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The Sweet Smell



o the morning faithful, the

something vital was missing.

aroma of freshly brewed

Her marriage was a mess, and her

coffee is nearly irresistible. Any-

career was in a freefall.

one with a favorite local coffee

After more conversations with

shop can attest to the tempta-

this local businessman, Shannon

tion to linger once inside.

finally woke up one day, logged

Coffee was the centerpiece of

in to Facebook, and watched

Shannon Lasiewicz’s career — and

the second week of Jeff Griffin’s

ultimately the reason she ended up

“Compelled” series — twice!

in a conversation with a woman at

While she listened, tears began

a Midas auto repair shop earlier this

to fall, and she finally realized

year. She thought they were just

that the “something” she had

networking, but when the woman

been searching for all her life was

recommended that Shannon

a genuinely personal and inti-

meet with her son, himself a local

mate relationship with her Savior,

businessman and a member of The

Jesus Christ.

Chapel, things began to change. Though she became a Catholic

Now attending The Chapel’s McHenry campus, Shannon can-

to please her newlywed husband

not help but spread the peace

more than 20 years ago, Shannon

and joy she’s found in Jesus. Hers

struggled to understand the ritu-

is a fragrance and sweet perfume

als and traditions of her religious

of God’s love — much more

experience. She even baptized,

energizing for the soul than even

confirmed, and raised her three

the very best cup of coffee.

children in the Catholic faith, but


“While she listened to the sermon, tears began to fall, and she realized that the ‘something’ she had been searching for all her life was a genuinely personal and intimate relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Shannon Lasiewickz

Rediscovering God  

Stories of our church in 2011