Jordan 8 Responsible Stewardship —Hunting with Minimum Impact 30 Father/Son Heritage: Never Quit Brian Molitor 34 Seasonal Tidbit – Principal Foods for Wild Turkeys 36 Sportsmen in Action 37 Photo Gallery 38 Launching Outdoors Ministries—Conditioning for the Adventure of a Lifetime Randy Ketchum 40 Dog Training—Puppy Love Means Saying No Hank Hough 42 Featured Ministry— Kingdom Dog Ministries 46 God’s Creation—Not Just an “Otter” Pretty Face Steve Ponchot

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Author | R.D. Bassett

Soaking it In As you head into the woods or the stream where you’re going on your next adventure, take a step back. Step back and take in the rough bark of the trees, the smooth moss-covered rocks in the stream, the smell of the soil, the symphony that the birds are creating. Genesis 1 relates the actual creation of everything you sense around you and the assignment given to man to rule over it all.

Honoring Father in all our activities helps us to be closer to Him. Being close to Him is essential to being conditioned for the journey of our spiritual walk throughout our lives. As your new editor, I hope you continue to enjoy and grow through The Christian Sportsman magazine. I’ve added a couple of things and I’m eager to receive any feedback or suggestions from our readers.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good . . . And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. So God created man in his own image . . .. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1 As Christians, it is our duty and privilege to be educated about God’s creation and to honor the stewardship with which He entrusted us. During the thrill of your adventures and the thoughts of necessary gear, navigation, timing, aim, and other logistics, make sure you don’t miss the experience of awe that God intended when he made the earth and all the creatures that dwell here with us. Be a good steward and take an honorable harvest that would be pleasing to Him. This is one of many ways to be a witness to those around you. In this issue when we talk about hunting adventures, relationships, and our need to be prepared for the “long haul”, let us be reminded of our spiritual commitment as we enjoy God’s great outdoors.

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In His Service, R.D. Bassett R.D. Bassett

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Author | Richard Jordan

Conditioned for the Long Haul

—The Christian life is a call to remain faithful in the little things.

Plans and preparations for hunting big game require the hunter to condition himself not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Such an experience has left an indelible impression in my life that occurred during the spring season of 2001, as we set our plans to stalk the legendary Alaskan grizzly bear. Within a few short days I found myself “holed up” on the side of a mountain in a walled tent sleeping on top of spruce branches in a sleeping bag with temperatures some nights hovering around -20 degrees Fahrenheit. We had trekked almost 1,000 miles on snow machines in some of the most remote areas of Alaska’s interior over the rigorous thirteen-day expedition. The late spring season prevented the grizzlies from coming out of their dens so all we could do was remain persistent in our pursuit of North America’s most fearsome big game animal. All the conditions were just right except the unseasonably cool temperatures and a few blinding snow blizzards. My Alaskan guide was professional in every way; from his unrelenting search for bear drag marks across the snowcovered mountains to his precautionary care in making sure that emergency clothing, along with ample supplies of smoked salmon and cheese, were stashed away in our back packs. The chase was on during several occasions as we picked up drag marks from the elusive brown bear while glassing the sides of the adjacent mountain slopes from a distance of 500-600 yards. Some nights we just called it quits as the sun began to set around 11:30 pm just before midnight. The four-hour ride back to our spike camp was probably the most gruesome part of the adventure. But it was sure a lot of fun and excitement. Without adequate conditioning we could not have achieved our goals. Have you ever felt like giving up in the face of difficult circumstances or disagreeable people? As a Christian sportsman inspired to launch your first Sportsmen’s Banquet & Wild Game Tasting it can be very easy to take on more responsibility than you are able to handle and maybe never 6 | 1.800.722.8714, enter 44

even get the project off the ground. It has been said, “If you want something done right then just do it yourself”. In the short run this faulty reasoning sounds good, but is definitely not consistent with biblical teaching. Perhaps your local church leadership is quick to reiterate to you the last seven words of the church, “It’s never been done that way before.” Since 1995, the CSF chapter at First Baptist Woodstock has hosted an annual Deep Sea Fishing trip to Destin, Florida, as a time for fathers and sons to enjoy a fun tournament salt water fishing event together. Thanks to the persistence of seasoned sportsmen like Jim Ousley of Woodstock, Georgia, the annual event has now been well established as a destination spring event where fellowship with purpose comes together. One year we had as few as 25-30 men and their sons join us for the fun tournament, but the fellowship was rich. Plans are now made each year to charter several of Olin Marler’s custom fishing vessels for accommodating anglers from local churches around the nation. The extensive planning and preparations for the event require that we become conditioned for the long haul in serving Christ! The Christian life is a call to remain faithful in the little things. It is not so important to be the first one out of the starting gate or to sprint out into the lead, but rather the most important part of the race is to finish strong. If God has called you to a task, then he will provide. His provision is sufficient… always. And by the way, I did eventually score with a beautiful chocolate toklat grizzly bear during the spring season of 2001. I remain, On F.I.R.E.,

Richard Jordan

Author | Brad Pryor


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Responsible Stewardship

HUNTING WITH MINIMUM IMPACT As responsible hunters, our focus should be to maintain our natural resources for everyone to enjoy. We should educate, conserve, preserve and inspire not only our ourselves, but our children as well. One primary mission should be to maintain the health of wildlife populations. Their health and population numbers indirectly affect all outdoorsmen.

Keep scouting to a minimum. Always practice minimum impact travel techniques for your mode of transportation. Dismantle meat poles and other structures used while hunting. Pack out nails, ropes, wire, and rifle and shotgun shells. Remove flagging and biodegradable tape used for route finding. It is damaging and unlawful to use a permanent tree stand, blinds or platforms as well as to place spikes, nails, wires or other metal objects into a tree to act as steps or to hold a tree stand on public lands. Avoid damaging or removing trees or other plants when putting up hunting structures or enlarging sight lines. When retrieving game, don’t travel cross-country on your All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Get as close as possible on a trail or road and then travel by foot to the site of your kill. Practice minimum impact camping by using established sites, camping 200 feet from water resources and trails and minimizing use of fire. Observe proper sanitary waste disposal by burying waste 6-8 inches deep and at least 200 feet from trails, campsites, and water resources or pack your waste out.

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Author |

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Author | Mark Hurst

compass and the light the

I went on my first deer hunt with when I was 13 years old. My brother Jimmy handed me our father’s old double-barreled .12 gauge and a couple of bright red buckshot shells and we made the long climb to a point on Big Walker Mountain the bear hunters in southwestern Virginia called the “Spur.” Jimmy kicked away the leaves around an old blow-down, pointed out where the deer usually emerged from a tangled laurel thicket, dropped his big blue flashlight beside me and eased off to his own stand. Just as the sun set off to the west, I finally heard leaves crunching in the cool evening air and through the gathering darkness I could just make out the bluedenim form of my brother returning to pick me up. “See anything?” he whispered as he bent down to pick up his flashlight.

“Nope.” Jimmy pushed the big rubber button near the handle and a small white beam sputtered weakly from the bulb just as the last sunlight faded. The battery was dead and we didn’t have another light. “That ain’t good.” He said. That night, we stumbled our way off the steep side of the Spur through the tangled timber and across rocky chutes covered with dead autumn leaves. We fell a lot. Switch-like branches slapped us in the face and razor-sharp green briar drew blood through our worn-out blue jeans. Eventually we made it out. From that early mistake, I learned a couple of valuable lessons. The first – keep a strong light. The second – always carry a compass. Fast Forward Twenty-seven years later I found

myself curled up beside my 10-year-old boy on his first deer hunt as we watched the evening sun slowly dip behind the mountains of western New Hampshire. We’d hunted hard all day and I was proud of Caleb. He sat quiet and still through that first frosty morning and pulled the long ridge to our evening stand without a single complaint. Now his first day of deer hunting was over and we quickly took off our heavy coveralls and stuffed them in my pack and then unloaded his rifle for the hike out. I pulled a flashlight out of my pocket and twisted the head to turn it on. A tiny tendril of light crept out of the bulb. “That ain’t good,” I thought. The field we came in from lay only about a quarter of a mile to the south. Unfortunately, I was pretty sure that my compass also lay to the south – about 400 miles away in my Jeep back in Maryland.

Jimmy pushed the big rubber button near the handle and a small white beam sputtered weakly from the bulb just as the last sunlight faded.

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The Prayer Caleb and I turned around in the dark a half a dozen times. The thick brush had us zig-zagging off course. I would pick a direction and we’d try to keep a straight line, but eventually, we’d come to the end of the ridge and the field just wouldn’t be there. From where we stood on top of the ridge, there wasn’t a single frame of reference we could use to orient ourselves. No dogs were barking. No lights from a house. Nothing. I knew we could drop back off the ridge and push to the nearest road but that would mean a long pull through thick brush with no light – a painfully familiar ordeal. “Son, we’ll be fine,” I said, “but we may have a rough night ahead of us.” I couldn’t believe I had put him in that situation. Caleb looked so young and so vulnerable standing there in a hat that was a little too big with a rifle more than half as long as he was. I felt like a lousy father. “Dad, the first thing we should do is pray,” Caleb said. “Huh?” I asked. “We should pray,” he said. Then somehow, even though the situation was bleak, I didn’t feel quite so bad. In that moment, my son reminded me that somewhere along the way, I’d actually done something right. So we knelt in the beautiful starlight and prayed a simple prayer. “Lord, please help us find our way.” When we stood up I felt a strange sense of calm and more than a little pride and, for some reason, I realized that I hadn’t even checked the bottom of my pack. I zipped it open and there lay my new flashlight exactly where it wasn’t supposed to be. I picked it up and turned it on and then rummaged a little more and almost laughed out loud when I stumbled across my old compass. “Look here son,” I said holding the compass up in the light for him to see. I’m proud to say Caleb wasn’t even surprised that his prayer had been answered. I set a southward bearing and within a few minutes, we found the field – and once again, we had found our way.

The Stalk New Hampshire’s weekend youth hunt was almost over. We’d been out three times and we hadn’t seen a single deer and a cold, drizzling rain was now falling. I didn’t have much confidence but we packed up and headed out anyway. On that last evening, we hiked through the timber to a clearing and then very slowly hunted up the edge along a steeply sloping field. Halfway up, we stumbled across two porcupines grazing like cows on the last green clover. They turned their backs and bristled their quills. Caleb grinned. He’d never seen a porcupine before. Then, at the top of the hill, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to my knees. “Dad, there’s a deer!” he said, “Between those two hemlocks.” I raised my binoculars and, sure enough, a lone deer was feeding about 225 yards away in the valley below. I quickly shed my pack and we dropped to the damp ground. “We’ll have to crawl son,” I said, “you mind getting wet?” His heart was pounding. Getting wet was the last thing on his mind. The deer looked calm but every now and then, it stopped in mid-munch and stared in our direction. As we inched toward a briar patch 50 yards closer to the deer, the pungent smell of wet autumn loam hung in the air. Our slow crawl seemed to take forever and I prayed all the way. “Lord, please. A solid hit or a clean miss.” Finally, we reached a little bench that put us within 175 yards of the deer. Briars stuck in our pants and we were both soaking wet. Our hearts were pounding. The young buck froze and stared in our direction. Time froze with him. Caleb and I lay perfectly still and finally the deer twitched his white tail and went back to feeding. I handed the rifle to my son. “This is as close as we can get,” I whispered. “Lay the gun across my back, breath like we practiced and squeeze off the shot.” Caleb’s stare was intense for a 10-yearold boy and he spread his down vest on my back and soon I could feel the weight of the gun. Mist hung like wispy smoke in the cool gray sky beyond the feeding deer and my hopes hung with it. Rain

spattered across the bill of my hat and rolled down my cheek. Author | “Lord, please. A solid hit or a clean miss.” Then the gun exploded and the young deer dropped like a stone.

A Reverent Moment The deer lay peacefully still on a bed of tall grass with its last meal fresh in its mouth and there, we rested our hands on its warm flank and gave thanks for yet another answered prayer. Then I hugged my son tightly around the neck and said my own silent prayer of thanks for the fine young man he was turning out to be. “How are we gonna get him out dad?” Caleb asked. “We should get Pepere to bring his tractor.” We climbed back to the top of the hill and, in the evening stillness, I stood in the rain and watched my young son walk down the other side and step across the low stone fence. There was an old trail there that led through the dark timber to Pepere’s house but he’d never walked it alone before. Maybe I should have been a little more concerned about letting him go now, but in the last two days, I’d seen the compass by which my young son steered and the brilliant light that guided him. They were glorious things to behold.

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cover story

Author | Richard Jordan

On the Water and in the Woods with

CODY & CODY A Younger Breed of Outdoors Television Producers

Realizing that almost every outdoors adventure show conceivable was already featured on television, they began to brainstorm and pray together, then came up with a concept sure to get the attention of viewers and advertisers alike.

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Author |

It all started during a bowfishing trip to Lake Texoma in the spring of 2003. Cody and Cody had been best of friends for several years and both are passionate about hunting and fishing. The two teenage boys were being featured as the on-air personalities for a video production during this unique adventure trip. On the way back to Oklahoma City, they reviewed the footage and posed the question to themselves while giving the answer at the same time, “We should film an outdoors show!”

advertisers alike. Three innovative ideas immediately came to mind:

Realizing that almost every outdoors adventure show conceivable was already featured on television, they began to brainstorm and pray together, then came up with a concept sure to get the attention of viewers and

One of the Codys came up with the show title, “On the Water In the Woods with Cody & Cody.” This was all accomplished in the 2-hour ride home to Oklahoma City. It has been said before, “Only in America!” but in this

1. Young on-air personalities would actually host the program 2. The fast-paced action would be interactive over their parallel web site 3. A unique name would distinguish the show from the over-crowded field of other outdoors programming

case the Codys gave credit to divine intervention rather than their own human ingenuity. Rather than place the focus of the program on their own abilities, as would be very easy to do, the boys were inspired to search out creative ways to include other young sportsmen as onair personalities. One of the first productions included a couple of teenagers with Down syndrome, John and Chad. The Codys invited the two to join them on a weekend hunt in central Oklahoma. Both John and Chad harvested two great animals each. A fire was ignited in their hearts as this young breed of television co-producers began to chart a course that has led them to unparalleled success. God confirmed to them

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Author |

Author | Doug Gilmer

Annual Shot Show Exceeds All Expectations

NEW FOUNDER MEMBER Ralph Johnson receives a personalized Founder’s Level plaque for his financial support of CSF.

Dallas Holm featured during the Sportsman’s Prayer Breakfast

The 2007 SHOT Show, held Jan. 11-14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, was the largest in the colossal trade show’s 29-year history.

“SHOT has always been the bellwether for the firearms industry, and early indicators show that business should be as robust in 2007 as the banner year the industry enjoyed in 2006,” Painter said.

“SHOT Show is the Super Bowl of trade shows for our industry,” said Doug Painter, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, owner and sponsor of the show. “Orlando proved to be a winning venue for us. The show was well attended and vibrant, featuring thousands of innovative and quality products that consumers can expect to see on retailers’ shelves later this year.” Since 1997, the membership organization, Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship, has been highly visible at the SHOT Show and 2007 was no exception. The 10th Annual Shot Show “Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast” was a momentous occasion with participation from many industry leaders, Regional Directors and celebrities. Not only did CSF international display their booth, featuring an array of membership levels, chapter organizational tools and projects, but also sponsored two significant events.

This year’s SHOT Show encompassed 656,000 net square feet of exhibit space, a gain of 40,000 over last year, with 1,870 exhibiting companies, up from last year’s 1,846. According to preliminary figures, the show attracted 20,390 buyers, 1,342 members of the press, 19,990 exhibiting personnel and 494 guests for a record total attendance of 42,216. On Thursday afternoon, CSF hosted their annual National Leadership Summit consisting of dynamic speakers and hands-on tools with a lot of practical information about starting chapters across the United States. Over eight states were represented, with members including church leaders, pastors, television producers, and representatives from other prominent Christian ministries. A number of SHOT Show attendees came to hear CSF’s president, Richard Jordan, and

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The Best of the

Shot Show

Author | Doug Gilmer

How does one narrow down the SHOT Show’s best new items from the thousands of items on display? It’s not easy. I spent three full days, from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, walking the floor of the Orange County Convention and I still don’t believe I saw everything. I gave it my best shot (pardon the pun) and this is what I found to be the top 10 best items from SHOT Show 2007 (in 1. Thompson Center Arms Icon rifle and rimfire barrels. Okay, this is actually two items. First, Thompson Center Arms, makers of the famous Contender, G2 and Encore single-shot rifles, has introduced a new premium bolt-action rifle. The new Icon boasts ½ MOA accuracy in its current short action receiver. There are no sights. Instead, an integrated Picatinny scope base is machined as part of the receiver. It can never come loose! Currently, it is chambered in 22-250,

243, 308, and a brand new short action cartridge, the 30 TC. The 30 TC duplicates 30-06 performance in a short action chambering. Thompson

Center hopes to introduce the Icon rifle in different chamber lengths. MSRP for the Icon is $800. Thompson Center has also completed the Encore family by now offering rimfire barrels for the Encore action. Previously, only the Contender and G2 series firearms would accept rimfire barrels. 22 long rifle and 17 HMR are the first of the rimfire chamberings. These accessory barrels should be available in February 2007 (or by the time you read this). continued on page 32

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cover story

As the Codys helped him zero in on just the right game animal, he scored a nice 8 point while Cody got a 10 point | all in the same morning and out of the same Author stand! This was all fair chase; no fences, no feeders.



through this life-changing experience that the powerful medium of television could be harnessed very effectively to encourage other entry-level sportsmen to pursue challenging outdoors activities. After just five short years and 300 episodes later, both Cody Hughes and Cody Easom have developed quite an unexpected following especially among the teenage girls across the state of Oklahoma. This unexpected following of teenagers from across the spectrum of outdoors interest has really grabbed the attention of the outdoors industry. As a commercial entity, the production company continues to cater to the audience that was targeted in their original mission statement. “We are convinced that God inspired us to create the concept that launched the television program” states Cody Hughes. On another occasion, a fourteen yearold girl named Brooke, the daughter of a pastor in Edmond Oklahoma, joined them for a great time together while hunting. Brooke had never hunted Turkey and came from a family that

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did not hunt. She had made it clear that her passions were Basketball and Cheerleading. However, when she was given the opportunity to go with the Codys on a trip, she decided to give it a try! True to a picture-perfect experience, on the first day a nice tom turkey was called in that would rival anything ever seen on The Outdoor Channel as Brooke sat quietly in her metal chair in a cedar camouflaged blind. When she pulled the trigger, the seat went flying back, she rolled backwards two times, then jumped up asking, “Did I get him, did I get him?” Unfortunately, she missed that big gobbler on the early morning adventure but her enthusiasm was not dampened! The evening stalk was successful. Once again Cody called up a nice tom and this one was not getting away! She took home a 22lb. 9 3/4 inch trophy. Another very memorable experience occurred while guiding their young friend, Blake. He is classified as autistic but has never allowed his condition to prevent him from living his life to the

full. The more that Blake watched the television show, the more active he became along with his family as they ventured out into the great outdoors. During the fall of 2006, the Codys asked Blake to go with them to the Chain Ranch in central Oklahoma to be one of the teenagers who would appear on their outdoors television production in promoting the statewide Special Youth Challenge. Blake scored twice. The first was a healthy doe which was great for filling the freezer with healthy venison for several family meals together. On the last day of rifle season Blake was determined to shoot a buck with a trophy rack. As the Codys helped him zero in on just the right game animal, he scored a nice 8 point while Cody got a 10 point all in the same morning and out of the same stand! This was all fair chase; no fences, no feeders. Many might think it was the guest hunters who received the life-changing perspective through this experience. But the real change that took place

The Outdoor Challenge EVENTS are being held in five locations across the state of Oklahoma. The two top Author | scorers will become the next hosts of “On the Water In the Woods” for Oklahoma, and a prize purse of $10,000.00 Steve Easom of C2 Productions serves as the video production manager.



was in firming up the confidence and passion of this new and young breed of television co-producers. It has been this and many similar adventures that have made an indelible impression on the Codys, keeping them humble and providing great opportunities to develop relationships and even share Christ while enjoying their outdoor adventures. Over the last five years, Cody and Cody have been an encouragement to young and old alike. But they aren’t finished yet! One thing gleaned as an opportunity from the show, was to get young aspiring sportsmen better equipped to more fully experience outdoor adventure opportunities. A lifelong skills-set could then be developed and the outdoors tradition of hunting and fishing could more effectively be handed down to their own children some day. Such activities like casting while fishing or becoming passionate about archery and the shooting sports could then be instilled into many more generations to come. The culmination of the Codys five-year quest has prompted them to create


their latest conceptual plan called The Outdoor Challenge program. This program was developed to encourage young girls and guys ranging in age from 12-17 to practice basic outdoors skill-sets in the three basic areas of casting, archery and shooting. These major events becoming well known as The Outdoor Challenge are being held in five locations across the state of Oklahoma. The two top scorers will become the next hosts of “On the Water In the Woods” for Oklahoma, and a prize purse of $10,000.00 each for starting a college fund, along with their own lifetime hunting and fishing license in the state of Oklahoma.


by the Bass Pro Shop Crappie Masters Tournament Trail to host and produce the 2007 US Trail. On the Water In the Woods with Cody and Cody is a statewide, internationally syndicated program that features the two teens fishing and hunting. It airs on two Oklahoma stations, KOKH Fox 25 out of Oklahoma City and UPN out of Tulsa, one Canadian station, internationally on Wild TV, and on the Internet at It is also featured nationwide on The Sportsmans Channel.

The goal is not just to attract more teenagers to participate in hunting and fishing activities, but for young sportsmen to become more skilled as outdoorsmen. It takes practice, practice, and then more practice! The show has given both Codys the opportunity to speak to over 350,000 young aspiring sportsmen, start their own television production business that goes by the name “C Squared Productions, LLC” and they have now been approached

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Author | Rod Johnson

L essons for L i v ing from F lyfishing :

Achieving Power, Precision, and Photography: Glen Smoot

Practice, patience, and perseverance pay off as Jason Hock hooks up another nice rainbow.

In flyfishing, as with any number of interests, there are those who dabble and those who won’t settle for less than their best effort at mastery. Dabblers are content to merely get by. Those in it for the long haul want to be complete in every way. So how do you differentiate between the two? The most obvious identifier of the devout flyfisherman is his commitment of time and energy toward “getting it right.” Practice makes perfect, they say, and any fully-committed fly caster spends countless hours perfecting technique and eliminating flaws. High levels of discipline and devotion are minimal requirements for anyone wishing to be complete. The Federation of Fly Fishers’ booklet “The Essentials of Fly Casting” is brilliant in its brevity, presenting just the nuts and bolts of proper technique. Authors Bill and Jay Gammel begin with five essentials that, “if not correctly performed, you cannot be a complete caster.” Only afterward do they explain how to cast in the first place.

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Photography: Rod Johnson

Why, you might ask, do they cover things in seemingly reverse order? Perhaps it’s unthinkable to the Gammels that anyone wanting to learn to fly cast at all would not want to do it expertly. Therefore, they assume a basic level of ability and explain how to perfect it.

pause of Essential One to work!

So what are the essentials that condition a flyfisherman to cast well in even the most challenging situations? The FFF booklet’s first essential is that there “must be a pause at the end of each stroke.” Even if you aren’t a fly fisher you’ve probably seen us at work. While the motion appears to be uninterrupted, almost hidden in each forward and backward cast is a very abrupt stop of the casting arm. The duration of the “pause” (a more apt word than “stop” because the break is, after all, temporary) is critical. If it is too brief or too long, all sorts of problems result because, as is apparent to an observer, much is actually happening during this pause. The arm and rod stop but the line continues to travel, bending the rod tip and powering it up. Once the line is fully extended and parallel with the ground in either the forward cast or the backcast, the rod will have stored the maximum amount of power the line can produce. The second essential is that “slack line must be kept to an absolute minimum.” Flyfishermen achieve balanced tension in the line by anchoring it against the rod with the casting hand or, more commonly, by holding it in the non-casting hand. Failure to anchor the line prevents full power in the cast. The third essential is that the “caster must move the rod tip in a straight line.” The line follows the rod tip so unless the rod moves in a single plane it will be impossible to execute a straight-line cast. Next, the “size of the casting arc must vary with the length of the line past the rod tip.” Without trying to explain this adjustment, perhaps the most difficult essential for a novice or non-fly fisher to visualize, let me just quote the booklet in saying that “if the arc size is not right for the line length, the rod will not be properly loaded (with power), making it impossible to move the rod tip in a straight line.” The final essential is that “power must be applied in the proper amount at the proper place in the (casting) stroke.” The caster puts the power stored up during the

For Jason Hock the reward of netting a rainbow trout from a challenging stream is a result of his desire to become a complete fly caster. A commitment to not only learn the essentials but master them can provide an edge in catching fish even when others are not.

You can learn a basic cast relatively quickly, but to be successful in any environment under any condition requires dedication, practice, and mastering the essentials. Success means moving past mistakes, dealing with failure and frustration, and seeking out the counsel of others who have more experience. Regrettably there are dabblers in the Christian life but God’s delight is in those who want to live out their new lives in Him as perfectly as possible. Hebrews 12:2 (NIV) calls Jesus the “author and perfecter of our faith.” That’s analogous to saying that the one who teaches us to cast continues to teach us to master it. The spiritual parallels to these fly casting essentials are almost self-evident. As in Essential One, we need regular pauses in order to be our most effective in discipleship and ministry. The duration must be appropriate to our needs. Pauses might be unforeseen and serious such as when God allows health problems, job loss, or financial woes. But our choosing to pause is critical even – and maybe especially – when things are going well. A morning pause for prayer and Bible study readies us for battle. Regular worship and fellowship in the house of the Lord are also critical to spiritual maturity. Special times of prayer and fasting prepare us to face unique challenges or achieve a closer walk.

While it may not be as apparent as in fly casting, much is going on during spiritual pauses. God (the caster) holds His child (the rod) securely while the Holy Spirit Author | (the line) straightens out, reaching from us to His targets. All the while He is powering us up, storing spiritual energy within us until the moment when God wields us again for His will. Be confident! God honors and sometimes creates pauses in your life in preparation for a powerful cast. Be careful! What we see as a pause may actually be slack or spiritual laziness, though we might rationalize it as waiting on the Lord. We should never languish in inactivity for very long. Pauses are necessary, but slack is a problem. As in fly casting we control spiritual slack by means of a solid anchor! We anchor our hearts and minds to God by being not only hearers of the Word but doers. (James 1:22) The third fly casting essential is to cast along a single plane. How many of us as Christians try to live in two planes, or two realms? In John 17:14-16 Christ says that those who are His are not of the world. John expands on this in 1 John 2:15 where he says that “if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” We cannot live in both light and darkness. James says that a double-minded man is unstable in his ways. We must also, as in Essential Four, vary our arc to the amount of “line” we have out. In order for the Holy Spirit to empower us for greater works we must be willing to adjust our lifestyles, perhaps dispensing with some personal conveniences and pleasures. Discipleship involves sacrifice. We must empty ourselves if we are to become conquerors in Christ. Finally, we must wisely apply the right amount of power at the right places to be effective. An accomplished fly caster demonstrates an elegance found in very few outdoors endeavors. The secret is in the proper application of power in quantity and timing. Wimpy casts are ugly, but worse, they are ineffective. Powerful casts are effective and filled with grace. The most Godly people I have ever met understand this. Their extraordinary spiritual strength manifests itself through gracious acts of kindness and unconditional love.

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CSF at the Shot Show

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The Shot Show experience again exceeded all expectations in breaking attendance records and bringing delight to an array of business leaders. Such industry leaders utilize this forum each year to display new Author | innovations in design and application. God works through CSF to open the eyes of thousands of sportsmen who spend time in the woods and the waters of this earth. If you plan to visit next year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas then consider CSF’s challenge to join together with other men and women of like faith and passion by attending one or more of CSF’s sponsored events. As a matter of fact, invite your friends, clients and customers to come with you. Since 1997, many sportsmen including key industry leaders have participated in the prayer breakfast then returned home with a totally changed perspective on life! Chapter Development Director, Randy Ketchum, lay out the organization’s plan for reaching sportsmen with an innovative approach in “connecting” with sportsmen from across the spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts. Each participant was provided with the practical tools and instruction necessary to return home and begin their own church-based chapter. Dallas Holm, most noteworthy as a Christian music performer but also as an avid sheep and whitetail hunter, was on hand to provide special music to set the pace for the leadership workshop. Early Saturday morning, CSF was again privileged to work with the leadership of the National Shooting Sports Foundation to host the annual SHOT Show “Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast”. The tables were filled with men and women motivated to enjoy great food, fellowship, and special music. Ralph

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Johnson, CSF’s newest Founder Member was presented a plaque commemorating this incredible membership milestone. C.J. Buck, of Buck Knives, helped Richard Jordan draw names from among the attendees for the many donated prizes. In addition, several of CSF’s Executive Board Members were present to greet guests and share information about the mission of the organization. A number of prominent outdoor-related companies and “celebrities” attended the breakfast to share their support for the CSF mission and to demonstrate their commitment to making Christ the focal point of their businesses and careers. Most importantly, in classic style Dallas Holm performed several new hits from his latest CD “The Good News Blues”. Dallas then displayed a multi-media presentation highlighting his recent Alaska Dall sheep hunt in the Brooks

Range that just has to be seen and heard to be appreciated. Stories from his thirty-year plus career as a professional musician were fascinating to hear. Dallas was one of the first pioneers to introduce a new wave of contemporary and relevant music to the marketplace. Dallas reminded all in attendance that each of the hundreds of displays on the SHOT Show floor testify to God’s creation in that none of the items would exist had He not spoken the outdoors into existence and made man its steward.

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Author | Brandon Rys

A Great Time with God’s Animal Kingdom Texas Statewide Special Youth Challenge Exceeds All Expectaions

Author Brandon Rys (R) field dresses his first wild boar

Samson Smith is congratulated on a successful hunt

There I was looking at my deer trophy as my mind traveled back to the wonderful time I had at Comanche Ranch. I remembered how my anticipation grew with every second mom was on the phone. She was talking with Mr. Jordan, who was calling to invite me to have one of my dreams come true - going on a real hunt. In south Texas!

truly a fabulous one. Sadly, all the happy fellowship came to an end as we all needed rest for the next big day.

Arrival at Comanche Ranch was so exiting. We were greeted by Mr. Jordan, Mr. Donny, the Friedkin family, our hunting guides, and the rest of the staff. They were all so kind and happy to have us.

The following morning began early so we could meet before the hunt and get to the blind before the deer began to feed. In the blind, asking God for a deer and waiting with anticipation and sweaty hands, I saw two brave little hogs take the corn kernel trap. There were two females and a few piglets. The okay came from my guide, the bullet rang out and one of the hogs dropped. Unfortunately, she got back up and ran off and could not be found.

Not long after the introductions, the hunters of the weekend Alex, Benjamin, Cody, Michael, Samson, and myself, all of whom God has given some kind of challenge(s), went with our hunting guides to the most awesome locker room ever. The lockers all had our names on them and inside each one was a camo shirt, jacket, pants, and boots; all gifts from Cabela’s to help us get the most out of our experience.

The second day was much like the first, a quick gulp of breakfast and out to the blind to get a deer. For me it was the story of the two that got away, a deer that was shot but ran off and a hog that was hit but also ran off. I guess she was shot it in the wrong place. We came back to the ranch just in time to see Michael’s hog. He told me the best (and only way) to kill a hog is to shoot it in the head.

Speaking of amazing gifts, all the hunters in wheelchairs were given a rifle rest for their gun. They even had our names welded in them. We used them in the blind and during shooting practice where we used our rifles to shoot at life-like animal targets.

On the third day, we discovered that the hogs did not learn from being shot at the day before. This time the one I shot went down because she was too busy hogging up her corn. It reminded me of how Satan uses our greatest desires to trap then destroy us as it says in 1 Timothy 6:9b-“Those who desire fall into temptation and a snare and into many foolish and harmful lusts which leads to destruction and perdition”.

That night at dinner we were all exhausted yet ready and exited beyond belief about our first hunt. That first day was

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So my first kill of the weekend was a hog and Michael was right!! I was thankful to God for allowing me to get the hog. That afternoon as we came back, I was happily satisfied with my new hog that was in need of cleaning. I was so excited that they would let me clean the hog and Savannah Friedkin volunteered to help. Just as we finished, Michael showed up with his deer and Alex with his hog. Then, during lunch, Mr. Hank Hough and his dog came and taught us about absolute obedience to God and that He’ll reward us in the end. Like in Hebrews11:8 “Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance”. Refreshed, we went back out in search of that “perfect deer” but instead I landed another yummy hog (no complaints). It was a hard shot but worth it. We arrived back at camp that evening right as Samson came in with his huge brown boar with giant tusks. For dinner, we had the finest Mexican food my tongue has ever tasted and for entertainment, a genuine Mariachi band. Sunday Alex gave his testimony and preached. Alex has an awesome gift of sharing God’s word with others. He taught me that as Christians, no matter what our circumstance, we must always trust God. He always does what is best for us and will glorify Him most.

We also had an amazing singer, Mr. T.J. Klay, who came all the way from Tennessee just for us. He is really working for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

with challenges, the hunt would not have happened for me. Proverbs19:21 “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless Author | that will stand.” the LORD’s counsel-

If all that wasn’t good enough, the Friedkins gave every hunter a personalized camouflaged Bible to grow in understanding of God and His creation, and a Bible cover with the Comanche Ranch symbol on it.

The one thing that was noticeable throughout the weekend was the constant reminder of God’s’ beautiful animals and other creations. Jesus made it all for us and loves us so much He died for us so we could enjoy Him and His creation for eternity. Upon leaving we were all filled with many great memories and new friends.

A little after sunrise on the last morning we had only been in the blind about an hour when a whole herd of deer came into the field where we had laced it with feed. It was then that I saw a humongous 20pt buck and I thought to myself “Thank you, God!! This is my chance to get that perfect deer.” Just as I was sighting in my rifle my guide told me he was a “breeding buck” and therefore could not be shot. I was so disappointed. However right after that God allowed another smaller, but more beautiful, 15pt buck to stand right in front of the blind. My heart was beating fast with excitement when my guide nodded yes and the bullet flew straight through the heart. Thank you God!! Afterwards, we all came back for a picture of all the hunters, parents, guides, and everyone’s animals. Alex got a deer and a hog, Michael also got a deer and a hog, Benjamin got a deer, and Samson shot a huge hog. During my time in the blinds, thinking of God, He reminded me that He has a plan for everything. If he had not made me

Brandon Rys Montgomery, TX. (713)-302-2266 Brandon Rys is a physically challenged teenager and has been confined to a wheelchair throughout his life, as he suffers from severe osteoporosis and other complications. It only takes a little help from other sportsmen for him to enjoy dream weekend experiences such as harvesting whitetail deer and wild hogs. CSF members were very passionate in hosting the first CSF Special Youth Challenge in the state of Texas but it was the passion of young sportsmen like Brandon that will always be remembered. Contact CSF at 770.772.6749 to learn more information about hosting your state’s own CSF Special Youth Challenge event.

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Author | Doug Gilmer

fit for the hunt Have you ever considered how much of Jesus’ ministry on earth was spent outdoors? Much of His chronicled life was spent walking, fishing, or praying outdoors. As a matter of fact, Mark tells us in Chapter 1, verse 13, “and He was in the desert forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild animals…” Talk about hard core! Imagine the physical, mental, and spiritual condition Jesus had to have been in to endure trials he faced while alone in the wilderness! Imagine going on the hunt of a

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lifetime and never achieving your goal of harvesting a trophy animal (or even seeing one) because you could not walk far enough from camp to get where the big animals live? I once read that the average hunter never walks more than one quarter of a mile from his vehicle or from a road. I do not know how scientific this survey was but I think it is probably pretty close. Where I live in Northern Virginia, my experience is that many hunters using public land do not

walk more than that, many no more than 100 yards. One of the biggest complaints from outfitters about their clients is poor physical fitness. A lack of physical conditioning means a hunter may not be able to walk far enough or get up in a tree stand. Worse yet, proper physical fitness can mean the difference between getting the big deer out of the woods and up on the wall or having a heart

In its most basic terms, physical fitness is about three things: losing weight, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and increasing muscle strength and endurance.

attack and never making it home. In a much broader realm, good physical fitness means you will feel better, sleep sounder, live longer, and be much happier in life and family. Being fit will make a person much more mentally sharp and an overall better hunter. There are some myths. First, physical fitness does not mean running marathons. I believe that running a marathon is within the realm of possibility for almost any healthy person but it is not the best indication of overall fitness. Second, fitness is not just for “younger people”. Everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy the benefits of being “in shape”. Furthermore, I have met some incredible athletes who are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! Their fitness levels far exceed that of many (or sadly, most) of today’s high school age kids. Interestingly enough, today’s most successful endurance athletes, those who compete in marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons, are in their mid to late 30’s and even early 40’s. Third, it is not too late to get started. You are not too old, too fat, or too out of shape (if Jesus could save Paul who was admittedly the worst of the sinners he can help you get in shape). Finally, the idea that you “don’t have the time” is just an excuse. If you want it bad enough you can do it. I believe that almost anyone can find 3 to 5 hours a week to improve his or her health and overall fitness. Before starting any exercise program one should visit their doctor for a physical. This is especially true of those who are older, seriously overweight, have high risk factors for heart attacks and or strokes, or have led a very sedentary lifestyle (without exercise) for a long period of time. Let

a doctor make the call on potential risks, hidden health problems, and the respective diet and exercise routine that is beneficial to you without the risk of causing further health damage. In its most basic terms, physical fitness is about three things: losing weight, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and increasing muscle strength and endurance. Losing weight is the one thing most people think of when “getting in shape” is mentioned. When losing weight, the goal is to lose fat. One pound of body fat equals 3500 calories. To lose one pound of fat one must burn, or otherwise eliminate, 3500 calories. If the goal is to lose one pound per week then, on average, 500 calories must be eliminated per day over seven days. If the goal is two pounds per week (the maximum for healthy weight loss), then 7000 calories per week or 1000 calories a day must be eliminated. Most anyone can eliminate 500 calories a day from their diet. It’s not hard it just takes a little work. However, just eliminating 500 calories a day is not going to do much for overall fitness: the weight might drop off but cardiovascular and muscular endurance does not improve. By combining a 500-calorie a day reduction in food intake with a regular exercise routine, the pounds (fat) will disappear more quickly. Forget about fad diets and diet pills. Diet pills are dangerous and fad diets are just that, fads. In consultation with a physician or one of the resources I recommend, develop a healthy eating plan and stick with it. Simply eat more protein, fewer carbohydrates (notice I did not say eliminate carbs…they are one’s source of energy!), and reduce daily sugar intake. When it comes to getting in shape remember: frequency, duration, and intensity (FDI), in that order. These three words should progressively guide any fitness routine. Let’s say the goal is to increase cardiovascular endurance and lose weight with the ultimate goal of being able to run a 5-K (3.2 mile) charity race with your son or

daughter. Maybe you have not run (or even walked fast) since your last visit to your local all-u-can eat restaurant when you saw the cook bring a new pan of banana pudding to the buffet. Begin an exercise routine by walking one mile (about 20 minutes) maybe every other day. Then progress to walking one mile five days a week (this is frequency). Once you are successfully walking one mile five days a week then increase the distance or time (duration) and begin walking a mile and a half or two miles. Finally, once you have increased frequency and duration, you can begin working on intensity. Since having mastered walking 2 miles 5 days a week, begin a little jogging. Maybe you walk for 10 minutes and jog for 5 or whatever ratio initially feels comfortable. Slowly begin to turn up the intensity until you are able to jog the entire two miles. Work up from here until using the same FDI recipe until you are able to complete 3.2 miles. One more myth. You don’t have to run in order to lose weight. You can lose weight by walking. As a matter of fact, you will burn the same number of calories by walking a mile or running a mile. Fat burning is a measure of energy expended, or “work”. Without going into the physics of it all, just know that it takes the same amount of “work” (or energy) to move your body mass over a given distance whether you do it fast or slow. By running, you help to increase cardiovascular endurance and you can run a longer distance in the same amount of time it takes you to walk a given distance (thus burning more calories) but the mile-for-mile benefit is roughly the same. In my experiences, personally and in working with others, a one-mile walk or run (jog) will burn about 100 calories. As your body adapts to exercise and your metabolism changes you will burn more calories more efficiently. Adding some type of weightlifting routine to your workouts is also a plus. FDI works here as well. For most people, two to three days in the gym

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lifting weights is enough to gain muscle mass, strength, and endurance. You will be amazed at how much more quickly you will lose pounds (fat) when a weight-training component is added to your workouts. I hesitate to recommend a weight-training program, as I do not know what is right for each of you. However, there are a number of good books on the subject as well as fitness coaches at local gyms that are trained to do just that. For me, I work on the muscle groups I know I will use the most. This means that in terms of conditioning for hunting season I work on the muscle groups that help me climb into tree stands, hold my bow at full-draw for an extended period of time, climb hills with a heavy pack, and drag big game out of the woods. This does not just mean arms and legs. I also focus on what is called “core conditioning”. A healthy midsection (abdominals and lower back) is critical to overall fitness. If you know you will be going on a hunt next fall that is going to take you to the mountains of Colorado or Alaska you should begin doing some crossover training combining both cardiovascular and muscle endurance exercises four to six months in advance. Packing in all you need to survive a week in the mountains on your back is not an easy task. Packing out moose meat and antlers will take multiple trips and at 125-150 pounds a quarter, plus antlers, you will be in for quite a workout if you are lucky enough to harvest such a tremendous animal. Even pulling a large deer out of the woods is not an easy chore. Invest in a good backpack, preferably the one you plan to take on your trip, and one that has an internal frame. Begin adding weight to your pack and wearing it on long hikes or walks around your neighborhood. Start out by carrying about one-tenth of your body weight and slowly increase the weight until you are able to walk 2 or 3 miles (or more) with your pack weighing one-third to one-half your body weight. The area in which in live is home to a large number of military members. I routinely see residents of my neighborhood who are preparing for deployment walking the streets with

heart rate into the THR range for 2030 minutes will help you achieve your fitness goals most effectively. The little things you do each day can help you get in shape and lose weight as well. Mowing the lawn (with a push mower of course), parking further away from the store, and taking the stairs at work rather than the elevator all require you to expend energy and thus burn calories.

The Garmin Forerunner is a wrist-worn GPS unit not much bigger than watch. Not only will it help you find your way home but will also keep track of far you have walked or run, your pace, and calories burned. An optional heart rate monitor is also available. The author highly recommends this product to anyone seeking to get in shape. .

fully loaded rucksacks in preparation for their upcoming tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. They certainly see the correlation between being in shape and survival. To maximize your training for weight loss and cardiovascular endurance understanding something called your “target heart rate” (THR) is important. The goal in any exercise program is to increase your rate thereby making your body work harder so that greater benefit can be realized. The most commonly accepted method to calculate your maximum THR is to subtract your age from 220 (226 if you are female). For purposes of exercise, the most benefit will be achieved by elevating your heart rate to 60-80% of your maximum. This range is called your target rate heart rate. At a 60% THR fat burning is taking place. At 80% THR maximum cardiovascular endurance is being increased. You can purchase heart rate monitors for fitness that will tell you when you have reached your THR. The cheaper way out is to take your pulse. Take your brachial or carotid pulse for at least 20 seconds and multiply that number by 3 or take it for 30 seconds and double it. Elevating your

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Finally, read. There are a number of good books out there on getting in shape and healthy eating. Some of the books out there are very inspirational and motivating. You don’t have to want to run a marathon to read these books. They are simply great guides to getting in shape and they tell motivational stories about people overcoming odds to do what they once thought was impossible. The Internet is also full of resources. Bottom line; stop making excuses and start getting in shape. You owe it to yourself, your family, and to God. Getting fit might just help you fill that empty space on your wall too! Resources Abs Diet Series: David Zinczenko. The Abs Diet is not a diet; it is a guide to healthy eating and nutrition. Highly recommended. Complete Idiot’s Guide to Working Out with a Partner: Ted Vickey and Aimee Labrecque Backcountry Bowhunting: Cameron Hanes. In addition to being a professional hunter, father, and editor of Eastman’s Outdoor Journal, Cameron Hanes is also an accomplished endurance athlete. Cameron provides the incentive, motivation, and methods for getting in peak physical condition. This book will help give you the motivation and incentive necessary to prepare for your next backcountry adventure. Whatever method you choose to hunt, this book is a must read. This website is full of tips, motivating stories, and products to help you get in the best shape of your life! This website is hosted by Dr. David Horton, a serious Christian and my former P.E. teacher at Liberty University. He is also author of the book, A Quest for Adventure, available from the website. Marathoning for Mortals: by John “The Penguin” Binghan and Jenny Hadfield. This is one of the best books on running ever. Another must read.

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Father \Son Heritage

t i u Q r e Nev The Rocky Mountain air was ripped by the screams of not one, but two bull elk, headed straight for me.  Some fifty yards away, my buddy and veteran outfitter, Scott Mactiernan, masterfully called the elk into range. In a matter of seconds, my five-year quest to take an elk with my bow would be fulfilled I felt the ageless excitement of the hunt when one bull broke free from the dark timber. My heart raced as muscle memory from shooting hundreds of arrows back home in Michigan took over. Top pin on his shoulder. Draw. Steady. Breathe. Hold. Release. Whoosh!  At the shot, the bull leapt forward and ran out of sight. After finding our initial sign, we decided to wait a full hour before tracking the bull. Everything seemed perfect, but that soon changed.  Just as we began to search for the bull, the Colorado sky grew dark and light rain began to fall.  Within minutes, the light rain turned into a fierce thunderstorm, complete with hail. The blood trail, so promising just minutes before, was now obscured by wind-whipped leaves and grass blowing across the cold, forest floor.  Tracking in that mess seemed hopeless,

but we kept hoping for a miracle. It never came. After many hours of searching in the bone-chilling storm, we finally called off the search. Dejected, we slogged back to the truck for the long drive back to camp. I silently stared out the window, crushed by the sad turn of events. Everything had been so perfect...until the storm came. I felt like such a failure and actually thought about giving up on hunting. I could have accepted a clean miss, but the thought of losing such a beautiful animal really hurt. Many “what ifs” assaulted my mind, especially since I had only one day left to hunt.  Despite the beauty of the Rockies, I have never felt so low. The next morning, Scott and I decided to drive back up the mountain for one last try.  We offered up a prayer, grabbed our gear, and then slowly descended a valley where we had seen fresh sign earlier in the week.     Halfway down, we stopped momentarily, taking in the beauty of God’s creation.  Suddenly, we heard the sound of branches breaking behind us.  It was a large cow elk headed straight for us! Scott blew his call twice and the elk skidded to a stop behind several small Spruce trees, not more than five yards away. Now, the fun began. The elk could neither see us nor smell us but I couldn’t move to draw my bow. For more than a minute, none of us moved. Then, Scott skillfully turned his head away from the elk and blew his call one more time. This was more than the elk could stand. It took a few steps, cleared the trees, and began to circle below us, just a few feet away. I looked back at Scott and he mouthed the word “shoot!” As the elk’s head passed behind a lone Aspen, I quickly drew and released in one motion. Crack!

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Author | Brian Molitor

It sounded like a rifle shot.  The elk took off running as my buddy whisper, “Did you hit that tree???” Stunned, I shrugged my shoulders. The elk had been so close I couldn’t even see the arrow once it left the bow. Had I failed again?  We then turned our eyes toward the running elk and were amazed to see it stop, stagger, and then fall, just fifty yards away. Scott and I quickly reached the downed animal and rejoiced, thanking God for the harvest. Unlike the day before, the shot had been perfect, passing completely through and striking ribs as it went. Amazingly, the animal was only eight steps from me when I took the shot. My five-year quest to harvest an elk with my bow was over.  I was glad that I had not given up. As always, lessons learned in the field can apply to other parts of life, especially to fatherhood. We all want our sons and daughters to succeed in life and to avoid the many pitfalls that await them. However, despite our best plans, sometimes storms come and wash away our dreams. A son falls prey to drugs. An unmarried daughter gets pregnant. Storms. Disappointments. Whenever these things occur, even the toughest man can be tempted to give up. The best lesson from the hunt is that God is the master of the second and even third chance. He is able to turn the bleakest looking situation into a great one, if we simply don’t quit. Remember, it is the times that our children fall the hardest that they need us the most.  So dad, no matter what you and your family are facing right now, just don’t quit!  Stay in the hunt.  No matter how tough yesterday was, God has a better tomorrow for you and for the sons and daughters under your care.

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2. The Diaphresh. This is a complete diaphragm call freshening system. This plastic field box stores your diaphragm calls, be they for elk or turkey, suspended from the inside

of the lid. The multi-prong clips separate the reeds of the call while holding it securely. At the end of the day pour some of the Diaphresh cleaner in the bottom of the box, shut the lid holding the calls, and agitate (shake it around a little bit). All the spit, grime and grit from a day’s hunt is washed out. Pour out the dirty solution and leave the lid open for the calls to air dry. For more information contact Val atval@ or call 614-570-1641. 3. The Sunrise Heater by Scent Free Outdoors. Do you hunt or camp in cold climates? Are you looking for a lightweight heater for your

blind without the worry of carbon monoxide poisoning? The Sunrise Heater is for you. This heater is fueled by one-pound propane gas canisters available at most any Wal-Mart or sporting goods store. There is no odor with this heater. Making things better is the low carbon monoxide emission rating this device has achieved. Their patented Jet Clean technology eliminates odor and dangerous gas. The Sunrise Heater is officially rated at only 9.4 ppm for carbon monoxide. This is well within the “safe” range and well below other

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brands. While I was watching, Kevin Stoltz and Dan Dehring, owners and developers, could not get the CO detector to read any higher than 5 ppm! The unit is built entirely from stainless steel and its design allows for the top of the heater to be used as a cooking surface. At about 10 pounds and a burn time of about 8 hours on one, one-pound canister, this is a piece of equipment you will not want to be without when the weather turns cold. The Sunrise Heater should be on store shelves by next fall. www.scentfreeoutdoors. com (989) 464-0598. 4. Manzella Gloves. Finding gloves that fit well is not an easy task. Finding gloves that work well while bowhunting and shooting is even harder. Manzella Gloves are now the

official gloves of the United States Olympic Shooting Team. These gloves fit great! In addition, they have a new series of bowhunting gloves in various weights and sizes to meet the needs of any client in any environment. What makes their gloves unique is the fact that the bow release strap can still be worn next to the skin. The actual release aid fits through a small slit at the wrist. This, combined with their incredible fit, means your hands stay warm and camouflaged while still allowing for the dexterity and sensitivity needed to accurately release an arrow. Manzella makes gloves for a wide variety of applications including snow sports, law enforcement and tactical. 5. Hunter Dan Deer Hide Camo. Hunter Dan toys and action figures are a huge success around my house. My kids like them too! This year, Hunter Dan is introducing Deer Hide

Camo. This truly unique and fun camo pattern will not only appeal to Author |

kids but also adults who are turned off by the traditional camo patterns consisting of sticks and leaves. Deer Hide is effective too. Recent hunts and testing by the Hunter Dan staff have proven that this camo pattern will work well in a variety of hunting terrains. A full Deer Hide pattern clothing line as well as tents and toys are planned for 2007. 6. Bushnell GPS NavSystem. I have been waiting for two years for Bushnell to release their new GPS. What makes Bushnell’s new GPS system different from others is you no longer have to look at dots on a blank screen or road map. When hunting, it is important to know where you are in relation to the terrain so you can find funnels and positions of advantage. The new Bushnell GPS allows you to download satellite imagery of the terrain you are hunting and layer it over the

existing navigational data. It lets you see exactly where you are in relation to the terrain you are hunting. In short, it is incredible! Pricing begins at $150 MSRP. A top of the line model (about $500 MSRP) will soon be available that also includes XM continued from page 35

2007 National Deep Sea Fishing Fun Tournament Destin, Florida—May 18-19th Hosted by area CSF chapters

Friday Afternoon Cook-Out and Instruction • Saturday All Day Fun Fishing Tournament Join sportsmen from around the nation who have a passion for salt water fishing and fun fellowship together. Schedule a special weekend on the Gulf of Mexico while out on the emerald waters of the Florida panhandle. Bring a friend or family member as your guest! q q

Registration: $65 per fisherman – Family members are free!

Includes: Friday participation in dockside cook-out, speaker, door prizes

Full Day 8 Hour Fishing Trip: $135 per fisherman

Includes: Saturday breakfast and lunch on board the fishing vessel & award trophies

Contact CSF Headquarters Today 770.772.6749 or Online at

2007 National Leadership Summit Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel Wolf Creek Skeet & Trap Range • Friday & Saturday - August 24-25th

Join together with CSF members from across the country to pray for our great hunting & fishing heritage as we are … Taking Adventure to a Higher Level! Hear keynote speakers, fellowship together and enjoy a fun skeet shoot at the former World Games venue of Wolf Creek… bring you shotgun or use a loaner twelve gauge firearm. Bring your wife for a weekend get-a-way. Meet other Christian sportsmen who are passionate about serving Jesus Christ in the Great Outdoors. Learn how other chapters have modeled outreach events such as: Fast Track Chapter Formation Sportsmen’s Banquet & Wild Game Tastings Silent Auction Chapter Friendraising Events Innovative Workshops & Clinics Seasoned Sportsmen’s X-treme Discipleship Series Chapter FIRESIDES as Introductory Events BASE CAMPS for Discipleship Training

Early Registration only $65 per person (or couple) After July 31st $95 Go Online at or call 770.772.6749 Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 33

Author |

Author |

Principal Foods for Wild Turkeys How’s the habitat?

Principal Foods During the Four Seasons

The kind of food, cover and water present in an area determines the suitability of that habitat for turkeys. Different foods are preferred during the four seasons. Turkeys may use different areas in the winter than they do during the spring and summer. Because food plants are distributed variably throughout turkey range, principal foods are given here as generalities.

Winter Spring

By learning to recognize preferred foods, the turkey hunter can better identify where turkeys might be found. The amount of birds in a spring flock is a reflection of quality of habitat and the weather during the previous spring. Heavy spring rains and extended cold periods cause high polt mortality resulting in fewer jakes the following spring. From the New Jersey division of Fish and Wildlife website www.



Grass, leaves


Grass, sedge

Grass, sedge



Corn Corn

Acorns Insects

Wild grapes


Wild cherries





Wild grapes



Bristle grasses



Non-woody legumes




Wild grapes

Wild grapes


Wild cherries


Black gum



Buckwheat Buttercup




Celebrating Your Son’s Journey to Maturity Discover how to design and implement a positive plan for your son’s development, using the powerful principles of mentoring, intentional blessing, and rites of passage, so that he becomes the man God created him to be. Without guidance, a boy’s transition from childhood to manhood is dangerous and confusing. With tragic results, today’s boys rarely learn from the adults closest to them what it means to become a man. In this celebratory and hopeful book, parents and other concerned adults learn how to guide boys and young men on their journey to maturity. Includes creative solutions: • How to celebrate coming of age • How churches can help boys grow into manhood • Tips for single parents & others with unique circumstances • Biblical foundations for mentoring • How other cultures recognize a boy’s coming of age Order Today: | 770.772.6749

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Summer Fall

Wild rye Hornbeam 

radio. You may not want to listen to music while you are hunting but it is important to know the weather conditions. A proprietary agreement with XM radio will allow you to download the weather forecast and overlay it onto the map on your screen so you can actually see weather fronts moving into your hunting area. This GPS is designed for the outdoors. This thing is tough, rugged, and very cool. 7. Mossy Oak Bio-Logic’s Farming for Wildlife. Planting food plots has begun to catch on around the country. It is an incredibly easy and effective wildlife management tool that can be used on nearly any property size. Mossy Oak Bio Logic has certainly been an innovator in this area and new this year is their Farming for Wildlife magazine. This is not just another hunting magazine. As a matter of fact, I did not see a single hunting adventure captured in its pages. Instead the magazine claims to be “the journal of wildlife stewardship.” Since we are the stewards of God’s great creation, a magazine such as this has been a long time coming. Inside its pages you will find the latest and greatest on how to properly manage all types of wildlife. If you were not born with a green thumb (or maybe just grew up in the big city) and need some help preparing your land, Farming for Wildlife will help you through it. Oh, and don’t be surprised if Toxey Haas, Founder and CEO of Mossy Oak, challenges you to make a closer examination of your relationship with the Creator in his Toxey’s Talk column. 8. Vortex Optics. Vortex Optics is a relative newcomer to the optics world. Recent mention in various hunting and shooting publications has helped bring the company some well-deserved attention. Featuring binoculars, spotting scopes, and riflescopes, Vortex offers the full range of products for the outdoorsman. Best of all,

Vortex price points are well within reach of most anyone. Lower price does not mean lower quality. I had the opportunity to examine their products in-depth and was very impressed. I tried my best to make the crosshairs “wash out” in various lighting conditions and against dark backdrops but I could not. Their

binoculars are especially impressive. They offer features normally found only on much more expensive optics. The best part about Vortex is that they offer a 100%, unconditional, unlimited warranty. They say it does not matter what happened or how, Vortex will repair or replace it. 9. Hornady. Hornady continues to lead the pack in the way of innovation. New for 2007 are five new (or renewed) cartridges. The new 308 Marlin Express offers typical 308 Winchester big game performance from Marlins new XLR lever action series rifle. The 450 Bushmaster is

for use in AR-15 platform rifles. One simply swaps the upper receiver for one chambered in this fat-boy cartridge and you have a semiautomatic big-bore rifle. The 375 Ruger is a standard length cartridge that is said to out-perform the traditional 375 H&H. It offers an incredibly flat trajectory to 300 yards and is available in 270 and 300-grain bullet weights. The 9.3 x 74R and the 450/400 Nitro Express 3” are two classic chamberings that Hornady is breathing new life into. Still popular

in European circles, they fell far behind in U.S. sales over the years. Hornady and Ruger are partnering for a cartridge comeback. Finally, the 30 TC, is the newest Hornady creation and is obviously being chambered in Thompson Center firearms. According to Hornady and TC, this cartridge out-performs the 30-06 nearly 100 fps while achieving a 15% reduction in perceived recoil. 10. Visa Endurance fabrics. Visa Endurance fabrics by Milliken started the “performance fabric” trend. A number of companies either borrowed the idea or were licensed to market their own products made with the Visa technology. Visa is now marketing their own performance fabrics and is targeting

the outdoor community. Their silver ion permeated fabrics are designed to absorb no odor. This is important when in hunting camp for days at a time with no shower. The fabric does not just repel body odor, however. Unlike other scent eliminating products, it will not absorb any odor including smoke and food odors. Visa Endurance fabrics are also moisture wicking, fast drying, and almost stain proof. A full line of outdoor and hunting clothing is available. Products can be purchased through Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops. You can find out more at There you have it, my top 10 best items from the SHOT Show. I suppose if I could make a couple of honorable mentions (really just a way to slip in an “11th and 12th top item”) one would go to Ameristep ( They have introduced a new 22-foot continued on age 44 Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 35 Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 35

Sportsmen in Action

Author | Dave Iverson

Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship Chapter Events Growth Opportunities for Church Men’s Ministries On a recent Sunday in church someone asked, “Why do we (our Sportsmen’s chapter) have so many events?” On the same day, another asked, “What are the Sportsmen doing this month?” In both cases the questions asked were not from individuals involved in any way with the chapter or the sportsmen’s ministry.

Our CSF chapter began just over a year ago but quickly became very active. Our first event in 2006 was held at the end of May and we went on to hold 14 other events. In 2007, we have 27 events either scheduled or in the planning stage. That would get recognition in any church, regardless of the size. Since we promote our events through the church bulletin, an event bulletin board, church newsletters and regular church announcements, it’s hard to miss another sportsmen’s ministry event being promoted. There is no other ministry, except “sports outreach” (involving team events like basketball, etc.), that has such a large number of events. The visibility of the ministry and the numbers, make it an understandable target for people to ask questions. So, why do we have so many events? The answer to that is addressed in why we have any one event. In our 30second pitch on what the sportsmen’s ministry is, we say, “Our outdoors

36 | 1.800.722.8714, enter 44

ministry is a special interest group that has evolved as an outgrowth of the Men’s Ministry of Eastview Christian Church. It is composed of men and their families that share the common passion of the great outdoors through activities such as hunting, fishing, sport shooting, archery, camping, canoeing, etc.  Its purpose is to provide opportunities for men and their families to enjoy outdoor activities with other sportsmen and connect with individuals no matter where one stands in his relationship with Jesus Christ, and grow in one’s spiritual walk through these connections.  Our mission: To encourage and empower sportsmen to discover and develop a deep passion for Jesus Christ in the context of the outdoor adventure.  We are about enjoying God’s Creation.” So it’s really that simple – an event is an opportunity. That opportunity includes: EnjoyinganoutdooractivityandrecognizingGod’s creation. Connectingwithothermenandtheirfamilies inactivitiesthatareofcommoninterest.These connectionsaremadeduringeventsthatthe sportsmanenjoys,andaremadewithChristian meninthecontextofsharingtheirpassionforJesus Christ. Allowingmentogrowintheirownspiritualwalk nomatterwheretheymaybeinthatwalk.Formen seeking–thereisanopportunitytoacceptJesus ChristastheirLordandSavior.Otherparticipants andthosethatplantheeventandprovideleadership can’thelpbutgrowthroughtherelationshipsthat are developed. No individual, whether a participant or leader, attends every event. It’s based on one’s schedule and those they invite. There might be a hunting event on the same day as a fishing event or there may be three guys headed out to a favorite fishing hole on a Saturday and, through the ministry, they invite other men along

and make some new friends (inside or outside the local church). During their time at the fishing hole they may have a discussion about a particular Bible verse that one of the men is studying. Without any formal planning, these men have just held an event, a Bible study, a small group and an accountability group session all combined in one morning of fishing. Events are member-led (with some guidelines), not planned and led by the same three or four guys that are part of the leadership team. Duplicate this and multiply it by 27, or whatever number of events you schedule, and you’ve got a vibrant active ministry. Here’s the kicker – when men get involved and they’re challenged, growth happens. When growth happens, strength to endure results. When that is recognized, worship of the One that makes it happen occurs. It doesn’t take much to realize that man himself, nor man-made instruments, can transform a life like Jesus can. Our growth is not immediate – it’s a process:!

I Peter 1:5-11 “For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

TCS Photo Gallery

The Christian Sportsman— ALl Rights Re-

CSF National Special Youth Challenge at Legends Ranch – (8) Hunters, (8) Trophy bucks, (1) Doe and (1) Coyote (MI)

The Christian Sportsman Art Director, Dwayne Bassett, on his Wedding Day with his bride, Rachel (GA)

Ned Yost – General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team (WI)

Paul Meeks (c) with CSF Leaders from First Baptist Alpharetta Chapter (GA)

Television show host, Michael Waddel (L) with Kevin Ferguson

Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 37

Launching Outdoor MInistries

Author | Randy Ketchum

conditioning for the adventure of a lifetime When making our plans for the hunt or the fishing excursion of a lifetime, it is not uncommon for a person to invest a year in preparation, physically getting their body in shape, studying the area and weather, preparing gear, lining up guides and a maraud of other details associated with such an undertaking. Yet how much conditioning and preparation do we, as sportsmen, really invest in this adventure we call life? Better yet, as men leading an expedition of family members through the forests, wilderness or rough seas of life – with all its snares, danger and outright attacks from our enemy? What does it take to “finish strong” as James speaks of in the New Testament, or to “stand firm” as Paul admonishes us in the last chapter in the book of Ephesians? In my travels throughout life, as well as in the counseling office, I have found so many men, including myself, who become very excited about the adventure, whether it’s the hunt, fishing expedition or a marriage. Many, if not all, have good intentions; planning on finishing well, coming home with the a nice trophy or, with regard to marriage, finishing better than what was modeled for them, or to “do as good as.” Well, you get the picture. But, without conditioning, the best-laid plans will undoubtedly become frustrated (see Proverbs 15:22), whether on that hunt or trying to navigate a marriage through life. Not many of us would dare set out on one of our outdoor adventures with as little preparation as most of us put into leading our precious wives and children. Yet God Himself has set a wonderful plan in motion for us to succeed. (See Proverbs 16:3,9; Psalms 37:23) Have you ever been with a group, way out in the outback somewhere, beyond the point of simply turning back, and

one of the group couldn’t make it? Not due to any injury or even a hidden physical problem, but due solely to a lack of conditioning, planning and being prepared. Everyone in the party is affected by the poor choices and lack of conditioning of that person not able to finish the adventure. How often have I seen this when it comes to leading a family! You see, men getting together in small or large groups, is much more than just sharing our passion of the outdoors, swapping lies, excuse me, “stories” about the latest hunt or how BIG the catch was that almost got in the boat. We were created to need fellowship, literally to need each other. “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another”. (Proverbs 27:17) The primary focus of every CSF local chapter is to serve sportsmen and their families in realizing and experiencing personally, the love of Jesus Christ, through our shared passions of the Great Outdoors. If all we experience is the actual hunt, the catch or even a great time together, and miss the One who is seeking us, then we will have missed the adventure altogether. Consider the following very simple process designed for us sportsmen …“Fellowship with Purpose”: Fellowship Together + Discover Christ + Become Passionate

1. Fellowshipping Together Encouraging one another through fellowship and evangelism. These are skillfully designed events and community activities with the goal of providing an environment conducive to life change, which can only take place by an individual coming face-toface with Jesus. 2. Discovering Christ Through the X~treme Discipling Series unique to Sportsmen, we begin to equip one another, “as iron sharpens iron…” to grow in our personal relationship with God. Help rewire the way we men think, especially in the areas where we have developed the habit of thinking wrong. And guide men in being set free from the “performance trap” that so many of our gender find themselves enslaved. 3. Becoming Passionate Then follows the supernatural byproduct of one’s growth and maturity in the Lord. Not only helping to facilitate a man in finishing strong, but also empowering him to take someone else on the greatest adventure of their lifetime with the One who spoke all of creation into existence. Now that is one adventure you do not want to miss or pull out of half-way through due to a lack of conditioning! I encourage each one of you reading this magazine, to join a small band of real men, dealing with real issues, walking a real faith and trusting in a real God. A local CSF chapter near you is a great place to begin conditioning today. Conditioning to finish strong!

The diagram above illustrates what every event and outreach within CSF chapter outings are designed to accomplish; conditioning men for:

Randy Ketchum is the CSF Director of Chapter Development. His family left to right: Jessica (14), Amy Jo, Randy and Branan (8)

38 | 1.800.722.8714, enter 44


Church Leaders! Author |

Order Your Chapter Chartering Package Today! Launch an effective outdoors ministry today by chartering your own church-based chapter of Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship! Just as Jesus modeled leadership by investing time with ordinary men in establishing the first century church, today’s leaders can also encourage and empower others to serve with a lifestyle of passion. Be a core member in an outdoors ministry in your area or church by launching a CSF Chapter. Begin by becoming a Charter Member today and receive a one year membership! Suggested minimum contribution of $74.50. Twelve Charter members can then launch a chapter.

Get Started Today! Contact

CSF Headquarters today at 770.772.6749 to order your Chapter Chartering Package and join as a CSF Charter Member

Chapter Chartering KIT includes: • Twelve Chapter Charter Membership Kits • Your own Chapter Website for Personalized Member Communication • Quarterly Shipment of Fifty Copies of The Christian Sportsman magazine • Chapter Directors Kit with Instructional Manual, “Vision” DVD & Planning Notebook (can be ordered seperately) • Chapter Ministry Planning Template for Customization • Digital Files for Designing CSF Logo Sportswear and Promotional Materials • Regional Director Assistance in Planning Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 39

Author | Hank Hough

Puppy Love MeansSayingNo! GodhastoldusthroughtheBible inJames1:2thatwearetowelcome trialsanddifficulttimes.  Itsays to  countthemalljoy…“foryou knowthatthetestingofyourfaith producessteadfastness(patience), andletsteadfastness(theability tositandstay)haveitsfulleffect, that you may be perfect and complete,lackinginnothing.”

40 | 1.800.722.8714, enter 44

Simply put, a puppy that cannot sit, or refuses to sit, cannot learn; and a puppy that does not learn will never be all that he can be.  Our job as a trainer, a coach, and a parent is to make those we love do the things that they don’t want to do in order for them to become the things they need to become to fulfill their purpose in life and glorify their Master. The Bible says that the first step to wisdom is fear of the Master.  It does not say to “fear the Master.”  It says to have fear of the Master.  You, as the master of your puppy, can see and understand things he cannot. The same is true of your Master. Have you noticed that most puppies (and children) think that they have to rebel to be free? They will dig out, jump over, and run away every chance they get. Why?  So they can be free. How do you tell them that the Bible is true and that if they will just

sit, stay and learn then their Master will give them true freedom?  It is this rebellious puppy that refuses to sit with patience and be taught that usually ends up forced to walk through life on a short leash, or locked behind a fence, or tied to a tree, or even made to live in a cage.  Think about it: the results of his choice to rebel in order to be free leads to just the opposite of his desire and he becomes confined. Why? Because serving himself is more important to him than serving his master. Why? Because he cannot be trusted, nor will he trust and obey.  The irony is that the dog that is willing to be obedient, the dog that is willing to sit in patience, the dog that is willing to deny himself and follow his master is the dog that is allowed to run free.  He does not have to be kept behind a fence, or tied to a tree, or kept on a short leash to walk in the park. His master can trust him to obey his voice.

NORTHERN SUPPORTERS OF CHRISTIAN SPORTSMEN’S FELLOWSHIP “Put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment”

1 TIM 6:17b

Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou

Arctic Island Caribou • Mainland Muskox • Arctic Island Muskox Walrus Polar Bear • Barren Ground Grizzly Bear • Arctic Wolf _______________ PO Box 820, Yellowknife, NT, Canada X1A 2N6 E-mail: •

Tel: (867) 920-2196 • Fax: (867) 920-4263 Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 41

Alaska Wilderness Missions Trips An Invitation for

CSF Chapter Leaders to Plan Your 2007 Chapter Leader Exploratory Trips

Skilled and unskilled crews work as a team

 So here is your beginner’s tip for today.  If the first step to wisdom is fear of the master, then the first word that a puppy needs to learn is “no.”  “No, you are not in charge of this house;” “No, the world does not spin around you;”  “No, my purpose in life is not to just entertain you.”  Yes, you do have to learn; yes, you do have boundaries and responsibilities; and yes, I do love you very much.  So, let’s go back to the beginning.  How do we teach our puppy to obey the word “no?”  Well, he already knows that word. His mother has already taught him “no,” just in dog language.  Think about it: one growl from momma dog and every puppy will freeze in his tracks. A mother’s bite is a very serious consequence for not stopping immediately.  She does this because it could save his life if a predator is in the area. So all we have to do is to reinforce what she has already taught him.  We just have to change the language from dog to human.  Momma uses a growl, we use “no.”  The only difficult part of continuing this training with our puppy is that we must also have consequences for his not obeying.  Now, I don’t suggest you use your teeth to bite him (smile), but I will tell you that it must be a strong and understood consequence.  A real consistent spanking for his moving after the word “no” is a must for his freedom.  It could save his life someday.  Once he has transferred that command, teach him to sit.  It is in the word “sit,” that James 1:2 becomes alive, “for it produces steadfastness (patience), and let steadfastness have its full effect, that he may be perfect and complete, and lacking in nothing.” When your puppy can sit in patience with his eyes fixed on you, he can hear, and when he can hear he can learn, and when he can learn he can become perfect, and complete, and lacking in nothing. And the world will have another warrior for the kingdom.  If your puppy (or boyfriend or girlfriend) is so self-serving, so proud, so in need of control that he will only sit when he wants to, or when he gets a reward, do not put your reputation into his hands, do not stay with him, do not marry him, do not go into business with him, do not employ him. He may be a cute puppy, he may be a great athlete, he may be very intelligent, but if life must center around him, and if he does not have a heart to please others, nor the desire to honor his master, then trust me, neither you nor he will ever be very happy.  The ability to sit in patience and learn is a powerful, powerful strength. Most puppies consider it a weakness and have to be taught by those that love them the most just how powerful it is. 

• Father/Son (Daughter) Short-Term Mission Projects. • Blue Water Christian Camp on Prince of Wales Island—June 15th through June 23rd • Alaska Christian Retreat on the Kenai Peninsula— September 14th through 23rd

Join other chapter leaders to experience the true Alaska adventure while constructing cabins, fishing for halibut or salmon and pursuing the legendary trophy black bear and other game animals. Travel, Lodging and Meals $1,500 Call today at 770.772.6749 for scheduling your exploratory trip to Alaska’s “Last Frontier”, then plan future trips with other chapter members as part of your annual outreach agenda. 42 | 1.800.722.8714, enter 44

Hank Hough was born in the small farming community of Charleston, Missouri. He is one of four children born to Carl and Mary Hough. Hank has trained many Labradors to titles in the competitive world of hunt test. He began KDM in 2003 and today thousands have heard his unique message on obedience as he travels across the country. Hundreds of thousands have heard the message around the world through his television broadcasts on CBN’s “The 700 Club.”   Kingdom Dog Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique use of his Labrador Retrievers. Using his dogs as a visual illustration, Hank blends humor with simple and timeless biblical truths to show the power of obedience in the life of the believer.  For more information about the ministry, visit www.kingdomdog.coom.

2007 Founders Expedition Trips CSF has now launched a variety of Founders Expedition hunting, fishing and adventure trips for 2007. Join other CSF Founders who contribute financially to the goals and ideals of CSF in taking the gospel to the great outdoors.

Alaska Wilderness Founders Expeditions Summer June Black Bear Hunting on Prince of Wales Island with bonus Halibut fishing Fall September Salmon Fishing on the Legendary Kenai River

Additional 2007 Founders Expedition Trips Fall Deep Sea Fishing for Grouper, Snapper, & Billfish out of Destin, FL Winter Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota

Become a part of CSF’s Founders Development Team today by calling 770.772.6749! Or send us an email at:

Made to Count Journey Discipleship Training for Sportsmen

The Complete Sportsmen’s Leadership Kit “Am I living a life that matters?”Every individual wants to know that their lives are made to count. The 50-Day Made to Count CSF portsmen’s Version is for large and small groups, families and individuals in the church and community to discover and celebrate God’s plan for their lives. Authors Bob Reccord and Randy Singer share the message that each person is uniquely designed by God to fulfill a special plan for his or her life that will change the world. The eight principles guiding The Journey are:


1. God prepared a unique plan and calling for your life even before you were born. only 2. God calls you to a life-changing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. 3. God calls you to partner with Him in a mission that is bigger than you are. 4. God calls you on mission with Him right where you are — starting now 5. God reveals His mission through His Word, His Spirit, wise counsel, and His work in circumstances around you. 6. God repeated brings you to a crossroads of choice as He forges you for His mission. 7. God guides and provides for your mission one step at a time. 8. When you answer God’s call, you experience His pleasure and change your world. Seven Week Bible Study Course • Excellent for Sunday School or Bible Study Classes! Contact CSF Headquarters Today at 770.772.6749 to order your Complete Sportsmen’s Leadership Kit!

Sportsmen’s Prayer Line 1.800.772.6115 | 43

ladder stand that remains portable and is no heavier than many much shorter stands. Ameristep has also made tremendous improvements to their pop-up blinds. The second goes to Therma-Rest ( They have redesigned their popular, self-inflating sleeping pads to make them much more puncture resistant. This is an especially big deal for those who spend much time in the backcountry and need every advantage they can to stay insulated, dry and comfortable while sleeping. An air mattress with a hole in it does not accomplish any of those goals very well. I have not had the chance to evaluate any of the above Top 10 (or 12) outside of the SHOT Show floor so I cannot attest to their real-world performance at this point. Hopefully, in the coming months I’ll have the chance to put some of these products through their paces. However, if you want to try products that do work well under tough conditions, then I invite you to take a look at some of the CSF national sponsors. God’s Country Camouflage has introduced new patterns and products. Hodgdon Powder is always a consistent performer. Buck Knives stay sharp. Weatherby and CZ firearms shoot straight. Trijicon scopes keep everything sharp and in focus in the harshest environments. Nothing but the best for our Christian Sportsman readers!

2007 Great Alaska

Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast

All sportsmen are invited to attend the Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship prayer breakfast to be held in conjunction with the Great Alaska Sportsman Show during the week of March 29th – April 1st Show dates: March 29th - April 30th at the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage Saturday, March 31st at 7:00am Faith Christian Community Church 4240 Wisconsin Blvd., Anchorage, AK It’s Time for “BREAK-UP” in Alaska Join with CSF in praying for our great hunting and fishing heritage! The Great Alaska Sportsman Show will host hundreds of booth exhibitors featuring outdoors gear and outfitter services including fishing charters, lodge accommodations, watercraft, firearms, knives, etc. Over 30,000 sportsmen are expected to attend! Purchase your tickets online at or by phone through CSF’s headquarters in Atlanta at 770.772.6749 for only $15 If available at the door tickets can be purchased for $20 per person for the prayer breakfast.

44 | 1.800.722.8714, enter 44

Services and products csf classified section BED & BREAKFAST ACCOMODATIONS Alaska Adventure Tours Bed & Breakfast Randy and Sharon Comer Chalet accomodations in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Call 907-243-2696 for availability.

WETHERBEE’s LODGE & GUIDE SERVICE Alaska’s best Halibut and Coho Salmon fishing located on Prince of Whales at Coffman Cove call 907-329-2266, Student internns being interviewed for Summer Season 2006

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OUTFITTERS & GUIDES Alaska Vacation Packages Make Your Dreams Come True! Call 888-745-8872 or 907-745-8872 Alaska Vacation Packages, P.O. Box 622, Palmer, AK 99645 email to:. or visit Lost Lakes Outfitters — Idaho Backcountry Guided Elk, Bear and Mountain Lion Hunts Summer Pack/Fishing Trips High Success Rate! 1-866-LST-LAKE, email us at:

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Not Just an “Otter” Pretty Face It has been two or three years ago, but I will never forget the sight of an otter happily making his way down the “creek” behind our home. I happened to be looking out our back sliding doors when an animal of some kind appeared to be working its way down the stream. Living in Florida often means that “critters” and water must mean alligators, and since we own a tiny dog we have to be alert to what might be sunning itself out back. As I watched, thinking it a small “gator” upstream a ways, it moved far differently than any ‘gator I have seen. What could it be? It looked like it was having a good deal of fun, but was moving in a manner that fit no description that came to mind. Then it neared our home. With a big smile, I realized it was an otter! How can one not find delight in otters? They are social and playful animals. Groups have been seen playing “follow the leader,” or their version of tag, and they love slides, either mud banks or mossy rocks; anything they can slide down into a pool below. They have even been seen “tobogganing” in the snow, all for the pleasure gained. Their combination of fun and intelligence makes them attractive to people of every age group. Scientists have identified 13 varieties, living on every continent but Australia (Australia has its fill of entertaining animals.). The flat impish face of an otter, with its pudgy cheeks and whiskers, only adds to the fun; flashing a kind of smile with a sense of mischief. Otters eat meat as their primary diet. Interestingly, they are among a short list of animals that use “tools” to help them eat. Along much of California’s coastline they can be seen floating on their backs, using small rocks to break open shellfish, crawfish, or crabs; delicacies all. They come from a general grouping of water-based, meat eating animals in the weasel family (How can something so cute be related to a weasel?). What many know as “river otters” can be found from Alaska

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and Canada to the southern United States. They have a slender body about two and half to three feet long, not counting the heavy 12-inch tail. They weigh from 10 to 25 pounds and have thick, glossy brown fur. Their heads are flattened, and they have short legs with webbed back feet. Excellent swimmers, they dart suddenly as they fish in streams and lakes; often along the banks, not far from where they make their home. Normal meals include frogs, crayfish, and other water animals. Preferring water, they can travel over land when needed.

There are many lessons that can be found in these wonderful animals. First, because of their relative size and makeup they must remain alert for predators. With few defensive weapons their first inclination is to hide, not fight. It is easy for us to quickly choose defense, too, but we have been granted powerful offensive weapons in Christ; still, we must remain alert. Our enemy searches continually for ways to destroy us. As with otters, we too are safer with others than on our own. Our American sense of personal independence does us no favors. Connections with others create a safety net, strengthening us more than we often realize. Otters recognize potential danger. Spiritual disciplines, especially added to strong ties with the Body of Christ, keep us alert. Without these we are far more susceptible to the “fiery darts” used by our enemy. These “darts” can prove especially difficult to remove, let alone treat; especially

when we are intent on independence. We each bring perspective and gifts that, when working together can prove very powerful. We must recognize our predators. Though defeated, our enemy still appears ferocious. What otters cannot do, we can. We must remind each other that the Cross completely “disarmed” our foe (Col. 2:15). As with otters, the whole group must remain alert. If even one fails, an entire family can be lost. We may believe that we pay only for our own sin, but the truth is that we harm many, even with “secret sins.” Those who have “gone before” can leave a legacy of sin that remains in the family for generations. We cannot remain alert when caught up in sin. In our time this is extremely important, especially for young people. Pardon me for being blunt, but we don’t need more and better youth groups nearly as much as we need parents who will put a stop to generational sin, and then remain engaged in the life of their child. Even those without children are needed in this war. The enemy throws more at us, seemingly, than what we think we can handle. In this we need all hands on deck if this “Ship” will sail beyond that “Horizon.” Even though there are predators, otters appear to live joyfully, embracing life. We must do the same, drawing in everyone around us. Joy is contagious! There are many reasons to be anxious, but in Christ we have the capacity to embrace life joyfully and in any circumstances. If anyone should have a good time, it is those who know the hope of Christ. Our surroundings, especially with the negative voice of the media, can draw us down, but what is to come lasts forever! May our joy prove contagious enough that others, too, will seek and know the joy of Christ.

The Heart of the Outdoors is the Bible for you if you love to hunt, fish and share your faith!

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Join Charlie Daniels, Ed Weatherby, Jay Yelas, Kathy Butt, Paul Meeks, Hugh Jacks, Steve Chapman, Dwight Schuh, Al Lindner and others as they share how God’s Word has increased their love of the outdoors and added a new level of appreciation to the hunting and fishing they’ve always loved. The Heart of the Outdoors features the full text of the New International Version (niv), the most popular English translation of the Bible in the world, plus 32 color pages of stories, interviews and photos, and a clear presentation of the Gospel. Also included are 16 pages of tips and stories from our featured sportsmen on how to read God’s Word and how to pray. The Heart of the Outdoors is the perfect Bible to give to your nonChristian hunting or fishing buddies or to keep for yourself. It fits easily into your coat pocket or tackle box, and its camo cover blends right in with the outdoors. Order yours today online at Quantity Discounts Available

VALUES DO MATTER Order your new sportsmen’s witnessing tracts for sharing your Christian faith! Membership information is also included as an effective tool for building a strong member base of dedicated sportsmen. Receive bundles of 50 for a $5.00 suggested donation. Call 770.772.6749 or go online: This simple, powerful message helps sportsmen relate to our great Christian heritage.

“I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again.” (John 3:3) Did you know that you can have your name permanently recorded in God’s book of life today?

HERE’S HOW: A) Admit that you need him - Romans 3:23: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 6:23a: “For the wages of sin is death...”, B) Believe that Jesus died to save you - Romans 6:23b “...but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” C) Confess Jesus as your Savior and Lord by turning from your sin and calling on his name - Romans 10:9-10: “That if you confess with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:13: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 3:19: “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out...” Our response is to receive Jesus Christ.

Does this prayer say what you want to say to God? Dear God, I believe that your son died for my sins and ask your forgiveness. I receive Jesus Christ now as my personal Savior and invite him to be the Lord of my life from this day forward. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. Please contact us about your eternal decision: CSF, P.O. Box 566547, Atlanta, GA 31156

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