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Mission? “I GET MADE FUN OF AT SCHOOL,” a student, Shelby, told Pastor Dave. “I can’t be myself at home, but I love being here. I can be myself here; I feel safe here. My relationship with Jesus, knowing him like I do, sets me midst of deciding colleges and majors when God called her to minister to children all over the world. She is currently studying to become a nurse, and her mission is to serve on medical mission where children are dying from lack of proper medical care and

free.” Dave added: “I have watched her come in looking broken and at the end of the night, she’ll leave with joy and confidence. Her life and walk with God is stronger because of her experience here in Student Ministries.”

where she can share Jesus’ love with them.

Kaitie, Christy, Ali, and Taylor

“I LOST MY GRANDFATHER and my dad all in the same month,” Mike told one of our youth pastors. “I was

prayerfully asked God to whom they were supposed to min-

having a really hard time believing that God was in this

ister, and God gave them some clear answers. They gathered

when I came to The Edge. But I come and have fun, and

with other students from our ministry and neighboring

you guys care about me.” Mike has built a relationship

churches that go to their school, and they began planning.

with an adult who just listens and shows him Jesus’ love

After weeks of work, their high school had its first Wednes-

in a time when he needs it most. “This ministry is help-

day morning worship, and they have invited many of their

ing him through a really tough time,” the youth pastor

unsaved friends to join them in hearing about God. They have

said. “Now Mike is bringing friends here because he

also consistently brought their unsaved friends to church.

wants them to experience Jesus’ love in this place like he

Their passion for their unsaved friends has spread to other

has. He is seeing God in a way he never has before and

students, and more and more of them are sharing their faith

wants to share it with others.”

boldly. They are even working with adult volunteers to plan outreach nights to help their friends who don’t yet feel comfortable coming to church meet other believers.

“MY BROTHER was the one who introduced me to The Chapel,” a student shared. “The first time I went I didn’t know anyone. Immediately, I was welcomed by leaders and other kids. They introduced me to some people, and soon after I didn’t feel awkward. I made the decision to make Jesus my personal Lord and Savior when I went to ‘ONE.’ It was at that time that I decided I wanted to help others find him as well because of how he helped me through everything, and I wanted everyone to see how great he is.”

“I KEPT SEARCHING for ways to get more involved in church and to help out, and then I got an opportunity to join student leadership at the McHenry campus,” shared Donavin. “Student Ministries has not only given me the opportunity to help others find God, but it’s helped me truly find myself as a person, and it’s helped my relationship with God.”

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Rediscovering God  
Rediscovering God  

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