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Thursday, November 3, 2016


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Welcome to the Kids Edition


very Year the Local turns over a handful of our pages to local kids aspiring to be writers and artists. For the next five pages, you’ll find art, poetry and prose by kids at our local schools and in our neighborhood. Aa always, we are overwhelmed by submissions and can’t manage to publish all of the good work we get. Thanks to everyone for the submissions. Pete Mazzaccaro

Olivia Garges, Age 6, 1st grade Jarrettown Elementary School, Dresher, PA

Willa Burns, 6th grade, Miquon School

Isis’ Story by Ruth Roberts, 3rd Grade, Homeschooled


remember my mother, Nut, scooping me up into the night sky, bright stars on her body lighting up the universe. I remember picking sweet-smelling herbs from the body of my father, Ged, the god of earth, his skin as green and verdant as a field. My name is Isis, my brothers are Osiris and Seth, my sister is Nephthess. We are Egyptian gods. I married Osiris, now King of Egypt. Seth was jealous. He trapped Osiris in a cedar chest and coated it in lead and threw it into the Nile River. Seth, therefore, was King of Egypt. But I never forgot Osiris. I vainly searched until I finally found him, alive but weak in Byblos. I carried him back to Egypt. Seth was furious. “I’ll kill you this time,� he said. He hacked Osiris into pieces. I turned myself into a

glimmering peacock. With the help of my sister Nephthess, we gathered the pieces of my half dead, half alive husband. I bandaged Osiris with linen. He became the first mummy. Osiris disappeared into the underworld. There he was solemnly crowned King of the Dead. I bore a son named Horus. Horus and I patiently hid in the soggy marshes of the Nile River until Horos grew up. When we ventured out of the Nile marshes, Horos burned with anger against Seth and plunged into battle with him. Seth was still my brother, though, and Horos still my son. In one battle I took pity on Seth. Horos beheaded me. I reversed the beheading by magic. Horos and I were reconciled. Finally, Horos took the throne of Egypt.

Benicio Beatty, 8th Grade, Our Mother of Consolation

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Radek Cohen 4th Grade Norwood Fontbonne Academy

Corn maze fun will be done During fall And all Will cheer for a good time of year During fall Longer nights shorter light During fall Thanksgiving time and church bells chime During fall Falling leaves children dreams During fall Pumpkin pie loving eyes During fall

Pax Commons, 2nd Grade, Miquon School

‘The Words’ by Avery Massanova 7th Grade, Norwood Fontbonne Academy

Diana Manges, 1st Grade, Norwood Fontbonne Academy Julian Cheung , 5th Grade, Miquon School

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They ring in my ear, My past life coming; it’s hard to hear, Amassing the memories from the past, In prodigious numbers; they’re growing fast. The love for me, my love for all, Tethered to the problems we had, In unison, we sang our song, The song of the ones young and old, God bless the old weary souls. God bless the old weary souls. For they did not make it through, They grappled with life, but it kept going through. And even though we were all skittish every day, We tried to make them feel audacious, But their life was wasted. The time we spent, the countless hours, We tried to look at their perspective, their way, But that was no more. Just us, them, and the earth. But soon, we were no more. So here I am, In this cage, Hoping for a way to instigate, my way out, The ticket awaits... And I’m ready to take it. Devoid of fear, I’m ready to go from here, Cage after cage after heartbreak, This is the place of second chances. When’s my second chance?

Time enough to dream

Thursday, November 3, 2016


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‘Untitled’ by Campbell Donovan 7th Grade Norwood Fontbonne Academy

Not only was it beautiful, But it was mind-blowing, The dark maroon-colored leaves fell into my bright red-orange hair, The slight breeze hit my hair like a truck, Except it was a gentle truck, The engine was going slow like the wind, And the driver in front was Mother Nature. And it was beautiful, gorgeous, and mind-blowing. From the the two foot trees to the twenty foot branches, It all went together, and it was beautiful.

The Tree by Ellie Devine 7th Grade Norwood Fontbonne Academy


he trees so green, orange, red, and yellow. Me, a prodigious tree looking all around the vast land. At the top of the tree, I can see small children running and enjoying themselves. Laughter filling the air with their sweet and tiny voices. There on the ground below me is a couple walking along a path. Their love so strong I can feel it filling my heart with satisfied joy. Far off from the children and couple there are animals roaming around looking for food. I can feel the squirrels crawling up my trunk and hanging off my branches. My leaves start to fall off one by one. The colors fading and falling onto the ground. My branches cleared, no more leaves to be found. It's only a matter of time before all of my leaves fall off. I shake and tremble, scared and upset, the children, adults and animals start to run away. “I’m all alone,� I cry, “I’m all alone�. Everyone is gone, no one to be seen. I feel empty inside, and suddenly I know it’s winter.

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Alyssa Mayberry, 8th Grade, Our Mother of Consolation

“You don’t have to limit yourself.� – Michael, Class of 2016

I like like pla ying music that’ playing that’ss a challeng e; it helps me gget et be tter. challenge; better. I’m interested in visual arts, too—photography, animation. With art, you’re trying to create something

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Avea Sellmyer, Kindergarten, Chestnut Hill

Stefan Stone, Junior Level Montessori, Norwood Fontbonne Academy


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Germantown & Butler Pikes

Info. Evening Nov. 29 7:00 pm PMFS Parent Home in Chestnut Hill

"My Cat Oliver", Graham Heider, Age 8

Big Blue Marble Bookstore A neighborhood bookstore for Mt. Airy and beyond

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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Anna Galioto, 3rd Grade, Our Mother of Consolation

An Act of Kindness by Gabriella Cilio 8th Grade Norwood Fontbonne Academy

An act of kindness shows love and compassion. An act of kindness I have experienced, Is when my friend stood up for me. I thought that it was very nice. It also made my day. So I thought I’d return the favor, When someone was making them sad. I thought I would just go up and talk to them. But, apparently, that was not the case. I told them to back off. That it wasn't nice.

Rock Concert, by Lydia Moy, Junior Level Montessori Norwood Fontbonne Academy

I went home that night, And said to my parents “I told so-so to back off and stop being mean to my friend.� They were very proud of me. And,quite frankly, I was proud of myself too. I will never forget that day. That day when I got my confidence. An act of kindness is doing a good thing. For someone you care about. Or just out of the goodness of your heart.

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Amaya Swigget, Our Mother of Consolation

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