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I Will Live to Advance the Kingdom of God

The Whole Church Bringing the Whole Gospel to the Whole City by JAMIE WAMSLEY


everal years ago, God led Scott Chapman to a simple

counties. Scott realized that when God looked

but powerful conclusion. As Scott prayed for greater

down upon our city, he did not see 5,000 differ-

Chicagoland, home to more than 9 million people, he came

ent churches, but one Church meeting in more

to understand how daunting our challenge was. There were

than 5,000 different locations. God had not called

two realities that were difficult for him to reconcile: The

The Chapel to reach Chicago but his Church —

Chapel was playing an amazingly vital role in the work of the

the whole Church — to reach Chicago.

Kingdom, leading thousands of people into a relationship

In that moment, the vision for Christ Together

with God through vibrant and life-giving ministry. Yet, at the

was born. Since that time, we have seen church-

same time, Scott understood that no matter how large The

es set aside their competitiveness and collabo-

Chapel grew or how many campuses our church added, it

rate for the greater good of the Kingdom. We

would be incredibly difficult for our church to make even a

have seen renewed hope and excitement in the

small spiritual dent in a city of our size.

broader body of Christ as pastors and Christians

If we were to take the Great Commission seriously and own responsibility for reaching every man, woman, and child in this

“We have seen renewed hope and excitement in the broader body of Christ as pastors and Christians grasp the potential of a united Church, partnering together in its God-given mission.”

grasp the potential of a united Church, partnering together in its God-given mission. Already, hundreds of churches in Chicagoland and beyond have made the decision to work together to see as many people as possible reconciled to the person of Jesus Christ. Nowhere have we seen this vision take hold more than in the city of Gurnee. In Gurnee, virtually ever pastor of a Protestant church has committed himself to sharing the love of God with every single household in his city — and to doing it together. Even now, small groups in neighborhoods across the city of Gurnee, composed of individuals from several local churches, are piloting what has become known as the “Go!” project.


area with the Good News of Jesus Christ, a different approach

These small groups are simply praying for their neighbors and

would be necessary. After a bit of research, Scott discovered

asking God how, together, as the Church in Gurnee, they can

that more than 5,000 churches were currently gathering in

genuinely love every single person in their neighborhood and

virtually every part of Chicago and the surrounding collar

help them to discover a relationship with God.

Rediscovering God  
Rediscovering God  

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