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SASSY HONG  KONG   shop  the  shoot!  

MAY 2014  

SANDRO top  and  shorts,  ACCESSORIZE  necklace  

Photography by  Marion  Tessier  

SANDRO top  and  pants,  COLLECT  POINT  bag,  KEDS  shoes        

styling by  Ira  OKvar  

SANDRO top,   CLAUDIE  PIERLOT  skirt,   GOTTA  necklace         Makeup  and  hair  by   ANAEL  DARMON  

SANDRO dress  

Model :  Zhenya  Zheleznyak Â

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Shop the Shoot (Sassy Hong Kong)  

Photo shoot for SASSY HONG KONG's Shop the shoot ( Photographer : MARION TESSIER (...