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Cheeky Girl Meet Sarah the European Sensation

Exclusive with Miss DC How cheeky does she get? The Cheeky Cast Invades Fashion Week

Cheeky Castings Are you the next Superstar?

Issue #1

The Cheeky Style Crew

Ian, Executive Director

Raj, Editor in Chief

Tom, Executive Producer

Akshay, Assistant Producer

Editorial We do not live for reason, we live for style The Cheeky Style is a fashion satire magazine for the fashionable market of creative men and women. Highlighting all things especially clothes in a comedic manner to promote the treasures in town. Copies of “Cheeks” are placed in every bar mitzvah, lizard lounge, and remote island as a right of passage for the models. It will be delivered to every doorstep in town, distributed to over 100 retail establishments, handed out on bicycle paths by NES’s Paperpoy and carefully selected SIMs from Will Wright’s The SIMS.

The Cheeky Style

Exclusive with Miss DC

Sarah Hillware was crowned America’s Miss District of Columbia 2012 on January 14th, 2012. The America’s Miss Organization places emphasis on philanthropy and service. Ambitious, passionate, intelligent and kind are some words that can be used to describe this year’s America’s Miss District of Columbia 2012 state titleholder, Sarah Hillware. In addition, she’s funny, confident and has an approachable smile. Those who know her personally are inspired by her dedication to community service, healthy living, and her love for her favorite place, the District of Columbia. Sarah’s platform, which is an issue that titleholders choose to advocate for during their year, is: “Knowledge Is Power: Empowering People to be Their Own Best Health Advocates.

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The Cheeky Style

Sexy Rides

The Chevrolet Corvette is a car that needs no introduction here at The Cheeky Style. It is a perennial performance bargain in the markets where it’s sold and thanks to a number of upgrades over the past couple of years on the current C6 model, as well as some recent updates for 2012, the all-American supercar just gets better and better. You can’t go wrong whether you opt for the coupe or the convertible, though if it’s outright performance that you desire then the hard-top is definitely the way to go. Despite the obvious speed, the Corvette range handles well, too, with crisp, communicative steering. The brakes are also brilliant across the board.

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Cheeky Girl Sarah, the European Sensation

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Cheeky Makeovers

DC’s Best Makeup Artist

The Cheeky Style

Cheeky Designer PROTATYPE is an online store that offers original type t-shirts by designer Matilda Nwoke. ProtaType uses signature style bold black typography and graphics on white t-shirts with stylized backs. This young and untamed brand applies a new twist on a unisex collection of t-shirts, crop tops, tanks, and hoodies. At ProtaType, they strive to provide consumers with exclusivity, individuality, and innovation with every design.

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Cheeky Style Invades Fashion Week

How To Throw A Cheeky Party


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Cheeky Style 1st Edition Preview  

Cheeky Style 1st Edition Preview

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