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KNOW? God has been busy in 2011! He’s done an amazing work at The Chapel in and through the people we call our church family. Did you know that:


kids from birth through


students have come

fifth grade were impacted through The

through the doors of The Zone and The

Great Adventure this year. TGA had more

Edge, our Student Ministries, to learn

than 53,000 opportunities to share the

more about how to have an explosive

love of God with kids!

relationship with Christ.



people attended Kids

people live in

Day at our seven campuses. About half of

the area who are served by our seven

those people do not consider The Chapel

campuses — a huge potential for a wide-

their church home.

spread spiritual awakening.



families are served each week

of our Chapel people

by receiving love, clothing, care, and food

took the 3:1 Challenge. That means 4,398

through our community Care center.

people are being prayed for consistently, and 1,466 people are building a relationship


with a non-believer. families received a

Mobile Food Pantries we held in local


communities this year.

received during our “Treasure” series. They

week’s worth of meals through the 37

commitments were

represent people striving to love God more than anything, surrendering all they own to God, loving every person they encounter, and living to advance the Kingdom of God.


Rediscovering God  

Stories of our church in 2011