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Massapequa High School

MARCH, 2008

Vol. LVI - ISSUE 3


National History Day Winners






In recent months, it seems that everywhere you look, something has to do with the 2008 election. Whether it is the commercials, the phone calls or the televised debates, campaigns are in full swing. Although many of the students at MHS will not be able to vote in the upcoming election, it is still important to be informed. Thus, here are the three final candidates in the presidential race: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (Democrat), and John McCain (Republican).


effect of new gun legislation laws, heightened school security and an Two students at Massapequa increase in anti-bully programs in High School received honors when schools.” Charlotte Burger received they competed in the National History Day competition on March 2. first place at the regional level of Juniors Charlotte Burger and the competition for the fourth consecutive year with her Monica Perrino documentary named won the recNo Light at the End of ognition of the the Tunnel: Conflict, judges through Compromise, & the Tet their work on Offensive. Charlotte the topic of explained, “My topic Conflict and discussed how the Tet Compromise in Offensive compromised History. NationUS foreign policy in al history day is photo by Virginia Riccardi Vietnam about containa competition where social studies enthusiasts ing communism.” Social Studies teacher Ms. display their “superstar” talents in a Robbins said, “Charlotte’s dedication historical context. Monica Perrino received a to the National History Day program School Special Achievement Award and her research is commendable.” for her individual exhibit, called She extends congratulations to both Bridge of Hope. She explains that girls, and wishes Charlotte “the best her project, “used the Columbine of luck at the State competition in massacre to show the conflicts of Cooperstown on May 2.” Congratubullying in schools nationwide and lations to both Monica and Charlotte how that event caused a domino on their accomplishments! PHOTO EDITOR

Political Platforms / EXTENDED COVERAGE, page 2

MHS Students Score Big


This past September, two MHS students were selected as National Merit Finalists. Seniors Alec Slatky (left) and Chris Petrik (right) were selected for this great honor out of a pool of 16,000 semifinalists. They will be notified of their scholarship money in the beginning of March. Congratulations on a job well done! photo provided by Mr. Piotrowski



MARCH 2008


ELECTION 2008 (continued from page 1) With three qualified candidates to choose from, the process of a picking a president can seem quite daunting at times. Here are eight major platforms of concern in the upcoming election:




• Energy & EnvironmentWill reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050, invest in a clean energy future, support next generation biofuels, and set America on path to oil independence. • Education- Supports early childhood education, believes in the importance of K-12, will recruit, retain and reward teachers, and provide financial aid for higher education. • Iraq- Will bring troops home safely while reaching a new compact on the stability of Iraq and the whole

• Energy & EnvironmentWill steer the country towards energy independence and away from dependence on foreign sources of oil. • Education- Supports greater educational opportunities for all children. Will place more emphasis on early education. Wants to improve the K-12 system in order to ensure that every child is prepared. • Iraq- Supports the Iraq Troop Protection and Reduction Act of 2007 as a plan to end the war before the next president takes the oath of office. Will enact a three-step plan including phased deployment, securing stability as troops return and a new intensive diplomatic initiate in the region, and source: end the war. • Health- Supports universal healthcare. • Economy- Supports the reform of middle working-class America (higher wages, less time). • Immigration- Will address the illegal immigrant problem with respect to the illegal aliens and the American peoples issues. • Family- Supports and wants to further the stable “family dynamic”thoughout America. • Homeland Security- Wants to restore America’s reputation in the world and will lead America in the right direction though alliances, foreign policy and a strong foundation for bipartisan consensus.

• Energy & EnvironmentCommitted to clean air and water, conserving open space; has been a leader on the issue of global warming, calling the nation to action on this pressing issue. • Education- Believes US schools should compete to be the most innovative, flexible and student-centered environments. Supports competitive recruitment of the most effective, character-building teachers to be hired and rewarded. • Iraq- Committed to succeeding in Iraq and helping the Iraqi people build a stable, secure, representative state. Believes that failure in Iraq will endanger American prosperity and security for generations. • Health- Will bring costs under control to stop the erosion of affordable health insurance; will save Medicare and Medicaid; protect private health benefits for retirees, and allow healthcare companies to effectively compete. • Economy- Will cut corporate tax rate from 35 to 25 percent, allow first-year deduction, or Expensing of Equipment and Technology Investments and Establish Permanent Tax Credit Equal to 10 Percent Of Wages Spent. • Immigration- Tighter border security, effective screening of cargo at ports and other points of entry. • Family- Believes that abortion should not be decided by the Supreme Court, and believes that the institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. • Homeland Security- Committed to ensuring excellence of the United States Armed Forces, and honoring its promises to them for their service.

of the Middle East – including Iran and Syria. • Health- Will provide quality, affordable and portable coverage for all. • Economy- Provide middle class tax relief, will create jobs and reform bankruptcy laws. • Immigration- Will create secure borders, improve the immigration system, remove incentives to enter illegally and negotiate with Mexico to improve the situation. • Family- Will support working families and work to strengthen fatherhood. • Homeland Security- Wants to protect chemical plants, keep drinking water safe, and protect the public from radioactive releases.

Hillary vs. Barack:



The Massapequa High School Chess Club anticipates another exciting and competitive year ahead. The chess club’s advisor, Mr. Herman, a retired teacher from the Massapequa school district, has stressed the importance of the old proverb that “practice makes perfect.” In preparation for tournaments, many of the club members have an understanding that chess is a game won by logic, strategy and continual practice. Presently, the three senior captains are Matt Donohue, Gabe Dash, and Jonathan Skurka, who, additionally, are some of the club’s most valuable players. “The team shows real promise and potential and we have a good chance to win many of the upcoming tournaments,” said Matt Donohue in regards to his expectations for the current year. As predicted, they are well on their way! Meeting yearround, the club members devote their time twice a week to convene for additional practice. The chess club has already taken first place in both the Semi-County Championships and the County Championships, gaining the title of “Nassau County Champions.” Members are hoping to achieve success in the New York State competition in order to advance to the national level. “The team is ready for anything,” said participant Nipun Marwaha. “No school can stand in our way.” source:

Chief Editors Put Article About Themselves in Newspaper BY I.M. NEWSPAPER CHIEF WORSHIPPER


High Expectations for MHS Chess Team

The newspaper kids are at it again! On Tuesday, March 4, the editorial staff of The Chief took an epic journey (via minibus) to Adelphi University, where they were the recipients of bountiful knowledge, delicious sandwiches, and—yes!— three Quill Awards. After engaging in heated newspaper-debates regarding war, politics, and journalism, the annual Quill Awards ceremony took place, giving deserved recognition to some of Long Island’s most dedicated high school journalists. Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryan took home first place for his comic, “Senioritis,” which ran

in the October issue, and the staff earned Honorary Mention in the “Best Editorial” category for their introspective look at the new homeroom system. Finally, this year’s brand-spankin’-new layout earned The Chief second place in the “Best Front Page Layout” category. Congratulations to…erm…us!

Photo by MC (not the Hammer kind)


MARCH 2008


Michael Gruber


On Thursday, January 24, fellow Massapequa High School student Michael Gruber tragically died of meningococcal meningitis. Passing away so suddenly from this severe bacterial infection, Mike left family, friends and the Massapequa community heartbroken. Gruber, a young man who loved to play basketball, especially in his driveway with his father Herman, skipped his basketball game Thursday night with flu-like symptoms. He was found the next morning unresponsive in his bed, and was rushed to New Island Hospital in Bethpage, NY. As his condition worsened, it was too much for his body to handle; Gruber died later that afternoon. Although many of Gruber’s closest friends had antibiotic treatments, they expressed their deepest sadness for Gruber rather than concern about themselves. A wake was held at Massapequa Funeral Home on Sunday, January 27, and a funeral mass the following day at St. Rose of Lima Church in Massapequa. In remembrance of Gruber several of his friends gathered the night before the wake to make collages and posters in remembrance of the young man they called their friend. Some brought basketballs

to his wake for the entering guests to sign. Gruber’s friends have put together a bulletin board on the first floor of Massapequa High School in remembrance of their dear friend. “We would have boys nights on random weeknights where no girls were allowed… it was so much fun just being with him” says friend Anthony Harris. “He was so chill and really laidback—he never had anything to worry about.”


With approximately 2,000 members, an “R.I.P. Michael Gruber” Facebook group created by Maximilian Sisalli of St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School has gained momentum over the past month and continues to grow. The group serves as a medium for all of those who have been influenced by Mike to communicate; family, friends, and community members have shared nothing but the positive and everlasting memories of their times spend with Mike, revealing the depth of the relationships he has formed. “After attending the wake, I was overwhelmed by the obvious impact he had on so many people,” MHS teacher Mr. Diehl commented.

The Chief Editorial Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Chris Ryan MANAGING EDITOR Mohit Chhatpar SPORTS EDITOR Matt Frank PHOTO EDITORS Max Sparr T.J. Kelly HEAD COPY EDITOR Courtney Sullivan BUSINESS MANAGER Megan Cohen OPINION EDITOR Charlotte Burger

NEWS EDITOR Angela Roamer


Around the World in Three Minutes BY ANGELA ROAMER NEWS EDITOR

KENYA - Despite continuing tribal violence, political leaders in Kenya seem to be in no hurry to help the situation at hand. According to U.S. News & World Report, more than 800 people have perished since Kenya’s disputed election in December. After the recent assassination of a lawmaker, even more violence has surfaced. Due to the lack of leadership, the United States is evaluating the aid package it will send. INDONESIA - According to, at December’s United Nations climate conference held in Bali, Indonesia, members negotiated a deal to help save Bali’s rainforests from illegal loggers and expanding its plantations. During the next international climate agreement, countries will be rewarded for reducing their rapidly increasing rates of deforestation,

FEATURES EDITOR Marissa Cetin GRAPHICS DESIGNER T.J. Kelly COPY EDITORS Stephanie Post Lisa Totino Caitlin Waldron ADVISER Elyn Coyle

IRAN - U.S. News & World Report states that Iran’s top judge is ordering an end to the appalling practice of public executions. Additionally, the judge banned publishing photos and broadcasting videos, which has caused international criticism. Amnesty International, a human rights organization, has begun a campaign against Iran’s extensive punishment for adultery: stoning to death. So far, the punishment has been carried out against one man last year and eleven people, nine of which are women, are awaiting their sentence.


What happened to Mike Gruber on January 24 was truly tragic. However, it is important to reflect upon his life with positive memories. For a person to be able to leave such a strong impact on so many lives is something special. Mike Gruber, in essence, was that “cool, casual guy” that many aspired to be. He had a way of illuminating a room with his presence. It is quite sad to think about the loss of such a great person, but it is ever so important to remember the Mike Gruber that many of his friends knew. It was a rare sight to see Mike without a smile that stretched the width of his face or not cracking a joke in class. Who can ever forget him doing acts like dancing in front of the whole class or defending a friend from othSOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS:


a major contributor to global warming. This new plan will be known as REDD, (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) and will most likely be funded by richer northern nations and “carbon credits” decided per unit of forest saved within a country.

THE CHIEF WANTS YOU! Do you like long walks on the beach? Camp outs? Occasional candlelit dinners? Then you’re a perfect match for The Chief! We desire talented writers, photographers, artists and other overall remarkable people to replace our spectacular senior staff and join our cool continuing kids. So if you’re up for the challenge, stop by room 131. We’re ALWAYS here. (Seriously)

ers? Mike was truly one of a kind. He is remembered for being a great friend; even if you got mad at him, he was never hesitant to forgive. He was the kind of kid whom everyone wanted to be around and when he wasn’t, he was missed—it simply did not feel the same without him. His life will always be remembered, for in such a short amount of time, he was able to make a huge, positive impact on so many lives. It’s not hard to comprehend the fact that so many considered him a “best friend” considering he was so good to so many of his friends. Sadly, Mike is no longer with us; however he lives on inside each and every one of us who were fortunate enough to encounter such a bright light. Mike’s legacy will continue on through his close friends, his parents, and three siblings.



MIDTERMS: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly No matter how joyous a conversation, happy a mood, or stressfree a day, there is one word that can immediately turn any high school student’s visage sour, conjuring both whimpers and shouts of terror. Weary-hearted: shield your eyes! Midterm. There. We said it. All drama aside, this past January, there seemed to be many more complaints than normal regarding midterms and their overall validity in the wonderful world of academics. Thus, all of this chatter from both students and teachers begs the question: do the benefits of midterms outweigh the drawbacks? Of course, The Chief Editorial Staff pounced on the opportunity to investigate the claims brought forth. “I definitely think midterms are important,” says AP Calculus teacher Mrs. O’Hara, “because they give students the opportunity to review first semester material before moving onto new second semester material.” Indeed, first semester material can often seem a blur by the time the end of the year rolls around. Similarly, midterm exams help prepare students for their Advanced Placement tests; considering APs are scheduled in May, midterms provide motivation for students to review far in advance for these important and potentially influential tests. Despite the good intentions of midterms, many student complaints this year were the result of what many believe to

be faulty scheduling. One issue students had with this year’s midterm schedule was the fact that it began on a Friday following a full four-day week of classes. Although this was necessary to accommodate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this left students limited time to study for Friday’s exams. Plus, to make matters worse, what many believe to be some of the most difficult exams—AP U.S. History, AP Spanish, AP Physics, and all tenth and eleventh grade social studies midterms, to name a few—were administered on this Friday. Plus, some unlucky students were stuck taking two exams this Friday, jeopardizing their grades. “We normally get at least a weekend to study before midterms start. But this year, class Thursday then BAM! two midterms the next day. Social studies, being the hardest, then Spanish!” explains junior Michael Pitocchi. “I’m not too proud of either of those grades.” As any teacher or administrator will confirm, the primary purpose of devoting a whole week to midterms is to allow students the proper time to study and prepare for each subject. However, it seems that as one progresses through high school, a larger percentage of midterms and semester finals are administered in class rather than during midterm week. Unfortunately, to many students, this week prior to midterm week proved more stressful than midterm week itself. “I had five tests on one day the week before midterms, and four the day after,” explains one Chief Editor. “Moreover, during the whole week of midterms,

I only had three midterms, all of which were on different days.” According to school policy, a student is not allowed to take more than two midterms on any day during midterm week. Yet, there is no restriction on the number of midterms, semester finals, unit tests and quizzes allowed to be administered on any given day of the week prior to midterms. Thus, this system proves disadvantageous to many of those students who it affects as it makes studying on school nights a necessity. And, considering the last week of the first semester is typically packed with last-minute tests, assignments and review sheets, this option does not fair well for many, adding unneeded pressure to already overwhelming schedules. Students aren’t the only ones at a disadvantage. Each year, English midterms are given in class so that English teachers will be free to grade the English Regents the following week. This system does seem to work to the state’s advantage; however, it leaves teachers with a very short window of time to complete a large volume of work. “I have to close out quarter grades, grade the midterm and finals for my own students, get all my grades in an Excel program, transfer them to SASSI, and on top of all that, proctor and grade the English Regents exams for three straight days,” says English teacher Mrs. Curiale. “It’s hard to get through it all in time.” It’s no secret that midterms are a big deal—ten percent of a big deal, to be exact. Therefore, it also seems a bit unfair for such exams to be given during an average school day considering


the fact that every student has to deal with a different schedule. “I had to go from playing scooter-football to writing a critical essay on literary techniques,” recounts one particularly perturbed Chief editor. “And mind you, this was at 8:00 in the morning!” During midterm week, all exams are administered in standard testing environments for all students. However, when exams are given in-class, this uniformity goes out the window. Indeed, some students are left writing essays at the crack of dawn while others more fortunate get to enjoy delectable mid-day sandwiches the period before their midterms. And, no matter how angelic students may claim to be, it’s no secret that by the end of the day, everyone has memorized every midterm essay prompt word for word, leaving students who take their in-class midterms in the afternoon significant amounts of time to research and plan their responses. Despite the commonly accepted belief that midterms prepare students for their end of the year exams, physics teacher Mr. Benbasset, who has worked in the Massapequa School District for many years, brings up a valuable point. “No one has shown any measurable evidence that midterms improve Regents scores.” While getting rid of midterms entirely seems a little farfetched, there are certain things that can be done to make midterms more enjoyable for everyone. All in all, if the school’s best interest is in raising student grades, then it is necessary for the system to reform to alternate methods of exam scheduling to benefit both the teachers and the students. What do you think? Write a letter to the editor at!




MARCH 2008


How Do You Like Your News? POINT


In today’s day and age, we can obtain information in many ways. Television is one of the main ways people obtain their daily news. However, people have a choice to learn about current events on television through two mediums. One is through satirical programs such as the Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and another is through regular newscasts such as FOX News and MSNBC. I believe that news given by a real newscast in a serious matter is more beneficial for the public to watch. Yes, we could all use humor in our lives, but there are certain times when we should be serious. Timely, hard news should be conveyed in a stern manner because people need to be able to process the information and internalize its importance. News shows present all the facts and portray the news in a way that everyone can understand and absorb. Thus, people can take the impartial information and then make their own opinions about what

is given to them, rather than watch a comical news show that is mainly one-sided. The problem with shows such as the Colbert Report is that many people do not understand that Stephen Colbert is just a character on the show. The conservative, sarcastic, and self-absorbed Colbert is just a personality that he plays for the show because it is hypocritical of his authentic values, thus creating the humor. However, the people who are unfamiliar with his television character can be very misled and confused. The news is not something that people should be confused about because they need to know the facts. Also, to be a viewer of satirical news shows, a person must have prior knowledge of the current events that are being parodied, or else they will not be able to comprehend the humor. Overall, satirical news shows are only good for those who are up to date with current events, and who share the same views with that program.


In today’s age of technology, people can obtain information instantaneously. Every minor broadcasting station has a news program and each one is more boring than the next. Statistics have shown that as a result, more people are turning to satirical news shows such as The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report to get their daily dose of information. This transfer is more t h a n u n d e rstandable because people prefer to laugh while hearing the news rather than having information monotonously dictated to them. Similarly, when the news concerns politics, it is boring for people to see the coverage in the bland ways that networks like FOX News and ABC News present it.

Thus, the interesting and, entertaining ways the Comedy Central news shows convey information are more appealing. Even more importantly, people are getting sick of all the bias that news programs represent. Ideally, a news station is supposed to present the straightforward facts, but


every station is biased. FOX News is perhaps the best example of this; therefore, more individuals enjoy watching it being parodied on The Colbert Report rather than actually watching it. Looks like some major networks need to start talking to John and Stephen!

Student Loans: Solutions and Problems BY ALEXANDER ARCERI JOURNALISM STUDENT

With college costs increasing dramatically, students are struggling to afford a quality education, and are thus turning to student loans. With over 50 percent of seniors coming out of college with over $15,000 in debt, the question must be asked: should students be turning to student loans, and should high schools teach students how to avoid these loans? In the past five years, tuition and fees at public universities have increased by 57 percent. These increases in college costs have taken a great toll on students’ educations. According to the Federal Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, “Cost factors prevent 48 percent of college qualified high school graduates from attending a four year institution and 22 percent

from attending college at all.” If you were to calculate this, the amount of students these figures show is equivalent to 400,000 qualified students who will be unable to attend a four year college, and nearly 170,000 students will not attend college at all. What do the high schools of America do in order to help students prepare for the costs of college? Massapequa High School held a college information meeting where parents and their children were able to ask questions about the application process and scholarships; however, there was no mention of student loans.

Schools around the country need to start preparing their students for the financial burdens of college. Not all students receive scholarships

thought has crossed everyone’s mind many a time, but the months are closing in and now we actually have to make some decisions. So, if that one school rejects me, what do I do? Unfortunately, that is yet to be determined. I suppose Nassau Community College is an option, however the thought of staying home does not entirely appeal to me. And the fact that I am careless does not help. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with staying home, for I know many people choosing to take that path. I, however, need to get

away. I suppose it’s the thrill of being alone in a new place and building a life on that… meeting new people, exploring new places, procrastinating on new assignments—it has a certain appeal. Oh, but what happens if I do get accepted where I want to go and I don’t like it? Well, there goes months spent on worrying and a few good hours on applications. I mean, you go into these college experiences thinking this place has exactly what you want. However, you quickly come to find that it is much different


and financial aid, so the schools themselves should make sure that students have a plan to save money for college costs. If schools were to meet with students and their parents as early as sixth grade, encourage families to set up a savings account for their children, and make it a habit to in-

vest around $150 a month until the students have graduated then people could potentially save around 10,000 for college. This is only one of many strategies the schools of America could show to parents in order to help students prepare financially for college. In the end it is up to the students to determine the best way to afford college fees. Many students in college have jobs and save money for their tuition. These students are the ones that will struggle to afford college but could graduate debt free. Students who are going into college this year must be ready for their upcoming expenses and should thus carefully examine their financial positions. Remember: no loan is free, and if you must take one out, look for one with a long-term low interest rate.


Well, the tears have dried, the personal statements have been written, and I have officially applied to college. Now what? Amidst the aggravation of waiting for that one special letter of acceptance, I have found myself with much free time. Now, instead of stressing about how I have not applied to college, it is when and if I will get in to college. For example, what happens if I do not get into my “dream” school? I’m sure this

than you once thought. But I suppose that bridge should be crossed when and if you get there. No need to stress about the things that have not happened yet. For those already accepted, congrats! It must be wonderful to not be ripping apart your mail each day when you come home. But for all those like myself who are yet to be accepted, do not worry. Because, honestly, 50 years from now, will it all really matter where you went to college? No. You’ll still be old.




MARCH 2008


Live From Long Island: What Long Islanders Like To Do BY MAX SPARR PHOTO EDITOR

My weekend is ruined! There is nothing to do and nowhere to go, or is there? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a hangout place with coffee and desserts or do you want a dark adventure like laser tag? Around Long Island there are many places to go for fun filled activities for you and your friends. If you are looking for more hangout type places, you might be interested in a laid back place such as Starbucks. With many locations on the island, and one right here across from MHS, you can have a variety of music filling your head, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or cocoa and indulging in a sweet treat like a brownie or cookie. You can lie on the couches, or even sit at one of their tables and work on some homework while using Starbucks’ free WIFI Internet connection. However, if you are looking for a more traditional coffee house, you may want to try The Cup. Located in Wantagh, it is a great place to enjoy coffee and desert while listening to some live

tureland. With over 26 attractions and 300 video games, Adventureland is a fun place to hang out on a nice sunny day. If you are into the shoot-em up scene, there are plenty of places to go where you can play the lively game of paintball. Cousins Paintball, located in Coram, has over 88 acres of land, where you can enjoy good, maybe not so clean, fun with your friends. During the summer, one of the best things to do on Long Island is go to one of our many beaches. At the most popular beaches, Jones Beach and Tobay Beach, you can always enjoy some fun in the sun while hanging out with your friends. Last but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite attraction, the movies! Seaford Cinemas, only a stone’s throw away from Massapequa, is a great place for kids to go with their friends. According to Seaford Cinemas employee Lenny Stromstedt, “We offer stadium seating and nine PHOTO EDITED BY MAX SPARR a coffee house, you may want to try competitive side, and really take it theatres, you can’t go wrong.” With something involving a little more to your friends. Laser Kingdom is a fully loaded snack bar and excepenergy, such as bowling. Located also available for parties. While en- tional prices, Seaford Cinemas is a on Merrick Road in Massapequa, route to Laser Kingdom, you may great place to go when you are lookMassapequa Bowl is a great place also consider a side trip to Adven- ing for a good movie to see. entertainment (live entertainment is on Fridays and Saturdays with open mic night on Wednesdays). According to Newsday, “Teenagers and 20-somethings find sanctuary in this understated nightspot next to the Wantagh train station.” The Cup also offers psychic readings on Monday nights. If you are looking for something a little less sophisticated than

to enjoy bowling and snacks with your friends. Whether you are looking for the perfect 300 game or just a fun night out with your friends, Massapequa Bowl has great facilities and an excellent snack bar. Another athletic place that you could venture to, especially when it is cold outside, is Laser Kingdom in Farmingdale. With its huge laser tag arena, it is the perfect place to show off your


Are you sick of the same old CD stores and boring selections? Well, you’re in luck! Looney Tunes CD Store has re-opened! The store, located at 31 Brookvale Avenue, West Babylon, right next to the South Bay Shopping Center, had burnt down in what seemed to have been an electrical fire on August 30, 2007. The 5,000 square foot store was left with merely poles holding it up. A week or so after the fire, plywood boards over the store’s broken windows had the spray-painted words saying, “Will rebuild soon” with a heart underneath. According to the New York Times, there were around 47 signed guitars lost in the fire including guitars signed by Ozzie Osborne as well as Ringo Star. Despite the many losses, there is one guitar signed by Slayer that had been damaged but is still hung now at the store to show the many accomplishments of Looney Tunes. Karl, 38, and James, 35, Groeger are the current owners of Looney Tunes CD Store. They both stated that it cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to reopen. The Groegers inherited the store from their father who had originally

opened it in 1971. The new and improved CD store doesn’t only have the largest selection of CDs and DVDs in New York State, but it also has the largest used CD department in Suffolk County. Throughout the store, there are over 220 rock t-shirts, 300 stickers and 1,000 patches. It also has over 500 posters, a great selection of jackets and sweatshirts as well as hair dye all for what looneytunescds. com states are the lowest “Looney” prices. Looney Tunes also supports the ONE foundation, fighting to “make poverty history.” The store sells the support bracelets inside. Looney Tunes independent CD store sells all CDs for $13.99, or $9.99 when they’re on sale. New release CDs are normally $18.99, but for the most part you will never see a price you are unhappy with. Also, customers who cannot find their favorite CD in the store are more than welcome to order it through Looney Tunes; the CD will get to the store within 2-3 workdays and be sold to you for a “Looney

Tunes” price. Looney Tunes has Institute of Music Retail, there are been voted the #1 retail CD store on only 2,600 independent music stores still around nationwide. Looney Tunes has had many in-store performances in the past including The Sleeping, Circa Survive, Lam of God, as well as Brand New. To help raise money for the owners of Looney Tunes to re-open, fans gathered at fund-raising shows with artists such as Motion City Sound Track. During its first two weeks of re-opening, Looney Tunes had free in-store shows for local fans of both underground and decently known artists such as Thursday, Patent Pending, and Cobra Starship. The Color of Fred played at Looney Tunes on the 21st of January and The Audition on January 14th. Some new features added to Looney Tunes CD Store are comfy chairs to sit in while listening to one PHOTO BY JAMIE DEFILIPPIS of six listening stations, which hold Long Island for six years in a row! 400 CDs each! There is also a 16 Overall, there were 766 cus- foot stage, 30% more CDs, and 40% tomers at Looney Tunes’ grand more overall stock. Looney Tunes re-opening. Supporters of the local CD Store also buys used CDs! They music scene stood online for hours sell them for outrageously reasonat a time just to help contribute to able prices ranging from $9.99 to as a place where they could all relate. cheap as $1.99. Interested? Be a loon—check Local bands as well as any other independently recorded band are them out! welcome to sell their CDs at Looney Tunes. According to the Almighty

MARCH 2008



Closing Time go. Former intern Chelsie Friedman said, “Working there was great. I got It seems that kids today have to go to shows all the time and it was nowhere to go. In Massapequa there just a fun environment.” A whole other slew of teens is no “Arnold’s Drive-In” like the Happy Days gang had; kids can’t found something to do at Fat Pipe, hang out at “The Max” like the where they could simply ‘hang out.’ Saved by the Bell kids. It appears as Fat Pipe was equipped with computthough any place opened for teenag- ers and refreshments that could be ers is doomed to close shortly there- purchased. Kids there could play after. Over the past couple years; the computer games like Counter Strike nearest and dearest places for kids and just be with one another. Senior Dennis Oehl said, “Fat Pipe was a have devastatingly closed. The Downtown, a music place we could always go to. It was venue established in October 2001 in never ‘whose house can we go to?’ Farmingdale, closed its doors indefi- It was just, ‘Let’s go to Fat Pipe.’” As both popular hang outs nitely in September of 2005. Likeclosed, it wise, Fat Pipe, “It was never ‘whose a p p e a r e d an Internet gaming café house can we go to?’’ It was kids were located next to just, ‘let’s go to Fat Pipe.’” losing all of their favorMHS, opened -Dennis Oehl ite places. in 2003, welRumors comed kids, gave them a place to call home, and have speculated over both the owner of The Downtown (Dave Glick) also closed its doors. Right off of Main Street, The and the owner of Fat Pipe (Anthony Downtown gave several bands a Danzi) in their closings. Kadie, a jumpstart to their popularity. Bands college student working on Project like Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Downtown to reopen The DownSunday, and My Chemical Romance town said “There were two reasons all played the Downtown’s stage, the Downtown closed. The first was in a room that holds 500 people, because the previous owner wanted before they ever performed before to spend more time with his kids. thousands at Jones Beach or an even And the second was because the cost larger audience at places like Nassau of insuring the place was so high it Coliseum. The Downtown was first was becoming counter-productive.” and foremost a bar, but it opened One MHS Senior claimed that Fat numerous performances to all ages Pipe closed because “it was a haven audiences; giving kids someplace to of drugs and sex.” Regardless of BY BRITTANEE FRIEDMAN JOURNALISM STUDENT

the particulars of their closings, it can be assumed it truly boils down to money, which kids and teens do not always have on hand. In reference to the Downtown’s closing, Senior Jamie Blum said, “I was upset, especially because I was coming of age to go to a lot of shows. It was small but cozy.” Within a week after closing, in an online message board, someone wrote, “This is terrible news…The Downtown was the only small venue left on Long Island that booked moderately well known bands. Maybe Mulcahy’s will pick up some of the slack, but I doubt it. Major bummer.” Frank Dioguardi, a MHS senior, said, “It was a bigger venue that was close by and inexpensive. The more popular bands played there and it was still up close and personal, not like Jones Beach.” Chelsie Friedman, a former Downtown intern, expressed


glad it closed.” No matter what Fat Pipe or The Downtown meant to each individual, it appears as though it is difficult for kids to hang on to any of the places they love. As last summer came to a close this year, music store Looney Tunes, which often had band performances, went down in flames, literally. In spite of the loss, if Looney Tunes does anything, it can give teens hope. In spite of the fire, Looney Tunes re-opened its doors and is bigger and better “It’s a shame that teenagers than before. The record once equipped with can’t have a place to go...” store, a small stage where bands -Alex Arceri often performed acoustic sets reopened with a much her feelings towards the closing. “I more impressive display of music was just really upset. I had planned with a larger stage. As of now, all most teens can to work there when I got home from college. I made such good friends do is mourn the loss of these places, when I worked there. It was all re- and explore for the next hot spot for ally sad.” Although there were tears teens. Who knows? Maybe you’ll shed over Fat Pipe, students who be the next person to open one, bewished to remain anonymous, shared cause it seems the secret formula for their feelings on Fat Pipe and said, “I success of teenage hangouts is still hated it. I went there once and I’m undiscovered.


One of the more popular places for Long Island teens to visit is “The Big Apple,” New York City. Whether it is shopping or seeing a show on Broadway, there are so many things for teens to do. But what exactly does this city have to offer? One of the more populated areas is Central Park. “It’s filled with people. But not just teens, people of all ages”, said Vittoria Colona, a teenager who attends the NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in the city. There is so much to do just in this park alone. You can find people just soaking in the atmosphere on a nice day, or couples sharing a nice lunch together. Central Park is located in the heart of Manhattan; check it out! Another more popular area is Union Square. “I love to just observe all the people in this area, there’s just so much individuality,” said

Vittoria. This lovely park area is surrounded by restaurants and upscale stores. Union Square is located at 14th to 17th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue. Times Square is filled with restaurants and popular, expensive stores. One of the restaurants is the ESPN Zone. You can enjoy tasty

food along with your favorite sports games being shown on the televisions in the dining area. You can also go on the upper level and enjoy the games in the arcade. The city is a great place to be if you love all different types of music, whether it’s is theatre or classical piano. The Broadway industry keeps

many people visiting the city all year long. The MTV studio is located on the second floor of a building right in this area. Colony is a music store that is filled from wall to wall with all different types of sheet music. It includes piano, guitar, and all different types of musical instruments. They also have movies that involve music and different posters and anything involving musical artists. This store is located on Broadway and 49th street, just 2 blocks away from Times Square. Another popular attraction by Times Square is the Hershey Chocolate Store. “Once I get a smell of that place, I know I’m going inside” said Maxine Peck, a frequent visitor of the city. This store is located on 48th and Broadway. From beautiful parks to eye-popping skyscrapers, New York City’s got it all. Pay a visit and see for yourself.


MARCH 2008




It is a great “melting pot” of people from all over the world, Of the millions of people in the who’ve migrated and settled here in entertainment world, there is quite areas of New York. Due to this, Long a handful that has come from the Island is culturally diverse. small, fishy, Long Island. With New With such a densely populated York City being in such close prox- area, much talent can be found. For imity to Long Island, there is a great example, performers such as Billy opportunity for L.I. residents to be a Joel, Ashanti, and Sarah Hughes, all part of one of the largest entertainbegan in various towns across the island. Many stand-up comedians including Billy Crystal, Rosie O’Donnell, Jerry Seinfeld, and John Belushi began their comedic career on the popular live television show in Manhattan, Saturday Night Live. Aside from the rest of Long Island, many famous people grew up right here in source: Massapequa. Graduating from Massapequa High School were ment capitols of the world. all four Baldwin brothers, Jerry For someone living on Long Seinfeld, Anthony Heal, and from Island wanting to pursue a career in North Massapequa, Steve Gutenthe entertainment industry, there is an berg. Aside from this bunch of exadvantage to being so close to Man- tremely talented individuals, there hattan. The availability of Broadway, is of course many more. Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center, Mr. Piotrowski, Vice Prinnot to mention many clubs where dif- cipal at Massapequa High School, ferent types of performers can show having known the Baldwin brothers off their talent, has been a great asset and Jerry Seinfeld while they were to those people. students, said that there was nothing JOURNALISM STUDENT


out of the ordinary about these people, nothing that really set them apart from any other students. “It was not a big deal when they were kids, you know. Then to see them grown, there was just a knowing between them, no more, no less.” Mr. Piotrowski continued, “But to see where they’ve taken their lives, that is what’s really great. For me to be able say to myself that those people were brought up around Massapequa’s schooling, that makes me proud.” Students in this day and age have to take on a great deal of work as young adults. “I have a tremendous amount of admiration for adolescents today who can keep a focus on everything all at once,” said Mr. Piotrowski. He feels that school life now is far more complex than even as little as fifteen years ago. Students are bombarded from all different aspects of what is right or wrong; therefore they must take on great amounts of responsibility. The potential of students in Massapequa to succeed alone is very high. According to Mr. Piotrowski, students and adolescents in general today are more compassionate and understanding of many circumstances, giving more open opportunity for

success. “Students today are more sensitive to the world around them, more pervasive. I see students are less self-centered in this day and age than in years ago. By being more focused on the community benefits rather than personal ones, a person is more open-minded. This allows them to be able to learn and grow easily.” Ten or fifteen years ago there seemed to be more time to do things, more time to go through life. But now, even when everything seems to be rushed with the greatest amounts of pressure put on, there is still room for great success. Mr. Piotrowski said, “I admire those students who can wake up everyday and accomplish what they need to, despite outside situations. This allows them to be whatever they want to be, and stay focused. I think that is wonderful.” source:

Broadway Show Average Ticket Prices

Wicked: $139-$152 Young Frankenstein: $152 Mary Poppins: $100-$137 Mamma Mia: $108-$140 Grease: $102-$152 Hairspray: $125-$137 Lion King: $108-$152 Chicago: $111-$140 Legally Blonde: $152 Monty Python’s Spamalot: $145 The Little Mermaid: $102-$140 Phantom of the Opera: $89-$140 Jersey Boys: $122-$153 Spring Awakening: $141 Rent: $68-$137



MARCH 2008


It’s a Sports World After All: Professional Sports on Long Island BY CHRIS NEWMAN JOURNALISM STUDENT

The four seasons are spring, summer, fall, and winter. But to Long Islanders, they are baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. On Long Island, the sports scene has everybody involved. Whatever the sport may be, Long Island has it and people show their love for them by going to the games. Pro teams are what really shine on Long Island and New York City. There are a bunch of teams in different sports to root for. One team most known is the Yankees. The New York Yankees are one of the most prestigious teams in the baseball and sporting world. The team won over twenty-six source: www.comfortableWorld Series, and accumulated a great number of famous coaches and players. During the depression, they single-handedly saved baseball from losing fans by having an all-star team featuring Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and others and their stadium became a hallmark in the sport. Today, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez lead the team and fans still come to watch them play. Their biggest games are against the Mets and their Divisional rival the Boston Red Sox. The Yank’s cross-town rival the Mets also has a massive fan

base. The Mets have always been in the Yankees shadow since their franchise started. Playing in Shea Stadium, fans pile in to see a good or bad baseball team. Winning only two championships in ’69 and ’86 and almost in’00, the Mets struggle to make it back to the World Series. Some years they are pretty close. For example, this past year, they led their division by 7 ½ games with seventeen to play but lost their lead to the Philadelphia Phillies missing the playoffs entirely. But the fans still come and root for them and believe that every year it will be the Mets’ year. It is even bigger when the subway series between them and the Yankees occurs. Another team, The Long Island Ducks are a minor league team that Long Islanders love to go to. It may

Long Island Sports Hall of Fame including the sporting world’s first real dynasty, with 9 championships We all know famous people had in 11 years (including 8 straight) in to have grown up somewhere. Here the ‘60s. is a list of a few famous sports figures Vince Lombardi (1913-1970): that grew up on Long Island: Born in Brooklyn, Hall of Fame footJulius Erving (1950-): Born ball coach of the Green Bay Packers. in Roosevelt, In total, he won Hall of Famer 5 NFL Super known as “Dr. Bowl titles. J.”, played for Craig Bigthe ABA and gio (1965-): NBA, Won 3 Born in SmithChampionships town, played 20 and a 3-time years with the MVP between Houston Astros. both leagues. In his career he Red Auhad over 3,000 erbach (1917hits and 600 2006): Born in doubles. He also Brooklyn, Hall had 400 stolen of Fame Coach, bases, and 250 general manhome runs. ager and owner Jennifer of the Boston Native Long Islander Craig Biggio source: Capriati (1970Celtics. He’s the ): Born in New man behind creating the fast break York City, former #1 ranked tennis as an offensive play. In his career, player in the world. She also won 3 he has won over 17 championships grand slam events.

not be as good as the pros but the fun factor doesn’t stop and kids still go to the games. When Hockey season rolls around, the Rangers and Islanders bandwagon starts to get full. Tensions rise when they face off against each other. source: Both teams have been really good or really bad over their franchise history, but the fans always appreciate their effort no matter what place they finish the season and keep coming to Madison Square Garden and the Coliseum. Hockey might not be the top sport in the city like other places in the nation, but it still draws a good amount of fans that support the team, showing that diehard fans stay through the good and the bad years no matter what sport. If you like basketball, the

Youth in Sports:

Knicks are the team for you. Even though they might not win every year thanks to bad management; fans range from common fans to celebrities like Spike Lee. Lets just hope they actually get management under source: control. A pro sport here on Long Island is a commonplace for water cooler talks or just conversations with friends. Going to the games and rooting for your teams, chatting with friends, and playing sports is what we Long Islanders do to be active; this is where the fun is. Now if you excuse me, I need to go purchase some tickets for myself.

Some Participation Required?





Sports are a part of almost everyone’s life. From programs to schools to college sports, kids are playing a sport they truly love. But are enough people actually getting into sports? Along with professional sports, high school and college sports are popular. Each team is unique in its own way. Town and team rivals still exist today. Win or lose, the students go home happy. Showing support for a team is good, but are there enough students participating in sports? Physical Education chairperson and teacher at Massapequa High School, Mr. Voigt, answered a few question about participation in sports by youths: CN: Does MHS offer any non-school sport team camps or anything of that nature for kids? Mr. Voigt: Yes, MHS offers camps during the summer for all sports for one week. In the elementary schools there is a recreation program that does some sports.”

CN: Do you think enough kids are participating in sports? Mr. Voigt: I believe enough kids are participating in sports. [MHS] has one of the largest enrollment of student athletes in Nassau County showing they do actively participate in sports. CN: Are there any improvements to be made to get more people interested in sports? Mr. Voigt: There are improvements that could be made. As of now, we are trying to increase intramural teams to get students who did not make the team if they tried out or people who play sports for fun to come and have fun with friends. CN: Is the fan base just as supportive as the players? Mr. Voigt: Yes, because if the community supports the team as well as the students, it shows participation is occurring without participating in the sport. Rooting for a team is more important than being the hero in a game.

MARCH 2008


The Top 15: BestandMovies of 2007 its character development is unrealistic, and it’s a bit overrated, BY KEVIN MCCARTHY STAFF WRITER

As 2007 ended, many film critics made lists of their favorite movies of the year. So, I decided to write my own, enjoy: 1) There Will Be Blood This movie is brilliant because it takes a story about an oil monopoly in the early 1900s and makes it not just interesting, but thrilling and entertaining, both visually and emotionally. Daniel Day-Lewis gives one of the greatest performances I have ever seen, along with perfectly cast supporting actors, beautiful cinematography, intense music, and a genius screenplay (“I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!”) 2) Ratatouille Equally amazing is how Disney and Pixar can take a story about a rat with the ability to cook, and make it seem almost real. It’s still a cute animated kids movie, yet at the same time it’s dramatic and kind of honest. It doesn’t condescend, and that’s what makes this stand out from other kids movies. It also features some beautiful animation and music, and Peter O’Toole’s speech at the end is genius. 3) No Country For Old Men This year’s gritty, violent Best Picture winner is technically a nearly perfect movie, whether you liked the ending or not. The story has a deep meaning behind its violence,

just as thrilling as its shooting scenes. Javier Bardem plays the psychotic killer with perfection. 4) Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street Everything else was so good about this movie that I’m willing to ignore the fact that Johnny Depp isn’t a great singer (Alan Rickman from Harry Potter and Die Hard, however, can carry a tune quite nicely). As good as this musical is, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you like Broadway and/or Tim Burton movies. I like both. 5) Superbad, Knocked Up, and Hot Fuzz Three of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen came out the same summer. These are movies that I could quote all day, in any situation. The writing, the acting, and the timing are perfect in all of these movies. See them before everyone tells you all the jokes and ruins them for you. 6) 300 300 might be a stupid action movie, but after seeing it twice, I’ve grown to love it. It has some great lines, such as “THIS IS SPARTA ” and “WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?” The screenplay deserved an Oscar. It’s the next Casablanca. 7) Juno I personally felt that Juno was a little too quirky and strange and

but it’s still good because it’s wellwritten (by an ex-stripper, who won an Oscar for the screenplay) and features some very talented actors. 8) Gone Baby Gone This movie is so full of plot twists that I had to go to Wikipedia to figure out the ending. But that doesn’t hurt the film’s quality, it’s very intense and stylish. Maybe Ben Affleck has done some terrible movies as an actor, but he’s a surprisingly decent director. Amy Ryan is the best part, playing the mother of a kidnapped child. 9) The Simpsons Movie I’m an avid fan of The Simpsons, in fact, right now, as I write this review, I am watching an episode on TV (and it happens to be one of my favorites, the one where Homer goes into space.) The movie version gets a lot more laughs than the average episode. 10) Hairspray In a year where all the good movies are about murder, corruption and pregnancy, there’s Hairspray, an upbeat, old-fashioned musical, which is much better than it looks. Even if you don’t like musicals, everybody loves Christopher Walken. 11) Transformers Transformers is three hours of fighting robots, and therefore doesn’t need to be reviewed.


12) Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead This is a movie that you probably didn’t see; it only played in a few theaters for about a week or two. This violent drama’s dark and cynical style make it a hard movie to watch, but its cast gives some great performances as terrible people meeting their fates. 13) Across the Universe This movie definitely has some weak moments, but more than makes up for that with some of its beautifully done musical scenes and a surprisingly well-developed story. You’ll especially like it if you are a fan of the Beatles, the source of all the film’s music. 14) Meet the Robinsons It’s the most inspirational movie since Rocky. Keep moving forward guys, keep moving forward. 15) Charlie Wilson’s War This political film, based on a true story, features some very talented people (Oscar winners Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and director Mike Nichols) and a script by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, so it features that style of fast paced, witty intellectual humor. Honorable mention: Pirates of the Carribean/Spiderman 3, two sequels that weren’t quite as good as the movies they follow, but are still entertaining in their own way.

Find Yourself Enchanted! BY LISA TOTINO COPY EDITOR

The movie Enchanted, which blends the story of an ever-pleasant fictional fairytale into the imperfections of reality, provides a splash of excitement and comedy for the whole family to enjoy. A beautiful princess, Giselle, played by Amy Adams, finally finds the prince of her dreams. They live happily ever after…or so they anticipate. Guided by the curse of an evil queen, Giselle is evicted from her ideal fairytale and plunged into the busy streets of Manhattan. Unac-

customed to contemporary society, Dempsey, assists her in her journey Giselle must adjust to her new envi- through a hectic reality. Inadvertently, Giselle ronment, where gradually beshe discovers gins to fall in that everything love with the is not always as lawyer who flawless as in her had educated fairytale setting. and protected Helping her from life’s Giselle discover that all is not impurities. “happily ever afBut through her journey for ter,” a handsome enchantment, divorce lawyer, is Giselle willplayed by Patrick source: www.hotfm com

ing to sacrifice prince charming as well as fairytale life’s simplicity in exchange for a reality without guarantees? In the story where fairytale collides with reality, Amy Adams creates an innocent charm that the audience will fall in love with. Moreover, her naivety and confusion about society’s disappointments, fears, and conflicts will leave the viewers in laughs. See for yourself the reasons why so many people are rushing to see this unique, engrossing tale!

Drink in the Funny! (Better Late than Never!) BY STEPHANIE POST COPY EDITOR

This past December, the MHS drama club put on Woody Allen’s classic comedy “Don’t Drink the Water.” Under the direction of physics teacher Mr. Benbasset, this year’s annual production proved to be a great success. In the play, the Hollander family—typical American tourists—is vacationing in a Communist European country one summer when father Walter Hollander (Jim Rhodes) takes a picture of a sunset, causing a misunderstanding that re-

sults in the family being hunted for espionage. The family takes refuge at the American Embassy, which has unfortunately been handed over to the Ambassador’s inept son, Axel Magee (James Vigilante), while his father is traveling. The Hollanders are not able to leave the building for fear of persecution, and are thus forced to remain at the Embassy for months. In the end, the Hollanders and their fellow refugee Father Drobney (Michael Pitocchi) formulate an escape plan, and the Ambassador returns to repair all the damage that Axel made.

The audience’s applause and overall response to the show was evidence that the performance was a hit. With constant jokes of the budding romance between Axel Magee and the Hollander’s daughter Susan (Jenna Bredies), Father Drobney’s failing magic tricks, and the Communists’ rage and violence, the audience was constantly laughing. Overall, the cast was extremely pleased with the shows outcome. “The cast was amazing,” said James Vigilante, “and the show was such a success.” As it turns out, the cast also

had some laughs of its own. Amidst all the hard work put in to pull off the amazing production, members of the club had fun making every scene as comical as possible. “It was really funny to watch Mr. Benbasset work with the jokes, because he is usually such a serious person,” said Traci Prevost, who played the role of mother Marion Hollander. “It’s the greatest feeling in the world for an actor to have the reaction that they’re looking for in a performance, and in this case, the audience’s laughter was the fuel that kept it going.”


MARCH 2008



People can succeed in many different ways. Some can procrastinate and still do well; others can fail if they procrastinate. It’s all about finding what you do best, and sticking with it. The class of 2008’s top ten give insight and their input on how they did well and what motivated them to succeed.

Alec Slatky-1 Mainly I was born with a good memory, t h a t ’s p r o b a b l y m y main credit to success. In contrast to normal advice, I procrastinated every single long assignment until the day before it was due. That way you do your best work because you know there is limited time. Duke Ellington said it best: “I don’t need time. What I need is a deadline.” I motivated myself to succeed, because I can’t do anything with less than my best effort. If I’m going to do the work, I might as well do it well. Basically, if you don’t want to do the work, you’re going to do poorly. But it’s a catch22, because nobody wants to do work. You need to balance the annoyance of work with the desired results. My advice is to read a lot and find something you are interested in. These are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they improve exponentially when intertwined. For example, I love Jethro Tull’s masterpiece album Thick as a Brick, so whenever I listened to the album, I read the lyrics to sing along. Music is a great example of a good interest to have, but I must include this caveat: listen to music with good lyrics, so you can think about them (thinking is actually important).

without completely killing yourself. When trying to motivate yourself to study for a test or finish an assignment, envision success. Think about how good it will feel when you are completely finished a n d d o n ’t have to stress over it anymore. In the long run, picture yourself receiving the letter of acceptance to your dream college. These are the best years of your life. Enjoy them! One of the most important lessons I can pass on to students is how to deal with teachers. Within a week of class, you can usually tell what a teacher will expect throughout the year. A word of wisdom: live up to these expectations! Make sure you do what is asked of you, participate in class, and most of all always be respectful. Go to extra-help. You would be amazed how much this really helps when it comes to test time.

Caitlin Baldwin-3

I always made sure I was on top of my assignments and did my work on time. I was very organized because I had a busy schedule and had to make sure that what needed to be accomplished was finished before my other plans. Extra credit is also very helpful and should be taken advantage of because you never know when you could use some points. I always knew how I did in school now could affect my future and my parents taught me the importance of my education. I have experienced both ups and downs with grades and Michael Wiederecht-2 The first key to doing well in of course I felt better when I performed to the best of my abilities. I school is truly wanting to continued to work hard so I would do well in school. You always be satisfied with myself. really have to be willing Never let your school work to put in the time and take over your life. Still have fun effort to succeed. Yes, throughout high school and be sometimes this means not going out with your friends. pleased with yourself as long as you However, this doesn’t mean your tried your hardest. whole life must be devoted to school. Michael Damiani-4 Be happy with your academic perSimply the effort that I put formance as long as you know you in is what helped me to do well. I put in the most effort that you could took my share of accelerated and AP

courses, though not necessarily killing myself. But even in the classes, I still put my work into them. There’s definitely a difference between getting the work done, and getting the work done well, and I strove for the latter, even if the work was done in the last few hours—which wasn’t always so rare, I’ll admit. No one thing was necessarily pushing me forward. My parents were never the type to set intensely strict grade minimums a b o u t school; it was more the fact that they’ve instilled a decent sense of work ethic in me. I think the main factor was that I simply wanted to do well. You have to put your mind to doing well. You have to push yourself to beyond the “I’ll just get by” notion and strive for your best. But most importantly, you have to want to do well, and since I can’t tell you what you want, that one’s on you. But for everyone, regardless of grades, ranks, or classes: get involved. I really can’t stress this enough. There are so many clubs and activities I’ve recently joined that I regret having not joined a long time ago. These years go by faster than you’ll ever imagine; make the most of them.

Matthew Zaringhalam-5 My success in school is the result of hard work and most i m p o r t a n t l y, r e a d ing. Throughout high school, I have put in long hours – resulting from last-minute cramming – doing work for school no matter what the task. If I am given an assignment, in most cases, I do not do the assignment solely to get it done; I try to get it done correctly and to the best of my abilities. As Steve Prefontaine once said, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” M y motivation to succeed in school was purely selfmotivation. My parents never intervened in my schooling; they never

told me to go do my homework or to study for a test. I justify my hard work with the creed working hard now pays off later, later being in a prestigious profession. Without motivation, I would not be in the position I am today. My best advice to you, the present students and those to come, is work hard, read, and find any motivation to do well and succeed. The latter is most important because without motivation, it is very difficult to work hard. It is important for you to create a balance between your school work and your social lives. My last piece of advice is not to leave all of your work to the last minute because it adds extra stress and compromises the quality of your work.

Christopher Ryan-6 I’ve heard it before: how could I, a person who only took one AP course in my first three years of high school, possibly make it into the coveted top ten? Well, we’ve all heard the saying: “Never settle for less than your best!” Throughout high school, I made sure that I never handed in anything that I wasn’t personally proud of, and it definitely paid off in the end. Also, I’ve always felt that it’s harder not to do your work than to do your work. I think my academic success had a lot to do with the fact that in tenth grade, I realized that I want to go into film / television production when I’m older (thanks Mr. Hempel!). Personally, having an answer to the dreaded question (“What do you want to be when you grow up?”) gave me the motivation to work hard throughout high school. The way I see it is do your best now, and then the future is yours. If I could leave underclassmen with only one word of advice, let it be this: do what you love. Take the courses you want to take, but more importantly, don’t let yourself be pressured into overloading your schedule with advanced classes that you know you won’t enjoy. Your time is valuable, and there isn’t enough of it to go around.

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MARCH 2008



MHS’s “Top 10” Give Advice (continued from page 12) Stephanie Post-7 It may sound cliché, since it’s all that the teachers and parents say, but I challenged myself with AP courses, straight out of middle school. They really are the best way to learn new material, being so in depth as opposed to the filtered Regents-prep courses. Also, I pushed myself to produce my best work possible, handing in assignments on time and making sure to always make up work when I was out of class. I’m a perfectionist, naturally, so I strive for excellence in everything I do. I’ve refused to turn in a paper or a project that shows less than my full potential. Why wouldn’t you want to give all you’ve got? I kept in mind that to do well and go far you must remain determined and hardworking. My parents also encouraged me with my schoolwork. The most important thing, in addition to having fun, is to keep your eyes on the goal. If you know you have a busy weekend ahead when you’ll rarely be home, try to get some work done ahead of time; your friends will be there tomorrow. On the other hand, make sure

not to take on too much stress-the balance between work and leisure is the key. And remember-procrastination is no one’s best friend!

Alexander Harris-8

of my work to the best of my ability and make sure that it is handed in on time. I think that managing my time well and staying organized have also helped me do well in school. I would be lost without my planner. My parents and teachers have always encouraged me to work hard. The accomplishments of family, friends, and others I know have helped motivate me to achieve my own successes and have proved to me that I should never give up on reaching my goals. [As advice] I would tell them [underclassmen] to keep up with their school work and be open-minded about taking different classes and subjects. Some of my favorite classes were ones I never expected to really enjoy. I also think it’s important that students balance their schoolwork with other activities they enjoy.

Throughout high school, I made sure that I always came to school prepared, and realized that if I listened in class and did all my homework, I would do well. Forming good relationships with teachers and other students was part of my success, and not to mention a little bit of studying. I guess I can say that I motivated myself to work hard, because I understood the benefits of applying myself. Doing all that I was capable of was all that I could h o p e f o r. For future students, set goals that are high, but know that you can achieve them. Stay on point, do homework, it helps, and pay attention in class. Work hard, but don’t kill yourself, you’ll be alright. Kristen Meyer-10 I think the most imTara Brailey-9 portant thing I did to do To do well in school I just did well in school was to the work required and put in the most do my homework and effort I could. I always complete all actually read what I had

MHS Alumni Give the Scoop on College Life BY ANGELA ROAMER NEWS EDITOR

Curious about what college life is all about? Ten graduates from Massapequa High School’s class of 2007 came back to MHS to talk about the adjustments they made during their first semester in college. If you didn’t get a chance to sit in on the actual discussion, here are some of the major the questions and answers. Present were: Richard Bryson, Sacred Heart University, Nicole Zito, Fordham University, Lisa Mener, Hofstra University, Thomas Ligotti, St. Johns University, Melissa Olster, SUNY Plattsburg, Megan McGuire, Boston College, Elizabeth Anderson, Villanova, Catrina LaRocca, University of Maryland, College Park, Kaila Roti, NYU, Mia Esposito, University of Miami. Why did you pick your school? RB: Division 1 sport teams, good business school NZ: Liked the setup of a city campus LM: Clubs, athletic pride, not far from NYC TL: Good mix of NYC and LI MO: Far from home, 5 miles from Canada, visit Montreal

MM: Loved the spirit and the campus EA: Has access to the city of Philadelphia, close to home CL: Huge school KR: Location! ME: The blend of a city for internship opportunities and college life, the school spirit What was your first taste of freedom like? Unanimously, the panel believed the most important thing in college is to manage your time. Find a good balance between work and play and always put schoolwork first. Make sure to get things done, and develop your own habits. What was the money management like and do you have any advice? RB: At my school you get an ID card that you use for food, laundry and books. It’s pretty much your life. NZ: There’s a meal plan and flex dollars for other spending. LM: Since I’m a commuter, gas money is needed. I also got an oncampus job. MM: If you run out, you should try and share. EA: You spend a lot of money going on campus, so try to limit that.

CR: Stay on campus to eat as much as you can. KR: Watch out going to restaurants in the city. ME: Money on taxis and food while off campus get expensive; use your meal card! What was your biggest adjustment? Everyone agreed that independence in general is a huge change. There are little things that parents always do for their children that many never really appreciated. Also, students must learn to do their own laundry, a chore most did not do before they left! Living with people and a roommate is also a big change as well as time management. Did you feel prepared for the workload? Most of the panel felt that MHS had prepared them very well for college work. At first, some felt overwhelmed, but they get used to it. Remember to do the reading or assignments. Professors usually don’t remind students about upcoming assignments, so you follow the syllabus and take good notes. Additionally, tests, which weigh much more heavily in college are usually only given about twice per semester,

been assigned. I also tried to pay attention in class as much as possible and to ask questions when I didn’t understand something. No one specific thing motivated me to do well in school; it was more of a combination of factors. My parents definitely motivated me to do well in school, but they didn’t force me to. More or less, I liked making them proud of me. The promise of a getting into the college I wanted to and having a job that I truly enjoyed also played a part in my success. What also motivated me to do well was the fact that school was something I was actually good at; I was never quite coordinated enough to play sports well and some of the most basic musical concepts escaped me, so I was kind of left with school as a way to prove myself. To future students I say this: Do your homework. It just might help. Yes school is important, but at the same time it’s also important to still have fun. In the other extreme, you can’t just treat school as one big party; that doesn’t work. Find an even balance between school and fun and you should do well. so it is necessary to do well on them. What do you miss most about home? The most popular answers from the panel included mom’s cooking, All-American, mom, not receiving allowance, home friends, food, & sleep. Commuters, did you find it hard to feel part of the campus and meet people? LM: I got an on-campus job and I met a lot of people that way. TL: Joining clubs helps; I joined the intramural dodgeball team! Other Advice: - Visit the school before deciding; it can make a huge difference on your perspective of the school. - Make the best of any school, even if it’s not your top choice. - School spirit makes things a lot more fun. -Get involved with clubs and intramural sports. Preparing for college is an exciting time, but before you go, remind yourself that a lot of responsibility is needed. You have to be able to manage your time, manage your money, do your own laundry, live with a roommate and develop good study habits. Good luck seniors!


MARCH 2008


Five Artists to Look Out for in 2008 BY KYLE FEE STAFF WRITER

With 2008 already in full swing, the music scene is ever changing. New artists are coming out with new sounds that are sure to captivate audiences of all tastes. Although there are too many who have promising new years, there are five bands in particular that truly will make 2008 their year. Lets start off with Bedouin Soundclash, the newest reggae rock act. Get this though: they all hail from Canada. They have a unique mellow sound, in a time dominated by loud and hard music. Their video for “Walls Fall Down” was played on numerous music channels like IMF, and the single reached 6 on the Canadian charts. You can find them on Vans Warped Tour from July 3 to July 17. Other things including a shop,


The Fix Is In! Massapequa’s own Fastizio has finally recorded a CD. The Under-Aged Blood Crusade, recorded at Double Vision Studios, is an incredible display of the talent of Fastizio’s band members. For four years this band has been tearing up Massapequa’s music scene with their entrancing combination of alternative and jam-out music. Members include Mike Mc-

pictures, links and more can be found at Next is M.I.A. She is a Sri Lankan hip hop artist whose beats and rhythms attract and perplex the audience at the same time. Her CD “Kala” was hailed as Rolling Stone’s Album of the Year in 2007, and her single “Boyz” gained major popularity. She resides in Brooklyn, and plays many local New York shows, such as past sold out shows at Terminal 5. For more info on her check out Another band to look out for in the new year is Bloc Party. These English blokes have been flying under the radar for years, but their minimalist rock sound is starting to catch on in America, after a successful set at the Austin City Limits Festival, and the catchy single “I Still Remember.” Unfortunately

for us, they aren’t touring in the States anytime soon. On a better note, they are in the planning stages for their third album, so be on the lookout for that. Everything about Bloc Party can be found on For some new local rock sounds, look no further than Long Island’s own Crime in Stereo. Their major label debut “Crime in Stereo is Dead” received four and a half stars from Alternative Press magazine. Crime in Stereo has played numerous sold out shows in Long Island, as well as many other national shows. They are currently on tour with Comeback Kid and Daggermouth, but unfortunately they will be skipping Long Island. Check them out at Finally, for a much more unique sound filled with Eastern European instruments, accordions, and cheerful songs about traveling as

a gypsy, look no further then Gogol Bordello. They had a successful 2007 with their CD “Super Taranta!” which received four out of five stars by Rolling Stone magazine. You might recognize eclectic lead singer Eugene Hutz for starring alongside Elijah Wood in Everything is Illuminated. Their shows are likened to large parties, complete with audience participation, and merriment. They played New Years at Terminal 5 in New York City, to a sold out crowd. Go to for news, info, tour dates and more. These artists and many others will be on the prowl in 2008. These fresh faces come with new sounds, new ideas, and new songs. Watch out for them in the future, they will make a big bang in 2008. Trust me, Freestyle Kyle knows a thing or two about music.

Manus, on guitar and vocals, Johnny Hoblin, with backup vocals and the drums, and Matt Mattello, on bass. Recently a forth member has been added, Vin Benson, who also plays guitar and does some vocals. When asked how the band was first started, Matt stated, “Quite simply, we were all lovers of music and just kind of found each other, started playing together, and then said ‘Hey! We’ve got something here!” The band has played all along the east coast as well as Illinois and

Indiana. They hope to go wherever music takes them. The Under-Aged Blood Crusade is a funky, meeting-point of chill out and rock out. Fastizio’s sound is one of a kind and total jam-music—it’s the kind of music you cannot help but dance to! Matt, the bassist, states he is “...overjoyed with everything about it.” The Fix Is In is his personal favorite song on the CD. Mike’s unique voice helps to

add a certain flavor to Fastizio, causing their songs to be overly entrancing; it’s hard to turn your ear away. Johnny is responsible for all of the sweet beats and awesome drum fills. The CD also features guest appearances by Nick Lee and Ray Marte of Exemption. Fastizio went on their Fastizio on Ice tour in January. Keep a look out for any new Fastizio songs or news at http://www.myspace. com/fastizio.



On November 28, 2008, Game reviewer Jeff Gertsmann and his employer, Gamespot and parent company CNET, parted ways. This seemed like a regular departure, but the details around it have been controversial, causing some to call the incident “Gamespotgate.” One detail surrounding this controversy revolves around Jeff Gertsmann’s video review of Kane a n d Lynch: Dead Men. Prior to the release and rating of the game, Gamespot ran ads for it on the website. In his review, Gertsmann gave the game a 6.0/10, giving the game a worse review than expected. This upset Gamespot and Eidos (the makers of Kane and Lynch) causing his departure. However, the real controversy lies with how Gamespot handled it. After both reviews were

posted, Gamespot took down the video review because of “faulty audio equipment.” The text review was slightly edited as well. The incident left the gaming media and community in outrage over how Gertsmann was fired for one review because many believed that he had a right to express his opinion. However, Gamespot states he was fired “for internal reasons” and that “Eidos being displeased of the review had nothing to do with the departure.” Most people don’t feel that just because a game is advertised on a site for source: a while, it should receive a higher score. Gertsmann might have been explicitly stating the truth, however Gamespot wanted to cover up the review, fix it, and make it seem like the game deserved a better score than that which it received. Gamespot may have lost its credibility and its readership with this incident; however, there is yet to be any clear answers.





Chiefs Wrestling: A Success! Always a Good was Time something that our Massapequa ence will lead to more success. BY COREY CROSS-HANSEN


Massapequa isn’t known for their great guy’s basketball team but the team has continually improved over the past few seasons with a switch to a more difficult division this year; AA- I. I recently attended a game this season and made a pleasant discovery - Massapequa can play. The gym was packed with the rowdy Massapequa student’s section and fans of all ages that attended. Massapequa was able to build an early lead, which was too much for Port Washington to overcome, leading to a victory for Massapequa. However, the win was just a bonus. Just going to a Varsity basketball game and witnessing great plays from seniors and juniors with contributions from the whole team was a good sight to see for someone used to watching the selfish play of NBA players who routinely fail to pass to the open man or chase down a loose ball. Tenacity and hustle BOWLING

team has in bucketfuls, with great plays from their big men; 6’7” Sean Hehir and 6’5” Ben Vassallo who are forces in the paint scoring easily from mid range and stuffing opponents who dare enter the lane. Off the bench, Rob VonBargen isn’t a downgrade at 6’8”: when he enters the game he almost is guaranteed a block. Massapequa’s guards aren’t too shabby themselves, with senior James Altadonna leading the backcourt in combination with both Mike and Sean Canning and Jimmy Nealis. They all have the ability to hit any shot on the court and fly by a defender for an easy lay-up with the crossover. Although Massapequa stands in the middle of the pack in their conference standings, if you are looking for a good time and good basketball, go to the next Massapequa boy’s basketball home game. Win or lose they’re still our Chiefs.

Shane Strumwasser (above)


As everyone knows, Massapequa is known for its competitive and successful sports teams. This year, Massapequa’s Bowling Team is making a quite a comeback. Massapequa High School’s Varsity bowling team is ranked fourteenth in the county, and has a shot at the playoffs for the first time in over six years. This year, sixteen teams made playoffs and Massapequa is one of them. The average Varsity bowling score is 752.8. Junior Varsity came in third place in the conference, with a team average of 618.3. So Congrats to Massapequa’s Bowling Team! Good Luck in the Playoffs!


With returning Nassau County Champs Mike Doria and Shane Strumwasser, the Chiefs hit the mat in hopes of winning the Nassau Duel Meet Championships. This season started on a positive note when sophomores James Ondris and Pat Morgan both placed first in their weight classes. The Chiefs had more success when they placed second in the Huntington

Marissa Kropp

provided by Lors Photography

Tournament. Anthony Evangelista, Mike Doria, and Shane Strumwasser took first place in their respective weight classes. The Chiefs continued their streak of success; they placed third at the Nassau County Cup Tournament, and won 51-15 against the St. Anthony’s Friars. However, the next few opponents were a greater challenge as the Chiefs lost to MacArthur 36-19 and placed fourth at the Massapequa Holiday Tournament. The biggest surprises were losses to Uniondale and Farmingdale. When head coach Joe Catalanotto was asked why the Chiefs lost to the teams they thought they could have beaten, he responded by saying that the team is a “young team” and “[they] weren’t as close as [last year’s] team.” Overall, Coach Catalonotto believes that more experi-

What really stood out about the team this year was the determination to finish the season strong. The Chiefs finished the season 4-1 out of their last five competitions, which included placing first at the Seaford Duel Meet. Entering the Nassau County Duel Meet Championships as the twelfth seed, the Chiefs posted a 2-0 record in the Quarterfinals as Massapequa beat Freeport by the score of 32-28. In the final round of the quarterfinals, 140 pound senior Shane Strumwasser pinned Balkunas of Syosset to give the Chiefs a one point win over the Syosset Braves. T h e Chiefs then provided by Lors Photography headed to the Semi-finals seeking revenge as they face the Uniondale Knights in the first round. When Shane Strumwasser was asked about getting a chance to wrestle Uniondale again, he said, “It’s really exciting. Our team is going to come out avenging our previous loss and we’ll hopefully come out on top. If the Chiefs defeat the Knights, they will have to wrestle MacArthur who they lost to in the regular season, 36-19.” According to sophomore Pat Morgan, the mindset of each match will be “about motivating everyone on the team and making sure they complete their specified job.” Clearly, motivation paid off for seniors Shane Strumwasser and Mike Doria who both made counties this season and will be competing in the State Championships in Rochester on March 8.

Massapequa Track and Field Looks to Sprint to the Finish at Nike Indoor Nationals Boys Track Girls Track BY T.J. KELLY PHOTO EDITOR

This season, Massapequa’s Boys Track and Field team ran their way to the Nike Indoor Nationals meet. Frank Dioguardi will be running in the mile run, which he ran in 4:19:71 last year at the Nike Outdoor National Championships. Frank will also be a member of the boy’s Sprint Medley relay team consisting of juniors Eric Wong and Billy King and

senior Harris Nord. King and Nord will be running the 200M legs, Eric Wong will be running the 400M leg, and Frankie Dioguardi will be running the 800M leg. Additionally, the boys previously qualified for this race at the New Balance Games at the Armory in New York City. Congratulations to the boys track runners that qualified for these races and good luck! Bring source: home the bacon!


Sports seasons come and go, but this year has been a particularly successful one for the girls winter track team. Eight exceptional girls have made it to the Nike Indoor Nationals this year. Previously, the girls qualified after running at the Molloy Stanner Games at the Armory. “This is an incredible opportunity for these girls to compete against the best in the country,” commented assistant coach, Miss Langsam. The five events that Massapequa will be competing in at Nationals include the Sprint Medley Relay, the Shuttle Hurdle Relay, the

Freshman Mile, and the 4 x mile relay. Senior Nicole Lipari, Sophomores Kelly Burke, Colleen Tamargo, and Meri Dic make up the Shuttle Hurdle Relay. The 4 x mile is made up of Freshman Amanda Schmidt, Juniors Liz Henry and Paige McAtee, and Senior Kelly Kramer. Also, Senior Maya Viner and Juniors Keri Marks, Liz Henry, and Paige McAtee will be dominating the Sprint Medley Relay. Amanda Schmidt will also be running the freshman mile. In the Sprint Medley Relay, each athlete will have to run 55 meter hurdles. In the Sprint Medley Relay, Keri and Maya will be running the 200 meter legs, while Paige will be running the 400 meter leg, and Liz will be running the 800 meter leg.


MARCH 2008


Perfection Prevented: Giants vs. Patriots BY ANTHONY CASSERO STAFF WRITER

Super Bowl XLII was supposed to be a massacre. The Patriots came in as the greatest team of all time. They had the quarterback that had thrown the most touchdowns in history. They had a wide receiver that had the most touchdowns in a single season. They had arguably the most brilliant football mind of his generation, Bill Belichek. The Giants, on the contrary, came in with a quarterback that was commonly regarded as the worst leader in the league until a month before the game They had a coach that was on the brink of being fired at the end of last season. Many ESPN analysts stopped using the word “if” and started saying “when” the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Through the first half of the game, the Giants had outplayed the Patriots, driving the ball down the field at will and sacking Tom Brady five times. Although they were able to move the football, almost all of the Giants’ drives stalled before they were able to score. The Giants

defense was able to put pressure on Tom Brady causing him to not play up to his near perfect standard. Although the Giants played well through the first half, they entered halftime down by four points. It is every young quarterback’s dream to have the Super Bowl on the line while you have to drive your team down the field to score a touchdown. Eli Manning got to live out that fantasy. Down by four points, Manning needed to get the ball down to score a touchdown. He completed this drive with a touchdown to Plaxico Burress. This drive was not without difficulties. In the middle of the drive Eli was blitzed and was wrapped up by a number of the Patriot linebackers. The usually immobile Eli was able to make an amazing play by breaking the tackle and scrambling out of the pocket to throw a ball downfield. The catch was completed while the receiver, David Tyree, caught the ball on his head. The reason the Giants were victorious was mainly because of ball control. The pressure defense by


the Giants led to a number of quick drives by the Patriots. The Giants, along with rushing the quarterback, stopped the Patriots’ ground attack rendering them a one-dimensional team. Along with keeping the Patriots off the field, the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Eli Manning was able to complete many third down conversions leaving the veteran Patriots defense tired. Another reason that the Giants won the game was because of a questionable call by Bill Belicheck. In the middle of the game the patriots found themselves with the choice to either go for a 4 and 13 conversion or kick a 49-yard field goal. Although the Patriots have a good kicker who regularly makes kicks up to fifty yards, they went for it on fourth down. The Patriots ended up losing by three points. If they had kicked the field goal they could have possibly had those three points and been able to force the Giants into overtime where it would have been anyone’s game. This was without question

one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history and one of the greatest games ever played in the Super Bowl. The only thing left for fans to debate: who is the greatest team of all time? There are three legitimate contenders for the crown. The 1972 Dolphins were the only team to go undefeated. Being undefeated may seem like proper grounds to call a team “the best,” but they played fewer games than current teams with a very soft schedule. In 1985, the Bears had the greatest defense of all time. This team won every game except for one. They lost to the Miami Dolphins and one highly motivated Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino. This team was the most likeable and charismatic of the three teams. This year, the Patriots were the only team of the three to not win the Super Bowl after a great season. In spite of that, they still have had the most points scored in a season, and beat every team on their schedule at least once. Overall, they have dominated the league like no other team.

(Left, above) A view from the Arizona stands as the Giants make Superbowl history, surprising both fans and opponents.


Pats Lose More Than Superbowl BY MATT FRANK SPORTS EDITOR

Coming into Super Bowl weekend, the undefeated New England Patriots were looking to cement their names in the record books as the only team to go 19-0, and only the second team to finish off a perfect season, after the 1972 Miami Dolphins. But is perfection really so sweet? Following the Spy Gate scandals of week one vs. the New York Jets, controversy swarmed the Patriots concerning the validity of their efforts all season long. No doubt about it, the Patriots are talented, but

were they winning because of extra aid that conflicted with the National Football League rules? On top of a rule-breaking situation, the Patriots were in a less than sub-par division that included one of the worst teams in NFL history, the Miami Dolphins (1-15), the New York Jets (4-12) and the Buffalo Bills (7-9). Not one of these division rivals cracked the .500% mark this season, and the Patriots were fortunate enough to play each team twice–an easy six victories. So with perfection looming, it seemed as though the Patriots could not handle the pressure, and folded to the New York Giants,

a team that began the season 0-2 and seemed to have snuck into the playoffs in the Superbowl. With all due respect, the Giants, winning 11 straight road games and rightfully outplaying the Patriots in the only game that really mattered, ended the season on a high note. Perhaps if Tom Brady had played like his usual self, or the defense was not so vulnerable, we would be talking about arguably the best team to ever step on the field. Instead, the media gets to rip apart a team that was praised all year long, and the Patriots will forever be linked with cheating. It’s quite interesting to see the Patriots with a record that is

identical to the Chicago Bears in the 1980’s, who achieved an 18-1 record; yet both teams are so different. The Bears are praised for their dominance all year long and finishing off their season with a Super Bowl victory, while the New England Patriots will forever be remembered as the team who couldn’t accomplish their goal of winning the most important game of the season. But hey, not everything can go the Massachusetts’s way–they already have a World Championship team, the Boston Red Sox, and a dominant NBA team in the Boston Celtics. Let’s not be greedy now.

March 2008  

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