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Quarter 1: JanuaryMarch, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 3

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W elcome and happy 2013 to the whole GRS family from all of us in

Through coming together as one and empowering girls, we believe that Lusaka! The year has gotten off to a very busy but great start for the Zambia change lies in our hands.” team with lots of interventions, new In March, Lusaka was also eager to staff, and visitors passing through. welcome Peace Corps Coordinator and Cape Town staff member Carly GRS Girls Club celebrated International Ziska, along with Illana Cohen, a 3rd Women’s Day in Lusaka with a parade year extension PCV in Malawi. Carly and volunteering at a local orphanage. led a successful training for both Staff members and mentors for GRSZ’s Illana and GRSZ Peace Corps coach led Girl’s Club, Hildah Ngunga Coordinator Ebony Nicholson, to and Fridah Zimba, said of the event, prepare them to implement and “For the Girl’s Club it was an manage all PC SKILLZ activities opportunity to make our agenda known, within Zambia and Malawi. gain ownership and respect, and be a voice for the voiceless.

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Visits Zambia

Lusaka and beyond

January 2013 kicked off with a bang as GRSZ was visited by two key members of the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF). This was a very exciting visit, as it is a rare and great privilege to have EJAF staff out to see organizations they support throughout the world. GRSZ held a VCT tournament in one of the local compounds in Lusaka, allowing EJAF to see and experience GRS programs first-hand. This also helped to highlight the amazing progress being made by the implementation of the “Bridging the Gap” model, which is illustrated through the following process:

GRSZ is incredibly excited to share with the rest of the team our plans for expansion to 2 other sites in Zambia, including Livingstone and Kitwe. Many people are familiar with Livingstone as the home of Victoria Falls and lies in Southern Province, while Kitwe rests in the central part of the country in the Copperbelt region. We are currently in the process of completing site assessments and recruiting coaches for Livingstone, as GRSZ looks to send staff there in early July and get SKILLZ programs running within the following months.

• Who is involved: GRS Staff, Youth/Participants , GRS Coaches • How: GRS HIV prevention Curriculum and interventions

Testing • How: GRS Graduations, VCT/HCT events, and Door-to-Door testing

HIV Prevention

•How: Partnerships with local clinics (Tiny Tim & Friends; Marie Stopes International) to provide immediate referral to service

A Generation Mobilized in the fight against HIV


The model seeks to eliminate loss to follow-up after an individual has been found to be HIV positive. Both representatives had a great time and enjoyed the chance to witness the progress that is being made thanks in large part to EJAF’s support.

The expansion will allow GRSZ to reach more youth throughout Zambia, and build on the amazing work that is already being done in Lusaka..

Peace Corps SKILLZ The Zambia team would also like to officially welcome Ebony Nicholson to the team. She has been a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in Zambia for the past 18 months and is finishing up her last 6 months of service as Peace Corps SKILLZ Zambia Program Coordinator, with the hopes to extend as a 3rd year PCV with GRS when her service ends in September. Ebony says, “Becoming a member of the GRS team has been an amazing edition to my Peace Corps service. As a health improvement PCV I’m passionate about HIV education, prevention, testing and treatment for youth throughout Zambia. I’m excited to have the opportunity to recruit and train more Zambia PCV’s for the PC SKILLZ program.”

Ebony Nicholson, Peace Corps Zambia Program Coordinator

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The Chipolopolo Times

GRSZ is thrilled to kick off the Coach Development program and partnership with Barclays, which aims to empower our coaches with even more SKILLZ and training to develop them beyond their time as a Grassroot Soccer coach. To help roll out the curriculum, coach development expert, Andrew Durkin, paid Zambia a visit at the end of March. The visit served as time to further discuss Coach Development moving forward in Zambia, along with delivering our first 3-day coach development intensive course and a subsequent focus group discussion, allowing for great feedback to improve for the next intensive. Coach Development will have 3 core focuses, as highlighted below: FINANCIAL LITERACY Budgeting: Understanding how to prepare and plan for your financial needs. Breakdown of Wages: Understanding the work world and the different roles as you enter into the beginning stages of your professional career. Building your nest: Understanding saving,the benefits of using a bank institution, and how it can create financial security and freedom.



Interviewing: First impression is everything! How to stand out from the rest.

Emotional Intelligence: How to master your emotions and make them work for you.

Cover Letter Writing: How to incorporate your personality in a professional manner and effectively translate your CV experience into the valuable and supportive description with your best foot forward.

Professionalism: How appearance, grooming, and etiquette can enhance your job hunt experience.

CV Writing: How to create a CV with structure that is easy on the eye of the employer, while highlighting your achievements.

Personal Power: How to unleash their potential both personally and professionally in order to create a healthy, balanced life, full of love and joy with friends, family, and loved ones.

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SKILLZ Core Zambia


The first round of interventions in 2013 was a great success, as GRSZ saw 2,636 participants graduate from their SKILLZ interventions! This positions the team well their our way to reaching the 2013 target of graduating 12, 610 youth from SKILLZ Zambia. Furthermore, the 2 new expansion sites in Zambia will give even more youth the chance to become GRS graduates.

Great progress is being made on the Randomized Control Trial (RCT) being done for Zambia’s SKILLZ Plus curriculum for HIV positive adolescents in Zambia. The M&E team is working hard to finalize the RCT protocol, select clinics to deliver the curriculum, and preparing the TOC to train our new SKILLZ Plus coaches. Feedback from clinics has been incredibly positive, as they are excited to work with GRS and provide much needed support to this population of HIV + youth.

Particpants signing their SKILLZ Zambia contract

2013 Skillz Interventions

# of Participants

# of Female Graduates

# of Male Graduates

Total Graduates

Avg. Percentage of Graduates






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The Chipolopolo Times Zamiba Testing News & Events

With the start of the New Year and first quarter, Zambia sought to expand upon the great testing strides made in 2012. The team laid out the testing goal for all events in 2013 at 10,735 tested and 551 referrals to service! This is a great step towards getting more Zambians tested and making sure that people of all ages are aware of their status, so that they can protect themselves and others. Within the first quarter GRSZ saw 1,315 total graduates tested, and a total of 1,345 individuals tested at graduations. Along with this, there was one VCT tournament held this quarter and was a great success, with 84 individuals getting tested.

Along with graduations and VCT tournaments, the GRSZ team is ready to get back out into the communities and further the great progress made by door-to-door testing last year. This unique, effective, and personal process of testing brought back great results with its pilot in 2012 testing over 1,000 individuals in homes throughout Lusaka.

* All testing numbers reflect data only for Quarter 1, 2013 Type of Event

Total U20 Tested

Total Females Tested

Total Males Tested

Total Positive Females

Total Positive Males

Total Testing Negative

Total Testing Positive

Grand Total Tested

VCT Tournament









Graduations TOTALS:

1,328 1,374

782 816

563 613

7 9

8 11

1,330 1,409

15 20

1,345 1,429

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The Chipolopolo Times Most Significant Story: Elizabeth Grace Banda

My name is Elizabeth Grace Banda. I became a GRS coach in 2006. I was born and have lived in Lusaka all my life. I first became aware of the pain and suffering caused by HIV/AIDS after my aunt, who raised me, passed away from the disease. That pushed me to volunteer at Africa Directions (AD), as I wanted to help others so they wouldn’t have to go through what I did. Africa Directions (AD) is a youth-led NGO in Lusaka that builds the capacity, skills and confidence of urban Zambian youth to help them live an HIV/AIDS free life. My friends at AD were also GRS coaches and told me about the work they were doing and their enjoyment of the program and I saw it as a great opportunity further my impact. After joining GRS I found that I really enjoyed being with my fellow coaches, working with the kids, and getting our participants tested. One experience with GRS that had a big impact on my life came after sharing my coach’s story at an intervention. One of my girls came up to me the next practice and told me that she was talking to her mom and family, telling them my coaches story, and the participants mom decided it was time to tell her daughter she was HIV positive. My participant’s mom then encouraged her to get tested at the graduation. Luckily my participant was found not positive, but sadly her younger brother also tested at the graduation and was found positive. Although the news was very difficult for them to take, it was amazing to learn that telling my coaches story helped this family open up to each other and helped them to all become aware of their statues, so that they could live healthy lives together. It really touched me to find her later in another grade and have her tell me that her family was doing really well. I am now looking to move into the next opportunity after being a GRS coach and am really excited about what I will do next, but know that I will always be part of the GRS family. GRS’s helped set up an interview for a lot of the coaches recently and I am currently a finalist for a sales position with an IT firm.

It is a lot of work applying to jobs, but GRS has helped so much in getting me ready for this next step and I am more motivated than ever. My time at GRS has helped me to be a better person in many ways. In the beginning I could not speak in front of people and was very shy, but now I have developed that skill and believe I am who I am because of my time with GRS. Also, I have had the opportunity to become the chair person for GRSZ Girl’s Club, pushing me to be more of a leader in all parts of my life. I have gained so much experience being a motivator and leader for the kids and have seen how things like “The Big 5” help me in all types of conversations and throughout my everyday life. GRS has provided me with many SKILLZ that I will take with me the rest of my life, as I want to be in media and be one of the best international presenters, influencing and becoming a positive role model for youth all over the world. I now understand how to be resilient in any situation and “bounce back like a ball.”

“I am now looking to move into the next opportunity after being a GRS coach and am really excited about what I will do next, but know that I will always be a part of the GRS family.” - Elizabeth

Grace Banda

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The Chipolopolo Times  

Quarter 1 2013: Volume 1, Issue 3

The Chipolopolo Times  

Quarter 1 2013: Volume 1, Issue 3