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“I WENT TO CHURCH pretty much my whole life. At our church, you were baptized as an infant, but it wasn’t something that was done as an adult. When we starting coming to The Chapel, I witnessed adult baptisms and didn’t think it was really necessary for me. It took three hard years starting with depression, my dad’s Alzheimer’s, and my brother’s death and getting through those with God and with the help of The Chapel that I [saw] my faith grow tremendously. It was then that I realized that I was ready to openly declare that I’m trusting in God and want to trust him for the rest of my life. I was baptized on May 15.” ­­—Kendra Fischl, Libertyville Campus

“[MY SON], LUKE, was talking to his pastor about his relationship with God while at The Great Adventure one Sunday. Later Luke prayed with one of the adult leaders to let Jesus come into his heart and make him leader of his life. After that, he asked us if he could get baptized. He told us that Jesus was in his heart, and he wants to do what God wants him to do, which was show everyone else that he is a disciple.” —Scott Wilkinson, Lake Zurich Campus (Luke is 10 years old.)

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Rediscovering God  
Rediscovering God  

Stories of our church in 2011