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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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MPPs listen to Ontario budget concerns Carolyn Thompson Goddard Record Contributor C O R N WA L L — T h e Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs for Ontario were in Cornwall on January 23 to hold one of six pre-budget consultations. Committee members heard from a number of stakeholders including The Hub for Beyond 21 Foundation, National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco, Bergeron Electric and House of Lazarus. Despite a small turnout it was a full day of presentations where, according to MPP Jim McDonell and MPP Steve Clark, concerns about organizations being asked to

do more with less and priorities not being met by the provincial government were raised. Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark described how a dental care program for seniors and low income adults was initiated but portions of the funding are delayed for 10 years. This point was part of the presentation by Seaway Valley Community Health Centre in Cornwall which also asked “the government to build a budget with a focus on health and wellness.� Jim McDonell, MPP for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, repeated his concern about the green energy plan which he feels has been a significant factor

in the increased cost of energy in Ontario. Ron Bergeron, of Bergeron Electric, spoke on the Green Energy Act and the effects of this piece of legislation on the people of Ontario. His recommendations included the establishment of an Independent Electricity Systems Operator to control the development of wind or solar systems and to develop a systematic approach to balance the need “to minimize pollution, with the resources available, without compromising our economy in today’s competitive world. The House of Lazarus, located in North Dundas, spoke at the pre-budget consultation about

Farm management a hot topic Candice Vetter Record Staff WINCHESTER — There are opportunities for farmers of all types to enhance their business acumen, and one of the timely ways to take advantage of improving management skills is to sign up for winter courses, whether offered through a public institution or privately. One example is Synthesis Agri-Food Network, which offers a

training program for Ontario farmers in different communities over five days, but those five days are spread out over five weeks. This year their business management skills course ran in London and in Winchester. Next year they plan to run them in St. Jacobs, London and North Gower. “We hope to have them within a couple hours drive of most farmers,� said Rob Hannam, presi-

dent. “Our course covers risk management, human resources, debt repayment, commodities markets, skills management, comparisons like buy versus lease, lease versus hire custom work, and so on.� Hannam says the goal is not only produce a short, viable business plan, but to plan strategically, learning how to do so with the inclusion of family members or other partners. Continued on page 5


homelessness, housing, food security and employability. While this community outreach Mission is an advocate for rural poverty they also are part of the solution. In partnership with other local agencies, they work to provide to those who have experienced various forms of loss. Of special note in their presentation was that of multi-generational poverty which they feel needs to be researched and addressed using a “multipronged approach from all levels of government, non-profit

PC MPPs Steve Clark and Jim McDonell, in Cornwall. organizations and community Economic Affairs. By members�, to break the cycle visiting Eastern Ontario the of poverty. committee is able to hear the Public budget concerns of those on whose consultations are a mandated behalf they work and take responsibility of the Standing these concerns to the decision Committee on Finance and makers in Toronto.



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