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A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, Rob was baptized right after

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, I was in a local restaurant en-

the 9 a.m. service. It was too cold that day to be outside, so we

joying breakfast with a friend. I heard our waiter share that

set up shop in the lobby. Rob shared how he used to live a life

his son was serving in Iraq. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I

where he had every “thing” he wanted. It wasn’t until he lost

approached him and explained I had overheard him, and

all the “things” that he found the thing that fulfills him more

I asked if my friend and I could pray for his boy. Smiling

than anything — a relationship with Christ.

and nodding, he gave permission. Standing in the busy

It was truly inspiring to hear and participate with him in

restaurant, we prayed aloud. It was a holy moment.

his step of commitment that day. It was just as exciting to

We are so blessed when we respond to the promptings

hear how he came to our campus. As a pizza delivery guy,

of the Holy Spirit. Obedience not only brings glory to God

he delivered pizzas to a leadership meeting at the church

but a smile to our hearts. Listen for the Spirit’s direction in

one Saturday night. The next day, he showed up to one of

the people God places in your paths, who are sometimes

the services. God had been moving in his life prior to that

even strangers. Step out boldly to use the enabling grace

Saturday night, and when he

God gives. You will be lifted up!

walked in to deliver pizzas, he

—Barrington Campus

felt at home. —Mundelein Campus


AT HOME, at work, at lunch, in the office, at the game, and at the store, we encounter people. Are we fully present with them? Do we give our time to the lonely or distraught? Do we forgive those who have wounded us deeply? Our lives are filled with people, and our job is to love

before,” Laura confided in Camille at the Lake Zurich Kids Day event, two weeks before the campus’ grand opening. The two bumped into each other while their boys romped on the inflatables. The grand opening was packed, but once again God

them. Our “to do” lists and schedules work really hard to

had Laura and Camille standing right next to each other. It

squeeze other people out of our lives. How do we learn to

started what would become more than a yearlong friend-

love every person we encounter?

ship and Laura rediscovering God.

A group of people from the Barrington campus sought

Laura plugged into campus life, and God used Camille’s

a radical way to do this. They decided to step into the Ka-

friendship to show how he was pursuing her. After hear-

trina rebuild. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, these

ing a message from Lee Stroebel on the need to believe

people created enough space in their lives to commit to

and receive Jesus as our Savior, Laura finally took a step

two ideas: serving people and being open to God. As they

of faith. God worked through Camille to build a trusting

painted, pounded, placed siding, and patched drywall,

friendship that gave Laura the courage to enter a life-

they encountered people — people who have been

changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

homeless for six years, who are without hope, and who are

—Lake Zurich Campus

looking for a new dream. By eliminating their agenda and hectic pace, they learned what a willing spirit and open heart can mean for the Kingdom of God. —Barrington Campus The Chapel |


Rediscovering God  

Stories of our church in 2011